• Thanks, NCL

    One year ago, we brought my 89-year-old dad to Nature Coast Lodge (NCL) Assisted Living Facility in Lecanto. My stepmother had passed away and she was his caregiver. He had Alzheimer’s disease.

    From the start, we knew we were the luckiest kids in the world to have found this safe haven for Dad. We quickly learned he needed this level of support years earlier. As we got to know the staff at NCL, we couldn’t believe the care and compassion they gave Dad and the other residents.

  • Way off course

    In this period of acute recession, Sen. John Thrasher and Rep. Patrick Rooney have submitted legislation to build a golf course on each of the five Florida district park systems.

    Many people might consider golfers who play in sheets of rain, windy biting cold, and/or parboiling heat as nuts! But this inane, ill-timed, impractical Legislature takes it a bit further.

    The cost factors would even startle the financially wealthy and astute golfing entrepreneur Donald Trump.

  • Grants are good

  • Misleading analysis

    Dr. Dixon’s commentary, “Where will you stand?” regarding public service unions. It is full of misleading statements. 

    First, and I quote, “Public employee unions are organized government special-interest groups that collect money from taxpayers to be used in electing — and thereby influencing — their own employers.” Unions are funded 100 percent by the worker. 

  • It’s our money

    If you have saved money for 40 years and pass away at age 66, you have an estate to pass on to your heirs, but with Social Security decades worth of your contributions are lost completely to the government.

  • Won’t work here

    The snowbird who enjoys his winter months in Florida, I do not think his idea for litter control will work here.

    Most of the folks who live in Citrus County are in their late 70s or early 80s. I can not picture seeing older people with a lot of illnesses picking up litter along the highway. 

    I think he should come up with a better idea; I do not know how old he is, but I bet he is in better shape than most of the people here in Citrus County.

    Dean Costain

    Laurel Ridge

  • Inviting tragedy

    There is no question people should be held accountable for their behavior. However, threatening sanctions or fines for the act of calling upon the fire department for assistance is bound to lead to people delaying those calls, be it for fear of legal entanglements or the inability to pay for assistance. This will almost certainly lead to precious minutes lost and tragic outcomes that needn’t occur. People must not be made to fear utilizing public services vital to their safety.

    Janet L. Shapiro


  • Away with Segways

    On Tuesday, March 15, I was riding my bicycle on the Withlacoochee State Trail when I came across a large group of Segway machines crossing the trial. The operator of one of the machines blocked the trail so that the group could cross en masse.

    Subsequently I learned that they also rode their machines on the trail and that it was apparently a sponsored event of the Segway Rider’s Club of The Villages. Apparently they were so pleased with the outing that they are planning another organized ride on the trail on March 21.

  • Fixing the mess

  • Just the beginning

    Robert Blum in his Letters to the Editor “Cost of Korea” raised a good point, but it is only the beginning.