• BPAC comment process flawed

    Re: “Trail-repaving project gets committee’s support,” Page A11, Sept. 25.

  • Safe journey to the Pope

    Jesus came to town last week. He appeared  in the form of a man called Francis.  He visited my hometown in Washington, 

    D. C., and saw the U.S. Congress. He reminded them to remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto those as you would have them do unto you.”  

  • It is time for city to ‘pay the bill’

    The time is long past for the city of Inverness to pay its fair share of the added fire fee. Inverness owes the money to the rest of the citizens of thec ounty. The commissioners were dually elected and as such are authorized by law to tax the citizens of Citrus County. 

  • Prepare for onslaught of people

    I saw the light in the old North Church Tower. The Californians are coming.

  • 10 commandments and real life

    Re: Dean Hagen’s letter to the editor in the Sept. 13 Chronicle.

    Hagen’s letter extols 10 Keys to a Happy Life. Those keys being the 10 Commandments. He sums up by saying hideous crimes would be prevented had the perpetrators of those crimes followed the 10 commandments. He earlier states the commandments are designed to “protect us, our families and our communities.”

  • Kentucky clerk on wrong side

    Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, upon accepting the “Oath of Office” for that position, she promised and agreed to implement the laws pertaining to the guiding principle for that position. Her only options were to implement the law, or resign.

  • Coach’s display unprofessional

    TV staged or outrage? During the E. Carolina/U. Of Florida football game coach McElwain reprimanded one of the players for making a penalty-causing gesture. Of course such a gesture is not acceptable, but knowing it would be on TV causes me to wonder if this was staged for effect on TV or if his anger was actually out of control?

  • McDonald’s egg pledge is a small step

    McDonald’s pledge last week to start using cage-free eggs is only a small step in preventing staggering suffering endured by millions of birds.

    Hatcheries that annually supply 200 million female hens for U.S. egg production, including cage-free, also kill the same number of male chicks at birth by grinding them up alive in industrial macerators or suffocating them slowly in plastic garbage bags. 

  • Congratulations to Jeopardy winners

    Congratulations to The Academy of Environmental Science for winning the eighth annual High School Environmental Jeopardy. The Environmental Jeopardy Game is one of the many activities during the 20th annual Save Our Waters Week sponsored by Citrus 20/20 Inc. 

    This year the game was much more intense, competitive, and fun because of the $500 cash prize provided by the Citrus County Education Foundation, to be awarded to the winning school’s science department. 

  • Two sides to take-home cars

    Mr. Schembri’s article in the Sept. 13 Chronicle regarding police take home cars was interesting, but not totally correct. 

    He claims he does his research and has the facts. My first observation was he believed people were complaining about all take-home police vehicles. My interpretation of the various letters is their concern was being directed at non-sworn employees and in some cases detective’s unmarked vehicles.