• Impact fees needed in county

    On July 21, Mr. Peter Monteleone of Pine Ridge wrote a letter to the editor, “Flawed taxing scheme in county.” He claims the editorial board’s opinion is ludicrous and flawed.

    He goes on to say that Citrus County impact fees are a preposterous, money-grubbing scheme to appropriate additional funds (besides taxes) from unsuspecting families who desire to live here.

  • Our tax dollars going to waste

    As President Reagan would say “there you go again.”

    Your editorial that the county finances are firming, housing prices are up (more taxes) so prosperity is on the horizon bespeaks of your leftist ideology.

  • If they want to go it alone, let them

    Re: “County, city differ on fire plan.”

  • Photo shows bobcat, not panther

    The photo of a deer and a large cat in the July 14 issue appears a bit strange. The cat appears to be a Florida panther, but is that so? Has anyone identified the cat? Is it possible that it is not a Florida panther?

    Ron Bland

    Crystal River

    Editor’s note: The cat was a bobcat. Florida panthers are only found in south Florida.

  • Thanks for WWII stories

    Thank you to the Chronicle staff for the recent special attention to World War II veterans. I am especially grateful for the Independence Day WWII section, which included an article on my parents, Sam and Mary Speranza. It was quite interesting to me to read the stories of all the other veterans as well.

  • Munn column rewrites history

    Julianne Munn writes “… the south fought to uphold the values and goals of the founding fathers … ”

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men were created equal … ” — founding father Thomas Jefferson.

  • From privilege: a pair of blinders

    The lack of insight into the life situations of the majority of his fellow citizens as evidenced in Ralph Masullo’s column on July 5, is astounding. For someone who wishes to be a representative in the Florida Legislature, his lack of self-awareness is breathtaking.

  • Positive news for mental illness

    We do not get really good news often enough. However, a letter just received from a National office, 3803 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 100, Arlington, VA, had some powerfully good news. To quote the letter, “Philosophy Inc. is the first mainstream American corporation to partner with NAMI, in creating a challenge gift of $75,000.”

  • Flawed taxing scheme in county

    The editorial opinion printed today (July 17) in the Citrus County Chronicle was absolutely ludicrous and its reasoning flawed. 

    Citrus County impact fees (originally created) was a preposterous, money-grubbing scheme to appropriate additional funds (besides taxes) from unsuspecting families who desired to live here. While this labeling seems harsh, let me give you some examples.

  • Stop assigning gun-free zones

    RE: gun-free zones.