• Thank you, Withlacoochee Electric

    Just like to give a shout out to WREC and their performance during the past storm. 

    The storm Hermine started Thursday night, We lost power around noon, by 5 p.m. Friday we had power restored. 

    Many of our friends have Duke power and most had to wait another day or two before they got it. While our roads were still under water, WREC were there doing their job.

  • Let’s make noise about player’s conduct

    Having read and even watched, how Colin Kaepernick, quaterback for the San Francisco 49ers, decided to remain seated while our national anthem was being played, filled my mind and heart with great anger. If this overpaid, mediocre player has any issues to complain about our country, certainly by being disrespectful, is not the proper way to solve “his” problem. I am also extremely surprised and upset that the 49ers’ management has accepted such irreverent conduct.

  • Constitution Week is Sept. 17-23
  • Return to the true colors of the flag

    Like most Baby Boomers, I pledged to the American flag displayed in my public school classrooms five days a week, nine months of the year. We were taught the significance of the stars and stripes in our country and the rest of the world.

    What I remember most is my third-grade teacher telling us that the blue color in the flag was called “navy blue.” A blue so dark that one often had to see it in the sunlight to tell that it wasn’t black.

  • Something to chew on as another Labor Day passes

    I am a liberal Democrat. I support our troops. I was not taught to hate. Labor Day, I had my 3-feet by 5-feet sign on the driveway. It read “union workers fought and died for your standard of living.” 

    Thirty years ago, I asked my boss, “Does P&G one of the Dow 30, not have an obligation to pay a living wage?” 

  • Scammers have turned to bullying tactics

    Scam; little word; big meaning.

    Usually I pride myself on being savvy to many things, be it practical, political, historical or sensible. Before making major decisions or purchases, I consider every aspect and consequence. Savvy, yes?

  • It is a deep rabbit hole


    Apparently someone has been sounding the call for the American public to start paying attention to the world at large. So as I went to my porch to have a thought, at the same time trying hard to hear that call, all I heard were crickets. And it’s funny that’s all I hear when I dare to dip my thoughts into any mainstream media, be it Fox, CNN, or our own local corporate paper. I’ve attained my knowledge of this geopolitical chess game that we witness daily by being an in-the-

  • Tell the entire story about the gas plant

    The Chronicle had a story on construction of a fracked methane gas burning plant in Crystal River and the Sabal Trail fracked methane gas pipeline on the front page. The story continues on Page A12, where it abruptly ends without completing the sentence. 

  • My wife and I were the good Samaritans
  • There was a valid reason for Second Amendment

    Why our Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing.

    All of past history shows that the shift from a mass army of citizen soldiers to a smaller army of professional fighters leads to a decline of democracy.