• Betterment of all

    It’s over. The good news is that we will not have to worry about a Supreme Court that will overturn Roe v. Wade, that there will be no 20-percent tax cuts for millionaires, that we will not spend the $2 trillion for the military that they did not ask for.

  • Health concerns


  • Equal coverage


  • What are key issues?


  • Port costing too much


  • Harvest notes

    A huge bounty of food is what we collected on our 13th annual Make A Difference Day food drive. On Oct. 27, Citrus County Harvest, in conjunction with our U.S. Postal Service in Citrus County, conducted our annual food drive and picked up 39,821 pounds of food. Your donations of nonperishable food have helped fill the shelves of the agencies who serve our needy and hungry families and individuals. Thank you, citizens of Citrus County!

  • Scott botched election

    Gov. Scott, your attempt to suppress Florida voters from voting early by reducing the days from 14 to 8  clearly did not work and actually backfired on you big time! Meanwhile, my beloved home state has become the election laughingstock of the rest of America again. 

  • Give Eleanor her due

    On Veterans Day, I observed in the Chronicle, sadly, that a “Tuskegee airman” had passed away, and found that if there had not been a woman named Anna Eleanor Roosevelt there would not have been airmen known as “U.S. Tuskegee airmen” — a group of African-American pilots who were famously successful protecting U.S. bombers during World War II. They were more famous than their wildest expectations.

  • Libya's bloodshed

    Enough of the cover-ups. Now is the time to impeach Obama! Obama and his way of “getting out (of) trouble?” “Fast & Furious,” also long overdue, almost three years have passed. Holder needs to answer to the Terry family.

    Judy A. Cressey
    Crystal River

  • Happy Blues

    The 2012 Blues’n Bar-B-Que hosted by the Nature Coast Friends of Blues is in the record books, but the enjoyment of the day still lingers. We are so thankful to Jim (Boe Cat) Anderson for his support and for the use of his property where we hold the event. Most festivals put their fans in the sun, but we have a beautiful old Florida venue with tall oaks offering shade and cool comfort. The day was beautiful, the bar-b-que tasty and the music was delightful.