• Vote in upcoming primary

    Vote for your country, from my heart I beg of you, whether you are Democrat, Republican, independent or one of the 53 million who don’t vote.

    Thinking back years ago Florida voted to not let officials spend more than eight years in office in same election. They put Claude Pepper, who had been in office over 45 years or more.

    Why does the person with the most money win the election?

    Why do you vote for a fancy speaker, or you like his smile?

  • Whom to vote for

    With an election coming Aug. 26, how many informed voters will cast a ballot? Many people say that it is their right or obligation to vote. Yet, when one starts talking to those people, their response is often shocking:

  • Whitelaw more than a one-issue candidate

    This letter serves as my rebuttal to the Chronicle’s endorsement of my opponent, Doug Dodd. When I attended the Chronicle interview, it was not to seek their endorsement. Their connections with the status quo in Citrus County assured me that would be unrealistic. The only thing I hoped for was an honest reporting of our discussion. (I know, again unrealistic) Once again, the Chronicle’s bias interfered with their moral obligations as journalists. 

  • ENDORSEMENT REBUTTAL: Mulrain the best candidate for BOCC seat 2

    A couple of days before my editorial review I started my rebuttal letter. I am a 30-year resident, living at the same address and in the same district. Being such, the Chronicle’s endorsements are easily predictable.

  • ENDORSEMENT REBUTTAL: Corkery champions trade schools

    As a candidate for Citrus County School Board District 1, and as I stated at the various public forums, support of quality technical trade schooling within our public schools is a top priority of my campaign. 

    Editorial endorsements in the Chronicle depicting my opponent, Mr. Kennedy, as being a proponent of trade schools is somewhat out of place. Kennedy has sat on the board for four years, and I believe it’s a bit too late for Mr. Kennedy to be proclaimed an advocate for technical trades education. 

  • Thank you for your endorsement
  • Tourists see filth

    Fort Island Trail Beach Park in Crystal River is where many tourists go after seeing the manatees since tourists like to swim at a beach while in Florida. 

    On Aug. 18, the entire water’s edge of the beach was covered with dead grass, making a mat of filth inches thick. The Citrus County park service seemingly is no longer removing these mats of dead grass after the kids start back to school, since this same beach was clean and wonderful in July.

  • Negative campaigning hurts process
  • Wasting money on dirty campaigning

    I have just received the most recent robocall from Save Citrus County. I would like the people or person responsible for taking up space on my voicemail to know that not only have you wasted my time, but you have made my voting decision easier. I will go to the polls either during the early voting period or next Tuesday and vote for Winn Webb (don’t know yet if “JJ” Kenney is on my ballot). Your sense of what a voter wants is very misplaced. I think the type of politics you’re playing can easily be referred to as dirty and backstabbing.

  • A weird election