• Thomas Kennedy a man of character

    This is a letter of endorsement in support of Thomas Kennedy. I have known Thomas for many years and have had the opportunity to see the fabric of his character on numerous occasions. I had the opportunity to see Thomas as a husband and a father over the years. Not talking the talk, but walking the walk! 

  • Patriotic Evening special
  • Thanks to Good Samaritans

    Thank you to the many folks who stopped to ask if I needed help when my car wouldn’t start at the Inglis Post Office last week. Especially appreciated are Ringo and David, who actually worked to get it going, but the starter was bad. It’s nice to know that I live in a town where complete strangers care about a neighbor in distress!

    Rose Uzarski


  • Thanks, shelter volunteers

    We had a most pleasant experience last week at the Citrus County Animal Shelter. Our cat died and we were hoping to find a new one.

    What a busy place! The friendly staff and volunteers went out of their way to help us find the cat that would blend in with our family. Debbie introduced us to the Cat House by taking them out of their cages so we could interact with them. There were so many to choose from; it was very difficult to make a decision, but Debbie was most helpful.

  • The loss of the historic Valerie Theater
  • Stamp Samaritan

    Crystal River is a great little town and I love living here. I was at the post office last week and picked up a package, bought a roll of stamps and dropped two letters off to be mailed. 

  • Prayer is the only answer

    What a letter to the editor Anna DeRose wrote. I’m proud to have such a bold woman in our community. As she said, “Wake up, America.” Sincere prayer is the only answer.

    Michael Rubin

  • Impressed by man's work, life

    Here is a 31-year-old man’s success story and a wonderful example to young people in our county today.

    I was given an estimate on a new roof by Elite Roofing. The owner wrote up the estimate after sitting down and explaining what was involved in a new roof, showing sample shingles and answering all my questions with the most patience I have ever seen.

  • Adams within his rights

    I’ve been reading in the paper about people criticizing Scott Adams for being in business as well as being a county commissioner. If these people would check up on all of the commissioners they would see most are in business for themselves and make money working in Citrus County.

  • Failed colonoscopy

    This letter is a fact — not fiction. My son is diabetic and 59 years old. He decided to be preventive and get a colonoscopy done. He went to make arrangements and set up an appointment at 9:30 on Tuesday, July 1. 

    We got there at 9 a.m. We are always early. We sat till 9:45 in the waiting room. He got called in. I waited and watched people being called in and come out until 11. My son had done all the prep work and not eaten for two days.