• Associated Press poll is illegitimate

    Sunday’s Chronicle, March 19, has an Associated Press poll asking various segments of the American population if they think Donald Trump is a legitimate or an illegitimate president. This poll is asking an illegitimate question.

    Donald Trump was elected as our president in accordance with the Constitutional rules of the United States of America; therefore, he is obviously the legitimate president.

  • Heritage Council thanks community

    Members of the Old Homosassa Heritage Council would like to thank the community for its help in making our Community Tag Sale a great success. Thank you to everyone who graciously made donations to our event and to those who stopped by and made purchases. All proceeds from this sale will go towards painting the water tower that welcomes everyone into our community. Be sure to watch for our next fundraising event, a scavenger hunt race that will bring out the competition in everyone.

    Marian MacRae

  • E-cigarettes are another tool of Big Tobacco

    In reference to Dr. Bennett’s article about the safety of electronic cigarettes: In 1994, chief executives from major U.S. tobacco companies went before a congressional committee and under oath swore that tobacco products were:

    n Not addictive.

    n Did not contain tar levels that could cause harm.

    n Should not be regulated because the nicotine in them was naturally occurring.

  • Smoke isn’t doing county any favors

    It sure would be nice to be able to spend a day working or playing outdoors in Citrus County without breathing smoke. It seems like not a day goes by but what somewhere, something is burning. I can’t imagine what all our tourists must think. They come down here to bicycle, hike, canoe, golf, etc. and then they are inundated with smoke fumes.

  • Ridiculous health care charges


    We are watching the death of “Obamacare” and the Republicans all over the map trying to come up with a replacement. Perhaps I have missed something, but I hear very little talk of addressing the real problem with health care in America: The inflated cost of just about everything in it.

  • Time to crack down on illegal immigration

    I am outraged that the U.S. keeps allowing these illegal immigrants to cross our borders. I think about life in the U.S. back in the 1970s. Life was peaceful and there were not as many people being murdered and raped by these criminals. I can remember when it was safe to have your front door unlocked. But now, you do not know who might come to harm you.

  • Get on board with subscribers

    I was pleasantly surprised this morning that in the Chronicle, for the first time since President Trump’s inauguration, I did not find a single letter or article trashing or berating the president.

    Could it be that the Chronicle and its editorial staff may finally be understanding that the majority of its subscribers do not share their hate for the president?

    Butch Adams


  • Death penalty morally unjust

    I wish to thank Mr. Steve Collins for his letter published in the Chronicle on Sunday, March 26. He argued intelligently and clearly against Florida’s death penalty from a statistical point of view in arriving at the conclusion that capital punishment is not a deterrent to crime and is inconsistent with a civilized society.

  • Facts on declawing cats
  • Construction timing illogical

    The Highland Boulevard construction taking place right now defies logic.

    We presently have a four-lane, east-to-west corridor that moves traffic off the main street from the intersection of State Road 44 and U.S. 41 to Montgomery Avenue. The construction is taking the middle portion of this boulevard from Apopka Avenue to South Line Avenue. This middle section is being converted to two — yes, two — lanes and a bicycle lane.