• Others still hide in the closet
  • Know difference between flags

    The flying of the Confederate Battle Flag is a legitimate discussion. The reality is the battle flag is far from honoring the Confederate States. It is an 1860s battle flag, but the battle ended 150 years ago. Today the use of the flag is strictly to show ones ideals when it comes to equality for all. If these folks truly wished to show honor to the Confederacy, they would be flying the official Confederate States flag, which is very much a different animal.

  • In memory of beloved pets

    Not too long ago, I wrote about HPH Hospice and their special pet bereavement session. It was held at the beautiful building on State Road 44, at Lecanto, in a peaceful setting, quietly arranged, and much appreciated.

    Though, quite some time had passed, healing has not come and personal grief over the loss of my most beloved Chihuahuas, Chiquita and Bonita, often overtakes my emotions. There is no one answer to the question many have; when do the tears stop?

  • Emergency response awful

    With the almost tragic drowning that occurred on the opening day of the scallop season, what has not been addressed was the lack of critical response by the city/county/sheriff/fire rescue departments. In stories related to the incident, 90 minutes passed before the young man arrived at the boat ramp. That was totally unacceptable. 

  • Thanks for help raising dollars

    On June 20, our Summer Soirée was held for the Citrus Aid Cancer Foundation. Dale and Lisa White, owners of Mama’s Kuntry Kafe, and Arnold and Mary-Ann Virgilio, owners of Virgilio Insurance Services, sponsored the dinner/dance.

  • SCOTUS goes too far on marriage

    Wow, what just happened? SCOTUS just demonstrated the latest example of legislation from the bench on the most controversial case on an extreme level. How can the justices declare and overturn the sovereignty of many states for which the majority of residents and voters do not support the same-sex marriage concept for many values ingrained their culture?

  • Good tenants exist as well

    This letter is concerning your front page article on how terrible tenants are.

    Well, what about the good ones? 

    The article gives tenants a bad rap. I have rented in Citrus County for years. I clean my rugs via Stanley Steamer. I spray for bugs inside and out. I paint when needed. I plant flowers. I keep my house clean. Yet, you have focused on the ones that leave rental properties in disarray or worse.

  • Salvation Army supports event

    On June 27 and 28, members of the Citrus County Amateur Radio Club, ARES Citrus County and CERT Citrus County jointly conducted an exercise to simulate a failure of commercial power, telephones, cellphones and Web in the Nature Coast area.

    The exercise was conducted at the Crystal River Mall using portable generators, antennas, shelters and amateur radio operators to simulate a communications blackout.

  • Others still hide in the closet

    In recent years homosexuals not only have come out of the closet but can now marry on the courthouse steps. I say welcome and am pleased you can join those who truly love liberty. But, who still dwells in the shadows of that closet? Druggies, vegans, atheists, progressive-socialist? I would reach in and grab the hand of the progressive-socialist. It is certainly time for them to emerge and give argument to the decades long anti-

  • Use road repair dollars wisely