• Daughter responds to bully
  • Gun restrictions help the criminals

    The situation in Paris was horrible and never should have happened. Maybe they should have gun control in France. Oh wait; they do have extremely tight gun control in France. How’s that working out for all those who were massacred without a chance to defend themselves?

  • Gas should be up, not down

    With oil prices at a six-year low, can someone please explain to me why here in Citrus County our prices have gone up almost 30 cents a gallon in the last week? The only reason I can see is the local gas companies wanting to take advantage of the Veterans Day holiday and the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.

  • How would Jesus treat refugees?

    I just finished reading Mr. Cooper’s letter to the Chronicle. In his letter, Mr. Cooper claims that most of the refugees are well-dressed “guys.” He claims that there “are very few women or children except for the posed photos for the press.” He doesn’t understand why they appear so well off. He knows these to be facts because he just spent three weeks in Germany and Austria.

  • Pray to make America great again

    No, I could not stomach the Democrat debate!

    You printed a rebuttal letter as errant in understanding Scripture as common sense! So do you still think global warming is more of a threat to America than Islam extremists, as our president has said?

    “Render unto Caesar” was Christ’s response to a man who feared loss of wealth — ergo, his idol. The Holy Bible is very clear that man cannot serve two masters. Christ is, was and always will be everything! He is our king!

  • Tweaking the absurd logic

    As a person who speaks Swahili, I take PC umbrage at Mr. Del Vecchio’s letter in the Sunday paper. One should not disparage Swahili, the language of millions of East Africans. Naughty, naughty.

    That said, I actually completely agree with him regarding PC. Just wanted to tweak the old reductio ad absurdom logic shown so prevalently among those with so little tolerance and so lack the wonder and excitement of experiencing new things.

  • Open hearts to homeless too

    This is not in opposition to the U.S. accepting refugees. We are the empire and benevolence is expected of us. We are assured that the refugees are carefully screened and I can only wish that presidential candidates would be that well vetted.

    My gripe is a phrase that keeps popping up on the Internet — an email saying we should “open our hearts” to the refugees. I wondered how people who ignore their own homeless could be that compassionate.

  • Smith deserves your support

    Re: “With bills, do more than shame poor,” editorial, Nov. 13.

  • Sheriff’s response well prepared

    In the aftermath of the event at Lecanto High School, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office responded exceptionally and with complete coordination to address the very real threat of mass violence.

  • Students bring prayer to school

    Following the very sad attempt on his life by a 15-year-old Lecanto student, two students, freshman Peyton Burdette, who is class vice president, and senior Travis McGee, the school’s star quarterback did something wonderful — they brought prayer into the school and into the lives of fellow classmates to help with healing.