• Maybe it is time to snap out of it

    Since the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, leftists appear to be in denial. Riots, marches, school walkouts, demands that the Electoral College be abolished calls for recounts, petitions to electors to switch their votes, claims of deep-seated fear, plans to leave the country, and flat-out tearful disbelief about everything. How could this tragedy have happened? Half the country is in mourning and the other half is rejoicing. Could it be “we have a failure to communicate?” You bet!

  • County should heed letterwiter’s experience

    I volunteer at the shelter working exclusively with the cats. When DeAnna said she had adopted two kittens from the shelter on Nov. 5, I knew that they were Comet (the male) and Venus (the female). I was at the shelter that day and I truly hope that they both have survived, but if Comet didn’t make it, I want DeAnna to know I am so sorry. 

  • Thank you all for successful event

    On Nov. 5, the Nature Coast Friends of Blues (NCFB) 21st annual Blues and Bar BQ had a new venue — the Homosassa Civic Center. With great weather and great music surrounded by a great community, it was simply a great day! The NCFB Board wants to send special thanks to all who made the day successful. 

  • Does this sound like waste?

    I just got a call from Humana to re-enroll in my Medicare plan. I was told that to enroll would entail one hour on the phone to complete the application. When I asked why so long considering I was already on their plan, they said the CMS required listening to a recording on all the benefits, terms, etc. 

  • Need some kind of top on road

    The city of Inverness announced some time ago that Zephyr Street would be closed for repairs. While they did repair some of the street, the intersection at Zephyr and Pine remains a pitted mess. It looks as though they might have laid some pipe and then just filled it in with some dirt, leaving a fairly large trench. 

    Since this is part of the inner streets in Inverness city, it would be nice if they could just cover it over with some tar or blacktop.

    Thank you,

  • Kudos for brilliant letter

    Kudos to Donald Schultz for his brilliant, cogent and extremely insightful letter of Nov. 18. He debunks, with logic and reasoning, the sour grapes that most liberals are expressing over the election. He correctly illustrates how many Americans felt eight years ago, when a candidate campaigned on wealth redistribution which sought to penalize the hardworking Americans who wanted to advance themselves and their families. He stymied the endeavor of many by promising them entitlements which were not earned or merited.

  • Time to step up about shelter

    I keep reading stories about the bad conditions at the animal shelter. Yet, seldom do any of those who are so concerned offer to step up and promote a move to finance any facility improvement.

    Most think it is the responsibility of the general public to fix this. With the apparent abundance of unneeded or unwanted animals in the shelter, the only general public responsibility is to make the problem go away.

  • Bravo to letterwriters

    Kudos to Roger Cullen and Donna Kahwati (Nov. 17 issue) for telling it like it is. 

    First of all, Harry Cooper should realize that peaceful protesting is our right under the U.S. Constitution. Calling the protesters, in the words of Rudy Guiliani, “spoiled crybabies” only adds fuel to the fire. 

    Second of all, this is a democracy that is for the people and by the people. 

  • Why continue to use the Electoral College?

    Once again, the Electoral College failed the progressives, so they desire to change the system to make their candidate win. However, they have not studied their Civics 101 and therefore are ignorant of the benefits of the system to all Americans. Without the Electoral College, not all Americans would be treated fairly in the presidential elections that are held every four years.

  • Letterwriter has fears absolutely wrong

    Ms. Dobronyl has it exactly correct about the fears of the nation, but she cited the incorrect fears. The racist statement that this election brought out the worst in White Americans is extremely offensive. Are these not the same plurality of Whites who elected Obama on two occasions?