• Take closer look into development

    Editor’s note: A copy of this letter was sent to county commissioners on Oct. 30.

  • Thanks for support of Rolling Thunder event

    Rolling Thunder Florida Chapter 7 would like to thank all who participated in our Poker Run held on Oct. 25 for the benefit of Operation Welcome Home and the Homeless Veterans of Citrus County. The weather was perfect for cruising through the country side whether it was by motorcycle or that 1980 corvette. You all contributed to the success of the day.

  • You helped make a difference

    The “Make A Difference Day Post Office Food Drive” was a huge success this year.  Residents of Citrus County once again responded and donated 44,659 pounds of food to help those in our community who are hungry and need our support in these difficult times.  The amount collected was a 7 percent increase over last year.

  • Thanks to donors, sponsors, attendees
  • Empower enforcers

    This is not totally about the height of the grass. The problem is the code enforcement officers can’t write a ticket unless a person calls in and makes a complaint. Rather than the county being proactive, it is totally reactive. We have five people in a department that go around every day and drive right by problems because they have been told not to write these up unless there is a complaint by a citizen. 

  • Changes suggested for hospital board

    First let me say thank you to the Chronicle for adding the Parade Magazine to the Sunday paper. It may be more expensive for you to supply it but I for one now read this magazine cover to cover (the previous one - not so much).

  • NIH wastes its budget

    I was amazed by the blatant dishonesty in Cokie Roberts and hubby Steve’s editorial “Sometimes, big problems need big solutions” in the Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014, Chronicle. They operate on the Democratic Party principle that we are all dumber than a brick and will accept just about anything they can make up. They could be right. However let’s look at the few facts they offer in their plea for bigger government and more spending.

  • 'Of our own making'

    Great article by Doc Dixon on Sunday! Concise, factual and insightful to anyone with a brain and an open mind. No doubt he will be attacked by the low-information crowd! His last paragraph summarized what I’ve heard many times over the years: This government and our problems are “a product of our own making.” In other words, as a country, we get what we deserve! Amen!

  • Defining what a burden is

    How much is too much of a burden when it comes to being an American? As a Republic, Americans are required to engage with our government at all levels and in all ways. Many of those ways create burdens, but that’s the deal we accept when we live under the rule of law and decide who represents us in government. It’s a two-way street.

  • Future bright for hospital

    THE ISSUE: A new day for Citrus Memorial.
    OUR OPINION: Fresh start welcomed by all.