• Was the letter meant as satire?

    Not since I have learned to read have I read a letter to the editor in more need of a response than that of Mr. Jack Tachanowski. For the record, I have grey hair and qualify for AARP, so I have been reading the newspaper for quite some time. While I was left with a gut feeling that his letter was intended as satire, I feel it needs a response just the same. Some less sophisticated readers might not get the subtlety of his letter and think he really does support the case for Donald Trump as president.

  • You have to earn my vote

    Mr. Webster, if you want to be my U.S. Representative, I’d like to know why you always vote no on anything that would improve medical assistance in the U.S. and yet never offer a proposal that would? 

    I find it difficult to understand how you can accept the insurance you have received via your office and not want the same for all Floridians. Please try to convince me to vote for you, as I don’t see the way now!

    Kerry Williams


  • I support Tim Langer for county commission

    I am supporting Mr. Tim Langer for District 3 Commissioner. Many people have asked me why I would throw my support behind a Democrat, when I am a Republican? There are many reasons to support the man and his platform. I believe first and foremost that impact fees have to be restored. Secondly, I believe that something has to be done about the animal shelter. Third, I believe it is time to face facts we are not going to get anywhere if we continue to cut services and reduce taxes. 

  • I like Hillary Clinton for president

    I have a long list of reasons for endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, but for sake of brevity I submit solely my S list: Mrs. Clinton is sage, sensible, and sane.

    James McIntosh


  • What do you have to lose?

    Dear Voters,

    Our presidential campaign continues to twist in really strange ways. If you choose to vote for the current Republican candidate for the presidency — then, ”What do you have to lose?”

    John Logsdon

    Floral City

  • Please, let’s save our waters

    As we are celebrating Save Our Waters Week, it is absolutely necessary to save our weak waters.

    Understanding some facts on the status of Florida’s drinking water is essential.

  • Let’s keep shining light on issue

    I would like to thank the Chronicle for publishing my article last  Sunday concerning the problems in the Veterans Administration (VA) in their support of America’s veterans. 

    Too, I apologize for the length of my diatribe, but there are so many problems needing addressed in this situation it would take a novel to outline each and every one. I hear it day after day in our veterans organization.

  • This election gets crazier every day

    Does anyone see a problem with  Mr. Trump and his views on Putin? Putin is an out-and-out dictator. Trump said he has a 82 percent approval rating that’s because the other 18 percent have been put in prison. The press is owned by the government and has one viewpoint and if you disagree you just might disapear.

  • May rethink position on half-cent tax

    In the Sept. 12 Chronicle, Mr. Kenneth Cole suggests I “should take a course on my math skills.” 

  • World-class athletes not easy to produce

    My best friend’s daughter, Leanne, has been a gymnast for the last six years. She is now 13. She lives in another state, which is highly populated so there are many competitive events. For the past two years she has been competing on a statewide level, frequently winning first prize. While training and entering competitive events, she has maintained honor roll grades.