• Remember sacrifices

    On Wednesday, July 27, 2011, we observed the signing of the armistice between the United Nations and the North Koreans. The armistice was signed 58 years ago. North Korea is still a menace to the world, and has never honored the armistice. South Korean and American lives have been lost along the DMZ, located near the 38th parallel between the Koreas, since July 27, 1953.

  • No water, no growth

    Why do politicians and unelected bureaucrats keep telling us to conserve water while at the same time bemoaning the fact we have no growth in the state? It would seem, to a rational person, the water shortage problem should be solved before trying to stimulate growth. 

    There is no reason for any watering restrictions in a state surrounded by water. It seems to me if Israel can desalinate water, we should be to. I have read they have the most cost-effective water desalination plant on the planet. Perhaps if we were nice, they would share their success with us. 

  • Condolences

    I am so sorry to hear about the Marguerita Grill. Whenever I have out-of-town company, they always want to go there. I am truly sorry for the owners and the fine people who are out of jobs now. I hope you come back soon!

    Pat Repper

  • Mini-Page outrage

    Page C5 of the July 27 Chronicle was almost entirely devoted to a Muslim holiday, with headlines such as “About Ramadan” and a cartoon puppy saying, “Peace be upon you.” There was a drawing of a young Muslim girl in headscarf (hijab) to color in, and one of the articles describing the Islamic faith stated that boys and girls may study in college and have careers. They even mention Sharia law. There was a space that encouraged children to look in their local newspapers for news about Ramadan in their communities, and around the world. 

  • Government promises

    There has been much written and discussed over the past several weeks regarding our debt ceiling situation. The Republicans now seem to be entrenched in the philosophy that the debt must be reduced at a cost to some. They argue that, as a country, we must have a sit-down talk around the kitchen table. I guess that is a folksy way of saying we need to decide how to handle our current debt and future costs.

    I agree; however, the Republicans appear to be a bit one-sided.

  • U.S. self-destruction

    Our nation is witnessing one of the most dangerous games we’ve ever encountered. We have both political parties playing a game of poker, and each is drawing to an inside straight. It may very well be that there will be no winner. I am reminded of what President Abraham Lincoln had to say many years ago, and I quote: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

    Earl Herring
    Beverly Hills

  • Credit card fraud

    In talking with a neighbor yesterday, I was told that someone had fraudulently charged $1,200 dollars to her credit card.

    In conversations with a few other neighbors in this small community, a number of others had become aware that they, too, had their cards inappropriately used.

  • Chinese flags

    I have been hard-pressed to find an American flag to put on my car.  A friend of mine gave me a flag the other day — an American flag made in China.

    This got me to thinking of all the unemployment in this country.  Why not get an industry going making American flags?  If all patriotic citizens were to buy an American flag made in America for their home and motor vehicle and maintain them, it should put a lot of people to work for years to come.

    Harold Eichman
    Beverly Hills

  • Where we went wrong

    With the interest in manatees and King’s Bay, it is appropriate to discuss the wider issues facing King’s Bay and Crystal River.

    Some action has been taken, as well as political stands being made by the city and county commission when they approved the Country Club Drive sewer project.

  • Rejuvenate Rousseau

    Lake Rousseau could use some help. The shore is an accumulation of organic muck, and the bottom is layered with goo. The tree stumps lurk just under the surface, making boating hazardous and swimming unsafe. A slimy mass of dead algae coats the surface after the water management people spray the unwanted vegetation.