Daily Editorials

  • Some lawmakers are on the payroll of lobbying firms

    THE ISSUE: State lawmakers working for lobbyists.

    OUR OPINION: Even if it’s currently legal, it certainly doesn’t pass the smell test.

  • Push for progress at Three Sisters

    THE ISSUE: The future of Three Sisters.

    OUR OPINION: Time to start the work.

    It is time for things to start moving again at Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River.

    The 57-acre national wildlife refuge was purchased by the public four years ago and is now open to visitors.

  • Regrettable episode for everyone concerned

    THE ISSUE: AES board fires Balfour.

    OUR OPINION: There are no winners.

    The expression “perception is in the eye of the beholder” is frequently used to describe the age-old double standard in the way people perceive themselves versus others.

  • Shuttle could be a win-win


    City-to-city shuttle.


    Concept has potential.

    An express shuttle running between Crystal River and Inverness could provide just the vehicle to enhance the Citrus County tourism experience.

  • County addresses permitting problems


    County commission chair urges permitting improvements.


    County needs to understand the customer’s point of view.

    County commission chair Scott Carnahan has told business leaders the county’s permitting personnel need to adopt a more positive attitude and better understand customer needs.

  • Inmates training dogs for adoption works for all

    THE ISSUE: Pooches with a purpose.

    OUR OPINION: Program works for all involved.

    Prisons around the country have been pairing animal shelter dogs with inmates since 1981.

    Recently, the Citrus County Detention Facility and Citrus County Animal Shelter initiated a similar program giving inmates a chance to train abandoned dogs for adoption.

  • Work together to solve school road problem

    THE ISSUE: Emergency evacuation exit for Roger Weaver Educational Complex in Lecanto.

    OUR OPINION: County, school district should find solution working together.

    Educational Path, the twisting access road into Roger Weaver Educational Complex in Lecanto, is a nightmare.

  • Fees aimed at paddlecraft don't make sense

    THE ISSUE: Proposal to impose registration fees for kayas, canoes and paddleboards.

    OUR OPINION: It’s all about the money.

    We have another candidate for the Department of Dumb Ideas: licensing kayaks, canoes and paddleboards, the same way motorized boats are licensed.

    Actually, it’s just a tax. This idea is all about the money.

  • Be forever thankful for their sacrifices


    Twelfth Annual Purple Heart Ceremony.


    A time for remembering and honoring.


    “Hold deep inside a fervent pride for all who gave, the brave who died.

    "True patriots, they faced their call to keep our nation strong for all.”

    — by Roger Robicheau

  • Solutions coming for Hunter Springs kayak launch


    Changes needed at kayak launch.


     Good to see some progress.

    It’s good to see that government agencies and business leaders are paying attention to the needed fixes at the Hunter Springs kayak launch.