• Family abroad

    To the person who called Sound Off, titled “World news.” They stated articles involving South American countries (such as Kenya) should not be in the Citrus news: I, for one appreciate any information that I can find about Kenya as I have family members serving there on the mission field. By the way, Kenya is not a South American country, but is located in East Africa.

    June Novak

  • ULI information

    Thanks to Avis Craig for the Sunday report on the recent activities of the Urban Land Institute.

    The ULI focus seems to be a constant reminder that the issues we are confronting go beyond all political and many geographic boundaries: balanced land use, storm water, potable water resources, transportation issues, population densities, shoreline and up land conservation, wildlife management; just about as many as one can imagine.

  • Opposing opinions

    Thanks for Sunday’s July 8 edition, in which you printed the two articles about the court’s ruling side-by-side — the opinion of two about the same outcome.

    One focused on one individual and his decision-making, which says more than his credibility, but to his humanity and not himself. Not about the court, but about every human being in the United States of America.

  • Scott the jet-setter

    Thanks to the Associated Press, we now know Gov. Scott is jetting off again, after visits to Brazil, Canada, Israel, Panama and Spain, cited as an undisclosed “economic development mission,” but apparently for personal reasons since it has do with Lloyd’s of London insurance and his past in the insurance business and not matters of state.

  • New government

    Picture this: With the government now for the corporations, I can imagine the 2016 presidential elections will go this way.

    All CEOs from all corporations, large and small, gather in a large building, like the Pope’s election procedure, and they don’t come out until they have chosen a president, vice president, the entire cabinet, chairman, ambassadors and judges. When that is completed, they will depose of both houses of Congress by implanting all lobbyists to these positions.

    Hey! Wait a minute, isn’t that happening now?

  • Salute to military men

    On Sunday, July 1, the First Baptist Church of Crystal River performed two programs: “Celebrate America.” This was the third year this program was presented. Representatives from the five military services presented the services flags.

  • Nursing homes

    This is to all the elderly people who are alone — no family in Florida and getting so weak you can hardly get up to make yourself a meal. I know. I did that for years and each time I would end up in Woodland Terrace Nursing Home.

    It is a wonderful place. The nurses and CNAs will do anything for you and with a smile.

    There is no reason to be bored. We have bingo — always popular. Yesterday was July 4 and the St. Scholastic Choir came and put on a patriotic concert. We had a wonderful time!

  • Courthouse memories

    Happy birthday, Citrus County Courthouse.

  • Hentoff's off

    The column by Nat Hentoff in (the June 30) paper shows conclusively that left-wing nuts can be as silly as right-wing nuts. There has been a running criticism of the CIA drone campaign, more from the left than from the right. 

  • Private, public groups

    “We hold these truths to be self evident,” wrote our Founding Fathers, referring to our God-given rights, among others, to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”