• Your water rate plan makes no sense

    Your plan to raise the Sugarmill Woods and the Pine Ridge water and sewer rates 75 percent is called usury. Where do the figures you propose come from? What are they based on? How much research has the utilities done to justify such a rate hike? If a rate hike is needed, start with increments over a period of time. The people who are paying too much, lower by degrees until everyone is on the same basic rate.

  • Service dog law confusing to all

    As a public service, we would like to know what is the real law about allowing “service dogs” into restaurants. The excuse from the establishment owners is that it’s the law — but is it really the law, or that they don’t want to upset potential customers? 

    We, for one, do not appreciate having people bring dogs into an eatery establishment. It’s enough that you see them everywhere, else but to a restaurant? It doesn’t seem right. 

  • Standing ground not sound logic

    Another 3-2 vote. And once again, on the subject of the impact fee forfeiture of $963,000 over the first five months of 2015. Once again, the same three commissioners voted to continue the moratorium for the rest of the year. A requested written explanation for the logic and or reasoning for this action is not likely to appear in the Chronicle any time soon.

  • Solution for code violations offered

    Today’s opinion in the Chronicle seeks an answer to addressing unkempt lawns and neglected properties. I think there’s a simple solution available. The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) should publish (in the Chronicle) a public service announcement outlining its details. It should read something like:

  • Government can, should do better

    As someone who is in the latter part of my life, I am becoming increasingly discouraged with the political system and elected officials everywhere in our country.

  • Implement new water rate gradually

    I can understand the desire to equalize rates across the county, and I am not opposed to moving in that direction — gradually. 

    First, it is important to remember the rates now in place were those that were in effect when the county took over those systems. It is unfair to say higher-rate systems have been subsidizing lower-rate systems. 

  • Need for boat ramps in Citrus

    As an avid fisherman — and a geezer, to be sure — I was interested to read “Commissioners sink Damato’s boat ramp idea” in today’s (Aug. 27) Chronicle.

  • Water rate hike unfair

    We attended the “rate change” meeting on Aug. 25 with hope of expressing our concern over the dramatic rate increase proposed for Sugarmill Woods.

    As we (like many others in our community) are on fixed incomes, this increase will present a challenge to us.

  • Reconsider city police force

    A recent article in the Chronicle reported the city of Crystal River will utilize code enforcement officers to enforce city ordinances on the waterway instead of paying the sheriff’s office. The city felt the SO was not doing enough enforcement. If I remember correctly, the city also has park rangers to work the various city parks.

  • Miller column misinformed readers

    I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to read Jim Miller’s “Senior Savvy” article in last Thursday’s paper, totally misguiding seniors about the purchase of hearing aids.

    Suggesting someone shop at a “big box” store for a medical device is irresponsible and careless. It is unlawful for any person to sell or distribute hearing aids through the mail as stated in Florida Statute 484.05.