• Columnist misses mark on ACA

    I see once again that Gene Lyons is exercising his constitutional rights by trumpeting the glories of the Affordable Care Act (“7 million reasons not to repeal the ACA,” Page A8, April 8). He states that the acts opponents’ comments, after Barack Obama announced that 7 million people were enrolled in the program, would be predictably negative. I suppose that the ACA’s supporters, him included, would be predictably positive, a point he failed to note.

  • Benevolence or business as usual?

    Re: “On road talk, let’s bypass the rhetoric,” Page C2, Sunday, April 6. 

    I’ll be the first to admit that my vision isn’t what it was seven or eight years ago. 

  • Candidate clarifies campaign donation

    Just to comment on the April 3 Chronicle article, “Candidate claims new home as an in-kind contribution:” 

  • Rehab center provides exceptional care
  • Koch doesn’t get it

    Koch doesn’t get it

    Re: April 3 edition of the Wall Street Journal:

    I was amazed to read the opinion written by Charles Koch and published in the April 3 Wall Street Journal regarding the criticism he receives for spending billions of dollars to influence our democracy.

    Koch stated that he is fighting to restore a free society in America and said he believes in a free and open debate. He just doesn’t get it.

  • Please maintain trail

    Dear Mr. Frank DiGiovanni:

    I wish to thank you for initiating the annual bike ride from Inverness to Crystal River. 

  • Letter offensive to our beliefs
  • Wishing I had been there for him

    A few years ago, I felt ill, feverish, dizzy, weak, simply not my norm. I take pride in accomplishments and physically demanding projects that involve my DeWalt tools, plenty of lumber, and, on the feminine side, hundreds of bedding plants and truckloads of mulch.

    I ignored the discomfort until I was no longer able to take care of my beloved pets as well and was doubled over with pain. I was faced with a frightening dilemma with no family nearby and truly, no one locally to call upon.

  • Letter to Bishop Lynch

    Dear Bishop Robert Lynch,

    I’ve been a diehard Roman Catholic for almost 50 years of my life. I went through eight years of Catholic school, so I know a bit about things that go on. If the diocese can’t handle the responsibility of one school that serves six parishes, then the diocese should have left it alone. 

  • Reducing income inequality

    The president speaks about it often but avoids mentioning how much the federal government already redistributes or how much more he needs to close the income gap. A revealing study by the CBO using prerecession data from eight years ago gave us some needed information. We now know the amount given to households in the five income quintiles and the taxes they paid.