• When is a contract a contract?

    A while back, it was determined that a part of the impact fee that was collected had not been spent during the seven-year period designated and the “land owners of record” were entitled to a refund. It was decided that it would be too much work to go through the records and identify those land owners entitled to the refund and the amount of money they were to receive, so it was decided to advertise it in the Chronicle, which was done. Only one of the owners that applied was verified and eligible to a refund.

  • I am for Chuck Kanehl


    My name is Jason Shephard and I am writing this today to show my support for Chuck Kanehl. 

  • Coleman does the right thing


    Do you know what the hardest thing to do is? The right thing. Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons is even harder. But that simple pledge from Republican candidate Brian Coleman sums up why I’m proud to support him in his quest to bring back civility and integrity to the Board of County Commissioners. 

  • Coleman will get job done


    In 2006 I joined the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office as a young man ready to take on the role of crime fighter. I was highly motivated yet slightly unpolished in my methods. As I was assigned to work the area just outside the City of Crystal River.  

  • Man is unable to control climate

    Roger Cullen, in his latest diatribe against the Republican conservatives, parrots the socialist talking points regarding global climate change and universal health care.

    Since the 1950s, in publications such as Popular Mechanics and Popular Science, scientists were claiming that humans would be able to control the weather in a decade or two, yet here we are 60 years later, still no control.

  • Wrestling with my political choices

    I don’t like to endorse anyone. I know who I like and more than that, I know who I don’t like.

    For me to give a plug to the person I want in, could have the opposite effect on the candidate. If I’m not liked by someone, the person I like might be ostracized.

  • I will not vote for Trump

    For all my life my Dad has been my hero. He was the most honest and just person I have ever known. Even though he passed away years ago, he is still the man I measure all others against. Never has one fallen so short as Donald Trump.

    My dad treated all people equally — Trump? Hardly.

    My dad put his family first — Trump puts himself first in all things.

  • I am still not buying the half-cent tax

    They are really turning up the boost as we near the election to tug at the heartstrings of voters. After all, that half-cent tax increase is for the kids, right? No. It is not. It is for bricks and mortar, not for teacher salaries or classroom enhancements.

  • Royal: Champion for the homeless

    The last time I recall talking to Phil Royal I saw him at the fair. I said a couple of homeless friends told me someone had a problem. She called Phil and he paid her fine. They said every time she got in trouble she called Phil and he helped her.

    The homeless folks got drinking over with years ago. I served them iced tea when they came to dinner. She is the only one I know who didn’t quit.

  • Endorsements are biased

    The “editor” printed a statement, recently, that the Chronicle would not acknowledge negative letters or Sound Offs with regard to election candidates.

    Perhaps that power or privilege does not apply to all, as there have been several “endorsements” by Sheriff Dawsy and Gerry Mulligan, which included their personal dislike of and distaste for Scott Adams and Steve Burch.