• Thank you for supporting us

    The Fleet Reserve Association Branch 186 would like to take this opportunity to thank those who attended the annual Pearl Harbor Remembrance Luncheon on Dec. 7, 2015, at Stumpknockers on the River. This is the 21st time we have hosted this event to honor those who served at Pearl Harbor during the 1941 attack. 

  • Weather change for a long, long time

    So what’s up with this climate change panic? Sunspots, solar flares, ocean currents El Nino and La Nina have been changing climate for millions of years. Man can’t change it.

    Yet, we’re told human activity is responsible for various yet-to-happen catastrophes predicted by computers, unable to convert into mathematical equations the complex chemical, physical and biological processes that determine climate. Some have tried.

  • Health care takes back seat to profit

    There have been many letters to the editor regarding poor service and costs at what was once our Citrus Memorial Hospital, but now is under privatized management of the for profit Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). When Citrus Memorial was a locally managed hospital the concern was for quality care of our local citizens. Now it is part of a national conglomerate that is totally focused not on health care, but on profit from health care. There is a big difference.

  • Thank you for our support

    Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection would like to extend a sincere thank you and their heartfelt appreciation to Inverness business leaders for their support and generous donation from proceeds of the K9-Karnival Event in November. CCFAP is 100 percent volunteer-based. All donations are used to help the homeless animals at Citrus County Animal Shelter. We rely entirely on donations and fundraising efforts. 

  • CMH provided excellent care

    Couple weeks ago I fell off my roof — about eight feet and landed flat on my back then my head smacked the deck.  The troops from Nature Coast EMS were arriving when I regained consciousness and they were totally professional, did their analysis then loaded me into the meat wagon.

  • Texting while driving dangerous

    After driving throughout the county for the past 12 years on a daily basis I noticed the amount of people using cellphones while driving is getting worse. First it starts with someone pulling out in front of you and they are in there own world. Within a few seconds, you are now hitting the brakes and slowing down. Now you are doing 10 mph under the speed limit while they carry on their conversation. 

  • License bicycles on roads, trails

    I read the article in the Feb. 4 Chronicle about the complaints the “Road Warrior” has with the Withlacoochee State Trail and got to thinking. To operate a car, truck or motorcycle on the highway one must purchase a license. If one desires to have a boat a license must be bought. If you want to fish, buy a license; if you want to hunt, buy a license. The number of activities that require a license is endless and all these fees go to help pay to support the different services. 

  • ‘River’ committee expresses thanks

    On Jan. 26, two members of a committee whose members represented Homosassa residents from various diverse groups went before the Board of County Commissioners. This group came into existence several months ago. Its main objective being to identify and seek ways to fund the purchase of property in Old Homosassa which would be used as parks for residents and visitors to enjoy the river. Two parcels were identified as possibilities and the process began.

  • His poison even reached Citrus

    There is much publicity on TV these days about an upcoming movie about that incredible swindler, Bernie Madoff. It is easy to look at this and say, “What does this have to do with nice, quiet, rural Inverness?”

  • Don’t be victim to this scam

    I am writing to let seniors know that there are many telephone scams out there and even when you read them you always say you can’t understand how someone could fall for this.