• Be careful not to censor public

    Thanks to the Chronicle for being an unbiased, nonpartisan publication.

  • Keep up the good work Scott Adams

    Good for you, Scott Adams. Go with your heart. If more elected officials did, our democracy would not be crumbling. Not speaking up for fear of stepping on toes is one reason our system has become a chain of tangled chaos and confusion, where no one is responsible. 

  • Poor taste by band at Cooterfest

    What is acceptable for adult ears is not for the many children waiting to see the Friday night fireworks at Cooterfest. What the band spokesman vocalized over the loudspeaker was in very poor taste. He thought it was funny, but it moved some parents to gather their youngsters and leave before seeing the fireworks.

    In the future, please check the agenda of the person holding the loudspeaker before they speak. This is a great family night and poor taste is never funny in Inverness.

  • Insensitive cartoon goes too far

    Re: the political cartoon, 10/27, depicting Clinton leaping over the graves of four Benghazi victims.

    Political cartoons are generally pointed and clear. They are also something that we can’t take too seriously. This one has me puzzled, though. 

  • Reader want to take dog to festival

    I’m very disappointed dogs are not allowed at the Homosassa Seafood Festival. I have a 12-year-old,  6-pound dog who’s recently had a leg amputation. Leaving her home alone is not an option. 

  • Liberal candidates turn my stomach

    I tried to check out the debate last night to see who would want to succeed our president, but could only stomach two minutes. I made it through introductions of the socialist and the woman who thinks the selling of dead baby tissues by an agency funded with taxpayer money is great. But when they had the gall to start singing the national anthem I couldn’t take any more.

  • Smith’s focus on fraud necessary

    Your op-ed on State Rep. Jimmie T. Smith today (Oct. 16) is way out of line on a number of fronts. The waste, fraud and abuse of our entitlement programs is beyond comprehension. And well documented on the national level. It is well into the hundreds of billions of dollars annually. 

  • Editorials seek balance, fairness

    A letter today criticizes the editor for slanted editorials. I have read your editorials for 18 years and have always found them to be very balanced and fair.

    Stan Clewett    


  • Voters don’t like rude politicians
  • Expressing opinions easily done today

    Does Harry B. Oates of Homosassa live on this planet? All he needs to do is take a walk, drive around the county, surf the net, look at You Tube, or tweet and he’ll get all he wants. Better yet, let’s buy him a sandwich board and he can let everybody see his opinion as they drive by.

    Katie Lucas