• Smith is simply wrong on impact fees

    Well, today the Chronicle had another Jimmie T. Smith tirade about impact fees and his delusional viewpoint. His writers must be getting desperate. He now claims that the impact fees keep low-

    income people from buying homes — really. We have many low-income people in this county, and a good number work in the building industry. He claims the fee could affect their ability to make the monthly payment, get a mortgage or pay more in interest. That is the reality of purchasing a home that we all deal with.

  • Don’t try to fool us with mailers

    First, I would like to thank the Chronicle for the informative and entertaining newspaper you send out daily.

    I have received today, in the mail, a nice, glossy ,expensive card showing the fearful results of impact fees. Obviously there is some substantial money behind the “Citrus Blue Collar Conservatives,” which is a nice name for a group of corporate welfare recipients.

  • Seven Rivers delivered a great experience

    I read with interest your recent articles on Citrus Memorial Hospital’s planned orthopedic surgery center.

    Recently, following my 72nd birthday, I found myself in need of a hip replacement. Dr. Andrew Petrella, my physician, scheduled my surgery at Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center, where he stated they had an orthopedic surgery center dedicated to hip and knee surgeries. I entered the hospital on Monday for my surgery and that evening I was walking with the aid of a walker.

  • Donations keep coming for animal shelter

    Shelter Me Citrus (SMC) says thank you to over 200 individuals who have donated to the initiative to raise construction costs for a “new” Citrus County Animal Shelter. Agreeably, there are several issues within the animal advocacy community relative to policies at the Shelter. 

  • Standing your ground on the death penalty

    I was a police officer.

    I served many years in a major metropolitan police department in Florida.

    I was awarded scholarship monies from the federal law enforcement organizations which allowed me to attend university and earn a bachelor and a master’s degree in criminology and corrections at the School of Criminal Justice at Florida State University.

  • Impact fee is a left-wing scam

    The impact fee is just another left-wing government scam to punish people. Why else would you only charge your impact tax on newly constructed dwellings, but to punish people for wanting to live in our county?

  • Injustice of Irish immigration policy

    Another St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. Lost in the debate by the advocates of an “open border” policy are the tens of thousands of Irish “illegals” living in the United States.

    The bogus anti-Allied antics of Eamon de Valera, the Irish leader for most of the 20th century, was directly responsible for the Irish being unjustly labeled as Nazi sympathizers during World War II.

  • Thank you for helping us

    I would like the community to know how kind it was of two businesses to help raise money for our non-profit group, Precious Paws Rescue.

    Apopka Marine in Inverness and Homosassa Marine held boat shows on seperate dates and allowed our group to have a donation table at their events. Through their generosity and the kind hearts of their customers, we were able to raise money to help abandoned animals find forever homes.

  • Mopar club thanks all who helped out

    The Citrus Mopar Car Club would like to thank all those who made our eighth annual All-Mopar show a great success.

  • A tsunami of chaos and instability

    On March 4, President Donald Trump, offering no evidence, said Obama tapped his phones. On March 5, FBI Director James Comey asked the Justice Department to reject Trump’s wiretapping claim. On March 7, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed Trump retains confidence in Comey, the man he implicitly accused of betrayal.