• Keep Hillary out of White House

    The first candidate debate was so fixed for Hillary. Lester Holt, moderator, asked some questions that were tough for Donald Trump and all easy ones for her. Do they think the people did not notice that, that we are so stupid? 

  • Grifter in the White House

    How did this happen to the party of Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower? 

    Is the new Republican party something to be proud of?

    Well, to understand why the Republican Party is controlled by people who don’t want the government to succeed and want to “drown the government in a bathtub,” we need to go back to H.L. Hunt, born in 1889, who was the founder of the John Birch Society. 

  • Blame people for animal problem

    I’m not happy to see so many proposals to prevent the Citrus Animal Control from euthanizing unwanted cats and dogs. 

    This county, and many other parts of the country, have created this problem of too many feral and free roaming animals by not having enough incentives for people to control their pets, having them spayed/neutered, or keeping them confined to their properties, and a lack of sufficient penalties for violating leash laws or permitting indiscriminate breeding.

  • Angels helped our loved one in the end

    Sometimes when we go about our daily lives — we turn on the TV or read newspapers — we assume that most of the population doesn’t care about anyone but themselves. It easy to see others as selfish or mean-spirited.

    A few weeks ago, our family watched as our mother and friend experienced yet another fight with cancer. This time she did not win. 

    A wonderful lady, Alice Howe passed away on Sept. 5, 2016. 

  • Need judges to uphold Constitution

    A very critical issue in the choice of our next president is the appointment of federal judges. In reality, this is probably the most important issue in the campaign. If one believes in our Constitution, the choice of judges should come above everything else.

  • Love, not hate, is worthy of us


    No one can know everything, but there are those who think they do. Thus, they fall prey to the most colossal ignorance that can be imagined. When I was a young boy enrolled in a religious school, I firmly believed that fire and brimstone awaited everyone who did not accept the doctrines of my church as the one true path to heaven. Fortunately, later life experiences led me out of such wrong-headed, narrow-minded thinking. 

  • Cut Congress back to minimum wage


    When I own a company, my employees are part of the profit and loss experiences. If the company makes money, the employees are compensated for the successes and, unfortunately, decompensated for losses.

    When I work for the federal government, this is not the case. If the government is a trillion dollars in debt, there is no consequence. The employees still get their salary and keep their job.

  • Special friend passed peacefully


    Verneda was known to be hyperactive, involved in many activities, constantly on-the-go. She talked a lot, many times out of turn. She could be a bit frustrating as she frequently spoke her mind and expressed her opinion, which was not always welcome.

  • Time for inhumane treatment to stop


    These comments are concerning the humane, or should I say, the inhumane treatment currently administrated by the Citrus County Animal Shelter.

  • Wonderful care at Citrus Memorial


    Last week I had a heart emergency. I want to thank Dr. Walker for going above and beyond to care for me. Dr. Walker is a smart and caring doctor. We are so lucky to have him.

    I also want to thank a nurse named Ben, in the day surgery. He prepared me for the procedure. He knew I was anxious and afraid. He was so professional and he made me laugh. The day surgery at Citrus Memorial deserves a 10 for its service.