• Rays need to clean house

    I can not agree more with Mr. Wayne Sawyer. He is 100 percent correct.

    I watch every Rays game possible and feel very bad about some of the Rays players for trying, even though some of them leave much to be desired, and that it is why they were traded to the Rays, perhaps inexpensively.

  • Rays have several problems to address

    In today’s paper, there was a commentary by Wayne Sawyer that I think was excellent, accurate and addressed issues with the Rays that were spot on! He wondered if he was the only one who believes there are problems there; I can assure you he isn’t.

  • Refreshing articles by Donald Schweitzer

    For the past four weeks, articles written by Donald G. Schweitzer have appeared in the Sunday edition of the Chronicle.  What is nice about these articles, they are based  on facts — truthful facts.

  • Burch claim another attempt at division

    Chronicle writer Mike Wright wrote in the Sunday Chronicle as the headliner “Sheriff hid deputy’s shooting.” In reading the article, it became clear that the intent of Steven Burch is to create a division of misinformation to gain favor with the community of hate and division.

  • This campaign is ‘high drama’

    Well, the FBI has concluded its investigation into Clinton’s email server(s), and the result is just about what most of America had already figured out: The FBI recommended that no charges be placed. No big surprise there. 

  • Is Obama on vacation again?

    When we had the terrible disaster in Orlando, instead of Obama going on vacation to Yellowstone National Park, I would think he would get together in the White House with his secretary of state, defense and anyone else who has experience in terrorism and work to find a solution to all this chaos.

    Instead, Obama goes on vacation, maybe plays some golf. While families are trying to figure out how to lay their families to rest. What an insult.

  • Handwriting critical to heritage

    I am replying to a “Letter to the Editor” in Sunday’s paper on July 3, written by Joanie Welch. I totally agree with her in regards to teaching the basics to our children of today. It now appears that “handwriting” or cursive is a thing of the past, and so is our family heritage.

  • Traffic enforcement should be top priority

    Time to get serious about traffic enforcement. Nothing is being done with regards to speeding, aggressive  driving and cellphone use, especially on Roosevelt Boulevard, County Road 491 and County Road 486.  

  • Article was highly educational
  • Federalist Papers not germane today

    In a July 3 letter to the editor, the author claims to supply supporting literature for the need for guns and militias by posting a copy of Federalist Papers No. 46 with no further explanation.

     He claims FP46 resolves what he describes as an obvious conflict in the Declaration of Independence.

    “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. ...”