Daily Editorials

  • Duke settlement creates budget stability

    By the Chroncile Editorial Board

    THE ISSUE: Duke rate settlement.

    OUR OPINION: Settlement creates budget stability for county.

    Property Appraiser Les Cook’s decision to settle the Duke property tax case ends costly litigation and creates budget stability for the county going forward. 

  • Parade a long-deserved welcome home

    By the Chronicle Editorial Board

    THE ISSUE: Parade honoring Vietnam veterans.

    OUR OPINION: A long awaited thank-you.

  • Student care pact makes logical sense

    By the Chronicle Editorial Board

    THE ISSUE: YMCA partners with school district to provide student care.

    OUR OPINION: Partnership could mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  • Gas plant could go in Citrus enterprise zone

    THE ISSUE: Duke may locate new gas plant in Citrus County Enterprise Zone.

    OUR OPINION: Could be a win/win situation for the company and county.

    The new Duke Energy natural gas-fueled plant could be the first development in Citrus County’s Enterprise Zone that runs a little over 9 square miles around the Cross Florida Barge Canal.

  • New ethics reform bills miss target

    THE ISSUE: Friends groups caught in ethics reform movement.

    OUR OPINION: Legislative mistep.

    Two bills moving through the state Legislature this year regarding “friends of” groups are prime examples of out-of-control government interference.

  • Berger left an artist’s mark on our community

    THE ISSUE: Betty Berger.

    OUR VIEW: One person does make a difference.

    At 95 years old, Betty Berger was still painting and traveling to art shows all over the north central Florida area.

    She would unpack her own car, set up her paintings and spend the day interacting with art lovers.

    Berger was 96 when she passed away last weekend.

  • Commission should have self-hauled waste study

    THE ISSUE: County commission votes to pay consultancy firm $92,825 to analyze landfill operations and help develop solid waste management strategic plan.
    OUR OPINION: The plan is necessary; the cost isn’t.

    You have to give the county commissioners this: They thought long and hard before deciding to dispense with nearly $100,000.

  • Help stop the cycle of abuse

    THE ISSUE: April marks Children’s Month.
    OUR OPINION: Raising awareness key to stopping cycle of abuse.

    What was once Week of the Young Child and National Child Abuse Prevention month has become Children’s Month in Citrus County.

    Organizers of the month-long effort to raise awareness about child abuse have set a number of events to further their cause, from health and safety expos to arts and crafts to family fun days.

  • Pipeline company should address cemetery concerns

    THE ISSUE: Proposed natural gas pipeline could go through private cemetery.
    OUR OPINION: Work out a plan to adjust the route or move the graves.

    Every major infrastructure project, from new highways to large power lines to pipelines, has an environmental impact and can also have social impacts in communities through which the project runs.

  • Bridge to Three Sisters Springs on fast track

    THE ISSUE: Federal grant helps propel the bridge project forward.
    OUR OPINION: Keep the momentum going — get the property open ASAP.

    Nearly four years ago, a massive, coordinated effort put the Three Sisters Springs property in Crystal River into public hands. However, since then, members of the public have had landside access to it only sporadically, generally during special open house events tied to other celebrations.