• Beware words from Carbon Tracker

    I found Mr. Donald G. Schweitzer’s letter “Oil exploration headed to disaster” in the Wednesday, May 18, 2016, Chronicle absolutely fascinating. Why didn’t I think of that? He says “Recent evidence shows that fossil fuel exploration and production may be doomed.” He goes on to say “... in order to avert internationally recognized climate change risks, the world’s remaining fossil fuel resources cannot be burned.”

  • A special gem in our backyard

    Nearly 1,000 people attended this past weekend’s concerts by the Nature Coast Community Band at the Citrus Springs Community Center and the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Inverness. As always they were delighted by what they heard. Conductor and Music Director Cindy Hazzard has molded this group of 80-plus musicians into a first-rate cultural gem that the area should proudly support.

  • Trump right for America

    We now have two new individuals coming out against my main man Donald Trump. Pseudo comedian Jon Stewart and pseudo actor George Clooney.

  • Man not influencing climate change

    This is in response to Mr. C.R. McDermott and Bob Messersmith regarding climate change and especially how it relates to Florida.

    In a study of Florida’s geographic history, they, USF, has determined Florida has been underwater at least four times in it’s history. Yes, the climate is changing, but it always is slowly changing.

    What follows is a excerpt from the findings of USF regarding Florida’s geographic situations in the past:

  • Thank you for helping get me on the ballot

    I want to say a big thank you to all of the friends and  supporters who signed petition cards, circulated cards for me, and helped me successfully qualify for the Citrus County Commission District 1 Republican Primary.  While traveling the county collecting these, I met many of you and had a chance to hear your concerns about what our county needs. Thanks for taking the time to be a part of our election process!

  • Thank you to our supporters
  • Thank you for making expo a success

    On Saturday, May 7, 2016, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management hosted our 22nd annual All Hazards & Hurricane Expo at the Crystal River Armory. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone in our community who attended; as well as all of the local organizations and businesses, many from right here in Citrus County, who came out to present important information to our citizens about how to prepare for the unexpected.

  • Thankful for care I received after surgery

    When we are sad, hurt, divorcing, worried, widowed or simply alone and in need, we are best able to separate true friends from those claiming such a relationship.

    Recently, I underwent major surgery. After being appropriately warned that the operation would be excruciatingly painful, I decided the end result would outweigh constant agony presently endured.

  • I support the re-election of commissioner Adams

    This is a personal request to ask that all Citrus County residents, who may be able to vote in District 5, vote as follows: Scott Adams, for the District 5 commission seat.

    If we re-elect Scott Adams, we will have a commissioner who will improve our economy by increasing the number of jobs available. Scott Adams will also try to eliminate corruption in county government.

  • Impressed by one candidate for sheriff

    My name is Joel, and I remain involved with my community as much as a 78-year-old man can. I, too, am concerned about our sheriff’s election in August. 

    I attended a forum in Citrus Hills and listened to all the candidates. 

    It appears that (Steve) Burch has the most applicable experience and knowledge of running the department.