• Breakfast steals

    Breakfast steals

  • Road to nowhere

    Road to nowhere

    Well, we have defeated two incumbent commissioners. Maybe next election we can get two more. Hopefully, the new commissioners will realize that they work for us, the people, not the developers and builders.

  • Thank a merchant

    Thank a merchant

    I’d like to address the issue of why some sidewalk and median grasses along local business fronts are maintained and others are left to weed and seed.

    In Crystal River, I maintain a 4-foot-by-70-foot strip of grass that grows between a public sidewalk and U.S. 19. It runs parallel north with my business.

    I do not own the sidewalk. It is a public right of way. Nor do I own the strip of grass between the sidewalk and U.S. 19 North.

  • For Amendment 4?

    For Amendment 4?

    If you vote for Amendment 4 here’s what you get.

    1. Citizens now in charge of growth management. Desired development delayed a year or two while waiting on an election so it can be placed on a ballot. Someone must be willing to invest in plans and then wait for an uncertain decision while building costs rise. Higher risk equals lost development, jobs, revenue. Increased costs to consumers if we do get it.

  • Daystar thanks

    Daystar thanks

    A young woman with two small children came to Daystar recently. As a caring volunteer was working to assist her with a financial crisis, he noticed that one of her children had no shoes and the other had on a pair of mismatched flip flops. This situation greatly concerned my volunteer, especially with the colder months just ahead. Fortunately, because of the wonderful spirit of community and partnership that flows through Citrus County, we were able to easily solve this problem.

  • Many thanks

    Many thanks

    We would once again like to thank the Economic Development Council for naming us “Persons of the Year.” It came as quite a surprise considering the quality and services of the other nominees.

    During the program, EDC Director John Siefert and Florida Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp both referred to the necessity of preserving wonderful natural environments in order to be competitive in attracting light, non-polluting industry to this area. Still it was a surprise when an economic development group bestowed such an honor on two avid environmentalists.

  • Decide for yourself

    Decide for yourself

    Well, here we go again. The Chronicle focusing (Sunday, Sept. 12, editorial) on alleged character and integrity issues.

  • Band says thanks

    Band says thanks

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank our community for its involvement last year in making the CRHS Golden Pirate Marching Band’s dream of playing at the Sugar Bowl come true. It truly was a spectacular event. Everyone dug, and we all dug deeply, to show the students how important it was to us all for them to make that trip. Although the fundraising was successful, it also completely left our coffers dry.

  • Postal inspections

     Postal inspections

    An interesting incident happened to me the other day at about 9:30 a.m. on a Thursday. I went to the Inverness Post Office to mail a book of Irish stories to my sister in New York. It was in a mailer envelope and I asked for it to be weighed so that I could use some of my leftover stamps that I had accumulated. There were no other customers in the Post Office at the time.

  • Why build on Ottawa?

    The article on the Ottawa connection didn’t mention that there are already three different ways to intersect Citrus Hills between Croft and County Road 491. Currently, the Essex to Fresno/Pearson and Highview route connects the landfill to C.R. 486, and it already has a traffic light at both ends. This route already has a good amount of traffic for those very reasons; plus, it has a strip mall at one end and bypasses the main entrance to the Country Club. Have the commissioners stated why the Ottawa Route was preferred over the other possibilities?