• Thanks for your help

    Wednesday, Jan. 7, I was shopping at the Winn-Dixie in Beverly Hills. While checking out I realized I didn’t have enough money with me and a young man named Kevin was behind me in line and paid the balance. 

    I would like to thank him and may God bless him.

    Martha Rukrigl


  • Try using smart, free speech

    Bravo Cortney Stewart. I’ve been waiting for someone to speak up about free speech. The fact that you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it! This applies to crude cartoons lampooning a widely-revered religious figure, and also to a large corporation producing a film about the assassination of a nation’s revered head of state.  

  • Pit bulls not problem

    To the person who thinks pit bulls should be banned: Have you read anything besides news reports about pit bulls? Why do you assume that it was the dog’s fault and not a negligent parent or possibly an accident? Kids get bit by all kinds of dogs; why don’t you recommend banning people with kids from having dogs? Maybe we should ban TV stations from running Our Gang reruns because it portrays a pit bull interacting with children?

    Jill Jacoby

  • Park staff thanks you

    The Friends of Fort Cooper State Park and park staff would like to say thank you to the people who attended Nights of Lights and for their generous donations to the charities. Also, a huge thanks to Eagle Buick-GMC, Love Motorsports, Nick Nicholas Ford, Publix, Sumter Electric Co-Op and Walmart for their contributions for Nights of Lights. Without the help of the community it would not be possible to do the event. 

    Diane Drye

  • Something fishy at animal shelter

    I was going to call the Sound Off hotline, but decided that what I have to say would be too much for that service.

    First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Lozada for relating his experience to the Chronicle and for reporter A.B. Sidibe for the interesting and informative article.

  • Commission actions inept

    While watching a portion of the Citrus County Commission meeting on Jan. 13, I heard some comments that concerned me.

  • Partnering heroes bring hope to county

    The Spot Family Center would like to thank our local community heroes at large for their partnership, commitment and dedication in bringing hope to families in need during this 2014 Christmas season. The Spot received more than 2,500 toys and gift donations from local businesses, pantries, churches and individuals. These donations went towards The Spot’s 11th annual Christmas Jam.

  • Saying hello lifts spirits

    As my friend and I were walking the Cooter Pond boardwalk we passed a elderly gentleman and said “hello.” He turned around and said “hello” back to us, he proceeded to tell us that he had been married for 67 years and his wife had passed on and he was lonely. He said that people were not friendly around here, and no one ever said hello. 

  • Going above and beyond

    At 2:45 a.m. Jan. 6, Citrus County Sheriff Deputy Johnson arrived at our home in Sugarmill Woods as the result of our call to 911 for non-

  • Thank you for fundraising help

    The 5th annual Pet Angels drive to help Home at Last and Precious Paws Rescue, both local pet rescue organizations, ended Dec. 29. 

    Thanks to the support of community pet lovers and great publicity from the Citrus County Chronicle we received lots of pet supplies, toys, money and cleaning products. All donations will be used to help both organization with their mission to foster and rehome rescued cats and dogs.