• Carly Fiorina and the GOP lie factor

    As a child in the lower grades, my friends and I would chant “liar, liar pants on fire” to the proverbial fibbers who tried to deceive us with their pointless lies. The same thing holds true with Carly Fiorina. 

  • False ideologies of the 2nd Amendment

    That in the 21st century the country’s citizens could pick up their guns and overthrow the most powerful military in the world. In the war starting in 1776, it took the French with ships and cannons to help us win our independence. In a Democratic society we use the ballot box — we vote — do you?

  • Dog’s Houdini days are over

    Betsy Lou was frightened and lost, shivering in the murky waters of Lake Tsala Apopka. She was unable to free her legs, caught in thick moss though she was not far from shore.

    Brittany spaniels are naturally drawn to water. Known as flushing and retrieving canines, Betsy’s instincts most likely led her to the unfamiliar trap she walked into, several hours previously. Though an amazing swimmer, she was at a complete loss as to direction and places memorized. Betsy Lou is blind.

  • Adoption notices working

    As a volunteer at the Citrus County Animal Shelter working exclusively with the shelter cats, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the adopters recently who took cats and kittens home to their new, forever homes. 

  • Food drive collects 39,394 pounds

    The “Make A Difference Day Post Office Food Drive” on Saturday, Oct. 24, was a huge success again this year. Residents of Citrus County once again responded generously and donated 39,394 pounds of food to help those in our community who are hungry and need our support in these difficult times.

  • Neighborhood association heavy handed

    In the last two or so weeks, there have been some articles on Sugarmill Woods, but nothing on the association. 

    Granted, associations are added so neighborhoods are kept clean and rules enforced. I do not like this one. House cleaning would be in order, to bring in fresh ideas, and not roam the neighborhoods like the Gestapo. It’s too bad some people are given power and run with it. Rules seem to change often. 

  • Thanks for your support of veterans

    Thanks to all the volunteers who for the last 23 years have made Veterans Appreciation Week a success. It gets bigger and better every year. Many of them are the leaders of veterans and other organizations. The planning for this starts in March and continues every month until the event. 

    I also want to thank the Chronicle for sponsoring this and other events so important to our community. 

    Chris Gregoriou, chairman

  • Gun rights should not be usurped
  • Clinton knew Benghazi attack was planned

    The Chronicle headline that appeared in the Oct. 23 issue featured Hillary Clinton battling hours of questions from the Benghazi Committee.

    This Associated Press article portrayed Mrs. Clinton as a victim who successfully defended her record. If an unbiased person would look beyond decorum and examine the substance of certain portions of the hearings, they would conclude that Hillary Clinton, her State Department employees and the White House lied to the American people.

  • All rights are equal

    In rebuttal to John Rabun’s letter, published on Oct. 30: The 2nd Amendment is no more outdated that the 1st Amendment. When the Bill of Rights was added to the U.S. Constitution, the only means of public speech was either that, the spoken word, or a newspaper. The only firearms available were muskets and/or crude rifles and handguns, each only able to fire one shot at a time.