• Leave the hydrants alone

    I was a little dismayed after reading the article “Beauty blends with utility.” I understand wanting to beautify your community; however, please leave the fire hydrants alone. As the wife of a firefighter and a former firefighter, I understand the significance of the color schemes of fire hydrants. When firefighters pull up to a fire, the hydrant relays vital bits of information, such as how much water flow is available and what the water pressure is in each hydrant. 

  • Social Security no scheme

    A letter writer on Nov. 19 described Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme.” Nancy J. Altman is the co-author with Eric R. Kingson of the book “Social Security Works!” 

  • Love your dog, keep Fido home

    There is a Sound Off section in today’s Chronicle (Sunday, Nov. 15) in which everyone listed was against having dogs, excluding service animals, in restaurants and I totally agree. There are other places in which dogs also do not belong.

  • Urgent! Help is needed

    It is hard to believe a man who claims the title of president of the United States could spout such nonsense as we have heard in the past few days. First, he said ISIS has been contained. The very next day ISIS launched a major attack in Paris. Then, he said he would make no changes in his approach to the ISIS threat. Now he wants to allow refugees into our country without vetting them.

  • AP slant comes through in stories

    Your front page story in today’s Chronicle (Nov. 22) “Effectiveness of college threat assessment teams is debated” cites a number of specific sources for the story. However, there was a lot of liberty taken in making the case that the writer seems to want to make.
    Examples from the article: “in some case, critics say ... ”; “Supporters of threat assessment teams say ... ” and “Supporters say they believe... .”
    How does a journalist/reporter get away with taking such liberties in reporting news? Where does one draw the line between news and one’s personal view?

  • Stand in solidarity: It’s the right thing

    Over the past four years, millions of people have fled their homes in Syria, running for their lives. In recent months, the steady stream of refugees has been a flood that has swept across Europe.

  • Our changing way of life


    America is at a crossroads where our future will be forever changed either for the better or for worse, depending on your point of view.

    We have a dilemma that we have never faced before. Some want to shut down our borders completely to all immigrants. Some want to only shut out Muslims and some want to leave our immigration laws as they are. There are pros and cons to every side.

  • Rep. Jimmie T. Smith offers his thanks

    This Thanksgiving as our family and friends gather, let us first be thankful to God for all of his grace and to the defenders of our freedom and those who put others first.
    Let us remember those less fortunate, who struggle from day to day and want what all Americans want which is the American dream.
    Finally, I want to thank my family, staff and friends for so much. My ability to help in this community is directly an effect of those who help me help others.
    Jimmie T. Smith,

  • Terrorists attacking our friends

    The Nov. 14 Chronicle reported that over 100 people were killed in terrorist attacks at Paris, France.
    Some reports from others in the media openly wondered why France?
    Could our adversaries have studied the friendship over the years of the United States and France, trying to get to us through them?

  • Time for debate about ISIS threat

    Article V of the NATO treaty states that if any member of NATO is attacked, it should be seen (and responded to) as an attack on all members of NATO. Following the terrorist attack on Paris Friday, French President Francois Hollande is reportedly thinking of invoking it.