• What exactly would you say you do here?

    Code enforcement/code compliance in Citrus county is an absolute joke. I have lived in Florida 45 years in various counties. I have never seen such ineptness.

    Polk County instituted mandatory trash collection. This stopped illegal dumping. Citrus should do this. I have heard the argument that elderly or poor people can’t pay for it. You can be old or poor, but you can still be clean.

    If you cannot enforce codes, why are we paying you???

  • Writer's claims don't make sense

    With all due respect to Mr. Collins and his submission of May 9, I find the logic he used to come to his conclusions to be perverted at best.

  • We need to put grown-ups in charge

    From listening to all the news involving leaders of our federal government, it appears that they all should be sent to kindergarten to learn how to work together and respect each other. Better yet, maybe they should be spanked soundly and sent to bed without supper. The actions of so many of these people are so juvenile it is hard to believe that they had the nerve to ask us to elect them.

  • Trump's health care disaster
  • Thank you for letting us share

    This is a very special thank you to Inverness Primary School. Volunteers Mary McCurdy and Ellen Croft of Precious Paws Rescue Inc. were invited to visit with the K-1 students of Mrs. Swayze, Mrs. Tyler, Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. Denney, Mrs. Feeser and Mrs. Roberts at Inverness Primary School and share with them the importance of and proper way to care for their pets and to have them spayed and neutered to stop the sad situation of so many animals dying each year in animal shelters, out in the wild and on our roadways.

  • Trump's behavior is troubling

    As we all know by now, our president has fired the FBI director. I believe he did this is because the Russian investigation is getting too close to him.

  • Need to address litter problem

    Just returned from a Sunday morning bike ride. Starting from my home in Crystal Glen to Educational Path, State Road 44 and County Road 481, I was disappointed with all the trash along my ride.

    The Board of County Commissioners needs to address the appearance of our county. For too long we haven’t been addressing this.

  • Without water, we're nothing

    Hooray for the Sound Offs on May 7 regarding the water usage. I have lived in Citrus Hills for 21 years and on well water. Since then we have added Terra Vista and several hundred (perhaps thousands) of new homes. The building keeps on going. It has constantly been a concern of ours that our well may run dry. The reality is some of them in this area are going dry.

  • Some of my pet peeves

    Pet peeve. What is that? Merriam-Webster describes it as a “frequent subject of complaint,” so where shall I begin? Are these pet peeves supposed to be kept to ourselves or boldly pronounced, pushed aside and lived with angrily? Could it be that these pet peeves cause stress and anxiety, yet are uncontrollable, irritating and frequent?

  • Snowbird loves the Withlacoochee Trail

    Your commentary “The do’s and don’ts of dealing with tourists” in the April 23 paper was very entertaining and prompts me to comment again. I wrote in February about the need for attention to the condition of the Withlacoochee State Trail and would now like to comment on the treatment of tourists, specifically, of snowbirds in Citrus County.