• Sikorski's Attic 4/26/15: Picture's provenance uncertain; checking value of record collection

    Dear John: Attached are some photographs of a painting my parents have hanging in my shed. Could you give me information about the painting and if it is of any value? — K., Internet

  • Jane's Garden 4/26/15: Hybrid daylilies

    Daylily is the common name for the 19 species (as of 2014) in the Hemerocallis genus. All originated in temperate regions of East Asia. Plant breeders have been making hybrids for centuries.

    Formerly thought to be lilies, they are now classified into the family Xanthorrhoeaceae due to modern DNA research. By any name, Hemerocallis Daylilies are welcome additions to perennial gardens.

  • Time Will Tell 4/26/15: Buying by weight, not price

    Gypsy’s Two Cents: I can identify your pet in three sniffs. Age, medication, diet, color all from five seconds around your shoes. I will also know your favorite ice cream flavor and will then become your very best friend. However, if you walk on four paws and have a coat, you likely will see my dark side.

    Small business owners wear many hats. Sometime it’s marketing or accounting or sales. One hat I frequently wear is my moving hat.

  • Gardener Gal 4/26/15: Beware of 'hurricane cut' scam

    Dear Gardener Gal: Maybe you can save me some money. I don’t care for the way palm trees look after a “hurricane cut.” My son says they are cut this way so they won’t break off during a high wind storm. I’m the one who will have to pay for the tree man to do it, so I told my son I’d check with you first. It seems like a lot of people leave their palms alone and they do just fine. What would you recommend? — D. In Homosassa

  • Guest Column: Please support food drive

    The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) and the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) nationwide are holding their 23rd annual Letter Carrier’s Food Drive on Saturday, May 9. The U.S. Postal Service employees and their customers have contributed more than 1 billion pounds of non-perishable food since the program began in 1993.

  • Nonprofit board and volunteer leadership basics, Part 2

    One way of understanding nonprofits is to be aware of what they can do. However, it is equally important to know what they must not do. There are many commonly held misunderstandings about these organizations. If you are involved with a nonprofit, learn to separate fact from fiction. 

  • The Greatest Generation: Have we lost it all?

    By Cortney Stewart

    In 1998, Tom Brokaw wrote a book called “The Greatest Generation.” It was a book about my grandparents — the generation of people that grew up during the Great Depression, then fought in World War II and came home to an America that went on to global dominance for quite some time. 

  • Is it self-perception or self-deception?

    By Georgi Davis

  • Establishment clause a fertile field for freedom

    After reading John Logsdon’s column “Understanding the separation between church and state,” I was left with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I need to compliment Mr. Logsdon on his accurate interpretation of our Constitution establishing freedom of religion, speech and the right to petition our government.

  • We've come full circle on county jail

    The county jail is back in the news.

    Back when Sen. Charlie Dean was sheriff, an unfriendly county commission voted to privatize the jail and let a for-profit corporation take over.

    Sheriff Dean was furious, and his arguments for keeping the jail under county control were strong. But the debate got caught up in the efforts by a commission majority to move the county seat from Inverness to Lecanto, and the sheriff ended up losing the fight.