• Commission should be pro-growth

    I see in today’s Chronicle, Wednesday, March 29, the Board of County Commissioners have approved the rezoning of 549 acres on U.S. 41 for a proposed industrial park.

  • Standing your ground, rejecting law

    Steve Collins has some outstanding credentials and certainly outlines the cons of the death penalty quite well. I actually support his premise that the death penalty as it is currently enforced and executed (no pun intended) is flawed and does not deter capital crimes.

  • A nice change of pace for Opinion

    It was nice to read the Chronicle on Sunday. There were no mean, nasty or divisive letters about President Trump or Rep. Webster. This has happened several times before. I am sure many were happy, but I suppose there were some who were also disappointed.

  • Webster should hold town hall meeting

    Democracy is a challenging form of government, both for politicians and for the people, and at this time, it may be even more challenging because of the numbers of people who are getting engaged in the process.

    In the past couple of months, Republican lawmakers who have held town hall meetings have been criticized, booed and yelled at over policy decisions and votes. As noted in The Washington Post, some legislators are taking a simple lesson from the shouting: “You can’t get booed if you don’t show up.”

  • Mowers: Have a care for your neighbors

    Please, as you start to cut your grass, let the clippings go back onto your yard instead of in the road. Although we do not have much rain falling, these clippings are quite slippery when on the roadway and people riding bikes or motorcycles are forced to ride through your yard debris. Thank you!

    Frank J. Witt


  • Learning to adjust to the rhythms of life

    There is a period of adjustment for events that occur daily. At the beginning of events, whether good or bad, we automatically prepare for what is happening, what we think will happen, or what has already happened.

  • Thank you for support from community

    Precious Paws Rescue volunteers wishes to extend a very special thank you to Doug Ferrance, family service manager at the Fountains Memorial Park, for hosting and sponsoring the Dog Walk Extravaganza on Saturday, March 18.

    Doug and his staff went out of their way to welcome Precious Paws Rescue volunteers and their rescued pets. Participants, along with their owners, were delightful and very supportive of our efforts.

  • Messersmith was absolutely right

    I do not know who Bob Messersmith is or what the Indivisible Steering Committee is, but he is absolutely right. He may have omitted the Trump proposal to uninsure 24 million Americans and cut taxes by $883 billion — $274 billion for the richest 2 percent, stripping $880 billion from Medicaid. He didn’t mention corporate socialism (fracking and nuclear “cost” recovery) for power companies, but that is the Florida Legislature that only believes in capitalism for people, not big business.

    Tom Donnelly

  • Find whistleblower — kill the messenger

    An hour after an airliner leaves Washington, the engines sputter and the flight becomes bumpy. The flight attendant announces, “the pilot has reported to the authorities in Washington that he believes continuing the flight is dangerous. We have been ordered to return to Washington to change pilots.”

    FBI Director James B. Comey publicly testified that there was “no information that supports” tweets by President Trump alleging wiretapping of his New York headquarters on the order of President Barack Obama.

  • We can make a new shelter a reality

    Huge thank you to those who have recently supported the initiative to raise funds to construct a new animal shelter for Citrus County. The proposed location will be centrally located within the county, thus increasing access and visitations. Logically, the more residents who visit the shelter, the more animal adoptions that will become a reality.