• Thanks for helping us through crisis

    Thanks to all who came to our aid on Feb. 27. 

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the wonderful firemen, sheriff’s deputies and Red Cross members who came to our rescue when a tree dump truck plowed into my garage. I don’t know  the names of the men who were here, so I thought this would be the next-best way to tell you how much we are grateful for all you did.  

    Connie Taylor

  • Fair Tax seems imbalanced

    Regarding Joseph Ryan’s description (March 31) of a proposed federal Fair Tax to replace our current federal income tax and eliminate the IRS, I believe it is impractical for the following reasons.

  • Sensitize, identify, prosecute and punish

    I was deeply moved by your recent front-page coverage of the rescue and assistance by the wonderful children of Seven Rivers Christian School for an abused dog named Zander. What a heartwarming effort this was and thanks to the Chronicle for the disclosure.

  • Addressing backyard gun ranges

    Remember the Wizard of Oz? Dorothy had the power to return home. She simply had to click the heels of her little red shoes together. Just like Dorothy, you have the power to address the backyard shooting range.

    Here is the solution:

  • Carelessly strewing trash
  • Halls River area too fragile for project
  • Golf tournament a huge success

    The American Irish Club of West Citrus County wishes to thank all of the golfers, club members, volunteers and local businesses for their support for the 15th annual American Irish Club Golf Tournament Saturday, March 21, at the Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club. The proceeds of the tournament fund scholarships for Citrus County high school seniors. Thank you to the Citrus County Chronicle for your promotional support. Thank you, Steve Tamposi for your generous support.

  • Curb their behaviors

    With regard to the March 19 “Pole location costing taxpayers” article, those “53-foot semis” are actually 70 to 75 feet. The trailer alone is often 53 feet. Qualified professional drivers should be able to negotiate the turn at County Road 48 and U.S. 41 even if it requires use of the entire roadway. There is never an excuse to hit a pole if the driver is responsible and experienced. Also, County Road 48 is posted, prohibiting trucks.

  • Stand firm and deny development projects

    Recently, Citrus County and its taxpayers were sued by a Tennessee developer who wants to build a project in the county. 

    Another four-story project, this one a 110-room resort- style hotel on the shores of the Homosassa River has been approved by planning and development commission and is coming up for vote Tuesday, April 14, before the Board of County Commissioners. This huge resort is being pushed by a South Florida (Largo) developer. 

  • Looks good from here

    Re: “Corrective action needed,” Robert E. Hagaman, Letters to the Editor, April 2, Page A8.