• Replacing Social Security

    Social Security has an unfunded liability of nearly $20 trillion, Baby Boomers are retiring and the number of workers supporting them is insufficient. There is no trust fund, the program is a Ponzi scheme and it’s a bad financial deal for almost everybody. Should we continue as if all is well or make some real change?

  • Halloween at the Hen House

    If you weren’t there to enjoy the costumes and fun, you missed a great time. 

    Kim (the owner) and staff were dressed and nobody could quit laughing. It was a very enjoyable time and worth seeing.

    Thank you Kim and all others involved.

    Sarah Pauley


  • Country should stand united

    I am writing in response to the article from Robert E. Hagaman.

    I am proud I was born into an Irish, Democratic, Catholic family. It is sad that people have to die in other countries that we try to help. Our son was in Iraq in 2004 and fighting for a no-good political reason. Both Democrats and Republicans voted for that war, and just like Benghazi, we lost good men and women for no good reason, except political gain.

  • Suggested solution for immigrants

    Personally I’m tired of all the political talk about undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

    Everyone with a brain knows it is not feasible to immediately deport the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants already here illegally. A step-by-step process must be established to deal with those here illegally. Since no politician has put together a step-by-step plan, my suggestion is as follows:

  • Prevention is best solution

    Last year, locked doors, gates and a school resource officer (SRO) at each school seemed like excellent security. Today it is clearly insufficient. Read the article from the UK and comments on the violence at Lecanto High — the world is sneering at us for our seeming inability to protect our children on our own home grounds. We have an epidemic. 

  • Different take on Benghazi hearing Re: Nov. 4 letter from Robert Hagaman

    I also watched all 11 hours of the hearing and saw a dynamic woman that not only answered all the politically motivated questions, all of which were to bring down her presidential polling numbers. Most questions were not even addressing the Benghazi attacks, but as offensive as they were, she answered all openly and honestly and in great depth of understanding the issues, history and people involved and she did this tirelessly with dignity and intelligence that completely overwhelmed the committee’s inferior intellect.

  • Bear hunt sad, unnecessary

    Recently, I encountered an intruder when I walked outside to my shadowy yard. The moon was barely a slit and mostly hidden among shifting clouds, but I could still see the outline of a hulking figure near the lake. Never fearful, I stood perfectly still, hoping to identify the trespasser without a dangerous liaison.
    Very big, huge actually, and at least 250 pounds, I wondered if I was being foolish to investigate without my .45, not to mention I was wearing attire meant for bedtime and not for making new friends or acquaintances.

  • Clinton told truth during hearings
  • Donations help historic tree project

    The Floral City Heritage Council takes this opportunity to give a public “Thank You” to Publix supermarket who provided a donation of 55 clear plastic, perforated bread bags for use in a fundraiser. These have been used to package slabs of live oak from Floral City’s Historic Oak Tree No. 77.

  • Misunderstaning causes issue

    It’s no secret there is an overreaching government in Washington, D.C., but, apparently there may be one here in Citrus County as well.