• Seniors Vs. Crime 10/5/15: Good companies outweigh bad ones

    I have the great pleasure of visiting with residents all across this county when I speak to groups about the risks we all face from scam artists and unscrupulous businesses. Our office receives so many requests now I alone cannot meet the demand, so I am lucky to have some knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers who help fill the requests. 

  • Wheel to my fortune

    I want Vanna’s job.

    Everybody knows Vanna White, the perpetually smiling blonde that turns the puzzle letters on “Wheel of Fortune.” Actually, she doesn’t even have to turn them anymore. Thanks to the miracles of technology, all she has to do now is point.

  • You might be able to ‘top’ this

    October is here. It is supposedly the month of harvest, witches, goblins and other scary things. It is the month when the leaves start to turn color up north and even some here in the south.

    It is the month I remember as dry and crisp and colorful. It is the last hooray of summer before the trees turn to large gray sticks who have given their leaves back to the Earth.

  • New springs access proposal will add to locals’ frustration


    Stricter limits sought at springs.


    Delay creates additional angst.


    If knowledge is power local tour boat operators must be feeling pretty helpless right about now.

  • Whose hands have held yours and whose hands are you holding?

    Identity is a funny thing. I’m not talking about the kind that can be stolen by computer hackers or the name on your driver’s license. I’m talking about the deepest part of our being; how we distinguish ourselves; the ways in which we come to know who we really are.

    It’s interesting, for all the ways we spurn Karl Marx and his philosophies, more often than not, we identify ourselves just as he predicted we would: economically.

  • Pink Paper coming to rack near you Oct. 6

    This Tuesday, readers will notice a change to the Chronicle — the paper will be pink. Yes, pink. The entire paper will be printed on pink paper.

    Pink Paper Day has been a tradition at the Chronicle since 2010. This will be the sixth year we have devoted the first Tuesday of October edition to raising awareness of breast cancer.

  • Joe Meek – a job well done

    It was nearly eight years ago that a young Joe Meek stopped by my office to introduce himself. 

    The 2008 election cycle had just started, and a mutual friend and candidate for the Citrus County Commission — Tom Franklin — had died suddenly from a heart attack.

  • Gardener Gal 10/4/2015: Watering dos and don'ts

    Dear Gardening Gal: Thanks for your gardening column. I have a neighbor who seems to think he must water his lawn after every mowing, even on non-watering days. It was my understanding that the lawn should be watered a day or two BEFORE mowing and needed to recover a day or two AFTER mowing before watering again.

    What is the current thinking on this? Thanks for any help you can give us — Citrus County Lawn Rangers

  • Jane's Garden 10/4/2015: Pokeweed is an American original

    In Florida’s temperate to subtropical environment, a favorite bird food is the fruit of native pokeweed, Phytolacca americana. Pokeweed is a perennial, herbaceous, deciduous plant. Reaching 4 to 10 feet tall, the non-woody, burgundy-red stems become hollow with age and topple. Large, fleshy roots survive winter to regenerate tender shoots in spring.

  • Arbor Culture 10/4/2015: The Florida tree climbing competition

    Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of being a volunteer at the Florida Tree Climbing Championship. I’m not referring to a bunch of 10-year-olds climbing trees for fun; this competition is among professional Florida arborists to test various tree climbing and rigging skills in a variety of very difficult and challenging scenarios.