• Get it right

    In response to the Chronicle article of Dec. 9, regarding the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant story, “We’ve been Duked,”  is it possible for Citrus County officials to get it right by trying to enforce the 1998 Citrus County court ruling that goes against the law passed by the Florida Legislature providing for tax relief for pollution-control machinery that Progress Energy has been taxed for since that ruling?

  • Save for rainy day

    Just a comment about Progress/Duke taxes. 

    Just because Duke pays Citrus Co X amount in taxes, does that mean elected officials have to spend every cent of that when it’s received? Why don’t they budget their spending like we budget our household spending and, drum roll please, save for a rainy day! Guess what? You are having a rainy day.

    Bonita Kohler

  • Promoting jobs with solar energy

    In order to have jobs for our men, have them attach solar panels to buildings, all the way — east, south and west of our country, with solar panels made in the USA. It would promote money for installers, and to those manufacturing panels. It would give clean energy to those living in their solar homes. It would save money on the cost of electricity charged by utilities. It would promote more electric cars, and it would save money buying high-priced gasoline for the cars.

  • Treat them like regular ‘people’

    Let me see if I got this right. Duke Energy, like other big corporations, now consider themselves “people” so they can donate to and control politicians and skirt the law.

  • Time to tighten government belt

    Leaders of Citrus County, including Sheriff Dawsy: Welcome to the recession. 

  • Too many details in robbery


  • My Christmas angel

    Saturday, Dec. 10, between 1 and 3 o’clock in the afternoon, in front of the new Walmart Superstore in Homosassa, my husband and I rang the bells for the Salvation Army. The sun became so bright I had to shade my eyes with my left hand while ringing the bell with my right hand.

  • Secession not viable option

    Since the election, the discussion about states’ rights and a state’s right to secede from the nation have been rekindled. A state cannot legally secede from the nation and this letter is an attempt to illustrate what could have happened if this country was dissolved during the Civil War in the 1860s.

  • Long four years ahead

    President Obama’s election for a second term has caused him to take another imperialistic bent a la Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Taking office three years ago, the president appointed a veritable army of czars — between 38 and 45. 

  • Defending the use of the library

    In a letter to the editor on Dec. 3, Gary Meiman expressed his being upset at suddenly learning our organization, Americans United for Separation of Church and State (Nature Coast Chapter), is meeting at the Lakes Region Library. Actually, we have been meeting there for 12 years. He said we should not be meeting in a “facility owned by the people.” I would like to remind Mr. Meiman the library is open to all the public.