• Taxpayers to be left holding bag for roads

    Just where the Suncoast is to end in Citrus County is a topic unto itself, or so states the anonymous Chronicle editorial.

    Yes, that is true, but it overstates the question. The question should be, just where the Suncoast is to end is a topic unto itself. Until the I-75 alignment is decided, the answer should be that it should not be extended at all.

  • Thank you for attention to topic

    Thank you, (Joanie Welch), for your letter and making me look into the following “here are some of the diseases you can get from non-human creatures”: 

    Hookworm, rabies and amp; roundworm and the following can cause diarrhea, nausea, and infections especially in young children and people with low immune systems: brucellosis, cryplosporidisos, pasteurellois ( from scratches or nips), and even MRSA and salmonella.

  • Change speed limit and policing on 486

    I am a business owner in Citrus County and drive to and from Hernando, via the County Road 486 (Norvell Bryant) daily. And daily, it is a harrowing experience! Part of the problem is the 45 mph speed limit. It doesn’t seem appropriate (55 would be reasonable, 50 a compromise). But mainly it is because people seem to have a self-centered approach to going as fast as they want, by any means necessary, and are doing so consequence-free.

  • West Point altered by Washington, D.C.

    The spirits of Robert E. Lee, MacArthur and Patton must be screaming from their graves. Hopefully, the vice president of the United States’ commencement address (Sunday Chronicle, May 22) at West Point didn’t reflect the core values of the Corps of Cadets. The West Point legacy for producing warriors, leaders and commanders appears to have been altered by the powers in Washington, D.C., to become a prep school for the politically correct.

    Greg Jagodinsky

  • Comprehensive sexual education critical for teens

    Thank you, Sheila Jacobs for your excellent letter about the teen pregnancies in Citrus County and the need for life-long comprehensive sex education.

  • Sanders, not Trump deserves our support

    Mr. Callahan’s letter is a wonderful argument for voting for Bernie Sanders. While I agree most Americans have a disdain for the status quo, I reject his conclusion Trump will win. Instead of Mr. Trump, who knows little about politics, foreign affairs, and even less about getting along with Congress, the wise choice is Sen. Sanders, an honest and consistent legislator who knows and understands all the things Mr. Trump does not.

  • Expense county cannot afford

    As far as the county paying for the Suncoast Parkway to extend 3 miles to County Road 486: 

  • Carl Hiaasen said it perfectly in column

    On Page A10, May 9, Carl Hiaasen said it so much better than I did in your column April 30, re: the ridiculous bathroom laws!

    Maxyne Stoller

    Crystal River

  • Clinton negativity driven by her gender
  • Remember to honor soldiers and veterans

    This Memorial Day, let’s all remember those who courageously gave their lives. To those who have fought and those who are fighting, I admire your courage and appreciate your sacrifices. When you gather with your family and friends this day remember to respect, honor, and remember their loved ones will never be forgotten. God bless America!

    Dorraine Baltzell