• Writer gives shout out to Homosassa

    The March 16 issue of the Chronicle included a reasonable Sound Off contribution entitled, “The view from Homosassa.”

  • Totally against rezoning in Ozello

    I commend the the excellent letter written recently by Gary Rankel. I agree 100 percent with his analysis of the reasons Pirate’s Cove Village should not be approved.

  • Don’t believe lies about me

    It must be election time in Pine Ridge, because the false accusations are in full force. I have been the victim of identity theft by someone who thinks it’s fun to ruin a person’s reputation.

    An election endorsement mailer dated March 26 was mailed in Pine Ridge under my name, Al Giannone. I had no involvement in this mailer at all.

  • Book sale a success

    Once again, Citrus County’s readers have come out to support their local libraries by shopping at our Friends of the Citrus County Library System (FOCCLS) Book Sale.

  • Thanks for all you’ve done

    Hello, my name is Todd Holloway. Last year I had surgery for a work-related injury. Post-surgery, the site became infected. The attending surgeon did not take my complaint seriously, which led to two other surgeries and a daily dose of heavy antibiotics that went on for months.

  • Firemen need food, too

    In the (Sound Off) Tuesday, March 14, from the person so concerned about firemen using their trucks to go to the store and buy food for their station house: My oh my, what a pity.

    Dear person: If you’re so adamant about it, please call the firehouse and offer to shop for them.

    No, I’m not a fireman or related to them, but thank God for them. Bless your soul.

    Bill Kay


  • Standing up to Trump critics

    Trump won because good people are fed up with career politicians from both parties. As long as career politicians dwell on the Russians, they are neglecting what they should be doing.

    We who voted for Trump are not deplorables or scumbags. You print letters from people who thump Trump and call him names. This is not right. There is no more integrity in reporting and that is very sad. God bless us all.

    Bart Ashworth


  • Gorsuch a great choice for court

    I can’t believe how graciously and eloquently Judge Neil Gorsuch handled the harsh questioning from the Democratic senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearing. He has demonstrated to me that he is an independent- minded jurist who would make an outstanding Supreme Court justice.

  • Small town done wrong

    It’s not very often that I have the opportunity to travel east along State Road 44 from Crystal River, but over the past year I have been venturing east more than normal. As a parent of two small children, it’s hard not to head east these days as Hammock Beach, Cocoa Beach and Tavares are all small towns that we frequent during the year. Although these towns are small compared to the likes of Orlando and Tampa (which we visit regularly), they still offer a number of fun small-town outdoor activities for couples, families and visitors alike.

  • Thanks for making event a success

    Precious Paws Rescue volunteers thank Melissa Keeran and her fellow volunteers at the Rock Crusher Church of God in Crystal River for hosting and sponsoring a yard sale on March 11 to help Precious Paws Rescue’s foster pets.

    Volunteers set up the event, assisted during the day and helped with the cleanup. Community response was very positive, with lots of sales, donations and many hugs and best wishes for Gracie (foster puppy) and Louise (kitty) waiting for that special home. Both pets were adopted later that week.