• What would this agreement do?

    The Paris Climate Accord is a very special document, in that maybe for the first time in history, 195 nations have somewhat agreed to do something. But as I read the accord, it became clear to me that the “something” is not well defined. The two-tiered objective is to limit the worldwide temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius from the pre-industrial era average temperature. Or, better still, to 1.5 degrees. Take your pick: They are both in the document.

  • Thank you for terrific care at CMH
  • Graduates worth more than busts

    I, for one, was very disappointed to see in large bold print, “Cops confiscate pounds of pot” (Saturday, May 27).

    The disappointment stems from the fact that below this article is the picture of the Crystal River graduates.

    Why not have this picture as the top article alone?

    Pot will always be with us (especially in Citrus County). I do not feel it deserves top billing in your paper. These graduates do.

    Roberta Palmer

  • A touching tradition for Memorial Day

    (Monday, May 29) Today is Memorial Day and I am thinking back to the Memorial Days of my youth in Holland. Every May 5 was a day of celebrating our liberation from German occupation by the Americans and Canadians, as well as other previous wars. Later wars were added where the Dutch participated as part of NATO. On May 5, the flags were out, music in the streets, parties were organized by the various city governments and weather permitting, everyone was outside enjoying themselves.

  • Talking sense about scents

    Sometimes we women may put too much fragrance on our skin before going out into public. I have accidentally done this and, truthfully, I almost gagged as I changed clothes and used a soapy washcloth. Whether it’s Oscar de la Renta parfum at $400 an ounce or BoDunk toilet water purchased for a couple of dollars makes no difference. If too much is used, it can be offensive to those who are sensitive to certain smells or have allergies.

  • Thanks for helping with river cleanup

    Rainbow River Conservation Inc. organized another successful Spring Rainbow River Cleanup on May 20, and would like to thank all who took part. More trash was collected this year than in the past several years. The trash collected from the river this year included: a marine battery, boards with nails sticking out, two auto tires, a chaise lounge, masks and goggles and the usual bottles and cans.

    The turnout for this year’s cleanup was great, with more than 175 people taking part.

  • Trump makes right call on food stamps

    The FY 2018 budget has been submitted to Congress and one finds that President Trump’s budget will save the taxpayers $190 billion over the next 10 years by requiring able-bodied adults to work to receive food stamps.

    President Trump has made it clear where he stands on the issue. During his inauguration speech he said, “we will get our people off of welfare and back to work — rebuilding our country with American hands and American labor.”

  • Open primaries, give voters a choice
  • Headline was in poor taste

    On the anniversary of D-Day, when thousands gave their lives for their country, I read the headline on the front page of the Chronicle: “Army vet in shootings.”

    I read the article, and the fact that he was a vet had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting. So why put it in the headline? Are you implying that somehow we expect Army vets to go crazy every now and then? This was a man who was angry because he was fired. This headline should have read, 

  • Thanks for Special Olympics

    On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 19-21, our special needs “kids” of Citrus showed what they are made of by taking part in the State Games for Special Olympics at Wide World of Sports in Orlando. We had track, tennis, bikes and soccer athletes. They were of all different ages, each one had a different skill and they all gave their best. They brought home to Citrus gold, silver, bronze medals and a rainbow of ribbons.