• A worthwhile reminder

    Many years ago my children brought home stickers with a message that was being taught concerning litter and the pollution of waterways. It was national campaign to educate youngsters on the value of our earth and the environment. I think this campaign needs to be resurrected here in Citrus County.

    “Give a Hoot! Don’t Pollute, Never be a dirty bird, In the city or in the woods, Keep America (Citrus County) looking good!”

  • School district provides quality

    Friday’s paper had a second letter by Harry Cooper. He slammed the school board for not staying on budget. Now he is slamming the school board for asking for $57 per year in extra tax revenue.

  • Letter about VA is on point
  • I have some suggestions about sign pollution


    A great deal has been said in the recent past about the litter plaguing Citrus County. I am one of the many citizens that regularly picks up litter on county and state roads near their home.

    I consider the political signage that will be on our roads until November “planted” vs. randomly thrown from cars and trucks.

  • Human activity remains cause of warming

    Concerning Harley Lawrence’s recent letter, mea culpa.

  • Trump is an embarrassment, would fail if elected


    Regarding the “letters to editor” entitled “Trump will undo everything Obama has done” and “Trump right for America.”

    1. Cancel Obamacare: Why cancel health care for people? Not everyone gets it from employers especially when most of Florida’s employers are low-income payers and most of their employees are part-time.

  • We have moved from Christianity

    I believe that in this day and time the majority of us can agree that our country is in deep trouble. I also believe it all started going speedily downhill when we began taking God out of the decision- making policies of our country, such as abortion and gay marriages, and, especially since He is no longer welcomed in our school system. Most children have no idea who God and Jesus is. We are lulled into comfortability with our many, many gadgets that we have no time for God and His wisdom.

  • A tutorial for new voters in county
  • Climate alarm is part of a bigger plan

    To the climate alarmists in Citrus County, who believe all this is about climate, when, in fact, it is about redistribution of wealth using “the sky is falling” as a ruse:  The following is an editorial from Investors Business Daily. “Fraud: While the global warming alarmists have done a good job of spreading fright, they haven’t been so good at hiding their real motivation. Yet another one has slipped up and revealed the catalyst driving the climate scare.”

  • Facts overlooked in visit to Japan

    Mr. Obama just took a nice little trip to Hiroshima. Ain’t that nice.

    There’s a number of things he overlooked, such as the atrocities committed by Japan in China, Burma and the South Pacific, and oh yeah, Pearl Harbor.