• ‘Is God powerful?’

    A few weeks ago, I got an email at work with the subject line: “Is God powerful?”

    I thought the email would be about God’s power, but it was a political come-on to people of faith to vote for a certain candidate, who supposedly was God’s choice and to please send money.

    Actually, the email lost me at “the great state of Pennsylvania is wrestling with its destiny,” since I live in Florida.

  • Lessons to take from the for-profit world

    There are lessons to be learned from the for-profit business world. Can they fit into the management of the nonprofit organization? The simple answer is yes, with some exceptions. For-profit businesses have two basic goals: to turn a reasonable profit and keep operating costs low, providing shareholders an optimal return on investment. Nonprofits strive to serve an unmet need, stay on mission relative to their purpose and motivate volunteers to help. 

  • Prince Edward, Anne ... and lobster!

    By Fred Brannen

    On the third day out during our recent Quebec-to-Fort Lauderdale cruise, the ship made port at Charlottesville, Prince Edward Island. Cheryl, her dad Barry and I did the best we could to do it all in the limited time we had for a shore excursion.

    Prince Edward Island is precisely that. 

  • Dirty laundry leads to deep thinking

    By Georgi Davis

    Editor’s note: Georgi Davis joins the Chronicle today as a regular columnist. She will appear weekly in the Commentary section.

    Since that little apple incident, or so we’ve been told, humans have worn clothes. 

  • Working through math and hunger problems at once

    By Amy Meek

  • Footprints in the sand create legacies in Citrus

    Sometimes people leave very large footprints in the sand.

    Pat Deutschman left large footprints.

    Stan and Betty Olsen left large footprints.

    Curt Ebitz has left large footprints.

    Pat Deutschman officially retired this week as a member of the county school board after 16 years of service. She didn’t lose an election, she just decided that she had done her duty and it was time to let someone else carry the load.

  • Thought, not might, needed in Middle East

    By Cortney Stewart

    “People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.” — To Kill A Mockingbird

    When did we stop thinking? When did we stop reading? When did we stop actually seeing and listening? How did we become the culture that depends on Fox News and CNN for our daily dose of world briefings? How did our culture decide to get all of our information from Google’s top 10 hits?

  • Slowly but surely, the muck gives way in King's Bay

    By Save Crystal River Inc.

    Save Crystal River Inc. (SCR) is committed to the mission of removing invasive algae and efforts to restore native aquatic vegetation in the waters of King’s Bay and the Crystal River. We have faced many challenges, but remain resolute to our goal. 

    Our motto is “Whatever it takes,” whether it is mechanical harvesting, dredging, volunteer and paid hand-raking, or any new methods developed. 

  • Sikorski's Attic 11/16/14: Antique washstand likely dates from 19th century

    Dear John: This stand was salvaged from an old home in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania in the 1960s. It has original hardware and measures 36 inches high by 31 wide and 17 inches deep. It has been professionally refinished; it had many layers of paint. The original owner said it is called an Eastlake. I would like to know what it is and what it is worth. — L.K., Homosassa 

  • Practice passive observation


    Stacy Dunn

    Special to the Chronicle