• We could not be deterred


    It’s election day millions of Americans got up and stood in front of a voting machine.

    They stood there even though the media told them it was useless. They were fathers who have had a hard time feeding their families, they were daughters afraid of being murdered or raped by the unaccompanied minors flooding into their town.

    The Democrat blue wall crumbled, the impossible states fell one by one, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. 

  • Thank you to letterwriters

    Thank you to Donald Schweitzer, ‘He will govern using Orwellian insanity’  and Wayne Logsdon’s ‘Time for Democrats to step up their game’ for their Dec. 7 letters to the Chronicle which were very informative, logical and enlightened essays. 

  • He will govern using Orwellian insanity

    In response to his recent choices for cabinet and staff, the media are claiming that Donald Trump is not ‘draining the swamp’ but is adding more of the same brand of alligators. In a range of TV interviews with various members of his staff, the following explanations for his reversals and generic reneging of campaign promises were offered to the world.

    ‘The media took Trump literally but not seriously, while his supporters took him seriously but not literally.’

  • Time for Democrats to step up their game

    If the GOP campaign is any indication, the Trump presidency will be an alternate reality of post-truth, innuendo, impulsive behavior, flagging integrity, misguided actions, and constitution bashing. 

    As uninformed or uncaring as many voters seem to be, it should prove more so in the next 4 years as tweets and the internet may well become the major source for their political news and entertainment. This is truly scary and dangerous for us as a country. 

  • Bergdahl is a traitor, deserter

    U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is usually referred to by the news media as a “former prisoner of war”. The truth is that Bergdahl is nothing more than an “army deserter,” who also misbehaved before the enemy, after leaving his post in Afghanistan in 2009, thus putting in danger the lives of his fellow soldiers.

  • What happened to Democrats of yore?

    Whatever happened to Hubert Humphrey? Whatever happened to Bob Kennedy? Whatever happened to John Kennedy? Whatever happened to Harry Truman?

    When the Democratic Party throws around names like Liz Warren and Keith Ellison for leadership positions, I wonder if they know how far away they are from what they used to be.

    Brad L. Block


  • Don’t stop barge canal boat ramp

    I am writing this letter to protest the upcoming agenda of Commissioner Kinnard’s efforts to remove the boat ramp at the barge canal from the restore act list. One has to ask the question. Why? It took a long time and over eight years to get a super majority vote from the previous board to act on this plan. 

  • Using anti-Russian sentiment as weapon

    Anti-Russia propaganda is a favored political tactic of Hillary and Republican politicos — yes, strange bedfellows indeed — although not so much of Trump, at variance from his typical political gaming. Its goal is to gain prejudicial support of the electorate at the ignored or disguised expense of threatening world peace.

  • A lesson in democracy

    A democracy is (1) “a government in which supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them or their elected representatives”, and/or (2) “any government that ultimately responds and answers to the will of the people it governs.”

    There are two basic types of democracy.

  • The state of our education

    I enjoyed the Sound Off item “Just humor me” (Nov. 26). I’m not the only one to notice that they are not learning simple mathematics in school.

    We moved here in June 1997. I was at our large grocery store, checking out. I got my change back, plunked in my hand without a word. Then, was it curiosity or orneriness, I asked the school-age checker if she could count my change back to me? She gave me a blank look and complete silence.