• Suncoast 2 an expensive gamble

    I am so tired of the wishful thinking about the Suncoast Parkway 2 extension to State Road 44, known by some as the silver bullet for all of Citrus County’s economic problems.

  • BOCC employs politics of spite

    The maturity level on display by our commissioners oftentimes undermines their own ability to lead and to make sound and prudent decisions that will benefit our community. 

  • Two sides for every thorny issue

    Re: Harry Cooper letter, April 17 Chronicle.

  • What would Jesus do for the poor?

    Jesus wouldn’t spend less on feeding the poor, and more on war.

    I seriously doubt our politicians are actually Christians.

    David Waters


  • Give voters say on Suncoast 2

    If Mr. Kimbrough and Commissioner Meek believe they know how the majority of the county citizens feels about the Suncoast splitting the county in two then they should support a county referendum vote on the tollroad this November. Perhaps they remember past “votes” taken in 1997, when 545 of the 600 written comments were against building the Suncoast through Citrus County.

  • America remains a great nation

    I have found this election season to be depressing (and entertaining), particular from the Republican side. Donald Trump’s wish list is comical as well as impractical. He wants to ban all Muslims from coming to the U.S. He wants to build a wall to keep out all the “drug smugglers, criminals, and rapists” coming from Mexico.

  • Education key part of motorcycle safety

    An old definition of education says that “education has occurred when a change of behavior takes place.” Let’s hope that is the result of your editorial “Riders wise to protect their heads” in the April 14 Chronicle. I agree with that statement 100 percent.

  • Use common sense on bathroom law

    I have been following, with no small sense of incredulity, the strange goings-on in North Carolina. It appears the governor of North Carolina, in an attempt to insure the privacy due women in his state, has passed a law making it illegal for a man to enter women’s rest rooms, lockers and shower areas. That seems quite logical to me, and one would think that many, if not all, of the women’s organization would hail this piece of legislation. 

  • Presidential campaign secrecy uncovered

    An anonymous source has recently uncovered one of the biggest presidential campaign stories in history. This reveals the true details behind-the-scenes maneuvering and exposes the logic around the drama associated with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

  • Coming together grows spirituality

    We seem to have a love/not love relationship with our churches. We want a particular order of service, less music or more music; a particular style of sermon. Change is inevitable, but we want our worship service to resemble what we are familiar with. New ideas, new focus, out with the old, in with the new. Without careful listening on both sides this could be a difficult time for a church.