• Through rain, sleet or snow

    I would like to say thank you to every single person who delivers our mail. I know one personally and you have no idea what comes with this job!

    I won’t go into all the details she has shared with me except to say I admire and respect her a lot.

    She has a full plate with her personal life, yet she gets up every day and makes sure we get our sale fliers, letters from loved ones and whatever else we look forward to getting via the mailbox (except maybe the bills — ha-ha!).

  • Thank you for kindness, honesty

    On the Wednesday eve of Thanksgiving, I had been shopping at Walmart in Inverness and foolishly left my purse in the shopping cart when I left to go home. 

    After realizing my mistake, I went back in hopes of finding my purse but also felt that it would be highly unlikely. However, it was my good luck and fortune to have a good Samaritan find it and turn it in at the store. 

  • Can’t trust Hillary Clinton

    During the election, when poll after poll virtually predicted a victory by Hillary (Clinton), she very loudly and arrogantly berated and criticized (Donald) Trump for his statements that he may not accept the election results if he lost. She repeatedly said that Trump should accept the results of a legally conducted election, and, not to do so, would “undermine the Constitution and the election process.”

  • Give Trump a chance

    Regard: Nov. 22, Trump may trigger progressive renewal.

  • Trump is a true leader

    “Make America Great Again” is an action statement of positive and powerful determination that can be achieved by everyone of us, in our own way, with confidence.

    Hope and Change was a motto that left a taste of defeat, as if we the people were to watch and wait and hope those in power made the changes America and her people need.

  • I will continue to pray for my country

    The election is over and while Donald Trump has lost the popular vote, he has won the Electoral College vote. This means that he will enter the Office of the President knowing that the majority of the people do not want him sitting in the Oval Office.

  • Sabal Trail forum was informative

    I was an attendee at the Public Forum on Sabal Trail on Nov. 21.

  • Pine Ridge is a gem of a community

    As the president of the Pine Ridge Property Owner’s Association Inc., I would like to extend special thanks to you for the correction and apology in the Sound Off section of your newspaper back in October of this year.

    It is my pleasure to tell you about this fine community. As you may know, we are a community of just under 5,000 lots. To date, homes built or those that are still under construction total 2,861. 

  • I enjoy Dr. Dixon’s columns

    It is truly a pleasure to read the Chronicle’s columns by Dr. William Dixon, who ranks as a world-class observer of our nation’s condition.

    Dr. Dixon’s work is brief and reasoned — statements of fact given the light of his brilliant logic and credentials that dwarf comparison. Any detractor can share the hope expressed by this “treasure” among us.

    John P. Brebner

    Crystal River

  • Stand up to the scammers

    There are many types of scams that are out there, especially with the internet today, however I want to talk about a common scam that has been around for years. What I am referencing is someone coming to your front door and presenting some fantastic opportunity to buy something or a great price to repair or service something.