• The job ahead

    Is there a bull in the china shop? Is there a county commissioner on a crusade? Maybe there is. Will he be alone now that the newly elected commissioners are seated? That is the question. The next big question is: Will the new county administrator be able to get his job done without a whole lot of interference?

  • Pay cut for troops unacceptable

    Since I’ve been in Congress, I’ve been frustrated at times. On occasion, I’ve been pretty well furious. This week, if I’m honest, it was a feeling of being deeply, deeply disappointed with this institution and the way it seems to work these days.

  • Looking to make Christmas bright

    Christmas is right around the corner, the time of giving. This year my friend and I who attend Citrus High School decided to do a toy drive for Shands in Gainesville. I wanted to do a special unit in the hospital — pediatrics, for the children fighting cancer. These children have to spend their Christmas in the hospital, and it might even be their last Christmas. By donating toys, we can help make these children’s Christmas a little better. 

  • Agenda is to squeeze government workers

    The editorial on Tuesday about how Scott Adams’s first agenda item was to get more work out of the county workers was difficult to read.

  • Ignoring rule of law

    At the recent (Citrus County Board of County Commissioners) BOCC meeting of Dec. 2, I was startled as I watched and observed a lack of regard and respect for one of our county constitutional officers — Supervisor of Elections Susan Gill, who had been informed that there would be a discussion of the city of Inverness downtown planning.

  • No explanations provided

    Re: Citrus County Chronicle, Dec. 2, 2014: On a 4-1* vote, 

    Citrus County commissioners voted to draft a resolution, to temporarily suspend impact fees for three years. 

    Commissioner Scott Carnahan (doesn’t know but) “he believes (emphasis mine) if the measure is approved it will spur economic (sic) and prove to be a boon to taxpayers.”

  • The more things change

    Editor’s note: This letter was submitted prior to the county attorney’s resignation.

  • Democrats cause of financial crisis

    Re: Eastman letter to the editor responding to William Dixon column.

  • The gypsy with me

    There was always a bit of jealousy felt over the gypsy I know. She is a forward sort, doesn’t mince words, never afraid to speak her mind, even if sometimes a bit offensive.

    When she turned 28, the confinement and demands of marriage became more than she wanted to deal with so she packed her van and headed south. Not being materialistic made it simple to toss a few clothes in a bag and feel complete — as long as her violin and guitar were beside her.

  • Wage disparity and the minimum wage