• God and government

    God and government

    On June 6, a letter was published in the Chronicle maintaining that without religion, we cannot have good government, disregarding 220 years of a policy of separation of church and state. The writer’s premise, when looked at in the light of fact and history, definitely comes up short.

  • Immigration solution

    Immigration solution

    Due to our government’s failure since the 1980s to control illegal immigration, millions have lived, worked and paid taxes in this country for years and have children born here.

  • Controlling illegals

    Controlling illegals

    There has been much discussion regarding illegal immigrants. Many beat their chests and scream that the federal government is at fault and they need to fix the problem. Often we hear that they are criminals running guns and illegal drugs along with committing heinous crimes. In reality, there are some who do this and, in many cases, they are working in conjunction with Americans who are buying these products.

  • Textual criticism

    Textual criticism

    Re: Judi Siegal’s Journal, “In Search of Noah’s Ark…”

    Her article starts with “The Creator is disappointed with the humans s/he has created.” She claims to be a Jewish educator and she doesn’t even know the gender of our Heavenly Father? Here’s a clue for you from Genesis 1:5: “And God called the light Day and the darkness He called night.”

  • Manners, please

    Manners, please

    Yesterday, June 22, I attended a meeting of the Board of Citrus County Commissioners.

    The commissioners need to read an etiquette book to form some manners as required in official life. Of course they were nice to each other — even going into the length of time that one of them had been married. One also extended a fishing invitation to the retiring attorney.

  • Immigration laws

    Immigration laws

  • Schools work

    People are always telling me how terrible the education in the Citrus schools is. Well, I don’t agree. My daughter, Jesse, went to Inverness Primary, Inverness Middle School and Citrus High School. She graduated in 2006 with a 4.5 GPA, received Bright Futures 100 percent, the Rotary Scholarship and a scholarship from Progress Energy. That is quite an accomplishment for any student. So, thank you to all the teachers who came into contact with Jesse. What an awesome job you all did.

  • No-party hope

    Based upon the article by Mike Wright in the Citrus County Chronicle on May 15 (“Board hopes to shape future in goal session”), the Board of Citrus County Commissioners finds it difficult to establish and carry out what seem to be minor goals even as a single-party team, which they have been since 2002. If five members of the same party can allow their concerns to wither and die, what becomes of major issues that affect every one of us, such as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds and job-training programs?

  • Fixing BP's mess

    Fixing BP’s mess

    When BP’s deepwater rig caught fire and sank beneath the Gulf’s emerald waters, many of us familiar with confronting the power of monolithic oil giants had the uneasy feeling that the past was becoming a nasty prologue to disaster all over again.

    A Sept. 2, 2009, BP news release claimed 17 deep-water rigs bearing wildcat names like Mad Dog, Great White and Thunder Horse were capable of netting 400,000 barrels of oil per day, among 4,000 competing rigs spread across the Gulf.

  • 'New' medical corridor?

    ‘New’ medical corridor?

    An open letter to Chairman Gary Bartell:

    I do not understand the Board of County Commissioners’ initiative to form a Medical Corridor on Highway 491. It seems to me to be 20 years behind the times.