• Editorial comment does not align with record


    Jim Farley

    Special to the Chronicle

  • Many factors affect homeowners insurance

    Jim Kupcho

    Special to the Chronicle

    Homeowners insurance is a specific type of property insurance. It covers damage or loss by theft, and against perils which can include fire, or storm damage. It also may insure the owner for accidental injury or death, for which the owner may be legally responsible. Mortgage lenders usually require homeowners insurance as part of the mortgage terms.

  • ­Women’s Equality Day recognized Aug. 26

    Kate Betsko

    Special to the Chronicle

  • Seniors Vs. Crime 8/24/15: Medicare card scams utilize scare tactics

    You have seen the commercials on TV, heard the advertisements on the radio and maybe even seen the ads in the paper regarding all the new health care options you can choose. Insurance companies bombard our senses with information about programs, subsidies and supplements. Which is best — part A, part B, part C? All of it is part of their marketing program to gain your business.

  • To communicate or not to communicate? That is the question

    And so the race begins. No matter what political party you are associated with, you will be deluged with ads, phone calls, emails and even text messages from candidates of both parties from now until November 2016. Where they get these numbers or addresses is beyond me, but get them, they do.

    I’m not here today to talk about the candidates. I do hope we as a nation elect someone who has the country first in their mind and heart and not what the presidency will do for their own personal agenda.

  • A vote for school board is a vote for the future

    I don’t know how anyone could be unaware it is officially election season — but if by chance you have missed Donald Trump’s absurdity, Hilary Clinton’s emails or the GOP’s embarrassing parade of candidates, I’ll clue you in. 

    It’s election season. 

  • Cross Town Trailhead meets myriad community goals

    It is my desire to highlight the benefits to our community by the city of Crystal River and Citrus County partnering together to construct the Cross Town Trailhead.

    Let us start with a little history of the project as a community amenity.

    The project site was formerly the home of an old 1950s-1960s gas service station adjacent to the railroad tracks crossing U.S. 19 named Cutler Spur.

  • Inverness is not a redneck town

    Our county seat — Inverness — was recognized this week as being one of the 10 most redneck cities in the state of Florida.

    Inverness ranked No. 5 in the search for redneck heaven by Roadsnacks on Facebook, which apparently is a group of people who have nothing better to do with their lives.

    Inverness is not a redneck town. It may have been at one time, but those days are long gone.

  • Jewel of the Nature Coast: Top 10 things to see and do on county’s east side

    Citrus County was once known as a sleepy fishing and boating mecca for northerners, but no longer. Several groups are working very hard to make sure this beautiful land of lakes and rivers has something for everyone. Try living like a tourist and see what our communities on the east side have to offer, especially Inverness, the largest town and the county seat.

    1. Withlacoochee State Trail

  • Jane's Garden 8/23/15: The good, the bad, and the ugly

    Lantana camara is easily propagated and readily available in most retail outlets. Named varieties are usually man-made hybrids of cross-pollinated origin and propagated from cuttings to be identical clones. These crossbred hybrid clones seldom set seeds. Even those seeds are generally sterile, so they will not germinate and proliferate as weeds in the garden.