• Looking for money or freedom?


    In regards to letter on Sept. 26 from Mr. Peacock, I agree with everything he said, but a very important part has not been brought to light yet. I too, feel grateful I was born in this country. But what no one has addressed yet, is the following: 

  • Donald Trump not presidential material

    By resigning from Congress, John Boehner has shown more class than the entire Republican Party.

  • Rethink pediatric ward decision
  • Community steps in, rescues bay

    Community steps in, rescues bay
    Again, the recent plume caused by a contractor of a state agency demonstrates who is the real steward of our bay and our community. That is the citizens and residents of Crystal River
    If it were not for the residents who had participated in Save Crystal River and One Rake at a Time events, as well as getting their own neighborhood hand-raking with FWC aquatic plant removal permits allowing them to clean and replant, this whole event and the cause could have gone on for
    several more weeks.

  • Duty to public trumps beliefs

    It seems commonplace to read and hear about the legality of gay marriage. At Ashland, Ky., a woman, Kim Davis, chose to sit in jail when ordered to fulfill her county clerk duties and follow federal court rulings which includes issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

  • Suncoast USN Armed Guard sailors disband

    On Sept. 12, the regular monthly meeting of the Suncoast U.S. Navy Armed Guard was held at Kally K’s restaurant in Spring Hill. The luncheon was held to say goodbye to our friend and leader for many years, Bob Bouschor, who passed away suddenly on Sept. 10. Also to decide what to do about keeping our small group of Armed Guard sailors together.

  • Humans, not manatees, pollute

    In a recent letter on Sept. 26, “Manatees main cause of pollution,” the author described Homosassa waters in 1967 as pure with natural grasses existing everywhere. For years, people living on that same river set up their homes on septic tanks. Somehow the river became compromised. The writer of the letter blames the manatees.

  • Elected office makes you wealthy

    The Sept. 29 Chronicle article by The News Service of Florida, “Lawmakers continue to get wealthier” was quite enlightening on how state lawmakers who are “paid roughly $30,000 a year plus expenses, the net worth averages, according to self-reported numbers, grew by $212,650 in the Senate from 2013 to 2014 and by $56,260 in the House during the same period” and that “over the past four years, the averages are up nearly $750,000 in the Senate and just over $366,000 in the House.”

  • An open letter to Jimmie T. Smith

    Dear Sir: I enjoyed your commentary on why guns are needed in schools. I wondered if you ever thought of the anger issues people seem to have these days. The mental illness that might be brewing inside someone. 

  • In proper hands, guns protect us

    Re: Letter to the Editor “Misinterpreting our second Amendment,” A8, Sept. 26.

    This letter represents an attack on the right of all Americans to protect and defend themselves, and remain safe and free.