• Let teachers teach

    For some time now we have been hearing constant criticism of the public school system and the teachers. The attackers range from congressmen on down.

    There appears to be something that gets left out of the discussion. Public education is not a right, but an opportunity. The responsibility for taking advantage of this is up to the parents and the child. 

  • On the media

    For centuries, the media has played a vital role in our lives. When we look at the role of media in politics, it is easy to say that many of us rely on the media to keep us updated.

    Whether the media is unbiased or not, it influences many decisions. Political coverage is the most widely criticized coverage the media produces. The media focuses on who is winning. If one candidate presents a proposal or an issue, the media perceives that candidate as winning, provoking the opposition to present something better.

  • Bill’s bills

    How do you hide a $100 bill from a radiologist?

    Pin it to the patient’s gown.

    How do you hide a $100 bill from a cosmetic surgeon?

    You can’t.

    How do you hide a $100 bill from Dr. Dixon?

    Put it in an economics textbook.

    Jim Williams

  • Port points

    Apparently I am “e decem unum,” or one among 10 who write letters to the editor and do not agree with Mr. Josh Wooten of the chamber of commerce. I refer to my recent article about Port Citrus and Sunday’s (March 20) front page articles in support of Port Citrus. I do not disagree with the need for a study concerning the utility, feasibility, need, and opportunities for Port Citrus. It is too bad that such a study was not done before spending $50,000 taxpayer dollars to lobby for the creation of such a port.

  • Seniors and the deficit

    An article appeared in Newsweek on March 14 by Robert Samuelson entitled “Social Security is middle-class welfare.” I thought your readers would be interested in my response.

  • Hitchhiking dangers

    With no mass public transit in Citrus County, hitchhiking is a common means of getting around by those without a car. Hitchhiking is fraught with many dangers.

    For a woman to allow herself to be picked up by a stranger, she risks rape, a beating and, on rare occasions, her life.

  • ScopeItOut a success

    The Debby Hudson Colon Cancer Foundation would like to thank everyone who made the fourth annual ScopeItOut 5K a huge success.

    There were 331 registered participants, including six U.S. Air Force officers in Afghanistan, who ran a 5K there in support of our event! 

  • The underground economy

    After Gov. Scott turned down the $2.5 billion for a high-speed rail line, Sen. Schumer of New York put in a bid for it. Because it was allocated as a part of Obama’s $852 billion dollar stimulus, must it be spent? And, by New York, the second most debt-ridden state in the country?

    The first debt-ridden state, California, was also allocated billions for a high-speed rail between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It will cost the state billions to operate. Yet, I have read nothing about Gov. Brown refusing the money. No wonder the national debt is out of sight.

  • Right-wing Chronicle

  • Eliminate all risks

    Regarding the Japanese nuke meltdown, I’m reminded of an old proverb, “Man plans. God laughs.” The Japanese plants were designed to withstand 25-foot waves, but the waves ran to 30 feet. The back-up generator’s fuel was kept in aboveground tanks so when the tsunami came, they washed away.