• Middle schoolers seek help with butterfly garden
  • Fair Tax is not so fair

    Recently I received in the mail and saw in a letters to the editor of the Citrus County Chronicle arguments for the “Fair Tax” — a simple nationwide sales tax that would eliminate the IRS and all other tax systems in the United States.

    Sounds incredible, so simple, so clean, so all-encompassing — and sorry, so wrong on so many fronts.

  • Obama was right about religion

    The doorbell rings, the dog runs to the front of the house barking and growling. There are two men at the door with an urgent message for me.

    Am I aware that the end of the world is almost upon us? Hard to believe, says I. It’s in the Bible they claim, being preceded by an era of war and natural disaster.

  • Heritage Village has much to offer

    I am writing this letter in response to the article “Eastward expansion” in the March 4 edition of the Chronicle.

    As one of the newer merchants in Heritage Village, I was horribly surprised by the content of this article and feel that the article itself is a terrible detriment to the Shoppes of Heritage Village and surrounding businesses in the downtown area.

  • Call to publish all comments

    Over the years of subscribing to the Chronicle, there is a troubling trend from fellow subscribers who have indicated they submitted well-thought-out and pertinent insights into local issues which the Chronicle staff has censored or chosen not to publish. 

  • Impact fee oversight

    On Friday, March 6, the front page article regarding February impact fees on non-residential permits indicated that it included “a new $2.6 million apartment complex for low-income seniors on Forest Ridge Boulevard near Country Road 486.” 

  • Church thanks you for support

    The members of St. James A.M.E. Church, 204 North Apopka Ave., Inverness would like to express our appreciation to the citizens of Citrus County for your continued support over the past 30 years of our barbecue. 

    Effective March 14, 2015, we will no longer be cooking barbecue on the second Saturday of each month.

    Catering is still available.

  • Florida should approve medical marijuana

    I’ve submitted two letters regarding the positive side of medical marijuana. Neither were printed. I can only surmise it’s because the Chronicle is in opposition to legalizing the drug.

    Prescription drugs are addictive, overused and most carry numerous side effects requiring warnings by the drug maker. Side effects may result in permanent health problems in addition to the ailment being medicated, including death.

  • Destroying Citrus County is a choice

    The weathervanes of wisdom are engaged in another round of angst* as the Halls River developer comes back to town with an even bigger project to be placed in the Coastal High Hazard Area at the junction of the Halls and Homosassa rivers. The site is fragile, low and located in flood zone AE, requiring a base elevation of 10 feet. Existing elevations range from 1 to 4 feet. The site is across the river from the St. Martin’s Marsh Aquatic Preserve.

  • Some WMD evidence exists

    Regarding the March 9 letter from John Hogan: The military did in fact find weapons of mass destruction scattered throughout Iraq during the Iraq war, but the press chose not to publish any of these finds because they would be giving credence to our pre-war intel.