• All animals deserve chance at life


    The chill I feel is not from the air conditioner. Sorrow that wets my cheeks with tears will not stop anytime soon, and the anger, resentment and disgust is difficult to control. Lack of empathy, coldhearted responses, cruel words and reactions from those who actually commend the murder of innocent animals, at our so-called shelter, make the frost of mammoth icebergs minute.

  • We’re losing our values


  • Big thank you to sponsors
  • Trump’s debate performance poor

    Well, the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has come and gone. As usual Trump interrupted time and time again and waited until this morning to complain about the moderator, the microphone and on and on and on. He always blames someone or something else when he loses or does poorly.

  • Stop stealing Hillary signs

    Last night, someone stole a Hillary sign off my lawn.

    The action of stealing the sign was more than a minor thief or a juvenile act. It was a swipe at two of America’s deeply held values, freedom of speech and of free elections. We put the sign out so our neighbors would know whom we supported in this election. Our actions were part of the American tapestry surrounding elections, a tapestry originating 200 years ago.

  • Refurbished park an improvement


  • META members are giving back


    After Hermine, META members volunteered alongside FWC and USFWS to assist in rescuing releasing no less than 10 manatees misplaced during the storm surge (including but not limited to the 8 manatees released from Plantation Golf Course). Many members are tour captains and guides that consider the local waters their “office.” Further, most are environmentalists at heart and are thankful for the opportunity to share the natural beauty of Citrus County with visitors.

  • Solar may not be the panacea


  • Mature animals are great pets

    There is something that many people overlook in seeking a pet at animal shelters and that is considering adopting an older animal. At a mature age they are not as rambunctious and not near as likely to get into mischief — chewing your favorite pair of shoes, the leg of the coffee table, etc. They are also housebroken.

    With cats, a mature animal won’t be climbing your living room drapes.

  • Liberty more than song, flag

    When is a song or a piece of cloth more important than people? A month ago, Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem. He saw his brothers and sisters murdered by members of the law enforcement. He saw the victims accused and the perpetrators excused.

    Colin decided to take a stand by sitting down. He decided to make people aware of the extent of injustice against people of color in a country he loves.