• Use common sense on transgender issue
  • Earning government paycheck, pension

    Bill Clinton: Governor of Arkansas — a government retirement. President of USA — government retirement.

    Hillary Clinton: Senator of New York — government retirement. Secretary of State, USA — government retirement. President of USA — government retirement.

    They are going to live well off the government! By design? Where did they work before government? 

  • Thanks for support of golf tournament

    The annual American Irish Club Invitational Golf Tournament and awards reception were held on Saturday, April 2, at Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club. 

    Proceeds from the tournament and the American Irish Club’s annual Irish Show are dedicated to college scholarships for Citrus County students. 

  • Many thanks to petition signers

    I would like to thank all the people in Citrus County who signed my candidate petition cards. 

    A special thanks goes out to those who had cards signed by friends, family and co-workers. It was also a great experience to participate in the Citrus County Fair and to meet so many fine people. I am now a fully qualified candidate for Citrus County School Board, District 4. Thanks again for a great team effort.

    Bill Murray

  • Steak & Steak event a big success

    What a wonderful night, Citrus County! Our 15th Annual Steak & Steak held on April 7 drew nearly 400 people from all walks of life in our community. Everyone, from the youngest attendee to the sponsors, contributed to a successful event at M&B Dairy. The event generated almost $40,000 to support our members and clubs right here in Citrus County.

    Thank you to Hall Mark Fire Apparatus Inc., our title sponsor this year. 

  • Thank you to our sponsors, community

    Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection (CCFAP) recently held its third annual Hope’s Legacy Golf Tournament. CCFAP is an organization that was formed in 2012 for the betterment of homeless animals in the county shelter. 

  • A political agenda you can count on
  • Suncoast 2 very poorly planned

    Whoever planned, and designed, and funded the extension of Suncoast 2 Parkway to end at State Road 44 really did not give much thought to the effect it will have on the future massive traffic jams it will create both in downtown Inverness and Crystal River. I read about all the discussions of eventually extending it over to I-75 sometime in the next 25 years to help relieve it’s traffic jams, but what happens during that extended 25-year time period?

  • We have given up enough property, tax

    First I’d like to say I like manatees and am glad the city has Three Sisters; however, I think we as a community have given enough. We lost a lot of our water privileges, a lot of tax revenue due to the fed and state now owning more waterfront property than anybody else on the bay and not paying taxes on it. 

  • A job well done, enjoy time off

    During my four score and more years on Earth, I have lived in four different states and several different counties due to job promotions and transfers. I have experienced good law enforcement and not so good.

    The law enforcement afforded Citrus County by Sheriff Dawsy and his department is not good, it is excellent. Enjoy every minute of your retirement, sheriff, you’ve earned it.

    John Scruggs

    Crystal River