• ­Guest column 12/15/14: Avoid generalizations about humane societies

    By Karron Curtis

  • American Indian memorabilia has many collectors

    Dear John: I read your column most every Sunday to see what people are sending in. In 2009, our family sold a painting that came from my wife’s aunt, Norma Guggenheim, whose husband loved antiques. The picture was titled “Louisiana Bayou.”

  • JANE'S GARDEN 12/14/14: Planting is all about variety and balance

    Well-planned gardens should include a variety of types of plants, including trees, shrubs and bushes, flowering bulbs and corms, herbaceous and flowering annuals and perennials, vines and groundcovers, epiphytic air plants, ferns, mosses and lichens, and grasses. Each type has a different height, size, shape, leaf texture and flowering season.

  • Give locally, give generously

    By Cortney Stewart

    Christmas has arrived. ’Tis the season for decking halls and jingling bells. It’s during this month or so that we run ourselves ragged trying to spread good cheer to our families and friends by stockpiling insane amounts of gifts under lighted trees in our living rooms. 

  • So, what's the plan?

    By Gary Kuhl

    As we all know, Citrus County has a new group of county commissioners on board. Sounded good — cut taxes and get rid of the “good ol’ boys” I believe is what much of their campaigns were based on. So I understand they are going to suspend impact fees for the next several years. 

  • He was looking for a bathroom, not a fight

    I found myself driving across the state of Florida last Saturday. I was on the way from watching my granddaughter march in the St. Augustine Christmas parade back to Crystal River so I could help the chamber of commerce launch our own Christmas parade.

    That’s when I got hungry. I’m always hungry when I drive by myself.

    I was way out in the middle of the national forest when I pulled into a barbecue place I had visited before. It had good sandwiches and the folks seemed nice.

  • This column is a little irregular

    By Georgi Davis

    This may sound like old news, but read on and I will update it for you.

    During the mid-term elections, my husband and I were rather upset by the number of phone calls we received from candidates hoping to gain our vote. Some of these candidates we already knew; others were new names to us. The phone messages were of two kinds: the first kind told us why we should vote for a certain candidate; the other told us all the reasons we should not vote for a certain hopeful.

  • The future of high-skilled work, right in your backyard

    By Laura Byrnes

    Often, getting a job or changing careers is right for right now. Other times, it may seem that there is nothing out there that’s a good fit — you either can’t get excited about career opportunities or a lack of experience or skills stands in the way. 

    If it’s hard to see the forest of possibility through the trees of uncertainty, it may be time to cut through the thicket of misconceptions and consider a career in manufacturing.

  • Chasing that elusive best bottle ever

    At the end of the classic movie “Casablanca” Bogart tells Bergman, in that unique throaty voice, “We’ll always have Paris.” What he meant was really good memories are never forgotten. Like certain exceptional wines we may have tasted over the years?

  • Spice up the holiday season

    This time of year the idea of having something spicy is very appealing, a total change from the usual winter menu of casseroles, stews and other cool weather fare.

    With that in mind, Lisa Beekley of San Antonio, Texas, drew on her Hispanic Mexican heritage to share a couple of beloved family recipes for Over Easy readers. They are among many favorites of her husband, my cousin Philip Beekley, who has sampled good food world wide during his long Air Force career.