• PDC pick not a bright spot for commission

    The recent appointment of prominent lawyer Bill Grant and rejection of John Wade — a retired engineer and former U.S. Navy submariner — to the Planning and Development Commission is troublesome, at the very least.

  • Disappointed I couldn’t ask question

    I was extremely disappointed with Congressman Daniel Webster’s “meet and greet” in Inverness last week. It appeared to me that his primary purpose was to brag about the money he has returned to the taxpayers by taking a smaller-than-usual salary over the years. He had two pseudo-check props depicting the amount of money he saved us, and spent considerable time praising himself.

  • Climate change juggernaut: Tame it

    Hello Citrus Chronicle ... here’ s a short response to any rebuttal to my letter on climate change, which will likely be numerous — happy.

    To all those climate change disciples, outraged over someone suggesting something is fishy with established settled science doctrine that CO2, the trace gas that gives life to the planet and its inhabitants, is also capable of producing climate Armageddon that will destroy both, I leave you with this thought.

  • Choices provided were hardly even

    Regarding the Online Poll of Feb. 20: Who dreams up these choices, or better yet who approves them? Asked for an opinion on President Trump’s statements about his administration running like a fine-tuned machine and blaming the media for false reporting — 11 choices! One is neutral: “K.” Three appear in support: “C,” “E” and “I.” The remaining seven appear to support a negative view. He has been in office roughly a month; could we not have given equal choice picks?

  • Alternative facts?

    So, Mr. George Gasparini thinks many of the people in the crowd at Webster’s meet and greet were from other parts of the state.

    I challenge him to produce real evidence to support his statement. Otherwise it’s just political hearsay. I’m tired of alt-facts!

    Kerry Williams


  • For once, Mulligan is on the money

    I read “Out The Window” in the Feb. 19 edition of the Sunday Chronicle. In fact, read it a few times to make sure I understood what you were saying in that commentary. I must say, I agree with you for the first time ever. Citrus County does not have a functioning government, at least not for the Joe Sixpack taxpayers in the county. The developers do.

  • A response to Stewart’s column

    I would like to respond to Cortney Stewart’s article from last Sunday’s Citrus Chronicle about gun-free zones. 

    She states that there is no empirical evidence that mass shootings are chosen because the place is marked a gun-free zone. She further states that research reveals that the killer was personally tied to the place.

  • Questioning the rules for letters

    “Opinions invited,” and “We reserve the right to edit letters for fairness and good taste.”

    “Completely incompetent.” “He is a child.” “Insulting towards others.” “Not a happy man.” “Never a popular kid.” “A fool by his own doing.” “Vain, self-centered, immature, rude.” “He is a fool and dangerous.”

  • Want to know about Russian interference

    There was a large group of people that went to Inverness Tuesday for Rep. Daniel Webster’s meet and greet. He accepted no questions or comments from the audience.

    My question for him was: “Will you support the appointment of an Independent Special Prosecutor with subpoena powers to investigate the interference of the Russians in our election process?” I handed a copy to a staff member when Rep. Webster made a quick retreat.

    Diann Schultz

  • Trump disingenuous about trade deals

    While Donald Trump has been critical of NAFTA and has said he plans to renegotiate it, the trade justice movement has long had the goal of abolishing or radically reforming the three-nation pact. And though Trump likes to claim responsibility for killing the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP), the truth is the people’s activism killed it. Through years of activism, TPP was dead before the election because we the people made it so toxic that the votes just weren’t there.