• Thanks for volunteering

    Thanks for volunteering

    Thank you, Geoffrey Greene. I would like to recognize and thank your department for the extra effort put forth in assisting Habitat for Humanity of Citrus County obtain the donation of land that enabled us to build nine houses last year.

    You, Les Cook, Corey Gorham, Robert Spivey and Avis Craig, have always been there to assist Habitat whenever possible. It is for this reason; we have been able to complete 60 homes here in Citrus County, all on the tax roles, all broadening the tax base, all benefiting the citizens of our County.

  • Thanks for attending

    Thanks for attending

    Citrus Sertoma Club would like to thank all those who donated sponsorships, services, merchandise, gift certificates and their time as well as the more than 2,100 people who attended our 31st annual Oktoberfest. Your contributions and support helped make this event a success.

    Sponsors: Advanced Aluminum, Bay Area Air Conditioning & Heating, Citrus County Chronicle, Homosassa Printing

  • Tournament thanks

    Tournament thanks

    Our sincerest gratitude goes to all those who took part in Jim Gabbard’s golf tournament that took place at the Plantation Golf Course on Sept. 25. On that day, he was presented with a motorized wheelchair and he began a grand return to his independence. Jim taught math at Crystal River High School for 35 years and taught many who became doctors, scientists and teachers all over the United States, and many who went abroad.

  • Adequate health care?

    Adequate health care?

    It has been brought to my attention after a visit to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, that medical care in Citrus and Marion counties is very lax.

    There were several issues that my wife had to address concerning her health and we were referred to the Mayo Clinic. One of the big issues that she wanted to address was her condition of sleep apnea.

  • Yes on 4

    Yes on 4

    Florida Hometown Democracy (Amendment 4) was put on the November ballot by citizen’s petition. It is in response to decades of mismanagement of Florida’s Growth Management Act. The act, adopted in the mid-1980s, was supposed to manage sustainable growth so that the state was not overdeveloped, sensitive lands and water supplies were protected, quality of life was preserved, and a person’s biggest lifetime investment, their home, was protected from incompatible development.

  • Supporting Bays

    Supporting Bays

    This letter is being written in support of Rebecca Bays, who is running for the Citrus County District 4 Commissioner.

    She is an excellent fit for the job as she is very qualified given her experience of running her own business. I have known her personally and have observed her to be the only one to attend important meetings related to the problems of this county, eg. EDC, Citrus County meetings affecting CMHS. She is trying to learn the issues facing this county, so she can hit the ground running once she is elected.

  • Vote for Gudis

    Vote for Gudis

    Mike Gudis is a candidate for Crystal River City Council, District 2.

    Mike has been a business associate of mine for many years. We have worked together on several complex accounting and tax problems. Mike’s knowledge, insight and experience have always been major factors in resolving these matters. Mike is a team player who keeps everyone headed toward a common goal. I am certain he will use these strengths in his service to the people of Crystal River.

  • Honoring vets

    Honoring vets

    Veterans Day is approaching, and we should count our blessings and thank the brave heroes who sacrificed so much to keep our land free. As our American flag is flying, let’s give support to the troops, also, who are giving their lives everyday. God bless you all. I remember a time not too long ago when it was one of the most important days to all Americans. This Veterans Day, we should all enjoy our freedom as Americans.

    Dorraine Baltzell


  • Consideration needed

    Consideration needed

    By the time this letter reaches print status, many will have already voted. Hopefully, you will have carefully considered what is at stake this year. With the federal government infringing so heavily on our freedoms, we must make a change that will, at least, slow the mad rush.

  • Price and Tagye

    Price and Tagye

    Your endorsements for local primary candidates proved 100 percent wrong. Let’s only hope that trend holds up for your endorsements for Crystal River for the sake of the taxpayers! You’re desire to go back to the past years of fractionism, council discord and revolving door city managers politics eludes me.

    Just for curiosity, how many of your editorial board actually live in our city and pay taxes?