• Key question in 2014

    One of the main arguments that should be openly debated is the status and effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act, which most call “Obamacare.”

    The quite conservative Heritage Foundation recommended a total health-insurance program including mandatory coverage for all Americans more than 20 years ago. 

    Republican President Richard M. Nixon wanted such a program.

  • Thanks for successful class reunion

    On Saturday, June 14, the Citrus High School Class of 1994 held their 20th year class reunion. The reunion was a huge success due to the tireless efforts of the reunion committee and generous contributions from local businesses and citizens. 

    Thank you to Jack Dickerson, Tara Holzmann Freund, Lisa Moore Konupka, Terra Hauser Ross, Rachel Schoenberger Semago and my parents Arnold and Mary-Ann Virgilio for their sweat equity and genuine support for the event. 

  • EPA rules threaten national security

    Proposed EPA regulations on coal power plants that could double electric prices in four years threaten the viability of our power grid. Nothing is more important to national security and to running our economy and our lives than a reliable power source.

  • Facts are all on the side of Democrats

    All are entitled to their opinions, but it would be better if these opinions were based on facts. Anna DeRose (Everything is Obama’s fault, June 26) doesn’t know the facts.

  • Core beliefs are at issue

    It was interesting reading your interview of Mike Fahey (Chairman of the Citrus County Democratic Executive Committee) in the Chronicle on June 23. 

    A question was asked, why only one Democrat is on the ballot this November in Citrus County? Mr. Fahey’s answer: “We have a set of core values that we believe in and we really haven’t found anybody to champion our cause yet.” 

    He added “We are liberals and we’re proud to say so.”

  • Adams is an anchor around our necks

    The writer of “I Know you are ...” in the June 27th Sound Off column is right on about the good ol’ boys.  It seems that the fact that Scott Adams is a business partner of the good ol’ boy of good ol’ boys has not been mentioned before, but it should have been. However, it also should be mentioned that the good ol’ boys conduct themselves in a proper manner, at least in public.  

  • Better sex education needed
  • Two-edge sword

    Now that Hobby Lobby and presumably all “closely-held” private firms can use their personal interpretation of their stated religious faith as a basis for not providing selected forms of birth control, can we assume that these companies will now enforce this decision across the board?

    Will Hobby Lobby and such companies stop buying any and all products from companies that do provide the selected birth-control health coverage? 

  • Education leads to better jobs

    Opinions are like noses, everyone has one. When I was a teenager, the choice was between a profession or a vocation. I know that I am going to get tons of criticism, nevertheless, truth must be told. Now there’s an interesting concept, “truth must be told.” Here goes. 

  • Magnets for mosquitoes

    If your snowbird neighbors left Florida and also left an uncovered pool, you may have a mosquito magnet in your neighborhood that can make you and your family sick.

    Some folks drain their pool before they leave but with the summer rain, every uncovered pool can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

    Some folks leave their pools full, but without pool covers or circulation, these pools quickly turn into a stinky nightmare.