• For safety’s sake

    Once again our local officials have taken an exceptionally good idea — stop people from running red lights — and turned it into another way of milking the driving public of dollars.

    Of course they will loudly shout the reason is safety. Stop the red-light runners, ticket the “rolling stop” drivers. Make sure drivers move through intersections on the green. It’s only natural for the commissioners to take a genuine, beneficial activity and see how much money can be generated from it.

  • Revenue generators

    Red-light cameras are simply the results of a government’s out-of-control spending and provide a way to pass the costs on to the driving public. Instead of living within their means, governments and politicians look for ways to extort more money from citizens.

  • Rest in peace, John

    Until I read the obituary of John Hessinger, I had no idea what a caring, loving and concerned man he was during his entire life. His dedication to helping others was wonderful. His sense of humor never waned even though he was fighting many illnesses. There are so many selfish people in this world, and John was certainly not one of them.

  • Webb for sheriff

    What truly refreshing and invigorating news to hear that Winn Webb is running for sheriff — our own hometown sheriff.
    More than a decade as a deputy here, and now he has added several years as a county commissioner. He has learned a huge amount about major budgets and how to manage them as well as how the county operates on a first-hand basis.
    Winn will bring experience as a law-enforcement officer and experience working well with others, at all levels, especially tax-paying citizens. Winn has always been about the people.

  • A hospice thank you

    Thanks to all the hospice nurses and staff who helped me with my late husband, Bill. All of you are angels in my eyes! Love to all.
    Patricia Lester

  • In defense of reform

    Today, Jan. 28, the Obama administration developed an opportunity for citizens to chat live with representatives of government departments relating to subjects discussed in the recent president’s State of the Union address.

  • Awful auditorium

    Ruth Levin’s review of Garrison Keiller’s performance compels me to commiserate with every performer who has suffered through their presentation in one of the worst auditoriums in my experience. It is essentially a warehouse with theater seats and a stage. The acoustics are maddening and no actor or musician should be asked to perform there. The sound of speech is muffled and musical reverberation so prolonged that it is often difficult to hear where a note begins or ends.

  • Common sense

    In response to Commissioner Webb’s comments (Chronicle, Feb. 3) I’d like to congratulate him for offering a common sense approach to revising our excise tax on gasoline.  Many of us who have occasion to visit our neighboring counties are purchasing our gasoline from outside Citrus, which causes the loss of any tax benefit on not only gasoline but on the many other items we purchase from neighboring counties when we stop for gas.

  • Junior college

    I am writing this letter about people saying our kids aren’t getting the most out of their education in college. First, kids should go to at least two years of junior college before entering a high-profile college. Taking a child straight from high school and putting him in college is a mistake.
    I grant you a lot of kids are smart enough to adjust and make good grades. Some are brilliant, but there are others who don’t know how to study.

  • Missing the band

    Response to letter written to Chronicle “where’s the band?”
    Thank you for asking about Steel of the Night Band being absent from the Manatee Festival. All we can tell you is a “new board” “new theme” “new or different entertainment.”
    Believe us — we missed being there and greatly appreciate your calls about missing us. Steel of the Night Band has been booked Sunday, March 6 from noon to 2 p.m. at the Floral City Strawberry Festival. Please come see us there.