• Give us live radio, not reruns

    I question the local sports radio station’s choice of programming. 

  • Ax control?

    We just had another screwball attack people in a theater, this time in Antioch, Tennessee. He used a hand ax, which shines a greatly needed light on people getting their hands on these weapons who never should have them.

  • Ignorant of facts

    I do not know if Mr. McIntosh is misinformed or just quoting from the Democratic Party talking points, but his letter, “Shortchanging Veterans” does not line up with known facts.

  • Beware politicos full of bunk

    Bunkum, is an interesting word. It comes from the early 1800s and means “insincere speechmaking by a politician intended merely to please local constituents” or “insincere or foolish talk: nonsense.”

  • Misrepresenting GOP viewpoints
  • Clinton untested, and not vetted

    Those who know me are aware of my conservative and vocal opinions. But I like a good intellectual fight when it comes to the future of this country. Most Dems find it laughable there are so many diverse conservative candidates vying for the office yet the bullpen for Dems isn’t very deep. Who will debate Hillary? A mirror? The moderator will have a hard time finding any questions that Hillary hasn’t approved and the DNC reviewed.
    Hillary Clinton dodges absolutely every relevant question that comes up. The Dems best warm up the bullpen because their starter is throwing lemons.

  • Spending via click of a finger

    I got into buying online products in 2004, when Florida was hit with four hurricanes, the first of which knocked out our house power for a week. After that first one, I went shopping in Citrus County, then on the Internet, for a Honda generator. None were to be found within 400 miles of my house.
    Ah, but I could have one sent, and did, from Kansas. The price was considerably lower than I would have paid buying from a Citrus County merchant, if one was available. Shipping was free and there was no sales tax.

  • Turkey acts out, gets his way

    A while back you published a letter about my move to the Homosassa wildlife area of Citrus County where there was a free-ranging baby rooster that crowed and has been my natural alarm clock. Of course, I thought this quite quaint and countrified.
    As the months have passed, I discovered there were actually two baby roosters who crowed and they discovered me and that I could feed them. They have grown bigger and there are now hens. When the roosters crow — everyone follows their lead, hens and an adopted wild turkey.
    They seem all happy.

  • Appreciation for Carnahan

    With much appreciation to County Commissioner Scott Carnahan. This county is blessed to have you, a commissioner that works for us, the people in Citrus County. Thank you.
    Paula Vitolo
    Pine Ridge

  • You butchered my letter to the editor

    What’s gone wrong with our once great country? You, the media, who abuse the privilege of freedom of the (once great) press by altering submitted letters to change intended messages to fit your twisted political agenda.

    Nowhere in my July 21 submitted letter did I endorse Trump as best man, as your title and edited letter implies.