• I support Brian Coleman


    After attending the Chronicle’s forum on October 17, my belief was reconfirmed that Brian Coleman is absolutely the best candidate for Citrus County Commission District 5.

    Much has been written about Brian’s history as a dedicated police officer and his continuing service in our military. But it is the philosophies that he gained through those positions that will guide how he will serve as a commissioner.

  • I will vote for Mike Prendergast


    It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm; I would like to share my support  for Mike Prendergast.

    I’ve known retired Army Col. Mike Prendergast for a few years. I met Mike in Tallahassee as he was the executive director of the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs. Though I am not a veteran, I am a deputy sheriff. I know Mike will make a great sheriff for our community.

  • Vote yes for Amendment 2

    If approved by 60 percent of the voters, those of us with cancer, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, AIDS, Crohn’s, PTSD, glaucoma and other similar severe ailments, will finally have a choice of a better medicine. It’s also nontoxic, non-addictive, plant based and affordable. Big pharma drugs are up 85 percent over the past three years.

  • Donald Trump is no choir boy

    In regards to recent distractions in the presidential race, I believe I may offer some insight to the rhetoric.

    As a bar/restaurant owner three times over 30 years, I can tell you I have spent many nights bartending. I can also tell you that a good bartender is a poor man’s psychotherapist. An ear to lean on. And it comes from every walk of life. Every race, every gender, every religion, etc. 

  • Chronicle should endorse candidate

    Two weeks ago, the Citrus County Chronicle’s publisher, Gerry Mulligan, wrote in his weekly column the newspaper’s editorial board would make no endorsements for the presidential campaign. He cited no reason for the decision, save for the unwritten fear of retribution from our homegrown alt-right.

    The Chronicle has abdicated its responsibility to educate and inform.

  • Don’t be fooled by the utility monopoly

    Mr. Sprott defends the utility backed amendment using the monopoly utilities made up con language where they try to trick voters into thinking that solar users cost non-solar users money. But that’s false; the studies that have been done by public service utility commissions and organizations like the Brookings Institute refute that in study after study showing in fact that rooftop solar users save every one money. Why? because they help provide energy during peak times and help reduce the need for super expensive new power plants.

  • Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary No. 158


     It has come to my attention that a lot of our citizens, mostly the younger generation, do not know what the abbreviated DAV or DAVA stands for. 

    I would like to take this opportunity to enlighten them.  Disabled American Veterans, the veterans who served our country and were wounded and not always a visual wound. 

    “A” is for Auxiliary men, women and children our motto: Serving to Serve our Veterans and their Families. 

  • How the presidential candidates stand on the issues


    Thought this list I found might be of interest. We all know that promises made before an election are not always reached, but ideas that are ignored, debased or plans not made will definably not be accomplished.

    Tax Cut:

    Clinton: Lower for middle class

    Johnson: Lower tax for the rich    

    Trump:   Lower tax for the rich

    Wall Street regulation:

  • Please, take a stand

    Gerry Mulligan: Your announcement in Sunday’s Out the Window column that the Chronicle will not endorse a candidate in this year’s presidential election is an abdication of your moral responsibility to the public. 

    It appears that you are playing both sides against the middle to avoid angering readers who support the candidate who does not get your endorsement. When is the last time the Chronicle did not endorse a candidate in a presidential election?

  • Vote yes on solar amendment

    On Oct. 2, an article appeared in the Chronicle by Kate Betsko recommending a no vote on solar Amendment 1. Then on Oct. 11, Whitney Markle wrote a nearly identical opinion recommending a no vote on solar Amendment 1.