• Questioning port

    Before any more money is allocated to establishing a port, some questions might need to be answered. Basic concepts occur to me from my many years in warehousing inspections and many visits to existing ports.
    * What product will be sent here for consolidation and then shipping?
    * What products will be received here for distribution?
    * Is there an available rail spur for heavy cargo?
    * Since a minor war was started over a quarry that might have generated additional traffic on U.S. 19, how will the county feel about hundreds of trucks a day?

  • Control of Meadowcrest

    A recent article published in the Chronicle implied the residents of Meadowcrest are overjoyed that Citrus County is willing to accept ownership and future maintenance of Meadowcrest Boulevard and Meeting Tree Boulevard.

    The article also reported that Mr. Renfro, a resident of Meadowcrest, said most people in the community support the takeover. The fact is there has not been any complete vote or survey of residents. Mr. Renfro, therefore, has no standing as a voice for the residents.

  • Trail is for all

    This letter is in response to Liz Mueller’s article featuring a very elitist group of people who only think they are “The People of the Trail.” They are only a few of the hundreds of people of the trail. They are, in fact, the self-aggrandizing members of a board (who) ignore the needs of the unwanted other people of the trail, i.e., non-bikers.

    These other people of the trail include walkers, joggers, skateboarders, dog walkers, runners, roller skaters and parents with strollers, all of whom seek to have their ideas and concerns addressed.

  • Be nice — it’s worth it

    Hardly a day goes by that I do not meet a person who begins a negative conversational diatribe and convinces me that they would find fault with Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

  • Disagree with tea party

    According to Ms. Mattos, head of the Citrus County Tea Party Patriots, all we have to do is worship the Constitution, chant “free market, free market Rah! Rah! Rah!” abolish taxes and deregulate everything. Then, by toughing it out, beating our chests and all that, we’ll triumph over adversity.

  • Legislators’ grades

    I had the opportunity yesterday to ask the following question of our elected representatives top to bottom.

    The question was asked of each office staffers: “Has (name) put out a position statement on the Crystal River Refuge proposed draft rule?”

    I mentioned to each of them that U.S. Congressman Richard Nugent had legislation pending in the Congress to defund new programs.

  • Occupy Washington

    Regarding Michael Moore’s claim published in the St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact on
    Oct. 10, “Bankers largely escape prosecution:”

    To start, Michael Moore was identified as an independent filmmaker. In reality, he is a rich, radical, left-wing activist. I’m sure he will admit to that definition. He may think of this definition as a compliment.

    Occupy Wall Street is expending its energies in the wrong place. Certainly there are bankers who are unscrupulous. But let’s look at the real cause of our “recession.”

  • Feeding the beast

    Hey! Let’s rent 57 acres of land on a pristine canal, with a lake, three crystal clear springs, put some gazebos, garbage cans and a wooden walkway, and hire, feed and clothe a yet unnamed number of pistol-packing uniformed guards to make sure we don’t threaten any manatees who have chosen to come here in ever increasing numbers and have thrived.

    Let’s do this for free and commit to 75 years! What a deal!

  • Letter rhetoric

    I enjoy reading the Chronicle’s Opinion page and letters to the editor, as they do offer a few good enlightening submissions, but it mostly amuses me, especially when I read the writings of uninformed, uneducated and confused guessing of facts.

  • Protesters shoulder blame