• Thank you

    A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all my friends and neighbors in Chassahowitzka who have come to my support, and stopped by to provide your sympathies and condolences. I can’t begin to truly express in a few words what this has meant to me.  The loss of my home and worldly possessions has left me in a difficult position, but your generosity and support has given me a springboard for a recovery.

  • Editorial gets it wrong

  • Support health department

    The headline in Sunday’s paper, “Federal plan excels at health dept.” is welcome news and ends talk reported in the paper just a week ago that services now provided by the health department (could) be turned over to private interests as urged by businessman Mike Bays, husband of Commissioner Rebecca Bays.

  • Food stamp fraud

    You’ve printed numerous opinions in your Sound Off section pertaining to food stamp fraud. Food stamp fraud is impossible without the store owner being in on it. Why? Because the computer will not allow you to buy items such as beer or lottery tickets.

    People witnessing such things should report this to the legal authorities, not the Chronicle. Complaining about injustice is meaningless if you’re not willing to do anything about it.

    Brad L. Block

  • Seagrass-roots initiative well worth a shot

    By the Chronicle Editorial Board

    THE ISSUE: Homosassa River void of vegetation, fish.
    OUR OPINION: Planting project warrants support.

    There’s irony in water officials observing that the Homosassa is “essentially void of vegetation and fish due to many unknown factors” while — separately, in the minds of those experts — recommending a 3 percent reduction in water flow in the river.

  • Pretty generous

    I have been reading stories for months that have been attempting to paint Mr. and Mrs. Romney as money-hungry tax cheats who don’t care about anyone but themselves. As I’m reading the article this morning about their tax returns a couple of things jumped out at me.

  • Rocked our socks

    It was a typical Tuesday at Daystar: We had 40 families sign in by noon to request emergency food, clothing or financial assistance. However, something was different today — shoes and socks!

  • Teacher pay

    We may be witnessing the beginning of the end of public employee unions.  And we have those fine union school teachers in Chicago to thank for this. Their greed has shown a spotlight on their hypocrisy for rejecting a 16 percent salary increase.

  • Why widen road?

    “Listen to the children as they play ... isn’t it funny what children say?”

  • Precious water

    Simply outrageous! One might reasonably ask “who is getting paid off to give away our precious water?”