• Missing the boat?

    I write to express my deep disappointment with Rep. Jimmie T. Smith’s comments as reported in the Chronicle upon addressing students and faculty from Citrus County regarding the support of the arts in the schools of our state.

    According to the Chronicle, he said he didn’t graduate from high school and saw no need for the arts in any curriculum. Unfortunately, his comments fell flat on most of his constituents here in Citrus County.

  • House OKs terrible bill

    All of you who value the beautiful environment entrusted to us and believe it is our moral obligation to pass it on to future generations take note of recent legislative action taken by the U.S. House.

    “The House on March 17 voted, 236-181, to reshape the Environmental Protection Agency’s 52 -member Science Advisory Board, in part by reducing its academic membership while expanding corporate representation on the panel……”

  • In response to global warming scares

    The editorial cartoon in today’s (March 24) Chronicle showing the parent and child knee deep in snow and a tiny sprig of new growth as the parent shouts “It’s climate change! Run away!” is outstanding — and right on the mark. It shows even the press is now realizing that the so-called global warming, now morphed into the ambiguous climate change, is a joke and a fake. 

  • Thanks for support of tournament
  • Vote against Hall’s River project

    The proposed 110-room, four-story hotel with a separate restaurant, both of which will be located on the right across the bridge, halfway down Halls River Road in Homosassa, is totally incompatible with the area. 

    This is a coastal flood zone, zoned for one dwelling per 20 acres, and should not be changed. 

  • Socialism not reason education system fails
  • Divided by spending priorities

    Republicans want to cut Social Security, Medicare and education because they say they are concerned about the deficit.

    I think they want to destroy them primarily because Democrats introduced the bills for the Social Security and Medicare, and they also support education.

  • Eye-opening letter

    This is in reference to Mr. Alfred Mason’s article in the Chronicle on March 16 referring to “What’s there when you need it.”

    Wow! What an eye opener! After reading this thought- provoking article, I feel more blessed than ever!

    I would like to thank Mr. Mason for taking the time to write this very informative article.

  • Frustrated in Green Acres

    I have written many letters regarding road conditions in the “Green Acres area.” Of those 20 letters, maybe three were brought to light. Most, like with our wonderful leadership of county bosses, were never acted upon except to refer me to some obscure agency that kept reminding me that we were on a private road, when we all know that the majority of funds for road repairs comes from the gas tax. 

  • Wildlife park ranks at top of list

    I was born in St. Petersburg, Florida ... 342 days before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Both of my parents graduated from St. Petersburg High School. I am a proud Cracker!

    My travels over the past 74 years have taken me to all 50 states and over 25 foreign countries. Some of these places were very hostile and I am lucky to be approaching the three-quarter-century mark.