• Will politics win?
  • AP coverage biased

    Regarding the Patriots using deflated footballs in the game against the Colts, let’s get one thing straight: All the news comes through the Associated Press based and controlled by New York. Yes, New York! This news organization will discredit and downplay all Boston athletic teams, especially the Patriots. 

  • Let's hope landing pad has been vetted
  • Netanyahu's behavior a disgrace

    The following message was sent to Consul General Chaim Shacham, Sen. Bill Nelson, Sen. Marco Rubio and US. Rep. Richard Nugent:

    I do not welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu’s proposed speech to the U.S. Congress.

    His behavior has shown no respect for my president nor for the people of the United States or the people of Israel.

  • Why glorify villainous pirates?

    Every year I am sickened by the display of people glorifying Gasparilla, and now you include children to respect and think that pirates are good and fun people? Are you kidding?

    Pirates were and still are the most vile and treacherous villains around. Not to mention they commit robberies, murders, rapes, torture, etc. I’ll never understand your thinking and love of these most villainous fiends.

    Elaine Raynor

    Pine Ridge

  • Society has changed pit bulls

    From the 1950s to around 1997, the fatal pit/mix attacks were about 1.8 fatal attacks per year. From 1998 to 2013, the fatal attacks have risen to about 27 fatal attacks per year. 

  • Inflate-gate not the real scandal

    Go check your tires on your car on a warm afternoon, then check them the next morning when it’s cool. You will lose pressure, as much as 5 pounds. Then there’s a fact that the officials handle the ball between each play. The Patriots would have beaten this team with no problems. Grow up. 

  • Think long-term about Port Citrus

    Dear commissioners: I am asking you not to kill the Port of Citrus. It is probably one of the best economic engines for growth of jobs in the County. Is it going to cost money? Sure! But the per capita cost is miniscule. The $300,000 already spent is equal to $.20 per capita over at least 2 years is 10 cents per year per person. Instead of killing, try getting behind it and help it to grow. We need all the jobs that we can produce that pay above minimum wage.

  • Time to stop name-calling

    L. M. Eastman’s letter was nothing more than a typical caricature of Republicans as viewed by Democrats. It would be entertaining to write a mirror letter of how Republicans feel about Democrats, but it would also be pointless and intentionally inflammatory. (I am a registered Independent, by the way.)

  • Their stories showed bravery

    A few days ago, we read of a brave mother’s letter defending her son who is gay. A few days later, another mother writes defending her daughter who is homosexual. Those letters showed courage. Really. I am not gay, still I applaud.