• Are you saved?

    The other day a lady at the grocery store asked me if I was saved. It caught me by surprise and I thought a bit and I said I didn’t know. She looked surprised and said “I’ll pray for you.” 

    I believe we are born in sin and never reach perfection. I ask for forgiveness every day and I believe He forgives me. I can’t predict what will happen tomorrow. I believe if I thought I was saved I would probably stop trying to get better. 

  • Why I'm a Democrat

    Ron Schultz’s recent commentary hit home. Both my wife of 48 years and I were card-carrying Republicans since registering at 21. We have owned our own businesses all our lives and were always faithful to the Republican Party. 

    We have seen the party changes over the past 15 years, and the past five are the worst. Self-serving old timers only act if it lines their pockets. This starts in Washington and trickles down. 

  • When you die

    When you die you meet with God at heaven’s doors. When you die you can see the heavenly lights. You can see everyone you know, so don’t be afraid because God will be there holding your hand to take you. All can be together in that special place. 

    When you die you hurt no more. Even though you are gone from family and friends when you die, you know you’ll always be there for your loved ones in their hearts and prayers. 

  • Thanks for supporting our children
  • Band gave great performance

    Once again, and in honor of our veterans, the Nature Coast Community Band under the direction of Cindy Hazzard, conductor, gave our community an afternoon of sheer artistry and pleasure at the United Methodist Church of Homosassa Saturday. We thank each and every member and all those involved in this professional endeavor; and our heartfelt thanks for a wonderful afternoon. We are indeed blessed to have this talented group of musicians and vocalists in our midst.

  • Setting record straight on letter

    Wow! Sure wish I could have read the letter attributed to me by Mr. Carl McDermott in the Oct. 23, Chronicle. I might have learned something about myself.

    I was unaware that I lacked compassion for “the common man.” As a veteran, a senior and a man who has worked all his life, I am “the common man,” and I do not lack compassion. I wrote nothing about legalized marijuana. I said this should not be made a constitutional amendment.

  • Pat Deutschman: A born leader

    Pat Deutschman has been education’s hidden secret and blessing for many years. Her science degree from the University of Miami and strong parent involvement allowed me to work with her boys in the 1980s in my science lab. She was always positive and supportive of all students exposed to applied knowledge. 

  • The patina of our golden years

    The walk into a store is much easier when holding onto a shopping cart, it seems that 6-inch step into the house has gotten a lot higher and getting off the couch is a real challenge!

    It’s OK to leave those few dishes in the sink to be washed later and unimportant to smooth every wrinkle in the bedcovers, since regular naps mess them up anyway.

  • Florida’s lack of leadership

    The “Hard to get motivated” editorial was point on. On one hand you have, “I’m not guilty; but I plead the Fifth Amendment 75 times” Rick Scott, and on the other you have “If I don’t get my way I’ll change costumes” Charlie Crist. Is this truly the best Florida has to offer voters? God help us!

  • Where are our savings?

    OK, the new landfill rates are in effect and have been since the first of the month. Has anyone been contacted by their disposal carrier and got the great news that they are lowering your rates? After all, they are paying less at the landfill to deposit your waste.

    No, I haven’t gotten that call either. I did call two of them, and neither indicated they were about to announce new lower fees.