• Finding forgiveness

    Re: “Victims of sterilization to get money from N.C.,” Jan. 10, Page A11

    For the past 15 years, information has come to me of the history of my Phillips family. It all started with finding my Native American roots in the archives of the Abenaki Nation in Swanton, Vermont. It was great finding my native roots, but more information of sadness came to me while working for the postal service.

  • Three cheers

    We need to thank state Sen. Mike Fasano for putting the interests of the people of Florida ahead of any personal political gain in Tallahassee. This is not the first time he has done so. We need more state representatives like him. He acts and votes with his conscience. Lobbyists control both parties in our Legislature. It is refreshing and rare to see a legislator with such independent thought.

    Judith O’Gorman

  • Time for change

    “U.S. Fish and Wildlife to ban high speed boats in King’s Bay.”

    “Feds deny part of Fla. Medicare proposal.”

    “Obama adjusts birth control policy.” 

  • Abortion myth

    Planned Parenthood is an organization that deals with women’s health matters. It is not stipulated to deal only with abortion. It deals with breast cancer and many other women’s health matters. Women are not eager to have abortions; indeed, any woman who feels it is necessary to have such a procedure dreads it and fears it. If we are to believe the radicals, it would seem that thousands of women all over the country are waiting in line to have many, many abortions. This is not true.

  • Homeless need help

    (Re:  “Organize on the behalf of the homeless” editorial, Jan. 8.) 

    True the “homeless” need much more than a food pantry; they have no way to prepare food or see to hygiene or medical needs.

    I recently moved to Crystal River from Melbourne, where I was privileged to serve the homeless at “the Daily Bread” facility from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily.  It’s the best-organized facility I know of anywhere.  Except for the office organizers and director, all workers are volunteers or public service.

  • Modern malaise

    We live in the greatest nation in the world. We can elect our leaders. This means we can determine where our nation goes. Will we go the way of Cuba or Venezuela or will we rebuild America to its former greatness?

  • Postal dilemma

    I started with the post office in Springfield, Va., in the ’60s. Clerks sorted incoming mail, handing off local letters to carriers, who sorted by street, then delivered. Outgoing mail was sacked and trucked out. Letters mailed in the Washington area in the morning were sorted on speeding trains and delivered in New York City in the afternoon. Collection boxes on every corner were emptied constantly.

  • Quid pro quo

    At the Jan. 5 meeting of the Planning and Development Review Board, I could not help but notice Mr. Ronald Lundberg, a PDRB member, was passing around candidate petitions for Commissioner Joe Meek. Mr. Lundberg was asking people to sign them so Commissioner Meek could be placed on the ballot. Personally, I did not feel this was a proper venue for someone to be looking for candidate petitions to be presented for signatures.

  • No more easy oil

    Re: “Drill here, drill now,” Letters to the Editor, Jan. 30.

    Do you have any money in the bank? Why not just take it all out and spend it? You won’t, because that would be foolish. We should treat the oil in the ground the same way.

    You have been told there is a lot of oil in the ground. What they haven’t told you is to get that oil will be a lot more expensive and a lot more damaging to our environment than the old ways of drilling.

  • Pet’s best friend

    Eight-and-a-half years ago, my wife and I brought into our home a little Bichon Frise puppy; a girl whom we named Dixie.

    We chose Midway Animal Hospital to be her health care provider. During her early years, Dr. Peterlin became her veterinary caregiver. Dr. Peterlin brought her through the devastating time when she was diagnosed with Addison’s disease and other health issues. They both bonded to each other.