• Helipad — don’t knock it just yet

    Don’t be too ready to knock out the helipad in Homosassa. I work in and around Homosassa five days a week. I work for CCT, Citrus Co Transit, and in my route I happen upon many accidents during the day.

  • Water rates turned civil war

    Citrus County is pursuing a revised rate schedule for all its water customers. Because there is a wide disparity in rates being paid by various users throughout the county, there is a strong drive to assign uniform rates. Implementation of such a scheme would reduce rates for some communities and raise rates for others. The county says this change to uniform rates would make the cost of water more equitable for everyone. Those users getting rate cuts are, of course, in favor of the new rates. Those getting the increases are almost 100 percent against them.

  • Kentucky clerk failed in her job

    I do not agree with the clerk of courts denying issuing a marriage license to gay couples. Her job is to serve the public. She is not asked to (perform a) ceremony, just to serve them the papers. She is in the wrong job.
    If you work in a restaurant and don’t eat clams, does that mean you won’t serve them to someone else? Come on, let’s get real. Don’t use the Bible to get attention. If she believes the Bible like she says, it says, “Don’t judge others.”
    Ernest Porter

  • Your donation is appreciated

    Thank you to Shane Bryant and his staff at Nick Nicholas Ford in Inverness who donated their time and skills in facilitating the sale of a car donated to Precious Paws Rescue a 501c3 charity dedicated to helping orphaned pets.
    A special thanks to Roy Brown for being the on-site staff person handling the transfer. This is just another example of the great support the business community of Citrus County provides to charity organizations.
    Precious Paws Rescue volunteers

  • We need a new plan

    Have you ever noticed how politicians seem to promise things they don’t have a chance of delivering? One of our Republican candidates, Donald Trump, seems to have taken this phenomenon to a new level. For instance, if elected, he will build a wall across the southern border of the U.S. from Texas to the Pacific Ocean to stop the illegal immigration of Mexicans and other rapists into the US. And he will make the Mexican government pay for the wall. Let’s see, what part of that might be hard for him to deliver?

  • Negative learning experience

    As the owner of a small RV (recreational vehicle) I understand periodically some windows have to be re-caulked due to cracking, subsequently creating water leaks.

    In November I hired a recommended local RV mechanic to re-caulk my windows. He did a terrible job. Not only were they ugly but they leaked. He returned a second time adding more caulk, making the windows uglier and still leaking.

  • Landscape memorial with native plants

    The front page column in the Aug. 30 edition of the Chronicle by Michael D. Bates notes that the new iron fence around the veteran monuments at the courthouse will be landscaped with Japanese boxwoods and ground cover for landscaping. 

  • Why do we attend church?

    Over the last year I have noticed strangers in my church. The thought came to me, “Why do I go to church?” I asked different people why they went to church. The answers I got surprised me. 

    The answers were, “I go to church because my parents made me when I was a child. I go to see all my friends. I go because it’s tradition.” And, “I go because it’s something you are supposed to do.” Or, “I go because I have a position or a job in the church.” 

  • Have we lost our future?

    Over 5,000 years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel, “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land.”

    Nearly 75 years ago (when welfare was introduced), then-President Roosevelt said, “Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, light up a Camel cigarette, this is the ‘Promised Land!’”

  • Order your plate to honor fallen officers

    Since we have just relived 9/11, singing patriotic songs, honoring those firemen and police who died so unnecessarily, I observe many of my neighbors have flags on their houses and cars.