• Life and freedom sometimes collide

    As regards Mr. Conklin’s Jan. 28 letter “Are you willing to compromise?” regarding the issue of abortion. He states that we are a nation of many different people and that democracy requires compromise. He also makes the point that while all of us love life, we all love freedom, too. He is absolutely correct Unfortunately, that is the problem.

  • Small shop has a big heart

    The Dunnellon Community Thrift Shop has focused on donating to local causes in the greater Dunnellon area for more than 40 years. 2016 proved to be the biggest year yet, generating more than $39,000 to award to local causes! The all-volunteer staff of the thrift shop is grateful to the people of Dunnellon and its surrounding area who have lent their support by donating merchandise and shopping at the store.

  • Stories needed on Amendment 5
  • Anything other than the truth is a lie

    Vanity, vanity, all is vanity. Our new president is completely obsessed with how many people were in attendance at his inauguration. So obsessed that he has ordered the park facilities to count again. He feels the crowd at his inauguration was the largest ever. Not true. He is now using the word “alternative” facts. Alternative facts are no facts at all. It’s crazy, truly it is.

  • How times have changed at school

    After reading Monday’s article about Sandy Balfour’s difficulties with two of the students (one of which struck another student) at the Academy of Environmental Sciences, their parents and school officials, I was struck by the enormous differences in school discipline over the last half century. The following is intended to contrast today’s accepted disciplinary procedures to those of yesteryear.

  • We ought to rename street

    Anna Joe and Apopka streets is a short cut from County Road 581 to the east side of Inverness with heavy traffic. Apopka has been patched and patched and repatched for eight years that I have lived here. I called the county to see when it was scheduled to be resurfaced; it’s not even on the list at all. We have no street lights, no sidewalks, so why can’t we have a good street to drive on? If not, Apopka should be renamed to Patch Drive!

    Lester Davis


  • When is a hack a hack?

    When we talk about hacking, we are saying that someone has listened to or observed a conversation between two devices and that they were not one of the addressee’s. In other words, someone is tapping into the center, middle, of the circuit.

  • This needs to be fixed, now

    A few months ago, the Chronicle ran an article that addressed zoning enforcement, or maybe more accurately, the lack of it. It seemed to have a lot of public support afterward. I found it very interesting, especially when it pointed out what seemed to be pretty pathetic attempts on the part of Citrus County to collect fines associated with actions taken by code enforcement officers. It clearly pointed at the fact something needed to change. Maybe several things.

  • Please drop the ethnic labels

    In reference to the quote by letter writer Julie White: “We are all Americans, some of us are Native Americans, some call themselves African Americans, some people have come to our shores from across the pond in England, some of them are Chinese Americans. The point is we are all Americans. I say get over your bipartisan views and learn to work together for the good of the American people.”

    I think Julie’s letter was terrific and I would like to add to it.

  • Veteran volunteer effort lauded

    I read an article in today’s Chronicle titled “Operation Renovation,” which describes the volunteer effort by individuals to rehabilitate the house of a veteran. Home Depot associates helped and Home Depot gave discounts on material. Also voluntary help hours from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, firefighters, and veterans.

    They painted exterior and interior walls, replaced vinyl flooring. Furniture Palace donated bedding and a dresser.