• The moon and Mexico

    In response to Kathy in Inverness: If we can put a man on the moon, I am sure we can build a wall on the border. 

    Barbara McAdams

  • The people's rebellion in Cuba

    With all due respect for E. D. Garcia’s rebuttal to Mary Gregory’s letter to the editor on Cuba’s conditions before and after the revolution, I would like to comment that opinions about Cuba depend on which socioeconomic group you came from, and your education on the facts of the time period. 

  • Thanks for the help

    This is a special note of thanks to all of the public employees that helped us last week following a serious mishap in our driveway.

    With two adults and one child lying in our driveway after being struck by a vehicle, we dialed 911 and the response was almost instantaneous.

  • Stop the bickering

    We live in a wonderful place for many reasons. We have many challenges that face our community and need “serious” leaders to set aside personal matters and do the people’s work.

  • Thanks for animal adoption bus

    Have you seen the big rolling dog and cat mobile around town lately? Or heard the barking and meowing as it drives down the road? What is it? It’s the Citrus County Animal Services mobile adoption bus. Thanks to the county for donating and decorating the bus. 

    Local animal-loving retailers throughout the county invite the bus with dogs and cats from the shelter to their establishments, bringing the adoptable animals to the citizens. The businesses also raise money and donate food and supplies for the shelter. 

  • Debunking climate science
  • Are we headed for disaster?

    Seeing all the bad that has happened in the United States and around the world tells me we have not seen all the bad things happening around us. We as a nation need to be praying to God now more then ever before to heal us and the nation. I do not care who is president — until we change our ways and bring God and prayer back, this will be ongoing no matter who is president. We have taken out “In God We Trust” and everything else pertaining to God everywhere and everything. Funny how people call on God when they are dying or in trouble. 

  • How's Obama doing?
  • The changing faces of church

    Church memberships are decreasing; people are falling away from what was once commonplace and religion doesn’t seem important to the younger generation. What is happening inside the walls of buildings we call places of worship?

    I have attended many churches in the area of various denominations, with different formats and interpretations of the Holy Bible. Teachings are basically the same as I was taught, and it was good to know the peace and love simply by walking into God’s house.

  • Key question in 2014

    One of the main arguments that should be openly debated is the status and effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act, which most call “Obamacare.”

    The quite conservative Heritage Foundation recommended a total health-insurance program including mandatory coverage for all Americans more than 20 years ago. 

    Republican President Richard M. Nixon wanted such a program.