• Press doesn’t produce accurate picture

    If you believe the news you get on TV or in print presents an accurate picture of what is really happening in the world of politics today, perhaps the recent Harvard University study might alter your opinion. Check out the following from this study.

  • Decision was an attack on water supply

    We now have a new term being bantered around Citrus County called “minimum flow rate.” It is being portrayed as a positive thing for King’s Bay, but in fact it is a deceptive manipulation.

  • Ready to take this fight to the next step

    We showed up, we spoke up, passionately and intelligently, but still we couldn’t convince them. Thanks to the Chronicle coverage on this issue, we filled the room with citizens and experts, we did our best. I thought I’d write about what happened, what I learned, and what I think needs to happen.

  • Changes at Crystal River Preschool

    For more than 25 years, Crystal River Preschool has housed Head/Early Head Start classes for qualifying children on the west side of Citrus County. Head Start is a program to provide early childhood education and services at no cost to these children and their families.

    Until this school past year, the program was under a federal grant held by Childhood Development Services. This past year the grant was passed to Episcopal Children’ Services, with headquarters in Jacksonville.

  • Smith right on Land code

    In a May 27 opinion piece, Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith advocated adding a mixed-use zoning category to the Land Development Code (LDC) and invited public comment on his proposal. I write this letter of support in my individual capacity and not as president of the board of directors of the Beverly Hills Civic Association.

  • We must elect better leaders
  • Crack down on unsafe driving

    We live in a county where the enforcement of driving laws is a rarity, and when our sheriff and his staff hear about such accidents, they might do well to consider enforcing the laws. This lack of enforcement definitely creates a culture where many (the majority?) of drivers pay little or no attention to the rules. Speeding seems OK, so maybe running a red light or doing a little DUI or tailgating or cutting in and out of traffic is OK, too.

  • Thoughts on reforming health care

    As a retired dude, I am often told that I have too much time on my hands. That could be the cause of this letter, which reflects some thoughts while shaving.

  • Peaceful stroll ends up soaked

    Temperatures have skyrocketed to record-breaking numbers, which makes frying an egg on a rock quite simple. I tried that once because I heard about it so often. The egg dripped down the sides of the rough, pocked rock and it was quite a disgusting sight to watch the yellow yolk glaring at me. Later, I could find no remains of said egg as a colony of gigantic ants carried pieces home for supper.

  • Questions about print space

    I was a bio major. However, I seem to recall a journalistic canon — something about yesterday’s news. Thus, I am mystified by your Page A2 of the Sunday paper. Why do we need to reread what happened last week?

    Along the topic of space, why is it important to print the complete standings of every golf tournament? I doubt if Emily Tobert’s mother read in the Chronicle that she placed 72nd at the Kingsmill Championship this past weekend.