• All crime matters to the victims

    Apparently, some residents in Citrus Springs are having problems with vandals damaging lawns and trash cans. Reports have been made to the sheriff’s office with little or no results, although they state they are working on leads.

    The Chronicle had an article giving the name of one family having extensive damage. The victims stated a deputy told them to buy surveillance cameras and install spike strips across their lawn.

  • What would Big Brother do?

    The headline of the editorial board this morning told us the NRA had “shot down” what the Chronicle called a “common sense” law regarding shooting in your own backyard. One must wonder who appointed the Chronicle editorial board to be the arbiters of what is and what is not common sense, and one must then wonder what the board uses as a basis for what is common sense and what is merely the opinion of those on the board. 

  • Support for fire MSBU

    The Beverly Hills Civic Association supports Sheriff Dawsy’s management of the fire department and his request for continued funding through the MSBU. We agree with the March 22 Chronicle editorial, which said in pertinent part:

  • Awaiting an explanation

    There are shocking times in our journey in life that require extensive investigation into root causes and ultimately result in industry- changing corrective actions imperative for the industry involved to proceed and remain valuable to us as a society. Case in point is the horrific crashes of both the Space Shuttle Columbia and the Shuttle Challenger. Both disasters, when investigated, showed human error and poor management decision- making led to the crashes. 

  • Lead us to healthier lives

    It came as no surprise — on the front page Chronicle article of March 30, Citrus County came in 50th in health rankings out of 67 Florida counties — toward the bottom rankings in the University of Wisconsin study.

    Where is the leadership and inspiration to be healthy?

  • Don’t flatten this retiree’s tires

    It was Fall 1948, and I was 16, old enough to get a job. The ad in the paper asked for “Bicycle Messengers” for Western Union and I applied and was hired. It turned out to be 28 hours a week, built around my high school schedule and paying 75 cents (minimum wage) per hour, overtime for holidays.

  • Capital punishment not humane

    Re: Letter from John Brebner, Sunday, March 22.

    What you are suggesting is simply a way to make capital punishment acceptable to more people. The taking of another life is murder no matter how “humane.”

    Carol Bergmann

    Crystal River

  • County does not own those roads

    There have been several letters to the editor and many public comments during county commission meetings about road conditions in Homosassa. Another letter today from Mr. Ames was fairly typical of them. He complains about the condition of his street and how the county isn’t doing anything about “poor people’s” streets.

  • Big rigs on Orange Avenue
  • My Rocky Mountain way

    To most, socializing is an important part of getting through everyday life, unexpected upsets, frightening illnesses, loss of loved ones and the sudden realization of being alone. Our ambition and motivation wanes; our joy turns to sorrow; and we often sit at the window, hoping darkness soon arrives so we can close our tearful eyes to the night.