• Build casino here

    I’m responding to the letter of Joseph Toriskie in the Chronicle about bringing the casinos to Citrus County. I would love to have a casino here. I thought the Crystal River Mall would be ideal, but since Rural King has moved in, there isn’t as much room anymore. 

    Kmart could move close to Homosassa Springs, Rural King can do likewise, then the other little stores will go as well, but there is a lot of vacant land in Citrus County closer than The Villages to build one. 

  • Hard facts about shootings

    I declare shenanigans on HB 623. Let’s get one thing straight: There is no correlation between accidental shooting deaths and target shooting in one’s own yard. I’ve researched all the statistics on accidental shooting deaths, and shooting deaths are at an all-time low, from 1,441 in 1991 to 600 in 2011 country wide. That is a decrease of 58 percent. Furthermore, you would have a better chance of being poisoned in your own home then being accidentally shot. 

  • Neighbors help neighbors

    On March 7, we held a luncheon at Main Street Restaurant to thank our volunteers for their work helping members of our community. They have given our clients more than 500 rides to doctors, grocery shopping, beauty salons and other destinations in Beverly Hills, Inverness and Crystal River. This amounts to 1,000 hours of time.

  • Great Irish Cabaret

    Hundreds of Irish, with eyes a-smilin’, were treated to a grand Sunday afternoon at the Curtis Peterson Auditorium in Lecanto on March 8, by Dublin’s Irish Cabaret starring Andy Cooney.

  • America losing arms race
  • Middle schoolers seek help with butterfly garden
  • Fair Tax is not so fair

    Recently I received in the mail and saw in a letters to the editor of the Citrus County Chronicle arguments for the “Fair Tax” — a simple nationwide sales tax that would eliminate the IRS and all other tax systems in the United States.

    Sounds incredible, so simple, so clean, so all-encompassing — and sorry, so wrong on so many fronts.

  • Obama was right about religion

    The doorbell rings, the dog runs to the front of the house barking and growling. There are two men at the door with an urgent message for me.

    Am I aware that the end of the world is almost upon us? Hard to believe, says I. It’s in the Bible they claim, being preceded by an era of war and natural disaster.

  • Heritage Village has much to offer

    I am writing this letter in response to the article “Eastward expansion” in the March 4 edition of the Chronicle.

    As one of the newer merchants in Heritage Village, I was horribly surprised by the content of this article and feel that the article itself is a terrible detriment to the Shoppes of Heritage Village and surrounding businesses in the downtown area.

  • Call to publish all comments

    Over the years of subscribing to the Chronicle, there is a troubling trend from fellow subscribers who have indicated they submitted well-thought-out and pertinent insights into local issues which the Chronicle staff has censored or chosen not to publish.