• Convenient omission

    My, isn’t that convenient: Medicare handbook for 2015.

    It’s interesting that the press is not reporting about this.

  • Great service from local business

    Our roof developed a leak in one of the valleys, and water started to drip in my shop. On Saturday, I called Elite Roofing. First thing Monday morning I received a call from them and set up an appointment for the next day. At the agreed time a supervisor came out to inspect the roof. Due to some prior commitments, they worked with me to set up a repair date.

  • Please respect the rules of the road

    Many complain about those who seem to have no knowledge with regard to basic rules of the road. Driving slow in the passing lane, turning without signaling, holding up traffic by not pulling into the intersection to turn left, etc. I’ve never seen so many vehicles with broken turn signals and it’s sometimes difficult to remain calm after five miles behind “Pokey Joe,” who won’t move to the right lane so others can pass.

  • Thank you for a successful festival

    I want to thank everyone for making the Greek Festival at Archangel Michael’s Greek Orthodox Church a great success. The food was out of this world. The band, dancers, kitchen and vendors all went over the top to make it the best Greek Festival yet.

    We all look forward to seeing you again in February, so look for the dates when we will do this again. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard in making our festival a great success. You did a great job. 

  • We've seen this before

    As I read of the dreaded Ebola epidemic, I find a similarity between this scourge and the one we encountered during the Korean War called hemorrhagic fever that killed many GIs. At first it was thought to be malaria. since its beginnings matched the symptoms of malaria. However, as the days passed, this disease became more insidious.

  • Disaster response incompetent

    Who is Dr. Thomas R. Frieden other than the guy that just told the country not to worry, we can handle Ebola? Who is he really, other than Obama’s appointee to head up the Centers for Disease Control? He is an unbridled activist zealot who thinks government should have control over your body to keep you from harming yourself. You didn’t think ex-New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg thought up all that stuff on his own, did you?

  • Containing deadly diseases

    U.S., state, and municipal health authorities are working overtime and spending millions of dollars to stem the spread of Ebola, which has killed just one person here.

  • Disappointed in Adams story

    I have read with great contempt your report about Commissioner Scott Adams badgering the staff.
    It is amazing and despicable the Citrus County Chronicle would publish in bold and large print, on the front page Oct. 28, another critical comment about Scott Adams.

  • Disrespectful of the process

    I appreciated the forum until the Nugent/Koller debate. Most of us came to hear the candidates’ views on the subjects asked. Unfortunately, a large group of people sitting in the first few rows, continually heckled and interrupted one candidate. This is childish and inexcusable. We could not hear his views, much less try to compare candidates. Their candidate even expressed that they discontinue their actions and respect both candidates equally. It never happened.
    This negatively reflected upon the supporters and their candidate equally.

  • Thanks for helping Artisans' Boutique

    The members of the GFWC Inverness Woman’s Club would like to thank a number of local businesses for their generosity and sponsorship connected with our recently held Artisans’ Boutique. This year’s focus was Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit organization highlighting The Wounded Veterans Initiative. Our hope was to raise enough money to provide a puppy that would be raised under the guidelines of CCI, to be given to a wounded veteran.