• Leon McClellan a community leader

    Leon McClellan has shown in several ways that he has the ability, desire and leadership skills to be the man we need for Mosquito Control Board.

    As a businessman, Leon successfully operates M&B Dairy, a Dairy Farm in Citrus County.

  • These are choices for local office
  • This Republican supports Clinton

    For the past two weeks or so, we have witnessed the response from Donald Trump regarding the alleged sexual misconduct claims made by various women who have had casual contact with him over the past 30 years or so. His response has been nasty and self-serving, in the least. He has made verbal as well as Twitter statements that accuse these women as being liars and/or any other term that comes to his mind. His reaction to these claims shows how vulnerable he is when it comes to criticism made that admonishes his actions.

  • Why I am voting for Trump

    I am voting for Donald Trump because of the people who are opposed to him. 

    1. The Republican elite establishment because he could affect their power and wealth.

    2. Democrats because he could stop their conversion of America.

    3. South Korea, Japan, Germany because he may demand that they pick up the cost of our military troops stationed there defending them.

  • Choices not ideal, but still simple

    Lets keep this simple. The choices are not ideal but there is one way to make a choice. If you want to lose the First, Second and Fourth Amendment, along with the Supreme Court and our Constitution rights then vote for Clinton. If you truly believe in our Constitution, First, Second and Fourth Amendment and want a fair Supreme Court for the next 40 or 50 years, then put Trump’s shortcomings aside and vote for Trump or we will see America, our freedoms and Constitution go away — gone forever.

  • Volunteers at shelter are essential

    Mr. D. Godfrey has no idea what he is talking about. 

    As for the ongoing dispute from shelter volunteers about treatment of dogs and cats, Godfrey said the problem will only go away if the county eliminates volunteers from the shelter or turns over operation of the shelter to volunteer groups. 

    Eliminate volunteers? Seriously. If volunteers we not at the shelter, the death rates would soar! 

  • A big thank you to sponsors, attendees

    On behalf of the Business Women’s Alliance of the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce, thank-you to the 800 Citrus County community members who attended the 2016 Women’s HEALTH and FITNESS Expo on Sept. 24 at the National Guard Armory. You told us that day how much you appreciated having access to so many experts in many fields of health, wellness and fitness.

  • I will vote for Mike Prendergast


    It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm; I would like to share my support  for Mike Prendergast.

    I’ve known retired Army Col. Mike Prendergast for a few years. I met Mike in Tallahassee as he was the executive director of the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs. Though I am not a veteran, I am a deputy sheriff. I know Mike will make a great sheriff for our community.

  • I support Brian Coleman


    After attending the Chronicle’s forum on October 17, my belief was reconfirmed that Brian Coleman is absolutely the best candidate for Citrus County Commission District 5.

    Much has been written about Brian’s history as a dedicated police officer and his continuing service in our military. But it is the philosophies that he gained through those positions that will guide how he will serve as a commissioner.

  • Chronicle should endorse candidate

    Two weeks ago, the Citrus County Chronicle’s publisher, Gerry Mulligan, wrote in his weekly column the newspaper’s editorial board would make no endorsements for the presidential campaign. He cited no reason for the decision, save for the unwritten fear of retribution from our homegrown alt-right.

    The Chronicle has abdicated its responsibility to educate and inform.