• NASCAR headed nowhere, fast

    Just when you think that NASCAR can’t get any weirder, they prove you wrong.

    NASCAR founder Bill France was a racer, a super promoter and forged a great organization in the late 1950s. Over the years, subsequent people in charge have made one dumb rule change after another.

  • Not my ideal for our country

    Judging mostly from birth certificate records, anyone would consider me an older person, and yet I am so happy.

    No, I have not lost my mind; on the contrary, I feel happy because it is obvious I have lived the very best years our wonderful country has had.

    For instance, on my last visit today to a very popular store, I spent a great deal of time observing customers in the store. I was truly amazed, but at the same time sad to see so many wearing tattoos.

  • Volunteers needed

    The Citrus County Right to Life has been in existence since 1982. Since that time only a handful of churches has joined forces with us to contest abortion and other life issues on a consistent basis. 

  • Let wild animals be wild animals

    Let wild animals be wild animals

    Margo Blum recently pointed out that “wild animals are a heritage for our upcoming generations worldwide.” I totally agree with her as long as the animals remain in the wild.

    The public is becoming aware of how wild animals suffer in captivity in circuses, zoos, pseudo-rescue refuges, SeaWorld etc. These businesses exist to make money by using animals. They are now being exposed for covering up their atrocities.

  • Local clubhouse run by volunteers

    Regarding Sue Carscadden’s letter re. Crystal Oaks Civic Assc. (COCA). Your right in that it’s mostly seniors who go down to the club to play cards and socialize. We can’t cater to people (younger than 65) that aren’t members. We really don’t cater to people at all. If any member wants to play cards, exercise, swim, picnic, using both the full kitchen and the BBQ pit, they can.

  • $8,000 raised due to your efforts

    I would personally like to thank The Inverness Golf & Country Club and all that participated in the golf tournament for Operation Welcome Home. Because of all your hard work, we were able to raise a total of $8,000. 

    Operation Welcome Home is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that welcomes home our veterans from their tours of duty in Afghanistan/Iraq. 

  • Pope should stick to religion

    I agree with Mr. Oates’ article (June 20) about Pope Francis on climate change.

    In my opinion, he should be telling the world that we should be cleaning up the “immense pile of filth” that is growing in human minds all over the Earth.

    Let us all get busy and clean up the filth that is destroying young minds.

    What a wonderful world this would be for all to live on.

    M. Davis

  • Gay marriage ruling

    Exploring the aspects, effects and implications of the gay marriage ruling stirring about, the conversation pivots on what it ought to include, and in terms of what it can lead to and what it really can mean. Whether it was a humane necessity or a gratuitous gesture by the Supreme Court, or even thought by many a mockery of the state of matrimony; whatever it embraces, this ruling is now cast in stone across the land — however, inviting a serious backlash.

  • 44 intersection needs attention

    Several years ago, a truck carrying hot tar turned east at the U.S. 41 South and State Road 44 East intersection a short distance in front of me as I entered the eastward turn lane. As I made the turn, I saw a number of huge globs of steaming-hot tar spread across the turn lane. It was impossible not to run over them.

  • Community band deserves support