• Government serves you and you choose how

    Regarding the County Animal Shelter discussions, I have been in municipal government service for 39 years at both the city level and with a consultant to the city of Palm Beach Gardens. One thing I’ve learned in those years is that spending taxpayers’ money is not the best way to solve problems like this.

  • We should not pay for animal shelter

    In reading the local animal shelter news, one thing stands out. Animal lovers want the general public to be responsible for caring for the unwanted and unadoptable animals. Nowhere in the news stories were there any reports these animal lovers would be willing to start a program to provide for the welfare of the animals in question.

  • Do not move war memorial

    As the saying “Sorry, I told you so” goes, I did send a letter telling you that the veteran’s monuments honoring World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam combat casualties, should remain where they are at the Old Courthouse — as originally planned for, at the “grand primary entrance” — where WWI veterans were welcomed back home to Citrus County in 1915.

  • Inciting road rage
  • Thank you, Leadership Citrus 2015

    On behalf of Key Training Center, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to 2015 Leadership Citrus Class for taking on a very special project to benefit the developmentally disabled clients we serve. Through their members combined efforts, the Key Center now has a beautiful Courtyard Garden at our new Inverness Adult Day Training facility that will be appreciated and admired for many, many years to come.

  • Shelter fundraiser success

    Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection wishes to thank all of the golfers, volunteers and sponsors for their support for our Hope’s Legacy Golf Tournament at Royal Oaks Golf Club. The proceeds of the tournament will be used to benefit the animals at the Citrus County Animal Shelter.

  • Thanks for help in raising money for donation
  • Heartfelt thanks

    On Feb. 22, HPH Hospice Citrus volunteers — myself, Teresa Walsh; and our daughter Maureen Alnemat — organized and conducted a bowling tournament in the memory of my husband, John J. Walsh. Approximately 35 bowlers along with friends and family enjoyed the afternoon at Manatee Lanes, raising $1,212 to support the many services of HPH Hospice in Citrus County.

  • No easy fix for ER

    Several letters have been written to the Chronicle regarding ER wait times at Citrus Memorial. Most of them have suggested the facility hire more doctors and nurses in order to alleviate the long wait times reported by some patients. I would suggest the problem is much more complex than simply adding additional personnel.

  • Smart growth takes planning

    I recently enjoyed the article linked (http://tinyurl.com/kgdlx8x) for others to read. It was clear in stating that documentation from a study by University of Minnesota showed that a major road project does not equal a major boost for the local economy. I appreciate the article because his resolution was based on facts collected by a prominent university.