• Hospital playing write-off game?

    Regarding your editorial concerning high hospital billing charges, I have a question. This is a hypothetical case.

    I receive a hospital bill for $5,000 for services rendered. My Medicare pays the hospital $2,000. My supplemental insurance pays the hospital $1,000.

    Total paid: $3,000. Balance due: $2,000. The hospital considers my bill paid in full.

    Where did the $2,000 go?

  • We must do better with sex education

    Members of Citizens for Informed Teens heard Citrus County School Board member Thomas Kennedy address the Citrus County Council recently and were impressed by his enthusiasm for excellence in education. We are sure you all want students to have the information they need to make the most of their opportunities in life.

  • Still awaiting pothole repairs

    I have lived in Citrus Springs since 1991. When we purchased our property in 1986, Deltona informed us when we built on our property they would pave our street. We all know that never happened. I have called for road repair (patches) at least once a year to repair potholes, and for the most part, they do what they can. 

  • Poles along road debase landscape

    Citrus County had such a beautiful landscape and view traveling State Road 44 between Croft Avenue and County Road 491. Visitors always commented on the Withlacoochee State Forest.

    Now look at those giant ugly Duke Energy poles starting to line S.R. 44. Imagine 10 miles lining the forest! What a shame, Duke Energy. 

    Couldn’t the county just say no? Our beautiful landscape is being desecrated.

    Bernadette Hunt

  • Inverness residents in grave danger

    I thought after reading the Inverness City Council had made a judicious decision to stay with the Citrus County fire services they had finally gotten it. In today’s paper, “Inverness changes mind on fire dept.,” City Manager Frank DiGiovanni, feeling slighted in his defeat, discovered another way to take Inverness down a public safety, financially foolish path. After managing a fire department about the size of Inverness, I know first-hand the cost both in dollars and quality, and Inverness residents are now in grave danger. 

  • We see Red Cross now as it truly is

    I am much obliged to Carl Hiaasen for his feature article, an expose on Red Cross (Sunday, 6/14).

    Now we know for certain what we suspected on Red Cross’s anemic and least consequential role in Katrina and especially 9/11. And now Haiti.

  • Obama misses at leadership option

    Another tragedy, another crass response. 

    Wouldn’t you think a great country would have a responsible leader with genuine concern saying something healing and uplifting when a tragedy occurs? Not here, not now. 

    The horrific race-related killings in Charleston brought forth words to support a political agenda (abolishment of guns), and nothing to heal festering racial relations. 

  • Preserve, honor national emblem

    In Honor of American Eagle Day (June 20, 2015), could I make a few suggestions every one of us can easily do to make life easier and safer for eagles and other wildlife?

    1. When you fish, make sure you “police” your fishing line, loose fishing line can be deadly to eagles and other animals.

  • TDC logo puts reader to sleep

    Oh my goodness. … After seeing the proposed logo for the county’s Tourism Development Council, it was almost like taking a Sominex. It’s a real snooze.

    The logo is one of the most anemic I’ve ever seen. The time and money spent on it is shameful. It lacks any semblance of excitement and is boring in the extreme. If that weren’t enough it looks old fashioned and slapped together.

  • Inform yourself before choosing

    I needed a mammogram and was concerned about the cost. I called Citrus Memorial, Seven Rivers and Oak Hill hospitals for the price of a mammogram without insurance. This is what I learned; Seven Rivers charges $199, Oak Hill charges $60 and Citrus Memorial did not return my call. The hospital choice was easy to make. It is good to be informed.

    Ruth Rittgers