• Thank you to holiday partners

    Brentwood Retirement Community was fortunate enough to receive some wonderful donations and gifts for residents from a few community partners over the past holiday season.  

  • Citrus Springs roads deserve attention

    On Monday, Jan. 25, the Citrus County Chronicle’s editorial concerned the resurfacing of many roadways in Citrus Springs; their viewpoint questioned this need, as some roads had little or no traffic, nor were houses built there.

  • Trying to understand RNC position

    As a new resident of Florida, I am surprised at the commentary and remarks of many, since I understand the voters in this area are registered in the majority as Republicans. I wish someone would explain to me some questions I have about comments and other news reports.

  • Who is running Tallahassee?

    Now that the legislators are back in session, the Barron Collier Partnership is at it again, padding the pockets of the legislators who will gladly turn a blind eye to fracking in Naples. Our legislators recently passed SB 552, a comprehensive water policy but failed to add fracking as a policy restriction. One has to ask, if oil drilling is prohibited in certain areas off-shore, why even consider this practice on environmentally sensitive land and our aquifer?

  • Toll road warrants many questions
  • Let’s be done with the Clintons

    For over 25 years, the nation has been dealing with the Clintons. Millions of dollars of federal and state monies have been spent investigating the couple, dating back to 1992 and Whitewater. Shady business deals, abuse of government power, gross sexual misconduct and corresponding attempted 

  • Dems have weak candidate in Clinton
  • State must own its role in Dozier events

    RE: The Associated Press article “State struggling to decide fate of notorious school” in the Jan. 22, Citrus County Chronicle.

    The story was about the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna where there have been reports of brutal physical abuse and at least 81 boys are known to have perished and then buried on the facility grounds.

  • Benches moved for safety reasons

    Recently, a resident of Beverly Hills commented on the removal of the benches on Roosevelt Boulevard, moving them to Beverly Hills Boulevard. The Sound Off also mentioned the Beverly Hills Municipal Service Benefit Unit.

  • Thank you, Mr. Damato

    This county owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Dennis Damato.

    He was elected three times to the District 1 seat. He has served the county for 12 years and was chairman twice. I have been to many board meetings and have watched many more on my computer. I must say, Mr. Damato has always showed civility and respect during the hottest moments with those who did not agree with his position.