• Tati’s trail

    I enjoyed Heather Foster’s thorough and insightful review of “The Illusionist.”

    No wonder she found the film so dark, especially for an animated film. I enjoyed the film as an older adult because it reflects the experience of one of my favorite film stars of the 1950s, Jacque Tati, who wrote the story.

  • Time to re-seed

  • No results

    In response to “Cleaning up pollution is the right thing to do:”

  • Et tu, ‘Chronicle?’

    Referring to the May 29 editorial: Is your editorial board schizophrenic? Another editorial asked where were the Citrus County commissioners?

    You have “empathy” for us, the assessed owners? Yet you condone the Board of County Commissioners and city council of Crystal River’s plans to overcharge homeowners for central sewer. Some may lose their homes — such as me — along with thereafter being charged monthly sewer rates 25 percent higher than the city’s.

  • Medicare option

    Rep. Rich Nugent chose to take Rep. Paul Ryan’s side against the rest of us on Medicare. Privatizing Medicare just puts profits in the insurance companies’ pockets. And cheating the voters under 55 is just cowardly.

    Nevertheless, he did offer to let us make recommendations on what Congress should do.

    Here are three, for starters:

  • End wars, debt

    The national debt: $14.3 trillion and rising.

    Our legislators want to cut the debt? I don’t think so. Politics and politicians won’t allow it. Politicians pass bills that are favorable for themselves and their parties. The media, newspapers, radio and television generate fear in the general public.

    Social Security going broke! Bogus. It’s good well into 2036 and beyond. Medicare and Medicaid are in good shape. These benefits are not in jeopardy because of population. The culprit is our government.

  • Manatee hooey

    After reading a recent letter by Robin Humphrey, I feel I must make a few observations. The argument that manatees are a major polluter of King’s Bay is nonsense.

  • Medicare in danger

  • A public treasure

    On June 17, 1991, the Brooksville law firm with which I was associated hired Debbie Langdon to be my legal secretary. When Gov. Jeb Bush appointed me circuit judge in December 2000, Debbie became my judicial assistant. On Friday, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of our professional relationship.

  • Dixon on slavery

    Dr. Dixon’s overwhelming bias is seldom as obvious as on this subject. He begins by declaring he has found that his “teenage grandson was being taught the same flawed history of slavery that I had learned in school. Essentially white Europeans brought black Africans to the new world to work the plantations and farms. The slaves lived under difficult conditions and were treated badly. Whites, including many of this nation’s founders, considered blacks to be inferior and subhuman.”