• Use words wisely, and for good

    Most have heard the expressions, “Actions speak louder than words,” “Don’t burn bridges,” “Haste makes waste,” and many clichés that speak of simple advice. Remember, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? Not true.

  • Use road repair dollars wisely
  • Say no to ER and avoid overbilling

    Citrus Memorial billing practices have created quite a commotion for the seniors in our area; however, you can simplify your lives if you follow one simple practice. 

    They have their usual and customary methods of billing, which of course are outrageous. I know, I worked in the health care industry for over 30 years. The rule in the billing departments was at least a 400 percent markup on provided services.

  • No surprise: HCA in it for the profit

    Surprise, surprise, surprise! Now that Citrus Memorial is privately operated, prices have gone up monumentally. How did the people of Citrus County think HCA was going to pay those millions for the lease and still make money? The prices had to go up, and the high-margin services (see trauma center) needed to be added. Also, low-profit centers (see Lecanto), even those that provided a needed service to our county, have to be closed.

  • Quality services must be paid for

    There are pros and cons to any form of taxation, but if we want services we have to pay for them. There are evolutionary trends with all endeavors, and the 1974 Fire Prevention Taxing District (FPTD) served its purpose. Citrus County has a senior population that is getting older. Fire services departments have to modernize/upgrade their community services to conform to community expectations and needs — and Citrus County needs fire services to be able to provided advanced life support (ALS).

  • Obama politicizes Charleston tragedy

    June 2015 will likely go down in history as the start of the final chapter of the greatest experiment with democracy. For starters, there have been two major decisions by the Supreme Court based on ideology rather than our constitution. Then a secret trade deal is in the works, more racial rabblerousing, and an effort to make a worthless treaty with Iran.

  • Lawmakers miss on budget plan

    Jimmie T. Smith, our local legislator who went AWOL before the end of the regular session, was in the paper on June 23 congratulating himself and his Republican cohorts on passing a brilliant budget.

  • Money for nothing; hope I’m wrong
  • OpEd resonates with reader

    Wes Fulton’s op/ed piece, Southern Symbol, that appeared in Sunday’s paper was terrific. So well written with the perfect balance of wit, recollection and commentary. Hope to read more from him in the future.

    Wendy Cash


  • Hoping for early access to launch

    The June 19 Chronicle reports the city of Crystal River has been awarded a $175,000 matching grant to expand and improve Hunters Spring Park. 

    Thankfully, plans include a new and expanded kayak launch area, separate from the swimming beach, which should greatly reduce user conflicts. The park provides easy access to Kings Bay and Three Sisters Springs, both of which receive heavy use during the winter months.