• Roundabout trip
  • FDLE scandal should be invesitgated

    The Gov. Scott/FDLE scandal is having interesting reactions. The Attorney General blames staff while other Cabinet members say they need better communications and procedures. What is not mentioned is the head of a state law enforcement agency was terminated without explanation because he claims he refused questionable and unethical requests from Scott’s administration and campaign staff.

  • Reach out to one another

    When stopping the Cub Cadet for a few minutes to adjust my bouncing aches to a different part of my body, I was refreshed by my simple existence. The beauty and magnitude of glorious nature consumed me for those moments as I absorbed the peacefulness and wiped the dirt from my face.

    Sometimes, it seems impossible to handle everyday happenings and problems; to face each day alone; and to stop the tears brought on by sorrow, memories, pain, and joy.

  • You can help

    It is imperative that every one of us contact the Florida Legislature to request funding to clean up King’s Bay. Please go to: Flsenate.gov/Media/Topics/wic and add your comments in support of this worthwhile project. Here’s a letter I submitted:

    “Dear Environmental Preservation & Conservation Committee,

  • Your efforts save lives

    I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we at LifeSouth appreciate your efforts to inform those in our community of our recent blood emergency. Our goal at LifeSouth is to keep our hospitals fully stocked with blood components and to always have sufficient components in reserve to resupply when unexpected tragedies cause a spike in usage.

  • Offended by Obama’s speech

    How sad President Barack Obama, who has yet to link the words “Islamic” and “terrorist” in the same sentence, used the venue of the national prayer breakfast to cite “the many killings in times past done in the name of Christ.” This only a day after he met behind closed doors with a multitude of Islamic leaders whose identities Obama chose to keep from the public by excluding any press presence. 

  • Failure to serve voters

    Once again, Commissioner Scott Carnahan’s behavior is puzzling. At Tuesday’s meeting of the county commission, there was a discussion and vote regarding new appointments to the PDC (Planning and Development Commission). Out of the blue, Carnahan brought up the school board’s representation on the PDC, in particular Chuck Dixon. Dixon is, I believe, a planner and has direct involvement in the placement of new schools in the county based on projected need.

  • PDC, BOCC: Listen up
  • Board's failures glaring

    I am going to get straight to the point: People are leaving Citrus County. As I see it, things are getting worse in Citrus County, and the latest decisions by the Board of County Commissioners aren’t helping. 

  • Republicans, we must vote in droves