• Repeal nuke cost recovery statute

    Sen. Charlie Dean seems like a very nice, honest man who regretfully has been fooled. I have read the statute in question — Florida Statute 366.93 — completely. With this letter I am asking all the elected officials to get together and repeal that statute immediately.

    The Progress Energy — now Duke Energy — utilization of Florida Statute 366.93, Cost recovery for Nuclear and Integrated Gasification, is the most outrageous legalized theft, tax and citizen duping that I can remember.

  • HCA takeover of CMH could be traumatic

    After reading in Tampa Bay Times yesterday and today (March 9 and 10) about the way Hospital Corporation of America is charging its trauma-center patients in Florida exorbitant prices, does anybody with an IQ higher than a turnip think letting them have Citrus Memorial for 50 years is a good idea?

    In every phase of trauma-center care they are the highest in the state. With bills three to four times other hospitals, do we want this for Citrus County?

    Michael Andrews

  • Mission accomplished

    With his 2015 budget Barack Obama, can report to his handlers: “Mission accomplished: I have bankrupted America and her destruction will surely follow.” 

    He followed a plan I’ve mentioned many times, the evil Cloward-Piven Strategy which seeks to cause the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

  • Let the dogs out

    Crystal River needs an off-leash dog park.

    Dog parks have become very popular recently across the country. I have been to several in Florida and elsewhere when I travel with my dogs. They always enjoy the romp and interaction with other dogs. People at dog parks tend to be very open and friendly, and the dogs provide the center of conversation.

  • Stone Crab Jam a hit

    Once again our annual Stone Crab Jam was a huge success, which we could not make happen without the support of numerous nonprofit groups who come out to assist us in putting on this event. So, while 9,000 of our citizens and out-of-town guests were enjoying themselves that first Saturday in November, we were raising money for local and international charities. This year we were able to net over $72,000 to be used to support our charitable endeavors. Last year Kings Bay Rotary donated $53,328 to local and international charities.

  • County faces road maintenance issues
  • Scott harming state's public schools

    Do citizens realize that Gov. Rick Scott is trying very hard to undermine the public school system in Florida by replacing it with charter schools? As stated in the Tampa Bay Times editorial on March 2, “In three years, Scott has done more harm than any modern governor, (from) public schools to higher education.”

  • Don't take children on presidential trips

    Since when does the first lady Obama take her daughter to China? Is this right? It is our tax money at work. It cost us enough at this point. Now we have to worry about her daughters going everywhere she goes? She should not have to take her daughters. At what cost is this going to be for us? 

  • Don't block access to springs

    I watched the video produced by “Action at Save the Manatees.org” and, if that were the only information I had, I would be totally in favor of closing Three Sisters, House and Jurassic springs. Fortunately, that is not the case. I think that if this idea were to prevail, the results would be catastrophic for the manatee for several reasons:

  • Thanks for making read-in successful

    The seventh annual African-American Read-In, held to bring our community together to promote literacy, was enthusiastically received by a diverse audience of approximately 250 at the Learning and Conference Center on CF’s Citrus campus on Feb. 9.