• Problems exist within Operation Streamline

    Crossing the border was once a matter for civil immigration courts. Now those captured by Border Patrol and ICE are prosecuted in federal criminal courts in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Under this program known as Operation Streamline, people caught crossing the border are criminally charged with either unauthorized entry (a misdemeanor) or unauthorized re-entry (a felony). Most of these people are migrant workers with no criminal history.

  • Seeking hypocritical-free worship

    Recently, I expressed my opinion about our churches today. Dismayed by the lack of true Christianity, following God’s word and Christ’s teachings, I have wandered church-to-church in hopes of finding a church family. I have failed.

  • Low voter turnout the problem

    Citrus County registered voters allowed 28 percent of those registered to choose our government leaders for the next four years. This scenario plays out in most local and primary elections everywhere. Obviously, the other 72 percent are satisfied that 28 percent of their neighbors can make an informed choice for who will lead us.

  • Term limits make sense
  • New name might get more support

    Your Sunday editorial on the barge canal was so on the mark that it would be useful for our civic and policy organizations, as well as county staff, to read and discuss. The editorial correctly acknowledges the limitations and the potential of the canal. A new name — reflecting scaled-back uses — might help achieve community support. 

    Linda Myers

    Pine Ridge

  • Help them help you

    Grace House/Sanctuary Mission is a shelter for homeless men and women who are trying to get their life together after having various problems. These people are all looking for work, and will take day jobs. Most do not have a car, so it is necessary to pick them up and drive them back to the shelter.

    Last month, I had a very nice woman clean my house. She did an excellent job and was most pleasant.

  • Where’s the fox?

    Is the fox in the hen house, that is the question? Is there anyone on the school board that is not an educator? 

    Should members of the board be elected by popular vote as they are now, or should they be selected by the chair of the board and presented to the electorate for approval? Can educators make good and impartial business decisions? Or are they biased because of their vocation?

  • Great experience with dentist

    My name is Ann Williams and a patient of Dr. Nina Paredes. I just want to compliment her and her staff. What a wonderful experience I had when she had to replace my bridge (consisting of six teeth).

    Dr. Paredes was so patient, kind, gentle and very caring about keeping me comfortable. I have had a bridge since being in an automobile accident when I was 17. I guess that old saying, “the last is always the best.”

  • Full speed ahead for the Port Authority

    The Port Authority has hitched its wagon to Port Citrus to develop a boat ramp and a dry storage facility. This development is envisioned to be a public/private partnership. It will be called a marina to fit the principles of the Florida Ports Council (FPC) and Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Development (FSTED) Council. This will allow matching funds if they are approved ($137,500 budgeted for 2014).

  • Larry: Easy to like