• Field Day thanks

    Field Day thanks

    Thank you to the Kiwanis Club of Homosassa Springs — the CREST students and Key Center Clients had another great Field Day!

  • Ride of a lifetime

    Ride of a lifetime

    We would like to say a special thank you to Tom Davis at the Crystal River Airport and Matthew Beck of the Chronicle for taking our beloved principal, Scott Hebert, on the airplane ride of his life! He had a wonderful experience when Tom Davis flew him over our school to see all the staff and students forming a huge heart (“A fond farewell,” May 13). And Matthew Beck captured the moment on film so he will have a wonderful picture to treasure forever. Both of you were so very generous to help make this event happen.

  • Not a Mecca

    Not a Mecca

    The May 7 issue of the Chronicle stated that Mr. John Siefert was appointed executive director of the Economic Development Council. This is a wise choice as Mr. Siefert has a background in corporate work, as a business owner and as a representative for SCORE, a volunteer corps of retired executives who counsel small-business owners.

  • Not newsworthy

    Not newsworthy

    It looks to me like the Chronicle is trying to become the National Enquirer of Citrus County with its May 12 headline, “Scandal Rocks Citrus High.” I hardly think it is headline news, if news at all.

    Our country, state and county are going through some tough times right now, and I’m sure that without too much effort the editorial staff of the Chronicle could come up with a much more newsworthy article for their headline.

    Leave the gossip to the National Enquirer and gives us news of importance.

    James Anspach

  • Jobs, jobs, jobs

    Jobs, jobs, jobs

    The proposal by Commissioner Dennis Damato to encourage a medical hub along County Road 491 is an excellent idea. This will create jobs, jobs and more jobs, which is what this County needs.

    It is also encouraging to know that our County Commission is working to improve our local economy.

    Robert Swanson Jr.


  • Mishaps misrepresented

    Mishaps misrepresented

    Dr. Dixon must have dipped his glass into Prince William Sound. His May 9 column states: “I’ve walked the beaches where the oil washed ashore in 1989. They have recovered, to the human eye, completely. Wildlife has returned in abundance. The beaches are beautiful. Tourist and fishing industries are prospering.”

  • Remember in November

    Remember in November

    Regarding George Harbin’s letter of April 19, “Challenge Fox:” The Tea Party is alive-and growing. A valid protest, opposing the policies of a party in power, attempting to “change” America from a free-enterprise, capitalist system to a European-state socialist welfare society!

  • Fan of plan

    Fan of plan

    Commissioner Dennis Damato continues to show his strong leadership and creativity in promoting the 491 medical area. Clearly, this initiative will promote better and more convenient medical services and create better job opportunities. Working with CFCC, this proposal will help create homegrown jobs and enhance our economy. This concept will help make Citrus County one of the premier medical service places to live.

    Gerald Q. Nash


  • Corridor supporter

    Corridor supporter

    This is to voice my full support behind Commissioner Dennis Damato’s proposed medical corridor.  Mr. Damato’s innovative and progressive plan will benefit all of Citrus County.  It will create jobs, provide additional tax base, and help make medical services more convenient, affordable and efficient.

    Bruce Liston


  • Same old same old

    Same old same old

    Per Wikipedia, “The rule of law is an ancient idea, and was discussed by ancient Greek philosophers including Plato and Aristotle around 350 BCE. Plato wrote: ‘Where the law is subject to some other authority and has none of its own, the collapse of the state, in my view, is not far off, but if law is the master of the government and the government is its slave, then the situation is full of promise and men enjoy all the blessings that the gods shower on the a state.’”