• Some perspective needed

    The letter titled “Liberal candidates turn my stomach” in the Tuesday (Oct. 27) Chronicle is best labeled balderdash, because of the writer’s lack of understanding of history.

  • Arms existed in Bible times

    This is in response to Carl Hiaasen’s Op Ed of Oct. 25, in which he states “… guns aren’t mentioned anywhere in scriptures. Firearms didn’t exist when the Bible was written …”

  • Documenting the refugee exodus

    As I watch and read the news reports about the Middle East and the horror that is taking place there, it makes me wonder about self defense. As the mass exodus takes place, the people, residents, of Syria and Iraq, regardless of religion, leave their homes for fear of their lives. They are going to other countries in masses and some of the countries are trying to stop them from coming into their country because they just can’t handle that many new people at one time.

  • Two sides of Benghazi hearing

    I watched much of the Benghazi hearing on Oct. 22. What I learned mostly was Secretary Clinton rarely communicated with her underlings in charge of the disaster at the embassy yet she says she takes full responsibility for what happened there on that fateful day.
    The next morning, I listened to the Fox report and the many points made. Discussion of the report to the public about a response to a video was included.

  • Thanks for helping and caring

    A special thank you to the Citrus County Cruisers for inviting Precious Paws Rescue volunteers along with our pets to the car show held at the new Crystal River Wendy’s on Saturday, Oct. 24.

  • BWA thanks you for great expo

    On behalf of the Business Women’s Alliance of the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce, thank-you to the 1,200-plus Citrus County community members who attended the 2015 Women’s HEALTH and FITNESS Expo on Sept. 26, at the Crystal River Mall. You told us that day how much you appreciated having access to so many experts in many fields of health, wellness and fitness.

  • Thanks for getting the word out

    Gospel Karaoke was a packed house. Twenty-eight singers sang their hearts out and others joined in. Holy Spirit was present in abundance! My thanks to restaurant owners Dale and Lisa White for hosting. God is being pushed out of schools and the workplace, but He is welcome here!

    Thanks to Nancy Kennedy for helping us get the word out.

    Linda Ross

  • Hillary will pay for her inaction

    Regarding the political cartoon depicting Mrs. Clinton stepping over the graves of the four Benghazi victims, I disagree with the writer. By not providing help and security that these men were requesting and eventually screaming for — help that never came — her actions are deplorable. 

  • Finally, a truth from the WHO report

    Thank you to the World Health Organization for having the courage to speak truth to power: meat, like cigarettes and asbestos, does cause cancer! No U.S. health agency would ever say this for fear of losing Congressional funding.

    The World Cancer Research Fund and a number of other international health agencies have been advising for years that meat consumption raises the risk of colon and other forms of cancer, but the WHO panel was actually able to determine a causal effect.

  • Animal cruelty that is legal

    There are two things I really love and feel deeply about. One activity is travel and the other is being an active animal advocate. There is one business operating in the more touristy cities around this country and elsewhere selling rides on horse or mule-drawn carriages for visitors (often referred to as hansom cabs).