• Vote carefully for president

    In November you will be privileged to exercise one of the most coveted privileges in the world: voting for the president of the United States.

    You will select one of the three Cs: A. The Crook; B. The Communist; C. The Clown.

    You will be able to identify each by their wardrobe: A. Prison fatigues; B. Bib overalls and potato fork; C. A circus uniform.

  • School D.C. trip successful
  • Voter judgment of highest concern

    As a fairly well-educated senior, Vietnam-era veteran and a very patriotic American, I feel compelled to express my vital request for everyone to use the very best basis for your voting decision.

  • Become an informed voter

    If your point is to name drop a Washington bureaucrat to a nation of citizens choking on Washington bureaucratic corruption and make points for your argument, I wonder, why?

    You just swayed more citizens to vote for Trump. Keep it up. Please.

    If you still do not get the reason for Trump’s popularity. Can we try again? The Washington bureaucrats ignore citizens, now they are shouting their disapproval with their vote. Can you hear us yet?

  • Soft science not really convincing

    Reading Bob Messersmith’s letter in the Saturday, June 4, Chronicle reminds me of a quote from Ronald Reagan, who said, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” They also have selective forgetfulness. If the facts don’t support their agenda, they have trouble remembering them.

  • School board should cut budget, spending

    Last evening we listened to a powerful message from Carlos Beruff, a candidate for U.S. Senate. He has served in many positions in government, cut wasteful unnecessary spending and saved taxpayers billions of dollars.

  • Thanks to staff at rehab center

    From the end of April until the end of May, I recuperated from an neurological ailment at the Crystal River Health and Rehab Center with physical and occupational therapy, and also speech therapy.

    The facility was clean, tastefully furnished and had very tempting meals. It even had an entertainment room to use during non-therapy hours — such as bingo, karaoke, with puzzles, a full-length movie several times a week.

  • Beagle holds key to couple’s heart

    Bonnie is her name and she’s 9 years old. Her beginning was not spectacular and the first year of her life would be noted as unfair and sad.

    She was sold as a young pup, but somehow ended up in a crowded place with too many cages, a lot of noise, and a cold atmosphere. She didn’t bark much as she sat on a small rag, watching all that she could see, curiously quiet and afraid.

  • Thanks, Sheriff Dawsy
  • Adams is an honest and reliable person

    I’m writing about the Sound Off this morning in the Sunday paper, June 5. This person wants to know if Scott Adams is connected to Advanced Disposal, which has bought FDS Disposal.

    Why do some people seem to think Adams has a hand in everything that goes on in Citrus County? I’m sure he probably wishes he owned the company, that would really make him a billionaire, I guess.