• Elect Howard to school board

    With the educational background and knowledge, developed through 25 years of successful experience as a classroom teacher, Beverly Howard will have my vote for the District 4 school board seat.

  • Re-elect Powers to school board

    Those people who have lived in Citrus County for many years do not need to be told why they should vote for Linda Powers. They have seen firsthand the intelligent, honest, selfless job she has done as school board member for the last several years.

    For newer residents of Citrus County, we would like to share with you our firm belief in the dedication Ms. Powers brings to this job.

  • Keep Kennedy on school board

    Citrus County School Board members are faced with difficult decisions and choices each day in their job. Thankfully the voting public’s decision for an honest, hard-working member is easy: Thomas Kennedy. 

  • Sandy Balfour best candidate

    I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity our grandson had during his freshman year in high school. 

  • Touched by honesty

    I want to express my sincere appreciation to Erika who works at Hardee’s in Homosassa. A few weeks ago, we had breakfast. When we left and got home, I realized that I had left my purse at the restaurant. I was terrified when I called Hardee’s to see if they had found my purse. Erika said she had found it. We immediately left to get it. Erika handed me my purse as I thanked her profusely. I attempted to give her a finder’s fee, but she refused. She just kept saying she was glad to be able to help me. 

  • Say no to road tax

    The county commission recently voted to add a 1 percent sales tax to the November ballot. This additional money would be used for “resurfacing local and neighborhood” roads. In theory, this proposal has merit.

    However, if this initiative is passed, those earmarked funds can be diverted to other projects by a simple majority vote of the commission. Road resurfacing funds could be diverted to fund more boondoggles such as the Ottawa extension, Meadowcrest and Port Citrus. 

  • More taxes for road repairs

    Why is it that at every level of government, politicians think we can get by on less and less of our income while they need more and more of it? Why isn’t road maintenance a part of Citrus County’s annual budget? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to our commissioners that work is needed on the roads: this is an ongoing necessity, and if money hasn’t already been allocated for it, they are irresponsible.

    Charlene Dawe

  • Predicting more taxes

    I can predict the future. That is what I said at yesterday’s (July 22) BOCC meeting. Back when literally hundreds packed the auditorium and many spoke against the fire tax, I said that these people were wasting their time because the commissioners were determined to nail us with the fire tax no matter what citizens said. As predicted, the fire tax passed, and if one looked at the facial expressions of the commissioners, some looked detached as if input from the public didn’t matter. It didn’t.

  • Still waiting on roads to be fixed

    So this is your way to weasel out of your duties to the people who elected you, and you are supposed to represent. It would have to be proven to all of us in this situation that it works and has ever worked anywhere. The most ridiculous part of this so-called program is the non-refundable $250. Where does that go? 

  • Thanks for warning

    I’d like to express my thanks to the A-1 Pest Control person whostopped to warn my wife of a rattlesnake he just saw on our lot in Pine Ridge. He saw my wife outside with our dogs after seeing the snake cross the street and did the right thing by warning her of the nearby snake. 

    With our two labs and visiting grandsons, it meant a lot to us for someone to take the time out of their job to stop. He also helped make sure this 4-foot eastern diamondback wouldn’t be frequenting our lot again. Thank you!