• Mopar club thanks all who helped out

    The Citrus Mopar Car Club would like to thank all those who made our eighth annual All-Mopar show a great success.

  • A tsunami of chaos and instability

    On March 4, President Donald Trump, offering no evidence, said Obama tapped his phones. On March 5, FBI Director James Comey asked the Justice Department to reject Trump’s wiretapping claim. On March 7, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed Trump retains confidence in Comey, the man he implicitly accused of betrayal.

  • A neighbor's unusual garden

    We were reminiscing recently about our first home. This occurred about 35 years ago, when attitudes were vastly different.

    When we were house-hunting, we were also hoping to find one with a sizeable piece of ground. It was a Cape Cod cottage, with a fireplace and attic and looked like a Christmas card.

    We started a vegetable garden, planted several fruit trees and a grape arbor. Many of our neighbors also had vegetable gardens. There is nothing like the flavor of a vine-ripened tomato.

  • Florida losing its heritage

    I was watching the news this morning, March 18, and there was a clip about some people in the city of Seminole in Pinellas County who are fighting to keep their water tower. It hit a very sensitive spot in my nature — history!

    I think any town that has a water tower, even if it has been decommissioned, should do everything that can be done to save it.

  • End this meaningless war

    It was recently announced (firstly by an unidentified federal government source) that the United States will now send yet more troops to the Middle East, this time to the war-ravaged mess in Syria, where one is challenged to identify which of the several sides is actually best for the Syrian people, if such indeed has anything to do with it.

  • Dog policy needs to be changed

    Editor’s note: This is an open letter to the Board of Citrus County Commissioners and the county administrator.


    I am writing to you as an animal advocate and a concerned citizen. You currently have a policy as part of the animal shelter that if any dog is reported to have “bitten” anyone that they only have two options: To be rescued by a rescue organization or to be euthanized.

  • Roundabout not a good idea

    I have lived in states that use roundabouts. They work where they are used often and people are used to the ins and outs of them. Citrus and Hernando counties are not such places.

    This is about the scariest idea I can think of for an intersection in the middle of nowhere. Why not lower the speed limits to 45 mph, and then 35 mph near the light in those areas? Put in a traffic light with a strobe light red light and blinking warning signs before the lights.

  • Thoughts on judgment

    Who actually judges us? Religious people have one opinion. Non-religious people have another. Spiritual people ... well, you know. Lastly come the people who don’t believe in judgment at all. They just do their thing, no matter who they hurt in the process. Criminals fall into that category, until they get caught. Then they are no longer able to carry on unscathed, doing harm to others. An actual judge will decide their fate.

  • Webster represents me

    Would someone please sit Bob Messersmith down and explain to him how the American political system works? If you get anywhere with that, try global geopolitics next. He needs some work there also. He goes on to confuse his needs and desires with the needs and desires of our congressional district. They are not the same. His comparison of the voting records of Daniel Webster and Bill Nelson is immature and false.

  • Statistics provide food for thought

    Here are statistics recently emailed to me which I find very interesting. First, our Electoral College ensures all of the states are represented fairly, so that densely populated areas do not speak for the entire nation. Out of the total counties in America (3,141), Trump won 3,084, while Hillary only 57! She, however, won the national popular vote, by way over 2 million votes.