Daily Editorials

  • Time to act on panel’s suggestions

    THE ISSUE: Controls at Three Sisters.

    OUR OPINION: Expedite workable recommendations.

    In December of 2013, a committee was formed for the express purpose of recommending options for managing the waters in and around Three Sisters Springs. More accurately, the recommendations are intended to manage human activity in and around the popular water body.

  • A proud Marine and a model citizen

    THE ISSUE: Ted Archambault.

    OUR OPINION: A true American patriot.

    A survivor of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and a veteran of the World War II Pacific campaign, Ted Archambault of Sugarmill Woods was a proud Marine. 

  • Giving is fashionable

    THE ISSUE: Habitat for Humanity puts out call for clothing donations.

    OUR OPINION: Call for donations a reminder that everyone has something to give.

    You may not want those old clothes anymore, but don’t throw them away — we guarantee someone else does.

  • County will have to sell voters on 1-cent tax

    THE ISSUE: County commission votes to put road resurfacing sales tax on fall ballot.
    OUR OPINION: Without a strong defense by the county, voters will reject measure.

    Everybody agrees that some of the neighborhood roads in Citrus County are in serious need of resurfacing, with potholes, rough patches, and in some areas asphalt so deteriorated that the weeds growing through it need to be mowed.

  • Take necessary precautions while boating

    THE ISSUE: Boating can be dangerous.

    OUR OPINION: Be prepared.

    With the mercury rising, recreational boating is at its zenith.

    As vessels flood the local waterways, accidents happen, and Citrus County has had its fair share of nautical mishaps.

  • County/EDC should take lead role in vets facility

    THE ISSUE: A Veterans’ Village assisted living facility.
    OUR OPINION: An idea whose time has come.

    Citrus County would be the perfect place for an assisted living facility designed specifically for veterans.

    The 5th Congressional District, of which Citrus is a part, is home to one of the largest veteran populations in the entire United States. 

  • Keep your pets out of hot cars

    THE ISSUE: Leaving pets in vehicles.

    OUR OPINION: Don’t take the chance.

    Leaving your pet in your car while you run errands may be convenient, but as two local people found out recently, it is also illegal.

    Charges of animal cruelty aside, leaving a pet in a vehicle can kill it.

  • Fight against fertilizers gets a light watering

    THE ISSUE: Model fertilizer ordinance shows some teeth.

    OUR OPINION: Progress is promising, but the county’s still teething.

    In most parts of Florida, fertilizer is fertile ground.

  • Patient can be more active in care through online portals

    THE ISSUE: New way for patients to access their health information. 

    OUR OPINION: A good use of technology, with the proper safeguards.

    The Chronicle carried a recent front-page story headlined “Hospitals create patient portals.” Although you may not have heard the term before, we guarantee you’ll be hearing it more in the future.

  • Peroxide experiment a washout

    THE ISSUE: Peroxide experiment in King’s Bay.

    OUR OPINION: Back to the drawing board.

    The most recent experiment in the battle against Lyngbya algae in King’s Bay was a dud.

    However, as scientists can attest, the process of elimination has merit.