• Is this the best way to attract businesses?
  • Democrats should get over it

    Democrats, get over it. You lost. As for the people you elected to Congress, I have a novel idea. Work with the new leader of our country, for the good of our country, not just your own re-election! This applies to Republicans, as well. What a shame this is not going to happen.

    Vern Stephan


  • Ramp project is shovel-ready

    The boat ramp at the barge canal has met the requirements for the use of Restore Act funding. Most people don’t know this, but to receive the monies through the Restore Act, there are requirements. The following is a list of requirements which make the barge canal a wonderful place for a boat ramp.

    1. A Regional focus ( the towns of Inglis and Yankeetown, the city of Dunnellon and Levy, Marion, Alachua counties).

    2. An increase in tourism activities.

  • Support the president

    We are now 60 days past the presidential election and many are still whining about the result and predicting Donald Trump’s failure, even to the extent of calling for his impeachment.

  • Reader responds to Trump oath taking


    James McIntosh


  • Comments make you wonder

    “Glut of funds for dream projects” — who writes this nonsense for Jimmie T. Smith? Once again, Commissioner Smith submits an editorial espousing more of his views regarding his indefensible position against impact fees.

  • Ideas for the county

    We need impact fees, now. All new construction of residential and commercial property should pay them. Period. Moving into an existing home or business, no. If our commissioners cannot vote this way, let’s get rid of them in the next election.

    Litter: Pay inmates a couple of dollars an hour for picking up litter on our roads. These monies would stay in an account for them and they can only receive it upon completion of their sentence and vacating the jail. This way they would have a little money to start a new life.

  • Good things are happening, daily

    Reading of the complaints daily and the occasional glad tiding. Let’s not forget about the election win or lose, but it’s over. I want to let the folks know of good going on.

  • Leaders need to focus

    I am writing in response to issues Citrus County leaders need to focus on. I’m sure this is nothing new, but I guess I just don’t get it.

    I purchased a couple of properties a few years ago in the Inverness Acres area that consists of all dirt streets. I didn’t have a problem with this, assuming the city would at least maintain them, being Inverness Acres is in the city limits. Wrong. 

  • Look outside the county for funds

    We were glad to see that a group has taken on the project of the shelter for the animals of Citrus County. We agree that this is not a taxpayer’s function, especially with all the other needs of the country for programs that are of general welfare to all residents. However, we also acknowledge that there is a need for this and the fact that an animal-loving group has accepted the county’s generous offer to provide the site and assist with the planning, is much appreciated by the rest of us.