• Don’t try to stifle my right to speak

    For centuries, the United States has been the symbol of freedom. However there’s a large group who have a different opinion and they are trying to silence us with their riots, name calling, abridgement of our free speech regarding the ideals and agenda of President-elect Trump to make our country stronger and safer.

  • Trump is creature Hamilton feared

    Less than half of the American electorate has given the most untrustworthy real estate developer in the world four years to sell America down the river. Every day that passes, Trump reneges on his myriad of hypocritical campaign promises. The man has been involved in 4,000 lawsuits. As president-elect, the braggart who claimed he “never settles lawsuits” paid $25 million to settle a class-action lawsuit brought by Trump University students who alleged he cheated them. He will face 75 lawsuits as president.

  • Trump’s supporters respond to Obama

    The letter to the editor was titled “Fear Unleashed by Trump Campaign.”  Speaking for myself as a Donald J. Trump supporter and voter, who proudly displayed on his front lawn a Vote Trump/Pence sign with a basket and sign declaring that this home was occupied by “Deplorable Americans,” I wish to assure Kathy Dobrony that I and and 6 million-plus Trump voters understand the fear, anger and terror that social progressive Democrats, socialists/communists and some liberals are feeling.

  • Fair tax would be fairer to all

    I support the Fair Tax, or as I would call it, a national sales tax with a prepaid rebate. It eliminates all sorts of income taxes as is currently law. The rate would be 23 percent as of the last known estimate. All new goods and services would be taxed at 23 percent plus the local county tax rate. Some counties have a 6 percent sales tax. The total for both, in that case, would be 29 percent.

  • Service dog not welcome at church

    (Thursday was) Thanksgiving Day, and I am thankful for so many things in my life, not only for my family and friends and the support I have after serving my country in Afghanistan. I wanted to give back to my community, so I went with two friends and my service dog to a church in Crystal River. 

  • Chronicle shows support of pipeline

    Well, we now know where our newspaper stands on Duke Power’s Sabal Trail pipeline project. The Chronicle’s  Sunday exposition of citizens’ concerns amounted to just another blatant endorsement of Duke’s Power’s propaganda and, well,  power. And we can now bet that they can’t miss with a Republican governor and president installed.

  • Grateful for Thanksgiving dinner

    “Well done, good and faithful servant” ... a quote from the Bible (Matthew 25:21) that aptly applies to the good folks at First Baptist Church of Crystal River for their wonderful Thanksgiving dinner so generously provided for the hundreds who came. It was absolutely delicious, served steaming hot and the many volunteers could not have been more friendly and welcoming.

  • The gift of the written word

    While in a rehab facility for physical therapy for several weeks last spring, one of my visitors brought me an unusual gift to while away the time. It was a paper bag full of paperbacks she had picked up at a flea market cheap. She knew I loved to read and thought I could really use a batch of reading material. She said she always has a bag full on hand for visits to hospitals, rehab centers and nursing home visits.

  • Make sure to seek help for Alzheimer’s

    I read the articles about Alzheimer’s with great interest, as I was a caregiver to my husband who had Alzheimer’s and would like to give a personal take on this disease.

    When a person finds out he or she is to be responsible for a loved one 100 percent of the time, it is overwhelming. Sure, there are organizations to help you through the transformation of caring for a person, but no one is there when this first happens.

  • Maybe it is time to snap out of it

    Since the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, leftists appear to be in denial. Riots, marches, school walkouts, demands that the Electoral College be abolished calls for recounts, petitions to electors to switch their votes, claims of deep-seated fear, plans to leave the country, and flat-out tearful disbelief about everything. How could this tragedy have happened? Half the country is in mourning and the other half is rejoicing. Could it be “we have a failure to communicate?” You bet!