• Don’t be victim to this scam

    I am writing to let seniors know that there are many telephone scams out there and even when you read them you always say you can’t understand how someone could fall for this.  

  • His poison even reached Citrus

    There is much publicity on TV these days about an upcoming movie about that incredible swindler, Bernie Madoff. It is easy to look at this and say, “What does this have to do with nice, quiet, rural Inverness?”

  • ‘River’ committee expresses thanks

    On Jan. 26, two members of a committee whose members represented Homosassa residents from various diverse groups went before the Board of County Commissioners. This group came into existence several months ago. Its main objective being to identify and seek ways to fund the purchase of property in Old Homosassa which would be used as parks for residents and visitors to enjoy the river. Two parcels were identified as possibilities and the process began.

  • License bicycles on roads, trails

    I read the article in the Feb. 4 Chronicle about the complaints the “Road Warrior” has with the Withlacoochee State Trail and got to thinking. To operate a car, truck or motorcycle on the highway one must purchase a license. If one desires to have a boat a license must be bought. If you want to fish, buy a license; if you want to hunt, buy a license. The number of activities that require a license is endless and all these fees go to help pay to support the different services. 

  • Sanders could revive America

    Bernie Sanders wants to take us back to the future, to reprise the time when unions were strong and we had a robust middle class.

  • Thank you for supporting us

    St. Scholastic Community of Catholic Women just had their successful Tricky Tray on Jan. 30. We would very much like to thank all the merchants, members and parishioners for their kind donations — without you, we would be nothing.

    Ginny Hollis, Jeannette Kollar, Connie Taylor, Nancy Doherty  

    St. Scholastic Community of Catholic Women chairs

  • CUB grateful for community's help

    Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

    Citrus County is certainly full of life. On behalf of everyone at Citrus United Basket, we give our gratitude and a much deserved thank you to all the churches, organizations, businesses and individuals who gave so much of their time, toys, food and generous monetary donations to help us once again make our Christmas toy and food giveaway a success.

  • Some laws need to be changed

    Re: Code Defiance, Jan. 31.

    Citrus County keeps itself poor by imposing fines for violations on property that no one pays and for impact fees on folks that wish to invest here and charging for each permit, when improving your home.

    While the cities get richer, antiquated laws and fines/fees/permits, keep home properties depressed and anyone in the vicinity of poor property management loses home value, due to the surrounding area blight.

  • Keep Florida fracking free

    Re: “What is fracking,”  Jan. 31 Chronicle.

    I appreciated the “What is fracking?” column by the League of Women Voters. Surprisingly, many people do not know what fracking is, despite the fevered pace by Texas speculators and pipelayers in anticipation of new free trade agreements that are still being debated in Congress, the Trans-

  • Support sex-ed bills in state legislature

    Sad, but not surprising, the debate over sex education rages on. That article in the Education section of the Chronicle illustrates, at least in Omaha, Nebraska, students in the public schools are being deprived of information they have a right to know.  

    Ryleigh Welsh, a high school sophomore, said it best when she was quoted, “Sexual health is more than just sex. It’s about understanding and taking care of your body and being prepared for a healthy future.”