• Sponsor summer meals program

    I am a grandmother and great-grandmother who was fortunate to have raised five healthy children. I never had to worry about where our next meal was coming from and it breaks my heart to know that so many children are less fortunate.

    Please co-sponsor the summer meals program for the needy children in this country. No child should ever be hungry.

    Thank you for sponsoring this worthy cause.

    Marianne Suozzi

  • Money for raises can be found

    I watched the county commission budget hearings and was impressed by the commitment of three of our commissioners to not only control spending but reduce it. Even with the influx of tax revenue from the sale of the hospital, we are still in hard economic times in Citrus County. Having a millage rate north of 9 mills is not a good recipe for attracting new residents and businesses to our county, which are vital in our recovery. So it was good news to see them lower the rate.

  • Dispute over flag has long history

    Recently, there has been conversation in the news about the Confederate Battle Flag: its purpose, when and where it is raised or taken down, and whether it should be shown only in a museum as part of the history of our country. 

  • Mav’s passing saddens us all

    Through Facebook, people all over the world watched and prayed for Maverick, the golden retriever being cared for at Joshua’s House for Golden Retriever Rescue.  Maverick was only 4 years old, but for the past two years was fighting kidney failure. 

  • Flat rate for water best choice

    I applaud the Citrus County Commissioners for agreeing to address the unfair water/sewer rates. For whatever reasons we got into this unjust situation, they are showing leadership to get us out of it.

  • Difference between airboats, helicopters

    Re: Winston Perry letter on helipad.

    It seems Mr. Perry sold a piece of property in the vicinity of Mason Creek to an individual that wishes to install a helicopter pad for his private use.

  • Option A is best choice for springs

    Re: Gary Rankel letter to the editor. 

    I understand something needs to be done. However, they should wait until land access is complete. This should alleviate some of the congestion. This will still give the locals/tourist who have already made plans to visit Crystal River this year a way to access Three Sisters Springs. 

  • Observations of an octogenarian

    Some seven years ago, a charismatic politician vowed that “This is the greatest country in the world; come with me to help make fundamental changes” or words to that effect. And those fundamental changes have, in large part, been made. They have put this once great nation on the verge of bankruptcy and put millions upon millions of our citizens out of work and onto the teat of government handouts. 

  • What would the sisters think?

    We have found Citrus County to be much like the Midwestern area where we grew up, with its slow and restful life’s pace. But recently we have found a scenario that may change all that, not progress, with which we have no problem, but big government.

  • Flooding problems far from over

    The Chronicle wrote a story about the Wahoo Trail Road flooding  and I want to get a few things straight. There are about 20 families affected by flooding on this road. We have no bus service, no mail, no garbage pick up, no mosquito control — nothing.