• Castro’s legacy of repression

    Fidel Castro had people executed and imprisoned without trial, legal charges or legal counsel. These are facts that people that try to glorify the name of Fidel Castro always seem to ignore.

    There’s nothing that his system of government could’ve given me that would’ve made it worthwhile to live under his rule.

    By the way, his persecution of Cuban dissidents or anyone that disagreed with his doctrine is completely and totally undeniable.

  • Therapy dogs welcome here

    Dear Constance Quintin,

    I am so sorry your dog and you were treated with such disrespect.

    I understand health codes prevent animals in certain sanitary areas.

    My husband and I have had hospice and pastoral care for a decade plus.

    They’re well trained. They know not to sniff at a food table, much less lick or eat. Many times, people have told us these dogs are better behaved than most children.

  • Board should have been contacted

    In reference to your editorial on the Citrus County Community Charitable Foundation (CCCCF). Our board is comprised of volunteers who are professionals in their fields ( doctors, nurses, elected officials) and other volunteers (CPA, financial advisor) who serve as members of various committees.

    Your comments regarding our bylaws and other technical items addressed by Mr. Mason will be addressed in another letter.

  • Internet cafés were only game in town

    Gambling, games of chance are not new to Florida. We have government-run lottery tickets and scratch tickets in every store and service station. We have a casino that our Florida government gave a monopoly, (I thought monopolies were illegal).

  • Fair Tax is misunderstood

    Sadly, Mr Clay Savage, who wrote a letter to the editor titled, “Fair tax would be fairer to all” Nov. 28, has no idea about how the Fair Tax (i.e., H.R. 25) really works or how it would work out in real life.

    The Fair tax(FT) is a 30 percent sales tax, not the 23 percent tax Mr. Savage states (he does not understand the FT fraud of stating the rate “inclusively” (i.e., a $100 pre-tax price incurs $30 in tax, total $130 — they say $30 is only 23 percent of $130).

  • Our mall is the prettiest

    This has been an on going discussion in the Sound Off, people expressing their views about what they want and who should move into the mall. They want a Michael’s, Dillard’s and a Jo Ann Fabrics. 

  • Thanks for efforts protecting tortoises

    Many thanks to Wayne Pacelle, CEO and president of the The Humane Society of the United States, Michael Czerwinski, environmental consultant, Carissa Kent of Saving Florida’s Gopher Tortoises and many volunteers for their dedication and time to the plight of a protected species the gopher tortoise.

    It takes time and a lot effort to dig burrows, but the reward is far more rewarding knowing a living animal will not be buried alive, doomed to a slow suffocating death. 

  • Whatever ‘this’ is in our nation

    Whether man or woman, many, are empty inside. You can sometimes see it when you look into their eyes. They are either there or they aren’t.

    I am truly sorry that I will continue to annoy more than a few people in Citrus County, however, with your president-

    elect guy, I cannot and will not avoid the topic. It’s too monumental to the future. I will not bash.

  • Make sure you get your flu shots

    Several years ago, I was out of town on business. One morning I stopped at a bagel shop. I watched as the clerk waited on the person before me, then took my order, money and gave me change. She then proceeded to cut my bagel and smear on the cream cheese, wrapped it and gave it to me. 

    I realized that she never changed her gloves from the previous customer nor cashing me out or preparing my bagel. 

    After thinking about it, I tossed it in a trash can and left. 

  • Don’t try to stifle my right to speak

    For centuries, the United States has been the symbol of freedom. However there’s a large group who have a different opinion and they are trying to silence us with their riots, name calling, abridgement of our free speech regarding the ideals and agenda of President-elect Trump to make our country stronger and safer.