• ENDORSEMENT: Vote Dias for mosquito control

    We are proud to publicly endorse Michael J. Dias for mosquito control board, Seat 2. Michael is a dedicated family man, a successful businessman and has a heart for Citrus County. As a fifth-generation resident of Citrus County, Michael has continued the family tradition of living, working and raising his family in our community.

  • ENDORSEMENT: Support Milan

    No one thinks of the mosquito control board until election time. 

    That’s because Bob Milan sits on the board and sees to it that Citrus County mosquitoes suffer more than you do.

    In case you’re interested, that’s the same Bob Milan who saved us over a quarter million dollars on the purchase of land for the control board heliport.

  • ENDORSEMENT: Wyllie for governor

    I am voting for Adrian Wyllie and I urge others to vote for him for governor. 

    I support Wyllie because of his stance on a number of issues:

    Common Core (he wants to repeal it), property taxes (he plans to eliminate them on homesteads) and civil liberties (he vows to protect Floridians’ civil liberties from the federal government).

  • ENDORSEMENT: Support Dias

    I am in full support of Michael Dias for Citrus County Mosquito Control Board Seat 2. Michael is a business man in our community and has the passion to make Citrus County a better place. He is the father of four school-aged children; his first priority is to keep his family safe.

  • ENDORSEMENT: Support Pochis
  • ENDORSEMENT: Vote yes on 'Cent'

    The Tourist Development Council wants to expand its marketing effort through online content and contracting for a weather camera to increase exposure to the area. Why would advertising poorly maintained and unmowed residential roadways be a boost to the area? If local officials would travel all 1,678 centerline miles of county-maintained residential roads, it would be obvious that the appearance is not welcoming to tourism or future growth.

  • ENDORSEMENT: Scott for governor
  • ENDORSEMENT: Vote no on 'Cent'

    Why is everyone, including your writers, calling the proposed sales tax increase a 1-cent tax? It’s one percent. That’s two cents on a $2 purchase, 20 cents on a $20 purchase, $2 on a $200 purchase, and $20 on a $2,000 purchase. It’s an 18-percent increase in the sales tax we already pay. 

    Start reporting the truth about the new tax. Vote no on the “1-cent” tax.

    Tom Schueneman

  • ENDORSEMENT: Put public before politics

    I work as a volunteer every day for Joey White, a candidate I truly feel will bring change and balance to the county commission. It is my choice to help. I am Jerry Carr, a Democrat supporting an NPA candidate. 

  • ENDORSEMENT: Vote against Amendment 2

    I have been surprised and at the same time extremely irritated to read so many articles and letters, trying to praise the benefits of using marijuana.

    The worst of it is the strong effort being made by some individuals and the news media, while trying to tell us about how much good it would be to legalize its use.