• What service is being provided here?

    I’m no flaming liberal or bloody conservative — maybe one of Ronald Reagan’s silent majority.

    I understand the Citrus County Hospital Board’s request to increase the millage rate to 1.25 mills from 0.245 mills is a one-time charge for tax year 2014-15 and they will not have the opportunity to dig into our pockets again. Let’s get all we can as fast as we can.

  • US must accept immigrants to atone for its sins

    I see daily TV images of mothers and children arriving in the U.S. from Central America, being called invaders and greeted by U.S. citizens shouting “Go back, we don’t want you!”

    I watched a debate between legislators saying we must deport these people and those opposed, some religious leaders, saying they are vulnerable children and we are a country of compassionate good Samaritans.

  • Get rid of convenience fee

    I just went online to use the new Citrus County Utilities bill payment system. Unfortunately, I will continue to buy a first class stamp as the county charges a “convenience fee” of $2 for online transactions. 

  • Preventing cat’astrophe

    I was happy to see published the story submitted by Kathy Frisbie and me regarding Bob the cat and the help he received from Chuck Brown of New England Handyman Tree Service. 

    Just an update on Bob ... he has happily been adopted into a new, loving home where he’ll never worry again about becoming stuck in a tree. The only trees Bob will be climbing from now on are the plush, carpeted, indoor ones!

  • Tax a foregone conclusion

    Come November, thanks to the Board of County Commissioners, Citrus County voters will be obliged to vote whether or not to increase the sales tax by 1 cent. The tax increase will be fully supported by Citrus County’s Builders Association, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Realtors, Economic Development Council, the Chronicle and chumps. Given the combined political weight of those groups, be prepared to pay 7 cents tax on each dollar spent in Tax-and-Spend County rather than the present 6 cents.

    James McIntosh

  • Roll back millage rate
  • Ambitious budget needs trimming

    First, I thank Brad Thorpe for his service to Citrus County for many years. He has had a Herculean task managing through the financial crisis and the Duke Energy issues. While our county is certainly not past these problems, I have trouble with his logic for needing to add more employees at a time when revenues are not increasing for the services provided.

  • Remember Korea on anniversary of armistice

    On July 27, 1953, the United Nations and North Korea signed an Armistice to end the fighting between the United Nations, South Korea, North Korea and China. The war started on July 25, 1950, when North Korea invaded South Korea in an attempt to control all of Korea as a Communist nation. North Korea was supported by Russian equipment and quickly overran most of South Korea. The United States sent troops and equipment to support South Korea and, together, they held a small area of Southeast South Korea called the Pusan Perimeter. 

  • Day of successful pet adoptions

    All of the staff and especially all of the animals at Citrus County Animal Services extend a warm and heartfelt thank-you to everyone who contributed to making the July 5 adoption event such a success.

  • Homosassa treated poorly in article

    Breathtaking sunsets, boaters driving by with children waving, a peaceful wildlife park with a friendly hippo, manatees swimming in springs, homes spaced out for children to play in yards, and a small town revolving around family, church, and fishing. This is the Homosassa Springs that I knew and loved for 23 years of my life.