Daily Editorials

  • Ship will help anchor downtown

    THE ISSUE: Crystal River Main Street.

    OUR OPINION: Thinking outside the box.

    The oft-said expression that “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” purports that no matter how hard one may try, something good can’t be made out of something naturally bad.

  • Even with arrests, don’t let guard down

    THE ISSUE: Burglary and murder suspects arrested

    OUR OPINION: Kudos to law enforcement

    When we close the doors and leave our home in the morning, we reasonably expect to return later that day to find it exactly as we left it. Finding our home ransacked and valuables stolen is both a financial and emotional shock, with the emotional scars often being more long lasting than the financial ones.

  • Golden Scholars shine bright

    THE ISSUE: Golden Citrus Scholar awards.

    OUR OPINION: School district turning out top academic achievers.

    Those cynics who bark about the future of our country can press mute.

  • Our economic morass won’t fix itself

     THE ISSUE: Businesses still complain about lack of talent and support in Citrus County.

  • Logical input needed for parkway route

    THE ISSUE:The extension of the Suncoast Parkway. 

    OUR OPINION:Make a decision now.

    Sometimes politicians can make a simple question appear to be much more complex than it is.

  • Rocky road to finally receive its attention

    THE ISSUE: North Citrus Springs Boulevard resurfacing.

    OUR OPINION: Long overdue.

    Government can move excruciatingly slow at times.

    As an example, long-awaited resurfacing of North Citrus Springs Boulevard took a major step forward recently, which is good news. The problem is the project should have been completed years earlier.

  • Bear hunt back for consideration

    THE ISSUE: Black bear hunt.

    OUR OPINION: Weigh necessity, options.

    Citing a growing population and a desire to curb dangerous interactions with humans, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) last year approved the first bear hunt since the 1970s. 

  • Action needed on Forest Ridge Sidewalk

    THE ISSUE:New sidewalks along Forest Ridge planned. …eventually.

    OUR OPINION:Students and seniors need safe routes sooner rather than later

  • Consider reinstating impact fees

    THE ISSUE: Moratorium on collection of impact fees.

    OUR OPINION: It’s time to revisit impact fee suspensions.

  • Ever more bumpy roads lie ahead

    THE ISSUE: County’s deteriorating residential roads.
    OUR OPINION: Kicking the can down the road not an option.
    The construction and maintenance of a road infrastructure that affords safe and efficient travel is a core function of local government.
    From an engineering standpoint, the life cycle of a road is approximately 25 years. However, with the county’s 12 cents per gallon gas tax only able to support $3 million annually for resurfacing, it would take 100 years or longer to resurface every residential road in the county.