• Saving Pope John Paul II school

    M.S. Rau of New Orleans is auctioning off a cross once owned by Pope Paul VI.

    The 7-by-4-inch cross is encrusted with diamonds, (the 12 largest weighing over 59 carats) and vivid green Colombian emeralds imbedded in 18K gold. Undoubtedly, the basement of the Vatican is stacked floor to ceiling with such artifacts worth billions. 

    The report brought to mind Bishop Robert Lynch who couldn’t find the money to keep Pope John Paul II Catholic School open.

  • Put down your barbs and join us

    I usually don’t respond to any articles written by anyone who doesn’t have the guts to sign their name to the written word. I take exception to a recent “Sound Off” entitled “Jokes on us.”

  • Save our endangered Crystal River
  • School system failing

    Vicky Iozzia is spot on. Why would we want innovation, improvement, competition or to stimulate improvement in the traditional schools?

    We rank 30th in the world in math; in reading, we rank 20th; and in science, 36th. Employers complain of communication skills even at the university level, and being able to write clearly or do simple math without a machine is all but a lost art.

  • Recognize public servants, May 4 to 10

    Across the country and in communities like Citrus County, government employees serve and protect our nation every day. During Public Service Recognition Week, May 4-10, we gratefully acknowledge their service. This includes government workers at all levels to include city, county, state and federal employees. 

  • Awesome day in Inverness

    On behalf of the city of Inverness, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the fourth annual City of Inverness St. Patrick’s Celebration on Saturday, March 15, 2014.
    Whether you rode a horse, wagon or car, strutted, beat a drum, waved a flag (or your hand), tossed a baton, walked, blew a horn, danced, floated down the parade route or cheered it on, please know that your presence and enthusiasm at the parade made it a home town, off-the-charts success. Everyone came away with a smile and a warm heart.

  • A Humanist view of religion

    At a young age I stopped believing in Santa Claus, Easter bunny and the tooth fairy. But, I was still too young to equate those myths with the “big myth” that was taught to me during my weekly attendance at the only Protestant church in my town. I assumed if adults were going to church on a regular basis, then there must be credence to their beliefs in the Bible and the clergy. 

  • Tea Party principles make sense

    Tea Party members (Rep. Rich Nugent included) are getting a bad rap.

    In 2009, we rebelled against Republicans who, despite holding majorities in both Houses under Bush 43, sidestepped a bevy of much-needed reforms thereby conceding health care to Democrats.

    We rebelled against Democrats who, convinced that their convictions carried the force of law, defied the popular will and imposed upon a protesting public a health care system that the majority of whom neither needed nor wanted.

  • Commissioners out of touch with citizens
  • Do not rent out Meadowcrest space

    As a taxpayer of Citrus County, I would like to speak out against the purchase or spending for appraisal of the Meadowcrest building. It appears that the building is at the end of its mechanical and structural lifespan. I think that Dennis Damato is overstating his expertise. Large commercial buildings require a lot of attention. It would require hiring an outside management firm or hiring and training new county employees.