• Sweeping Obama’s policies out of the way

    It’s Independence Day, all Americans should reflect on their vision for the United States of America and consider if they love this nation enough to ensure its continued growth, success, and survival throughout the 21st century.

    When my children were born, I wanted only the best for them and I wanted to leave this world a better place than I found it. I imagine that our Founding Fathers, too, were motivated by their love of God, family, friends, and country.

  • Obama administration failing
  • Tort reform needed

    Check the extensive number of attorneys and law firms in the phone directory. Why so many in this profession? Potential wealth in a potentially short-time period. Litigation attorneys/firms need just one “good” class action against a small company or large corporation. The potential for a huge source of income at consumer expense.

  • Bad deal for all

    If this is printed, I accept that Meadowcrest is a done deal and sour grapes cannot undo it, but some facts should definitely be brought forward.

    Les Cook has gained our confidence since ending the controversy with Duke Energy, and rightly so! His staff member has informed me that, in general, taxable assessed value for all properties in Citrus County is approximately 85 percent of fair market value.

  • Thank you for your support

    After 33 years of service in the property appraiser’s office, I was elected on June 20 at the point of qualification without opposition. Thanks to the support of the citizens of Citrus County, I will now complete the remaining two-year term as your elected property appraiser. I deeply appreciate the confidence you have shown in my abilities and qualifications.

  • Money well spent?

    There have been several call-ins printed in the Chronicle against spending money on a new animal shelter.

    What about the money spent on prisons, feeding, clothing, medical and dental care for those incarcerated? Also, if the male head of the household is in prison and thereby not working, there are food stamps, Medicaid, etc., for their children.

    I never had a cat or dog steal my car, snatch my handbag, break into my house and steal my TVs, computer, or electronic gear, etc.

  • The moon and Mexico

    In response to Kathy in Inverness: If we can put a man on the moon, I am sure we can build a wall on the border. 

    Barbara McAdams

  • The people's rebellion in Cuba

    With all due respect for E. D. Garcia’s rebuttal to Mary Gregory’s letter to the editor on Cuba’s conditions before and after the revolution, I would like to comment that opinions about Cuba depend on which socioeconomic group you came from, and your education on the facts of the time period. 

  • Thanks for the help

    This is a special note of thanks to all of the public employees that helped us last week following a serious mishap in our driveway.

    With two adults and one child lying in our driveway after being struck by a vehicle, we dialed 911 and the response was almost instantaneous.

  • Stop the bickering

    We live in a wonderful place for many reasons. We have many challenges that face our community and need “serious” leaders to set aside personal matters and do the people’s work.