• IRS shirks duties

    The IRS is not providing essential tax forms, instructions and publications to our public libraries so taxpaying citizens can readily obtain, complete and submit their 2014 federal taxes in a timely manner.

  • Not seeing board dysfunction

    Maybe I’m attending different meetings than the Chronicle, but I don’t seem to be seeing the bad behavior by the County Commission your editorial on Feb. 18, 2015, refers to. I tend to be a cynic when it comes to elected officials, but it’s only fair that if I complain when I don’t like something, that I also commend/encourage when I do see something being done well. And I’ve seen a lot of commission meetings the last 18 months.

  • TDC abandons visitors to county

    An open letter to TDC Chair Ron Kitchen and the Board of County Commissioners.

  • No call for cell phones in meetings

    There has been much discussion and many polls lately regarding Commissioner Adams stand against Commissioners use of cell phones or related electronic devices during commission meetings. As usual Adams presentation left much to be desired and lacked specificity necessary for the issue.

  • Letter squarely nails issue

    Bob Balogh in today’s (Feb. 17) Chronicle nailed it when he talked about Obama lacking transparency. He not only lacks transparency, he lacks honor, honesty, dignity, patriotism and decency. Without question, this is the most corrupt administration in American history, headed up by a totally anti-American president. 

  • Critics contradict themselves

    I wrote a letter in response to certain views and apologetics of various people published by this paper following the Islamist terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo. Various writers had alleged we have a general duty to respect ideas, beliefs, and cultures, and that while polite disagreement is permissible, insult is simply intolerable. “All” such things should be accorded deference, some claimed.

  • Texting in meetings rude

    (County commission chairman Scott) Adams is right, they are there to discuss Citrus County issues. It shows lack of interest in the issues. Texting or emailing during a meeting is rude and should not be tolerated.

    Verna Brunswick

    Beverly Hills

  • Chassahowitzka fishing tournament huge success

    The Chassahowitzka Civic Association Inc. would like to thank everyone who helped organize and support Saturday’s (Feb. 7) First Annual Chassahowitzka Community Center Fishing Tournament. The tournament was a great success with over 100 entries.

    The $500 first-place prize for largest redfish (6.20 pounds) went to Kyle Lagrua.

    The $500 first-place prize for largest trout (4.68 pounds) went to Ron Hobbs.

  • Start rebuilding county with the basics

    I have been reading numerous letters and Sound Offs for months about the inadequacy of the Citrus County animal shelter.

  • Letter's message disappointing

    It was disappointing to see L.M. Eastman’s letter published Jan. 23 in the Chronicle. There were even people in Sound Off supporting this kind of letter. Fortunately, at least one person recognized the letter for what it is.

    After reading the comments of supporters, I felt I needed to respond.