Today's Opinions

  • Freedoms we enjoy come at great cost

    THE ISSUE: Memorial Day.

    OUR OPINION: Enjoy day but take time to reflect on, give appreciation for sacrifices.

    There’s much to celebrate today, Memorial Day. However, if we fail to reflect on — and give thanks for — those who sacrificed their lives in the name of our country, then the reason for celebration holds no meaning.

  • Time to rejoice


    High school graduations.


    Support and encourage our graduates on their way.


    How well do you remember your high school graduation?  Who gave the address? What was said?

  • Investigation in search of a crime

    Sen. Chuck Schumer is nothing but an obstructionist. President Trump has promised to attempt to restore our country to its former greatness, and he is well on his way. This constant calls for a special prosecutor are nothing but an investigation in search of a crime.

  • We appreciate the service

    As a Marine Corps veteran, I have had the opportunity to interact with the local Veterans Service Office on a regular basis. While I cannot speak for others, I can relay my experiences during my visits there.

  • Youngsters learn the joy of fishing

    Once again a group of local youngsters spent a day discovering the thrill of catching a fish, thanks to the work of many volunteer members of our TOO FAR organization and the support of a number of local businesses that underwrote the cost of the event.

    Bass, as well as catfish, mudfish and bream were steadily hitting the lines of poles furnished by TOO FAR on a perfect spring day near the Withlacoochee River. All fish were released as soon as they were recorded.

  • Public doesn’t care about this ‘scandal’

    I find that the polls taken after President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey last week have shown that the American public has greeted “the Comey scandal” with voter indifference.

  • Complicated issue needs more coverage

    Thank you (to Gerry Mulligan) for drawing attention to the Minimum Flow Levels proposal in his Sunday column. As a resident trying to understand this issue, I’m having problems getting information that clearly explains it, both pros and cons.

    I wish Chronicle reporting on this and things like it would be more explanatory. This is a complicated issue. Covering its discussion at meetings and publishing submitted articles about it is not enough.

    Lloyd Goodman

  • Praise of a sort for Trump

    It appears that President Trump’s newsworthy but unpresidential gaffes are subverting the GOP’s legislative agenda, and to that I say, “yea, Trump.”

    On the other hand, it will take GOP legislators to remove Trump from the presidency. And if — and when — that happens, this Democrat will say, “yea, GOP.”

    James McIntosh