• Memorial Day hits too close to home

    Memorial Day is one of those holidays you wish we no longer had a reason to celebrate.

    When men and women die on the battle field today, it is due to the greed, religious intolerance and self-righteous behavior of political leaders around the world.

  • A death in the family

    Thursday, May 19, 2016, marked the end of an era. In the newspaper business, it marked a new beginning; a new way to showcase individual communities that is more cost-effective and far more likely to attract today’s readers’ attentions. The new Hometown Happenings section of the Chronicle, designed to take the place of small community weekly newspapers, launched last Thursday. And it’s a smart move. 

    But to me it feels a little more like a death in the family. 

  • Education, tourism go hand in hand

    By Diane Oestreich, Special to the Chronicle

  • Tourism driving job growth in county

    Over recent years, tourism in Citrus County has grown by historic measures. Citrus County is now known on a global scale.

    People might think of tourism as only supporting hotels, attractions and restaurants. However, tourism supports our entire community. It generates revenue for many businesses in Citrus County including convenience and groceries stores, gas stations, linen supply companies, beverage distribution, food purveyors and it also increases property values. 

  • Sabal Trail pipeline is a needless threat to Florida’s natural treasures

    Andrea Grover’s article in the Gainesville Sun, “Sabal Trail pipeline won’t impact quality of water,” (May 22, 2016) is a denial of the threat caused by the Sabal Trail pipeline. Her statements in almost every paragraph can be easily countered.

  • Hanford’s history is fracking’s future

    By Donald G. Schweitzer, Special to the Chronicle

    State legislatures in the U.S. are overriding the fracking bans of their local communities for economic reasons. For the second year, a bill to ban fracking bans in Florida has passed the House and then died in the Senate. It cannot pass. Fracking will never be economical for fracking communities or their neighbors. It will destroy them.

  • Take some education; it’s good for you

    Ralph Massullo: Special to the Chronicle

    When I was growing up my mother seemed to always know exactly what was needed to solve any problem in our lives. Her advice and orders were usually succinct and direct. We complied and things got better. Interestingly, I still can’t figure out what that horrible tasting Cod Liver Oil actually did that was beneficial, but that’s another story. 

  • Jane's Garden 5/29/2016: How to properly propagate plants

    Spring is a good time to propagate plants. After winter, perennial plants produce new shoots and leaves. Annual plant seeds produced last year stay dormant over winter and were stratified by cold temperatures. They germinate in spring. Seedlings are readily dug up and several placed in a 6-inch diameter pot full of amended, well-drained sandy soil. Reused black pots are best in Florida, as they are designed to resist UV sunlight for up to five years.

  • Gardener Gal 5/29/2016: Maple in Florida? Plus, what kind of moth is that?

    Dear Gardener Gal: At a recent trip to a “Big Box” store’s garden department, I was excited to see Japanese maples for sale. I don’t think I have ever seen them here. I couldn’t resist and bought one for my future Koi pond area. I’ve often seen them in magazines used near ponds, and love the look. They were a special price, making them an even better deal.

  • Sikorski's Attic 5/29/2015: Creator of woodblock print was noted French artist

    Dear John: These four prints have been in our family for decades. Can the artist be identified? Can you tell us anything about them? — S.B., Internet