• Say no to developer

    An open letter to our county commissioners regarding Halls River Development LLC. 

  • Friends give thanks for sale
  • Act on Damato's plan

    Although I have not always agreed with County Commissioner Dennis Damato on all occasions, his March 22 Chronicle guest column “On 491, real partnerships will lead to success” deserves positive recognition.

  • Think of Citrus as one

    We are Citrus County. We cover a large land area and have two incorporated municipalities, Crystal River and Inverness, within our boundaries. Crystal River and Inverness have their own municipal governments and basically control what happens within their boundaries. They pay taxes to county government because they are a part of the county and, as such, use the facilities the county provides.

  • Miss you, Hedda

    Every once in a while, someone crosses your path in life who you feel an instant connection with. That’s how it was with my friend Hedda Smith.

  • Socialism not to blame for U.S. ills

    The other day Harvey Laurence posted a letter to the effect that a Princeton-based study concluded U.S. Millennials (Generation Y) were less well educated and less well prepared for the workplace than not only the citizens of other countries, but other U.S. generations as well. Harvey said socialism was at fault.

  • Pirate’s Cove not good fit for area

    I am responding to your articles in the March 4 issue and your letter to the editor on March 8.

    I live next door to Pirate’s Cove and I’m sure the county would not allow me turn my property into a “pig farm.” I’m sure there are plenty of people who have wonderful ideas for their property.

  • Chronicle readers are the best

    We at Daystar Life Center of Citrus County are very grateful to the Citrus County Chronicle and its readers for their wonderful help throughout the winter.

    Now that we have no more worries of cold weather, it is time to thank everyone who donated blankets, coats, jackets, tents, sleeping bags and the like.

  • Thanks for the review
  • Too late to reverse sprawl

    Gerry Mulligan’s recent Out the Window column laments the lack of a plan “to deal with the flood of manatees” and “the flood of tourists” around and within Three Sisters Spring.

    Poor Gerry thinks the city of Crystal River has the capacity to get control of a very bad situation and make it better.