• Unhappy with road MSBU idea

    After reading your editorial of March 19 about the MSBU’s for road resurfacing, I had to read it a second time to make sure I clearly understood what you were saying. Have you taken leave of your senses? Have the county commissioners take leave of their senses?

  • Move America into 21st Century

    On March 12, President Barack Obama signed an executive order directing the labor department to review the rules for workers receiving overtime pay. I can just hear some people. “He is redistributing wealth! He is a dictator! Impeach him!”

  • Cartoon deserves Bible quote

    In response to your editorial cartoon of March 22, I quote Matthew 22:29: “You are mistaken, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.” God never needs rest, but He did cease creating when that work was finished.

    Isaiah 40:28 says, “Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary ...” 

    Charlene Dawe


  • It’s hard for me to understand

    If you haven’t been to Oak Village in the past decade, I invite you to come and travel our main street, Oak Village Boulevard. It is a beautiful, well-maintained, two-lane road that traverses the entire north and south limits of Oak Village. The two lanes are separated by a 20- foot-wide median strip that is filled with grass and live oak trees. Although this beautiful median is dutifully cared for by the residents of Oak Village, they don’t own it. 

  • Bay cleanup obstacles unfortunate

    I read the article in Thursday’s paper (March 20) that Art Jones of One Rake At A Time has resigned from the Save Crystal River organization because of politics and the fact that they would like to see the manatee downgraded.

    I have worked with One Rake at a Time and also have offered any assistance I can to SCR because the issue in the King’s Bay is way bigger than some political view or opinions of the status of the manatee.

  • Be part of the solution

    I am writing today because I cannot understand why so many Floridians seem so taken by the misinformation regarding health care insurance. During the past 30 years, have not their premiums gone up every year for private insurance policies? If you have had a major health event or a chronic disease, have you ever been denied insurance or had to take out a costly high-risk policy? 

  • Oligarchs not exclusive to GOP

    I read with some amusement Gene Lyons’ list of oligarchs (Behind the American Oligarchy, Citrus County Chronicle, March 28). If he had taken off his liberal rose-colored glasses, he might have seen and included San Franciscan Tom Steyer, Moveon.org’s George Soros and Al Gore. All are financially successful, as are the Koch brothers, and use their wealth to promote their liberal political agendas.

    Terry Coats

    Crystal River

  • Children shouldn't have been born

    Carl Hiaasen’s column “How many babies must be buried?” is a gut-wrenching report of 477 children who suffered and died in Florida because of neglect and brutality. His report covers only a few victims, since every night there is a story of child neglect and misery. In the past couple of days, there was a report of eight children in one family horribly abused by their parents. 

  • Thank you, volunteers

    Delivering exceptional care with kindness and compassion is about personal connection. It’s about taking the time to talk to patients and their loved ones about support, assistance and making them feel more comfortable.

    Volunteers play a key role in providing that personal touch. They make a difference by offering a smile or kind words, assisting someone in need or lending a helping hand to make a patient or family member more comfortable.

  • Need help, please

    I need someone to help me with a problem. I have a new home. They didn’t grade the side of the house with enough back fill and when it rains I have water settling like a lake over flowing into the garage and mulch all over the driveway. Builder does not want to know about it.

    Could you help me? I do not know who to call for help. Please tell me who to talk to in the county or city.

    Thank you very much.

    Philip Dito, Inverness