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We spend most of our lives building a family, establishing a home, and buying the things we have always wanted.  Even as the kids leave, and the home becomes a burden, we cling to it as a safety net. We stay because it feels safe, even if while being alone or debilitated, it isn’t.  No one wants to feel like a burden to others, or give up the independence we have.   But by not having a constant and reliable support, we know in our hearts we need to make a change.

Moving to an assisted living community can create apprehension and anxiety because of the many unknowns we face.  “Will my freedom be gone?”, “I’m nervous about making new friends,” “What if I don’t like the food?”, etc.  At Canterfield we try to anticipate those concerns and provide a warm, inviting, and very friendly atmosphere, where it is easy to make new friends.  We try hard to make life as independent and non-institutional as possible, so you can live life your way.  And knowing that occasional help will be needed, we focus on getting and retaining the friendliest of staff, who love being a helper, and excel at becoming a friend.  We provide the help you need.  We do the cooking, cleaning, maintenance, gardening, driving and shopping, while providing the medical support you need without taking away your independence. 

Hear from the residents of Canterfirled of Ocala why moving to Canterfield has improved their quality of life and why they love living at Canterfield. Also, Here why moving into Canterfield is so easy.

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We constantly fine tune our support to help you make new friends, find interesting activities, and match our meals to your preferences.   We recently were selected as the “Best of the Best” Assisted Living community in the Ocala/ Marion county market area.  We often hear comments like “I only wish I had moved in sooner”, and “there isn’t a friendlier place around”.  These are the things that have made us the Best, but they are also the inspiration for us to do even better.  Every day we challenge ourselves to improve in everything we do.  We owe a million thanks to our fantastic and dedicated staff who have made us the best assisted living.  Their efforts give us reason to look at the past and smile, but still look forward knowing “the best is yet to come”. 

If you or someone you know is realizing how difficult and lonely life has become, maybe it is time to consider moving to assisted living.  You have spent years making your home a safe and comforting place that meets your needs, but as life changes, it no longer is a safe and comfortable fit.   We have spent years making our home flexible enough to meet your evolving needs.   Now may be the time to move up to a better, safer, and more interesting lifestyle, in assisted living.   If the time is here, consider the best. 

Canterfield of Ocala is Ocala's premier senior community! We will offer 91 assisted living units, as well as independent living villas. Luxury…

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