• World must band together to fight ISIS

    In the 1940s the world came together to fight pure evil. The evil was named the Nazi Party.

    Today the world is facing a new brand of pure evil. This evil is named ISIS.

  • NATO must respond rapidly to Putin
  • My vote is for country, citizenry

    I have to agree with the young woman who wrote a letter in the Wednesday, Sept. 10, letters to the editor claiming that term limits make sense. I have been telling anyone who will listen the same thing for years now. She brings up many excellent points as to the reason there should be term limits for all, not just the president. 

  • Help available for those grieving loss of pet

    The loss of any living thing we love is devastating and, oftentimes, unbearable. Some may believe when our pet dies, for whatever reason, it should be a simple matter because, after all, we’ve only lost an animal. Those who believe this to be true have not suffered such a loss and therefore are unable to understand the grief and absolute sorrow many feel.

  • Disposal lowest of priorities

    I am really disappointed that the column on getting rid of paint did not conclude with the fact that the county website does give information on how to properly dispose of paint after you have considered everything you can to reduce, reuse and recycle it first. Disposal is the lowest priority on that hierarchy.

    Susan Metcalfe

    Floral City

  • My thanks to you

    As we all live, we know that at some point we will become separated from those we love through death of those near and dear to our hearts and mind. Paulene’s journey over the past several years had some rather difficult challenges. She faced her journey with ever abiding faith and understanding. 

  • Tax and spend commissioners

    “Time to come together and improve community.” That was the headline for the guest column by Commissioner Joe Meek in today’s Chronicle (Sept. 7). Is this the same Commissioner Meek who stormed out of a BOCC meeting some months ago when Commissioner Adams was going to speak? Was this a way to come together to improve the community?

  • Never forget

    We all remember 9/11 and where we were when terror struck the twin towers in New York. The world came together in support for those we lost and their families. I still cry when I see those pictures.  That was a time we will never forget. That is why we have to have our top military always ready when we need them. This is a different world we now live in. 

  • Tell us about your platform

    I write this to the editor in hopes that it will be published and help the campaign managers for both Rick Scott and Charlie Crist. It greatly annoys me to see many commercials on television where each side wants to complain and ridicule each other of their faults and failures. You know, I’m a big boy and I can read and draw my own conclusions on each candidate, so don’t insult me with your views of each other. 

  • Inverness fire compact a bad plan

    To the Inverness City Council:

    I know you don’t want to pay extra for fire protection. Well, neither do I, but I pay. I know we need new equipment, we need more firefighters. Now you are going to have your own fire department. I say fine, go right ahead. This is your right.