• Marching band seeks community support

    The sun is beating down as a light breeze moves the air.  The water coolers are full, the canopies are set up, and the field is lined. In the distance, a count-off can be heard, the steady tapping of a drum. That’s right, the Crystal River High School Marching Pirates have begun their annual Summer Band Camp.

  • Cats don’t deserve to be declawed

    All too frequently I find newspaper ads offering “free” cats who are declawed. It is upsetting to know that a licensed veterinarian has performed this horrific amputation which is crippling and extremely painful for the cat.

  • Conduct own research about climate change

    Climate Change means wealth redistribution?  Yes it does, but not the way Mr. Messersmith describes.  His theory is that mother nature is causing changes  to the planet and thus re-distributing wealth in that form.

    He is manipulating the true meaning of “wealth redistribution. The meaning for all of us is what is being done under the guise of climate change. 

  • The best of the crop running for president

    In spite of everything said, I believe we have two of the best candidates that tried out for the job.

    I believe it is a thankless job, but both candidates have been around the block more times than a New York taxi and they will be able to handle the job. When you look at all the losers they left on a muddy track, they are a couple of tough cookies.

    James Price

    Crystal River 

  • Verify Trump’s so-called facts

    One of the big fallacies that Donald Trump expectorates is a need to build a fence along the US/Mexican border. The national media has not made an effort to inspect and report the border situation to verify this supposed necessity. Therefore, most of the people east of the Mississippi River have no idea what is actually built along our southern border.

  • Usage of ‘Congress’ needs clarification
  • Trump is the only choice

    Recently the Democrat presidential candidate was absolved of any activity that would lead to a grand jury investigation. As far as the liberal media and loyal Democrats are concerned, that meant that she can do no wrong.  However, if any one listened to the FBI director’s testimony, she falls far below the line for integrity and trustworthiness.

  • I worry about tomorrow

    In the other side of agreeing, in part, with Larry Brown’s summation of our apparently flawless America, I wish I could live inside the bubble he portrays. To be fair, I admit there are many, many wonders and opportunities in the U.S.A.; however, I am awake and worried about tomorrow.

    Manufacturers/corporations continue to move to foreign lands, causing unemployment and despair, leading to bankrupt cities, foreclosures and displaced families.

  • Left-wingers not open to other ideas

    In the July 9 Chronicle Letters to the Editor was another attack on people who have a different opinion than the left. Only this time, the high-verbiage rant targeted people who are supporting Donald Trump.

    With the unmitigated gall reserved for left-wing nuts,  the writer, Don Schweitzer, says “... American voters who support Trump” are in “for the unaccountable stupidity title.”

  • Headline trivialized point being made

    The title of Jo Darling’s letter to the editor, Chronicle July 7, should be correctly attributed to an employee of the Chronicle. The title trivializes the point of the letter, which is that cultural mores and expectations of male honor are a factor in the prevalence of gun violence.