• Foster parents appreciated

    In 2016, our state Legislature declared the second week of February to be Foster Parent Appreciation Week, and I can think of no group of people in the Sunshine State more deserving of such an honor.

    As CEO of Kids Central, the nonprofit organization responsible for recruiting and licensing foster parents in Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion and Sumter counties, I have seen the immeasurable benefits that our compassionate foster parents bring to the children they welcome into their hearts and homes.

  • I know just the place to go

    Of course, I know cars. I know where the gas pedal is, the steering wheel, the ignition switch, the fuel gauge. I also know when a transmission goes “clunk,” that is not good. I took it to a impressive-

    looking garage, asking them to use their analyzer on it, which I am sure was not done.

  • The backstory of campground

     I have some pesky little facts for your staff writer Mike Wright. The Chassahowitzka River Campground isn’t county owned. It’s owned by the Southwest Florida Water Management District and leased to the county. 

    The county then decided to sub-lease it to the current property management company. 

  • Dear Representative Webster

    Congratulations on winning your election for District 11 Representative to the U.S. Congress. I cannot agree with you more, regarding your statement that “America is not broken.” 

  • Support our president

    It looks like the liberals and the mainstream media just can’t get over the fact that their candidate lost the presidential election. 

    It is almost unbelievable how much effort has gone into demeaning our new president during the few days he has been in office. Do they think they can drive him out?

    President Trump made his appeal to the voters and they overwhelmingly chose him. Fortunately, we have an Electoral College election system.

  • The vetting process is already thorough

    Anyone who has ever attended a ceremony when immigrants receive their U.S. citizenship cannot help but be moved by the emotion present on the faces of the recipients. From tears to laughter, joy and relief is ever present. Joy that they have reached their goal of becoming an American legally and relief that the lengthy wait and vetting process is finally at an end. 

  • A sorry state of affairs

    This letter is in regards to the Jan. 24, article about Mrs. Balfour and the Academy of Environmental Science. Let it be known I am a retired teacher and am aware of her high standards. She has my unwavering support and respect and always will.

    As I have read the different articles, I find it odd that Mrs. Balfour can be in trouble for doing her job. 

  • Let’s get ready to pay up
  • We are being snookered

    Local officials and the Chronicle are all in favor of the tourist tax. Why not? It does not affect us, and it is a bonus of extra money. Right? Wrong!

    When we travel to other states, it is their turn to rip us off as tourists with the same tax.

    Tourists come to Florida to enjoy our beautiful state, and we should treat them as guests. They also bring added revenue with spending money at motels, attractions, etc.

  • Thanks to the community

    February is National Heart Month, as many know, and have participated in recognition events of this special month. Shelter Me Citrus has seen first hand the “hearts” of many in our community. Over the past few months, the Citrus community has been responding to the fund raising efforts to garner funds to be used for the construction of a new animal shelter in Citrus County.