• Taxpayers to be left holding bag for roads

    Just where the Suncoast is to end in Citrus County is a topic unto itself, or so states the anonymous Chronicle editorial.

    Yes, that is true, but it overstates the question. The question should be, just where the Suncoast is to end is a topic unto itself. Until the I-75 alignment is decided, the answer should be that it should not be extended at all.

  • Thank you for attention to topic

    Thank you, (Joanie Welch), for your letter and making me look into the following “here are some of the diseases you can get from non-human creatures”: 

    Hookworm, rabies and amp; roundworm and the following can cause diarrhea, nausea, and infections especially in young children and people with low immune systems: brucellosis, cryplosporidisos, pasteurellois ( from scratches or nips), and even MRSA and salmonella.

  • Change speed limit and policing on 486

    I am a business owner in Citrus County and drive to and from Hernando, via the County Road 486 (Norvell Bryant) daily. And daily, it is a harrowing experience! Part of the problem is the 45 mph speed limit. It doesn’t seem appropriate (55 would be reasonable, 50 a compromise). But mainly it is because people seem to have a self-centered approach to going as fast as they want, by any means necessary, and are doing so consequence-free.

  • West Point altered by Washington, D.C.

    The spirits of Robert E. Lee, MacArthur and Patton must be screaming from their graves. Hopefully, the vice president of the United States’ commencement address (Sunday Chronicle, May 22) at West Point didn’t reflect the core values of the Corps of Cadets. The West Point legacy for producing warriors, leaders and commanders appears to have been altered by the powers in Washington, D.C., to become a prep school for the politically correct.

    Greg Jagodinsky

  • New laws turning nation on its head
  • Why are wages so low in Florida?

    Medicare considers all wages earned when folks retire and your monthly retirement check is calculated using your working history of wages. If Florida is allowed to pay lower wages because it is a retirement state, is Florida creating its own “welfare retirees” when the young stay and work here?

    Arizona and California also are states where retirees migrate, but their wages are much higher. So, how can Florida pay so little?

  • We are held to a hight standard

    Admittedly, I spend more time reading my Bible than using my iPhone or computer.  

    Now, my opinion on today’s story about LGBT issues. In Leviticus 18, God goes into great detail explaining to Moses “Laws on immoral relations.”  

    In Romans 1, verses 18-32, Paul writes about “unbelief and its consequences.”  

  • Accomplishments a bit of a stretch

    I read Scott Adams “Re-election Case to Voters” in the May 21 Citrus County Chronicle. I wish Mr. Adams luck in winning another term.

  • Leaders, stick to convictions

    I am writing regarding the article in The Sunday Chronicle concerning the  Citrus County Visitors Bureau decision to market Crystal River in LGBT publications.  I found it very interesting that both Mr. Adam Thomas and  Commissioner Ron Kitchen implied that they could have personal objections to  the LGBT lifestyle, but they had laid those possible objections aside in  order to attract tourist dollars to Citrus County. 

  • Thank you, Millie, for a job well done

    This is a shout-out to Ms. Millie Bresnahan, retiring manager of the Crystal River Mall.

    She has done a remarkable job keeping that facility up and running in spite of losing three of the four anchor stores and countless smaller businesses along the way.