• May Obama remain a guiding light

    In the waning days of the Obama administration and the transition to a new presidency, it is interesting to listen to President Obama’s parting words to an international audience in Peru. I invite you to find his comments, but of most importance is the role that the United States has played in the world over the last eight years. It can be said that we have acted responsibly and with honor. It is my hope that the new administration will continue this legacy, but only time will tell.

  • Thank you, Rep. Nugent

    Over the past few years there have been a number of times I have written or called the office of the Honorable Congressman Richard Nugent. I have always received a well-written letter explaining his reason for or against a measure. No form letters, “I am in receipt of your letter.”

    He almost always attends sessions of Congress and frequently conducts Town Hall meetings where he often calls voters to ask a question and gives an intelligently and courteously worded reply.

  • Fear unleashed by Trump campaign

    Many Trump supporters are thrilled their candidate won the election to be president of the United States. They do not understand the fear and anger, the terror others feel as a result of this election. They say they felt the same way after Barack Obama was elected for two terms. Is it inconceivable they did not hear the hatred in Trump’s campaign speeches? They did not hear the threat to all Hispanic people and Muslims? They did not hear the disrespect and the acceptance of sexual abuse towards women and members of the LGTBQ community?

  • We are fortunate to have freedoms

    Our country, by voting, has decided we will not have an ongoing Obama reign or policies. Hopefully, our president-

    elect will follow through with his promises, working to make America stronger, richer and safer. This has not happened these past eight years.

  • Why do our soldiers fight so hard, well?

    Re: Richard Kweicienski’s recent letter to the Chronicle: Mr. Kweicienski reminded us how well, how hard and how honorably our American troops fought during the Korean war, a war in which Americans suffered 128,650 casualties, including 33,686 combat deaths, as well as up to 50,000 captured.

  • Letter conveys feelings with respect

    Please allow me the space and opportunity to thank Mr. Donald Schultz for his letter to the editor of Nov. 18 titled “This is for Hillary woters.” Mr. Schultz with class, clarity and the conviction of millions upon millions of voters for Donald Trump “president elect” was able to compose a letter projecting the thoughts and emotions of those of us who are no longer a silent minority, who became vocal through the privilege of the voting process to be heard loud and clear. 

  • My letter is being misinterpreted

    You are mistaken if you interpreted my essay as in any way advocating or promoting rioting as a form of protest. I was merely pointing out that the citizens of this country have a right to protest. How one chooses to exercise this right is above and beyond my or your control. With your logic, then, the Second Amendment giving citizens the right to bear arms is, thereby, promoting mass shootings of schools, malls, movie theaters, etc. Shall we take that right away because some people choose to use it for evil?

  • Turmoil will be terrible


  • We may be back to a familiar dilemma


    It has been reported in the past two days that two national security advisers to President-elect Trump have been pushed out of the Trump transition team. One of those is former congressman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., a respected voice on national security. The most obvious reason is that Trump insists that his family members be provided with national security clearances and I am sure that these two advisors have informed Trump that that is not appropriate or doable.

  • Trump may trigger progressive renewal


    On Nov. 10, in the midst of my grief and shame over the outcome of the Presidential election, the president of the College of William and Mary (of which I am an emeritus professor) sent out a message to the college community intended to comfort faculty and students.