• Commissioners fail to listen

    No one is home. Nor is anyone listening. That is my take after attending several commission meetings. The demeanor and look on commissioners’ faces seem to indicate their minds are already made up before anyone addresses them. 

  • Scott deserves re-election

    It is time to take a realistic look at Gov. Scott’s record. Initially, he had to make many changes in Tallahassee. Some people got hurt, but when changes have to be made that always happens. Charlie left us deeply in debt and with massive job losses. It was not reasonable to continue the spending pattern and raise taxes like the state of Illinois did.

  • Something to remember this month

    October begins Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a breast cancer survivor, I would like to share a few things that I have learned. If you have been told that you have dense breasts, please request more than a mammogram. Dense breasts make it difficult to read your mammogram; even tumors that are quite large can be missed. Mine was missed, and I should have asked for a more thorough screening. I relied on the mammogram and was not aware of the mammogram’s shortcomings.

  • POA should have sought input on fence

    My wife and I purchased our property in 1999 and still live in our home that was constructed that year. We enjoy Pine Ridge and the equestrian-type area that resembles a “horse ranch.” Even though our home is not located in that area, it enhances the value of all of the homeowners’ properties within the subdivision.

  • An argument in favor of 1-cent tax

    This editorial comment will attempt to differentiate the cost to the public via the one cent gas option verses the MSBU option for providing the needed county road maintenance.

    The front-page article in the newspaper on Sunday Sept. 28 was very well done and the information provided regarding use of taxes on road works was very definitive. I wish there would have been more information regarding MSBU fees that would be assessed for maintaining the county roads.

  • Figuring out the fence
  • Athletic complex will change character of area

    I was reading the news article that you wrote about the Seven Rivers athletic complex that will be on West Southern Street. The school says it’ll be an asset to the county. I don’t see how, when no one in the county gets to enjoy it unless they attend that school. 

  • Outstanding care from staff of imaging facility
  • Say no to motel, yes to environment

    Attached are my comments on a pending development proposal involving Pirate’s Cove near Ozello, requesting a change in zoning to permit construction of a 72-unit motel, restaurant and other related structures and changes. 

  • Note staff's influence on legislators

    In the Sept. 10 edition of the Chronicle’s editorial page there was a letter titled “Term limits make some sense.”

    The author of that letter made some good points, and for a long time, I held a similar point of view. I would like to take this opportunity to point out some of the built-in risks of adopting that point of view without caution.