• C.J. Risak

  • CRYSTAL RIVER -- Mark Twain in 1897 famously said reports of his death published in a New York newspaper had been “greatly exaggerated.”

    Given a rash of bad publicity and an exodus of stores during the past year, the same can be said of the Crystal River Mall.

    “Some people don’t think the mall is still open,” said manager Millie Bresnahan.

  • Rochelle Kaiser

    For the Chronicle

    For the past five years, Joe Dube has served as president of the Friends of the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. His vision for the park has been seen by millions of visitors over the years and will continue indefinitely.

    His journey began long before he began serving as president. It all began with volunteering at the park, where he met Ginny Svoboda, a longtime volunteer. 

  • Georgi Davis

    Up the clothes chute

    As I have probably mentioned before, when I have trouble sleeping at night, I write short stories in my head. I suppose I should get up and write them on the computer, but that would make sense. 

  • Bob Messersmith

  • Julianne Munn

    Chronicle food writer

    The buffet at Lin Garden II in Inverness is truly a feast for all Asian tastes, a lavish spread of everything from peel-and-eat shrimp to a colorful salad bar and dessert table, plus an enormous array of appetizers and entrees.

    Add the fresh sushi and hibachi stations and diners can enjoy a one-stop virtual visit to such faraway destinations as China, Japan and other Far East venues.

  • Spring is in the air, and for students that means spring assessments are right around the corner. 

    The Citrus County School Board recently offered tips to ease the stress of parents and students, while promoting success with the assessments throughout the district in the Winter Communication newsletter. 

  • Claire Phillips Laxton 

  • Nancy Kennedy

    Staff writer

    As a registered nurse, John Colson knows the signs of a heart attack.

    s an emergency room nurse, he sees sometimes two or three people a day come in with chest pain or arm pain or nausea.

    And as a health professional, he knows the importance of seeking help — and the dangers of putting it off.

  • Amber Sigman

  • Al Harnage

  • Sara Bargiel


  • Sarah Ellis

  • Several weeks ago, I discussed the utilization of alcohol and its associated risk with cancer.  Today, I want to focus on the association of obesity and cancer, and highlight a recent report linking excessive weight to eight additional types of cancer.

  • I recently read an interesting article in one of my medical journals and I thought I would pass this information along, as I feel that it is important and may be a future trend with health-care coverage. 

  • Dr. Rushi Patel


    The discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928 was one of the most impressive scientific leaps in modern medicine.  Since then, greater than 100 antibiotics have emerged on the market curing and helping millions of people worldwide.  However, as with most fixations, anything in excess is never a good thing.  

  • Debbie Selsavage


    This month is all about love.  Valentine’s day is when we give and receive flowers, chocolate, gifts, and cards that show that we are loved and cared for by someone else.  For many, it is a happy time to reflect on memories of love, friends, and family.  

  • C.J. Risak

  • Editor’s note: Correspondent Amber Sigman recently visited Costa Rica. The following is the first installment of a two-part series on her travels.