• Reverse action on insurance vote

    An open letter to Mr. Ron Kitchen:

    Mr. Kitchen, “thou dost protest too much.” Your overstated defense of your actions only enhances the fact that eliminating part-time workers’ health insurance is unjust and you know it. Your responses reek of arrogance.  

  • ‘Business’ would cut senior staff first

    Editor’s note: This letter was written to Citrus County commissioners and printed here at the writer’s request.


    Please do the right thing and reconsider your vote regarding the part-time employees insurance benefits. Instead of option one, I encourage each one of you to further research this matter and choose option two.

  • Thanks for training ‘Josie’

    I would like to recognize Lorraine Clark and her company Suncoast Service Dogs Inc.

    In the summer of 1997, while on a deployment serving in the Air Force, I injured my back. Years later, I ended up having sections of my spine fussed due to that incident. Unfortunately, after multiple surgeries, I was left disabled. Having severe nerve damage and difficulty walking, I was deemed unfit to serve in the Air Force and was forced into early retirement.

  • Fly above the unpleasant

    According to the Chronicle “Parade” of February 21, there was such a man:

    “He loved everyone. He respected everyone regardless of what they thought of him. He taught us the grace that has no color.”

    He was poor and black.

    He set four world records in 1935 at Ohio State University as a student.

  • Mourning daughter after final trip to ER

    Marlene, my wife, and I followed the ambulance for the 13th time to the emergency room at Citrus Memorial Hospital.

    Our daughter, Cyndi, was making her 13th and last ambulance ride.

  • Snapshot of a man you may not know

    Not long ago, a giant oak fell, due to high winds that were unusually destructive, arriving in the dark of night. The elderly man leaned on his cane, dismayed at the massive tree, thankful it hadn’t crashed onto his home as he and his wife slept, but concerned about removing the mammoth obstacle.

  • Don’t let door hit you on way out

    Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Cher and a few others claim they’re going to leave if Donald Trump wins the presidency. Want to hear my sentiments? Get out and stay out! Get out of this great country and don’t come back! You’ll be just as worthless in Canada as you are here.

  • Insurance drop is like pay cut

    Our commissioners have stopped paying for health insurance for our part-time employees. The way this was done was not very good for anyone or anything except the pocketbook of the county.

  • Health insurance is not a luxury

    Re: Article May 2nd — “Insurance for county commission, but not part-timers”

  • Taking away from poorest workers

    Today’s Chronicle reported that the Board Of County Commissioners has voted to eliminate medical insurance coverage for 14 (yes, just 14) part- time workers employed by Citrus County government. This is supposed to save a whole $104,106 in the annual Citrus County budget. Well isn’t just wonderful. We are talking about a budget that goes into the hundreds of million of dollars.