• Column lacks supporting facts

    A week or so ago, George Will wrote a column in the Chronicle titled “Educating the young is the business of the state.”

    That seems to be a conclusion in search of supporting evidence and rationale. But it would find none of either in his article.

  • Deny hotel project

    Re: Halls River Road project.

    Having attended the zoning board meeting on this issue and speaking as a resident of the immediate area and being a retired EMT firefighter, I addressed the safety aspect of the established residents who will have to use this road daily for travel and also as an evacuation route.

  • ER a capacity issue
  • Waiting for the other shoe

    Carl Hiaasen’s column today (Sunday, Feb. 22) is right on the mark — that Brian Williams is lucky he was merely suspended for six months without pay and not fired outright. One can understand maybe a grunt in combat may invent a story like this, but for a guy who is such a huge public 

    figure to invent such an outright phony story of bravery is idiotic. Did he think no one would check? As huge as he was, did he believe it would not pop up on somebody’s radar and be easily debunked?

  • Facts obtained

    In regard to the letter of rebuttal on Feb. 10 to my letter of Feb. 1, which stated I “should get the facts straight and verify my statements first” — I did.

    I called Animal Control and was transferred to “someone who would be able to answer my questions.” I specifically asked the question as to whether healthy animals were euthanized due to low adoption rates and lack of enough space. I asked that question twice and was given the same answer, “yes.” 

  • Bred for service

    I read the interesting article on training German shepherds for the K-9 Corps. We have always owned German shepherds for years when living up North.

    I always walk my dogs on a leash even when they are obedience trained, as many people are nervous about walking past large dogs.

  • Local control not answer to gun law

    I had to raise my eyebrows at some of the comments made in your op-ed piece concerning HB 623 in today’s Chronicle, dated Feb. 26. The law as it is written is indeed a one-size-fits-all approach, which makes it a bad law, and it certainly does not apply in all situations. I agree with you on that. 

  • Trauma center charges

    The Chronicle recently printed an editorial titled “Emergency room first, then trauma center.” The recognition that the emergency room needs physical and procedural improvement is appropriate. However the uncritical acceptance of the logic for a trauma center designation may need reexamination.

  • WTC prepares students for career

    It has been brought to my attention that some people believe technical colleges are of no importance. I am a graduate of a technical college, and I have to say I disagree.

  • Hotel project too large

    Plans for the 11 acres, which is now being considered for the Halls River Hotel, have been argued for 14 years. First, it was condos, then cabins, now a four-story, 110 unit hotel. It was once zoned Coastal Lakes which allowed only one home per 20 acres.