• Royal: Champion for the homeless

    The last time I recall talking to Phil Royal I saw him at the fair. I said a couple of homeless friends told me someone had a problem. She called Phil and he paid her fine. They said every time she got in trouble she called Phil and he helped her.

    The homeless folks got drinking over with years ago. I served them iced tea when they came to dinner. She is the only one I know who didn’t quit.

  • Endorsements are biased

    The “editor” printed a statement, recently, that the Chronicle would not acknowledge negative letters or Sound Offs with regard to election candidates.

    Perhaps that power or privilege does not apply to all, as there have been several “endorsements” by Sheriff Dawsy and Gerry Mulligan, which included their personal dislike of and distaste for Scott Adams and Steve Burch. 

  • Maloney knows service

    There are many reasons to endorse Kevin in this race! While I am not surprised Kevin is doing great in this race for your children’s future, I would like to add some points you may not have considered. Among the many talents he brings to the table there is probably no better source than the article written in the Citrus County Chronicle where they included a litany of Kevin’s many qualifications. 

  • Burch is the most qualified

    We are fortunate that our new sheriff will be one of the three candidates now running. All three appear to be men of integrity and community minded. Any one of them will be a great sheriff, but, I am voting for Steve Burch because he has the best and most varied qualifications for the job.

    His recent rebuttal letter is a fine example of how he conducts himself — positive and upbeat. A refreshing change indeed!

    Buz Heuchan

  • Grabelle for Congress

    I find the race for representative of the 11th District of Florida the classic case of a young, principled conservative against a principled career politician.

  • I am comfortable voting for Kanehl

    Chuck Kanehl is to me the obvious choice to be the next sheriff of Citrus County. While some of the other candidates seem qualified in some areas, Chuck Kanehl has the across-the-board background and experience. Chuck has a solid foundation in administration and has certainly proven his leadership (abilities) by having led American soldiers in infantry combat. I am very comfortable in voting for Chuck and strongly urge all voters to give him careful consideration.

    James C. Bitter

  • Prendergast is a proven pro

    If you are still sitting on the fence regarding who should be sheriff, then jump off the fence and vote for Mike Prendergast.

  • I am for Chuck Kanehl

    As correctly stated by the Citrus County Chronicle, in their endorsement of Chuck Kanehl for sheriff, the CCSO is an outstanding, accredited organization primarily because of the progressive leadership of retiring Sheriff Jeff Dawsy.

  • Bill Murray is our choice

    We are writing to highly recommend Bill Murray for Citrus County School Board, District 4. 

  • I endorse Roland Bavota (Bo)