• Help me move our county in the right direction


    The Chronicle says that while it agrees more with me on the issues, it prefers my opponent. Does that mean that what people say in a campaign really isn’t important? 

  • Qualifications matter in sheriff’s race


    I am having a difficult time getting my head wrapped around the prospect of  some of the distinguished citizens of Citrus County who are approaching this sheriff’s race without weighing the necessary and vital experience and qualifications needed to manage a 400-plus employee public safety agency. This is about all our safety folks.

    It’s critical our next sheriff is capable and has the experience and qualifications to do the following:

  • I support Chuck Kanehl for sheriff


    If there is anything I have learned from my public education it is that generalizations are created by ignorant people who want to see the downfall of our society. 

    This holds true to the generalization that all Phil Royal campaign volunteers are in favor of Mr. Mike Prendergast being our next sheriff. In the past, I mentioned that all supporters of Phil held a special part in the campaign. 

  • Vote ‘Bo’ Bavota — vote for Citrus County


    “Bo” Bavota is a problem solver. He knows that rudeness and insults do nothing to solve problems. They only make them worse.

    He understands the problems Citrus County faces and has a plan. 

    The county’s survival is dependent on water, yet our local and state governments have done little to preserve this vital resource.

  • Builders are in a time crunch

    No thinking person lends credence to anonymous Sound Off callers, but their musings are fun to read. I would like to respond to the caller claiming that if they were a builder they would build air conditioned shelters for all the orphaned Citrus County pets in their spare time for free. 

  • Florida soon to become 'Slime State'

    In case you haven’t read any newspapers or watched television news programs lately, be advised that many of Florida’s waters are polluted. Our rivers, the Withlacoochee and Crystal, contain contaminants. 

    When we receive large amounts of rainfall, runoff into the gulf requires officials to close swimming areas — for example Fort Island Trail Beach — due to hazardous bacteria counts.

  • When is a contract a contract?

    A while back, it was determined that a part of the impact fee that was collected had not been spent during the seven-year period designated and the “land owners of record” were entitled to a refund. It was decided that it would be too much work to go through the records and identify those land owners entitled to the refund and the amount of money they were to receive, so it was decided to advertise it in the Chronicle, which was done. Only one of the owners that applied was verified and eligible to a refund.

  • I am for Chuck Kanehl


    My name is Jason Shephard and I am writing this today to show my support for Chuck Kanehl. 

  • Coleman does the right thing


    Do you know what the hardest thing to do is? The right thing. Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons is even harder. But that simple pledge from Republican candidate Brian Coleman sums up why I’m proud to support him in his quest to bring back civility and integrity to the Board of County Commissioners. 

  • Coleman will get job done


    In 2006 I joined the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office as a young man ready to take on the role of crime fighter. I was highly motivated yet slightly unpolished in my methods. As I was assigned to work the area just outside the City of Crystal River.