• Did SWFWMD consider the full picture?
  • Trump is as good as his name

    It’s interesting that Trump’s supporters demand respect for a man who showed no one respect when he was on the campaign trail.

  • Dirty dogs don’t belong in stores

    Being an animal lover, I have loved seeing Yuma, the Florida Panther at the Homosassa Spring, Wildlife State Park, as well as taking care of free ranging chickens and a wild turkey at my residence in Homosassa.

    But seeing so called “service dogs” in local grocery stores and even in one church with the owners not being disabled has gotten on my nerves.

  • Chronicle needs to go back to j-school

    Kudos to Robert Marino of Citrus Springs for his letter that appeared in the June 21 edition. I have thought for a long time that the Chronicle should perhaps consider changing its name to the Citrus County Liberal.

    I am registered as a Republican, but that does not mean that I agree with the Republican platform completely. I do agree with most of what the current administration is trying to do, but I must admit that I do not like President Trump. It is a personal dislike, and not politcally motivated.

  • Not following the court’s logic

    I read with fascination a story that appeared in the Chronicle several days ago where a judge has stated that a mass murderer must be resentenced because he was 17 at the time and therefore he was not old enough to understand he was doing wrong.

    Now, here is my question: When I was a young lad of 17, I was allowed to raise my right hand and take the oath to defend God and country and sent off in harm’s way and no one said “he is too young to know what he is doing.”

  • Religious freedom and religious intolerance

    The Sisters of the Poor wish to remove contraceptive health care coverage for their employees under the name of religion freedom. In this nation, we have long upheld an individual’s right of moral conviction. The controversy has been when an individual wishes to bring their personal moral values into public society.

  • Something's fishy about these emails

    On June 4, the Chronicle ran a story about emails that were sent to the board of county commissioners. The emails were sent by an anonymous sender using the moniker “Leo Justice.”

  • Trump's lack of self control is evident

    (Recently) in a letter to the editor, the author suggested that the concept of Trump’s privatizing the air traffic control (ATC) was so unrealistic that I should follow it up with testimony to Congress. Two points. First, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about with respect to Trump’s attacks on the ATC, and second anyone who believes Trump behaves realistically doesn’t know Trump. The headline and lead paragraph below appeared on June 3 in The Washington Post:

  • Don't try to erase the past

    Today is Memorial Day and as I watch the news on TV and the ceremony from Arlington National Cemetery, I think of so many men, women, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters lost in our many wars.

    They should never be forgotten. We should always remember the huge sacrifices that were made.

  • Trump and Russia, explained

    With all the hullaballoo over the Russian connection, I haven’t heard any talking head addressing the “why” question. Why would the President or his staff engage or befriend the Russians?

    Well, consider that our president wants to build a Trump Tower across the street from the Kremlin. Or build a golf course in the Crimea.