• Respect is needed in our country

    What ever happened to respecting tho office no matter who is in the Oval Office be it Republican or Democratic? 

  • Taxes necessary evil we incur

    First, let me say that I do not like taxes any more than anyone else. However, taxes are the premiums we pay for the services we enjoy: police protection, fire protection, road repair and more. 

    I believe we are  responsible for higher taxes since we oppose them so much: if we took heed of tax proposals when presented we just might not have to pay so much later. Our country has record debt and it is not going away until we come up with a plan to pay it off.

  • Golf tournament helps shelter

    The ninth Annual Golf Tournament for VFW District 7, was a success.  We want to thank all the sponsors and the players for their support of the worthwhile event. Half of the money raised from this event will go to the Mission in Citrus Homeless Shelter, and the other half to veterans projects.

    Each year District 7 does a golf tournament, and next year the new District 7 commander will be planning the 10th Annual Golf tournament. 

    Cindy Shaw

  • 'Experts' don't know hot from cold

    The Associated Press is at it again. They are going to do their part to keep global warming in front of us even if it’s proven hooey. I’m of course talking about the article, “Study: US benefits from global warming — for now.” in the Thursday, April 21 Chronicle. The AP, in their drive to further the socialist goals of income and wealth redistribution and a socialist one world government, look for any crazy study they can find to quote as factual knowledge. Let’s look at this example.

  • Oregon is west, Florida is east

    A wee comparison of two states:

    Consider traffic: Florida has five times the population of Oregon but less than two-thirds Oregon’s land mass. 

    Consider taxes: Oregon has no sales tax, Florida no income tax. 

    Consider wildlife: Florida has no salmon, Oregon no manatees. 

    Mountains? Oregon has lots of ’em; Florida, none.

    Snow? Fuggetaboutit!.

  • P.C. police bust kids for singing anthem

    Unbelievable. A group of choir students from Waynesville Middle School in North Carolina was stopped by security while singing the national anthem at the 9/11 memorial in downtown New York City because — wait for it — they didn’t have a permit.

  • Stop printing bad things about Adams

    I have noticed that the Citrus County Chronicle has been publishing almost daily, something negative or degrading against Scott Adams. In your April 23 edition you even published “Hot Corner: Adams,” to include seven negative comments about Mr. Adams.

  • Stop Suncoast 3; keep Citrus rural
  • Show plan for paving roads

    Gentlemen: Stop! Enough already! The taxpayers of Citrus County are not going to subsidize improving the property values of vacant lots in various real estate developments in the county. These lots are virtually worthless with substandard streets fronting them. Who wants to build a new home on a pot-holed street? Who is being benefited here? As usual, the special interests are the winners.

  • Help save our democracy

    We the people have discovered the electoral college is a sham. They do not follow the instructions of the voting public. Instead they take their instructions from their party leaders. You and I are voteless.

    The media has recently disclosed half of the super PAC money comes from only 50 people. This huge amount of money donated to the super PACs is used to fund the election activities of political parties and specific candidates.