• Thanks from Sertoma clubs

    Recently, the combined Sertoma Clubs from Crystal River and Inverness sponsored a Swim and Bike Safety program. There are all kinds of swim and bike safety programs available for children. This one was quite different. It was specifically for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Many groups came together to make it the success it was. Sertoma would like to take this opportunity to make sure all parties involved were properly recognized and thanked for their participation.

  • Sad to see beautiful mural removed

    One morning our town of Inverness awoke to a wonderful gift. An unknown artist had toiled tirelessly transforming a plain, blank, unattractive wall into a beautiful mural. He spent not only his time but finances to present our city with this gift of love. Towns across our country would have spent thousands of dollars to have such a magnificent attraction. Other towns have embraced murals on their buildings and even have tours to show them off.

  • A Gator thank you to Citrus County

    The Citrus County Gator Club (CCGC) hosted a successful scholarship fundraiser “Swamp Scramble” at the Black Diamond Quarry Course on May 8. The CCGC has now increased the number of $1,500 scholarships awarded to selected University of Florida-bound seniors from Citrus County to seven. Since 1987 the CCGC has awarded 104 scholarships. We sincerely thank the Citrus County Chronicle, WYKE TV and CBS Sports 104.3 FM for their advertising support.

  • Fight back against attempts to take our water
  • Decision was an attack on water supply

    We now have a new term being bantered around Citrus County called “minimum flow rate.” It is being portrayed as a positive thing for King’s Bay, but in fact it is a deceptive manipulation.

  • Ready to take this fight to the next step

    We showed up, we spoke up, passionately and intelligently, but still we couldn’t convince them. Thanks to the Chronicle coverage on this issue, we filled the room with citizens and experts, we did our best. I thought I’d write about what happened, what I learned, and what I think needs to happen.

  • Remember your history

    Memorial Day, let us not forget the “Progressive” pols Biden, Clinton et al. The 1964 Gulf of Tonkin “incident” escalated the Vietnam War; in August 1973, Congress defunded the Vietnam War. Democrats were in power in both instances.

    Thomas J. Corkery


  • Commissioners not showing respect or honor

    One of the Ten Commandments is Exodus 20:12 — “Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee” It’s about respect and honor — something usually told to children for them to abide by.

    Is respect and honor only to be relegated to children? Don’t think so.

  • Facebook and friendships

    “Who Are You?” “You Don’t Know Me” and “Getting to Know You” were popular songs 40, 60 and 80 years ago, but are perfect today as theme songs for Facebook. Some answers and information indicated by the titles of these songs are found to some extent in the personal postings, response clicks and comments in Facebook. They reflect the psychological, sociological and marketing insights found within the 1.15 billion Facebook participants, with a daily viewing of response entries across 10 million websites.

  • Act of nature doesn’t seem fair

    It’s an act of nature, so they say. A huge tree from the south side of my property fell across my fence, destroying three sections. The cost is $500 to get it cleaned up.

    Last week, two smaller trees fell on my fence and workshop, cost $500 to get that cleaned up.

    Code advised “it is an act of nature. It is the law.”