• It’s pretty clear things have changed in the Democratic presidential race when Hillary Clinton does a sky-is-falling routine for donors.

  • Touted as an environmental breakthrough, the water policy bill passed last week by the Florida Legislature is actually a major win for polluters and the politicians they own.

    Enforcement of clean-water rules is basically being replaced by the honor system. Big Agriculture couldn’t be happier.

  • During Watergate, Henry Kissinger’s mordant wit leavened the unpleasantness: “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.” President Obama often does both simultaneously, using executive authoritarianism to evade the Constitution’s separation of powers and rewrite existing laws.

  • With all of the national media coverage about cops going astray, can we still believe in the men and women who are sworn to protect & serve? Let’s take a glimpse at the profession we rely on during our greatest need and determine the answer.

  • Litter in Citrus County has been a hot topic the past month. Readers have identified a number of issues they feel contribute to the litter problem. The blame is spread among tourists, visitors, locals, government and businesses. The following is a sample of the calls from last week regarding litter in Citrus County: 


    Manatee tourism is an integral part of Citrus County, on that everybody can agree.

    Disagreements arise on if people should be allowed to swim with the manatees here or if so, how these swims should be conducted.

  • As we get older, our bodies can let us down.

    We can train them. Feed them. Starve them. Exercise them and even talk trash to them. 

    But they eventually let us down.

    It’s part of the cycle.

    My eyes were the first to go. Things get a little blurry when I don’t have my glasses on.

    It can be very difficult to read tiny type.

  • In 2011, The New York Times ran an article about American students’ test scores on a national civics examination. By civics, I’m referring to the study of rights and the duties of citizenship, not the Honda coupe. I clarify only because anyone reading this under the age of 25 might never have actually been taught the meaning of the word. 


    As we go into the New Year, there are a few pledges that    I need to make both professionally and personally.

    On both levels, I need to be better prepared for everything that comes my way. 

    For example, I recently took out the trash at the house and was not prepared for the consequences.


    Although there is only one 2015 Citizen of the Year, many important figures from Citrus County were nominated by the community for their contributions.

    Here are the nominees for the 35th annual Citizen of the Year:

    * Many in the community nominated Doug Alexander, pastor of The New Church without Walls, for his selfless giving nature.

  • Dan Hilliard 

    Special to the Chronicle


    Awash in a sea of irony, Citrus County leaders stay the course to a green future. It is a perilous voyage replete with the turning of the blind eye, denial and a notable supply of hubris. There is a profoundly clear recognition by the people that our waters are under siege, yet our government remains idle. Gentlemen, it is time to stop straddling the fence.


    Citizen of the Year.


    Diane Damron example of selfless leadership.

    One of the best traits of this year’s Chronicle’s citizen of the year is that she would tell one and all that she is not interested in public recognition.

  • Throughout history America has had many defining moments; one event that goes on to define the subsequent events. Right, wrong or indifferent, America’s defining moments in the past have indeed led the way for our nation’s political and military decisions but also our cultural ones. 


    Harry Cooper believes there is “no such thing as innocent civilians in war.” Really? He goes on to cite women working in munitions factories during World War II and the Korean War.

    World War II was a declared war, and the Korean War was a conflict fought by United Nations troops with the support of the U.S. Congress. These wars had definable boundaries, i.e. Germany, Japan, Korea, with civilian populations who were employed to wage wars.

  • The GOP has come out against Muslims because of mass shootings, they fail to mention the mass shootings that are done by people of the Christian faith. U S News & World Report, Feb. 2015 there were 300 American deaths from political violence and mass shootings according to the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland security. Only 33 were from or at the hands of Muslim Americans. In just this year 66 Americans were killed by Christians, twice as many killed by Muslims since 9/11.


    Goals for the New Year.


    Exciting opportunities present themselves in 2016.

    As the New Year begins, the Chronicle continues its tradition of offering goals for the Citrus County community.

     1. Coordinate tourism will grow this important segment

  • THE ISSUE: Jim Harvey takes over chamber chairmanship.

    OUR OPINION: Business group will be in good hands.

  • As we launch into the New Year, let’s reflect on who we are and where we hope to go in the 12 months ahead.  

    2015 has been a year of daunting challenges and new responsibilities for many of us. 

    Life is about transitions, and as an incurable optimist, I believe the year ahead will open new doors and present valuable opportunities for all of us. 

  • In this day of misdirected PCers and the rights of others over the rights of Americans, we need to remember what an American really is. Except for the Native Americans, who also came here from other lands, our forefathers are all immigrants. However, most came to find the American dream, not take it from others. To me the true right to immigrate to this land requires the following;

  • An open letter to Congressman Nugent:

    America is not a right reserved for a privileged class of Americans. America is a privileged right reserved for every class of Americans.