• The unthinkable has happened

    Now that Trump is the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party, the Monday-morning quarterbacks are going wild. If the pages of future analyses and doctoral theses dealing with the reasons for his voter appeal are ever archived, they’ll be filed under the heading “He says what I feel.”

  • Don’t kill the Second Amendment

    The Orlando shooting was all over the news here in Munich, Germany, mostly on CNN.  It was a horrible attack and this guy will burn in hell for eternity.  But that is not the subject of this letter.

  • The flip side of Pascal’s wager

    It was a pleasure to have Mr. Harley Lawrence accuse me of having severely flawed logic as his own words show he completely fails to comprehend the issue he is using as evidence for the error of my ways. Thank you, Mr. Lawrence.  From his recent letter, and I quote completely and verbatim. The “His” refers to the undersigned.

  • Climate change happening now

    We were all seated at a table in the United Nations. It was June of 1980.  

    At the meeting were representatives of America, Britain, France, China and India, as well as a sprinkling of other third world nations. The issue at   hand was what to do about poor countries and UN Climate Official Ottmar Edenhofer had a plan.

  • Mud slinging has begun

    Mr. Trump has promised to lob all kinds of dirt on the Clintons in the way of lawbreaking and immorality, and the list goes on. It reminds me of an incident almost a quarter of a century ago in a large city, in the beginning of my real estate career.

  • A worthwhile reminder

    Many years ago my children brought home stickers with a message that was being taught concerning litter and the pollution of waterways. It was national campaign to educate youngsters on the value of our earth and the environment. I think this campaign needs to be resurrected here in Citrus County.

    “Give a Hoot! Don’t Pollute, Never be a dirty bird, In the city or in the woods, Keep America (Citrus County) looking good!”

  • School district provides quality

    Friday’s paper had a second letter by Harry Cooper. He slammed the school board for not staying on budget. Now he is slamming the school board for asking for $57 per year in extra tax revenue.

  • Letter about VA is on point
  • I have some suggestions about sign pollution


    A great deal has been said in the recent past about the litter plaguing Citrus County. I am one of the many citizens that regularly picks up litter on county and state roads near their home.

    I consider the political signage that will be on our roads until November “planted” vs. randomly thrown from cars and trucks.

  • Human activity remains cause of warming

    Concerning Harley Lawrence’s recent letter, mea culpa.