• All one needs doing to recognize the Good Ol’ Boy, do-nothing-to-upset-the-apple-cart network, is see who’s trying to dump Donald Trump.
    They say: How can Trump begin to think of being president without any political experience? Heck, he’s not even a lawyer.
    It’s amazing how anyone who speaks their mind and tells the truth gets dumped on, not only by political rivals, but also by the media.

  • Be aware, veterans, for whilst shooting wars are not yet over, you are about to be short-changed.
    In Citrus County, our five Citrus County Republican commissioners — non-veterans all — sit silently while a county veterans affairs secretary is tagged to be laid off. It means our 27,000 veterans will be served by two, rather than three, employees.
    On the national front, Republicans, who are the majority in both the Senate and House, want to cut the VA’s budget request by $1.4 billion. Incredibly, “Some in Washington even question the need for a VA.”

  • The Citrus County Commissioners decided to stop collecting impact fees for a couple of years and maybe start acting like a government should. Now people, the editorial board and a commissioner are saying how much money is being lost and the impact fee should be re-instituted. Well, this fee is just plain wrong. The county doesn’t have the right to collect taxes for something that might possibly be done some time in the next seven years or the right to have savings accounts for possible future projects.

  • This caller stated “the dogs and cats in this county and the rest of this world get better treatment than the vets and the people do...”. The main concern seemed to be the proposed budget cut amounting to about $23,000 (full-time secretary going to a part-time position). As a volunteer at the county animal shelter, I can tell you staffing — in my opinion — is not what it should be. Staff, on a daily basis, deals with cleaning, feeding and medicating the many animals (mostly cats and dogs) in its care.

  • The lack of insight into the life situations of the majority of his fellow citizens as evidenced in Ralph Masullo’s column on July 5, is astounding. For someone who wishes to be a representative in the Florida Legislature, his lack of self-awareness is breathtaking.

  • THE ISSUE: Seven Rivers CEO Joyce Brancato retires.

    OUR OPINION: Her leadership will be missed in the health care community.


  • How ironic that Dylann Roof, an avowed white supremacist who murdered nine black people in Charleston, South Carolina, trying to ignite a race war, might end up being remembered as the man who finally folded up the Confederate battle flag across Dixie.

    The battle flag has a long, complicated history in the South. And I suppose as a dyed-in-the-wool Southerner, I should offer some comment.

  • This week, today through May 12, the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System (NF/SGVHS) honors the dedicated men and women we in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) consider to be the compassionate backbone of the veterans’ health care system — nurses.

  • We all look forward to this Sunday, May 10, when we celebrate Mother’s Day and the cherished bond between mother and child. Ironically, dairy cows — worldwide symbols of motherhood — never get to see their babies.

    The newborn calves are torn from their mothers at birth and turned into veal cutlets, so we can drink the milk that nature designed for them. The distraught mothers bellow for days, hoping for their return.

  • THE ISSUE: The working poor.

    OUR OPINION: ALICE report puts looking glass on Citrus County problem.

  • Truly outstanding and combined efforts came to a successful conclusion on June 28. That day Rolling Thunder, Florida Chapter 7 held its eighth annual Independence Day Golf Tournament on the beautiful course of Citrus Springs Golf and Country Club.

  • THE ISSUE: Tent sales.

    OUR OPINION: Commission decision makes sense.

    An effort to revise the county’s Land Development Code to loosen the requirements for car tent sales was recently struck down by the county commission.

  • Re: Letter sent by Anna DeRose, published in the June 27 issue.

    I totally agree with everything that Anna DeRose wrote in her letter regarding President Obama.

    The last time we had a real president and leader was Ronald Reagan. Since he left office, the country has steadily gone down hill.

  • Citrus County got a dose of good news this week when good news has been kind of hard to come by.

    Duke Energy announced that it has selected Citrus County as the site for its new gas plant. This project will employ about 800 workers for the three to four years it will take to construct and represents a more than $1 billion investment.

  • Some people claim Citrus County is not an internationally known place.

    Some have gone as far as to claim that Citrus County is off the beaten track — that we are officially what is known as “the sticks.”

    Some complain that tourists and international travelers would not come here because, to steal a line from Tom Waits, “it’s like living in a halfway house on a one-way street.”

    It is not true!

  • THE ISSUE: Another agriculture honor comes to Citrus County.
    OUR OPINION: We’re proud of our industry leaders.

  • THE ISSUE: It's county budget time - everything's on the table.

    OUT OPINION: The Extension Service deserves support.

  • THE ISSUE: Pay levels for county employees.

    OUR OPINION: Pay is average for our area.

    One of the popular pastimes of some people is bashing the county by complaining that county employees are overpaid and underworked. This is usually accompanied by some statement about the top salaries in the county.

    But a recent look at county salaries showed a different picture.

  • I don’t have a high opinion of the work being done by the U.S. Congress. With that said, I really like our own congressman, Rep. Rich Nugent of Brooksville.

    Washington has turned into a cesspool of special interests, where doing the business of the people appears to be the last thing on anyone’s mind. But that Rep. Nugent is friendly, open to your ideas and the father of a bunch of kids who are off fighting for us in the Middle East.

    How could you not like him?

    But Congress as a group is another story.