• Keep looking up

    Many years ago, I was told to always look down so I wouldn’t stumble. Well, I tell you that was the worst advice (I) ever got because all I did was stumble, in more ways than one. 

    It wasn’t until years later that I started to look up. I was amazed to see all the beautiful things that were put on this Earth for me to enjoy; the trees, flowers and birds, the lakes and many other things. I find there is beauty in just about everything. You just have to look for it. 

  • Thanks to CR Mall and manager

    The Business Women’s Alliance of the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce owes a big “thank you” to the Crystal River Mall and manager Millie Bresnahan. 

  • In good faith

    The commissioners have authorized the purchase of the building in Meadowcrest that they are now renting space in. The purchase price will be about $3,300,000 and the county will have bought more space than will be needed for the county operations.

  • Debunking the medical marijuana myths

    Here are four common arguments against the passage of the medical marijuana initiative and a constructive response to each.

  • Learning to ride, live life

    It’s often quoted that “it takes a village to raise a child.” It’s not as often shown when the actual community comes together in an effort to raise their children.

  • Embargo of Cuba absurd

    I don’t doubt E.D. Garcia’s statement that Cuba had excellent health care and education before the revolution. Cuba had one of the best economies in Latin America but 90 percent of Cuban total wealth was in Havana and doctors and teachers were there.

  • Take responsibility for attack ads

    This week I have received two colorful, expensive, large advertisements for who not to vote for in the coming election from a group called “Save Citrus County.” I had not been aware that the county needed saving but, according to this slick paper document, Winn Webb and J.J. Kenney pose a threat. 

  • Vote in upcoming primary

    Vote for your country, from my heart I beg of you, whether you are Democrat, Republican, independent or one of the 53 million who don’t vote.

    Thinking back years ago Florida voted to not let officials spend more than eight years in office in same election. They put Claude Pepper, who had been in office over 45 years or more.

    Why does the person with the most money win the election?

    Why do you vote for a fancy speaker, or you like his smile?

  • Whom to vote for

    With an election coming Aug. 26, how many informed voters will cast a ballot? Many people say that it is their right or obligation to vote. Yet, when one starts talking to those people, their response is often shocking:

  • Whitelaw more than a one-issue candidate

    This letter serves as my rebuttal to the Chronicle’s endorsement of my opponent, Doug Dodd. When I attended the Chronicle interview, it was not to seek their endorsement. Their connections with the status quo in Citrus County assured me that would be unrealistic. The only thing I hoped for was an honest reporting of our discussion. (I know, again unrealistic) Once again, the Chronicle’s bias interfered with their moral obligations as journalists.