Citrus County has a fire problem

Fire Chief Jim Goodworth held a Citizens’ Awareness Meeting recently, and there were about 28 concerned citizens in attendance. You will notice that not one county commissioner showed up to explain why they told Chief Goodworth, “Don’t even think of asking for any more money for the Fire Department.”

Here are some interesting facts we learned at the meeting.

1. Since the sheriff took over the fire department, it has gone from five staffed stations to nine.


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What’s your opinion on economic development for Citrus County?

A. County government and business leaders must join forces with a mission to attract new businesses and expand existing ones.
52% (153 votes)
B. No orchestrated effort is needed. Our economic base will evolve on its own.
9% (27 votes)
C. All initiatives should be executed by the private sector. Keep government out of it.
32% (95 votes)
D. Government must take the lead in economic development.
6% (19 votes)
Total votes: 294