Daily Editorials

  • Voters should have broader primary voice

    THE ISSUE: Florida’s primary elections.

    OUR OPINION: Current process shuts out many voters.

  • Be aware of alligators in Florida

    THE ISSUE: Two-year-old killed by alligator.

    OUR OPINION: Tragedy can fuel awareness, action. 

    There’s little surprise that a child would wade ankle deep into water at a manmade beach at a Disney resort. On June 14, 2-year-old Lane Graves did just that, with deadly consequences. He was the victim of an alligator attack.

  • County has role in economic development


     EDA and county working together.


    Learn to find common ground.

    Economic development is important to the average taxpayer because — if done correctly — it provides job opportunities to residents and reduces the tax burden to the homeowner.

  • Everyone got it right in Homosassa

    THE ISSUE: Coast Guard hears Homosassans’ plea.

    OUR OPINION: Residents deserve a pat on the back for speaking up, and the Coast Guard for listening.

    The waters off Homosassa may soon be safer — and residents have themselves to thank.

  • Board erred in foregoing rules online

    THE ISSUE: County commission fails to set social media policy.

    OUR OPINION: County taking risk that could cost taxpayers.

    The county commission’s decision June 14 not to create a social- media policy for commissioners could prove one of the board’s costlier mistakes.

  • District continue sustained excellence

    THE ISSUE: Citrus County public school students outperform state.

    OUR OPINION: Citrus among elite school districts.

    The Citrus County’s student performance on standardized testing is often overlooked, yet the district has repeatedly proven to be among the elite in the state.

  • Bachelor courses welcomed


    Bachelor’s degree courses.


     Bringing classes to CF-Citrus meets important need.

    Time never stands still and demands are ever present. Any ability to manage those factors can help in the pursuit and achievement of goals. For busy people, anything to consolidate time and ease demand lowers the hurdles toward success.

  • Obesity is a health challenge to county

    THE ISSUE: Over half of Citrus residents are overweight or obese.

    OUR OPINION: A public and private challenge.

    Citrus County has a weight problem: too much of it.

  • LifeSouth facing emergency blood need

    THE ISSUE: Local blood supplier urgently needs donations.

    OUR OPINION: If you can donate, please do.

    Donors like to know that they are making a difference, and many specify that their donations to be put to work in their own communities. Does this describe you? Then please consider donating blood. There is urgent need right now. 

  • Cities pay extra for law enforcement

    THE ISSUE: Cities contract with sheriff.

    OUR OPINION: Continue to negotiate service and reduce costs.

    The sheriff’s office provides law enforcement services to both Inverness and Crystal River.