• Bill Murray is our choice

    We are writing to highly recommend Bill Murray for Citrus County School Board, District 4. 

  • I endorse Roland Bavota (Bo)
  • Trump has great leadership qualities

    It seems to me that the elite Republicans are either becoming Democrats or are in “paralysis by analysis mode.” On election day Republicans have these choices:

    • Do not vote.
    • Vote for Mr. Johnson.
    • Vote for Mrs. Clinton.
    • Vote for Mr. Trump.
  • Sandy Counts will not disappoint


    Sandy Counts is my choice for District 4 School Board. I have known Sandy for 36 years and have never known her to lack in enthusiasm and genuine concern for the children of Citrus County. 

    She is newly retired from teaching so is well aware of the needs in our school system. 

    She understands budgets and how to implement funds to the greatest advantage of the students. 

  • Prendergast is qualified for sheriff


    Mike Prendergast has all the right qualifications to be our next sheriff. This is the most important constitutional office in every county. It must be led by someone that knows how important the command structure is, because without it there would be chaos. Discipline and leadership is a must!

  • My support goes to Scott Adams


    Some 20 years ago when I moved to Homosassa, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting both Scott & Pam Adams.  

  • I am a community servant


    While the Chronicle article briefly touched upon my work experience, it was insufficient in detailing the extent of my career and background, my robust community service efforts, and my strong connection to this community.

  • Panel needs a man of civility


    After four years of turmoil on the Board of County Commissioners, I for one am tired of all the nonsense and disrespect that Mr. Adams has showed. I am ready to move on and hopefully be able to once again attend the meetings of the board without thinking I am at a circus. Citrus County has a real chance to correct that error by electing Mr. Brian Coleman and bring civility back to the Board. I ask all my fellow Citrus County residents this question. In the past four years what has Mr. Adams done for us? 

  • Bill Murray has my vote


    I’ve known Bill Murray for several years and during this time I have witnessed first-hand the qualifications that he possesses that will once again make him an incredibly successful school board member. He is a good Christian who is dedicated to his family, his church and the betterment of the Citrus County educational system. 

  • I support Prendergast


    Please vote for Mike Prendergast for Citrus County sheriff. Public safety is the most important core function of government and therefore, it is vitally important that we elect a proven and experienced leader that knows how to efficiently and effectively accomplish this. 

    While all the candidates have some unique area of expertise, Mike Prendergast has all of the necessary qualifications to be elected Sheriff.