• Reject FDOT deal

    The Board of County Commissioners will be asked to participate in a state-funded matching grant by the Florida Department of Transportation in the near future. The purpose of this project will be to pave the lime rock road on both the north and south sides of the barge canal. At best, this project will not show benefits for years to come. The county’s cost for this would be $148,800.

  • Service appreciated

    Re: “Water threat exaggerated,” Dr. William Dixon, Page C3, May 27.

    I hope the nasty comments directed at you (Gary Kuhl) in (the May 27) Chronicle did not dull your normal smile. The comments made had to have been just attention-getting devices. (Dr. Dixon) could not possibly believe that each of us has property rights to remove vast quantities of water from the aquifer that we share and from under our neighbor’s property. 

  • Big government, big problems

    The letter from John Bassett (“Infrastructure bargain,” May 19) really got my attention. I sincerely hope John has deep pockets — he’s going to need them to afford the “big government” that he advocates. For the record, John, “big government” is not a concept, it’s a reality. It’s not only a reality in the U.S., but also in Greece.

  • Publicity stunt

    That was quite a drug raid on Thursday (May 17) with a caravan of vehicles led by an armored vehicle including many deputies, the SWAT team, a commander and two Captains using flashbang grenades and all led by the sheriff himself. Who were they after? Pablo Escobar? Al Capone? John Dillinger?

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  • Setting priorities


  • All the facts


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  • Pharmaceutical boons


  • Focus on development

    The Chronicle on May 23 and 24 quoted Commissioner Dennis Damato as saying the SBDC (Small Business Development Center) should “take a more active role in retaining business rather than helping startups.” It seems to me an organization whose title specifically says “development” is pledged to startup activity rather than retention activity. I would think the job of business retention belongs to the commissioners.