• Time for nation to return to its creed

    “In God We Trust,” the official motto of the United States, was not initially adopted by our Founding Fathers, but by Congress in 1956 in response to fears of “godless” communism. At the same time, “one nation under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Time for real common sense

    As I’m reading about the lack of what should be our sixth sense, I wonder, will our national bathroom crisis be part of this subject? We could sure use a sprinkle of common sense there.

    Perhaps locally? Maybe the boat ramps, as we approach scallop season. We’re in such short supply there that the county had to bring in “ramp rangers” to enact common sense. Big surprise!

  • Chronicle performing a public service

    When I moved to Citrus County in January of 2014 after 45 years in the newspaper biz and at the zenith employing 684 employees, I was distressed to constantly hear the Citrus County Chronicle referred to as the “Comical.”

    But after two-and-a-half years of reading letters to the editor, I’ve decided that you likely perform a public service by letting people of a certain ilk get off in the paper instead of spending their time shooting up post offices.

    Bill Cate

  • Liberals resort to name-calling

    At the risk of being labeled ignorant, backwards, undereducated or possibly worse by Sheila Jacobs or others of the same persuasion, I take exception to her characterization of those who disagree with her position on advertising to encourage the LGBT community to visit Citrus County.

  • Spot on about LBGT, Ms. Jacobs

    Hurrah to Ms. (Sheila) Jacobs. She expressed herself so succinctly in her letter titled “Sound Offs prove county is ignorant.”

    My sentiments exactly!

    Christine Davies


  • Commission: Keep fracking out of here

    I am very concerned about public health and safety, and the environmental risks associated with fracking. 

  • Sales tax, impact fees are not necessary

    Why is the school board and the county commission (BOCC) asking for a half-cent to be added to the taxing on purchases raising it from 6 percent to 7 percent? Maybe one of the county commissioner’s would like to make it 7.5 percent. Is this money for luxury items that are not in the budget that you have submitted and had approved. It would seem that both the schools and county have budgets approved that do not provide enough money to satisfy the desires and perhaps the needs of these organizations.

  • Look at Suncoast suggestions

    We have gone on and on with the discussion of Suncoast 2 into Citrus County. We have beaten this subject to death or certainly into a frustrating deadlock. Unfortunately, most letter writers don’t sound like they have ever taken a trip on the parkway. 

  • What is wrong with the federal gov’t?

    The word minimum means the lowest limit or the smallest amount.

  • Committee meeting was a sham