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  • Founded on faith

    I am a senior in high school taking American government. Recently, I had the opportunity to write a paper about the diminishing influence of Biblical values in public life today. In this composition, I discussed James Madison’s personal beliefs on the subject. As a Founding Father and the Father of the Constitution, James Madison is a monumental figure whose opinion should be respected and taken into consideration. America was founded by men of strong, Christian character, such as Madison. He firmly believed that the Bible is the only way to build a successful nation.

  • Praise for doctor

    I was very pleased to see in a recent Crystal River Current that Dr. Richard C. Swanson was recognized by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. When I moved to Crystal River and needed a dentist, I had no idea who to go to. Luckily, I chose Dr. Swanson’s practice. Dr. Swanson and his entire staff are the most professional and caring group of people I have ever dealt with.
    John Scruggs
    Crystal River

  • Crime numbers

    The use of numbers during discussions about safety in Citrus County are interesting. While the numbers thrown around can boggle the mind, it is what is behind the numbers that is most important.

  • Liquor ordinance

    I attended the Sept. 18 council meeting and I, too, am puzzled by the actions of Inverness City Council. I found the 5-0 vote at the first reading of the ordinance change proposing to eliminate the 300-foot distance requirement between liquor establish­ments and churches, schools, day care facilities, public libraries or parks to be out of character. Perhaps the first reading was emotionally charged in favor of the ordinance change, or the provisions of ordinance were not fully explained.

  • Be aware

  • Buying a car

    Elders sometimes have extraordinary reasoning, but sometimes tend to suppose times have not changed in 60 or so years.

    For example, when I bought my first car at 19, my impression was nothing had changed from that time when I wrote a check for the agreed-on price and drove away in the car.

  • Walking-cane thief

    I am a 75-year-old retired vet. Last Monday at CVS, I was at the checkout register. I leaned my walking cane up against the checkout counter while I paid for my purchase. I took the bag of items, set them in the shopping cart and using the cart to stabilize my walk, I forgot my walking cane. Placing my purchase in my car trunk, I returned to the checkout to get my cane. It was gone.