• Ex-Im presents a dilemma

    The Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) is an 81-year-old controversial agency providing 

    taxpayer-backed loans and loan guarantees to foreign countries and companies to purchase U.S. products. In reality, Ex-Im is nothing more than an engine of cronyism and corporate welfare.

    Ex-Im’s supporters stress Ex-Im is crucial for small businesses as it helps them to expand into global markets. They totally ignore we the taxpayers provide the funds needed.

  • Navigating that phobia of math

    As a former algebra teacher, I must weigh in on the recent comments.

    Most learners will never use the algebra they learn in school. All learners will need to be problem solvers, and that’s the beauty of algebra, it teaches you how to solve problems. 

  • Enough is enough — too much now

    First, I do not receive compensation of any kind from the police department. 

    I am not an employee, and yet, I am badgered by unbidden emergency announcements from my cellphone at regular intervals and at the worst of times. This morning around 7 a.m., my girlfriend and I were, well, doing what we do when both our cellphones blasted out the emergency tones making us think perhaps the Crystal River nuclear plant had been hit by ISIS or something. 

  • Thanks for attending

    The St. Scholastica Knights of Columbus council No. 14485 would like to thank all those who have attended our fabulous monthly breakfasts. We will again start these breakfasts in September on the third Sunday of each month through April. 

    Ron Kornatowski

    St. Scholastica Knights of Columbus

  • Fix problems, for better future
  • Protect your hard-earned cash

    This has got to be a new scam that Mr. Alexander hasn’t mentioned in his column. The Publisher’s Clearing House scam. I received a call two days ago, which was left on my answering machine to call a Mr. Wright of Publisher’s Clearing House. He left the number, so I called him, and he told me I had won $3.5 million.

    I said, “wonderful, mail it to me.” 

  • Disabled woman seeks assistance

    I have a disabled daughter who has MS, has been living in a low-income apartment for over 10 years, has never been behind in rent, never had a problem with her since she’s been living there. Her health problems worsened, and she was unable to live alone. She needed a caregiver because of having back-to-back seizures. Due to doctor’s orders, she could not live alone. 

  • Correcting facts in Savvy Senior

    Re: Jim Miller Savvy Senior.

    Great article. I would have explained it a little differently as you made a big error, or missed the most important part.

    In 2016, Medicare premiums soared for new enrollees to a minimum of $121.80/month each and a maximum of $462.70/month each. This is in addition to your Supplement/Part D/Medicare Advantage premium. 

  • Looking for balanced news

    I watched the highly contentious Democratic debate Thursday night and expected to see coverage in the Friday paper. Since it wasn’t, I expected there would be coverage Saturday. Instead, there is a front page article about a GOP rudeness poll. 

    I subscribed to the Chronicle to get fair and balanced news. Do you think people aren’t watching? 

  • Investment tips could help seniors

    I read an awful lot about retired people here in Citrus County saying commissioners should not raise taxes or add any new ways to obtain income. My observation from reading the Chronicle is there must be an awful lot of retirees on fixed incomes. Social Security didn’t raise the amount they pay this year and have done this before, and so the retirees that depend on Social Security didn’t get an increase in income. This is a sad situation, but it can be dealt with.