• Experience needed to run shelter

    Update RE: An open letter to Mr. Randy Oliver, Ms. Tobey Phillips, Commissioners Adams, Carnahan, Damato, Kitchen, Meek.

  • Shelter should be guardian for animals

    As founder of 501c3 shelter dog rescue, this shelter must be guardian for dumped and neglected animals, giving spay/neuter surgery, vet care, grooming, advertising and training so they have best chance of being permanently adopted. 

  • Let’s stop the murder at the shelter

    Dear Citizens of Citrus County,

    I am writing today because I am very concerned about the animals that are being killed at the Citrus County Animal Shelter at an accelerated rate since the current director retired. Some of these animals were very adoptable and had just came into the shelter but we’re not given a chance to go to a new home. One was due to be picked up by a rescue, but was killed before they arrived. 

  • Thanks for help with stranded manatees

    To the community of Crystal River:

    As a result of flooding during Hurricane Hermine, several manatees were displaced to a lagoon on the Plantation on Crystal golf course. While we were more than happy to host these wonderful guests, we needed to get them home. And we could not do it alone.

  • Bravo to Crystal River leaders

    It is always heartening to experience moments wherein man’s humanity for others forges to the forefront and people in power set aside artificial constraints and political consequences to do the right thing for their neighbors. That is exactly what Crystal River’s leadership team, including Mayor Jim Farley and all city council members, did immediately after the storm surge of Hurricane Hermine ravaged our community.

  • Commission needs to address shelter issue

    An open letter to Mr. Randy Oliver; Ms. Tobey Phillips; and Commissioners Scott Adams, Scott Carnahan, Dennis Damato, Ron Kitchen and Joe Meek.

    It has been brought to my attention that 10 dogs have been euthanized in a 2-week period, one of which was a dog, Miley, described as a “volunteer favorite — very sweet — friendly, playful, not aggressive.”

    Reading the recent email being circulated about this issue is not only disturbing, it raises a number of questions:

  • Hopefully BOCC can help Inverness

    The Chronicle and the various Board of County Commission (BOCC) members have been pushing the benefits of the Suncoast Parkway for more than a decade. Remember when the SC2 benefit was a hurricane evacuation route?

    Remember when it was pointed out that a coastal highway is not a good idea for an evacuation route? 

    Seems like that point has been proven. 

  • Band together to help animals

    I read Sound Off every day and recently read a letter from a fellow (sorry, I don’t remember your name) who wrote in about animal lovers getting together and taking some responsibility for our fur babies in need.

    I’m sure there are others out there willing to give their time and heart to helping get this shelter they so desperately need.

  • Political landscape frightening
  • Partnership has been great for county

    A while back at a fundraiser for Daystar, I sat with Anthony Kopka, executive director and friends over lunch and discussed promoting Daystar.

    After reading the Sept. 18 article by Amy Meek, CEO of United Way, about the Daystar/United Way partnership in the Chronicle, I felt that this is an appropriate time to do so.