• Dogs do die in overheated cars

    With the temperatures rising, many dogs are left unattended in cars. Some people do not realize how life threatening this can be to an animal. When temperatures reach in the 70s or higher degrees outside a parked car becomes unbearably hot inside, within minutes even in the shade and the window opened a few inches. 

  • Beyond the glory of revolution

    This is in response to Mary B. Gregory’s letter of June 3, 2014, “Will Cuba Abandon its Freedoms.” It’s unfortunate she’s based her opinions on a one-week visit to Cuba in 2004.

  • Not with our money

    In (the) June 21 Chronicle, Joanie Welch penned a lengthy plea for a new animal shelter paid for by our taxes. On June 20 there was a Sound Off begging for a pet loss support group funded by some source other than the caller. There is a steady stream of pleas for someone else to pay for people’s needs, wants and desires.

    The overpopulation of pets is the responsibility of pet owners. The idea that “JJ” Kenney wants to use public money to cater to these people and spend public money on this is appalling.

  • U.S. did plant land mines

    An article in Saturday’s paper about land mines was misleading. It stated we did not employ any mines around the world. In the early 1960s, myself and fellow equipment operators (Seabees) cleared hundreds of acres of land on Leeward and Mainside of the base at Gitmo, Cuba, to enable the Marines to plant antipersonnel and antitank mines. This was to slow down Castro if he decided to take over the base. We were told to hold them off for at least 12 hours until help arrived from the air and sea.

  • Best of care

    Because of all the recent publicity concerning the Department of Veteran Affairs, I wanted to give some positive feedback. My husband was admitted April 27 into the VA Hospital in Gainesville.

  • Deny impulse to add more rules

    In the Commentary section of today’s Chronicle, Sunday June 29, Helen Spivey has a guest column in which she decries the increase in usage at Three Sisters Springs with “no increase in rules and regulations.”

    Liberals really love more and more rules and regulations, don’t they?

  • RV park request could hurt river

    There are so many issues taking place in Citrus County that it is hard to keep up with them. One of the most important topics which we in the county, state and country are facing is protection of our wetlands, springs, lakes, rivers, aquifer and drinking water.

    There is a party who wants to get approval to have an additional RV park in Homosassa on Halls River Road. The Board of County Commissioners will soon be asked to vote concerning this issue.

  • Thanks to Korean War veterans

    June 25, 2014, was the 64th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. Statistics for our U.S. military forces report in 1999: (may not be totally accurate) Killed in action: 54,229 (includes 20,600 accidental deaths); wounded in action: 103,248; missing in action: 8,142; and prisoners of war: 3,746.

    I don’t have the number of missing in action remains that have been returned to date.

  • Volunteer vs. draft

    Volunteering to serve in the military is one thing; being drafted is something else. In the first instance, you get to make choices about your military life, such as what job you would like and where you prefer to serve your enlistment. Such freedoms carry with them obligations to take what comes along in terms of hardships, injuries and possibly death in combat. 

  • Overcrowding in animal shelters

    Fox 13 (the “Good Day Tampa Bay” morning edition) did a segment on June 20 regarding the Hillsborough Animal Services shelter being so full that surrendered animals were at a high risk of being euthanized.