• Some facts about energy subsidies

    Re: Roger Dobronyi letter “Renewable energy is smart thinking,” Jan. 21.

    In his first statement, he says, “... this company is based in Israel and is backed wholly by venture capital. That means no U.S. tax dollars involved.”

  • Manatee Fest Run organizers thank you
  • Ted LaPorte, rest in peace

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends in Citrus County for the outpouring of love and support following the death of my husband, Ted LaPorte. A special thank you to my Altrusa sisters and to all those who wrote on Ted’s Legacy page in the Chronicle and those of you who attended his committal at Bushnell.

  • Medicare fraud disgraceful

    Your editorial on Medicare fraud, the latest Citrus County disgrace — lying, fraud, cheating, kickback scams and God knows what else you have to hide. We haven’t reached the bottom yet. 

    Where are the names? The politics? The political positions? These people are pros: CEOs, doctors, lawyers. They can stand the heat. The names will get out. They almost always do. 

    To even suggest Obamacare is Florida’s scapegoat is a cop-out.  

  • Cruz can be influenced

    After Ted Cruz’s appearance on the Fox News Sunday show, I cannot support him now.

    He stated his vote change on the ethanol gas subsidies bill was the result of misleading information given to him by his staff. This vote change occurred after a discussion with Pat Roberts, senator from Kansas. It is reported that Pat said something to the effect “If you vote to end ethanol subsidies you are in trouble in Iowa.”

  • Keep kicking Social Security can down the road

    Dear Rep. Nugent,

    Thank you for your prompt response to my last letter regarding Social Security. While I agree with some of your ideas, I am not convinced Congress will do anything to correct the problems facing Social Security today.

  • Snowbirds do not trash the county

    This letter is in response to some of the articles I have read in your paper about snowbirds.

    I am a snowbird, and I cannot believe how some people feel about people who come to Florida.

    When Florida people come (to) upstate New York we love to have them; we do not accuse them of dumping garbage on the roads.

    In the first place, people here in the winter are not homesteaders and pay higher taxes.

  • Obama has been a blessing for America

    Recent letters, highly critical of our president, seem to be common in your publication. Why should such drivel be written? Does anyone actually believe that the Constitution is being subverted? Has Mr. Obama been a poor president?

  • More police visibility would help

    We’re starting the New Year with the same old traffic problems on (County Road) 491. On my way to church this morning (Jan. 13) there were two accidents about a mile apart. One near the Life Care Center, with four vehicles involved, and one just past the Lecanto Post Office in the southbound lane.

  • Happy to read others' opinions

    Lately, I’ve read remarks that seemed critical of those who write letters to the editor frequently; I would be one of the writers. Truthfully, it doesn’t bother me when I’m criticized, but I tend to wonder why such trivial things take up space in the minds of the complainers.