• Thief stole more than property

    This is written because my husband passed away. We were trying to clean the stuff in his backyard.

    To the person who took the few things we wanted to keep: You took the screens for the back patio, the portable carport frame, the two 1 1/2-horsepower pumps for the pool, the small alkaline set, the gutters with John’s name written inside hoses to the set. Was it to sell? Did you need the money? Was it traded for drugs? What’s your excuse?

  • Maybe a little socialism would help

    In a recent letter under the headline “Socialism destroying U.S. education,” the writer referenced a test called the PIAAC (Google it to get the full name and details), sponsored by the OECD (again, Google it) given to citizens of 23 countries, and designed to measure the job skills of adults in those countries

    The results were analyzed by researchers at the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey. They reportedly “got a shock” from their findings.

  • We are not blighted

    My neighbors and I attended the Inverness City Council meeting March 17 to request the city and its Community Redevelopment Agency board (CRA) remove our neighborhood from their expansion plans.

    Our beautiful neighborhood, located south of East Vine Street, encompasses the Mills Grove and Dick Mann’s Mobile Home Park on North Apopka, which cradle the northeast corner of Big Henderson Lake and Liberty Park. We can say with certainly we live in paradise.

  • Art is essential to education

    Re: Arts not essential, state focuses on math and science, March 14 Chronicle.

    First of all, these students cared enough about the arts in their schools to visit Tallahassee, which is admirable and should be applauded. Sadly, their mission for the arts was not met with the appropriate respect and appreciation.

  • Thanks to sponsors and the community

    The fifth annual “Love Your Library Evening” on Feb. 13 was a huge success this year, with over 310 library lovers and supporters coming together for an evening with the classics highlighted by the sounds of the Citrus Youth Educational Symphonic Orchestra (CYESO) and the wonderful tastes of Catered Affairs by McLeod House Bistro.

  • Thankful for reading program

    I would like to genuinely thank the Citrus County school system for its encouragement of getting children to read. There is an “accelerated reader” programs where students read books and, after reading them, take a test pertaining to their comprehension of those books and, if they perform well, get rewarded. 

  • Filling in trailhead
  • Reconsider position

    I urge Jimmie T. Smith to fight to keep arts and music as part of the curriculum. Although, reading, writing and arithmetic are core lessons everyone will use in life, art and music are necessary for students’ social growth. 

    Back when I grew up we learned to read music, which greatly helps me when a new song is introduced in church. Playing an instrument is wonderful stress relief. 

  • Hillary not qualified

    What say you, America? Are you ready to return to the lies and double-dealing of the Clintons? Hillary has demonstrated time and time again that she’s not qualified to be anything other than an ex-first lady who stood by her husband for political gain. Charles Krauthhammer has been quoted as saying, “Show me one accomplishment she has as Secretary of State, not three, just one.” The silence is deafening. 

  • Advocate for yourself

    Another drop of fuel on the fire. The news is ablaze with more news of VA care. Even with all that media coverage, vets have little clue how badly they are being shortchanged.

    There are levels of care: horse-and-buggy, Cadillac, and something in between. Vets are getting horse-and-buggy care, in many instances.

    If a vet is not aware of the latest advances, he is not informed of new techniques, and gets the old stuff.