• Looking for fulfilled promises

    With the election process over and two newly elected commissioners seated on the Board of County Commissioners, the hard work begins. We have heard during the election campaign that the newly elected have a plan to cut taxes and do away with the Fire MSBU.

  • Should have shown respect

    I would like to thank all who participated, Chris Gregoriou, Crystal River Mayor Bob Plaisted and the city of Inverness for once again hosting the Veterans Day Parade and the 11th-Hour service. As always, they did a fantastic job and the turnout was impressive. As the flags waved, the bands played and veterans young and old who have served at some point over the last 70 years marched by, there was definitely a sense of patriotism and pride. 

  • For shelter, seek better answers

    There appears to be a belief among politicians that supporters will always be there regardless how they act or vote. Personally I believe this falls in the realm of fantasy that most elected officials seem to live in.

  • Give it up, already

    It appears the Chronicle is having a hard time getting over Charlie Crist losing the governor’s race. In today’s paper (Nov. 9) they ran an Associated Press article bemoaning if only more Latinos and blacks in Miami-Dade County communities had came out and voted, Charlie would have won. 

  • Action, not thought, needed when challenged

    I read with great interest Cortney Stewart’s guest column “Thought, not might, needed in the Middle East.” 

  • Sticker shock at the water tap

    I just received my water bill for Dunnellon irrigation water, with an outrageous increase. Evidently they are not aware of the law of diminishing returns.

    Here is how I see it: First they add a 25 percent surcharge to help pay off the debt for Greenlight, the ill-conceived idea that if one invests in anything electronic it will automatically make a huge profit. I guess they didn’t realize Dunnellon is not Silicone Valley.

  • The big rip-off

    Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to the author’s elected federal officials.

  • No defense for Obama’s performance

    The Chronicle recently ran a letter that was usual commentary from liberals. I am a conservative – an American, and I love discussions about Obama with liberals. No matter how intelligent they think they are, they invariable run long on slogans and emotions, yet woefully short on facts.

  • Interesting phenomenon
  • Black Diamond shines in car show

    Just want to say Citrus County is on the right track thanks to the folks at Black Diamond Ranch. They held the first real car show in our county and it was great. About 200 cars were present, and what a selection of cars.