• Poker run raises over $6,500
  • Thanks for the honor

    I, Frank Jean-Jacques Maigne, would like to thank the city of Crystal River for selecting Cody’s Original Roadhouse as its 2014 Business of the Year. It was quite a surprise and honor to be chosen, as there are so many deserving businesses in Crystal River.

  • Handgun ban wrong

    Should people really ban handguns? This is Citrus County, and people need to protect themselves from some of the people out here. I grew up here, so I know how some people are. Yes, wrong people do get their hands on guns and yes, people do get angry and go after someone with a gun, which is not proper, but we need guns to protect ourselves from unwanted people and other things that may do harm.

    Caroline Specht

  • Want legitimate reporting? Don’t watch Fox News
  • Political divide deepens

    There have been some interesting letters printed. The writers should follow their own advice. Those same writers blame the Republicans and Fox News, but cannot brag about how great the current president and the Democratic Party are.

    One letter writer says “I believe it is wrong to insult anyone’s religious or cultural or political beliefs. It is rude. 

  • Internet is the place to go for facts

    Next time you hear a good news piece on any of the network news outlets, take note of any sources they used to gather info in their story.

  • Government: Vegan is the way to go!

    The U.S. Advisory Panel on dietary guidelines has finally mustered the courage to recommend Americans eat less meat and dairy products. And not just to lower our risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity, but also because it slows the rate of climate change, with its own devastating consequences.

  • ISIS harkens back to medieval traditions

    A letter from Lowell Smith in the Feb. 18 Chronicle chastises a writer (whom he includes in “the mob”) for faulting the president’s National Prayer Breakfast speech as exonerating Muslim violence. 

  • Kayak fishing

    A recent article in the Chronicle described a proposal to create a kayak launch site at Wallace Brooks Park on Big Henderson Lake in Inverness, which would include a floating dock to assist folks with physical disabilities enter and exit their kayaks. While the article made no mention of related fishing opportunities, kayak fishing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, and supports a growing constituency along the Nature Coast. 

  • Column lacks supporting facts

    A week or so ago, George Will wrote a column in the Chronicle titled “Educating the young is the business of the state.”

    That seems to be a conclusion in search of supporting evidence and rationale. But it would find none of either in his article.