Today's Opinions

  • Road funding needed


    County looking at road funding options.


    New funds needed for resurfacing roads.


    The county has a problem with roads. 

    At current funding levels, county residential roads will get repaved about once a century. 

  • Recycling needed in Citrus County
  • County neglects road maintenance

    Coming back home recently on Gum Street at about 9:30 a.m. after an early morning grocery trip, I came upon a middle-aged woman standing next to her car which was mired up past its axles in a pit of sugar sand. While I stopped to await the road to clear, I chatted with her about the dilemma.   

    That was when I learned that tow trucks were charging $125 a pull-out from pits on our wretched road less than a mile outside of the city limits of Crystal River.

  • County gas tax needs addressing

    On Monday July 17 your paper had an article that gas prices will be going up slightly. Immediately gas went from $2.01 to $2.09 a gallon to $2.15 to $2.25.  

  • Lead us not into temptation

    Would you pay $1 million for what a bag of groceries or general merchandise represents? If you were the owner of a large supermarket or discount chain you just might. It all has to do with temptation.

    It is only human nature for both store owners and their employees to be careless, lazy, indifferent and forgetful. It seeds the ground for being tempted. When it comes to merchandise, it results in items being be priced incorrectly, illegibly or not at all. 

  • Trump undoing US’ world leadership

    Can President Trump rip Barack Obama’s legacy from the pages of history? That’s an excellent question, don’t you think? 

  • Save a life: Donate blood this week


    LifeSouth faces emergency need for blood donors.


    Donate now.


    It seems pretty easy to get worked up over the wide disagreements we face today in our nation. We try to present our position, but the other side doesn’t listen and we seemingly have no power to make change.

  • Thoughts on health care

    Do you own a pet? Are you “satisfied” with the Medical care available for your pet?

    “Satisfied “should include costs and choices versus results.

    Compared to your answers regarding your pet, how do you feel about your own personal medical choices, costs and results?

    The former is still a customer based market , and although the pet does not decide, you, as his advocate, does.