• Letter writer not a CCSO employee

    Is Edna Mattos the new spokesperson for the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO)? She writes a lot of letters regarding issues with the CCSO. Some letters in the past contained details and information that only someone within the office would have access to. If she is now an employee, she should disclose her position.

    Gisela Taudte



  • A slippery slope we shouldn't ride

    Just who do you think holds the most of the United States’ national debt of over $18 trillion? The debt holders are those countries, companies, government departments or people that buy, invest in, United States Bonds, notes and treasuries.

    Everyone talks about China being the biggest holder of U.S. debt — not true. If you are interested in finding out about the U.S. debt, go to http://tinyurl.com/atevc65.

  • Fact say ammo in fire poses low risk

    I read the article published on Saturday about the trailer fire and first, let me say my heart goes out to the family for their loss, but I must comment on the erroneous implications in the story concerning stored ammunition. You imply stored ammunition somehow presents an inordinate hazard to firefighters involved in a structural fire.

  • Confusing clubhouse with HOA

    I would like to refer to an article in Sound Off on July 4 concerning Crystal Oaks clubhouse. I am a resident of Crystal Glen, but have been a member for roughly 3 1/2 years. 

    Let’s start with the remark, “the Crystal Oaks clubhouse is hardly used and is only used by people that have little cliques here and there.” 

    The clubhouse is used on a daily basis by card players and swimmers, which I am sure are friends and families.

  • Kudos to Adams for staying on CCA

    Kudos to Citrus County Commission Chairman Scott Adams for seeking further discussion on contractual arrangements, reports and studies about the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and the growing downside of privately run jails and prisons.

  • NASCAR headed nowhere, fast

    Just when you think that NASCAR can’t get any weirder, they prove you wrong.

    NASCAR founder Bill France was a racer, a super promoter and forged a great organization in the late 1950s. Over the years, subsequent people in charge have made one dumb rule change after another.

  • Not my ideal for our country

    Judging mostly from birth certificate records, anyone would consider me an older person, and yet I am so happy.

    No, I have not lost my mind; on the contrary, I feel happy because it is obvious I have lived the very best years our wonderful country has had.

    For instance, on my last visit today to a very popular store, I spent a great deal of time observing customers in the store. I was truly amazed, but at the same time sad to see so many wearing tattoos.

  • Volunteers needed

    The Citrus County Right to Life has been in existence since 1982. Since that time only a handful of churches has joined forces with us to contest abortion and other life issues on a consistent basis. 

  • Let wild animals be wild animals

    Let wild animals be wild animals

    Margo Blum recently pointed out that “wild animals are a heritage for our upcoming generations worldwide.” I totally agree with her as long as the animals remain in the wild.

    The public is becoming aware of how wild animals suffer in captivity in circuses, zoos, pseudo-rescue refuges, SeaWorld etc. These businesses exist to make money by using animals. They are now being exposed for covering up their atrocities.

  • Local clubhouse run by volunteers

    Regarding Sue Carscadden’s letter re. Crystal Oaks Civic Assc. (COCA). Your right in that it’s mostly seniors who go down to the club to play cards and socialize. We can’t cater to people (younger than 65) that aren’t members. We really don’t cater to people at all. If any member wants to play cards, exercise, swim, picnic, using both the full kitchen and the BBQ pit, they can.