• Make neutering, spaying mandatory

    Citrus County Animal Control picked up 185 dogs and cats March and took them to the shelter (103 dogs; 82 cats). There were 155 in February and 162 in January; 502 dogs and cats in the last three months lost or abandoned. 

    The good news is many were returned home safely and the shelters save rate is up. Why? 

  • Let business cover health insurance

    My take on the issue of the 14 part-time employees being dropped from their insurance is, why are the commissioners covered? 

  • Florida needs clean energy

    Florida is a beautiful state, with some of the most outstanding waterways and springs in the world, that we want to believe will thrive in the coming years as we protect our waters from overdevelopment and industrial chemicals. 

  • Looking to register as independent voter

    The letter about voting as an independent in Tuesday’s paper prompted me to respond: What do I have to do to make this possible? I have not lived here very long.

    Charlotte Langley


    Editor’s note: Visit the elections office at 120 N. Apopka Ave., Inverness, or call 352-341-6740.

  • Reporter deserves thanks for article

    Re: Mike Bates, Chronicle reporter. 

    Thank you very much for your kindness in writing the well-written article about my recently published book entitled “Whistle Blower and Double Agents.” I particularly appreciated the fact that you took the time to research the book and my background. 

    Again, thanks a million!

    Ruth J. Anderson


  • Audit should have stayed in house

    In response to the May 9 letter to the editor by Charles P. Knecht Sr. — I never said Ms. Vick did not have approval of the Board of County Commissioners to do the audit on the landfill. Those are Charles Knecht’s words, not mine. My whole point was that the cost of the audit that was done by the Pinellas County Clerk of Court could have been zero or much less than it was had it been done in-house by the Citrus County Clerk of Court.

  • Disregard of natural beauty disappointing
  • Leave yapping dogs at home

    Your article on service dogs (May 8) was a long-time coming. There’s a reason why they are identified as service dogs. People need them to get around. Service dogs can tell if someone needs insulin or is having a seizure. Of course, there are seeing-eye dogs. 

    I have seen people bring their small, yappie dogs into grocery stores.  It’s against health codes. Suppose the health department decides to come in that day. Someone is going to pay a fine. 

  • America: Democracy or an oligarchy?

    Is our nation the democracy/republic we were taught it is in school? Or is what we have actually a government influenced, controlled by a privileged few, a clique perhaps?

    Consider: Would George W. Bush, with his blemished military record and unremarkable intellect, ever have been governor of Texas, then president of the world’s most powerful nation — red phone by his bedside and all — had his father not preceded him as a president? 

  • Impact fees should never be reinstatated

    A refund was required for the people who had paid their impact fee between Oct. 1, 2006, and Sept. 30, 2007. They were entitled to a partial refund. They were not notified by mail because of the work that would have been required to identify them.