• Story and Photos by Peter Graulich

  • Joe Dube

  • C.J. Risak

  • By David Crary, AP national writer

  • It seems there is no in-between opinion about okra. You either love it or you hate it.

    Those who do love it are quick to extol its versatility and goodness, while the haters complain that the vegetable is slimy and unfit for human consumption.

  • Story and Photos by Peter Graulich

    Day 24

  • C.J. Risak

  • Michael Tringali

    Special to the Chronicle


    As a practicing CPA in my past, I had the opportunity to sign what I conservatively estimate to be at least 10,000 tax returns, a significant number of which reveal my personal Social Security number on the underlying form. 

  • BUSHNELL - In 2009, Theresa Vokey found herself wondering about the direction of her life. 

    She worked at Crystal River High School as an aide in the special education department, surrounded by kids, whom she loved. 

  • Many of the gentle people I speak with about wine are brand, spanking new to the topic. I was a new guy myself when I started drinking the stuff. In those days of the mid-1950s, the only decent selections were French. For American-harvested wine, it was the so-called dark ages.
    The labels said nothing about grapes and the origins were areas we rarely knew much about — Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone, and so on.

  • Editor’s Note: This is Part II of a two-part installment about attending an Amish wedding in Ohio. Dorcas Raber is Gloria Yoder’s mother.

    The wedding sermons held both encouragement and advice for the bridal pair, as well as for the rest of us. My Dad remarked in his sermon that he and my mom were married in the very same barn! My parents have been married for over 50 years.

  • They all scream for ice cream at Goodies in Homosassa, because the frozen treat is homemade on the premises in a multitude of flavors that delight both young and old.

  • Ichetuknee Springs State Park is about 45 minutes north of Gainesville. The park is a day-use park that centers mainly around its river, the Ichetuknee. 

    The park in its entirety is roughly 2,700 acres, according to Sam Cole, park services specialist. The park was purchased in 1970 primarily to preserve the river. 

  • Story and Photos by Peter Graulich

  • C.J. Risak

  • Bruce Williams

    Special to the Chronicle

    DEAR BRUCE: Should I stay in my current house and continue to save to buy land and build a house, or leave now? I am 100 percent debt free, and for the past 15 years, I’ve lived in a very small, 70-year-old subdivision with half-acre lots. 

  • Dr. Fred Herzog

    Special to the Chronicle


    (This is Part 5 in a series.)

    Strategic planning is a major responsibility for a volunteer-driven nonprofit board of directors.

    The presence of paid staff does not exempt volunteer leadership from the duty of strategic planning. Officers and directors are ultimately responsible for insuring that mission and purpose are pursued.

  • Laura Byrnes

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  • Audra D.S. Burch

    Miami Herald

    MIAMI - Mat Santos stands at the edge of seven acres of land, the field of his future, pondering what to plant, grow and harvest, and sell.

  • A local young couple recently got a $10,000 surprise. Todd Reiland and his fiancée, Gabriella Sullo, won the chronicleonline.com Ugly Backyard Contest earlier this year. Recently, the completion of their yard makeover was revealed.

    The makeover was completed by Jason Aguilar’s Landscaping LLC, Anson Nursery, and Mosaic Tile & Remodel.