• Endorsement rebuttal: Fletcher best for school board Seat 5

    The success of a school district depends on the deep understanding of the board members who serve. I, Donna Fletcher, bring that perspective to the membership that is missing. Education has not only changed during the past 10 years, but it has changed, even more so, in the past 12 months. I have been a part of that change. As both a parent and employee, I recognize areas that should be reviewed for cost savings and improving processes. 

  • Clarifying ‘tax-happy’ comment
  • United Way campaign deserves support

    The United Way campaign this year embarks on new territory as five supremely competitive automotive businesses will join together to chair the “Drive Change Together” 2014-15 fundraising campaign.

    The collaborative move is unique and unprecedented as United Way Citrus County campaigns go, but with so much support in the chairman’s post, this year’s campaign promises to be memorable for the community.

  • Handicapped parking

    Instead of providing more handicapped parking spaces for the disabled, as suggested in the Chronicle of Aug 6, how about putting some effort into ensuring the existing spaces are being used by the truly needy? 

  • Disappointed voter

    I read this morning’s Chronicle (Monday, July 21) only to find out that according to some of our candidates for District 4, “JJ” Kenney has just totally ruined this county. He’s a one-man band, I guess. According to his competition for a seat on the Citrus County Commission, he has total control over all the good, bad or indifferent things that happen in the county.

  • ENDORSEMENT: Support for trade school advocated

    We have one of the best school districts in the state of Florida, and I want to keep it that way or even make it better.

    I have a certain passion that says not everyone is going to be college bound. Today, about 

  • ENDORSEMENT: Doug Dodd has my vote for school board

    This is an unusual endorsement. Recently, I was involved in a two-vehicle accident. As I dialed 911, I heard a voice suggest what I should say. It was Doug Dodd. I offered him the phone. He took it and gave the dispatcher the pertinent information needed. Then, he calmly managed the scene until an officer arrived. He briefed the officer spoke to the witnesses and myself before he left to resume his travels. 

  • ENDORSEMENT: Support McPheeters in BOCC election

    I am a senior citizen and I met Renee Christopher-McPheeters, candidate for Citrus County Commissioner District 2, at the West Citrus Community Center, which she has supported over the years. Myself and many friends from the center will be voting for Renee because she cares for seniors and will look out for us. 

    Get out and vote for Renee. We need at least one woman on the BOCC.

    Kay Johnson


  • Endorsement rebuttal: Kitchen offers new course for county

    I would like to thank the Chronicle for the outstanding job they did in defining the District 2 county commissioner race. The Chronicle stated “... only Kenney and Kitchen have the requisite leadership, experience and knowledge to effectively guide Citrus County for the next four years.” 

  • Endorsement rebuttal: Vote McPheeters for real change

    First of all, I firmly believe that I, Renee Christopher-McPheeters am the best candidate to serve the citizens of Citrus County as commissioner, District 2, and all registered Republicans in Citrus County can vote for me in the Republican primary, on or before Aug. 26.