• Compromise requires mutual giving

    In a letter in the Jan. 28 Chronicle, the writer said that we need to compromise on abortion. His proposal is that the compromise is simple, we allow abortions to continue as is and support Planned Parenthood and the deaths of unborn infants, who have no voice in the debate. This is a compromise?

  • Is Bannon our actual president?

    Donald Trump is desperately converting Islamophobia into law. He promises an immigration ban, a Muslim registry and internment camps. 

    What once sounded like the ravings of an unhinged demagogue looking to satisfy his supporters’ lust for scapegoats, is now policy. In a continuous atmosphere of chaos, the first days of Trump’s reign have made it clear that he is rigorously following Steve Bannon’s guidance and that destruction of Islam is the centerpiece of Steve Bannon’s ethno-nationalist agenda.

  • Food for thought about the economy

    In a recent Wall Street Journal editorial, economist Tony Lima of Cal State University described a plan to stimulate the economy while spending nothing. Nothing! With our national debt near $20 trillion ($14.1 trillion held by the public) we are facing a real dilemma. Tax cuts are needed and so is infrastructure spending, but they would in the short term temporarily worsen our financial condition. To prevent this money drain and still spur growth, he proposes three things.

  • Attacks unwarranted

    I’m sorry you didn’t edit Ms. Smith’s letter to delete her personal attack on the young women from Citrus County who attended the Woman’s March in Washington, D.C. They were there to represent women’s rights, as well as men’s and children’s.

  • The New York Times is the best

    The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law here in the United States. This document states that “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.”

    An American is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States the right to remain well-informed if he/she wishes.

  • Wall will waste tax dollars

    So now the Trump wall has been initiated by the president as per his promise to make Americans feel safe. His wall has no plan, funding mechanism, engineering or final design. So far, he has mentioned numerous heights and depths including one 80 feet high.

  • Hunter Springs Park kayak launch area

    Recently, the newspaper has contained articles and letters to the editor concerning the design and repair needed to provide a launch site for the many kayakers in our area. I would like to contribute to the subject based on experience.

    My wife and I used to launch in the park several years ago when the launch site was an unimproved spot to the gulf side of the swimming area. It seemed a good place to begin kayaking in King’s Bay. 

  • It is time for parents to back teachers

    I have been reading the articles regarding Mrs. Sandy Balfour and thought I would provide another point of view. My daughter attended the Academy for all four years of high school, about three years ago. She was lucky enough to have Sandy starting in her freshman year and for the next two years. Let me first address what kind of teacher she was, even though this doesn’t seem to be called to question. My daughter learned cursive as well as developed her language skills. 

  • Response to another letter writer

    On Page A8 of the Friday, Jan. 27, Chronicle, the writer of the above article states he is displeased “that the NRA is once again purchasing legislators to back their solution to the gun problem.”

  • Republicans, the NRA and guns

    In reply to Mr. Graulich’s Letter, that states, the GOP and the NRA have an evil agenda for the USA is as silly and groundless as all the hype that went around when Concealed Carry (CC) and other gun laws were passed many years back. 

    The “Blood Bath” and “Shootouts” in the cartoons and editorials of the newspapers just never happened. If shootings took place it was an extremely high percentage of criminal elements and not any CC license holder.