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Do what is right, not how you feel. This is what Joyce Meyer said this morning on her daily telecast. 

Who is to decide what is right? For many Christians, we have decided long ago the Bible is what is right.

We have many sayings to lean on which leads us to righteousness. Are we good at it? Who is to say or judge anyone?

I know in my life, I have gotten better by following the Bible.

I think of a friend of mine in my church whose son worked for the Las Vegas search and rescue team. Every year, tourists would come to the mountains as amateurs and get stuck, and the rescue teams would have to save them.

One day during a training exercise, his trainee was high up the mountain cliff and he was holding a tether rope. This rope is to make sure if his trainee made a mistake, he would hold the rope to make sure he did not fall to his death. A large piece of ice broke off of the cliff, knocked the trainee loose and started to fall, heading straight for him.

In a second or two, he had to make a decision to get out of the way, knowing this would probably mean the death of his trainee, or he would take a chance on the ice hitting him. When they dug him out of the bottom of the ice, he was still holding the rope.

I would like to think he made up his mind long before the incident happened. He had made up his mind to do what was right, not how he felt. There was no decision to be made; he was not going to let his student die and he knew someday, it might cost him his life. This is the person I would like to be.

There are some things in my life I do not need any time to think about to make up my mind. I would like to strive doing what is right, even though it hurts and it does not match with my feelings.

It may go without saying, but I will say it anyway. I need a lot of help from the righteous man himself who did not consider the pain to himself, knowing it was going to cost him his life, saving countless others.

The pain of our clients checking into our program is probably more than most of us have endured. So we give up our time and suffer a little bit to help others find a more righteous lifestyle. Someday, it will be worth it all.

DuWayne Sipper is the executive director of The Path of Citrus County, a faith-based homeless shelter. Contact him at 527-6500 or sipperd@pathofcitrus.org.

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