• Floridians, be silent no more

    Most scientists and scientific organizations (including NASA) acknowledged the existence of man-made climate change, while Ted Cruz denies the facts. If Ted Cruz is going to represent Florida, and our country, he has to realize we don’t those who ignore facts.

  • CRA tax appeal confusing mess

    I have been reading a lot about Citrus Memorial Hospital in Inverness. Seems like the city of Inverness has created a special district and this included the hospital. By doing this Inverness now has the ability to tax the hospital and is attempting to do so.

  • Allow manatees to keep their ‘wildness’

    It is the utmost pleasure and privilege to own a home on the nature coast in Crystal River Florida. Every day, one can witness the beauty of wildlife in its unique forms ... be it, birds, reptiles, fish or mammals. On spot, a special mammal, the manatee.

  • Friends thankful for library friends

    The Friends of the Homosassa Library wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our community for the unprecedented donations to replace our books lost in the fire at Carol’s Interiors and Floors in December.

  • In defense of Sugarmill Woods

    After reading a couple of Sound Off comments about Sugarmill Woods complaining all the time it might be interesting to consider some facts about this great community that lives in this sometime forgotten “corner of the county.”

    First fact: Sugarmill Woods does have wildlife in our quiet corner of the county. Turkeys, buzzards, eagles, bobcats, deer, coyotes, bears and panthers have been sighted in our community. That is not a complaint; we love our wildlife.

  • Electing a President — the American way

    I wonder why we are the only country in the world where it takes two years to elect a president. Billions of dollars are spent in the process. The media frenzy overwhelms us with endless debates, polls, controversies and opinions. 

    The candidates bash each other mercilessly. Then, when it’s all over, we spend the next four years complaining about who we elected, and the losing political party retaliates by refusing to work with the political party that won. 

    What a system!

  • Save a life by not texting

    I agree with the gentlemen in last week’s Chronicle concerning texting and talking on the cellphone while driving. Very selfish and inconsiderate of some of these people. Why can’t they wait until they get home or pull off in a parking lot? There are tons of them. I guess they don’t have the intelligence to realize they can seriously hurt themselves and others. 

  • Unnecessary treatment is fraud

    Re: Joe Warner letter in the Jan. 28 Chronicle.

    I agree with him. I have recently come to believe I am being used to commit Medicare fraud and/or insurance fraud.

  • CERT training helped me save a life

    Just would like to express appreciation for the Citizen’s Emergency Response Training Course (CERT) that I attended in which I received training to save a choking victim with the Heimlich maneuver.

  • Solutions based on science, not politics