• Don’t let door hit you on way out

    Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Cher and a few others claim they’re going to leave if Donald Trump wins the presidency. Want to hear my sentiments? Get out and stay out! Get out of this great country and don’t come back! You’ll be just as worthless in Canada as you are here.

  • Insurance drop is like pay cut

    Our commissioners have stopped paying for health insurance for our part-time employees. The way this was done was not very good for anyone or anything except the pocketbook of the county.

  • Health insurance is not a luxury

    Re: Article May 2nd — “Insurance for county commission, but not part-timers”

  • Taking away from poorest workers

    Today’s Chronicle reported that the Board Of County Commissioners has voted to eliminate medical insurance coverage for 14 (yes, just 14) part- time workers employed by Citrus County government. This is supposed to save a whole $104,106 in the annual Citrus County budget. Well isn’t just wonderful. We are talking about a budget that goes into the hundreds of million of dollars.

  • SEAL’s family history not necessary to name

    Re: Your front page article of May 4 concerning a U.S. Nany SEAL being killed in Iraq.

    The liberal press just could not contain itself and had to mention the criminal record of his grandfather. Shame on you!

    Helen F. Koczur


  • County reaches out to victims

    Citrus County residents come through again. A plea for blankets, sweats, and jackets was sent out to the county and they responded, as usual, with open hearts and lots of items.

    I worked with Pastor Doug, Church Without Walls, putting together much-needed items for the homeless in Citrus County to help keep them warm.

    Angel’s Heaven On Earth Boutique was our drop-off point, while Karen Tringali and Dawn Bennett were gracious enough to make sure the items got to the church.

  • Can't fool all of us on climate

    Today’s Chronicle (April 25) carried a letter from Harley Lawrence in which he ridiculed the so-called “Global Warming” as a thinly disguised push for wealth redistribution. Remember, the new name for this farce is “Climate Change,” since the original name is without merit; the world is not on the brink of a meltdown. This is merely the new doomsday propaganda meant to make the “sheeple” fall in line and demand more laws to gain more control and increased taxes on people and companies alike.

  • Mass atrocities we allow, pay for

    We are now advised 250 more American troops are being sent to Syria solely to “advise and assist” the Syrian “people.” Translated from propaganda, this means that our military forces in Syria will be increased to a total of ... well, who really knows, and not to include in-country CIA and armed American “contract employees,” or the raiding air crews from carriers and nearby land bases. Nor can we be certain which side of the several shooting and gassing each other our advisers and assistants will be “helping.”

  • Nice pool, but not enough open lanes

    Well, another huge disappointment for lap swimmers! The YMCA facility opened today and the so-called competition pool was not finished. Understood. The outside pool completed. Great! 

    Now, here we have an eight-lane junior Olympic pool and the lap swimming schedule lacks “the right stuff”! Sure, they have the morning schedule open to all eight lanes, but after 8 a.m. only two lanes open until closing!

  • Bible provides reasons to believe

    A couple of weeks ago you ran an article about Bibles being banned. If you pick up a Bible and read it, you will see that Jesus, as the Son of God, makes some real, defined promises in his word pertaining to eternal life.

    Where is it? In the book of John, chapter 3, verses 14, 15 and 16 and John, chapter 11, verses 24 through 27. St. Paul also makes some real, defined promises pertaining to eternal life in Acts 16, verses 30 through 32. St. Peter echoes the words of eternal life in Acts 2, verse 21.