Daily Editorials

  • Avoiding choice on impact fees unacceptable

    THE ISSUE: County commission extends impact fee moratorium four months.

    OUR OPINION: Kicking the can down the road one more time.

    Two years ago, the county commission put a two-year moratorium on impact fees, with the provision they would reinstate if no action was taken to amend or cancel them.

  • In end, safety trumps quibbles over spending

    THE ISSUE: Sheriff’s spending habits.

    OUR OPINION: Leaders present and future would do well to take lesson from Dawsy’s tenure.

    Over the years, the sheriff’s budgets have received a lot of criticism on this page — both from readers and from this editorial board.

  • Dementia patients should have separate Baker Act process

    THE ISSUE: Seeking a more dementia-friendly Baker Act.

    OUR OPINION: Idea deserves community support.

    Dementia advocates Debbie Selsavage and Ed Youngblood would like to see Citrus County become a test case for providing dementia-friendly Baker Act process for people with dementia.

    We heartily support the idea and would like to see the community and government leaders from this area get behind it.

  • Volunteers have real impact


    Harnessing energy of retirees.


    Volunteer-power can change the world.

    Mixed in with the good, bad, uplifting, depressing and entertaining news in the Citrus County Chronicle on the week of Nov. 20 to 26 were these headlines:

    Sunday, Nov. 20: “Be extra cautious during holidays,” a guest column about the Seniors vs. Crime volunteer program.

  • A day that changed our world


    75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack.


    An event that changed our nation and the world.

    On a quiet December morning 75 years ago, events on Ohau Island in Hawaii led to changes that profoundly affected America and the world.

  • Register now for new emergency notification system

    THE ISSUE: New system coming to replace Code Red. 

    OUR OPINION: Everyone with a phone or email should register ASAP.

    It’s not easy “getting the word out” — just ask anyone who has tried. Generally, it’s a matter of letting folks know about an activity, a program or a product. But for the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), it could be a major public safety issue, a matter of life and death.

  • County utility does its part to conserve our water

    THE ISSUE: Citrus County Utilities recognized by EPA.

    OUR OPINION: County’s small utility makes big splash.

    In an appeal to conserve water for the sake of future generations, the late A.P. J. Abdul Kalam, a career scientist who became the 11th president of India, portrayed a world where water is more precious than gold or diamonds in his apocalyptic “Letter from 2070.” 

  • Impact fees: Who should pay for growth?

    THE ISSUE: Commissioner Smith and impact fees.

    OUR OPINION: A weak argument.

    Newly elected county commissioner Jimmie T. Smith made it very public last weekend in a guest column published in the Chronicle that he is opposed to restoring impact fees in Citrus County.

  • Three months later, cleanup continues


    Hurricane Hermine clean up continues.


    More urgency needed.

    When the surging flood waters from Hurricane Hermine soaked the west side of Citrus County at the end of August, they showed no mercy for those living in coastal areas.

    The waters just rushed through and caused millions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses that were constructed prior to 1993.

  • Florida faces bleak water future without intervention

    THE ISSUE: Water 2070 report shows impact sprawl will have on Florida’s water.

    OUR OPINION: Call to action should happen now.

    Smart-growth advocacy group 1000 Friends of Florida last month issued its Water 2070 report, which paints a bleak future for Florida if nothing is done to stem sprawl.