• Solar panels energy

    I grew up in southwest Pennsylvania, where we had privately owned soft coal mines from where we could purchase coal to heat our home. We were not obligated to deal with utilities.

    We were very independent. Most of us also raised our own food and knew what we were eating. We also used benzine in our lamps.

    The same could be done in Florida by using solar panels for our home, providing the price of solar panels (is) made affordable to buy.

  • Salute to the sergeant

    Just read the inspiring story of the Army sergeant who was recently awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Sgt. Ray Odierno risked his own life, while wounded, to save two of his comrades.

    According to the AP release, Sgt. Odierno is a Brazilian-born American, having immigrated at age 17, and eventually became an American citizen. Not only (does) this patriot’s military record exemplifies his character, but he gets it right in other ways as well.

  • Music program rocks

    If you didn’t catch the Crystal River High School Band Prism Concerts, you missed out on some of the best talent in the county. From classical concertos to Broadway tunes and even a Rolling Stones hit, the music department at Crystal River High School really knocked it out of the park.

  • Interpretation

    Dr. Dixon only has the meaning of “separation of church and state” partially right.

    Yes, no law can establish a religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof. However, he is very limited in his view of what this means.

    In his column March 11, he links a “moral and just citizenry” with “whose lives were guided by religious principles.” And further, “there can be no question that the founders meant to encourage religious practices freely among the citizens.”

  • Poor mall location

    I’m writing to comment on your April 5 editorial, “New owner brings hope for C.R. mall.”

    You discussed several of the challenges the mall has faced. Challenges included the “exodus of stores” and the mall’s location, which you described as, “Not being situated in a high-traffic location convenient to a majority of county residents, the mall has struggled for the last couple of decades ...”

  • Didn’t follow money

    In response to Mary Gregory’s March 31 letter “Don’t follow the money,” I can only say this is not the first time Ms. Gregory has submitted a letter without research or knowledge of an issue.

    She accuses me and four other individuals of switching party affiliations for monetary reasons. I cannot speak for other individuals, but, in my case, nothing is farther from the truth. I switched affiliations to vote in the 2010 Republican primary election. This is a common practice for those who closely follow specific candidates and issues.

  • Keep services

    I was shocked to see the quote from Assistant County Administrator Cathy Pearson in (the April 10) Chronicle.

    Speaking of budget cuts, she was quoted as saying, “I will tell you one of them is eliminating the extension services. We have eliminated the Bicentennial Pool. We have closed Coastal Region Library. We have the closing of two senior centers.”

  • No home visits

    Why do most doctors refuse to come to a patient’s home when the patient cannot physically visit their office?

    Why do some doctors refuse to give necessary medical prescriptions unless you personally visit their office?

    When a patient is homebound — physically unable to get to a doctor’s office — why is it so difficult for family members to find “one courageous doctor” to visit and care for a patient at home?

  • Vote right

    For those who claim Fox News is all right-wing rubbish, I encourage you to listen to “The Five” program featuring “lefty” Bob Beckel for counterpoints. You might enjoy the absurdities he spews. Give Fox credit for airing it.

    Today, April 11, I listened as he proclaimed those who receive entitlements would much rather have a job but there are none, and the true “couch potatoes” are millionaires who don’t work now. Apparently, Mr. Beckel thinks millionaires found their riches at the end of a rainbow and are not entitled.

  • The new threat

    Re: “Coyotes here to stay,” by Neil Sawyer

    Mr. Sawyer finds the discussions regarding coyotes “a source of entertainment.” He further states he grew up with coyotes out West, then proceeds to lecture us on the lifestyles of coyotes out West.

    Mr. Sawyer, this isn’t out West, this is central Florida.