• Thanks for participating

    The Women’s Political Network of Citrus County (WPNCC) wishes to recognize and thank the participants and attendees of the Common Core forum held May 9. The WPNCC hosted the forum to educate and inform citizens regarding the current invasion of our children’s education by the federal government.

  • Monuments should be moved

    The Chronicle got it right when they recommended the military monuments on the Historic Courthouse Square be moved to the east side of the courthouse and be laid out by a professional designer in a setting that totally respects what they represent to the military personnel who made the supreme sacrifice of preserving our country’s freedom.

  • Thank you for your generous support
  • Jail contract should be examined

    The current issue brought up by Commissioner Scott Adams I believe has merit. I usually do not agree with much Adams has to say but serious questions need answered about the jail contract with Correction Corporation of America (CCA).

  • We need "people services," not "animal services"

    Neither the taxpayers nor Citrus Board of County Commissioners are obligated to provide animal services to any resident of Citrus County. Their only obligation is to provide animal control per residents complaints concerning nuisance or dangerous animals.

  • Things which should not be privatized

    Some things should not be privatized.

    In no particular order, they are: The military, the courts, education, parks, zoos, first responders, the police, roads and bridges, potable water, the Internet, the postal service, trash collection, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, VA health care, Obamacare — and jails.

    James McIntosh


  • Remember: Public opinion counts

    First, thank you for printing the public notice about the under-construction, about-to-be-finished development along Forest Ridge, which many of us in Beverly Hills use every day. We noticed first a work road carved into the open area behind the shopping complex. After obvious construction activity began, some mention of it did appear in the Chronicle.

  • Wise decision to keep monuments in place

    The Citrus County Board of County Commissioners unanimously voted to reverse their original decision to move the veteran monuments in Inverness.

    This was a wise decision and only strengthens my opinion that we can make a difference and the BOCC does listen to our input.

    It took a lot of work by many people, including the petition that was presented to the BOCC by Renee McPheeters, and veteran groups, veterans and the rest of the community to voice their opinions.

  • The truth about life on the farm

    I was saddened by the remarks of the writer who is misinformed about motherhood. From a cow’s standpoint, having been raised and spending the first 50 years of my life on a farm, not one of our calves were torn from their mother or ever turned into veal cutlets. I can only hope everyone knows a dairy cow is not where hamburger comes from.

  • Job well done on veterans parade

    American Legion Riders Chapter No. 237 Beverly Hills would like to say “outstanding job” to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Department motorcycle unit for their work during the Vietnam veterans parade in Inverness.

    They were able to keep all of our veterans motorcycle chapters running because of the separation between the parade walkers and our bikes. One of our chapter members had an unfortunate fall; the sheriff’s deputies were on the spot to assist and get our chapter members on their way.