• Stop printing bad things about Adams

    I have noticed that the Citrus County Chronicle has been publishing almost daily, something negative or degrading against Scott Adams. In your April 23 edition you even published “Hot Corner: Adams,” to include seven negative comments about Mr. Adams.

  • Stop Suncoast 3; keep Citrus rural
  • Show plan for paving roads

    Gentlemen: Stop! Enough already! The taxpayers of Citrus County are not going to subsidize improving the property values of vacant lots in various real estate developments in the county. These lots are virtually worthless with substandard streets fronting them. Who wants to build a new home on a pot-holed street? Who is being benefited here? As usual, the special interests are the winners.

  • Help save our democracy

    We the people have discovered the electoral college is a sham. They do not follow the instructions of the voting public. Instead they take their instructions from their party leaders. You and I are voteless.

    The media has recently disclosed half of the super PAC money comes from only 50 people. This huge amount of money donated to the super PACs is used to fund the election activities of political parties and specific candidates.

  • Woman’s effort benefits others

    We are all familiar with rickshaws being pulled through the streets by men in India, China and Asia. Now a real innovation has taken place — motorized rickshaws.

    A woman in Lahore, Pakistan, has taken it one step further. She is driving a motorized rickshaw but only picking up female passengers. Pakistan is an Islamic country and women working in public is highly frowned upon. Women are confined to jobs in the home such as sewing, which pays pennies.

  • Eections were for the people

    Last chance to stop Donald Trump and save the Republican Party! That phrase was bandied about on the Monday prior to the New York primaries.  In my nearly eight decades of being on this earth I  have never seen either of the major parties work so hard to destroy their own front runner.

  • Fiduciaries held to standard

    Alfred Mason you are correct! However, the problem is that some advisors are working against the consumer. 

    There has been a war going on between Republicans and Democrats since 2007 called the “Fiduciary Rule.”  Unfortunately most advisors approximately 80 percent, earn a commission on this sale of of the fund/transaction, creating a conflict of interest. The Fiduciary Rule has been passed and it looks like it will start Jan. 1, 2018.

  • Commissioners adhere to rules

    County commissioners are re-elected or rejected by voters. How each of them conduct themselves in the performance of their tasks, determines one of these criteria.

    A county commissioner, who hopefully, represents the wishes of constituents without regard to his/her personal preference, obligates him/her self to perform responsibly to their satisfaction.

  • English pushed off the dial

      While listening to presidential candidate Donald Trump speak last week, he pointed out our trade deficit with China is approximately $500 billion and $58 billion with Mexico. Since many firms have automated telephone systems whereby you punch the number they quote to be connected, with the party you wish to speak with, and in what language, I expect the following to happen shortly.

  • Where have all the workers gone?

    A traffic control system’s corporate web page headline: “Road Builders Keep Workers Safe with Innovative Traffic Control Devices.” 

    Flagmen are a portion of the target group here. They get injured, even killed, directing traffic. Heroically, North America Traffic, a corporation, has the cure: robotic traffic signals.