Daily Editorials

  • Do your part to keep county's water clean

    THE ISSUE: Citrus County’s annual weeklong celebration of our most treasured resource.

    OUR OPINION: Take advantage of the many activities — and better yet, volunteer to help.

    What a great way to spend a Saturday morning: going outdoors with friends, chatting and getting a little exercise while accomplishing good things for our county. 

  • One rake concept spreads

    THE ISSUE: Homosassa Springs Rotary volunteers clean Lyngbya from Homosassa River.
    OUR OPINION: A good idea is spreading.

    One of the popular phrases of the environmental movement is “think globally, act locally.” This is precisely what about 50 Homosassa Springs Rotarians and other volunteers were doing on a recent Saturday as they cleared Lyngbya from the waters of the Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park.

  • Commission heading in a new direction

    THE ISSUE: Impact of election on county commission.

    OUR OPINION: The will of the voters will bring change.

    With the impending arrival of new board members on the county commission comes philosophical change.

  • Preserve it and they will come

    THE ISSUE: County tourism numbers climb.

    OUR OPINION: Good news and good luck.

    If you think you’re seeing more out-of-state license plates, you’re not imagining things: Last year was a record-setter for the Florida tourism industry, and this year could be one for Citrus County.

  • Long-awaited exchange a win for all

    THE ISSUE: County land swap with Inverness.
    OUR OPINION: Make it a done deal.

    The concept of a business park at the Inverness Airport dates back to 1999 and was included in the 2000 Inverness Airport Master Plan. Furthermore, a 2008 study identified the Inverness Airport as the best location for a business park in Citrus County. 

  • Trails plan means bucks and bikes alike

    THE ISSUE: Citrus County’s trails master plan passes another milestone.
    OUR OPINION: A good step in the right direction.

  • Your vote can shape county, school board direction

    THE ISSUE: Primary Election Day.

    OUR OPINION: Exercise right to vote.

    The right to vote is one of the most powerful acts United States citizens can perform. Each election cycle voters decide who will, on their behalf, represent them at the local, state and national level. It is a big responsibility to learn about the candidates and cast a vote for the one person who best represents your ideals. It is also a duty that should not be shirked.

  • Aside from blip, good to see the dip in taxes

    THE ISSUE: Truth in Millage.
    OUR OPINION: Keep the rates low.

    The Truth in Millage statements went out this week to Citrus County property owners, and there was some good news to dig out of the tax document.

  • Horsemen make county a better place

    THE ISSUE: Impact of equestrians.
    OUR OPINION: Good people doing good things.

    When many think of Citrus County, manatees, scallops, golf or boating come to mind. Those are economic drivers and attract visitors and new residents, for sure.

    Perhaps not so notorious, but of genuine significance, is the allure of Citrus County to equestrians. Not only do many horse lovers find what they’re looking for here, but they are working to elevate the desirability of Citrus County to others who share their passion.

  • Improve roads first before thinking about development

    THE ISSUE: Making improvements to State Road 491.

    OUR OPINION: Get started on something.

    There are two major highways in Citrus County that are in critical need of expansion. One is State Road 491, from the intersection of State Road 44 in Lecanto up to State Road 486 and the new Walmart.

    The second critical need road is U.S. 41 North out of Inverness up to Hernando.