• The end of America

    Once again Dr. William Dixon (“A government of our own making,” Page C2, Oct. 19) has predicted the end of the United States because of liberals, progressives and that the majority of us who did not vote the way he thinks we should have.

    OK. His opinion. Not a fact.

  • Thanks for help with bike ride
  • Vote for Dennis Seibert

    Experience and financial conservatism are important responsibilities of the Homosassa water commissioner. After serving for 24 years, Dennis has shown leadership with his sound judgment and experience. He has a keen sense of fiscal responsibility in his official acts as Homosassa water commissioner.

    Re-elect Dennis Seibert to the Homosassa Special Water District board, Seat 2.

    Robert Jeeves

  • Support Lyn for judge

    Of all the offices up for re-election this year, one race has not garnered the attention it really deserves. That is the race for the 5th Circuit Court judge. This is a very important position in Citrus County, and I think Denise Dymond Lyn is our best choice. Not just because She is an attorney practicing in Inverness, but for a variety of reasons. She is a U.S. Air Force veteran, earning a Commendation Medal while serving her country.

  • Low hopes for highest office
  • Liberals say the darndest things

    A recent letter protests that Henry Ford was a socialist because he paid his workers more than other auto manufacturers.

    Actually, paying assembly line workers enough money to afford the cars they were building engendered worker loyalty, which reduced absenteeism, workplace drunkenness and shoddy workmanship, which increased production, the quality of his cars and as a result, his profits.

  • Those darn ads!

    Count me as among those who find all those negative political ads — no matter about whom or from whom — to be a waste of time and disgrace to the basic principles of honesty, civility and democracy.

  • Take executive order one step further

    Thank you for the Oct. 7 letter by local resident, Suzan Franks, former state representative of New Hampshire, and her story about her very noble legislation — HB 92 for permanently disabled veterans being exempted from the requirement of reestablishing their disability status for the N.H. Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Choose between Mayberry and Manhattan

    Citrus County officials made a huge mistake by granting a permit for the “Great Florida Yard Sale.”

  • Right to be cynical about Gulf Wars

    Do you ever wonder why the military of a given country always need more training when the rebels, terrorists, separatists, jihadists, (take your pick) are seemingly battlefield ready almost immediately, even those coming from cities in the West?