• Paper hero

    Paper hero

  • Can-do: Stop the wars

    The article in Sunday’s (June 6) Chronicle about the “Can’t-Do Nation” stimulates me to write to you, hoping that one voice in the wilderness will help turn the disastrous course this nation is on.

  • Social Security

    I am a senior citizen who is sick and tired about reading all these people who call Social Security a social program for seniors.

  • Immigration reform

    Immigration reform

  • Carry-on solution

    Here’s an airport security solution that would be quick and effective:

    Install a bulletproof glass cylinder that will withstand the impact of a stick of dynamite. Place one at the entry point of every flight to be boarded. Every passenger will be required to walk into the glass (test tube) type cylinder and stand there until it closes and pressure seals. If the passenger has any explosives on his/her person, the cylinder will automatically set off the explosive, blowing the passenger into small pieces.

  • Sheriff’s budget

    It is time that the sheriffs department reduces the number of its cars by having each officer return his police car for use on the next shift.

    This could reduce the number of police cars by almost two thirds while maintaining the same police staff and law enforcement coverage.

    It is time the sheriff tighten his budget like all the rest of us, so we can get the tax reductions we need.

    Claude Strass


  • Help heal minds

    Help heal minds

    As a famous writer once put it, “We all have thoughts that would shame Hell.” The difference between “normal” people and those suffering from mental illness is that “normal” people have a well-developed “stop signal” in their minds that forces them to be rational in their behavior, realizing the consequences for irrational, illegal acts. They have learned acceptable behaviors to deal with such frustrations.

  • Budget myths

    A June 1 letter (“Federal budget cuts”) opens by stating: “History teaches us that socialist, Social-Democrat, liberal, collectivist, progressive or statist governments have never delivered anywhere near what they promised …. History also teaches that our country has fared best when taxes were low and government size and spending were reduced.”

  • Civics classes

    Civics classes

    I was convinced of the need for civics education while asking people to sign a petition to include Phillip Mulrain’s name on the ballot. People told me they could not sign because: they were Republican and Phil was Democrat; he was running for a county office and they lived in Inverness; they had never registered to vote; they did not live in his district; and other reasons that belied their ignorance of their government.

  • Playing ball

    Twenty-seven batters up; 27 batters down. No hits, no walks, no errors!

    Every time I see that smile, my eyes fill and the tears fall. The smile belongs to Armando Galarraga, the Detroit Tigers’ pitcher who was deprived of a huge baseball honor, pitching a no-hitter, on June 2. That feat has only been accomplished 20 times in baseball history. According to Wikipedia, the major league has existed since about 1901.