• Thanks for supporting idea whose time has come

    Thank you Chronicle and staff writer Nancy Kennedy for the story on Citrus County’s Operation Welcome Home proposal to the city of Inverness regarding a parade May 2, 2015, honoring Vietnam War veterans, former prisoners of war, our missing in action, and their families. It was an honor to represent Operation Welcome Home and appear before the city’s gracious and professional group who unanimously approved our request.

  • Rumble strips the answer

    To reduce speeding through the traffic light intersection in Floral City, I suggest the use of rumble strips on U.S. 41. They work. They require little if any maintenance. Installation is relatively inexpensive, a lot cheaper than a bypass. Signs on the approaches could provide a warning.

    The ones on 180th Street between State Road 40 and Marion County Road 484 near the Dunnellon schools, east of that city, are very effective.

    Bob Best

  • Case of mistaken identity

    A few weeks ago a woman was being mistaken for the teenager who wanted to sue her parents for not paying for her education. This woman’s first and last names were identical to this teenager’s name. I felt sorry for her because I go through the same thing in Inverness. The only difference is that only my first name is the same and the last names are not even close.

  • Impeach Obama

    I am sure by now everyone knows Obamacare has been a disaster. It is not going to get better. 

  • Columnist misses mark on ACA

    I see once again that Gene Lyons is exercising his constitutional rights by trumpeting the glories of the Affordable Care Act (“7 million reasons not to repeal the ACA,” Page A8, April 8). He states that the acts opponents’ comments, after Barack Obama announced that 7 million people were enrolled in the program, would be predictably negative. I suppose that the ACA’s supporters, him included, would be predictably positive, a point he failed to note.

  • Benevolence or business as usual?

    Re: “On road talk, let’s bypass the rhetoric,” Page C2, Sunday, April 6. 

    I’ll be the first to admit that my vision isn’t what it was seven or eight years ago. 

  • Candidate clarifies campaign donation

    Just to comment on the April 3 Chronicle article, “Candidate claims new home as an in-kind contribution:” 

  • Rehab center provides exceptional care
  • Koch doesn’t get it

    Koch doesn’t get it

    Re: April 3 edition of the Wall Street Journal:

    I was amazed to read the opinion written by Charles Koch and published in the April 3 Wall Street Journal regarding the criticism he receives for spending billions of dollars to influence our democracy.

    Koch stated that he is fighting to restore a free society in America and said he believes in a free and open debate. He just doesn’t get it.

  • Please maintain trail

    Dear Mr. Frank DiGiovanni:

    I wish to thank you for initiating the annual bike ride from Inverness to Crystal River.