• National black eye

    Congratulations, Crystal River! You made the national news on Saturday, May 7, with the situation over the flags flying at the Taste of Philly. It sure is a good thing we have you guys to look out for us — to tell us how many flags we can fly.

  • Consolidation

    In today’s (Wednesday, March 16) paper, Neil Sawyer suggested as long as we are talking about consolidation of public safety, we should also consider absorbing the two city governments and consolidate all public services.

  • Port not needed

    The beauty of the Nature Coast is just that — its natural appearance, at least more so than most of the rest of the Gulf Coast. Tampa has lost 95 percent of its natural estuary biome. There’s a dead zone in the gulf just north of the proposed port access.

    Could it be Citrus County is at or past its carrying capacity for providing new jobs? Restaurants and other businesses close each year. We’re just about the right size.

    A port runs noisily 24/7 and is not what the fragile coastal habitat needs.

    I vote no.

  • Education key

    Each day I work on behalf of low-income and at-risk students to help them overcome the many hardships they face to afford a college education. This is a significant challenge, as tuition costs at Florida’s public universities are expected to increase 30 percent or more over the next several years. This fact, combined with the cost of other college-related expenses, creates a serious struggle for youth throughout Florida to achieve their dreams of a college education. What’s more, we are currently facing significant cuts to the federal funding of our education system.

  • The Second of May

    May 2, a day when I should be chanting “USA” in celebration of my country, where liberties are protected, where good overcomes evil, I instead feel “the boot on my neck.”

    For those of you who haven’t been following the story, I can only warn that one day it may be your community that is destroyed.

  • Honor EMS workers

    When asked to describe a hero, many words come to mind: adventurer, daredevil, conqueror. However, when asked to describe an everyday hero, different words come to mind: brave, selfless, caring, knowledgeable.

  • Vote well down

    It appears the Floral City Water Association has prevailed — at least, it has convinced the bored board! I know it isn’t really nice to say it felt like a done deal from the beginning, so just forget I said it.

  • The GOP’s priorities

    If you think current Republican attempts to cut spending are to reduce our deficit, consider yourself duped.

    Cuts are aimed at the 12 percent of our budget that funds education and financial assistance and the organizations that protect us from big business greed such as the FDA, EPA and SEC. Republicans usually cut these agencies to the point of their inability to do their jobs and then tell you how poor the government does its job.

  • Photos best unseen

    In as much as I disagree with many, if not most, of our president’s policies, I wholly applaud him in his decision not to release the lurid photos of Osama bin Laden. I also praise Mr. Obama for a bold and justifiable action to rid ourselves of this miscreant, and his satanic existence.

  • Erroneous estimate

    Referring to the May 2 article in the Chronicle about the cost of building the boardwalk around the springs, Mr. Lusk said, as stated in the paper, the agency can do it for about $80,000, whereas a private contractor would charge roughly $200,000. I challenge Mr. Lusk, manager of the wildlife refuge, on these cost estimates.