• God has been interwoven with this nation’s history

    In only a few short weeks, it will be the 15th anniversary of the event we now only refer to as 9/11, another date that will live in infamy. I would like to share with you some information that probably only a few are aware of.

  • School vote lacked foresight

    The defeat of the Aug. 30 referendum to benefit local education demonstrates a breathtaking lack of foresight toward a community sustaining itself. 

  • Things are looking good

    The Aug. 28 Chronicle had a very nice article by Amy Meek regarding the Lakeland, Florida, based Publix company, that has been supporting United Way of Citrus County — that Amy is the CEO of. It is good that credit was given where due. Last year, I noticed that Publix had expanded from Florida to Nashville, Tennessee, so it is a very successful company. (There was a take-out buffet at that one, would be nice here.)

  • That was a beautiful letter

    Thank you, Leslie, for the beautifully written story, Tale of Two Kitties, and your countless hours of volunteering on behalf of Citrus Co. Shelter cats. I’m sure there is somebody out there who read the story that will bring it to a happy ending for ‘K’.

  • Parents: Encourage healthy eating

    With the new school year starting, parents’ to-do lists are now filled with shopping for school clothes, school supplies, and school food. That’s right — school food!

  • An opportunity for a new beginning

    The BOCC has an opportunity to change the way the Animal Shelter has been going. With a new, more active, and forward-thinking director, they have the chance to make our shelter a truly “no kill” shelter. Three recent euthanasias of healthy, socialized, loved dogs, should not have happened. With more outreach and creative thinking, they can make our shelter a true shelter, not just a place for too many to go and die.

  • Baseball is a lesson on life

    I love baseball. I would like to believe that it is still America’s favorite pastime, but, I’m just not sure anymore. Where else can parents spend an afternoon or evening with their children in a relatively wholesome atmosphere and fork out less than a day’s wages for tickets, souvenirs, and hot dogs? 

  • Trump: What a great manager he has been

    Donald Trump has inundated the American public through the media with information regarding how great a business person he is. Below is a summary of his business misdeeds that have occurred since 1973 as reported by CBS News:

    • Trump Rental Discrimination (busted by DOJ, 1973). 
    • Trump Football Team — NJ Generals (failed 1985). 
    • Trump Board Games (two failed 1990, 2005). 
  • Get out of the emergency fire lane

    On a recent trip to the grocery store, the usual thing keeps happening. 

    As I come down the main aisle in front of the store, traffic is stopping. 

    As I get closer, vehicles are going around a parked vehicle with four way flashers on. 

    As I go around as well, I notice a person in the front passenger seat and no driver. 

  • It’s not the label, it is act that matters

    What difference does it make? $400 million in foreign cash exchanged hands coinciding with the exchange of our citizens. What’s the big deal? We did the same thing with (Bowe) Bergdahl, but it was a human swap. Who cares if it is called ransom or not? We the People do.