• Clean energy dollars make sense

    R.M. Sprott sent a letter to the editor titled, “Solar may not be the panacea,” Oct. 12, where he rebuts Citrus County League of Women Voters President Kate Betsko’s editorial that detailed good reasons to oppose Amendment 1 — the primary reason being that the fossil-fuel industry-sponsored proposal will undermine Florida residents’ ability to afford rooftop solar panels.

  • Trump too risky for the country

    The letters of Saturday, Oct. 1, show great uncertainty about this year’s election. And that’s a real concern. Any hope that Biden will jump in and save our bacon is distant and unrealistic, the die has been cast and we have a choice between an unpopular woman and what increasingly appears to be a deranged man. There is even less chance that Sanders and Warren will step into the breach. So I must ask myself, before I vote, which one of our two candidates shows the greatest downside and the answer is easy.

  • I support Brian Coleman

    Citrus County needs a strong leader, someone who has committed his life to our county and country. Someone who is a leader of men and women and has the respect of individuals within our county. That person is Brian Coleman, who is running for county commissioner, District 5.

  • Vote to remove high court justices

    Amendment 1 regarding solar energy was funded by the utility companies and is definitely against the consumer. The title is misleading and the wording is difficult to decipher and leads one to believe that it is pro-solar energy and would benefit you, the voter.

  • I support Godfrey and Langer

    If you follow the BOCC in the Chronicle, we have five members who are all Republicans who can’t get along or get much of anything done. Our county needs fresh new ideas by voting for the two Democratic candidates running for District 1, Duane Godfrey; and District 3, Tim Langer.

  • Re-elect Leon McClellan

    I believe it is very important to keep Leon McClellan working for us on the Mosquito Control Board. As a member of the Tourist Development Council, I am aware what a scare over the mosquito-borne Zika virus could do to our visitor numbers if an outbreak were to occur in Citrus County. Leon McClellan, as chair of our Mosquito Control Board, has worked diligently and effectively to keep that from happening. He has protected us from this threat while doing so in a very fiscally responsible manner.

  • Sandy Counts is a woman of her word

    Almost two decades ago, Sandy Counts and I teamed at Crystal River High School to give our sophomore and junior students the best curriculum we could devise so that, when they left our classrooms, they felt prepared to face life beyond our walls. During those years, with the implementation of No Child Left Behind, high-stakes testing — FCAT, ACT and SAT — began to dominate our curriculum.

  • We support Prendergast

    Before the primary election, we were asked to sign a petition for Mr. Prendergast to be a candidate for sheriff. We did sign. Days later my wife and I came home from shopping and found a note on our front door saying sorry I missed you. It was signed by Mr. Prendergast. 

    No candidate for office has ever come to our front door to ask for our votes. We were very impressed by that action. We intend to vote for Mr. Prendergast and suggest that with this kind of candidate you do the same.

  • Gather knowledge before voting

    That is the sound of a gauntlet being thrown down as a challenge to millenials.

    What does your college education give you, a free pass to vote without knowledge?

    At 42, I got a college diploma, and was ecstatic. However in hindsight, that was a mistake. Having devoted the past 45 years acquiring knowledge, I now can say I am ready to vote. This is after reading about 4,000 non-fiction books, and watching 100 greatest courses.

  • I support the Democrat

    Please vote for Mr. Duane Godfrey on election day for District 1 of the Board of County Commissioners if you are seriously wanting change to come to Citrus County. It is time for the Democrats to step up to the plate and bring change to this county. We have had too may years of a Republican control of this county and look at the condition we are in. Lets see what the Democrats can do for a change. 

    Charles Knecht