Today's Opinions

  • City delivers stronger trolley service for Springs

    THE ISSUE: Trolley service in Crystal River.

    OUR OPINION: Getting the job done.

    Crystal River will continue to offer trolley service to tourists and locals who want to visit Three Sisters Springs. That’s good news for the national wildlife refuge and the citizens of Crystal River.

  • Another side to the inflation story

    In reference to the letter to the editor titled “Inflation takes its toll”:

    I would like to provide some additional information. The state closed its Inverness driver’s license office and we began offering services in February 2009; our revenue share was $6.25. Effective September of 2009, the Legislature increased fees, with the increase going to state general revenue, not to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) or the tax collector.

  • Parkway will destroy priceless heritage

    The front page story in Sunday’s Chronicle on the turn of the century cemetery for black miners is only part of the story of the history of the African American experience in Citrus County. What was very interesting about this focus was the statement from Attorney Karen Gaffney suggesting the best solution would be to declare the site “one of historical significance because of its role with the treatment of black workers in the early 20th century.”

  • 'Treason' isn't an unreasonable charge

    Treason can occur by giving “aid and comfort” to America’s enemies, whether at war or not, and in spite of the absence of a rigorous or operational definition of “American enemies.”

    Since the Cold War, the public first came to view U.S. foreign policy as a tool of good to be deployed against evil. Liberal interventionists and neoconservatives were in accord.

  • Dragon boat festival is fun for all

    You are invited to the Lake Hernando Dragon Boat Festival on Nov. 11 in Hernando. This regional, multi-county charitable event will be a fun team building event that you won’t want to miss.

  • Manatees doing well, but honest debate endangered

    Editor's note: Due to a discrepancy in reported data, the figure originally provided for 2016 manatee deaths was incomplete. This editorial has been updated to reflect the year-end total.


    THE ISSUE: State lawmakers push back against change in manatees’ conservation status from endangered to threatened.

    OUR OPINION: Reclassification would not have happened if science did not support it.

  • Outsourcing IRS debt collection a terrible idea

    THE ISSUE: Internal Revenue Service using private debt collectors.

    OUR OPINION: A bad idea.

    The Internal Revenue Service has recently announced it will use private debt collection agencies to collect some overdue taxes.

    According to the agency, the private debt collectors will work on accounts where taxpayers owe money, but the IRS is no longer actively working on the account.

  • Elks Ladies thank the community

    The Ladies of the Elks, West Citrus Elks Lodge in Homosassa, thanks the community of Citrus County for participating and contributing to our fundraising events this past year. Proceeds from these events go to both local and Elks’ charities supported by the Ladies. Your continuing support of our events is greatly appreciated.

    West Citrus Ladies of the Elks, Homosassa