• Outpouring of brotherly love

    Last month I was reminded of how wonderful it is to live in Citrus County.

    It was a hot Saturday afternoon and my wife and I went to Walgreen’s to pick up a prescription after returning from Shands Hospital from an overnight stay. As I pulled out of the parking lot my car stalled in the middle of Forest Ridge.

  • Get your house in order now

    The 76-year-old lady was active though she had congestive heart failure disease, which barely slowed her down. Widowed nine years, she bragged about her five children, each of whom she believed to be talented and unique in their careers and choices.

  • Angels saved me from danger

    I was forced to dive left by an angel’s wing, a bright blue flash, on the Fish Bowl Drive bridge, so I would not be struck by live power lines. A second angel stopped to see if I was alright. She then helped me direct traffic around the downed tree and power lines. The second angel, standing at Lucifer’s door, left before I could thank her for her care and compassion. Thank you, Angel 2, for having my back.

    Frank Aumack Jr.

  • Remember what Trump has said

    Here I go again — information about Donald Trump and his possible handling of important matters. Here are some of the Trump sayings and I believe we should not forget them, particularly when we are going to vote.

    1. Trump thought someone might want to shoot Hillary Clinton — vaguely, maybe. 

    2. Trump said President Obama is the founder of ISIS. Wow!

  • Witch hunt must end


    When they say “take our country back”, some wonder “back to what”, but the answer is obviously back to witchcraft trials. They know Hillary is a witch, they just can’t prove it! But they will keep dunking her with their phony scandals until she drowns to prove she is innocent.

  • Social Security is not an entitlement


    I’ve wrote in numerous times about the seniors and Social Security and why us seniors haven’t got a cost of living raise in three years. Food, medicine, doctors, insurance all have gone up and never came down. They blame food cost and gas prices. Gas came down, but everything else hasn’t.

    My Social Security payments and those of millions of other Americans, were safely tucked away in an interest-

  • Miss Bugsy, RIP


    The cat was an orphan; one more unwanted feline destined for starvation, sickness or euthanization. She wasn’t what would be called beautiful or outstanding and her personality presented her as aloof and not lap-friendly. Nevertheless, she was adopted and became a lively feature at Michele’s little farmhouse, where she could be certain she would never be abandoned or unwanted again.

  • A different take on Hillary

    As an independent voter, perhaps I can explain why Trump supporters are angry with President Obama and likewise with Hillary Clinton.

  • Turn negativity into a positive

    My rebuttal letter of Aug. 17 has two words of the 599 total words that are causing a lot attention as we draw closer to the election day. My campaign flier has stated since May and the line that precedes the disputed two words in my rebuttal letter has been in my forum presentations for months: “My last focus point is safe, drug-free schools by aligning goals of our schools, our families and our sheriff’s office.” 

  • Actions of school board illegal

    Harry Cooper (Aug. 23 Letters) raised some very interesting points regarding the half-cent boondoggle the school board of education is trying to put over on unsuspecting Citrus County taxpayers. 

    Transparency is a word foreign to any politician or board of education member.