• Appreciation for Carnahan

    With much appreciation to County Commissioner Scott Carnahan. This county is blessed to have you, a commissioner that works for us, the people in Citrus County. Thank you.
    Paula Vitolo
    Pine Ridge

  • You butchered my letter to the editor

    What’s gone wrong with our once great country? You, the media, who abuse the privilege of freedom of the (once great) press by altering submitted letters to change intended messages to fit your twisted political agenda.

    Nowhere in my July 21 submitted letter did I endorse Trump as best man, as your title and edited letter implies.

  • Building today for tomorrow
  • Research first before speaking

    Commissioner (Scott) Carnahan needs to go back and review the five-year fire plan before he speaks about spending issues for fire services. How is it that most of us who attend meetings by Fire Chief (Jim) Goodworth know what and why equipment is being purchased and our commissioner doesn’t? 

    Carnahan raised the issue of purchasing a new fire truck during Tuesday’s board discussion of the Fire MSBU. 

  • Time to pay back Fire MSBU funds

    I have been following the discussions between the city of Inverness and Citrus County for approximately two years. After reading the July 23 article in the Chronicle; I want to express my thoughts on the subject. I am a homeowner in the county and have paid the $54 MSBU for fire protection, which is a bargain.

  • The crazy world we live in

    Why are people so nuts? Is it since time began? Is it recent ... or is it that I just noticed it? Such terrible times we are living in. Drunken lunatics on the roads. Just like guns don’t kill people, cars don’t either. It’s the people behind these weapons that kill and destroy lives. Hatred enters the places where innocent people are and kills them. That’s normal?

  • Reinstate impact fees immediately

    I am a building official in a small Florida town (population approximately 14,000). In July of 2014, the impact fees here were reinstated. Since the reinstatement of the impact fees, at least 100 single-family homes have been built. Impact fees were around $14,000 per residence and just recently the school impact fees were raised from $4,000 to $7,000. Now the new impact fee total is $17,000 per single-family home. 

  • Above & beyond his call of duty
  • Impact fee vote difficult to grasp

    There is always a troubling uncertainty about a 3-2 vote on a board motion.

    That’s as close to a tie as possible. Indecision. One vote seals the outcome.

    In a political atmosphere we expect, and unfortunately accept, a split-party vote.

    On a local level, there is seldom party influence. Why then split thought?

  • Are commissioners reinventing the wheel?