• Hospital bill a real shocker

    I would like to know what in the world is going on at Citrus hospital. I recently went to the emergency room in November for an illness. I was in the emergency room for about three hours and released to go home. In that time they took one CAT scan, one X-ray and blood work and that was it. I received a bill for $21,622.92. We asked for a itemized bill and noticed we were being charged $12,000 for a CAT scan, $1,200 for an X-ray, $4,000 for lab work and $1,000 for an EKG. 

  • Stricter laws needed for addictions

    Last week a public television network interviewed Ralph Nader. Amongst the subjects discussed were heroin and opium addiction. That was an unusual subject to hear spoken about by Mr. Nader, who is a well-known consumer-rights advocate.

  • Thanks for help with youth building

    Kiwanis Club of Inverness just recently completed construction of our new Youth Center in Inverness.

    We would like to acknowledge our general contractor, John Wheeler of Wheeler Construction, Inc. and his staff for spending countless hours advising, planning and donating to the construction of our Kiwanis Youth Center building.

  • Invest in peace better pay off

    What is the definition of winning a war? Answer: Taking and holding territory fought for by the military.

    Simple, right? But not to some people who believe it is okay to destroy innocent lives in order to “win” a war. Destroying lives, homes, and employment only makes more enemies in today’s world, enemies who do not fight for nations with defined territories. These enemies fight for ideals.

  • Change on port vote bad idea

    In a recent editorial the Chronicle jumped to the support of Commissioner Carnahan regarding the retention of Port Citrus.  In today’s Chronicle they gave the Commissioner substantial space to explain why he decided to bring up the whole issue again after the board voted a year ago to request the State Legislature drop the designation.

  • These services never happened

    On Sept. 1, 2015, after having breakfast, I noticed the top of my left hand was itching and slightly puffy with no pain.

    During the day, the hand continued to swell, again with out any pain, and by approximately 7 p.m. it was quite swollen, and I decided a trip to Citrus Memorial Hospital was in order.

  • No explanation on flip-flop

    Is Commissioner Carnahan getting some heat over his flip-flop on Port Citrus? His letter consumed about one-third of the Chronicle editorial page. It said he would give his reasons. I read his self-serving, self-aggrandizing article several times hoping to learn his reason.

  • Thanks for help with Christmas program

    The Citrus County Foster Parent Association would like to thank all the businesses and people who donated money or sponsored a child in our Christmas program. We would like to extend our appreciation to the Citrus County Chronicle newspaper for their advertising. Gratitude is also sent out to Crystal Harley-Davidson, Dollar General and the Elks Lodge for everything they have done. 

  • Ships won’t use this port

    In regards to today’s editorializing, I would like to give my opinion, as a retired merchant marine bridge officer. 

    There’s no way in the world a large container ship would use this port. No way would a captain unload 40-foot containers at an offshore terminal, especially considering the ground swells the Gulf generates during a cold front (like 8 to 10 feet that far offshore).

  • Carnahan should honor campaign promise

    I’m responding to Sheila Jacobs thoughtful comment (Chronicle, Jan. 18). She is wise in noting people can change their minds after learning different facts. 

    Many folks have often changed impressions the fever of youth had chiseled into their conscience. Time and education mold opinions.

    However, the problem with her line of thinking is politicians do not fit into her equation.