• Renewable energy is smart thinking

    In his letter to the editor, Harley Lawrence identified 34 companies that supposedly failed. One of these companies was Brightsource that supposedly lost $1.6 billion. With a little research, I discovered this company is based in Israel and is backed wholly by venture capital. That means no U.S. tax dollars involved.

  • Festival a hit, balloons were not

    Hats off to the coordinators of the well-attended Manatee Festival this past weekend. Beautiful weather added to enjoyment on both Citrus Avenue and at Three Sisters Springs. The festival offers a unique opportunity for the public to appreciate and learn about the incredible resource that anchors this community: the manatee.

  • Hidden agenda with letters?

    On page A8, of the subject issue of the Citrus County Chronicle, there is an insert that reads in part, quote: Letters must be no longer than 600 words … etc., unquote.

    Also, on page A8 was published a letter with the title “Escape from government,” which has more than 600 words.

    Are there exceptions to how many words a letter may have? Or, is it perhaps the name of the sender of the letter that determines which one deserves to be published?

  • Trump's lead won't last; Cruz is the man for the job

    Donald Trump is leading the pack as an anti-establishment candidate saying things we’ve always thought but were afraid to say publicly. 

    Exciting isn’t it? It won’t last if Trump gets elected. He has a business empire to protect. He’s not about to alienate Wall Street or the Washington establishment whose carve outs for the rich and liberal bankruptcy laws helped him build it. 

  • Trump is the only true leader for America

    Our president now wants to flood the United States with Muslims from Asia!

    The only candidate for president who represents Americans is Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is a proven leader, he excels in negotiations and business development and he can hold his own with heads of corporations and governments from anywhere in the world.

    Unlike members of the present administration, he is not ashamed of being an American.

  • Glad to see retirement of elephants

    Ringling Bros. is retiring its elephants from the circus. Ringling sees the handwriting on the wall. Public support for using animals in entertainment is tanking. Sea World’s stock has plummeted since the documentary “Blackfish” revealed how orcas are treated behind the scenes.

  • Thank you to Publix

    Thank you to our Inverness Publix for your excellent staff, marketing, cleanliness, super bargains and again all staff and managers, you are doing a great job. This is a store to be very proud of.

    The young people (and all) do themselves proud. Staff is friendly, capable, and helpful. They are dedicated to their jobs and are such a tribute to our Publix.

  • Grief requires gentle hand
  • Thank you for caring

    I would like to acknowledge the exceptional services of Dr. Jason Delapaz of Lecanto Med Clinic. I would count myself fortunate to find a “human doctor” with such breadth of knowledge, common sense and genuine empathy.

    For Beaty, R.I.P.

    Joan Billison

    Crystal River

  • Adoption warms the heart

    His coughing kept me awake most of the night and it concerned me as it was unusual and raspy. The doctor diagnosed a severe heart murmur determined to be congestive heart failure disease. Upset and worried on the ride home, I noticed he acted content and the cough seemed better-controlled by meds given.