• Time for BOCC to go to work

    Congratulations are in order to all the winners in our local elections. As for our own Citrus County, serious fiscal responsibility and common sense spending should now become job No. 1 on the lofty Board of County Commissioners’ agenda. Personally, I have grown tired of the pursuit of nonsense and drama, coupled with the absolute waste of taxpayer money by the commission, and all the while having its hand out for more. 

  • Beheadings in our own country

    What has recently happened overseas to innocent people who were beheaded by brutal Islamic extremists, began in our country on Sept. 26 in Oklahoma City, when Colleen Hufford, 54, was beheaded at her place of work by a Muslim maniac. Another woman, Traci Johnson, was stabbed a number of times by the same man — Alton Nolen, until he was shot. The police are waiting to arrest him after he is conscious. 

  • Endorsement wrong

    Are you all satisfied now about your endorsement for Crist? 

    I wrote that you had it wrong,  and I suppose it’s because you are like most newspapers, liberal!  

    Just my opinion!

    Pat Johnson

    Citrus Springs

  • Congressman Nugent: the real 'situation report'

    An open letter to U.S. Rep. Richard Nugent written with no malice toward the Congressman — disappointment, yes; malice, no:

  • Enhanced fire services save money

    Several years ago when we were trying to figure out how to “save” the fire services program, I came to the conclusion that the only way this could be done was to put it under the direction of the sheriff’s office. He knows how to get things done with minimal destructive interference by the politicians. The result, as you see it today, is a well-organized, efficient fire services program at minimal cost.

  • Rescue reunion thanks

    We at Joshua’s House Golden Retriever Rescue want to thank our sponsors, Bay Area Distributers, Winn-Dixie, New England Café and Pets Plus of Dunnellon.

    A special thanks to Dr. John Peterlin for his presentation on aging pets.

    Thank you to all of the volunteers, especially the Young Marines of Marion County.

    Last but not least, thank you to all who attended for their continued support.

  • Hoping GOP can act

    This was some message we the people sent to the Democrats. Now I hope we have a chance to take America back and do the right things for our country. 

    We the people were tired of the same old same old stuff. Now we will see if the Republicans do what they say they are going to do. 

  • Wheels and deals

    Much time, money and effort has been spent in the name of promoting tourism in Citrus County. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a consultant, perhaps the county should solicit ideas from its residents. 

  • On nuke bill, blame Atwater and Bush

    In 2006, a bill was passed that allows power companies to charge years in advance for nuclear plants that may or may not be built. The sponsor was Lee Constantine, R- Altamonte Springs. The bill was passed, then amended by Sen. Jeff Atwater, now Florida’s chief financial officer, to prepay costs. Because of Atwater, we paid $3.2 billion in advance and Duke keeps the money. Gov. Jeb Bush backed and signed the bill. 

  • Thanks for supporting library

    The Citrus Springs Library recently held its fall Book Sale and Tricky Tray Raffle. During our sale, we looked to our friends, neighbors and local merchants to assist in making it a success.

    The library would like to take a moment to extend our most sincere gratitude for your support. Your donation of extra advertising helped to make our sale and raffle the great event it was.

    Thank you for your support of our library.