• Dixon’s remarks too broad
  • Public-private partnerships can be successful

    Much has been said lately about public-private partnerships. Several, including my opponent, have said they are a bad thing, and it is only our government picking winners and losers, and they shouldn’t be doing that, and that it does nothing but waste taxpayer money. Hearing that, I would like to point out a few partnerships that have many benefits and try to show how important these partnerships are to the taxpayer.

  • Consider best use of barge canal

    I suggest, if you want the best use of the barge canal, consider the following:

    1. The leak under the Rousseau Dam puts huge quantities of fresh water into the Gulf every hour of every day.

    2. The lower river, by virtue of undersized feed through the by-pass canal, is dying from a lack of proper flow.

  • Cancer Society announces end of Cattle Baron’s Ball

    The American Cancer Society would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Citrus County community for supporting our Cattle Baron’s Ball for 10 years and raising more than $825,000 to support the fight against cancer. This gala event has been an important staple within the Citrus County community for many years, and we are so grateful for the many volunteers that have donated countless hours to make Cattle Baron’s Ball a success.

  • Our family thanks you

    Dear caregivers and friends of Ena Janosko:

  • Adams off base on fire MSBU

    Watching the last county commission meeting from my computer, I was shocked to hear the argument of Commissioner Scott Adams about the response time in saving a life by the fire department as he debated the need for the MSBU with Sheriff Jeff Dawsy. Adams stated that “When it is your time to die, nobody will be able to help you and death is assured.” What ever happened to the saying, “No one knows when the bell tolls?” 

  • Probably best they did not vote
  • My heart goes out to you

    A thank-you note doesn’t seem enough when the person you’re sending it to saved your life.

  • Comments show a lack of understanding

    As members of a local rescue, we are writing in reply to the many letters and Sound Offs printed in the Chronicle — most of them very negative — regarding the county shelter.

  • Compliments to the writer

    My compliments to Jade Bittenbender on the article she wrote for the Chronicle. It is so refreshing to see someone who has such a talent for writing. Her description of Fort Cooper Park says it all. But, what is really impressive is the fact that her spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure are superb. Keep up the good work, Miss Jade!

    Julia Steinwachs