• Prendergast is my choice for sheriff


    The passing of Phil Royal was a tremendous shock to all Citrus County residents. My wife and I cried and hugged each other for hours. We pray daily for Phil, his beautiful wife April and daughter Brelyn.

  • Brian Coleman is my choice for commission


    I retired from the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office after 26-plus years of service as Human Resource Director and finally as Bureau Commander. During that time, I worked with Brian Coleman and found him to be a man of integrity and honesty.

     Brian can handle himself in difficult law enforcement situations and many times that is accomplished by mediating the issue for a positive outcome by all parties. 

  • Prendergast is caring and trustworthy


    I have been in some form of law enforcement my entire adult life, including Special Agent, United States Army, Military Intelligence, during the Vietnam War. 

    I have never publically endorsed anyone for public office — that is, until I got to know Mike Prendergast, a man who is one of the most trustworthy and caring individuals I have ever met.

  • Prendergast has experience to be sheriff


    Public safety is the single most important function that government can provide to their citizens. 

    With that should come an individual who holds the education, training, experience and leadership abilities, to ensure that law enforcement, fire, and emergency services are delivered to the citizens in the most safe, efficient, effective and prudent manner. Republic candidate for sheriff of Citrus County, Mike Prendergast, is that individual.

  • I support Prendergast for sheriff


  • I have the knowledge, skills, experience for board


    The Chronicle Editorial Board acknowledged that my credentials leave little doubt that I “could serve the school board well.” Further the Chronicle acknowledged that I possess “strong qualifications for a school board member” stating my two decades as a real estate professional and more than two decades as a teacher here in Citrus County. I need to add the two decades as a successful swim and dive coach.

  • I am counting on the endorsement of citizens


    I was somewhat pleasantly surprised by your endorsement of Mr. Kanehl for Citrus County sheriff, as I fully expected you to continue to support our sheriff by endorsing Mr. Prendergast. So, congratulations at least for this bold break on your part. 

  • Things to ponder about Trump

    I understand the frustrations folks have with Washington. Our two major political parties don’t talk to each other and nothing much gets done.

    People read about Obamacare, immigration and trade deals and believe what they hear and what they hear is scary. We all want a more peaceful time. We want to put ISIS behind us and not have to worry about black-white relations.

  • Here is an example of rigging

    In the Chronicle on Aug. 4, Donald Trump said the Democratic system is rigged.

    Democrats say no.

    I am from the northern part of the state of Indiana, South Bend and Mishawaka area.

    The South Bend Tribune had in the paper, Butch Morgan, the Democratic chairman, coerced two people into putting false names on petitions needed to get Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the 2008 primary election ballot.

  • Trump is his own worst enemy

    Trump is really making it difficult to support him. He has had a really, really bad week and it is mostly his own fault. Looking back at his off-the-cuff comments about seeing an aircraft deliver $400 million in cash to Iran, for example, why did he muddy those waters? It is enough that the United States paid Iran $400M — or paid back the money as the case may be — almost coincidentally with the release of several prisoners, making it certainly appear like quid pro quo.