• Return Amon to shelter

    Why was Pattie Amon removed from working at the animal shelter? She should be returned there and given a raise. The new management is hurting the animals.

    Pattie is the only one who knew how to run the shelter. Her passion for animals is amazing.

    Barbara Johns


  • Aggressive dogs don't make good pets

    You ask: Can aggressive dogs be retrained? Sure they can, by knowledgeable trainers. But how many “adopters” have this knowledge? And even if retrained by a professional, the dog is retrained only when the master is with the dog. Leave the dog out of sight or with another person and you better have a good liability policy.

    Retrained dogs are very unpredictable when not with their masters. Retraining an aggressive dog does not make it a desirable household pet.

  • Standing by Tobey Phillips

    Tobey Phillips is “good people.” I’ve known this young woman her entire life. She was and is friends with my children. She is a good, decent, compassionate, Christian lady.

    She was asked to do a job with vague guidelines. She asked for input from those with direct knowledge of the animals, and based upon that information, she made a decision using the vague guidelines that were given to her. This was a task assigned to her by her superior.

  • We owe it to help man's best friend

    A terrible, inhumane injustice is being committed at the Citrus County Animal Shelter. Defenseless animals are having their lives cut short because it’s easier to put them down than to give them the true care and rehabilitation that they need. Some of them, like Baby Leena, were pets that just didn’t quite fit in their homes, but weren’t a danger to anyone — Baby was even the shelter’s Pet of the Week.

  • Emotions are ruling over reality

    I am concerned with the lack of opinion printed in favor of the county Animal Control. They are left with the extremely daunting task of dealing with the vast numbers of unwanted animals. With so much outcry against euthanasia, you would think there would be a lot more adoptions taking place.

    People have created the problem and are not doing anything to solve it except complain, letting their emotions overrule the absolute realities of the situation.

    David W. Peterson

  • Solution needed to shelter problem

    The current operation of the animal shelter should raise some concerns. The shelter supervisor, Tobey Phillips, the county’s community services director, is the former public relations person for the county. She is apparently the person making decisions affecting the life or death of domestic animals, but has little to no experience in the field. That alone is questionable practice. 

  • I could do a better job running shelter

    This letter is in defense of Tobey Phillips and the great job she has been doing. So-called animal lovers and animal rights people should be totally ashamed of your actions against Tobey Phillips. She has done a good job and the right job in running the animal shelter in the absence of a permanent director. 

  • Shelter should be guardian for animals

    As founder of 501c3 shelter dog rescue, this shelter must be guardian for dumped and neglected animals, giving spay/neuter surgery, vet care, grooming, advertising and training so they have best chance of being permanently adopted. 

  • Experience needed to run shelter

    Update RE: An open letter to Mr. Randy Oliver, Ms. Tobey Phillips, Commissioners Adams, Carnahan, Damato, Kitchen, Meek.

  • Let’s stop the murder at the shelter

    Dear Citizens of Citrus County,

    I am writing today because I am very concerned about the animals that are being killed at the Citrus County Animal Shelter at an accelerated rate since the current director retired. Some of these animals were very adoptable and had just came into the shelter but we’re not given a chance to go to a new home. One was due to be picked up by a rescue, but was killed before they arrived.