• Thank you for the support

    It is with much appreciation that I thank the 

    voters of Citrus County for choosing to have me continue representing our citizens on the Citrus County School Board.

    Our family was honored by the support, encouragement, thoughts and prayers we received during this campaign.

  • Kitchen thanks county voters

    I would like to thank the voters of Citrus County for your support that resulted in my victory in the recent Primary Election. I cannot begin to express how overwhelmed and humbled I am by the trust of your votes to help elect me to the county commission.

    I also wish to thank the many people who have volunteered and helped in many ways. Many have contributed funds to pay the costs of signs and advertising, some held signs and wrote letters, and of course, those who recommended me to your friends. 

  • McPheeters expresses thanks following election

    Now that the recent Republican Primary is history, I would like to thank all of my loyal friends for their votes and support in my recent campaign for Citrus County Commissioner, District 2. 

  • Await the future

    It is with humility and gratitude that I take this opportunity to thank the Citrus community for bestowing upon me, through the election process, the honor to serve as the County Commissioner District 4. I extend a special thanks to all who supported and trusted in me with their assistance in getting petition cards signed, donating money, hosting fundraisers, holding signs and in other areas of sharing a plan for community restoration. 

  • No more taxes

    An editorial in the Citrus County Chronicle, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009, stated, “In 2006, commissioners doubled the gas tax to 12 cents per gallon. Half of the revenue from the gas tax pays for road construction, while the other half pays for road repairs.” The debate in this editorial was whether to replace the gas tax with a sales tax. This idea was deemed a “bad deal for local residents.” 

  • Light industry can make a difference

    As a Citrus County resident of nearly 20 years, I have watched as the county has struggled to clearly define itself. For years, economic development consensus was stymied for a variety of reasons. Happily, the current Economic Development Council has shown an ability to think out of the box and progress has been made.

    We live in a great county, but there is still much we can do to attract new business and jobs. There is also more we can do to enhance our viability as a legitimate and desirable tourist destination.

  • Dixon speaks the truth

    First, I’d like to thank the Chronicle for its recent column regarding the problem of “lying” in politics. Not only is lying a problem in the political arena, it is a self-perpetuating curse on our society in general. After all, a good liar can reach incredible heights in America, be they in sports (drugs), politics, business, whatever.

  • Donations appreciated

    The quote, “A picture is worth a thousand words” (author unknown) came to mind as District 7 Realtors filled their van and items overflowed into the parking lot at their recent meeting at Plantation on Crystal River. 

  • Inverness downtown deserves top pick

    The Sunday, Aug. 17, issue of the Chronicle contains the Parade magazine, a publication once much larger and a wee bit more entertaining in yesteryear but is now reduced to a couple of stories surrounded by numerous advertisements. 

  • Thanks for article, assistance