• You can help county’s animals

    Spring is rapidly approaching, and that means kitten and puppy season. Who can resist those adorable little creatures? Unfortunately they grow so quickly. Where do they go then? Hopefully, if you are not able to find good homes, they are delivered to a reputable animal shelter.

    These shelters do their best to get kittens and puppies loving homes, but there are just too many of them for all to be adopted.

  • Immigrants differ from refugees

    There are some letters to the editor that warrant the time and effort to respond. Therefore, I take the time to respond to the letter titled, “The vetting process is already thorough,” by Wayne Logsdon on Feb. 10. 

  • Nuclear future looks bleak under Trump

    Every major nuclear accident, from Windscale to Fukushima, has involved either human inadequacy due to error or faulty training, failure of critical components that were known to be defective from prior testing, intentional disregard of forbidden operation, limitations in the reactor design due to operation beyond the licensed lifetime, cover-ups of the causes and consequences of the accident or combinations of the above.

  • Trump's actions drive the opposition

    I am a Democrat who blames my party for losing the election, not a sore loser. It appears Mr. Hagaman is a poor winner.

    At first reading, I thought his letter would be signed “President Donald J. Trump.” It contains the same blatant false assertions that have been spewing out of Washington. Mr. Hagaman writes, “The voters overwhelmingly chose him.” Really.

    No one’s trying to destroy President Trump. Concern for this country is what’s driving the opposition.

  • Need better outreach to constituents

    I received Congressman Daniel Webster’s most recent newsletter yesterday. It can be seen at https://iqconnect.lmhostediq.com/iqextranet/view_newsletter.aspx?id21229....

    Please notice the wording of the question in last week’s survey:

  • Commissioners are confusing the issue

    It’s ridiculous but predictable that with each new county commission board, they take three steps backwards before they move forward in the wrong direction. Some of these commissioners have no clue about the history and the work that previous commissioners and other constitutional officers previously engaged in, studied or discussed, that are the same or similar as those being reviewed and reconsidered today.

  • A scheme for wealth redistribution

    If you were a globalist bureaucrat wanting to share the wealth of rich countries with all your like-minded globalist buddies around the world, what would you do?

    People would rebel against a “global wealth redistribution tax.” A good crisis might work, but it could take years, even a lifetime, for just the right one to come along.

  • On being a snowflake

    The beauty of individual snowflakes are a sight to behold. They are delicate, lacy forms of nature. Each one different than the other.

    When snowflakes fall on trees, they supply softness that trees are missing during harsh winters. They cover what is lying dormant: A tree that has shed its vibrancy — bare to the elements, waiting for spring to come once again. The day when new buds appear and nature’s gift of renewal is promised.

  • Homeless can't catch a break

    To whoever wrote on Friday, Feb. 10, Opinion page, re: Homelessness.

    Please don’t stop with this editorial. Keep it before the eyes or our citizens.

    People who receive $750 per month in Social Security or disability cannot find an apartment in this county.

    Government subsidies like Section 8 are a lottery. They are demoralizing, humiliating and inadequate.

  • Trump haters are losing it

    Many conservative scribes, right-leaning pundits, pro-Republican letter writers, and not a few apolitical individuals have remarked on how crazed the Democrats are about the election of President Trump.