Jennifer Losse, RN, CEN

Jennifer Losse, RN, CEN - Manager, Emergency Services, Citrus Memorial Hospital

 Jennifer Losse has a vision of excellence – for her department, her nurses, and herself. The manager of Emergency Services at Citrus Memorial Hospital (CMH) imbues that vision into everything she does.

She has spent her entire 11-year nursing career at CMH – most of it in the ER – and has risen through the ranks, as a bedside nurse, a charge nurse, and now department manager.

“Emergency nursing is exciting and fast-paced. My teammates are all driven and focused on the job,” said Losse. “I am transparent with goals and I hope that I’m part of the process that steers their drive.”

“Jennifer Losse is the epitome of dedication, leadership, and teamwork,” said her nominator. “Her dedication to our hospital is evident on multiple levels. Her work ethic has always followed the mantra of ‘first in and last out.’ There is no question about it: nursing is a challenging job, but Jennifer makes it look easy and she does it with a smile.”

As manager, Jennifer oversees an 83-member staff, scheduling, helping with the workflow, and making sure that patients and their families are cared for — something that led to her “Coffee Cart” initiative.

“I am pretty much 100 percent available. I make myself very much out there. Every day, I round with nurses and visit patients. On high volume days, I go around with a cart that has coffee and snacks for our visitors to make them comfortable. We get a lot of positive feedback from that.”

Perhaps it is her emphasis on patient-centered care that keeps her grounded and focused, her nomination reads. “From the coffee cart, to the thank-you cards for discharged patients, she exudes compassionate and empathetic care in every action she performs. It is evident that her values are deeply rooted in her conviction that such care will make a positive impact in every patient’s life. The best part is that this approach is rather infectious within the department and has created quite a vibrant team. By being an example of dedication, Jennifer has been able to impart to many of our younger nurses a necessary quality that will help them adjust their chosen profession and stay there.”

Losse is dedicated to her nurses — both experienced and new. She encourages longer-term nurses to further education and certifications and mentors new nurses through the hospital’s “Star RN” program.

“My job is to keep new nurses with us; it was one of my biggest motivations in taking this role,” she said. “The Star RN program gives nurses scenarios and helps them learn emergency nursing, so they feel more confident in working with patients.

“I’ve seen nursing from every level and have worked many positions and shifts,” she continued. “That’s given me a good perspective, I think. I want to keep my staff happy and keep morale up — even during stressful times.”

Losse’s dedication extends to her Citrus County community. Several years ago, she created the Star Light program, which raises funds to have stars named after children who die in the ER. Star Light gives families a packet showing the coordinates of the star named for their child.

“This hospital and the people in our community are my family,” she said. “Former patients will come up to me in the grocery store and ask how my day was. Inverness is my home town and the ER is part of its front door. I love being part of that.”

Losse and her husband, Graham, have three children. To keep her busy life organized, she keeps several journals — not only of things to do, but also of ideas for her department and hospital.

“I have the same vision as HCA (CMH’s parent organization); to make this hospital world class,” she said. “I want to be part of that. I know when I walk out the ER door, my vision is already there — my department as a unit of distinction that provides excellent care to our patients.”

“Jennifer does not naturally take the front row, she is the silent strength in the ER,” said ER Nurse Becky Beatty, RN, BSN. “She is happiest talking about someone else’s successes, not her own. She allows us to be the best we can be in the ER. She’s watched so many nurses succeed and move on — she is their biggest cheerleader.”

Beatty continued: “Part of the Florence Nightingale pledge reads: ‘with loyalty, I endeavor to aid the physician in his work and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.’ That’s Jennifer Losse.”

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