• Wishing I had been there for him

    A few years ago, I felt ill, feverish, dizzy, weak, simply not my norm. I take pride in accomplishments and physically demanding projects that involve my DeWalt tools, plenty of lumber, and, on the feminine side, hundreds of bedding plants and truckloads of mulch.

    I ignored the discomfort until I was no longer able to take care of my beloved pets as well and was doubled over with pain. I was faced with a frightening dilemma with no family nearby and truly, no one locally to call upon.

  • Clean, free, abundant energy

    It pains me when I take my boat out into the Gulf, that we don’t take advantage of wind energy technology that exists today. Clean, free and abundant.

    The same holds true for solar energy. Florida probably has more sun and wind than any other state, and we’re still burning coal?

    It’s a crime, and we are paying the price as will our children, since the weather and global warming continues to get worse. 

    James Burns

  • Reducing income inequality

    The president speaks about it often but avoids mentioning how much the federal government already redistributes or how much more he needs to close the income gap. A revealing study by the CBO using prerecession data from eight years ago gave us some needed information. We now know the amount given to households in the five income quintiles and the taxes they paid. 

  • Letter to Bishop Lynch

    Dear Bishop Robert Lynch,

    I’ve been a diehard Roman Catholic for almost 50 years of my life. I went through eight years of Catholic school, so I know a bit about things that go on. If the diocese can’t handle the responsibility of one school that serves six parishes, then the diocese should have left it alone. 

  • Save our endangered Crystal River
  • Put down your barbs and join us

    I usually don’t respond to any articles written by anyone who doesn’t have the guts to sign their name to the written word. I take exception to a recent “Sound Off” entitled “Jokes on us.”

  • Saving Pope John Paul II school

    M.S. Rau of New Orleans is auctioning off a cross once owned by Pope Paul VI.

    The 7-by-4-inch cross is encrusted with diamonds, (the 12 largest weighing over 59 carats) and vivid green Colombian emeralds imbedded in 18K gold. Undoubtedly, the basement of the Vatican is stacked floor to ceiling with such artifacts worth billions. 

    The report brought to mind Bishop Robert Lynch who couldn’t find the money to keep Pope John Paul II Catholic School open.

  • School system failing

    Vicky Iozzia is spot on. Why would we want innovation, improvement, competition or to stimulate improvement in the traditional schools?

    We rank 30th in the world in math; in reading, we rank 20th; and in science, 36th. Employers complain of communication skills even at the university level, and being able to write clearly or do simple math without a machine is all but a lost art.

  • Recognize public servants, May 4 to 10

    Across the country and in communities like Citrus County, government employees serve and protect our nation every day. During Public Service Recognition Week, May 4-10, we gratefully acknowledge their service. This includes government workers at all levels to include city, county, state and federal employees. 

  • Awesome day in Inverness

    On behalf of the city of Inverness, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the fourth annual City of Inverness St. Patrick’s Celebration on Saturday, March 15, 2014.
    Whether you rode a horse, wagon or car, strutted, beat a drum, waved a flag (or your hand), tossed a baton, walked, blew a horn, danced, floated down the parade route or cheered it on, please know that your presence and enthusiasm at the parade made it a home town, off-the-charts success. Everyone came away with a smile and a warm heart.