• Christian nation

    In the July 19 Chronicle was a letter to the editor about the Treaty of Tripoli, signed in 1796. The reason for its signing, according to Wikipedia, is that after the Revolutionary War, the United Sates did not have a Navy to protect our ships. The area of Tripoli was run by Muslims, who captured U.S. ships and passengers, making the passengers slaves and treating them harshly, especially the Christian captives. In1785, the USS Philadelphia was captured along with U.S. citizens including, some say, Benjamin Franklin.

  • Sign off

    Sign off

  • Giving credit where due

    Election time seems to really get here quick these days. Being an “also ran” back in 2006, my main opponent was John Thrumston who is now asking for your vote to retain his seat on the Board of County Commissioners. Back then, John and I had our differences.  I thought the county was on its way to the proverbial hand basket if John was elected and I am sure he thought the same of me. Fast forward to today. The county has not dropped into the abyss and John has learned some real managerial skills in the interim.

  • Kennedy for school board

    I have known Thomas Kennedy since moving to Citrus County four years ago. We have served on two elementary School Advisory Enhancement Council teams together and have been parent volunteers at school events. As a new resident of the county, Thomas provided valuable information about our schools and community activities for our family. Thomas Kennedy is very knowledgeable about our schools’ strengths and weaknesses, and is committed full time to working with parents, teachers, and administration in making a positive difference for our students.

  • Save our safety

    In response to the citizens complaining about the sheriff’s budget and how we should fire deputies and sell the helicopter. Well, citizens of Citrus County, the firing of deputies will directly affect the next time you call 911 for a deputy; response time will slow, one deputy may show up instead of two. Backup for our deputies will cease to exist, which will put the deputies’ lives at risk. Our deputies work hard serving the citizens of this county. The budget is directly affected by the taxes of this county and in truth, the taxing rate has decreased over the past few years.

  • Paragons of pizza

    Paragons of pizza

    Recently we lost power at our facility in Lecanto. As usual, it was not at a good time because it was just before dinner service and we could not cook or get ready fast enough to feed our residents on time.

  • Dye job

    I am the mother of two young children, and hand over food and treats filled with artificial coloring daily, I’m sure. Deep down, I knew that artificial coloring was not healthy, but I chose not to think about it. That was, until I read Dr. Bennett’s article (“Food dye and cancer risk,” Aug. 3) associating food dyes with cancer and ADHD. What outraged me the most was to learn that other countries are taking steps to limit the consumption of artificial colors by their children. Our kids get different Skittles and Starburst than the kids in Britain!

  • Kennedy for school board

    I avidly and unreservedly support the candidacy of Mr. Thomas Kennedy for school board.

    I have known Mr. Kennedy since 2004, when his son Ethan joined our Suncoast Swim Team, and have observed his evolution from another swimteam parent to coach/bellwether of team operations (a job that’s more complicated than one might guess).

    At the heart of his readily palpable commitment is a pre-eminent regard for the intellectual and physical well-being of kids.

  • $6,000 or $60,000?

    $6,000 or $60,000?

    A better school system means fewer tax dollars in the future. If it costs us $6,000 a year to educate a child today compared to $60,000 to house them in a prison later on, I vote to pay the school tax. As more and more women entered the workplace, a void grew in the family structure. Women have as much right to be in the workplace as men. Someone was needed to fill that void and that someone turned out to be teachers. All of this happened like the ocean eroding the beach. No one noticed until one day we all said, “My God! What happened here?”

  • The real GOP

    Since the GOP has been in the news recently — or should I say the Republican Party of Florida — because of its former chairman, it should be clarified that the Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly of Florida Inc. of which I am president of the West Central Florida Region which includes six counties including Marion and Citrus, is totally independent of the Republican Party of Florida and its Citrus County Republican Executive Committee.