• Don’t be fooled by the utility monopoly

    Mr. Sprott defends the utility backed amendment using the monopoly utilities made up con language where they try to trick voters into thinking that solar users cost non-solar users money. But that’s false; the studies that have been done by public service utility commissions and organizations like the Brookings Institute refute that in study after study showing in fact that rooftop solar users save every one money. Why? because they help provide energy during peak times and help reduce the need for super expensive new power plants.

  • Time to repeal Dodd-Frank

    It is a known fact that American small business owners — those who are attempting to start one and those that already have one up and running — must look to community banks for capital to either start or grow their companies. It is a shame that access to such capital has been hampered by policies that make it almost impossible for entrepreneurs to gain access to such capital.

  • Vote yes on solar amendment

    On Oct. 2, an article appeared in the Chronicle by Kate Betsko recommending a no vote on solar Amendment 1. Then on Oct. 11, Whitney Markle wrote a nearly identical opinion recommending a no vote on solar Amendment 1. 

  • Please, take a stand

    Gerry Mulligan: Your announcement in Sunday’s Out the Window column that the Chronicle will not endorse a candidate in this year’s presidential election is an abdication of your moral responsibility to the public. 

    It appears that you are playing both sides against the middle to avoid angering readers who support the candidate who does not get your endorsement. When is the last time the Chronicle did not endorse a candidate in a presidential election?

  • How the presidential candidates stand on the issues


    Thought this list I found might be of interest. We all know that promises made before an election are not always reached, but ideas that are ignored, debased or plans not made will definably not be accomplished.

    Tax Cut:

    Clinton: Lower for middle class

    Johnson: Lower tax for the rich    

    Trump:   Lower tax for the rich

    Wall Street regulation:

  • Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary No. 158


     It has come to my attention that a lot of our citizens, mostly the younger generation, do not know what the abbreviated DAV or DAVA stands for. 

    I would like to take this opportunity to enlighten them.  Disabled American Veterans, the veterans who served our country and were wounded and not always a visual wound. 

    “A” is for Auxiliary men, women and children our motto: Serving to Serve our Veterans and their Families. 

  • Thank you, Citrus Memorial
  • Mall conversion idea is solid

    The article in Saturday’s newspaper about converting the mall into a combination residence/commercial unit appears to be a well thought out solution to a seemingly intractable problem. This suggestion is old hat to big cities, with their skyscrapers. But will it work in the hinterlands? Mr. Sipper has obviously given it a lot of thought. If the Chronicle would keep this idea in front of the public as much as the recent kennel problem perhaps some traction can be achieved.

  • Clean energy dollars make sense

    R.M. Sprott sent a letter to the editor titled, “Solar may not be the panacea,” Oct. 12, where he rebuts Citrus County League of Women Voters President Kate Betsko’s editorial that detailed good reasons to oppose Amendment 1 — the primary reason being that the fossil-fuel industry-sponsored proposal will undermine Florida residents’ ability to afford rooftop solar panels.

  • Trump too risky for the country

    The letters of Saturday, Oct. 1, show great uncertainty about this year’s election. And that’s a real concern. Any hope that Biden will jump in and save our bacon is distant and unrealistic, the die has been cast and we have a choice between an unpopular woman and what increasingly appears to be a deranged man. There is even less chance that Sanders and Warren will step into the breach. So I must ask myself, before I vote, which one of our two candidates shows the greatest downside and the answer is easy.