• All lives matter

    Kudos to Rebecca Bagley for her moving letter, “Today I’m awake.”

    As an octogenarian, it was encouraging to know that one so young wisely picked up on the malaise of our country; namely, ignorance, insensitivity and indifference.

  • Apply law evenly
  • America is back

    America has spoken. The majority of those who are aware of what has happened to our country in recent years registered their displeasure. Now, with an overwhelming change in leadership, along with retention of leaders who will work to improve our nation, our political leaders have a great opportunity before them. All concerned citizens need to stay alert to ensure that our new leadership does not become compromised.

  • The cost of no fees

    Apparently the new commission has decided to place a moratorium on the impact fees. Commissioner Scott Adams believes this will boost the confidence of taxpayers (how?), Commissioner Scott Carnahan believes it will attract a tangible and broader tax base, while Commissioner Ron Kitchen believes that with no growth there should be no need for the funds.

  • Thanks for your help

    On behalf of the animals at the Citrus County Animal Shelter, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Inverness Business Leaders (Inverness Olde Towne Association Inc.) for donating the proceeds of the K9 Karnival to Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection. This generous donation will allow CCFAP to provide medical help, rescue, and other comforts needed by the animals during their stay at the shelter. 

  • Matter of perspective

    There are county youths growing up in households that are very much lacking in affluence. What progressives call poverty makes itself apparent in myriad ways, yet many of us are able to avoid the signs. Granted, sometimes what we see or hear is hard to grasp. 

  • Thanks for coverage

    We had wonderful, comprehensive coverage in the Chronicle for the women in the military luncheon, held Nov. 10 at the GFWC Crystal River Woman’s Club. We appreciate the veterans who served.

    Carla Nicklas

  • Poor experience in ER

    I am a recent transplant from Minnesota and had my first experience in the emergency room on Friday, Nov. 21, at Citrus Memorial Hospital, and let me tell you, in all my years I have never seen anything like this before. 

  • One visit is not enough

    Commissioner Ron Kitchen and a few of his supporters recently went to the Citrus County Animal Shelter for a scheduled tour. I have seen remarks from one of them that the shelter was clean and adequately staffed. Commissioner Kitchen said he would reserve his remarks for the workshop, but said he expected worse from what he had heard. 

  • Thanks for helping!

    The Great Florida Yard Sale and Elite Services & Events LLC would like to thank all sponsors, official sale sites, official vendors, vendors and shoppers who came out to Citrus County from all over Florida.

    We had an amazing weekend. Vendors selling their wares like crazy, with many local businesses having one of the busiest weekends in a long time. The U.S. 19 sale was a great success for all from Homosassa to the Crystal River Mall.