• Hospital morass

    Hospital morass

    On Jan. 11, as I was retrieving my newspaper from the driveway, I slipped on ice, fell and split an approximately 3 mm wound on the back of my head, which bled profusely. My wife drove me to the Citrus Memorial Hospital emergency room, where, on arrival, I was given a chemical chill pack to place on the wound. This chill pack expired after approximately 15 to 20 minutes into my 70-minute wait to see a med tech. During this time, no one else who was waiting was called in. By the way, this was early morning.

  • Paying down debt

    The opinion column by Gerry Mulligan on March 21 (“Hypocrites get in line for federal dollars”) is about how the Florida state government has accepted $15.7 billion from the federal government so that the state’s budget could be balanced and we would not have to lay off state workers.

    The Florida Legislature is on the road to creating a referendum that would order the federal government to do away with its huge budget deficit. Proverbs 22:7 states: “The borrower is servant to the lender.”

  • Harmony in religion

    The article and photos of the painting of the Virgin Mary in the Saturday, March 20 Chronicle (“Graffiti for God”) were very special. Peggy Fletcher Stack of the Salt Lake Tribune did a very fine job of presenting it. However, I was left with the impression that some degree of resentment might be expected from the Mormon community.

  • Schools need solutions

    Schools need solutions

    All articles on the editorial page of the April 1 Chronicle responded to the education bill being debated in the state Legislature. This is fine except for one point. They all seriously condemned the bill, yet offered no alternatives. I agree that teachers should not be evaluated based on standardized tests prepared by some unidentifiable team. Also, I believe that teachers should be able to determine how students should be graded.

  • Share the wealth

    Share the wealth

    I am all for putting the teachers on annual contract. Oh boy, then we could get rid of all the bad ones — unless someone in power did not like you.

    What I am really for is putting all those in Tallahassee on the same contract, and if your district did not improve, you could be fired or take a cut in pay. Also, put the governor on the same plan. This would take care of term limits. If things got better, you have no reason to replace them; if not, then fire them or reduce their pay.

    Claud Lynn


  • Waste of money

    Waste of money

    It is a sad state of affairs when Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum decides to waste limited state funds suing the federal government over the health care bill. Apparently he would rather stand up for the profit-driven health insurance industry than help the uninsured in this state. McCollum already knows the lawsuit will fail, but this is nothing but a cynical political ploy. I resent this waste of taxpayer money.

    Judy Groner


  • Keep good teachers

    Keep good teachers

    Public education is under attack. The future of Florida’s public school system lies in the balance. As a loyal and dedicated educator in the state of Florida, I strongly protest!

  • Fight for Nancy

    All Floridians should be angry with our state legislators. They are demeaning our Public Service Commission chairwoman, Nancy Argenziano, for lack of a college degree. Ms. Argenziano was approved and appointed by Gov. Crist. The State of Florida does not require the governor or state legislators to have a college degree. Nancy has a long and excellent background as a state representative and senator. She has been fighting for the ratepayer to keep rates low and reasonable. We need Nancy to hear the voices of the people.

  • Tempest in a teapot

    If there ever was a tempest in a teapot, the brouhaha over the historic Hernando School is it! So far it is involving the Family Resource Center, the Friends of the Citrus County Library, the Hernando Heritage Council, the Citrus County Historical Society, the county administrator, the Board of County Commissioners, the board of the Citrus County Historical Society, lawyers, and the Chronicle itself, weighing in with its editorial two cents.

  • Government meddling

    Government meddling

    Any product or service is, by definition, limited in its availability; else we would all have everything. The market allocates resources by using pricing as one mechanism.