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Citrus County now has eight positive tests for COVID-19 according to the 6 p.m. Saturday, March 21 update by the Florida Department of Health.

All eight, three men and five women, are county residents. The age range for positive cases is 17 to 80. Two have been hospitalized.

Four of the cases are travel related.

There have been no deaths reported in the county.

So far, a total of 59 tests have been given with 32 negative and 19 still pending. The age range for those tested is 1 to 95. Twenty-two men and 26 women have been tested.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management on Saturday sent 300 additional test collection kits to Citrus County, the FDOH said.

There have been 763 positive tests and 12 deaths in Florida.

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It would be helpful if you would note what towns these cases have popped up.


Yes please. And more specifically the area. Or pine ridge. Holiday Acres Connell Heights. Thx


Yes...and if they were employed, let us know where.


That is not possible due to HIPPA


So, where and/or how did these people become infected?


Keep in mind. Some information is confidential. Due in part to Hippa.

CitrusCo Citizen

Here's one way. I was paddling (alone) down the Rainbow this Sunday afternoon (just below the 484 bridge) and saw a huge, raging teenaged party on the lawn and dock of a big house--music blasting and kids smashed up against each other dancing, and drinking on the dock and in the river. So there ya go--Darwin Award--they probably won't be reproducing. We now have 8 cases in Citrus and 13 deaths in FL--and counting. Based on those kids' stupidity, expect a lot of more infections within 14 days, especially for their parents and grandparents.


I am all for jail time and steep fines for people that do not follow orders and infect others....It's a commin


Tunnelling is Marion county


Dunnellon is Marion County


😂 Yea but I guess just like the majority of Citrus she obviously considers it ours too. Lol

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