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    The issue is heatstroke, also known as hyperthermia. It is the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle-related deaths for children.

  • Claire Phillips Laxton

  • Editor’s note: The following is an installment in an occasional series spotlighting veterans’ organizations in the county.

  • Claire Phillips Laxton


    Anthony D. Kopka, executive director of Daystar Life Center of Citrus County, is a mover and shaker who wears many hats. He gets involved in numerous organizations, chairing boards, serving on steering committees and volunteering to help others in need.  

  • Is 7 years old too young to be a ham radio operator?

    No, it’s not.

    There are operators as young as 7 and as old as 100 sharing a passion for radio communication.

    The United States has more than 725,000 amateur radio operators — also known as hams — and about 100 of them are active in the Citrus County area.

  • Florida voters in 1998 said no to closed primaries.

    Now candidates like Hank Hemrick and Mike Klyap are closing them again.

    Hemrick, who is 0-for-3 in his attempts to become county sheriff, is a Republican running for county commission District 5.

    Klyap, also a Republican, is running for sheriff.

  • Paul Traynor & Joe McDonald

    Associated Press 

    SHANGHAI -- Walt Disney Co. opened Shanghai Disneyland, its first theme park in

    mainland China, with a lavish celebration Thursday featuring Communist Party leaders, a children’s choir, Sleeping Beauty and other Disney characters. 

  • C.J. Risak


    The reason Joe Scott joined the U.S. Navy was pretty much the same as a million other Americans who enlisted in the military after Dec. 7, 1941. As he put it, “I was tired of the Japs destroying Pearl Harbor.”

  • Jule Gorham

  • Gwen Bittner

    For the Chronicle

    The American Civil War was marked by political and social controversy, and the Daniels family in Paula Pombier’s book series experiences just that.

    The books follow the lives of three siblings after coming of age on a plantation in South Carolina.  

  • Gwen Bittner

    For the Chronicle

    When hobbyist writer Paula

    Pombier finished her novel series, she had no idea what the publishing process would entail. Struggling to find a publisher, she turned to fellow writers and the Florida Writers Conference to explore her options. 

  • Diane Dobry

  • If you love taking day trips while building friendships, then check out the Citrus County Day Trippers. 

    The Citrus County Day Trippers (CCDT) is a group of motorcoach travel enthusiasts who love to explore Florida’s offerings.

    CCDT has been a part of Citrus County since 2013 after co-founders Sharon Ziemba and Joan Sweety saw a need they could fulfill. 

  • C.J. Risak

  • Al Harnage


  • Realtors from Citrus, Marion, Hernando, Lake and Sumter counties converged on The Plantation on Crystal River on Thursday and spent four and a half hours networking and getting up to speed on matters of common concern in the home buying and selling market in their respective areas.

    It was all part of the annual District 7 trade conference and expo, which meets in one of those counties each year.

  • Rochelle Kaiser

  • Julie Gorham

  • Service in Navy offers opportunities of  Lifetime 

  • C.J. Risak