• Lies about Trump make him stronger

    Has the mainstream media no shame? The rhetoric, the constant barrage against President Trump just so they can sell more copy and garner higher viewer ratings is despicable. Isn’t the media’s first obligation to report the news as fairly and objectively as possible? News that is open and uninfluenced by personal opinion without censure or acrimony to society or any one person?

  • Driver’s license rules need work

    My Florida’s driver’s license is up for renewal. In the 10 years since its original issue, my appearance has changed, and I no longer require corrective lenses to see. So I went to the DMV to get an updated picture and a renewed license without the restriction to wear lenses. 

  • Around and around we go
  • I want to see the transcripts

    President Trump is attending the G20 meeting in Europe. I am embarrassed that President Trump as a representative of the U.S. would call CNN news “fake news.” Besides that, when he had a meeting with Russian Vladimir Putin, no transcripts were recorded. I demand as a citizen that a transcript of meetings with foreign governments be made available.

    Left or right, we deserve to know.

    R. Chris Conklin


  • Time to update your thinking

    There have been numerous updates and articles on the future of the county landfill. I believe they have all encompassed looking at a new site or hauling to another county. This looks like a expensive and short-term solution. 

  • Use professionals for new comp plan

    As a P & Z commissioner for 25 years in a city of 62,000 in Connecticut, I’ve seen a lot of zoning changes and good and bad impacts. Recently we rewrote our zoning regulations after getting advice and recommendations from expert planners on smart growth and form based zoning. We were the first municipality to do this in New England. Central to these changes were the introduction of multi-use districts and promotion of walkable communities.

  • A monument to BOCC’s neglect

    This is about the gross neglect by the Citrus County commissioners, specifically about Gum Street, which stretches one mile to the east off N. Elm Drive, just beyond the eastern border of Crystal River.

    Gum Street is unpaved, a dirt road with ditches that in wet weather fill with water deeper than the top of your car’s wheels. In dry weather, it turns to sugar-sand hazards just as deep, which often require tow service at a rate of $125 a pull.

  • Stricklands operated ambulance services

    I’m writing to you regarding your July 2 publication of the excellent “Remember When” (History of Healing in Citrus County).

    In particular I’d like to make reference to the section on “Citrus County Ambulance Service,” found on Page G13.

  • Please speak up for ill child

    A little baby, Charlie Gard, born in England, is fighting for his life. The courts so far have decided he should not live because he has major health problems and may be incurable.

    This a world wide story.

    His parents have pleaded with doctors, religious, world leaders.

    Response from our Catholic Bishops and Cardinals? With the exception of a few ... dead silence.

    Helen F. Koczur


  • Political class to blame for lack of civility

    On June 14, Republican members of Congress were gunned down at an early morning baseball practice for the annual Congressional baseball game for charity. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time; according to USA Today, since 1789 17 members of Congress have been shot.