• Not so quick

    Not so quick

    Re: “Gulf will quickly recover from spill,” as published in the Citrus County Chronicle, June 27.

  • We’re so lucky

    We’re so lucky

  • Pray for spill

    Pray for spill

    CNN, June 20, 2010: While cleanup crews and technical teams continue efforts to stop crude gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana lawmakers are proposing a different approach: prayer. “Thus far efforts made by mortals to try to solve the crisis have been to no avail,” state Sen. Robert Adley said in a statement released after last week’s unanimous vote for the day of prayer. “It is clearly time for a miracle for us.”

  • Cinderella girls

    For the third year, I stand amazed at the kindness and generosity of the people in our county. Numerous individuals and communities once again united to help Cinderella’s Closet serve nearly 150 girls during prom season. Everything we needed — from donations (gowns, shoes, jewelry, accessories, refreshments, restaurant gift certificates) to services (dry cleaning, hair, nails, makeup, photography) to storage to publicity — was provided.

  • Back to drawing board

    Back to drawing board

    The conceptual drawing of the Crystal River Waterfront presented at the May 24 city council meeting (and appearing in the Chronicle June 1) was just that: an artist’s conceptual drawing. It was never voted on by the CRA, as stated by their representative, nor was it discussed by the Waterfronts Advisory Board. As a member of the latter for two years until my term ended this May, I know we never approved the drawing as a plan for our waterfront area.

  • Titanic effort

    Titanic effort

    As a retired Merchant Marine seaman with 45 years experience, I have a suggestion for the top brass of BP trying to stop the oil spill: Engage the service and equipment used by the men who discovered the sunken wreck of the Titanic.

    Especially use the submersible with robotic claw-arms. It could be lowered to the ocean floor and steer the oil-gusher cap or plug into a secure and tight fit and stop the leak.

    Rune Torstensson, Ret. Chief Engineer

    U.S. Merchant Marine

    Crystal River

  • Tooth truth

    Tooth truth

    It has come to my attention that several local groomers are offering a “no-anesthesia teeth cleaning.” I feel it is only proper to make sure the general public is aware of the ramifications of the treatment being offered, and how this differs from what your pet’s veterinarian performs.

  • Freeze salaries

    The federal government has frozen Social Security because they say there is no inflation. Why, then, do the federal, state and local governments want to raise taxes, government employees’ salaries and fees?

    The government needs to lower and, in some cases, freeze its fees and taxes and follow its own rules imposed on its good citizens.

  • Save Neffers!

    There have been a lot of rumors that Neffers bowling lanes has closed permanently. Some have said it is closed for the summer for some major repairs. Since I am on the Powder Puff League, I hope it’s the latter.

    Homosassa has very little to offer for a family entertainment indoors. We don’t have movie theaters, roller skating rinks or any indoor sports outside of Neffers.

  • Candidate thanks

    My name is Don Sterling. I have lived in Citrus County for 13 years.

    I made a personal decision to become active in my community. I have a strong desire to represent the citizens of Citrus County as the best choice for county commissioner for District 4. This letter is written to express my gratitude to the individuals who have graciously allowed me to discuss my views on local political issues and shared with me their own concerns for our future.