• Just like another leader 70 years ago

    A recent letter to the Chronicle posed a question concerning the Trump/judiciary dustup. The question was, “Who do you think is at more risk for physical danger — the judges or our president?” In my opinion, the longer Donald Trump is in the White House, the only danger is to our country.

  • America is great and always will be great

    Tuesday night, Donald Trump addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time.

    After one very long, very messy month into his presidency, he called last night’s address a “reset.”

    Speeches and reality are two different things. We know that large parts of his speech couldn’t pass a basic fact check.

  • Who’s the real huckster here?

    After reading Lee Alexander’s column in the Feb. 19 Chronicle, I was delighted to learn that the FTC had taken action to shut down two large robo-calling operations that had targeted people on the “do not call” registry.

  • Meeting and greeting Mr. Webster

    I’ve met a number of people throughout my lifetime. We are introduced by others, or we introduce ourselves. That is the initial meeting. The greeting part comes when we welcome another into our personal space.

    Sometimes, these former strangers become friends. Sometimes the meeting is too one sided. The person is only interested in themselves. There is no give and take. There is no interest in the other person. That particular person is there to sell their own product. Your product does not count to them.

  • The people are fighting back

    The Indivisible movement motivated many in the large crowd attending Rep. Daniel Webster’s Open House on Feb. 21. They were not outsiders, as suggested by Citrus County Republican Party Chairman George Gasparini, and did not come from other parts of the state. They are not paid, as proposed by some Republicans. They came because they love America and fear Trump will destroy it. They are residents of Citrus County who have organized to oppose the Trump agenda and want to hold our member of Congress accountable.

  • Lack of training is concerning

    Today (Sunday, Feb. 26), I stopped by (a local store). After doing my shopping and putting it in the car, when I put the grocery cart in the area designated for them, I looked down and saw money on the pavement.

    I immediately picked the money up, checked the amount and headed back to the store. I went to the service desk and went directly to the employee closest to the office enclosure. I handed her the folded money and told her I found it in the parking lot.

  • Speed limits need to be evaluated

    I think it’s time to revamp some of the speed limits on the roads of Citrus County. Some of them were not designed to allow for growth in population and should be scaled back to a safer speed.

  • Finding ties between Putin, Trump

    MSNBC did a two-hour story on Trump’s involvement with Putin’s Russia and how we need to obtain Trump’s taxes. One of the more shocking stories is from the Tampa Bay Times in which it tells us that the FBI once planned to pay a former British spy who claims there are ties between Putin and Trump. The M16 agent, Christopher Steele, came to the conclusion along with U.S. intelligence that the Russians had interfered or “hacked” the Democratic Party’s email accounts — later hacking all of America.

  • Give the president a chance to govern

    I have lived under 14 presidents. Never have I experienced such vile hatred against our president as we are seeing at this time. It seems that a small group, egged on by the media, is dominating the headlines.

  • If in Jerusalem, check out the Y

    I was very interested in Gerry Mulligan’s reference to the YMCA in Jerusalem (Feb. 26) and that he was not aware of its existence.

    I stayed there back in the early 1990s when I went to visit my daughter, who was doing a year in Israel volunteering on a kibbutz in the Jordan Valley.