• Why not universal health care?

    Americans are debating a national health care system again. A recent Annual Happiness Report from London lists Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden as the ten happiest countries in the world.

  • Misunderstanding the Electoral College

    The letter published on March 9 from Don Schweitzer concerning the U.S. Electoral College was full of comment, full of some incomplete history and did not quite discuss the whole of the picture.

    Of noted omission is the fact that the states are responsible for the selection and binding (where applicable) of their respective Electors. In no way is the federal government responsible for or involved in a state’s Elector selections.

  • Thanks go out to local businesses

    I organized and directed the fourth annual Whispering Pines 12 Hour/6 Hour Run/Walk held at the park on Feb. 19 and want to recognize and give a huge thanks to those local businesses who supported this event.

  • Many thanks to our sponsors, community

    The seventh annual Love Your Library event on Feb. 10 was a great time for all. The Key West Fest theme had everyone on “island time” with a casual and relaxed feel for nearly 300 attendees. The laid-back dress and music of the night was a huge hit and there was even a “pirate” of the Caribbean roaming around. It was all topped off with the fantastic smells and tastes of the Havana House Café & Grill.

  • Something doesn't add up

    We consistently hear that if Obamacare is repealed, up to 20 million people may lose their coverage under this program. What with the extremely high deductibles required with these plans, some in the $6,000 range, I wonder if any surveys have been taken to determine how many of these 20 million are financially able to and have actually used this coverage.

  • Keep fighting for public schools

    The “Greatest Generation” went to public schools, starting in kindergarten and graduating upon completing senior year. There were also parents who preferred to pay to send their children to private religious schools.

  • The Oscars in perspective

    Did you watch the Oscars? No? Me neither. However, it was hard to avoid all the media coverage and hoopla over a major mishap and the resulting confusion over Best Picture.

    Some articles I have seen on the various media outlets portray the dastardly deed by the accounting firm PwC. Really? A human error with an envelope is causing the Academy to ponder its future use of the firm? In the whole scheme of worldly events, is this really catastrophic?

  • Proud of our boy’s accomplishment

    I would like to write about my son Triston, who has been bowling for five years.

    He practiced and practiced so that someday maybe he could be a pro bowler. Everyone at Manatee Lanes knows him, we can’t go anywhere without someone yelling out hello to Triston.

    Well, all his hard work paid off, on March 3, while bowling in a league, he bowled his first 300 game.

  • Stop unnecessary road construction
  • Plumbing appropriate facilities

    Let’s end all this bathroom/gender nonsense. Just eliminate gender. Make all public restrooms “plumbing appropriate facilities.”

    Mark them as “outie” and “innie” accommodations. No more reference to boys/girls or men/women. Most of the LGBTQ community will be thrilled.

    Most already use plumbing appropriate facilities without complaint. Transgenders can continue using whatever facility match their plumbing before and after gender reassignment.