• Abortion a sin

    Editor’s note: This is a rebuttal to the Sunday, March 11, guest column “Why I Stand With Planned Parenthood” by Maria Weiser.

    First of all, I’m sympathetic of what Maria experienced as a young coed. Planned Parenthood probably helped a lot of people like Maria.

    But, that was then and now is now. Things have changed drastically with this organization. After abortion became legal with the 1973 Supreme Court decision, Planned Parenthood became a baby killing factory.

  • Back up rhetoric

    Gino Calderone, in a letter appearing March 9, asks when “liberal Democrats” will acknowledge their “cataclysmic mistake” in electing Barack Obama. I would be happy to admit such a mistake when Mr. Calderone can refute the following with facts, not rhetoric labeling President Obama’s policies as “un-American:”

  • USF and Dean

    An open letter to Sen. Charlie Dean:

  • Congress not acting

    The unguarded, unregulated trading in “oil futures” is one of the primary reasons the price of gasoline is being driven up in the United States. That futures trading and the artificial shortage the oil companies created by making “oil” the No. 1 export of the U.S. are making billions for a few.

  • Mad as hell

    Remember “Network,” the 1976 movie with Peter Finch, a news anchor, who became so dismayed with the people of his generation that he screamed “I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore?” 

  • Conservative minds

    This is response to L. M. Eastman’s letter in the March 11 Sunday Chronicle. This predictable left-wing diatribe begins by referencing studies by professor Gordon Hodson of Brock University alleging that individuals with low IQs gravitate toward conservative “right-wing” ideologies, which the letter writer defines as anti-intellectual, hostile to science, racism, evolution, unions, etc.

  • Not while driving

    A recent front section had an lengthy article on the Legislature’s progress on the state budget. To say I was mystified and dismayed at what I read in the subsection titled “Text and Also Drive Fast” on page A7 would be an understatement. To paraphrase: the House passed the agency bill for the Department of Highway Safety ... which included little in the way of actual highway safety. It again looks highly unlikely that there will be a ban on texting while driving. This is incredulous — banning this dangerous “habit” should be a slam dunk!

  • Not time for raises

    Administrator Thorpe and the rest of the commissioners need to wake up and see how non-government employees of this county live. They all whole-heartedly agreed to $228,500 for raises? That’s more than a quarter of a million dollars!

    The article reports staffers received a raise in 2009, yet Thorpe states “You can’t expect your employees to never receive compensation adjustments.”

  • Christian hostility

    At the national prayer breakfast, President Obama told a crowd, “We cannot leave our values at the door.”

    How ironic because this administration is ordering the church to do exactly that. The mandate requires the Catholic Church to provide contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs in their health care plans.

  • Volunteers thanked

    As a member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization celebrating National Volunteer Week, April 15 to 21, HPH Hospice is honored to recognize the contributions of our volunteers in Citrus County. In 2011, these men and women gave more than 6,100 hours and $130,300 of in-kind service that would otherwise be provided by paid staff. HPH Hospice volunteers play an indispensable role in offering the best care possible for patients living with life-limiting illness, their families and caregivers.