• Choose Rusnak

    The choice for county commissioner in District 5 is an easy one for anyone interested in good county government unfettered by special interests. In fact, the only choice is Teddi Rusnak. I have known Teddi for many years and have watched her make the right choice time after time and speak for the best interests of the vast majority of us.

  • Vote Poliseno

    I have known Charles Poliseno for approximately 25 years. During that time, I have seen him hold many valuable positions in Citrus County. He served his community as a member of the Inverness Volunteer Fire Department, to the point of risking his life to help rescue elderly residents from a nursing home while fire was overhead.

  • Vision, experience

    The race for Public Defender for the Fifth Circuit contest has two longstanding lawyers, both registered as Republicans. The fact that both are of the same political party registration and they have no political party opposition means that the victor in this contest will be determined by the Aug. 14, 2012, election outcome.

    After reading the Chronicle editorial on Aug. 1, I realized the importance of sharing with the readership the attributes of Bo Samaryga and the reasons why it is my belief that he should be the public defender for our circuit.

  • Uncommon candidate

    Who is this Jimmie T. Smith? In my humble opinion, he is the common man (make that the uncommon man) who is the epitome of the citizen legislator.

    Jimmie’s goal is to serve the people of District 43 by giving them the finest representation possible.

    As a freshman in Tallahassee, he accomplished much more than should be expected of a “newbie.” I have seen some of the congratulatory messages sent to Jimmie by his colleagues.

    If you haven’t registered yet, please do so today. Then remember to vote on Election Day.

  • Passion for the truth

    Re: Mike Wright’s article Aug. 3, “Argenziano’s big splash”

    By their definition, “brashness” (unthinking and impetuous), and “bravado” (a pretense of courage) are incorrect words to describe my responses to questions.

    My answers were factual, researched, experience-based, and were far from “unthinking.”

    I said that “special interests” were the biggest threat to surface and ground waters because they were buying the undoing of laws that protect the resource.

  • Lions an asset

    This is in regard to our local Lions Club. I hope everyone in our community realizes what an asset this organization is. We have many clubs in our area who do wonderful things; especially for their members.

    I have never needed assistance from any club or organization. However, as life goes, circumstances change and we find ourselves in a time of need.

    The Lions Club helped me get my vision restored. Special thanks to Chuck Speedwalk, who was my contact from the club.

  • Lower TV costs

    A satellite TV provider asks “Are you paying too much for TV?” Here’s how to answer that question:

  • Medicate carefully

    At some stage of the aging process, individuals over the age of 65 learn to never take things for granted and to focus on or rethink important decisions, and one that is extremely critical is the use of prescription medication.

  • Samargya: Consider opponent’s past

    My name is Bo Samargya, candidate for Public Defender, and I appreciate the opportunity afforded to me by the Chronicle to clarify a few facts.

  • Obamacare

    “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  Polls show Americans approve of the components of Affordable Health Care.

    They are glad insurance can’t be denied for pre-existing conditions or ended for illness. Forcing insurance companies to spend 80 percent of revenues on health care is great. Hospitals are happy that, with people insured, they will be paid. Parents are happy to keep children on their policies longer.

    But put it all together, label it Obamacare, and it’s hated.