• Gum Street issue not county’s to fix

    Re: Patch Patrick July 19 letter. 

    Your letter contains a number of inaccuracies and is otherwise iniquitous on a number of levels.    

    You accuse the Citrus County Commissioners about being neglectful about the conditions of Gum Street; while also making allegations about the commissioners’ salaries with regard to a private road.

  • County gas tax needs addressing

    On Monday July 17 your paper had an article that gas prices will be going up slightly. Immediately gas went from $2.01 to $2.09 a gallon to $2.15 to $2.25.  

  • County neglects road maintenance

    Coming back home recently on Gum Street at about 9:30 a.m. after an early morning grocery trip, I came upon a middle-aged woman standing next to her car which was mired up past its axles in a pit of sugar sand. While I stopped to await the road to clear, I chatted with her about the dilemma.   

    That was when I learned that tow trucks were charging $125 a pull-out from pits on our wretched road less than a mile outside of the city limits of Crystal River.

  • Recycling needed in Citrus County
  • Lead us not into temptation

    Would you pay $1 million for what a bag of groceries or general merchandise represents? If you were the owner of a large supermarket or discount chain you just might. It all has to do with temptation.

    It is only human nature for both store owners and their employees to be careless, lazy, indifferent and forgetful. It seeds the ground for being tempted. When it comes to merchandise, it results in items being be priced incorrectly, illegibly or not at all. 

  • Trump undoing US’ world leadership

    Can President Trump rip Barack Obama’s legacy from the pages of history? That’s an excellent question, don’t you think? 

  • Thoughts on health care

    Do you own a pet? Are you “satisfied” with the Medical care available for your pet?

    “Satisfied “should include costs and choices versus results.

    Compared to your answers regarding your pet, how do you feel about your own personal medical choices, costs and results?

    The former is still a customer based market , and although the pet does not decide, you, as his advocate, does.

  • Treat Trump with respect for his office

    Taking the advice of Purvis Hunt, I reread my letter, dated July 4. In fact, I reread it several times, as well as my “past politically focused letters.” I appreciate the time spent dissecting and determining my personal thoughts, aggravations, and responses to the daily flow of hate-filled letters printed with regard to President Trump.

  • An open letter to the Senate
  • Public education: building futures

    Teachers are a special group of people who act as parent and elder. I am proud to say I become a teacher five years ago due in large part to the great teachers and coaches I had while attending Citrus Springs Middle and Lecanto High School in the late 90s through the middle 2000s. When I talk to my colleagues about teaching, the consensus is students inspire and challenge us, and we thrive shining a positive light for them in their darkest times.