• Lack of civil discourse

    I was minding my own business, loading a mop and some plants into my car in the Inverness Lowe’s parking lot recently, when the woman in the car parked next to mine rolled her window down and began berating me. I can only assume it was for having a “I Support President Obama” bumper sticker on my car.

  • ‘I’m offended’ crowd infringing on our rights
  • Land of the lost

    A few months ago, a friend sent me a short story, about Eddie Rickenbacker’s life here in Florida, a story that was once on “The Rest of the Story” with Paul Harvey. I use to listen to Paul Harvey and that program every day, as it was the one place you could hear the truth about America. It wasn’t the news, as he was a commentator. But he told of the greatness of America and the people who built it. The people who came from many lands, to work together and have freedoms we all share.

  • Thanks for a great Halloween
  • Shelter needed

    We need a new animal shelter. Those who work and volunteer there have testified before our Board of County Commissioners about the deplorable conditions: no heat or air conditioning, no beds to protect the dogs from the cold concrete, kennels that are open to the weather, one exercise time a day of maybe 15 minutes.

  • Intrusion of government

    There have been many sad days in this nation as we see our freedoms gathering momentum in their disappearance. Even more disheartening is when we see it coming closer and closer to our own small world. 

  • Thanks for remembering us

    On Veterans Day, a bunch of friends and I were having our usual monthly get together for breakfast at Joe’s Family Restaurant in Inverness. The food and the service were excellent as always, but when the waitress handed out the checks there were four of us who weren’t given a check. We thought she must be adding them up, but when we asked for the checks, we were told there were no checks given to veterans this day.

  • Thanks for the support

    On behalf of The Path, we would like to express our appreciation to all of the friends, churches, organizations and businesses who helped sponsor The Path’s 12th annual Harvest Hope fundraiser banquet on Oct. 17. Your support has made a significant impact towards our mission to provide food, clothing, safe shelter and life-changing programs for the men and women at The Path.

  • Time for BOCC to go to work

    Congratulations are in order to all the winners in our local elections. As for our own Citrus County, serious fiscal responsibility and common sense spending should now become job No. 1 on the lofty Board of County Commissioners’ agenda. Personally, I have grown tired of the pursuit of nonsense and drama, coupled with the absolute waste of taxpayer money by the commission, and all the while having its hand out for more. 

  • Beheadings in our own country

    What has recently happened overseas to innocent people who were beheaded by brutal Islamic extremists, began in our country on Sept. 26 in Oklahoma City, when Colleen Hufford, 54, was beheaded at her place of work by a Muslim maniac. Another woman, Traci Johnson, was stabbed a number of times by the same man — Alton Nolen, until he was shot. The police are waiting to arrest him after he is conscious.