• What’s wrong with the country?

    On June 6, we remembered D-day and our tribute with grateful hearts to those World War II heroes who served proudly with honor and integrity, spilling their blood on the shores of Normandy. God’s heavenly warriors.

  • Don’t share pet owning experience

    I compliment Joanie Welch on her eloquent and factual analysis of the excess pet population. This is the first time that an animal activist has admitted they are the cause of the present situation. Pressure for a pet shelter expansion must be ended immediately. There is no reason to burden the general public with the cost of eliminating the excess pet supply. There are many more 

  • If able, work should come first
  • No more quick fixes on roads

    The members on the board of commissioners are wrong. Why would you pave a piece of land with no homes? Put the funds where they are needed. 

    I live just off of Forest Ridge Road and Lake Beverly Drive. This is a main roadway. Between Garbo Lane and W. Oakpark Drive, the Band-Aid crew has done just that. Filled in potholes. Aside from all the police cars and ambulances, the landscapers and delivery trucks flying down the road at 5 a.m. sucks. 

  • Threats bring sad memories

    There were four phone threats against airline flights. That announcement on TV news brought back some memories.

    On Sept. 11, 2001, we had made arrangements with a friend who lived in our condo building to drive us to Fort Lauderdale airport to catch a flight to Philadelphia at 1 p.m.

  • Triple Crown winner inspires

    Not much of a gambler, I must admit on Kentucky Derby night I did place a bet on the horse named American Pharoah. It was such a beautiful sight watching as he crossed the finish line — I had won! My winning horse went on to win the Preakness race and the Belmont Stakes race on June 6 — making him the first horse since Affirmed won in 1978 to win Triple Crown.

  • She lives in our hearts forever

    I’m writing this letter to thank all the wonderful people who donated gift certificates and money for the benefit held at the Freezer for the family of Nancy Bushey. Nancy Bushey passed away on May 21.

    Before I list all the donations, I’d like to tell you a little about Nancy.

  • Reading between the lines on MSBU
  • We control our own health

    I would like to share a personal experience with you. I became vegan about 25 years ago. I did not eat any meat or dairy. I breezed through colonoscopies with no polyps.

    However, at one point I decided to include fish and seafood. The results of my colonoscopies changed also and they consistently showed polyps and adenomas.

  • Inverness should adopt MSBU