• Thanks for support of injured warriors

    With great pride and appreciation the Marines and Navy Corpsmen of Marine Corps League Detachment 1139 say thank you to all who participated in our third annual golf outing held at Black Diamond on Sept. 22. 

  • Current safe sex education programs inadequate

    In reference to “River Project and Citizens For Informed Teens,” let’s get real folks!

    Teens love to experiment, push the limits that parents and adult society set, and take risks. It is a part of both the social and physical maturation process. Teens’ brains — the prefrontal cortex to be specific — are in a state of development. This is the “judgment center,” and during adolescence, it is being stretched repeatedly.

  • Tell us your platform

    Politicians — why don’t they tell us what they believe in and details on how they would rectify them? And why don’t the newspapers print their platforms?

    When I was in high school, we would study these platforms and discuss them in class. 

  • Climate change begins at home

    Last Sunday, hundreds of thousands marched throughout the world demanding action on climate change. World leaders, 120 of them, gathered in New York for the United Nations Summit on Climate Change. What can we do?

  • Don’t discount Clinton’s abilities
  • The watchdog has been chained
  • Commissioners not listening

    At two BOCC meetings, the citizens begged the commission not to vote in favor of purchasing the building at Meadowcrest, giving intelligent fact-filled reasons. Yet, once again, Damato, Meek and Kenney did not listen to the people they were supposed to represent.

  • Exercise your right to vote

    “I hate politics. That’s why I don’t vote. It’s not politics. It’s the people. I don’t want to vote for the lesser evil. Politicians are dishonest. All politicians are the same. Nothing gets done. Nobody works together. They always blame everybody else for whatever happens. They never apologize. They’re going to do what they want to anyway.” How many times have we heard these statements? They are all excuses for why people don’t vote.

  • Turn negatives into positives

    Re: “With shelters, too, it takes a village” by Jack Taeff, Letters to the Editor, Sept. 12.

  • Think about November choices

    Democrats often call themselves “pro-choice.” Republicans defend “freedom.” Unfortunately, neither party really believes in letting individuals do what we want.

    When Democrats say they are “pro-choice,” they are talking about abortion. Some act as if a right to legal abortion is the most important freedom in America.