Today's Opinions

  • Reshaping of road finally shaping up


    County Road 491 widening plans.


    Progress, low bid all good news, but execution will matter.

    It’s taken decades’ worth of county commissions and administrators, but traffic on one of Citrus’ most congested roadways should soon flow a little easier.

  • Pirate’s Cove plan still not a good idea
  • Trump and the people who love him

    Dear Robert: I just read your letter about President Trump and how much you love and admire him, even comparing him to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. 

    I’d like to point out that President Trump has a strong liking for women, particularly those he refers to with a “p” and what he is able to do with them. And then there’s the cute name he has given to Sen. Elizabeth Warren — the name is “Pocahontas.” 

  • Government has become a kleptocracy

    A keptocracy is a government in which those in power exploit natural resources and steal. It is rule by a thief or thieves.

    The repeal of the Affordable Care Act and its replacement are the type of decision made by a kleptocracy. In order to maintain and increase tax reductions on the wealthy and insure CEO salaries in insurance and pharmaceutical companies, as well as the wealthy 1 percent, theft of the lower income brackets will be enacted. 

    Fifteen million will lose coverage. 

  • Statistics provide food for thought

    Here are statistics recently emailed to me which I find very interesting. First, our Electoral College ensures all of the states are represented fairly, so that densely populated areas do not speak for the entire nation. Out of the total counties in America (3,141), Trump won 3,084, while Hillary only 57! She, however, won the national popular vote, by way over 2 million votes.

  • Webster represents me

    Would someone please sit Bob Messersmith down and explain to him how the American political system works? If you get anywhere with that, try global geopolitics next. He needs some work there also. He goes on to confuse his needs and desires with the needs and desires of our congressional district. They are not the same. His comparison of the voting records of Daniel Webster and Bill Nelson is immature and false.

  • Thoughts on judgment

    Who actually judges us? Religious people have one opinion. Non-religious people have another. Spiritual people ... well, you know. Lastly come the people who don’t believe in judgment at all. They just do their thing, no matter who they hurt in the process. Criminals fall into that category, until they get caught. Then they are no longer able to carry on unscathed, doing harm to others. An actual judge will decide their fate.

  • Roundabout not a good idea

    I have lived in states that use roundabouts. They work where they are used often and people are used to the ins and outs of them. Citrus and Hernando counties are not such places.

    This is about the scariest idea I can think of for an intersection in the middle of nowhere. Why not lower the speed limits to 45 mph, and then 35 mph near the light in those areas? Put in a traffic light with a strobe light red light and blinking warning signs before the lights.