• Sound off misses mark on shelter

    This is in response to sound offs that the shelter should not supply pet food to the public and supplying low-cost vaccinations to out-of-county pet owners. 

    The shelter does not supply the food in question, the compassionate people supply the food in question; they buy it and take it to the shelter for families who have fallen on hard time so they can feed their pets, which in return keeps them out of the shelter. 

  • Thoughts on the VA clinic and services

      A month or two back, you did an article on VA services. I did get my picture in your paper, along with my comments about the health situation. I was one of many who praised the Lecanto Clinic. So what I have now does not reflect on them, in any manner. 

  • With praise and optimism

      Too often we read nothing but gloom and doom nationally and to local politics. So it is with pleasure that I write this letter of praise and optimism.

      In March 2014, Connelly’s Sod and Nursery was contracted to replace a significant portion of both our front and rear lawn. Joe Connelly performed the task which exceeded our expectations. However, by October 2014 the new sod exhibited an unusual growing pattern and Joe replaced about 

  • Thank you Dr. Jaffee, staff

      Sunday, July 19, at 2 p.m., my grandson Edward slipped and fell on the pool deck and knocked out his top second front tooth and split open his top lip.

      We called Citrus Memorial Hospital and they said bring him right in to the emergency room. They were waiting for us when we arrived, no waiting. They took him right in and gave him a private room. Edward is 8 years old, autistic and petrified of needles.

  • Jeb Bush speaks with supporters
  • Curfews vary in cities

      The ratio of cities that have a curfew to those who do not is half do and half do not.

      New York City — none.

      Philadelphia —curfew from 10:30 p.m. or midnight depending on whether it is a weekday, weekend, or summer break. There is also a fine, in varying amounts.

  • Partners teach youths life lessons

    A fraternal organization, a church and a youth group ... sounds like the start of an old joke; however, it is a story about three distinct and different entities working together for the betterment of the children of our community.

  • Congress should stop Iran deal

    I am glad to see people protesting on the so-called deal in Iran. That is what they should be doing on most everything Obama has done. 

    No nukes for Iran. Why should we be trusting those people who will have a bomb and are saying death to America and wipe Israel off the map? You cannot trust Iran. You all know who they are. We need to rise up to this and let the so-called administration know how we feel. 

  • Spay and neuter your cats
  • Citrus shouldn't get settlement cash

    At today’s Board of County Commissioners meeting (7/28/2015), a rather lengthy discussion was held regarding funding available from the Deepwater Horizon settlement. Commissioners were all atwitter about having these funds available for the Kings’ Bay Restoration Project as well as the Crystal River boardwalk (Riverwalk).