• Trump haters are losing it

    Many conservative scribes, right-leaning pundits, pro-Republican letter writers, and not a few apolitical individuals have remarked on how crazed the Democrats are about the election of President Trump.

  • We can see, and we will not be silent

    I read, on a daily basis, negative remarks from two sides. The people who did not support the 45th president are accused of whining and complaining that Hillary didn’t win. We are told to “get over it.”

    They, the accusers, are missing the point. For some, it may very well be for that reason. Speaking only for myself, Hillary has nothing to do with it. It is this completely incompetent person sitting in a seat of honor. A seat that represents the country that I come from.

  • Please restore trail to be the finest

    Your recent editorial and the letter about safety conditions on the Withlacoochee State Trail prompt me to comment about the trail. First and foremost, it is a wonderful multi-use recreational trail. The WST is one of the finest bike trails that I have ridden and it well deserves its outstanding reputation. Its wonderful rural character, over-arching tree canopy and nearly flat profile make for a wonderful biking experience.

  • So many questions about border wall

    The latest idea about building a wall between the United States and Mexico is that President Trump will ask Congress to authorize building it and we will then bill Mexico.

    Details that need to be worked out are: Will it be an installment plan and will there be interest on this loan, or will it be paid in one lump sum? Also, for what length of time will this loan run? Will it be built using union labor or undocumented workers (they work cheap)?

  • Size of plants is a consideration

    In reply to Mr. Oyer’s letter regarding the idea that Citrus County should go to power generating waste disposal as a solution to our future waste issues, I provide the following. I agree 100 percent on the value of such methods and how they are being used in other counties in Florida. However, that is where the grand idea hits a solid brick wall!

  • Who is faced with more danger?

    Re: Associated Press, Sunday Chronicle, Feb. 12, “Trump attacks on judiciary raise safety concerns for judges”:

  • Where is Prince Charming?

    When is it too late or just plain hopeless, to meet one’s “Prince Charming” or, at least, someone compatible, interesting and ambulatory? Internet dating services boast happy relationships, loving courtships and marriages made in heaven, and those who are successful are deserving after computer time spent, plus many dollars.

  • Chick-fil-A — best idea for Citrus County

    I saw a letter to the editor concerning a Chick-fil-A in our county and I think it’s the greatest idea ever. First of all, a Chick-fil-A would attract customers from outside our area, bringing a much needed boost to our economy. 

    These customers will stay in the county for a while, shopping around, and our small businesses can thrive from their new customers. The average Chick-fil-A franchise operator makes $100,00 — $190,000 a year and the startup cost for a Chick-fil-A is only $5,000. 

  • There is a new civil war unfolding

    Y’all just don’t get it. Back and forth, pros and cons, liberals versus conservatives, Democrats against Republicans, tolerance versus intolerance, Trumpists denigrating anti-Trumpers, on and on and on the battle lines on the daily editorial page of the Chronicle read like a headline from the tabloids lining the checkout counter at my grocery store.

  • Trump will leave mark on high court

    There is no doubt in my mind that President Trump will leave his mark on the Supreme Court. It’s also possible that in addition to Justice Scalia’s replacement — Judge Neil Gorsuch — that another seat could be vacated during his term.