• Field Day best yet

    Thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Homosassa Springs, the CREST students and Key Center clients had another great Field Day. It was truly awesome!

    Kiwanis Club members make the annual event a success. Through their dedication, our clients and students are able to participate in a series of well-coordinated events and experience the joy of winning.

  • Hotel deal not over

    C’mon, folks! If you think the hotel deal is over, get ready, because as soon as the political people realize how many squanderable tax dollars they can get, that complex will be built. My prediction is by this time next year.

    As you know by now, nothing stands in the way of “get the tax bucks.”

    William R. Ames


  • IRS is impractical

    Permit me to answer some of Wilma Moore’s criticism of the Fair Tax as impractical, unwise or unable to deal efficiently with financial matters.

  • Frozen fun

    I was having lunch at Wendy’s in Ocala, which included my usual chocolate Frosty, when I noticed a man across the room eating a chocolate Frosty. He was alone and seemed to really enjoy every spoonful. After a few minutes, I went over to his table and told him I couldn’t help but notice how much he enjoyed his Frosty. After a few seconds of bewilderment, he told me he really likes them and has great pleasure and peace of mind when eating them.

  • Promote tourism — are you nuts?

    This is in response to the article about (Inverness City Manager) Frank DiGiovanni wanting more people coming to Citrus County. Why do some community leaders keep trying to promote tourism in this quiet, laid-back community?

  • Tourism must take organized approach

    Gerry Mulligan was spot on when he recently noted if Crystal River is to have more appeal to tourists or day trippers, more businesses should have Sunday hours. If you want to be a tourist destination or attract people from cities like Tampa for the day or weekend, you really have to look like you want them here.

  • Keep fire under sheriff's control

    At the April 7, county commission meeting, Commissioner Adams stated he would like the fire and rescue be turned back to the commissioners.

    Well, over the past 20 years, fire and rescue was under the BOCC jurisdiction, and look what happened. Almost everything — equipment, stations, gear, etc., has been let go to such extremes that Sheriff Jeff Dawsy and Fire Chief Jim Goodworth are now trying to play catch-up.

  • The most humane solution

    I, too, agree with Robert Hagaman in regard to the general public paying taxes for an animal shelter.

    I am an animal lover as much as anyone. However, many animal owners bring their old, sickly dogs to the shelter so they don’t have to deal with the problems of these “unconditional love” pets. Euthanization is the most humane solution.

  • Roads in Citrus Springs should be paved

    The Chronicle Editorial Board’s May 10 editorial praised the Board of County Commissioners for addressing the forgotten miles of bad neighborhood roads.

    The opinion acknowledged that commissioners unanimously approved $6.4 million to resurface 50 miles of bad roads and since many of the worst roads are in Citrus Springs, another $1.12 million from their Citrus Springs MSBU will be available to spend on those roads. What?

  • We all pay our fair share

    I really don’t write letters to the editor, mainly for the reason that I am too lazy. The pet controversy was in that category until a letter in today’s column.

    Dear taxpayers: I do not expect you to give your hard-earned cash for the purpose of making the life of a stray animal tolerable. If I have a soft spot in my heart or brain for a creature of God, then I guess I should put my money where my mouth is.