• Sikorski's Attic 12/11/2016: Antique clock is old, but still a reproduction

    Dear John: I listen to your program and really enjoy the information. I have an item I would like an appraisal for, if possible. This clock has one mark, made in Germany. I have had it for many years; before that time, it belonged to my aunt. I am sure it is at least 75 years old. I have the key, and it does work. I do not use it. I have it stored in a dresser drawer. The face is porcelain with the floral design. The picture makes it looks faded, but it is not, it is in beautiful condition.

  • Jane's Garden 12/11/2016: A great choice for groundcover
  • Mission United to address veteran needs

    Did you know that 26,000 veterans call Citrus County home? Consider each veteran may share a home with one other person — a spouse or dependent. That means there are an estimated 52,000 veterans and family members living in our community. I am proud so many honorable men and women reside in this county. 

  • Taking action on springs

    Re: Bob Knight column, which ran in the Citrus County Chronicle, Gainesville Sun and Tampa Bay Times.

    As Dr. Knight’s article in last Sunday’s Chronicle alluded, we have an impending water supply crisis which we need to address as individuals and through the legislature. As everyone is aware, there are many other states that also have the same impending problems.

  • Knight column about springs contained errors

    Re: Dec. 4 guest column by Bob Knight titled "Crystal not clear."

    As the leading scientific agency in the region charged with managing the water resources for west-central Florida, it is my professional obligation to point out some fatal flaws in the arguments posed by Bob Knight in the Dec. 4 guest column: “Crystal not clear.” 

  • There isn’t an app for that

    Each year, TIME magazine puts out a comprehensive list of their top-rated apps for smartphones. And each year the list gets more and more advanced and quite honestly, more and more intrusive. 

  • Citrus County, you get what you pay for

    We have a pretty good library system in Citrus County because we paid for it.

    Years ago concerned readers got together and convinced the public to support a very small annual tax to support libraries.

    Now we have nice libraries.

    We have a strong education system in Citrus County because we have done the same thing. We have paid for it through our local and state tax dollars. 

  • Beware impostors on app stores

    One recently reported up-and-

    coming scam involves the spoofing of smartphone applications for retailers like Walmart.

  • Sikorski's Attic 12/4/2016: Statue turns out to be keepsake from 1894 performance

    Dear John: I received a little metal statue when my mother married my stepfather in the 1950s. He was from New York and had several friends that were in the theater. The theater was a special interest of mine, so I was given the statue, but without any history of it.

    I thought the Academy of Music was a school in New York, so any inquiries failed to turn up any information on this statue. Then the night before a friend and I were to attend an Antiques Roadshow, I went online again. What a surprise this time.

  • Jane's Garden 12/4/2016: Asters abloom

    The word “aster” conjures up images of colorful daisy-like flowers that bloom in the fall. Gardeners know asters as composite flowers made up of many ray flowers radiating around a central disc. There are 620 families of plants. The family Asteraceae contains many genera, each containing plant species with similar characteristics. Modern science can now accurately analyze plants so some asters have been renamed.