• Get on board with no-kill shelter

    Re: J.L. Cooper letter.

  • Great job on new opening

    Commendations and congratulations to Mr. Larry Gamble, manager of Walmart, Inverness. My family and I attended the grand opening on Friday, May 8.

    The new displays are beautiful, well organized, well stocked, clean and situated conveniently.

    My family and I enjoyed our time at the grand opening, met some nice people, and met many of the employees.

    Again, Mr. Gamble, a great job.

  • Honoring our EMS professionals

    There’s nothing quite as alarming as the blaring siren of an ambulance or fire truck fast approaching. Whether you’re in your car or safely in your home, knowing that someone — somewhere — may be in a life-threatening situation automatically increases our level of alertness.

  • Gouged in the arm and pocketbook
  • I don’t get it

    Last year, the voters of Florida voted to pass Amendment I telling the state of Florida that they want the state to purchase land for preservation and to concentrate on restoring and maintaining our extraordinary spring systems.

  • Pay your own way

    An open letter to the inhabitants of Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Dog fashion show big success

    Thank you businesses, organizations and citizens of Citrus County for helping Snippet Citrus produce the “Putting on the Dog” Fashion Show, luncheon and pet adoption event on April 25 at the Crystal River Mall. Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit county pet owners who need financial assistance to spay/neuter their pets.

    Our mission is to “Stop Pet Homelessness Before It Starts” by reducing the number of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.

  • Demand more accountability

    I am sad to learn the standards of transparency and truthfulness are higher for an NFL Super Bowl quarterback than for a former secretary of state and presidential candidate. What is discouraging is it does not bode well for our republic nor speak well of the state of the so-called “mainstream media.” The double standards regarding media treatment of Tom Brady versus Hillary Clinton are troubling to me and should be for every American.

  • Looking for my doctor

    I am looking for Dr. (Catherine) Navarro. I am told she is no longer affiliated with her previous doctor. 

    She has been my doctor for several years and I need to make an appointment to see her. 

    If any one has information regarding the location of her office and the phone number, please post in the Chronicle.

    Marjorie Regan


  • Dr. Ben Carson a political phenomenon

    I find that folks today are really fed up with politics as usual. Dr. Carson like Gen. George Washington never intended to seek office of the presidency of the United States, but both gentlemen were concerned for the future of our great nation. In Washington’s case, it was the forming of a common sense government; and Dr. Carson’s, an apolitical hopeful, is restoring the necessary common sense and good judgment to provide a positive future.