• Don’t forget others who’ve made a difference

    Now well into my second decade of living here, and being a Chronicle daily subscriber for the entire time, I am struck by the peculiar bias demonstrated by the paper’s editorial board. I am addressing its remarks regarding the frequent and seemingly exclusive lauding of Mr. Art Jones and his One Rake at a Time movement. Granted, the Rake movement has made some people more aware of the pestilence of Lyngbya plaguing our waterways.

  • They do as adults do

    I’m writing this letter to all the inconsiderate people around. Have you gone to a grocery store and seen people walk right past a cart outside, then go in and take a cart someone else brought in?

    Have you gone to a school performance, the adults talk all through it and the children too? No one gets up and asks the audience to be quiet. The children have practiced so hard for this performance.

  • Hold them accountable

    I see in the Chronicle (Sept. 18) that Dina Emmanuel, already in trouble for allegedly using a county credit card to fill her own gas tank, has now been arrested for allegedly scarfing up more than $100,000 county money.

    It is also interesting to note that AmeriGas, who didn’t bother to pay rent to the county, suddenly folded their tents and left Citrus County.

  • Low voter turnout predicted
  • Laws fail to protect homeowners

    It is a travesty that a home-building firm such as Gold Crest can default on a contract to build a home, not pay the subcontractors, declare bankruptcy and then, after a two-year hiatus, be relicensed by the state of Florida to conduct the same business as before. So what we need is to have our local state legislators get involved and generate changes in the appropriate laws to protect the consumer.

  • Election results expected
  • Kind, caring man

    The comments in the Sept. 12 Chronicle about Mr. Batchelor were right — he was a gentleman — caring and concerned for the community — a friend of Citrus County. I hope to attend the service for him — if there is one open to the public. He was always willing to help with only my making a mere call, even by just being a friend (his wife was always helpful, too).

  • Fooled again

    With it all, I considered Obama a smarter and nicer guy than Bush. The hard evidence, however — regardless of dancing up onto the stage and the pompous raised finger — appears to the contrary.

    Now it seems we will war again a hemisphere and two seas from our shores to slaughter Muslims fighting Muslims, and heaven forbid the mention of oil.

  • Where is the outrage?

    Thank you for the hilariously funny cartoon Sunday (Sept. 1) with the black kid asking for the target tattoo “birth mark” to be removed from his chest.

    The rest of this letter is equally hilarious. Will you print it or is this too racially divisive?

  • Healthy choices yours to make