• Daily items include freshly baked bread, cheeses and fruit, but the vast stock of wines are the real stars at the Wine Shop III and Wine Bar in Crystal River, along with a spacious hideaway reminiscent of a 1920’s speakeasy.

    The Wine Shop, on Citrus Avenue in the city’s historic district, belies its rather ordinary name, and that is instantly apparent as one enters the business designed to attract oenophiles and

  • Since September 2015, more than 500 fifth-graders have taken part in a hands-on pilot program through Duke Energy.

    The program consists of inviting students to tour the Crystal River energy complex to learn how Duke Energy generates power every day.

    Barbara Martinuzzi, Duke Energy executive assistant, worked to design the program in accordance with Citrus County School Board curriculum, alongside Scott Hebert, Citrus County elementary education director.

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    Before the revolution, most cars in Cuba were imported from the U.S. Parts and accessories were readily available and the cars were well maintained.

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    1.  TRAIL IS GROWING:  The Withlacoochee State Trail (WST) continues to grow each year in the number of people using the trail.  Trail specialist Dianne Drye reports for fiscal year 2013-14, attendance was 405,632; and, for fiscal year 2014-15, attendance rose to 414,979 -- and the economic impact was $35,222,219.  

  • Anyone who has lived in Citrus County for a while is wise to Mother Nature’s playful whims when it comes to up-and-down winter temperatures.

    A couple days may see temps in the 70s (or even near 80 last week) only to be hit with a brief cold spell, sending the mercury plumetting. Citrus has already had at least three days this season when the temperatures plunged to 25 degrees, and more such freezes are expected as we get into the heart of winter.

  • INVERNESS -Connie Roberts likes to tell people she makes “kookies” at her new cafe. Healthy kookies. 

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    One of Neil Simon’s best-loved comedies opens next Friday for a three-weekend run at the Art Center Theatre, 2644 N. Annapolis Ave., Citrus Hills.

    “Barefoot in the Park,” the story of two very different young people learning both the joy and the travails of married life, is Simon’s longest-running play with 1,530 performances after it first opened on Broadway in 1963 and closed in 1967.

  • Simmering pots of chili, dips of all descriptions, finger foods, pizza, wings, subs and just about anything else one can think of are fodder for one of the biggest noshing days of the year — Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Every day, computer aide Jennifer Woods walks into Lecanto Primary School with a positive outlook on supporting the needs of the students. 

    That’s one reason the staff at LPS nominated her for School Related Employee of the Year.

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    Day 8

  • CRYSTAL RIVER -- With so many people using social media to plan their vacations, it’s getting to the point where brick-and-mortar welcome centers are becoming obsolete.

  • CRYSTAL RIVER - With so many people using social media to plan their vacations, it’s getting to the point where brick-and-mortar welcome centers are becoming obsolete.

  • Teddy Zoumis left Paleros, Greece, at the age of 15  years to sail the seas aboard an oil tanker, but said he jumped ship when it docked in New York harbor in 1971 and then headed south to Florida.

    After stints in restaurants in Paterson, New Jersey, then Key Largo and West Palm Beach, he decided it was time to head back north. He got as far as Homosassa before dropping anchor permanently.

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  • Story and photos by Peter Graulich

  • Renting a home in Citrus County eats up more of a person’s wages than buying.