• In defense of Gore

    In defense of Gore

    In response to Jimmie T. Smith’s letter of Jan. 6, “Answers needed:”

  • Wedding bliss

    I would like to take a minute to express our gratitude to El Diablo Golf & Country Club of Citrus Springs for helping make our wedding day, January 2, 2010, special to us. El Diablo is a beautiful golf course and one of our favorites.

    They were very gracious and accommodating in letting us get married on the first tee and allowing our wedding party of five to play 18 holes. Not to mention actually inviting the Citrus County Chronicle newspaper to come photograph and write an article on our occasion. Everyone was so nice and excited for us.

  • Poor Progress Energy

    The article about Progress Energy Florida’s profit margin being reduced by the Florida PSC from the requested 12.54 percent to 10.50 percent could almost bring tears to one’s eyes. Mr. Dolan, the CEO of Progress Energy, stated: “Monday’s decision by the PSC was way below what we want to run our business in Florida.”

    The bond rating companies’ dismay about the reduction hurting Progress Energy’s dividend and the dire predictions for its future might bring on serious doubts for all.

  • How we’re helping

    To the community: Please accept our thanks for supporting our sorority’s annual fundraiser by buying tickets for the Pamper Me Basket. This year’s winner was Debbie Riddle. Because of this fundraiser, our sorority will be able to continue to support many charities within our community.  Last year, we purchased six yearbooks for students who experienced personal tragedies and could not buy their own.

  • Precious Paws thanks

    Precious Paws

    Citrus County has some wonderful, caring, people. It is time to say thank you to the many who have helped our organization make a better life for the injured, abandoned and homeless pets in this county through their donations of time, talent and/or treasure.

    We are a new, fairly small, all-volunteer organization, and the support from the community has been outstanding.

  • Misunderstandings

    It is a bit ironic that today the Tea Partiers are rallying to rail against our government. Perhaps they would prefer a very weak, ineffective and almost non-exist government like Haiti.

  • Going overboard

    Going overboard

    The Christmas season celebrated the birth of Christ, and now we would normally look forward to a new year. A new year ushers in hope for the future, but this year it will precede nailing one of the final nails in the coffin of the United States of America.

  • Luncheon praise

    Luncheon praise

  • Cuba history

    Re: Mary Gregory’s letter to the editor in which she criticizes Rick Sanchez of CNN and his views on Cuba. I do not agree with her statement that Sanchez “should be on Fox News, not CNN.” In my opinion, he is fair and unbiased.

  • Paying it forward

    Paying it forward

    On Friday, Dec. 18, 2009, as I backed my pickup truck out of my parking space at the Crystal River Mall, a lady motioned for me to stop. She then handed me a Walmart gift card, marked from Santa, for $50, wishing me “Merry Christmas.” I barely got out a thank-you as she walked away.

    This letter is to let her know what I did with her gift. I paid it out. The nice lady at Walmart converted it into five $10 gift cards, which have been passed on to people who could use it, people unknown to me.

    Ed Brown Sr.