• Citrus Memorial Hospital is the best

    I am writing to the townspeople of Citrus County. A few days ago, I was released from Citrus Memorial Hospital after having an operation on my hernia. The care I received was excellent. The staff at the hospital were outstanding. I could not have had better treatment anywhere else. The surgeon was the best because of his explanation of my treatment. 

  • Thank you to staff at hospital

    Just thought I would let your readers know that there are some really good people over at Citrus Memorial Hospital.

    I visited my doctor last week, and he said I had to have a test done on an artery in my neck. Needless to say, I was petrified. This was to be a test where they stick a needle into my left parotid artery to remove several tissue samples. Turns out I had no reason whatsoever to be afraid. Every single person I dealt with at the hospital did a super job! 

  • Prove your allegations, Smith

    Our current state representative and candidate for County Commission District 3, Jimmie T. Smith, states he never made any allegations against the school district, he was merely repeating what he had heard from others during his six years in the legislature. 

  • Policies don’t bode well for ecology

    Thanks, Gov. Scott — your policies should go a long way toward boosting tourism, property values and prosperity in Citrus County. 

    Numerous recent articles in the Chronicle, Tampa Bay Times, Miami Herald and most other statewide newspapers have described the horrendous and worsening condition of Florida’s waters, and their effects on wildlife, coastal communities and local economies. Headline stories have even made USA Today, CNN and other national media outlets.

  • There is help for painful condition

    Monday’s column by Dr. David Raynor about Morton’s Neumora reminded me of my own experience with this condition 40 years ago.

    It started with a few twinges of discomfort which progressed to excruciating discomfort just as Dr. Raynor described.  

    There was a podiatrist in the building where I worked so I cornered him for coffee to seek his opinion. 

  • County is grateful to God

    Every so often God likes to show off and surprise us and reminds us of his presence in our lives. 

    He does this using a four-letter word called love. God is love and he gives that gift to each and everyone of us. 

    We all share that gift with each other during our life. There are times in our life that tragedy brings us closer together and we struggle to understand why someone we cherish dies unexpectedly.

  • An unpredictable president is not the solution

    The most common signs displayed by Trump supporters at the Republican convention are versions of “Take America Back”, and “Make America Great Again.” 

    Interviews with the sign holders show they can neither explain the meaning of the signs nor what is required to implement them. 

  • Glad to be a Democrat

    With the breaking news that Mr. Trump picked fellow Hoosier Mike Pence for vice president, I’m reminded why I’m a Democrat.

    Mr. Pence will be remembered for his effort while in Congress, during the Bush years, to hire a Mexican security firm to replace the “U.S. border patrol.” This was on the Lou Dobbs TV show.

    Now that idea, along with the gigantic wall, is what we call a humdinger in Indiana — problem solved.

  • Time for GOP to defeat Clinton
  • Unhappy with VA system

    I wish someone would do something about VA health care. I am covered by VA also have outside health insurance, been taking prilosec over the counter cost $7.69 for 30 days. I got a prescription from VA for same product had to pick up at pharmacy cost $21 for