• Failure to serve voters

    Once again, Commissioner Scott Carnahan’s behavior is puzzling. At Tuesday’s meeting of the county commission, there was a discussion and vote regarding new appointments to the PDC (Planning and Development Commission). Out of the blue, Carnahan brought up the school board’s representation on the PDC, in particular Chuck Dixon. Dixon is, I believe, a planner and has direct involvement in the placement of new schools in the county based on projected need.

  • PDC, BOCC: Listen up
  • Board's failures glaring

    I am going to get straight to the point: People are leaving Citrus County. As I see it, things are getting worse in Citrus County, and the latest decisions by the Board of County Commissioners aren’t helping. 

  • Republicans, we must vote in droves
  • Thanks to all for your well wishes

    The family of the late David Langer wishes to express their deep appreciation to those who have offered such kindness, support, messages of sympathy and comfort in our bereavement. We especially wish to thank the following: 

  • The choice is yours

    Over 80 years ago, President Franklin Roosevelt — a Democrat — signed into law the Social Security Act. At the time, he said, “These three great objects — the security of the home, the security of livelihood, and the security of Social Insurance — are, it seems to me, a minimum of the promise that we can offer to the American people.”

  • Vote country over party
  • Governor's failures are voters' failures

    It has become apparent Gov. Rick Scott, throughout his career in private business and as a constitutionally elected official, has displayed a special arrogance relating to moral and lawful responsibility.

  • Times change

    I decide to rescue them from the wardrobe upstairs where they have spent some 40 years together. I have just the perfect resting place for them between the towels on the shelf of my grandfather’s cabinet in the bedroom. 

  • Dock closure surprises some

    Without any advance notice, the Fort Island fishing pier was closed for maintenance. This was the best place for me to take my 88-year-old, wheelchair-bound mother fishing. 

    While the dock is showing its age, it was still OK to use, and no work has even begun in over a week. The dock should have been kept open, at least until the maintenance started, and it is my hope that the town does the work in the minimum amount of time. We can’t wait to get our favorite dock back.