• Support McPheeters

    I have lived in Citrus County for 88 years, having been born here — so “I take the cake” on knowing about Citrus County.

    As the very first Republican elected Commissioner in Citrus County in 1972, I worked hard for the betterment of our county and feel that standing for Republican values is of utmost importance. This is the reason I am endorsing Renee Christopher-McPheeters to be our Citrus County Commissioner, District 2. My wife and my whole family will be voting for her.

  • Vote McPheeters for BOCC seat

    Our residence is in the interlocal sewer area 112 and during the battle with BOCC to stop the project from going forward, Mrs. Renee McPheeters was extremely helpful by getting involved speaking at BOCC meetings, writing letters to the editor and providing general support. We lost that battle and hopefully we will lose all of the commissioners involved.

  • Support Powers for school board

    Linda Powers has been outstanding in the Citrus County school system for many years. She is also a wonderful mother and grandmother. Vote for her for the school board.

    Rona Cooper

  • Vote McPheeters BOCC seat 2

    The citizens should know the candidate for Citrus County Commission District 2, Renee Christopher McPheeters, is the only candidate who supported the Crystal River Mall by attending all of the permitting meetings of the Crystal River Planning Board and Crystal River City Council, speaking favorably at both meetings for permitting acceptance of Rural King.

  • Re-elect Powers to school board

    Linda Powers has been a valued member of our school board for two and a half terms. Her qualifications for this position are impressive, with her experience spanning nearly every level of education. Combined with her calm demeanor, sincere desire to advocate for students, and ability as an excellent problem solver, she is truly deserving of re-election.

  • Common-sense government

    A few years ago I attended a meeting and one of the gentlemen on the panel really impressed me. This man was different. He listened attentively and responded with common sense suggestions and alternatives. He was genuinely concerned with solving problems, not pleasing any special interests. This is the sort of person who should be elected to represent Citrus County and its citizens.

    This man is Ron Kitchen.

    Roger Dobronyi

  • Support McPheeters

    I endorse Renee Christopher-McPheeters to be Citrus County Commissioner District 2 and wife Cheryl and I will be voting for her.

    Renee is for the people and looking out for our tax dollars. She is a real Republican with patriotic and moral values and ethics.

  • Vote for McPheeters

    My wife and I have supported and voted for Renee Christopher-McPheeters to be our commissioner since Renee first ran for county commissioner, as it was clear she is a fiscal conservative and not beholden to special interests.

    We encourage everyone to vote on or before Aug. 26, for Renee Christopher-McPheeters to be our Citrus County Commissioner, District 2 — or suffer higher taxes and wasted spending.

    Pat Havey
    Beverly Hills

  • Vote Powers for school board

    I am writing to encourage my community to support the return of Linda Powers to the Citrus County School Board for another term. She has been an effective member since 2004. She is already trained in the letter of the law governing our fine schools.

    Linda’s background in teaching and counseling all grades from elementary through college gives her a great working knowledge of what the needs are for each and every student.

  • Support Powers and Kennedy

    Linda Powers and Thomas Kennedy are dynamic and caring school board members who have provided successful leadership to our students, teachers and educational community. In my prior role as a school psychologist, I have presented programs and information to the school board on numerous occasions and have always been impressed by the insightful questions and support provided by these two individuals.