• Let cool air flow

    My take on air conditioning the animal shelter is I’m 100 percent for it. These people against it should put on a fur and turn off the air conditioner. Bet it wouldn’t take long to change their mind. Please, please, let the cool air flow.

    Joyce Neeld, Crystal River

  • Purchase of Meadowcrest makes sense

    We have come a long way to the reality of finding a new home for our government business center at Meadowcrest. Some say that we should not have purchased this building and some say it is a good deal. I had my doubts, too, in the beginning. I was against the purchase for many reasons. Some had to do with the age of the building and the money we invested into it to make it worthy to occupy. 

  • Concerned by delay in providing hospital foundation details

    I read in the Chronicle that the new non-taxable foundation is to be formed to administer the funds from the lease of our hospital. The paper told us how the make up of the board is to be implemented which will consist of 12 members. The paper does not tell us who these members are, when they will be selected and when they will hold their first organizational meeting.

  • Careful who you pick on
  • Highway yard sale should be stopped

    Re: “Competing event stirs controversy” by Jim Bitter, Letters to the Editor, Page A12, Thursday, Sept. 25.

    Editor’s note: Between the submission and publication of this letter, the county issued a permit for the Great Florida Yard Sale. For more, see “County OKs big yard sale,” Page A1, Thursday, Oct. 9.

  • Listen to voters

    I had intended to be at the BOCC meeting to suggest the vote to purchase the Meadowcrest building be deferred until the new commissioners are sworn in, which would have been the honorable thing to do. Knowing the voting record of some of the commissioners, this request would have fallen on deaf ears and, as the headline in the Sept. 24 Chronicle shows, it was a waste of time to make this request.

  • Thank you, HPH

    My wife and I recently lost a very special member of our family. Genevieve (Frenchie) was 92 years old. In the last weeks of her life on Earth, she was under the care of one of the finest organizations I have ever known. 

  • Stop Ebola spread

    I think we would all like to know why the airlines did not stop the run back and forth to these countries in Africa that has the Ebola outbreak. Now we have to deal with that person who showed up in Texas with Ebola. 

    The CDC says we have nothing to worry about. Yes! We should be worried. Only now the airlines are saying they will not fly to and from those infected countries in Africa. It is a little late. 

  • Vote down 'Cent'

    I was going to vote yes for this tax until I read the ordinance.

    Section (5)(c) of the ordinance reads: “The board may modify the use of the transportation surtax subsequent ordinance.” This should not be in this ordinance as per Ms. Parsons’ statement in explaining it to the people at a recent board meeting. 

  • Give youth complete sex education

    I read with interest the guest column entitled, “The River Project is not enough to protect teens” by the Citizens for Informed Teens, a group of local citizens who are spotlighting the importance of educating our youth with complete sex health information to prevent teen pregnancy.