• Hillary needs to be prosecuted

    My fellow conservatives, let’s not forget that our work is not done. It will not be done until Hillary Rodham Clinton is behind bars for federal crimes. Losing an election in no way pardons or absolves her for the crimes that she has committed. She has never been above the law, she just though she was.

  • Our country is being given to the Russians

    I wake up every morning and go to bed each night thinking of what America has become. Some (and I do mean only some) of the voters voted for Trump for president. (I will not capitalize this word as long as he is president). For whatever reasons they deem important. 

    I hope these voters understand the close ties Trump has with Putin. Nikita Khrushchev on Nov. 18, 1956, said “We will bury you.” Now some 60 years later, Russia does not have to bury us because you have given America to the Russians. 

  • Trump will do a great job for all
  • Trump has historical low ratings before taking office

    OK! I get it. Trump won. You do not have to remind us of that fact each time you write a letter. We know that Trump, with the help of an ultra-honest Attorney General and his Russian buddy, Putin, won the election. We understand he won the majority of the Electoral College. We understand he will be president.

  • An ode to that ragged old flag

    I think of today and the times that we live. I think of the promises that we give. We once lived in a land of freedom from strife.

    Where people were free and could live a good life. Where everyone knew who their neighbors were. Where windows were open and doors kept ajar.

  • We have been played ...

    As a lifelong Democrat, until recently, I believed the hype.

    Thinking that I, the constituent, had a say in things. After all, aren’t “we” the understanding ones? The ones with compassion for the downtrodden? The caretakers of our land and its people?

  • Things to consider as you plant trees

    Six weeks ago, we began to hear noises that sounded like pebbles hitting the windows and siding. This was later in the evening.

    The next few days we heard the same sounds. My husband climbed on the roof and looked around. He found some clues explaining the noises — acorns. With some help from the squirrels, who were gathering them, we had weeks of being bombarded with acorns.

  • The tax-happy Chronicle is at it again

    Has there ever been a tax hike that the Chronicle editors didn’t love?

    After a recent Chronicle hype on behalf of the school board’s $60 million half cents nonsense tax, the editors have now set their sights on a “let’s soak the tourists” tax by slowly killing the goose that is laying a $229 million annual economic golden egg so beneficial to Citrus County.

  • Learn to appreciate the virtues of getting old

    Oftentimes, I find myself complaining about not being younger and, basically, getting old. There’s no stopping the clock, though I really don’t like moving along with the hands of time. There are lots of things not to like about this aging process, but dwelling on it could be depressing. Therefore, I decided to compile a list of the good parts of leaving youth behind and facing these senior years with dignity.

  • Reagan license plate bill for a good cause

    I commend Florida Sen. Baxley, R-Ocala, who filed the bill (SB 284) for the creation of a Reagan Specialty license plate with a  portion of proceeds from sales to go to the Florida National Guard Foundation and to “fund activities, programs, and projects that educate Florida’s students and residents about the contributions of the nation’s 40th president to the state and the United States and to support ongoing research of Alzheimer’s disease for the benefit of Florida residents and their families who suffer from the disease “