• Dock closure surprises some

    Without any advance notice, the Fort Island fishing pier was closed for maintenance. This was the best place for me to take my 88-year-old, wheelchair-bound mother fishing. 

    While the dock is showing its age, it was still OK to use, and no work has even begun in over a week. The dock should have been kept open, at least until the maintenance started, and it is my hope that the town does the work in the minimum amount of time. We can’t wait to get our favorite dock back.

  • Don't support amnesty

    The bill to finance Homeland Security operations is being held hostage by Democratic Senators. They apparently want to finance the amnesty for 5 million-plus illegal persons being granted by the President Obama. I sent the following to Florida’s Democratic Senator: 

    “Mr. Senator, I voted for you. It is time for you to stop the unbelievable blind support you have shown for this president. Do not support the president’s illegal amnesty housed in the Homeland Security bill.

  • Toll change is exasperating

    Toll-by-plate — who thought this was a good idea?

    If you don’t have a SunPass, as you zip down the expressway you’re met with a sign saying you will be sent a bill in the mail for the $1.04 toll plus unspecified administrative costs. Almost three times the toll, in case you’re wondering. Wait 30 days to pay? You get a letter saying you now owe triple. Wait another week or so and you get a collection letter from some law firm in Pennsylvania, initiated by the toll-by-plate people in Georgia. Really?

  • Abusing privilege of free speech

    Although Sarah Hatton is concerned about “speech fascism,” which she believes is a threat to society, she doesn’t define the term in her letter, “Right worth claiming.”

    I believe it is wrong to insult anyone’s religious or cultural or political beliefs. It is rude. Period. Full Stop. No caveats needed.

    It’s OK to disagree without degrading another’s beliefs. It’s also important to communicate. You might learn   something.

  • Take women’s heart disease seriously

    Five decades after February was declared American Heart Month, one group remains especially vulnerable to cardiac peril: women age 65 and older. In our experience, many don’t realize age increases their risk of heart problems, which kill more females than all cancers combined.

  • Stand by our laws

    Everyone should abide by the laws in our county. Especially our elected Citrus County Commissioners; we look to them to set a good example for the residents of Citrus County. The ordinance requires haulers to dispose of trash in the Citrus County landfill. We must enforce the rules. Stand firm, Denise Lyn, you are doing a good job for Citrus County. Thank you, Mike Wright, for the very informative articles that keep us informed. 

    Glenda B. Allen  

  • Horse, meet water

    Re: “Without long view, Citrus will keep coming up short,” Dan Hilliard, Page C1, Feb. 8.

  • Spaying, neutering answer for all animals

    Re: “Simple plan for animal shelter,” Lynn Quinn Turck, Page A10, Feb. 2.

    Like Ms. Turck, I volunteer at the shelter and have done so for about 2 1/2 years. I agree totally with her proposed plan. However, I take exception to her leaving out cats that need to be spayed and neutered. I suggest the following revisions:

  • Special thanks from 30th anniversary Homosassa Boat Parade

    The Homosassa Christmas Boat Parade had its 30th anniversary event Dec. 20 along the Homosassa River.

    More than 24 boats joined in the parade and competed for best decorated boat in the Business and Personal categories.

  • Many thanks for your help

    Thank you Dr. Petrella and Seven Rivers and Diamond Ridge Rehab.

    I would like to thank everyone at the Seven Rivers hospital for helping me “give birth” to my two new hips over the holiday season. I liked my experience with them on Dec. 15 so much, I decided to have the other hip replaced on Jan. 12. Many thanks to  Nancy, Peggy, Alicia, Debbie, Meghan, Kerry, Jami, Judy M., Liza, Nichole, Judy Z. and Mike at the Seven Rivers Hospital for your wonderful support through this whole process.