• Open your eyes to Suncoast 2

    All of Citrus County’s citizens need to pay attention to the ramifications of the possible Suncoast 2 extension through the county to State Road 44. For instance, with all the Suncoast 2 and 3 overpasses crossing east-west county roads, what will the road noise level be over the route with four and later eight lanes of traffic?

  • Show me the sign

    I am writing this in response to several articles that I read in the Chronicle about tractor trailers using Orange Avenue (County Road 48) in Floral City. 

  • The sunrise side

    I retired to Inverness a year ago because I love old downtowns. The Old Courthouse is a gem. However, I was not impressed by the poor access to the building and the not so attractive memorials on the west side. I see no reason they could not be moved. I worry the Old Courthouse will be seen just as a backward looking museum and not as a place for the public and celebration. We have a chance to make something special.

  • Puzzle solved

    First, wanted to thank you for returning the Cryptoquote font back to being readable. It was horrible for a couple of weeks, but it’s good now. Thanks.

    Also, wanted to thank you for the new puzzle page. I do all puzzles every day and love the addition of word game and the bigger font.

    We used to have five puzzles. Now we have six to solve. Thank you. Your dedicated reader,

    Dina Brooks


  • Behind-the-scenes price manipulation?

    Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to federal and state elected legislators.

    All the gasoline stations, doesn’t matter what the brand is, raised their price per gallon 17 cents on the same day. Some place, somewhere there is a master control of gasoline prices, regardless of what the brand is or where it’s located. It seems to change because someone wants it to change, not because there was a delivery.

  • Thanks for helping us through crisis

    Thanks to all who came to our aid on Feb. 27. 

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the wonderful firemen, sheriff’s deputies and Red Cross members who came to our rescue when a tree dump truck plowed into my garage. I don’t know  the names of the men who were here, so I thought this would be the next-best way to tell you how much we are grateful for all you did.  

    Connie Taylor

  • Fair Tax seems imbalanced

    Regarding Joseph Ryan’s description (March 31) of a proposed federal Fair Tax to replace our current federal income tax and eliminate the IRS, I believe it is impractical for the following reasons.

  • Sensitize, identify, prosecute and punish

    I was deeply moved by your recent front-page coverage of the rescue and assistance by the wonderful children of Seven Rivers Christian School for an abused dog named Zander. What a heartwarming effort this was and thanks to the Chronicle for the disclosure.

  • Addressing backyard gun ranges

    Remember the Wizard of Oz? Dorothy had the power to return home. She simply had to click the heels of her little red shoes together. Just like Dorothy, you have the power to address the backyard shooting range.

    Here is the solution:

  • Carelessly strewing trash