Daily Editorials

  • Commission delays administrator decision

    THE ISSUE: County commissioners delay administrator decision until after primaries.

    OUR OPINION: Administrator should not be a political position.

    In their last meeting, county commissioners delayed the deadline for applications for the county administrator post from Aug. 30 to Sept. 12, putting the close of the application process well after the Aug. 26 primary elections that could reshape the voting majority of the county commission.

  • Negative ads insulting to voters

    THE ISSUE: Kitchen, Carnahan distance themselves from negative ads.

    OUR OPINION: Voters deserve more than posture from potential leaders.

    It’s something we teach our children, one of the basic foundations of everyday etiquette: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

  • Sheldon’s broad experience makes him best choice

    THE ISSUE: Florida’s Democratic Primary for Attorney General.

    OUR OPINION: Vote George Sheldon.

    The Democratic candidates for attorney general have spent an inordinate amount of campaign time focusing on Republican candidate and incumbent Attorney General Pam Bondi, rather than their opponent in the upcoming primary.

    Based on the latest polls, the race between George Sheldon and Perry Thurston is a toss up.

  • Crist most ready to challenge Scott in November

    THE ISSUE: Democratic gubernatorial primary.

    OUR OPINION: Charlie Crist.

    The Democratic gubernatorial primary boils down to one thing — which candidate holds the best chance of unseating Gov. Rick Scott.

    While Nan Rich may give former-Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist a solid run in the primary, she neither has the fundraising ability or crossover appeal Crist does. 

  • Scott most qualified to continue in governor’s race

    THE ISSUE: Republican gubernatorial race.

    OUR OPINION: Rick Scott.

    Gov. Rick Scott has spent the majority of his money and campaign time running against Charlie Crist, virtually ignoring his opponents in the upcoming Republican gubernatorial primary.

  • Background gives Lyn the edge in race

    THE ISSUE: Race for Fifth Judicial Circuit judge.
    OUR OPINION: We endorse Denise Dymond Lyn.

    Turmoil has surrounded the latter part of Judge Sandy Kautz’ six-year term and three opponents have stepped forward to take her job, the primary focus of which is family law.

  • Powers gets our vote for District 5 seat

    THE ISSUE: School board District 5 race.
    OUR OPINION: Powers the better pick.

    Experience, it is said, is the best teacher. In the contest for the District 5 school board seat, we also think it makes for the best candidate.

    The race sees three-term incumbent Linda Powers squaring off against newcomer Donna Fletcher, who has been in the district for decades as both student and employee but is seeking office for the first time.

  • Balfour gets nod in close call for District 4

    THE ISSUE: School board District 4 race.
    OUR OPINION: Balfour’s board experience gives her the nod in close call.

    The district 4 school board race gives the public a choice between two good candidates in incumbent Sandy Balfour and recently retired classroom teacher Beverly Howard.

    Balfour was appointed to the board last summer after former school board member Susan Hale resigned from her post. This election is for a two-year stint to serve out the remainder of Hale’s term.

  • Kennedy proven leader for District 1 seat

    THE ISSUE: School board District 1 race.
    OUR OPINION: Kennedy a proven and enthusiastic leader.

    The District 1 school board race pits incumbent Thomas Kennedy against two challengers.

    Kennedy was elected to the school board four years ago, and currently serves as chairman of the board. Challengers for the position are Dean Morrison, a teacher, and Thomas Corkery, a retired General Motors employee.

  • In District 3 race, Dodd gets the nod

    THE ISSUE: School board District 3 race.
    OUR OPINION: Doug Dodd would best serve students, parents and schools.

    In the race for the District 3 seat on the Citrus County school board, voters are presented with a choice which could hardly be more stark: Discord versus concord and ally versus adversary. Though there are three candidates running, they represent, broadly, two visions of the present and future of Citrus County schools.