• Vote out Democrats

    Well, it is almost that time to get out and vote. We gave the Democrats six years and all they did was trash our country. I think it is time to throw them all out and start anew. All we can do is pray that whoever does come in will take care of this country better than Obama or any of the Democrats at this point. Think hard before you vote. 

  • Election boils down to representation

    Re: Homosassa Special Water District Seat 2 Article Oct. 8, 2014, “Issue No. 1: All about the water tower.” 

    The election is not all about the water tower. That decision has already been made by the board that the tank will either be sold to the preservation group (which the board prefers) or be torn down by the end of the year. That means this will not be on the agenda going forward. 

  • Fire Ambulance service

    Recently on a trip into the city of Ocala, going to the eye doctor. I saw a red fire rescue ambulance park at Gateway plaza. I was able to speak to the men and found out just what they do as to life support services. These men are all trained paramedics and perform advance life support services at any scene they approach. 

    I am trying to keep this letter simple and to the point. This is what we need here in Citrus County. 

  • To the point on Cent for Citrus


    Bernie Leven, Citrus Springs

  • Roads to nowhere

    I am writing about the story by Mike Wright on Sunday, Sept. 28 (“Cents for gas,” Page A1). This story was about the county’s referendum to pay for residential road resurfacing. It included interviews with acting County Administrator Jeff Rogers. Specifically the 1-cent sales tax would provide funding for resurfacing and maintenance of all county-maintained paved residential roadways. 

  • Vote for Amendment 1

    Contrary to popular rhetoric, more development means higher taxes. This is easy to validate. The standard of economic principles is supply and demand. More supply for a given demand means lower pricing. Every newly plotted lot decreases the value of existing parcels. Every new house built decreases the value of existing homes. 

    Amendment 1 can put downward pressure on taxing trends and help make every existing home and parcel more valuable. 

  • We're sinking by the bow

    Nancy Nehring’s provocative response to my letter certainly requires some answers from me. 

  • We love you just the way you are

    The discussion topic was love and got this AA thinking. Last night’s topic at the meeting was love. People had many different descriptions and definitions. The way I see it, in our AA program, love is the same as grace. Some find grace in the eyes of God, some in their spouse, and others, like myself, find grace in the members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • I'm voting against Amendment 2

    It was quite a debate recently between state Rep. Jimmie T. Smith and super attorney John Morgan. Morgan referred to Smith as “Jimmie Ray” until someone corrected him. Rather than just letting it go with a simple apology, Morgan said he thought everyone in this area had names like Jimmie Ray, John Boy and Billy Bob. Wonder if Morgan thinks we are all illiterate hillbillies in Citrus County?

  • Henry Ford the socialist?

    I wonder what today’s GOP would think of Henry Ford, premier U.S. capitalist. They would probably dub him a socialist, Marxist or worse.

    “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success,” said Ford. “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”