• Thanks to vets

    Thanks to vets

  • Tackle homelessness

    In response to the editorial of March 18, “Cooperation key to helping homeless,” I concur that the County Commission has to take a position on what to do about homelessness. However, when it comes to causes, many of them are out of the control of the BOCC. I do agree that forming a Blue Ribbon Task Force is a step in the right direction, and I, for one, would be glad to participate.

  • To run or not?

    Recently there has been much interest in the 2012 race for the seat of District 1, Citrus County Commission.

    Several citizens have been asking me if I plan to run for that seat, which is understandable since I did receive 46.09 percent of the votes in the Republican primary of Aug. 26, 2008. I worked very hard to represent the citizens who really need representation. The fact that there has been great interest so early before 2012 shows that there is indeed a lack of leadership.

  • CMH needs compromise

    CMH needs compromise

    We have been reading and hearing about the problems at Citrus Memorial hospital. It amazes me that some folks are determined to destroy our hospital dedicated to helping the citizens of this county.

    1. There seems to be a small group of doctors more concerned about keeping their private clinics supplied with credit-worthy patients while sending the not-so-credit-worthy ones to CMH.

  • Rethink S.B. 6

    Rethink S.B. 6

    Senate Bill 6 is a bad bill and I thank Senator Dean for voting against it. Unfortunately, it passed the Senate and will now go to the House. I urge all voters to call or write their representatives and urge them to vote against this bill. I am now retired, but during my working years I was a teacher (English and physical education), School Board member (12 years), school district administrator in two counties, and a manager in the private sector (Florida Power Corporation). 

  • Science of man

    Science of man

    Letter-writer Joe Gilbreath has stepped back into the ring with more creationist lies. He thinks that intelligent people won’t do a simple Google search and see the lies for themselves.

  • Oversized picture

    Oversized picture

    In the Chronicle, page A12 of March 23, under the headline “HEALTH PITCH,” we find a rather large picture of President Obama taking up more than 50 percent of the page. As most of us know what he looks like, I am led to wonder why this was necessary. If it had been omitted or made smaller, it may not have been necessary to place an editor’s note on the page reading: “Due to space constraints this is a partial timeline …”

  • Team Hope

    Team Hope

    Team Hope held its first Celebrity Bartendar event March 11 at Burke’s of Ireland in Crystal River, which was a huge success.

    We had an overwhelming response from friends and family in the community to come out and raise money to benefit the American Cancer Society – CR Relay For Life.

    As a cancer survivor myself, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the community coming out to support the American Cancer Society.

  • S.B. 6 is wrong

    S.B. 6 is wrong

  • S.B. 6 is not the fix

    S.B. 6 is not the fix

    As an educator, I am offended on so many levels. At a time when our society must count on its educators, our legislators are counting them out. Senate Bill 6, House Bills 1319, 1543 and 1902 are an affront to educators across the state. These bills will not only destroy the fragile morale of Florida’s teachers, they will effectively turn away prospective educators from entering the profession.