• Good things happen in the cities for a reason

    Inverness has renovated the Valerie Theater into a cultural center more beautiful than its original glory. Downtown street design has continued throughout the city.

    Cooter Pond Park has a fountain and boardwalks to stroll around on. The old courthouse shines. Wallace Brooks Park attracts families from around the county.

    Whispering Pines is a jewel. 

  • Pitfalls of mining issue: U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster’s vote on mountaintop removal unconscionable

    The Feb. 6 edition of the Chronicle reported in its “Key Votes ending Feb. 3” (Page A3) that Daniel Webster voted “Yes” to a bill called 

    Mountaintop-Removal Mining. The article said, “The house on Feb. 1 voted 228-194, to nullify a federal rule aimed at protecting stream, forest and drinking water in Appalachia from pollution caused by debris when mountaintops are strip-mined for coal.”

  • Gun-free zones make sense

    This is not a column about the Second Amendment. This is not an argument for its abolishment or a liberal ploy to take all the guns away and deprive sportsman of their favored tool for hunting or keep people from protecting their families. 

    While I firmly believe the Second Amendment should be read in its entirety and understood contextually, I can’t deny that it is in the Constitution. So, this isn’t a column about the Second Amendment. 

  • The Y: A cause worth investing in

    The Citrus Memorial Health Foundation YMCA is launching its Annual Giving Campaign to ensure everyone from Homosassa to Floral City has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Every day through the cause of the Y, we work to support the people and neighborhoods needing it most by addressing critical issues and strengthening our community. 

  • My own ‘struggles’ pale in comparison to real hardships

    My husband and I are in the thick of busy parenting. Our boys are currently playing basketball and baseball, and our youngest is actually on two basketball teams. 

    Currently, our afternoons and evenings are consumed with shuttling them to practices and scrimmage games, quick dinners, and laundry! (I could truly dedicate an entire column to my never-ending laundry struggle, but you have your laundry to worry about.) 

  • Any form of fracking is unsafe

    Recent opinion pieces in newspapers around Florida have given a misleading overview of the fracking issue in Florida. Indeed, the oil industry has been in Florida since 1943, but fracking has only occurred once in 2013, and that resulted in a fine by the FDEP.

    The issue now in Tallahassee is not about drilling for oil using conventional methods, it is about fracking, which involves injecting water, sand and chemicals deep into the earth to break up rock in order to extract oil and gas.

  • 3 things about the Spirit of Crystal River gallery

    The Spirit of Crystal River Pop-Up Gallery has been open for about two months now, and we have learned a few interesting things I’d like to share. First, for those who may not have heard about the Gallery, let me give you a brief overview of what the latest Crystal River Main Street Project is about.

  • Seniors vs. Crime 2/19/2017: FTC shuts down robocall outfits

    This week we would like to share information with you we have received from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and AARP Fraud Watch Network. Both these entities are great sources of current information on what is going on in the world of scams around the country. 

  • Sikorski's Attic 2/19/2017: Majolica cake stand probably dates from 19th century

    Dear John: The cake stand in the photo has been in the family for at least 100 years. No one has any information about it. We looked on the bottom for the maker’s mark and found nothing. Any info you can help with will be appreciated. — F.M., internet

  • Sikorski's Attic 2/12/2017: Carved bowl, bird were probably not an original pairing

    Dear John: After reading your interesting column for years, I have a question. The ashtray in the photo, at least that is what I think it is, has what seems to be a pheasant mounted on the edge. The bird is made of metal and the ashtray looks like marble. Do you have any ideas about this piece? Does it have any value? — P.H., internet