• Saving the manatee

    I am announcing my candidacy for president of the Save the Manatee Club immediately. Not enough is being done or proposed to protect our cuddly co-inhabitants of the area. 

  • Unite behind Obama

    Re: Cal Thomas column

    I want to respond to (Mr. Thomas’) recent column. Our country does face humiliation from many, mostly in my belief because we have a duly elected president whom neither many Congress members nor citizens offer to support in any fashion! He is not given any respect, nor can he expect any backing on any decision he makes. I, personally, think that makes our country look weak because we cannot unite for any purpose.

  • Thanks for help with event
  • Thanks for help with bowl-a-thon

    Jr. Achievement of Citrus County recently held its annual bowl-a-thon, “Pep Rally at the Ally,” where more than 300 bowlers converged at Manatee Lanes in Crystal River to participate in our most successful bowl-a-thon. Funds raised are earmarked to insure the continuance of our Jr. Achievement Programs, taught throughout the school year, for the benefit of our Citrus County School students. 

  • ‘Dollar$ for Scholar$’ Doo-Wop thanks

    On behalf of the Take Stock in Children of Citrus County’s family, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to those individuals, businesses, organizations and groups in our community who helped us make our recent “Dollar$ for Scholar$” Doo-Wop such an outstanding success.

    Many thanks to our good friends and fabulous Doo-Wop group, Lola & the Saints, with a special thank you to Take Stock’s special friend, Jim McGreevy. 

  • Pledge support to Catholic school

    After the meeting with Bishop Lynch, I was totally convinced that the closing of Pope John Paul II school is irreversible. He seemed like he had made up his mind a long time ago. The way he has gone about this matter is incomprehensible and has left a bitter taste with everyone concerned. 

  • Thanks for writing about Lyme disease

    To Ms. Chris Van Ormer:

    I was reading your article regarding Lyme disease and the unfortunate plight of Tyler Vaughn, diagnosed late of this horrible disease. Thank you for writing about this.

  • Fundraiser thanks

    The Council of Catholic Women at St. Scholastica Church recently held their annual Tricky Tray event to raise money for local charities. Many of the merchants and Artisans, with their kind and generous donations made this event possible and very successful. Your kindness will go a long way to help those in need. We take this opportunity to thank the following businesses and artisans for their contributions to our Tricky Tray event. 

  • Walkathon a success

    Annika Durante-Snyder is pleased to report she and her mom, Nicole, raised $658 during the Booster Walkathon.

    This is due to the large amount of support from our community. Citrus County has always been helpful. We wish to thank the following businesses, friends and family. Most importantly, we thank God for giving us the patience and strength to see it through. 

  • ‘Hip to Snip’ big success

    Citrus County Animal Services, the Humanitarians of Florida and SnippetCitrus launched “It’s Hip to Snip” event on Feb. 1. Our goal was to spay/neuter needy pets of Citrus County residents for the month of February, microchip them and provide a rabies tag and license.  

    The phone requests started pouring in a few days prior to our launch date. The unbelievable amount of people in need of this service was staggering.