• Must be better way to save county money

    On Tuesday, April 26, the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners brought up their plan to cut the county budget by cutting off the health insurance benefit to all 14 part-time county employees.

    Many of these employees have eight to 10 or more years of service to the county, making a salary less than that of which they could have made outside. They do not make a ton of money as many may think!

  • Will's conservatism is being rejected
  • Trump's clowning proves Obama's greatness

    What happened to the Grand Old Party? The once-proud party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, it has become a sick old elephant. The right wing of the Republican Party, with the help of Fox News and people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, is responsible for creating Donald Trump. The elephant graveyard is waiting and somewhere, we can only hope, a saner new party will emerge.

  • We will get what we truly deserve

    “A democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.” It seems I’ve read that somewhere. These days, democracy seems to be a social movement; just a guy and his Twitter account rallying the masses. After all, that’s how you propel democracy, right? Bulls on parade!  But that’s not how we were designed.

    America was founded as a Constitutional republic, not a democracy. And we’re especially not an old one, even if you used modern standards.  

  • Commission needs to correct bad decision

    The severe action enacted by the BOCC against the part-time workers was unconscionable and wrong. The board needs to give the medical benefits back. Subsequently, they also need to restore the impact fees, now.

    Hank Hemrick


  • Realistic answers to teen pregnancy

    There is only one reason a teenaged girl gets pregnant: She has unprotected sex. “Unprotected” because she was supposed to be abstinent. So, “it” just happened. Sometimes, her childhood was filled with abuse and apathy. She thinks it would be wonderful to have a baby to love and to be loved in return. That sad fact is very common in kids in need of love and nurturing.

  • Consider impact fees before more taxes

    The county commission is quick to reiterate, “Impact fees cannot be used for road maintenance.” Meanwhile, they continually express concerns over the budget shortfalls. So, they propose various new taxes in the form of a sales tax or MSBU to fund these so-called budget shortfalls, mainly for road maintenance.

    However, what the county commission fails to reveal is impact fees can be used for debt service payments spurred by growth, with the two road expansion projects that were bonded.

  • Supportive of Inverness' plan

    In the May 7, 2016, issue of the Chronicle, I read of the plan that City Manager Frank DiGiovanni proposed to update the downtown area of Inverness. I could not support his plan more. This has been needed for quite some time.   

    This is a plan that the entire community should get behind and support.  

  • Veterans group needs a leader

    I believe The Chronicle ran a story in the Veterans section about maybe six to seven months ago. A Vietnam veteran was exposed to Agent Orange. He also had grenade fragments in his left hip. The VA is still making him hang on. 

    The director, Robert McDonald, should be fired. Now what does Agent Orange do to the human body? The toxin is called Dioxin (TCDD). It’s a herbicide.  

  • Vote no on all tax increases