• Volunteers help in many ways

    Re: J.L. Cooper letter.

    I have been to the shelter but cannot volunteer due to a disability. I am curious if you have been to BOCC meetings? How about a workshop? 

    We were mistakenly led to believe that the workshop would be a time to have a discussion. We were prepared to discuss many issues concerning the shelter and had done much research to have the facts the BOCC insists on. 

  • National Hospital Week is May 10-16

    Most people visit hospitals occasionally, when a loved one is sick or a friend is having a baby. Associates at Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center are different in this regard. Each day, hundreds of associates come to the hospital to provide compassionate, personalized care for friends, neighbors and those they do not know. Our providers work together around the clock, seven days a week to make health care available any time it is needed.

  • Separating church and state two-way street

    Okay, fine! “Separation of church and state;” that’ll work but it cuts both ways. The church can’t force its will on the state (witness Church of England vis-à-vis King Henry VIII) and by the same token the state should stay out of the church’s business. 

    Trying to force the church to support abortions is an intrusion that violates the separation principal altogether. 

  • Smith not representing us

    We elected Jimmie T. Smith to represent Citrus County, and what does he do? He is short on original idea (drug test the poor) and only takes instruction from the powers in Tallahassee. When will he actually do something positive for us in Citrus County?

    Why did we vote him into this position? 

  • Empty of nonbelievers

    Citrus County Chronicle, Thursday, May 7: reporter Nancy Kennedy, quoting Judge Richard Howard, wrote that “an estimated 2 million or more people in more than 40,000 locations” participated in National Prayer Day.

    That many prayers to God, focused on making one believing amputee whole, just might induce God to perform the miracle.

  • Honoring Vietnam War veterans and family members
  • Not completely satisfied with decision

    Hurray! The commissioners have hearts after all, or was their change due to the many protests of the citizens of Citrus County.

    Now is the time to take action to make sure the animal shelter issue is not shelved only to be brought up at another time convenient for these commissioners to get their 10-day proposal put through.

  • Is Suncoast Parkway a good thing?
  • Move fire back to commission’s control

    When I came to this county in 2004, I was surprised to see that we were running a volunteer fire service in a county of 135,000. At that time the fire service was funded through a fire district tax, with a one mill cap, which is still in place as the MSTU (Municipal Services Taxing Unit). 

  • Government serves you and you choose how

    Regarding the County Animal Shelter discussions, I have been in municipal government service for 39 years at both the city level and with a consultant to the city of Palm Beach Gardens. One thing I’ve learned in those years is that spending taxpayers’ money is not the best way to solve problems like this.