• Why continue to use the Electoral College?

    Once again, the Electoral College failed the progressives, so they desire to change the system to make their candidate win. However, they have not studied their Civics 101 and therefore are ignorant of the benefits of the system to all Americans. Without the Electoral College, not all Americans would be treated fairly in the presidential elections that are held every four years.

  • Letterwriter has fears absolutely wrong

    Ms. Dobronyl has it exactly correct about the fears of the nation, but she cited the incorrect fears. The racist statement that this election brought out the worst in White Americans is extremely offensive. Are these not the same plurality of Whites who elected Obama on two occasions? 

  • Gulf to Lakes Pilot Club thanks county

    The ladies of the Gulf to Lakes Pilot Club would like to thank the Citrus County Community for their support of our “Parade of Trees” fundraiser. Our event was a great success due to all of the tree and wreath purchasers, talented tree and wreath decorators and all the people who bought raffle tickets and bid on our live auction items. 

  • Thanks for successful Band Fest

    The IR-RU Family Social Club would like to thank everyone who came out on Sunday, Nov. 13, to support our third annual Band Fest Benefit for CUB. We had a wonderful turnout and we were able to raise $1,000, plus five overflowing boxes of toys and food for this worthwhile organization.

    We would like to give special mention to Steve Champagne for setting up all the sound and lighting equipment for our bands. Speaking of bands, if you missed this event, you missed some great talent. 

  • Veteran was touched by thank-you card

    To the families of Stark and Davis, I want to thank you for the very “special thank you card” given to me by a smiling young boy at the Veterans Day Parade. It brought a tear to this World War II veteran’s eyes. Thank you so much.

    Max Hetherington

    Citrus County

  • A holiday gift to the underappreciated

    Giving and receiving during the holiday season is joyful and even more so when the gift is to someone who could really use it. For example, family caregivers.

  • Thank you, sister

    About 10 1/2 years ago, my brother-in-law in Colorado was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. For the next two years, my sister was his only caregiver, and she did a wonderful job.

    Her husband was eventually put in the hospital for a short time, moved to hospice where he passed on. A few days ago, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. 

  • I hate Alzheimer’s Disease

    I just finished reading Gailen Spinkit’s article on Alzheimer’s. As I read it I kept thinking he’s writing about me. 

  • Sound Off caller was totally off base

    In some instances, calls without caller names to the Chronicle’s Sound Off bother me. In the Air Force, where I served for nearly 27 years including the Vietnam War, we described anonymous statements as an aircraft without wheels. (There is a more graphic description, but in the interest of being decent, I will not use that statement here). 

  • Pit bulls not different from other breeds

    Tyson was born as one of several puppies to a loving, protective mother. He played with his litter-mates, slept against his mother’s warm belly, and was unaware of his innocence and future.