• Social Security shortfall

    I just read an interesting article about the Social Security (SS) annual report being late. It was due on April 1 and is not published yet. What does this mean? The department heads required to make the report are not ready to sign off on it yet? You can read this article at this internet address, http://tinyurl.com/oork7og.

  • Thought provoking

    I am experiencing residual gratitude for the outstanding discussion on the subject, “Does science make religion irrelevant?” by several faculty members at the College of Central Florida recently. What an intellectually stimulating conversation conducted with enormous mutual respect among the panelists and toward those in attendance, whose comments were sometimes less than concise. 

  • We are not better off

    Re: Steven Shuemann letter, “Obama leading our nation to success.”

    More jobs: Absolutely not, because people ran out of collecting Social Security.

    Gas prices down: No, no, no. When Obama took office, gas prices were $2.59 per gallon. In his first four years in office they went up to $4.89 per gallon. Remember?

    Deficit reduced: We are so in debt we went to China to bail us out. Let’s hope they don’t want the debt paid soon.

  • Thank you for helping with pageant

    On behalf of the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who assisted with the 28th annual Little Miss and Miss Strawberry Princess Pageant at the 2015 Strawberry Festival in Floral City.

    Congratulations to every contestant for their participation and special accolades are extended to the Little Miss Strawberry Princess Lola Blanco and the Miss Strawberry Princess Bethany Herndon.

  • Thank you for righting a wrong
  • Thank you for righting a wrong
  • County seems to find money when it wants to

    Over the past several years, county commissioners have had very little difficulty allocating taxpayer dollars to buy Ottawa Avenue when it seemed pointless to residents, but now suddenly there is concern for acting responsibly with our taxes and cutting funding for the county animal shelter.

    Where was this budgetary concern when thousands of taxpayer funds were spent on Port Citrus, a pie-in-the-sky scheme which would not see completion for decades and benefit a few select landowners in north Citrus?

  • Mental health system broken

    The Institute for Mental Disease (IMD) exclusion has forced our jails and prisons to become the No. 1 provider for mental illness. Currently there are over 350,000 inmates who are suffering from a mental illness. Not only are states forced to build more jails to accommodate the mentally ill, the taxpayers are forced to pay the costs of building those jails, an estimated $ 8 million per jail. 

  • Self-interest or Christian principle?
  • Thanks for supporting golf event