• John Funderburk of Hernando received third-place honors in the Save Our Waters Week photo contest with his magnificent photo of a great white egret’s mirrored image reflected in the water while on the hunt.



    Gloria Yoder


    Summer is rapidly turning to autumn and we will soon be heading back home to Illinois.

  • While most major grape varieties are European in origin, there is one member of the “Vinifera” family (those actually not native to America) that has become distinctly an offspring of the U.S., and that is Zinfandel. Its roots have been traced to Italy and Yugoslavia, but grape scientists are unable to pinpoint its real home.



    Randy Hobson


    During the past two years I’ve tended a large container of pineapple plants that was given to me. Much to our delight, this summer four of the plants in the pot produced pineapples. Watching them closely, we harvested them one by one as they turned a golden yellow. Ripened on the plant, they were the sweetest, best pineapples I’ve ever tasted.

  • Foodie that I am, there is much excitement today about the arrival of my new pressure cooker/slow cooker combination with a browning element. There is a list of recipes ready to go and as soon as I learn how to use it, I’ll start cooking.

    It looks like a marvelous utensil, but it may take a couple of days to figure out all the twists and turns of using this 21st century innovation.

  • A pleasant trip back in time to an era that evokes both hardscrabble living and gracious Southern hospitality awaits guests at the Florida Artists Gallery and Café in the heart of Floral City.

    The historic house and grounds, as well as hosts Ann and Bill

    Covington, exemplify the cache of Victorian ambiance, a glimpse of 19th century Americana.

  • Active and passionate supervisors are what differentiate one boss from the next. They are the ones who often find themselves with employees who follow their directions with respect and the hunger to work harder.

    But becoming a “servant leader” just doesn’t happen overnight. It often takes place because a person is involved with the accumulation of years of great mentors.

    That is what Citrus High School Principal and Best Boss Richard Hilgert declares.

  • After being guests on your “home field,” there’s nothing like having your own turf.

    That’s what the students and members of Seven Rivers Christian School in Lecanto are anticipating to celebrate at their first football game in 2015.

    Just southeast of the school on West Southern Street — about a mile down — are piles of downed trees and graded land for the future home of Seven Rivers Christian School’s $1.6 million athletic complex, yet to be named.

  • September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. As an ovarian cancer survivor, I decided to share some prevention tips and my story.

    Ovarian cancer is known as the silent killer, as there are few symptoms such as bloating, heartburn and some pelvic discomfort. This is difficult to detect or question, as women have these symptoms often.

  • Cancer of the colon and rectum is the third most common cause of cancer in the U.S. It affects roughly 140,000 men and women every year. It is a highly preventable cancer.

    Colorectal cancer most often begins as a polyp, a noncancerous growth that may develop on the inner wall of the colon or rectum, as people get older. If not treated or removed, a polyp can become a potentially life-threatening cancer. Recognizing and removing precancerous polyps can prevent colorectal cancer.

  • Dr. Udaya Kumar


    The management of prostate cancer has changed considerably during the past 20 years. Active surveillance (AS) or observation is an increasingly used management strategy for low-risk prostate cancer in selected individuals.

  • As we know there are many “super bugs” that have developed through the years as a result of indiscriminate antibiotic use and bacteria becoming resistant. Years ago, we were concerned about methicillin-resistant staph aureus also known as MRSA.

  • Recently, a reader contacted me regarding the topic of bone cancer. She was concerned so many people she knew seemed to have cancer of the bone, and was interested in obtaining more information about this topic. Today, we will cover a cancer that is actually extremely rare.

  • Q. Is it OK to continue my walking for exercise even with my plantar fasciitis?

    A. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of a strong band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. It helps to maintain arch height, absorb shock and increase the mechanical efficiency of the foot.

  • Q. I read your article in the newspaper, and I wanted to ask you a question. I have a large tori on the roof of my mouth.

    I was told that it would have to be removed in order to get dentures. I was just wondering if you knew of any alternatives. I would appreciate a short reply if you had the time.

    A. This is a great question that has come up so many times in my office. As usual, it is hard to answer it completely without seeing you; however, I will give you my thoughts on it.


    Carly Zervis

    Chronicle correspondent

    Nobody would argue that “that time of the month” isn’t annoying at best and miserable at worst, affecting mood, daily activities and comfort. But sufferers of endometriosis experience different, more extreme levels of discomfort and more serious health consequences as a result of their monthly cycle.

  • I  remember the first time one of my children got lost.

    She was maybe 2 and we were in a department store when I blinked or sneezed, and in that nanosecond when my eyes were closed, she disappeared.

    She was only gone for a few minutes, which was long enough for me to imagine the worst. So, I did what all mothers who think their kids are lost do, I panicked.

    But she wasn’t lost. She had ducked underneath a rack of clothes to hide from me.

  • By Rochelle Kaiser


    The landscape in Homosassa is changing as a number of new businesses opening continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The majority of these new businesses are located within a five-mile radius of each other and each one is either already open or plans to open before the end of the year.  

  • Imagine being only 15, 16, 17 or 18 years old and traveling across the world to live with strangers.

    You know no one, their customs are different from yours and you are required to attend school.

    Welcome to the Rotary Youth Exchange program.

  • Some of the most common group of complaints when the aging person seeks dental or medical care relates to changes in the oral cavity (mouth). Among these categories are growths, changes in the lining of the mouth, loss of taste, sores, pain, problems with the tongue and dental difficulties. The purpose of this article is to review some of these common changes.