• Crystal Oaks clubhouse needs some repairs

    This is in reply to Sonnie Gehrke’s letter regarding Crystal Oaks clubhouse.

    I do not intend to get into a verbal altercation with regard to this matter, but I just want to make two final points.

    I do not think the compound should be the first priority, but I do believe that some funding should be used to make improvements. Compound clients do pay a substantial amount over and above the fees paid by homeowners.

  • Crazies guarantee Democrat victory

    Who to thank when, in November 2016, another Democrat is elected president: Xenophobes, homophobes, and Confederate Flag wavers.

    Said another way: Donald Trump.

    James McIntosh


  • Inverness thanks patriotic partners

    On behalf of the City of Inverness, we’d like to thank the Chronicle for its coverage of the Inverness Patriotic Evening that took place July 3, 2015 at Liberty and Wallace Brooks Parks. This event takes major commitment from staff and volunteers who come together rain or shine to put on this spectacular.

  • Not all suspects should be chased

    Re: “Sheriff’s office gets lessons in self-preservation”

    I want to commend the sheriff’s office for adopting the International Association of Chiefs of Police program “Below 110,” designed to reduce line-of-duty deaths of law enforcement officers. This five-year-old program has been used nationwide to keep officers and deputies focused on safety issues in an effort to bring the annual line-of-duty death toll for law enforcement below 100 officers a year.

  • DOH withholding info outrageous

    Re: 7/11/2015 Citrus County Chronicle, “Health officials confirm bacteria exposure.”

    The first paragraph reads: “The Florida Department of Health (DOH) confirmed a Citrus County resident contracted Vibrio vulnificus, though officials refused to disclose the location where the incident occurred.”

    DOH claimed that “due to patient confidentiality,” they were prevented from disclosing the location of the exposure.

  • Donation helped abandoned pets

    The volunteers of Precious Paws Rescue wish to thank Bill Jacobson of the Arbor Trails Fresh Food Seasonal Grill Truck for donating a portion of his sales at the Inverness July 3 celebration. It is only through the support of the Citrus County community can volunteer charity organizations work to fulfill their mission. For all who enjoyed this evening of celebration, summer food treats and fireworks, Precious Paws Rescue says thank you for helping us help the orphaned and abandoned pets in our community.

  • Faced with bait and switch audit

    On June 6 and again on June 8, I was contacted by phone about having an energy audit done that would get me government rebates. I asked the woman what I needed to purchase. She said absolutely nothing, it was just an audit to see if I qualify for government rebates. I scheduled the appointment for June 9.

  • Don’t mess with fire services

    This is my letter to Commissioner Scott Carnahan in regard to fire services. 

    At the June 23, 2015, BOCC meeting you stated in the future you would bring up having the fire services brought back under control of the BOCC. Why in the world would you even think of doing that?

  • Remember our forgotten heroes

    Thank you for the booklet included in the July 4 issue of the Chronicle entitled “Remember When” that featured information and the historical recollection of local soldiers and the events surrounding World War II. It was very meaningful, and it is a keeper.

  • Unemployment number not real

    If the unemployment rate quoted by a recent letter writer was a true number and finally we could say one of this administration’s policies were actually bringing great results, that would be something to sound off about.

    Unfortunately, the composer of said letter, just as so many others, looked only at what his party and the media puts out as fact. Doing a little investigation, the writer would have found out the real unemployment number is over 10 percent.