• There are costs to shrinking government
  • How we can change campaign finance?

    Re: “Take money out of politics,” Deborah Spence, Letters to the Editor, Page A11, Dec. 31, 2014.

    Having been president and general manager of a business for a number of years and then turning the business over to my partner and teaching economics at the college level for 20 years before retiring some 25 years ago, I fully realize the position of Deborah Spence relative to the future of our country under a system controlled by the very wealthy for their benefit.

  • Contribute to charity instead of giving gifts

    Every year, we all get many gifts we don’t particularly care for or have no use for. The same thing happens on birthdays and anniversaries. Either way, it is money spent.

  • Getting money out of politics

    A letter in the Dec. 31 Chronicle recommended high-dollar political donations be made illegal. I agree — that is, if the same people who recommend that solution activate enough people who will work to support “responsible” candidates.

    In recent years, the solution has been to funnel dollars to campaigns, then just sit back and second-guess the motives of those who supply the dollars.

  • We don't want parkway

    I can see that the Chronicle, along with builders, think that the Suncoast Parkway II is a great idea. The stated reason always seems to be to provide relief for Interstate 75.

  • Show some understanding

    This is in response to the Jan. 6, 2015, article. How sad to have this result in our county as a result of the same-sex marriage federal court order.

    Many people will be denied what tax support has afforded them in the past. As a parent of a homosexual daughter in a long-term, committed relationship, this is hurtful. I can understand those that resent this court order, as I was in that group for part of my life.

  • Be skeptical

    I’m not one of those conspiracy theorists who believe scientists have been hijacked and bought by the left, but I do think we’ve been too quick to accept doomsday global warming scenarios envisioned by some. I believe the liberal media twists global warming science to cause panic.

  • Thanks to all

    Nature Coast Corvair Club would like express their heartfelt thanks to everyone who has made both our club and car show a great success for the past 16 years.

    During our last meeting of the club on Nov. 12, 2014, a motion was made and seconded to disband the club. A vote was taken and the majority of those present voted yes.

  • Thank you for 50 years and counting

    As we start the New Year, the Yankeetown-Inglis Woman’s Club would like to acknowledge all who have supported our efforts to “Make It Better” over the last 50 years. The Yankeetown Woman’s Club was founded in March 1965 by 66 women who wanted an outlet to give back to the community. In doing so, our small communities of Yankeetown and Inglis are thriving. 

  • Innocence of animals

    Not long ago, I met a little dog. As I strolled through the flea-market, I saw numerous cages, each housing a number of puppies, all for sale, anxiously waiting.

    I wore two sweatshirts that day because the wind was bitter cold. My nose was red and my hands felt numb as I wondered why I drove across town to torture myself on this particularly chilly day.