• Commissioners not listening

    At two BOCC meetings, the citizens begged the commission not to vote in favor of purchasing the building at Meadowcrest, giving intelligent fact-filled reasons. Yet, once again, Damato, Meek and Kenney did not listen to the people they were supposed to represent.

  • Exercise your right to vote

    “I hate politics. That’s why I don’t vote. It’s not politics. It’s the people. I don’t want to vote for the lesser evil. Politicians are dishonest. All politicians are the same. Nothing gets done. Nobody works together. They always blame everybody else for whatever happens. They never apologize. They’re going to do what they want to anyway.” How many times have we heard these statements? They are all excuses for why people don’t vote.

  • Turn negatives into positives

    Re: “With shelters, too, it takes a village” by Jack Taeff, Letters to the Editor, Sept. 12.

  • Think about November choices

    Democrats often call themselves “pro-choice.” Republicans defend “freedom.” Unfortunately, neither party really believes in letting individuals do what we want.

    When Democrats say they are “pro-choice,” they are talking about abortion. Some act as if a right to legal abortion is the most important freedom in America.

  • Great care for wife

    About four weeks ago, my wife fell and broke her hip. She went to Citrus Memorial hospital. The surgical and medical and physical therapy staff who took care of her were the most kind and caring people one could ask for. They deserve a lot of credit.

  • The case against raising the minimum wage
  • Some things require tax monies

    In cities stray cats and dogs are captured by animal control, which is either an agency run by the city, or if an SPCA does this job, the city gives it funding. If strays were not captured, there would be thousands of starving animals running loose. (Detroit has an estimated tens of thousands of stray dogs.)

  • To my elected federal legislators

    It is a sorry, sorry, sorry shame that President Obama and his advisers do not know which side their bread is buttered on.

  • Clean Water Act scuttled

    Clean water is fundamental for people and wildlife. But right now, two million miles of streams and millions of acres of wetlands are stuck in a legal limbo, leaving the drinking water supplies for roughly one third of all Americans, and many species of wildlife unprotected. The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a common-sense rule that would restore Clean Water Act protections to these waters.

  • Common Core a path to Third World status

    Common Core is starting to scare me, and I have some distinguished company. Stanford mathematician and former member of the Common Core Validation Committee Dr. James Milgram recently said “if the controversial standards are not repealed, America’s place as a competitor in the technology industry will ultimately be severely undermined.” Common Core standards will prevent students from moving into science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers. They will not be prepared.