• Know Nothings

    Know Nothings

    As a history teacher, I can definitely state that the Boston Tea Party (Dec. 16, 1773) was NOT about taxation without representation or anything of the sort.

    It was merely the overt outrage on the part of the American colonialists over the fact that the British East Indies Company was being heavily subsidized by the British Crown to enable them to undersell their tea to the economic detriment to the American colonial tea companies.

  • The Right voice

    The Right voice

    In answer to George Harbin’s letter against the tea party (April 19), this is to inform him that the tea party is alive and well! If it were not, Washington, the liberal media and people like you would not be attacking us. We are constantly being demonized when it is the liberals who are using force and seditious measures to get their way.

  • Waking up

    Waking up

    My reply to George Harbin’s letter, “Challenge Fox,” April 19.

  • Big government

    Big government

    It is so interesting to me that the Democrats who claim to be the party of tolerance have become the most intolerable of all. Just try thinking outside the box of the Democrats — you will be called racists, bigots, close-minded, stupid. And now, of course, we are falsely accused of being violent. Oh please! These tactics will not work to silence us. Come, come, come, tea partiers! Ring the bell of freedom. Show up at our next tea party. Oh America, America, this is indeed a call. They say there is nothing wrong with our government.

  • Assertions wrong

    Assertions wrong

    Response to “Challenge Fox,” by George Harbin:

    I respectfully disagree with his statements that “The tea party is dead!” and that “the key to the tea party movement was to stop health care reform.” He has a right to that opinion, but the tea party is not a single-issue movement. The tea party is not about party affiliation or skin color or age or gender or socio-economic status. Yes, we are about protecting and defending our freedoms and liberties and having a constitutional/limited government.

  • An imperative change

    An imperative change

    We have received the strongest wakeup call to date for a needed change in federal government leadership.

    Our potential enemies have just been promised that we will not defend our country with all of the weapons in our arsenal necessary to protect us. What an irresponsible policy!

  • Government can't do it

    Government can’t do it

    Let me see if I understand this. Social Security, Medicare, the U.S. Postal Service, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Massachusetts health care, the state of California and who knows what others are all bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy. And some expect the government, whether federal or state, to do a better job of running the world’s finest health care system than the private sector!

  • Thanks, all

    I would like to publicly thank Paul Harris, owner of Sportsmen’s Bowl in Inverness, and his employees for their fine spirit of community service. Their promotion of the recently held fun bowl charity event for the benefit of the Humanitarians of Florida, Inc., is greatly appreciated.

    This fundraiser has helped to continue our programs of providing low-cost spaying, neutering, vaccines and medical emergency help for many pets who might otherwise be forced to go without. It will also help to care for several homeless cats awaiting adoption.

  • Tea parties civil

    Tea parties civil

  • Hard realities

    Hard realities

    I’ve noticed that most of the people who have joined these tea parties across the land are middle-aged or older. You don’t see many young people attending these meetings. Maybe that’s because the people who are doing all the raging against the growth of government remember an America that was once the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world and they keep hoping to return to those glory days. The young people of today grew up in a different world and know that this wishful thinking just isn’t going to become reality.