• Support for new shelter appreciated

    Huge thank you to those who have recently supported the initiative to raise funds to construct a new animal shelter for Citrus County. The proposed location will be centrally located within the county, thus increasing access and visitations. Logically, the more residents who visit the shelter the more animal adoptions that will become a reality.

  • Congratulations to a great doctor

    I have lived in Citrus County for over 40 years. One of the things sometimes taken for granted in this community is the fine doctors and medical facilities available to the population.

  • America not looking so hot

    Pride goeth before a fall — or is it simply ignorance? Or do Americans simply not care about the vitals of such as our medical care, our education, our infrastructure?

  • We must hold on to imagination

    When I was a child, there was a TV show called “Mr. I-Magination.” I took it to heart and my imagination was born. I can imagine scenarios that are nowhere near reality.

    I believe the people who have the most creative minds start their lives in difficult childhoods. I used to fantasize that I had been adopted, because that would have explained the treatment I received.

  • Another terrible decision from county
  • Trump targeted by intel agencies

    If you’re not paying attention to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, you should be. A lot is at stake for U.S. citizens.

  • Happy birthday to all submariners

    The submarine force was born April 11, 1900, when the U.S. Navy bought the submersible Holland VI from John Holland.

  • Florida, say no to fracking

    All residents of the state of Florida need to access any and all information you can find on the oil recovery process known as fracking.

    What you will find is a process that will destroy the fragile subterranean structure of Florida. It will destroy the roadways in every area where it is being done — commercial traffic 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • On justification of the death penalty

    In a March 26 letter, Steve Collins gives his views on the death penalty. I don’t know him personally, but I want to say I respect his view and his past service as a police officer, as he relates them. However, I do have questions on the issue, as he relates them and as we have all probably debated them.

  • Gutter cleaning goes awry

    Today, tomorrow, and taking as many days as necessary for a body to be deemed semi-healed and usable is my latest agenda. Several days ago, I felt like Mary Poppins, in a much more desperate form, and without the umbrella. Actually, I think the best description of my recent daring escapade would be an act of craziness.

    The house I live in has only one gutter, about 32 feet long. It serves no beneficial purpose unless being a perfect habitat for giant worms and tiny trees is a good thing.