• You call this a family newspaper?

    This past Sunday (March 15), I open the Chronicle and reading through the paper, WHOA! I see a woman whose breasts are swollen in an advertisement. Then as I go on, there’s an ad for erectile dysfunction in glaring large print.

  • Beware — there are scammers everywhere

    When there is a death in the family, normally the deceased party’s name, age, address, time and place of viewing and internment are listed in the obituary. Many people, particularly of a certain age, read them daily in the newspaper.

    Unfortunately, there are thieves who read them also, knowing family members will be attending the viewing and internment, leaving the residence of the deceased vacant during those hours.

  • Ignoring residents of Citrus Springs

    Recently we have seen many guest columns in the Chronicle by Edna Mattos, Chief Goodworth and Sheriff Dawsy promoting the Citrus County Fire Service MSBU.

  • Socialism destroying U.S. education system

    I have been crying in the woods for years that socialism has destroyed our educational system. Now comes proof in a recent study just released by the researchers at Princeton-based Educational Testing Service (ETS).

  • Keep beliefs to thyself

    Re: Mr. Cole’s letter to the editor. 

    As the sheriff’s office advises us: Do not answer your door unless you know who is on the other side. Although this advice was to prevent home invasions, it also keeps intruders who would lecture on their brand of religion out. Sorry, we have become trapped in our own homes, but that’s the way it is. 

  • Project doesn't fit neighborhood

    Modifying the comprehensive plan and the land use regulations to allow a 110-unit hotel on Halls River Road would be preferential treatment, with disregard for environmental concerns.

    It is inconsistent with the current development in the community to allow a four-story hotel on these wetlands. This would open Pandora’s Box for further unbridled development.

    Robert Jeeves


  • Praying for turnaround

    I was not surprised in the least by Harley Lawrence’s letter of enlightenment posted last week, “Too close for comfort.” Unfortunately too many Americans continue to allow themselves to be propagandized by the media, who are nothing less than dishonest. They bash Fox News because the truth is not comfortable or convenient to hear. 

  • In favor of the MSBU

    Dear Chairman Adams & Members:

    We write in favor of retaining the MSBU. Although we dislike paying any more taxes than necessary, we are convinced that the taxpayers of the county have already received more “bang for our buck” than many other taxes, and we will continue to do so.

  • A very satisfied merchant

    We opened The Cotton Club in Heritage Village in 1999. We have continued to be bigger and better each year. Success doesn’t always come easy. We have worked many long and hard hours paying attention to every detail and catering to our customers’ needs. It has had its rewards. After 15 years we were able to purchase our own building and continue to be a part of Heritage Village.

  • What’s there when you need it

    There are lots of things that take place behind the scenes that we don’t know about but are always there most of the time. For example.