• Article about black hole was a little off

    At the risk of being overly pedantic, I would point out that an event 1.8 billion light years distance observed today happened 1.8 billion years ago and is not a contemporary occurrence as implied in the AP article printed on Tuesday’s (Feb. 7) Chronicle’s front page. 

    When the black hole incident described took place the most advanced life on our planet consisted of single cell organizations of the Proterozoic Era.

  • Owning a therapy dog is a rare privilege
  • Thank you for car show

    A big thank you goes out to Chilson’s Garage of Floral City and the Mopar Car Club for putting on a wonderful car show Saturday, Feb. 4. This was the 36th annual show put on by Chilson’s. They provided cash prizes and served lunch to everyone. A good time was had by all. Thanks again for hosting such a nice free event.

    Jim Otenbaker


  • The best show on Earth

    The only show better than Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl is our so-called president having another temper tantrum.

    Kerry Williams


  • The downside of living near water

    The publisher of the Chronicle has obviously had a hard time absorbing the fact that living near the water can have a downside. 

    May I pass along a bit of wisdom to Gerry from my father and his father, based on their living in Tampa since the 1920s and of my great grandfather who came to Tampa around 1895?

    “If you come to Florida and buy an expensive piece of land on the water, do not be surprised when your backyard neighbor pays a visit to your kitchen some evening.”

  • I hope terrible fad gets cleaned

    I have been watching with a terrible feeling, the current new fad by a number of males of not shaving their facial hair. Why? I cannot find a reasonable answer to justify such a trend. I have always felt that, in general, everyone would like to look at his best. It is quite obvious that no male human being could possibly look better by not shaving. 

  • Death of the Independent

    This newspaper on Feb. 8 stated that the Independent party of Florida has been disbanded. The notice was on the front page under news briefs, I think that should have been the headline and not the car chase. 

    I wonder how many Independent voters are going to be lost and just not vote in the future? Those are the voters who look at both side of the issues and not just vote Democrat or Republican just because “that is how my parents voted.” 

  • Great year for captive wildlife

    This year represents an incredible win for wild animals in captivity! The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will close in May.

    In contrast, in 1995 the circus was invited by House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senator Robert Dole to perform on the east lawn of the Capitol. This slick public relations promotion for the circus was paid for by the taxpayers. The elephants were dragged out in the freezing cold to perform stupid tricks.

  • More discussion needed on issue

    I fear that the conversation on bird deaths due to wind turbines is similar to a conversation on climate change. The vast majority of scientists say one thing and a few outliers say another. Mr. Strouse uses the outliers for his facts.

  • Why not push for higher rate?

    According to a recent Op-Ed article the increase of 2 percent (from 3 percent to 5 percent) for the Citrus County “Bed Tax” is a good thing” and won’t cost the residents a penny.

    Then why 5 percent? Why not make it 15 or 20 percent. Won’t cost us a thing.

    Robert Anderson