• Don’t condemn dogs’ grooming habits

    Amazingly, there are many who take time to express their opinions and anger regarding natural instincts of the canine’s grooming methods. It may sound humorous and some will smile as they sip their coffee while imagining such a seemingly disgusting feat. I think it’s rather sad when we have so much time to waste, expressing crude comments.

  • The real cost of water lines, hookups

    Although I may not be required to connect to the county extended water lines northeast of Crystal River, I think it is my duty to inform the citizens of Citrus County in my area the true costs of the approaching lines. 

    The article in Monday, 

  • Program is great for seniors

    This letter is addressed to Joanie Welch and to all seniors who live alone.

    Not long after my beloved Marie passed away (five years ago), when I went to bed I would think about the problem, if anything happens to me during the night, I could call 911 — but how would I let the first responders in if I was not be able to unlock the door? They would have to break in and that would be very costly and waste time. 

  • Where are the commissioners?

    Article in 9/13 Chronicle edition that Commissioner Ron Kitchen hasn’t even been out to the storm-damaged area he supposedly is paid to represent. Nice.

    And he hasn’t had one phone call from anyone? 

    Of course, those of us who are supposedly represented by Commissioner Damato haven’t seen hide nor hair of him either. 

    Kitchen will be next on the chopping block. Remember when that time comes.

    John Troy

  • When do people count in business?

    I just received a notice from Citrus Utilities; they are exchanging existing water meters with new “Smart Meters” and the following thought crossed my mind.

    It seems logical to assume (bad word, I know) that they are spending the money for the new meters to save money over the long haul. I assume (again, a bad word) that the savings would come from human beings being let go from their jobs, as the new meters would not require as much manpower.

  • Some drivers just don’t care

    I am a retired 50-plus-year road driver. Will not bother you too much, but in regards to your (“Car Corner” column by Ken McNally) Friday, Sept. 9, on “lame” drivers, here is what I think after being a driver in 42 states with 5 million miles under my belt.

    The drivers you talk about, 90 percent don’t even give it a thought about “hogging” the left lane. The other 10 percent just don’t care! I think we can all relate to that.

    William Ames

  • Fly the flag according to U.S. codes

    September 12’s front page picture showed patriots participating in the “Freedom Walk” in Inverness carrying the U.S. flag with the picture of an eagle on it. While I salute their enthusiasm and patriotism, they should have checked U.S. Code Title 36. Chapter 10 Section 176 (g) which states quite clearly that, “the flag should never have placed upon it ... any mark, insignia, ... design, picture or drawing.”

  • County needs to lead after disaster strikes

    Dear Editor,

    The current discussion regarding when the storm cleanup will start and who will pay for it is interesting but sad.

  • I, too, have a right not to watch the NFL

    I turned it off! I turned off the NFL games until these cry-baby multi-millionaire players respect our flag and this great nation that allows them to earn massive amounts of money thanks to a God-given talent. 

    Many decades ago, I grew up with some of the guys who went on to play for the Bears. They were paid $5,000 per year! These prima donnas make that much every minute of every game in the season.

  • Congress’ pace of work is amazing

    First the good news — Congress returned to work on Sept. 6 from an unusually long summer recess. One that lasted seven weeks. One would think there would now be time for Congress to get down to work on the peoples business.

    Second the bad news — I regret to inform you that Congress will recess again after Sept. 30 for a six-week-long campaign recess. How’s that for budgeting your time wisely?