Daily Editorials

  • At 60, CMH changing as community needs evolve


    CMH — a landmark in Citrus County’s modern history.


    Continue to work on serving the changing community needs.


  • Road funding needed


    County looking at road funding options.


    New funds needed for resurfacing roads.


    The county has a problem with roads. 

    At current funding levels, county residential roads will get repaved about once a century. 

  • Save a life: Donate blood this week


    LifeSouth faces emergency need for blood donors.


    Donate now.


    It seems pretty easy to get worked up over the wide disagreements we face today in our nation. We try to present our position, but the other side doesn’t listen and we seemingly have no power to make change.

  • Manager moves swiftly to deal with problem

    THE ISSUE: The appearance of favoritism.

    OUR OPINION: Quick action resolves potential problems.

    Crystal River City Manager Dave Burnell had a good reaction when it was pointed out city employees did some inappropriate things while trying to recover from last year’s hurricane.

    He investigated the problem, identified the issue and warned his employees not to repeat the mistake.

  • Input can help guide county in right direction

    THE ISSUE: Town hall meetings on fire services.

    OUR OPINION: Insights into needs, expectations of real value.

    With fire services going back under county government’s umbrella, two town hall meetings have been set to gauge what residents want what they’re willing to pay for.

  • In Homosassa, individuality has unforeseen cost

    THE ISSUE: Homosassa River restoration.

    OUR OPINION: Despite legislative setback, efforts must continue and organization must improve.

    Homosassa’s biggest draw might be its biggest flaw.

  • Change attitudes to change water use

    THE ISSUE: County considers moving to once a week watering.

    OUR OPINION: Good idea, but changing water use will take changing attitudes.

    Faced with a continuing violation of water pumping permits, Citrus County is considering making permanent the once a week watering limits that were put in effect by the water district earlier this spring in response to the drought.

  • County needs plan for its unpaved roads


    Road woes challenging rescuers.


    Displays a lack of political willpower to improve county road situation.


    Much of the talk over the last few years has been about repaving and repairing existing black-top roads in the county. Very little attention has been paid to unimproved roads.

  • King’s Bay cleanup making a difference


    The restoration of King’s Bay.


    Independent report documents that progress is being made.


    An independent consultant has analyzed the results of the cleanup effort of King’s Bay and has reported that progress is being made.

  • Residents should weigh in on LDC


    County launching into Land Development Code revisions


    Take it slowly, listen to all stakeholders, and think long-term.