• I am for Mike Klyap for sheriff

    It is with immense pleasure and honor, I give my full support to Michael Klyap Jr. NPA candidate for Citrus County sheriff. Mike has been a resident and dutifully served our community since 1987. With over 30 years of combined military and civilian police experience under his belt, I have complete confidence in his ability and qualifications to be our next sheriff. 

  • Compromise is the only way forward

    Warren Taylor (a Bernie Sanders supporter), in his letter to the Chronicle on 10/9 indicates that my letter of 8/9 was not based on reality.” 

    Mr. Taylor is correct, as the Chronicle felt it necessary to edit out several portions of paragraphs and sentences from my submission which resulted in a different take on my intended message. While the Chronicle has the right to edit, I regret that it mislead Mr. Taylor.

  • Leave the hatred, not common sense

    After Donald Trump announced his run for the white house and began making his value system known to the world, he became the first major party presidential candidate in history who was not supported by “special interests and political operatives.” He developed the major portion of his following by arguing that the existing system is corrupt and he was going to use his own money so that he would be indebted to no one.

  • Thank you all for event’s success

    The Spanish American Club of Citrus County (fondly known as SAC) is a local nonprofit organization and has been in existence in Citrus County for 29 years. Throughout these years, SAC has given over $50,000 in scholarships to Citrus County High School graduates. In order to accomplish this goal, we hold a special a fundraiser each year to raise funds.

  • Recall the founding tenets

    I am so proud of my great-great-grandfather Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Maryland, (born 1737, died 1832), who at the age of 39, along with 55 other men, conceived the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Grandfather brought his family to this new land to escape the dictatorial leadership of an organized, established Church of England reigned over by King George. Although he was Catholic, he did not believe in the Pope either having the authority of a dictatorial government.

  • Vin Scully best baseball voice

    Los Angeles Dodgers announcer Vin Scully retired recently at 88 years of age, 67 of those years as a Dodgers announcer.

    Growing up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan in New York City in the 1950s, I remember watching the Dodgers games on WOR-TV Channel 9, and hearing Vinnie do the play-by-play alongside Red Barber and Connie Desmond. I was just a kid at the time.

  • Life would be better with transportation

    Just thinking about long ago.

  • Driving today a challenge

    Years ago, I was an over-the-road truck driver. It was a major career change, but I was never one to fall into the 30-years-at-one-job rut, and being daring and versatile has always been commonplace. My parents said I was hyper and had a short attention span; today, everyone has ADHD instead.

  • Letter not based on reality

    Larry Colucci’s letter is nothing less than a full assault on reality!

    You said, “Trump supporters are more interested in a government that doesn’t lie to them.”

    In fact — the independent Politifact.com compared Clinton and Trump for truthfulness and accuracy, Trump’s score was True 9, Mostly True 27, Half True 35, Mostly False 42, False 84, Pants on Fire Lie 44.

  • Qualities of leadership I look for

    I don’t care if Trump never paid taxes. I don’t care about another persons infidelity. I don’t care about emails. I don’t care who did or did not do whatever it may be. I don’t care about how much money someone has. I don’t care about how another couple lives their lives. Compromises are made in every relationship. Everyone lives the life they’ve adjusted to or are trapped into.