• Survival of the fittest

    Three friends decided to meet for dinner. One is a Republican, one is a Democrat, one is an Independent. They’re good friends. Real friends who have been there for each other through many years.

    They are having a great time being together. A drunk guy, sitting at the bar, starts getting loud. His words are angry. The three friends look at each other. They realize, he’s discussing politics. One in the group is feeling agitated by his words. One is in agreement with what he is saying.

  • GOP has upper hand in battles

    Now that the 115th Congress has convened and the confirmation hearings of President-elect Trump’s appointments have started, I am more than sure you will be exposed to the use of the following two strategies — one being the so called “nuclear option.” 

  • I am willing to share so others can live a bit better

    In response to the letter of Nov. 18 For Hillary Voters, there is another side to this discussion.

    “Skyrocketing Advance Care Act insurance”? When one considers the 20 million now insured, I am grateful America finally has something to offer those refused in the past. ACA policies that become too expensive are reevaluated and there are options and help lines available when one inquires.

  • Happy New Year to Citrus

    Shelter Me Citrus sends Happy New Year wishes to the Citrus community. SMC begins this new year with an emphasis on raising funds for the construction of a new animal shelter. The site for the new shelter, identified by the county, is currently planned for acreage off of County Road 491, land currently owned by Citrus County. The funds for the construction, at this time, are being collected directly from those who support the initiative. The funds, at this time, will not be from the ad valorem budget funds as was determined months ago by the BOCC.

  • Your words, not Russians, lost vote

    The Russians were the ones who lost the election for the Democrats?

    No, WikiLeaks hacked emails and made them public, then the voters decided on their own.

    The Hill wrote, “Did (WikiLeaks) change the outcome of the election? Who knows, it’s impossible to tell,” Assange said.

  • Mental health issues pushed aside locally

    The Chronicle is generous in printing photo opportunities occurring with the 2.5 percent of the population who have the great misfortune in being born seriously lacking in intellectual abilities, often accompanied by physical difficulties as well. There is always an aura about these individuals manifesting “blamelessness and innocence,” which of course, is what they are. 

  • Kmart is more than a store

    I literally cried when I learned Kmart is closing. Kmart is more than a store to me. It is a neighborhood friend.

    A place where I bought my grandkid’s clothes and Christmas presents.

    A place where when my grandson was especially good we went to get him a special toy. 

    A place where when I was having a boring day I would head out to the garden shop and get plants to beautify my yard.

  • Commissioners, can you throw us a bone

    On the revisiting of the barge canal boat ramp, it’s looking more like a backroom sweetheart deal is going on.

  • The progressive left letter-writing cabal

    I am tired of reading from this group. They appear to have a mission to play the tired old progressive left playbook of blame. You all know who you are, some from Homosassa, Inverness, Floral City and other points in Citrus County. No one listens to you. Trump won Citrus County with nearly 68 percent of the votes. You are a speck of a minority and will hopefully stay that way. The vast majority of people in Citrus County are smarter than you think.

  • I support a new launch

    As a 12-year resident and a fisherman, I would like to go on record as approving a new boat launch for the barge canal. Arguments that there is already a launch, underutilized, do not disclose how utterly inadequate the current facility is. Anyone who has a boat over 16 feet in length will have some difficulty in launching down the one narrow lane. Also, parking is less than desirable.