• Dr. Carlene Wilson


    Effective communication builds healthy, emotionally fulfilling friendships, marriages and family ties.

  • Blisters and calluses are common uncomfortable reminders that we are alive, and most people develop one or more at some point in life.

  • Sara Bargiel


    December is coming up quick and it’s always a struggle to keep our weight under control with the parties, gatherings and events. 

  • Special to the Chronicle

  • Special to the Chronicle

  • Ruth Levins


    What a winning combination — mystery and comedy — presented to perfection out at the Art Center Theatre with “Murdered to Death,” written by Peter Gordon and directed by Peter Abrams. Kudos to the crew! Bravo, bravo, bravo to the astute director and the multitalented cast!

  • I saw Mr. Smith about a year ago. He is a 70-year-old patient. He was admitted to the hospital with severe anemia. His hemoglobin was only 4 grams (normal is 12 or more). He needed a blood transfusion. This is very severe anemia.

  • I am going to talk about dentures this week.  Over the past few weeks I have had a number of questions regarding dentures.  I will write in general terms while trying to address the questions asked.  I hope this is information helps in your decisions on what to do with your dentures.

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  • Claire Phillips Laxton 

  • Georgi Davis

    Up the clothes chute

    As I write this article, it is the day after the presidential election. From all I have spoken to or from all that I’ve heard, there is a big sigh of relief. It was a long campaign that took us places we sometimes didn’t want to go.

  • Alexzandria Hampton

    Positively Healthful

    In recent years, the American Heart Association has identified diabetes as one of the seven major, controllable risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Adults with diabetes are about 50 percent more likely to die from the effects of a heart attack than adults without diabetes, according to a study of 700,000 people over 10 years by the University of Leeds. 

  • Story & photos by Bob Messersmith  l  Special to the Chronicle


    Recently, I was the Inverness Ace Hardware store, looking over its selection of bird feeders and bird feed. A couple came and stood next to me as, together, we scanned the bird feeders. You could see that they found the selection a little overwhelming — there must have been 20 different types of hanging feeders, as well as a variety of other feeders.

  • Kimberly Stibbs Menster

  • The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation announced last week that the nation’s housing market is not only improving but is finally achieving some degree of normalcy.

    And Freddie Mac, as it is called, pointed out that the Tampa Bay metropolitan region is one of the areas that is seeing marked improvement.

    That is good news for Citrus County, according to local Realtors, because if Tampa is feeling an uptick in the market, there is a good chance that will filter down to the local area.

  • Katie Lucas


    Good morning! 

  • I am often asked by former smokers how long it takes for the bad effects of cigarette smoking to go away, meaning, how long does it take for the risk of cancer to go away if I used to smoke. The answer is not a simple one, and recent research seems to show that in some people, the changes associated with an increased risk of cancer may never go away.

  • You have a surgical problem that needs to be addressed.  You have picked your hospital.  You have picked your surgeon.  You have gone online, done all your research.  Now, is there anything else that you can do to make sure your surgery has a good outcome?  The answer is yes, there are many things.