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    How swiftly the summer days are passing. School is already starting this week. We enjoy living next door to our little parochial school. This year there will be 22 scholars and two teachers. Our 2-1/2-year-old daughter, Julia, loves to go outside and watch them play softball at recess time.

  • Scallops and Machu Picchu — what a culinary experience! Of course, you can harvest them right here in the waters of the Nature Coast, but to fall in love with them while dining in Lima, Peru, takes the simple shellfish to a whole other level.

    That’s what happened to Mari-Elain Ebitz nearly a year ago and she wants to taste that traditional Peruvian dish once again. She also had a comment about cell phone indulgence from the same column. Here is some of her message via email:

  •  South Africa, located a distant 8,000 miles southeast of central Florida, is — I suspect — one of the last places gentle readers may have checked out regarding the list of reasonably priced popular wines produced in the region.

    The big country is about the size of Texas, with some 1,800 miles of coastline, sandwiched between the Atlantic and Indian oceans, with more than 300 years of grape growing and wine-making history.

  • It’s a “Southern-style deli with an Italian twist,” plus a stunning view of King’s Bay in Crystal River.

    That’s how owner and Florida native Kimberly LaMartina describes her Brooklyn Dockside Deli, a sandwich and salad venue now offering a full dinner service as well.

  • Today, at the request of a reader, we will cover the topic of testicular cancer. This year in the United States, approximately 8,800 cases of testicular cancer will be diagnosed. The majority of cancers of the testicle are very highly curable with an estimated cancer death rate in this country this year of only 380 cases.

  • Q. I read your recent article regarding dentures.

    I wanted to share with you an unpleasant experience. My mother is 74 years old and needed to replace a set of dentures she had for the past 50 years.

    She worked until she was 72 and due to health issues — diabetes and dementia — had to stop. She is on Medicaid and her health maintenance group is called Florida Sunshine Tango.

  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It affects almost one in 11 women in the United States. It is more common in post-menopausal women.

    The correctible causes of breast cancer include use of hormones like estrogen, lack of exercise, obesity and use of alcohol. Current research suggests that having more than one to two alcoholic drinks, including beer, wine and spirits, per day raises the risk of breast cancer, as well as the risk of having the cancer come back after treatment.

    How to cut down the risk of breast cancer?



    Editor’s note: Parents, do you remember classes when you were in school? The curriculum and way of learning has changed. This story is part of an ongoing series where we take a look into diverse classes in Citrus County and what students are learning in the 2014-15 school year.

    CRYSTAL RIVER — Who is Anna Garcia? How did she die?


    Katie Hendrick


    For women who want permanent assurance they won’t have any more children, there’s a new alternative to surgery or a life of celibacy.

    Essure is a nonhormonal birth control that involves soft and flexible inserts that morph to the shape of the fallopian tubes. Like tubal ligation, it is permanent and works by blocking sperm from coming in contact with the egg. This form of sterilization, however, requires no anesthesia or incisions.

  • The prevalence of taste and sense of smell disorders in the United States is relatively unknown. But, approximately 200,000 to 300,000 visits are made each year to physicians for what we term as chemosensory complaints.

    We think about one percent of the population is being affected by this particular problem. In real numbers, about three million people see their doctors for this problem each year.

  • By Megan Carella
    For the Chronicle

    When Dr. John Rowda purchased the land for his ophthalmology practice, Lecanto Highway consisted of rolling hills and farmland. None of the health care agencies and clinics that cover today’s “medical corridor” yet existed. Citrus Memorial Health System’s Allen Ridge Medical Center was still in the planning stages — the hospital would purchase the land adjacent to Rowda’s three days later. 

  • In 1998, I had a bad week.

        It began when my neighbor, Sandy, had asked me to feed her dogs, let them outside in the fenced-in yard during the day and put them in their kennels for the night while she was out of town.

    Any idiot can do that, I thought. Except one day I forgot the part about letting them outside and only remembered later when I discovered one of the dogs had eaten Sandy’s couch that was on the porch. 

  • A unique cottage in the heart of Citrus County holds a lot of surprises, including a charming little café serving creative luncheon dishes and daily specials.

    Louise Williams is the owner and cook at The Garden Shed Gift Shop & Café, having arrived in the area from Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island, about 25 years ago with her husband, Ted.

  • From time to time, we run a little reader’s quiz just to see if you guys have been paying attention. So check out today’s “WIQ” (wine intelligence quotient) and see how you fare. No peeking, now; the answers are at the bottom.

    1. “Blind tastings” call for masking the eyes while sampling wine.

    T or F.

    2. “Noble rot” is a) A platinum-selling rock band. b) The term Egyptologists use to describe old mummies.


    Gloria Yoder

    The Amish Cook

    On Sunday evening, Daniel, Julia and I, along with some other relatives, visited my grandparents. We laughed and cheered as we watched the children try out their “train.”

  • It would seem, from observing today’s society, people are very sad. So many are continually hanging their heads as they go about their daily routines.

    But wait! That’s not sadness. It’s just an uncanny obsession with gazing at smart phones and tablets — no talking necessary, just constant commitment to the information highway.


    Randy Hobson

    Edible Landscape

    Growing and harvesting bananas in Central Florida is the “Holy Grail” for edible landscapers. Local availability of a new variety from India offers home gardeners new opportunities.

    Most banana cultivars are hybrids of the two species of bananas, Musa acuminate and Musa balbisiana. Sweeter bananas have a higher percentage of M. acuminate genes, while starchy bananas have a higher percentage of M. balbisiana genes.

  • It is yet another record year for area private schools.

    As of Monday, all Citrus County students have returned to school — both public and private. Those attending their private schools are finding record-high attendance and a need for new buildings.

  • Preschool isn’t for little kids.

    In preschool, you perfect the ‘ABC’ song and know if your shirt is yellow, blue, red, green, etc…

    In preschool, you learn to tie your shoes and color with your jumbo crayons within the lines.

    And on the first day of preschool, you get to know your teacher, where the bathroom is and what cubby is yours.

    It’s a hard first day.

  • Q: I am in a dilemma about what I should do with one of my teeth. I hope you can help!

    The last tooth on my lower left side has been bothering me since I started wearing a new retainer. I am 65 years old and I have always placed great importance on saving my teeth. When I went to see my dentist, she told me that the tooth had had a root canal in the past that was not filled all the way. She thought that this could be the cause of the problem, or that perhaps the problem was being caused by pressure from the new retainer, or even a combination of both of these factors.