• Homosassa Special Water District Seat 2

    My wife and I live in Homosassa and have known Dennis Seibert ever since we arrived here. He first ran for Homosassa Special Water District commissioner 24 years ago because he felt that it was not being run like a business and needed someone with a business background, and the people of Homosassa are glad he did. He and the board have done a great job keeping taxes and rates down while protecting our valuable resource of drinking water. 

  • Vote Joey White for District 2

    With all the power play that is becoming more prevalent in our small community setting, it is becoming crystal clear that we need independent thinkers elected to the Board of County Commissioners. 

  • Do you want it or not?

    Chronicle publisher Gerry Mulligan seems to believe that the referendum proposing a one percent sales tax on discretionary items will fail. 

    He may be right. It could fail because we Americans just don’t like taxes. 

    Well, there’s good news. There is a system whereby all government services are offered free: socialism. 

  • Capitalism works

    Nancy Nehring’s letter “Raising wages raises prosperity” is some really bad economics. It is full of obsolete data, unconstitutional thought, and is an outright plea for socialism, or worse. It’s based on Obama’s agenda of class warfare and fair share economics.  

  • How to fund fire service in Citrus County

    There were three ways to fund the fire service when the consultants gave their reports to the Citrus County Board of Commissioners. If we can go back and look at all the options we will find a solution and be able to go forward. Just maybe we should have taken option 2 instead of option 3 due to the poverty rate in this county, as stated by Scott Adams.

  • Thanks for making health expo a success

    On behalf of the Business Women’s Alliance of the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce, thank-you to the 1,300 Citrus County community members who attended the 2014 Women’s Health and Fitness Expo on Sept. 27 at the Crystal River Mall. You told us that day how much you appreciated having access to so many experts in many fields of health, wellness and fitness.

  • Thanks for tournament help

    On behalf of the Citrus County Veterans Foundation Inc. we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the many sponsors and donors who contributed to the great success of our 10th annual golf tournament.

    Our heartfelt thank you to each of the following sponsors: Aaron A. Weaver Chapter 776 Military Order of the Purple Heart; All Prestige Auto; American Legion Post 

  • Disingenuous research

    Common Core opponents frequently refer to Dr. James Milgram’s critique of the math standards to support their assertion that the standards are not rigorous enough — don’t prepare students for algebra in the eighth grade, etc. — even while complaining that the kindergarten math standards are too hard and “developmentally inappropriate.”

  • Thank you for insightful letter

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for including the article submitted by Citizens for Informed Teens, dated Sunday, Sept. 28, in the Opinion section. It is so refreshing to see an attempt being made for our adolescents in regards to safe-sex practice and support for the LGBT youth. The fact is too many are dying from suicide or sick from the misinformation and support. I would like to see many more articles in a larger format and forum that support both.

  • Let cool air flow

    My take on air conditioning the animal shelter is I’m 100 percent for it. These people against it should put on a fur and turn off the air conditioner. Bet it wouldn’t take long to change their mind. Please, please, let the cool air flow.

    Joyce Neeld, Crystal River