• Spectrum should offer scam filter

    Citrus County has a relatively high percentage of senior citizens generally vulnerable to the ravages of scam and robotic phone calls. There is a technology to screen these phone call. 

    NOMOROBO is proven to be over 99 percent effective in correctly identifying calls to be blocked. It will not block legitimate calls, such from the schools and pharmacies.  

  • Stories on Sunday made an impression

    The Feb. 19 Chronicle was most thought provoking.

  • Chaos in a fine-tuned machine

    The human animal has three orifices from which it can expel waste. Only the one above the neck has two sources, the stomach and the brain. Most humans use the one above the neck for more productive purposes than waste expulsion. Politicians are not like most humans.

  • Left always in search of victims

    If a traveler from outer space landed in these United States, what would s/he think of the left’s riots against free speech at “The Home of Free Speech” the University of California at Berkeley? Or at NYU? And would s/he be confused as to the left’s anti-

    Trump hysteria?

    It seems to me that the sacred right of peaceful protest is rather beside the point when you have the vote. 

  • Climate change is undeniable

    This is for the person who wrote in claiming that rising sea levels are caused by dirt washing into the ocean.

    Antarctica is a very large continent, almost twice the size of Australia, and almost one and a half times the size of the United States. The ice covering Alaska is almost one and a half miles deep, and is melting at the rate of 146 billion tons per year.

  • President should act like a grown-up

    It’s ego-time again! When the ego is in need, President Trump begins campaigning again. Somebody should tell this poor man that he won. Therefore, he should be about the business of the nation.

    We don’t need a president who is in constant need of stroking. We definitely don’t need one who lies to us, especially at a news conference. We don’t need one who has to give us a “show and tell” like a small child might do.

  • Trump is cleaning up Obama’s mess

    Obama should be the first ex-president to be tried for treason and promoting acts of violence against the current administration. 

    When in history has an ex-president organized groups to disrupt town hall meetings and protest and destroy property?

  • Commissioners are confusing the issue

    It’s ridiculous but predictable that with each new county commission board, they take three steps backwards before they move forward in the wrong direction. Some of these commissioners have no clue about the history and the work that previous commissioners and other constitutional officers previously engaged in, studied or discussed, that are the same or similar as those being reviewed and reconsidered today.

  • A scheme for wealth redistribution

    If you were a globalist bureaucrat wanting to share the wealth of rich countries with all your like-minded globalist buddies around the world, what would you do?

    People would rebel against a “global wealth redistribution tax.” A good crisis might work, but it could take years, even a lifetime, for just the right one to come along.

  • On being a snowflake

    The beauty of individual snowflakes are a sight to behold. They are delicate, lacy forms of nature. Each one different than the other.

    When snowflakes fall on trees, they supply softness that trees are missing during harsh winters. They cover what is lying dormant: A tree that has shed its vibrancy — bare to the elements, waiting for spring to come once again. The day when new buds appear and nature’s gift of renewal is promised.