• Dog owners should use common sense

    Taught as a child, using common sense as an adult, and remembering that dogs are animals and can be unpredictable, I refrain from approaching canines who don’t know me.

  • Webster gave us nothing at meeting

    As a concerned Citrus County voter who attended Congressman Daniel Webster’s Meet and Greet session on Tuesday, I was very disappointed at his refusal to accept any questions or to listen to his constituents.

  • Thanks for your support

    The Beverly Hills Surveillance Unit (BHSU) would like to thank the following contributors to our annual Officers Installation celebration. Your generosity is appreciated by all our members.

    We are a volunteer organization that is dependent on the contributions we receive from the public to purchase our uniforms and maintain our operating expenses. The sheriff’s office provides our patrol cars and gas and maintenance.

    We thank the following individuals and businesses for your support.

  • Thanks for remembering

    On behalf of the 20,000-plus military veterans residing in Citrus County, particularly from veterans and family members in attendance that evening, I would like to thank the Inverness Primary School for their 22nd annual Veterans Dinner on Feb. 10. The program and food were excellent, as were the patriotic songs sung by the students, bringing tears to the eyes of many of us as you remembered and honored our service to America.

  • Trump critics aren’t being realistic

    Stupidity is reaching epidemic levels. Trump is a fascist. He’s a racist. He’ll be another Hitler.

    Is the LGBTQ community being herded into concentration camps? Is the Trumpstapo quietly eliminating the disabled? Is he planning a final solution for someone? Is he experimenting on pregnant women looking for the genetic code to build an orange-haired master race? Gimme a break!

  • C.R. 491 overlay decision short-sighted

    My concern is with Commissioners Scott Carnahan and Ron Kitchen negating the need for the medical center overlay in Lecanto on County Road 491. After reviewing the lack of growth in our county and having a low amount of work candidates to draw high tech businesses to our county, I cannot understand why this overlay project would be denied. 

  • We must provide sex information

    The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)have declared this week as defunding abstinence-only sex education week. This asks for funding to also teach age-appropriate comprehensive sex education.

    This type of education and information on sexuality and sexual health can prevent unwanted pregnancy, STDs and HIV.

  • Thanks for a successful event

    The 10th Annual African American Read-In was held to bring our community together to promote literacy. It was enthusiastically received by a diverse audience of approximately 250 attendees at the Learning and Conference Center on the College of Central Florida’s Citrus campus on Sunday, Feb. 26.

  • Webster a friend to District 11

    Recently, we’ve seen several letters printed regarding Congressman Dan Webster’s meet-and-greet at his new office. Seems some were there to pepper him with questions and a self-serving agenda designed to harass the congressman.

  • An idea for Trump's agenda

    In a recent letter to the editor, the author claims “the proposed ban on fracking in Florida is yet another action that prevents progress and goes against the vision our Founders had for America.” He concludes, “it is time we all act and stand up for America and the things that will help her and her people grow.”

    I’m out of bed and standing.