• ENDORSEMENT: McClellan best choice for Mosquito Control

    My family and I have been residents of Citrus County since 1981. Throughout the years, we have met many people involved in the political arena, as we prefer to be informed citizens.

  • ENDORSEMENT: Support White for BOCC

    I commend you on your endorsement of Denise Dymond Lyn,  a U.S. veteran, for circuit court judge. 

    However, in your endorsement for County Commissioner, District 2, you failed to endorse another U.S. veteran — Joey White. 

    The discipline and order required in the U.S. armed services and the experience obtained by candidate White from it could benefit our BOCC and quite possibly help improve it.

  • ENDORSEMENT: Elect Wilcox, Rendueles

    The Homosassa Water Board has two excellent candidates running for positions on the Board of Commissioners — Caitlin Wilcox and Rosey Rendueles.

  • ENDORSEMENT: Legislators should take stand on marijuana

    I have read several testimonials from and about people who are using medical marijuana to help them with myriad problems, who advocate for the amendment. I am admittedly an opponent of constitutional amendments which, in general, are typically in lieu of legislation. In this case, I only point out that the advocates are getting the marijuana that they need/want without the constitutional amendment. 

  • ENDORSEMENT: Crist for governor

    Thank you very much for your endorsement Sunday of Charlie Crist as Florida’s next governor.

    I appreciate your hesitation in giving Crist your full-throated endorsement considering his past actions and the certainty that, if he is nothing else, he certainly is an opportunist.

  • Avoid mistake of Amendment 2

    I do not purport to be an expert on the evils or benefits of marijuana, as I have never knowingly partaken of the substance (my total personal experience being limited to having been cajoled by so-called friends into eating a brownie secretly laced with hashish), yet I am compelled to state my reasons for opposing the passage of Amendment 2.

  • Support McClellan

    It is with pride that I endorse Leon McClellan for Mosquito Control Board Seat 2.

    For many years I have watched Leon McClellan in the agriculture industry in Citrus County. He is the managing partner of M&B Dairy, which is the largest agriculture operation in the county. Leon runs a full slate of employees around the clock to ensure a product of top quality.

  • Vote no on 'Cent for Citrus'

    There is a tax referendum on the ballot that reads “Shall Citrus County fund ongoing maintenance and periodic resurfaced roads by levying a one percent sales tax from Jan. 1, 2015 to Dec. 21, 2034, with proceeds deposited into a dedicated trust fund, shared within the cities of Crystal River and Inverness, and restricted for these transportation expenditures?”

  • Efficient government

    Thank you to mosquito control. My husband sent an email Sunday and they were here early Monday morning. The person called us, came in the yard and did a very thorough job. I think her name was Tina. We do not need a transfusion today.

    If all departments in the county were as efficient we would be in great shape.

    The Naumes Family

  • Our just desserts

    The president and Congress are convenient and justifiable targets for critics whether they be from right left or center.

    Some of us may remember a cartoon character named Pogo. One of his utterances that I remember was, “We have met the enemy, and they are us.”

    So before we get too carried away with our vitriol, let us remember who put the incompetents in office: we the people.