• DEP gives in to motorized riders

    Each year about this time there is a large increase in the number of visitors who ride motorized bikes and trikes (e-bikes) on the Withlacoochee State Trail. Almost all of them are ridden illegally, but because their numbers have not been significant (they’re still relatively expensive) their negative impact has been minimal. Come spring, they disappear.

  • Bernie Sanders is the obvious choice

    Bernie Sanders is, in my opinion, the only candidate willing and able to make significant and positive changes to our country. While other candidates shift their views to changing national polls, Bernie fought for progressive reform his entire career. Other candidates say they’re for taking money out of politics; Bernie is the only candidate to refuse PACs and the conditional donations that come with them.

  • Find ways to improve life quality

    On Thursday, Jan. 28, in the Sound Off column, there was a statement regarding “Unemployment in county high.” Many fine points were brought out which have an effect on our quality of life in our small county:
    n Lack of Jobs
    n Failure of Economic Development and Chamber to attract new businesses to our county.
    n Crimes increase
    n Increase in drugs

  • A penny wise and a pound foolish?

    The sole purpose of the Fire Rescue Committee was to secure a permanent funding source for Fire Rescue, but this hasn’t been discussed at all. Instead, the function is being dissected and operating changes have been proposed without taking into consideration state statutes and OSHA safety standards as they pertain to firefighters.

  • Conversation goes a long way

    Many years ago, I saw a movie named "Rashomon." It depicted a crime witnessed by several people. Each one saw something different. Each person thought they were right when they described the scene to the police. 

  • Registering guns best practice

    This letter is in reference to gun control and getting the guns on the streets out of the hands of the wrong people.

    The government has tried for years to get a handle on this matter. However, they are going about it the wrong way.

  • Diplomatic deal helps only Iran

    More than a bit confused, I rushed to my dictionary and looked up diplomacy, learning that through civil formal bargaining, an agreement might be reached benefiting both parties. Gee, that’s what I knew.

    However, still a bit more confused, moreover disenchanted, of the Iran deal outcome, the result, in fact, was quite the opposite — one of which was what we would appropriately term our capitulation. 

  • Open house made snowbirds welcome

    I really appreciated the effort that went into the Snowbird open house today (Thursday, Jan. 28). It was great to meet so many local business and organization representatives. I especially enjoyed the facility tour led by Tom Feeney; seeing the presses running was impressive.

  • Thank you to holiday partners

    Brentwood Retirement Community was fortunate enough to receive some wonderful donations and gifts for residents from a few community partners over the past holiday season.  

  • Citrus Springs roads deserve attention

    On Monday, Jan. 25, the Citrus County Chronicle’s editorial concerned the resurfacing of many roadways in Citrus Springs; their viewpoint questioned this need, as some roads had little or no traffic, nor were houses built there.