• Trump's unseemly response to failure
  • Need a hand up, not a handout

    I am a retired single lady living on a fixed income. I am not a veteran. I read Sound Off every day and it warms my heart to see how people pitch in and help others.

    It’s a wonderful thing when veterans get so much help when needed, but please, please remember there are people such as I on fixed incomes who sometimes need a little help.

  • Trump wants to hand ATC to special interest groups

    Americans Against Air Traffic Privatization came out with warnings following a meeting between President Donald Trump and airline executives that exposed the true incentives behind privatizing the nation’s air traffic control (ATC) system.

  • Granting privileges while violating rights

    An important role of government is to protect rights equally. Unfortunately, governments at all levels tend to violate individual rights while granting special rights and privileges to their favorite special interest groups. The Citrus County Board of County Commissioners recently revised a public speaking ordinance that suppresses, by limiting, the opinions of those they do not consider to be privileged or equal. This effectively grants monopoly power to their favored associations.

  • Thank you to a kind stranger

    I wish to thank the person or persons who found my cane and returned it to me. I left it in a cart at the Winn-Dixie parking lot.

    Thank you.

    Martha Kopeck


  • Thank you for helping us with Poker Run

    American Legion Riders Post 77 Inverness would like to thank all those who made our inaugural Poker Run a success. A special thank you to the organizations that were our stops and the fantastic hospitality shown to us: IR-RU, VFW 7122, Fraternal Order of Eagles 4272, American Legion Post 155, and American Legion Post 237.

  • Keep budget cuts in perspective

    In the Sunday, April 2, edition of the Chronicle, a column by Mr. Messersmith and one by Ms. Stewart attacked the Trump budget from several different perspectives. Specifically, Mr. Messersmith implied that the $323 million cut to NOAA’s fiscal year 2018 budget would somehow place Floridians in great danger, “leaving hurricane-prone Florida helpless.” Mr. Messersmith did not bother to tell you the bigger picture: NOAA’s budget in fiscal year 2017 was $5.7566 billion — a 5.8 percent increase over 2016.

  • GOP fights against the needs of the people

    All politicians, no matter which party you represent: This is about people and health, not your ego or about your job down the road and re-election and continuing to do nothing for the people you say you represent.

  • Eyesore is a real problem

    I love living in Citrus County and I’m always so pleased to see ongoing improvements to attract new residents and tourists.

    The busy corner of Norvell Bryant and Gulf-to-Lake Highway has a very ugly, empty building that is a severe eyesore. Has anyone in the county addressed this problem?

    Michael Rubin


  • US health care system broken

    Re: March 26 Cortney Stewart column. 

    Returning to college as an adult, I completed my senior thesis on Health Care in America and was stunned to find all those decades ago, 59,000 Americans were dying annually, or at high risk of death, because they had no health coverage.