• Join in on fun boating event Nov. 12

    You are invited to the Lake Hernando Dragon Boat Festival on Nov. 12 in Hernando.

    This regional, multi-county charitable event will be a fun, team building event that you won’t want to miss.

  • Some people more klunky than others

    Recently, I bought a television for the kitchen shelf. Not being a modern person, I was amazed at how thin this Vizio is, wondering how so much stuff could be crammed inside to produce an amazingly clear picture.

    I also have a very skinny Toshiba laptop computer, but this is where my modernization stops. The wires and black boxes that hook up and operate phones, Internet, and cable TV are a confusing mass which I try to conceal behind a more attractive mass.

  • Not aligned with Obama’s thinking

    In 1962 President Kennedy made a comment very similar to this: “If one missile fired from Cuba lands on American soil, the United States will respond with a full nuclear retaliatory strike against the Soviet Union.” That took courage.

    A few years later President Reagan walked up to a podium in Berlin and made a comment very similar to this: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” That took vision.

  • Priorities askew; tax dollars wasted

    I cannot believe the decision-making process of choosing roads that need paving. The amount of roads in Citrus Springs being paved with no homes on them has me about to hurl. These are vacant lots with little in property tax value. 

    When I built my house in 1990, I had to purchase building permits and pay an impact fee, and when the house was completed, the county increased my property tax. Why did I have to pay an impact fee? What am I getting in return after 26 years of driving on a gravel, patched roads? 

  • Why do you live in Citrus County?

    As the chairman of the board of CareerSource stated in last Sunday’s Chronicle: We are a primarily retirement/service based community ... that is because most of us chose to retire in a quite rural nature coastal area of Florida rather than a New Port Richey environment. If you want four lanes today growing to eight lanes 20 years from now ... you do not have to wait 20 years. Just move to any major metro area in Florida and you got it now.

  • Thanks for Pine Ridge Auto Show

    FOCCAS (Friends of Citrus County Animal Services) would like to thank the many individuals and businesses who made this show happen. We couldn’t have asked for a better day for the April 9 auto show. The Pine Ridge Community/Equestrian Center graciously hosted the event on their beautiful grounds. Stu Barnette, Steve Levreault and Thomas Maslanka organized everything and made it happen. The Pine Ridge Auto Show was a success, and the unwanted/abandoned pets of Citrus County are the beneficiaries. 

  • Bathroom law ridiculous

    The so-called North Carolina “Bathroom Law” is so ridiculous! It is mind blowing! I grew up with bathroom segregation by race. Are we really going backward with tolerance toward our fellow man or woman?

    It is just as stupid as some of the outdated laws which have thankfully been eliminated. If a person has a legal gender change, then he or she is legally that gender. Who cares?

  • Buckle up when driving
  • Tax dollars for roads need scrutiny

    There has been much discussion regarding funding for roadway paving in Citrus County. The Chronicle today had a long editorial basically saying we pay now or later. They did identify various past expenditures that have the citizens suspicious of the motives of present and past county commissions. One of the most glaring was the purchase and related costs for Ottawa. The problem is that these issues are water over the dam and we cannot change them no matter how wrong they may have been.

  • Agrees with Trump being top choice

    I am past 92 years old, and I agree with Brad L. Block (April 15) that “Trump is still tops in my estimation.” The media, the reporters, the talkative judgmental women on TV news leave me questioning the intelligence of most (not all) of the human race involved in politics.