• Management key to springs success

    As a long-time resident next to Hunters Spring, I am delighted to see the positive changes coming to this park.

    With these changes must come new management as stated in your July 2 editorial.

    The county, city, park rangers, sheriff’s office and marine patrol must play a more active role here.

  • More questions arise after audit

    I read Pat Faherty’s article on “Nuclear plant to receive security audit” in the Chronicle. This audit concerned only vehicle barriers.

    The safety and security of this plant interests me also, with the importance of its handling, monitoring and security from leakage, of its two types of wastes — coal ash and radioactive. Duke Energy is busy now trying to clean up after the fact, the devastating leakage of coal ash into the Dan River in North Carolina.

  • Where are the congratulations?
  • Thank you for a great tourney

    Rolling Thunder Florida Chapter 7 extends a huge thank-you to all who made our ninth annual Independence Day Golf Tournament a success. This year’s event was once again held on the beautiful course of Citrus Springs Golf and Country Club. The staff there was accommodating and professional, going above and beyond with their service to make this catered event a success, from beginning to end.

  • ‘Blighted area’ deserves attention

    Visitors to the Patriotic Evening in Inverness Friday night should know that the backdrop for the fireworks, the northwest shore of Lake Henderson, a neighborhood of charming Florida homes, stately oaks, cypresses and a citrus grove, has been designated as a “blighted area” in need of “redevelopment” by the city council, at the behest of its administrators.

  • State budget: Wait until tax bill
  • Water hyacinth is a nutrient sponge

    One Rake at a Time temporarily removes Lyngbya, but it’s like shoveling sand against the tide. Lyngbya will only be controlled if we remove nutrients upstream from entering the aquifer by treating sewage effluent and strictly controlling fertilizer. These nutrients are flowing freely from spring vents into local lakes and bays. It is a fact nutrients encourage Lyngbya growth and algae blooms.

  • City’s fire vote left many dazed
  • Pols not chosen to fill some quota

    “We need more women in politics.” This was the comment made by FOX news person Gretchen Carlson last week. What an idiotic comment. We do not need more women in politics — we do not need more Hispanics or blacks either. By the same token we do not need more men or more whites in politics. What we need in politics is more Americans. 

  • Use compassion handling strays

    In regard to the unwillingness by certain residents toward the maintenance and care of animals at the shelter, and insisting it be solely maintained by donations, you are opening a “shop of horrors.”

    Some people are too lazy and irresponsible to bring unwanted cats or dogs to the shelter and just ditch them on the side of the road. A starving animal can become vicious when overwhelmed by hunger.