• People's choices affect pets
  • Find way to offer courthouse weddings

    As of Jan. 6, all Florida residents have been given the grand opportunity to enjoy the American right to marry. This morning I stumbled upon the article regarding the hold put on courthouse wedding ceremonies, due to the 17 employees who did not feel comfortable volunteering to perform the ceremonies. 

  • Effort to restore springs appreciated

    I would like to express my thanks to Art Jones and One Rake at a Time for his tireless work trying to restore the Crystal River. I would also like to thank the efforts of Save Crystal River to help with the funding. 

  • Workshops a waste of time

    Recently, I had the opportunity to interact with and question Ron Kitchen as to whether these county workshops are actually moving the county forward or are they inquisitions on decisions past. He was boastfully defensive on the process he has sponsored, yet when you read the public feedback, it is not working, and his perception of success is baseless. 

  • Ozello Trail traffic lights wasteful

    Citrus County is currently in the process of installing and activating an ungodly number of flashing traffic signs along scenic Ozello Trail (County Road 494). What a complete waste of taxpayer dollars and a blight on one of the most scenic drives in Citrus County!

  • Thanks for help with toy program

    The Marines of Detachment No. 819 Marine Corps League wish to acknowledge and thank the following businesses and clubs for their support of the “Toys For Tots” Program, as well as the citizens of Citrus County, whose generosity made this program a great success, and the individuals who sponsored special programs (tournaments and luncheons, etc.). It is because of you we can say, “No tot goes to bed without a toy for Christmas in Citrus County.”

  • Climate change denial is nothing but corporate propaganda

    It is interesting that climate change deniers such as Harry Cooper think they have a valid argument when the weather is extremely cold and freak snowstorms occur.

    Insurance industries around the world know the difference between “weather” (short-term observations) and “climate” (long-term collection of these changes). They acknowledge that changes in climate are real and pose potential risks to the global economy, ecology, and human health and well-being.

  • Consider other factors for U.S. 19 sidewalk

    After reading the letter from state Rep. Jimmie T. Smith to the department of transportation in the Jan. 9 paper, I felt I needed to add some corrections to the issues that he notes.

  • Thank you for help with Angel Trees

    I would like to say thank you so much to all those who helped with the Angel Trees, and all who sponsored the foster children in Citrus County. Without your help and the community of Citrus County, we could have not done it without you. The children had an awesome Christmas. Thanks for the Harley Run. Warren, you are awesome. Bless each one of you.

    Debbie King

  • Thanks for making Christmas merry

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. His spirit truly exists in Citrus County.