• We pass down our skills and shortcomings

    I am not a great cook, but I am a good eater. One of the most disappointing moments of being a father came on Aug. 7, 1988, when my oldest son suggested that my hamburgers cooked on the grill tasted like hockey pucks.

    “How do you know what a hockey puck tastes like?” I asked. “You live in the South.”

    “They taste bad,” my son replied. “That’s all I know.”

  • Pulling back the curtain on Citrus County voters

    Ask someone in Citrus County whether they’re a Democrat or Republican and you’ll get a puzzled look about a quarter of the time.

    With the primary election upon us, 25.1 percent of voters in Citrus County are registered as “other.” “Other” can mean anything from tea party to Libertarian to Independent to no party affiliation and then some.

  • Thanks to the Citrus Community Concert Choir, Burt's back

    By Fred Brannen

    When you reside in our community, you have many opportunities to see, and often to participate in, entertainment of every sort. One that I have become fond of as a viewer — certainly not as a participant — is the Citrus Community Concert Choir.

  • Violent culture at root of riot
  • BOOK REVIEW: In 'Biscayne Bay,' columnist weaves tale of love and intrigue

    By Ed Youngblood

    “At the Bottom of Biscayne Bay” is a fictionalized memoir of fifth-generation Floridian and Inverness resident Fred H. Brannen Jr. that climaxes with a Miami courtroom drama pitting the author against some pretty shady characters — the type who just might send one to sleep with the fishes if he displeases them. And indeed Fred did displease them, since his sole testimony assured the permanent closure of a bank owned by Colombians suspected of using it to launder drug money.

  • Sikorski's Attic 8/24/14: Unusual clock features clever self-winding mechanism

    Dear John: I inherited the clock in the enclosed photograph from my dad, who always had it in his home office. The glass cover comes off, but I cannot figure a way to wind it, so I am not sure if it runs and tells time. Do you know of someone who can help me with this? — M.M., Internet 

    Dear M.M.: You have a good looking Atmos mantle clock. It was manufactured by the highly recognized watch and clock maker Jaeger-LeCoultre of Switzerland.

  • Arbor Culture 8/24/14: Basics about fertilizing trees — part 1

    Jane Weber’s article last week on planting shade trees is a perfect segue to this month’s article regarding proper fertilization.

  • Jane's Garden 8/24/14: Choosing perennial Crocosomia

    Gardeners like perennial flowers that re-emerge each spring after winter dormancy. Most plants flower naturally in their particular season for about four weeks. The trick to having something in flower for every month is to select a variety of plants that will bloom at different times.

    Crocosmia flowers from June to August in central Florida. It is hardy in zones 5 to 9 and does not need to be lifted for winter locally. A blanket of pine needle mulch is sufficient winter protection.

  • No excuse not to exercise your right to vote

    If you are still waiting on the sidelines and thinking the primary election is not of any interest or consequence to you, then you are missing the boat.

    The excuses are myriad. You don’t vote because you have no interest in politics, think your vote will not make a difference, are too busy, don’t think the issues matter, find it’s too hard, don’t know where or when or don’t have enough information.

  • With replay, it's a lot easier to see that open man

    We love to hate the people we elect to public office. 

    Or at least, some of us do.

    This is the political season in Citrus County, and we are rushing toward the Aug. 26 primary elections that will help us decide the future direction of both our county and school governments.