• Honoring hospice

  • Praise for Greene

    Geoff Greene should be recognized for his outstanding record as our property appraiser.

    He has managed his office efficiently, and continues to save the taxpayers money. Every year, he has returned funds back to the citizens by spending less than his budget. He has accomplished this while also keeping his office customer-friendly and helpful.

    We are very fortunate to have such a competent and caring public servant.

    Bruce Liston

  • End of life discussions

    Mary Sanchez put a personal face to a too-often neglected part of life, and I applaud the decision to allow Medicare reimbursement for end of life discussions. CPR and the attendant care were developed to be used in cases of sudden, unexpected death.

    They are not gentle or painless.

    Many people fail to realize that if 911 is called, it implies people want to be resuscitated, and therefore, CPR will be initiated, the patient will be intubated, etc.

  • Recognition deserved

    I enjoyed the Chronicle front page of Dec. 28, 2010, but was nonplussed by the coverage of the most popular and controversial figure of our time.

    Was this person given front-page coverage? No! Was this person given last-page mention? Yes! Was this person given a several-column display with photo? No! Was this person given a tiny 1-column coverage of four short paragraphs? Yes!

  • Support for the sick

    If you know any woman currently undergoing chemotherapy, please pass the word to her that there is a cleaning service that provides free housecleaning once per month for four months while she is in treatment.

  • A mistake for most

  • Laugh a little


  • The early years


  • Let’s deal with facts

    In today’s issue of the Chronicle, all the “kudos” regarding the well-received “Best of Sound Off 2010” was soured by another anti-everything letter from the county’s token left-of-liberal, Mary Gregory!

    Please deal with facts, Ms. Gregory.

    1. Fact: The government did not fire on protesters at Kent State! Ohio State National Guard — not federalized — fired.

    2. President Reagan fired ATC when it, the ATC union, refused to honor contracts. Federal employees may not strike against the government!

  • Generous roofers

    Pastor Robert Simmons and the members of Mt. Zion AME Church in Hernando were mightily blessed by the generosity of Robert Boulerice of the Boulerice Roofing Company when he and his crew installed a brand new roof on the church building at no cost to the church. We thank God for the generosity of this fine organization. We are truly grateful to have Boulerice Roofing in our community. Thank you so very much.