• Correcting facts in Savvy Senior

    Re: Jim Miller Savvy Senior.

    Great article. I would have explained it a little differently as you made a big error, or missed the most important part.

    In 2016, Medicare premiums soared for new enrollees to a minimum of $121.80/month each and a maximum of $462.70/month each. This is in addition to your Supplement/Part D/Medicare Advantage premium. 

  • Looking for balanced news

    I watched the highly contentious Democratic debate Thursday night and expected to see coverage in the Friday paper. Since it wasn’t, I expected there would be coverage Saturday. Instead, there is a front page article about a GOP rudeness poll. 

    I subscribed to the Chronicle to get fair and balanced news. Do you think people aren’t watching? 

  • Investment tips could help seniors

    I read an awful lot about retired people here in Citrus County saying commissioners should not raise taxes or add any new ways to obtain income. My observation from reading the Chronicle is there must be an awful lot of retirees on fixed incomes. Social Security didn’t raise the amount they pay this year and have done this before, and so the retirees that depend on Social Security didn’t get an increase in income. This is a sad situation, but it can be dealt with.

  • Roads resurfacing and Suncoast 2

    About 10 years ago, the gas tax was raised here in Citrus and earmarked for street repair/resurfacing. It seems a large portion ended up in the general fund and got spent on everything but roads. 

  • Citrus County residents speak out

    Jim Kimbrough from Tampa Bay’s Regional Transportation Authority wants Citrus County elected officials to put in writing that Citrus County is a disposable community that should be paved over to better benefit future developers. Destroying quality of life in our community is of no consequence.

  • I love dogs, but leave them home

    Joanie Welch’s last letter prompted me to write this one and I hope she finds it interesting.

  • Suncoast 2 an expensive gamble

    I am so tired of the wishful thinking about the Suncoast Parkway 2 extension to State Road 44, known by some as the silver bullet for all of Citrus County’s economic problems.

  • BOCC employs politics of spite

    The maturity level on display by our commissioners oftentimes undermines their own ability to lead and to make sound and prudent decisions that will benefit our community. 

  • Two sides for every thorny issue

    Re: Harry Cooper letter, April 17 Chronicle.

  • What would Jesus do for the poor?

    Jesus wouldn’t spend less on feeding the poor, and more on war.

    I seriously doubt our politicians are actually Christians.

    David Waters