Details for Compare the Candidates for School Board

Compare the
Candidates for
School Board
District 2



Education Degree from University Public Relations Degree from the
of Florida gives Ginger Knowledge University of Florida (Does this provide
Knowledge of student needs?)
of Student Needs
Teacher for 25 years at Crystal
River Middle School

0 Years Experience

SCHOOL BOARD 20 years (Lifelong Educator)
Elected in 2000 and has had No
Opposition until this year

0 Years Experience. Running this year for
School Board after running for County
Commission in Marion County (2016)

PUBLIC SCHOOL Ginger, husband Nick and all of
ATTENDANCE their children attended and

Danielle attended and graduated from
Citrus County public school. Her children
attend or graduated from private school.


graduated from Crystal River
High School. Great grandchidren
are currently enrolled in Citrus
County public schools.

Parents have the right to choose either private school or public school for their
children. I strongly believe that a public school board member should be a public
school advocate! After comparing the candidates in this school board election
please vote to keep “Ginger” Bryant, the best qualified candidate, for this position.
Ginger will continue her quest for safety and quality education for all our students.

Your VOTE for “Ginger” on Nov. 3rd
is a VOTE for our Children!!!
Paid for and approved by Ginger Bryant, Nonpartisan, for Citrus County School Board District 2.