• 'Of our own making'

    Great article by Doc Dixon on Sunday! Concise, factual and insightful to anyone with a brain and an open mind. No doubt he will be attacked by the low-information crowd! His last paragraph summarized what I’ve heard many times over the years: This government and our problems are “a product of our own making.” In other words, as a country, we get what we deserve! Amen!

  • Defining what a burden is

    How much is too much of a burden when it comes to being an American? As a Republic, Americans are required to engage with our government at all levels and in all ways. Many of those ways create burdens, but that’s the deal we accept when we live under the rule of law and decide who represents us in government. It’s a two-way street.

  • Future bright for hospital

    THE ISSUE: A new day for Citrus Memorial.
    OUR OPINION: Fresh start welcomed by all.

  • Lives filled with promise

    The members of the GFWC Inverness Woman’s Club would like to thank a number of local businesses for their generosity and sponsorship connected with our recently held Artisans' Boutique.

  • Thanks for joining our walk

    The United Way of Citrus County hosted its annual Day of Caring on Saturday, Oct. 25. We were overwhelmed by the number of community members who participated in the 11-mile challenge.

  • Thanks for supporting our vision

    Some of us do realize what a privilege it is to live in Citrus County. Not every county can boast of citizens working together and being supported by county staff in local efforts to improve their community. Citrus County is such a county and Floral City are such a community, as was recently proven at the initial Floral City Vision 2035 Workshop.

  • On recycling's future, uncertain answers

    Re: “Uncertain future raises public-policy questions,” Page A12, Oct. 21.

    Your editorial presents an interesting point that also raises several questions. I applaud FDS for its efforts setting up Single Stream Processors Inc. as a common recycling center. Unfortunately, the economics they perceived were not borne out by the marketplace, at least at this time. Markets will change as creative people find more economical uses of waste products and it will recover.

  • Thank you for your vote

    I would like to thank the voters of Citrus County for selecting me to represent you as a county commissioner. Without the help and support of many all across our county, this victory would not have happened. I cannot begin to express how overwhelmed and humbled I am by your trust in me to elect me to this office, and I promise to do my best to not let you down.

    Ron Kitchen

  • The many benefits of a public Pirate's Cove

    This is in further response to the proposed development of a motel, restaurant and supportive infrastructure at Pirate’s Cove, and, specifically, to Mr. Bruce McLaughlin’s letter published in the Chronicle on Oct. 22 referencing my previous letter to the Chronicle objecting to this development. He accused me of being “misguided” and “misinformed,” and wished to “set the record straight.”

  • Color me colorless

    When does one become an independent voter? Is it when the very thought of another Clinton presidency or another Bush presidency causes one to gag? If so, I have arrived.

    James McIntosh