• Band steps up in competition

    I would like to congratulate the Crystal River High School marching band. Sept. 24 was the Tri-county Marching Band Competition. The Marching Pirates won first place in their division with their percussion and flag corps earning a score of superior. The Marching Pirates also earned a second place in the overall competition. 

    What a great way to start the season!

    Beth Stone


  • Gas pipeline will be safe, efficient

    Recent opinion editorials published in the Citrus County Chronicle raised questions regarding the Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC (Sabal Trail) natural gas pipeline. Concerns included greenhouse gas emissions and safety, as well as the impacts to Florida’s wetlands, unique karst environments and drinking water. As a representative of Sabal Trail, I would like to address these questions in an effort to alleviate any concerns and correct misinformation being communicated by some.

  • Great job, Katie, in Inverness parks

    My husband and I recently moved to Florida from California. I am very impressed with the level of care in the parks, road landscaping and the bike trailhead here in Inverness. All of the employees seem to do a great job and it is a pleasure to enjoy the beauty of the town. 

  • Keep fire codes the way they are

    A chill ran down my spine when I read that Wilton Simpson had filed a bill to relax the fire code for businesses (Sept. 25).

    There is a reason for fire and building codes. It’s public safety.

    We have a tradition in this country of either ignoring or watering down inconveniences. Then we are shocked! Simply shocked when people are injured or killed.

    Bonnie L. Fleck

    Crystal River

  • Help not provided to small business owners

    Businesses certainly are disappearing. No disagreement there. The feds are telling us we are vibrantly recovering. The very simple fact is that eight years of failed big government, big brother, socialist ideology have all but bankrupted our nation and pretty much eliminated any respect other nations once held for us. Over taxation and regulation have forced companies and jobs overseas. Complainers in regard to this should put their money where their mouth is. Open a business and give it all back to subsidize windmills.

  • Let’s strive to do better

    While shelters everywhere are striving to increase there adoption numbers and decrease their euthanization numbers that has never been the goal of the people in charge of running Citrus County Animal Services. Has anyone ever read the mission statement on the Citrus Critter website.

  • Pit bulls the biggest problem

    My opinion it’s the elephant in the room — it’s a pit bull, pit bull mix problem. Ninety nine percent of the dogs in the paper to be euthanized or adopted are one or the other. Who is going to adopt the secondhand pit bull, unless they figured out some way to control the number of pit bulls being bred and then discarded when the newness wears off, usually with people who want to be cool with a vicious dog?

  • Return Amon to shelter

    Why was Pattie Amon removed from working at the animal shelter? She should be returned there and given a raise. The new management is hurting the animals.

    Pattie is the only one who knew how to run the shelter. Her passion for animals is amazing.

    Barbara Johns


  • Aggressive dogs don't make good pets

    You ask: Can aggressive dogs be retrained? Sure they can, by knowledgeable trainers. But how many “adopters” have this knowledge? And even if retrained by a professional, the dog is retrained only when the master is with the dog. Leave the dog out of sight or with another person and you better have a good liability policy.

    Retrained dogs are very unpredictable when not with their masters. Retraining an aggressive dog does not make it a desirable household pet.

  • Standing by Tobey Phillips

    Tobey Phillips is “good people.” I’ve known this young woman her entire life. She was and is friends with my children. She is a good, decent, compassionate, Christian lady.

    She was asked to do a job with vague guidelines. She asked for input from those with direct knowledge of the animals, and based upon that information, she made a decision using the vague guidelines that were given to her. This was a task assigned to her by her superior.