• Monumental failure
  • Surprised by choice of discourse

    Re: Harry Cooper’s “No defense for Obama’s performance,” letter to editor, Chronicle, Nov. 23: Harry Cooper enjoys intercourse with liberals? Preposterous, I thought, but that’s what is written under his byline: “…   I love discussions about Obama with liberals.”

    Harry also has a lot to say about illegal aliens; nothing good, all bad.

  • Thanks for help with festival

    Everyone working at the city of Inverness wants to take a moment to recognize and thank the Chronicle for the coverage provided in support of the Farm City Festival that took place Nov. 15 at Liberty Park in Inverness. This was a very important event for Citrus County. The program was conducted at a prime location and brought together the agricultural communities of Hernando and Citrus counties and did so in a big way.

  • Thanks for supporting King’s Bay

    Dear heroes: Thank you for braving the cold weather on Wednesday, Nov. 19, and helping us build “cages for shading.”

    Your hard work and persistence were critical in the Florida Springs Institute’s construction and launching of more cages for its research project. This phytoremediation research project should hopefully provide a natural solution to improving water clarity for Kings Bay by shading out harmful algae growth.

  • Don’t subsidize pet ownership

    Irresponsible pet owners have caused an overpopulation of unwanted animals in Citrus County. The way to solve this problem is to dispose of these abandoned pets, or raise the money for a pet shelter solely through pet license fees. It is not the responsibility of the general public to subsidize pet ownership.

  • Run county like a business

    It was great to see recommendations being made at yesterday’s Board of County Commissioners meeting that I had made to all of the commissioners over the past two years.

  • Reach out to next generation

    First, let me congratulate you on the marvelous job you and your people do in presenting the news. I love reading the news, and I envision how carefully you have to pick and choose your words.

    It’s like catching a fish for the frying pan and making the fish like it. Sometimes I wonder if the people in this area are smart enough to know good from bad. 

  • Disrespect of veterans

    On Tuesday, Nov. 11, at the Veterans Day Parade, an individual with an army vehicle that had a gun mounted on the top of the cab was observed and heard operating this gun in the parking lot before the parade. The gun sounded like an automatic weapon — not sure if it was using blanks or some other method. 

  • Stronger measures needed

    I was once again saddened by the recent Chronicle article about the more than 123 cats held captive and abandoned in Floral City. The perpetrators left the cats with little food, no water or human contact in disgraceful conditions for an extended period of time. Actions such these are called misdemeanors, but should be classified as a more severe crime.

  • Let them handle their own wars