• Vote for Burch for sheriff


    The sheriff’s race will have a greater impact on the quality of life in Citrus than any other election decision we will make this year. As an attorney, who has practiced criminal defense for 16 years, I have had a greater exposure to the unique problems and issues facing law enforcement in Citrus. The result is enhanced insight into what we need in a sheriff.

  • Trump needs to come clean on taxes, Russia

    It appears that Donald Trump is not telling the truth when he claims he is not involved with Russia’s Putin. Donald Jr. told the truth at a news conference when he confessed that “Russia makes up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” Isn’t it a shame his son feels he must tell the truth even though his father did not?

  • A balanced economic plan needed

    I am most grateful to live In our beautiful county the past four years. I just retired after a 43-year career as a trader in the scrap metals industry. I understand supply and demand. I understand manufacturing and I feel exactly the same as your excellent editorial. 

    Who is really in charge of bringing jobs to our county? 

    What specific projects are they working on?

    Who are these people to report to so these activities can be monitored and measured.

  • Response to closed primary complaints

    There is a reason for having closed primaries, but that doesn’t prevent you from voting for the candidates chosen as the result of the primaries. The candidate in each party who is the winner of the respective primary thus becomes the standard bearer for that party, and after that, you can vote across party lines to your heart’s content.

    During the primary season, open primary voting would be like allowing the opposing team to select the players against whom they would be competing.

  • Transparency should be paramount

    The three Republican candidates for sheriff were interviewed by the Chronicle recently. The article was front page, listing their backgrounds and their concerns and plans for the sheriff’s office if they win.

    I must say, it is a difficult election, because all three of them are experienced, honorable and committed candidates. 

  • Thank you again, Joanie Welch

    Once again you made the tears flow. You know the way the world is these days. Human beings are barely, if ever, caring for or loving one another, so God help our animals.

    As far as I’m concerned, any human who hasn’t had the privilege of being loved by any animal has missed out on a spiritual and mostly wonderful adventure.

    I am ashamed to say I have lived long enough to see a generation that seems to be more concerned with taking selfies, texting and materialistim.

  • Coleman best choice for Dist. 5

    After over a 30-year absence due to Navy and GTE employment, my wife and I returned to Florida from Texas three years ago. Being active in politics at the local state and federal level in Texas, I naturally wanted to see what was happening in our new community.

  • Proud to support Coleman

    As a small business owner in Crystal River, there are several qualities I look for in a County Commission candidate. Among these would be integrity, leadership, teamwork and the ability to utilize the resources we have to find solutions to the problems facing our community. 

    To me, Brian Coleman possesses these qualities and I am proud to support him for County Commission District 5. 

  • I am for Steve Burch

    Re: Dawsy endorsement:

    I read the article with quotes from Jeff Dawsy endorsing one candidate and maligning the others. I had to ask why now? Where was his ringing endorsement for Phil Royal before his passing? What happened to his advice to the candidates not to go negative?

  • Please vote for Brian Coleman

    I attended the Brian Coleman Meet & Greet Fundraiser on the 28th and I was impressed. He is not a politician but an average person that is approachable and friendly. He says what’s on his mind but you can tell that he doesn’t shoot from the hip.