• The do’s and don’ts of dealing with tourists

    As the tourist season wraps up in Citrus County, it might be appropriate to once again refresh ourselves on the do’s and don’ts in dealing with visitors.

    This makes the assumption you understand the importance of tourism to the local economy and you have a certain sense of pride about living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

    For instance, it would be appropriate to take a tourist into the old courthouse in Inverness and let them look at the historical displays on exhibit.

  • On a roll: How some victories are short-lived

    I’m pretty sure my puppy is a teenager. 

    I call her name; she ignores me. I give her a simple, direct command; she refuses to comply. She’s a bit moody, a little whiny and she thinks she knows everything about how to live on her own yet still expects me to provide all the monetary support for her existence. 

    A teenager, right? 

  • Vietnam Oral History Project: Have you told your story?

    Since 1999, the Oral History Project at the Vietnam Center and Archive has been conducting interviews with those who experienced the war and those who lived in the era. 

  • AARP Tax Aide volunteers deserve a million thanks

    During my freshman year of college, I was convinced I was going to be an accountant. 

    I did well in my Accounting I class and I enjoyed the material. Accounting II and Managerial Accounting were a different story. I struggled to maintain Bs in those classes. OK, if I’m being honest, I struggled to maintain Cs in Managerial Accounting. (My mom could be reading this and she just might have copies of my transcripts close at hand.) 

  • State of the city: Crystal River - Riverwalk and other improvements

    Editor’s note: The following is the state of the city address for Crystal River given by Mayor Jim Farley.


  • County priorities for veterans service office disappointing
  • Sikorski's Attic 4/23/17: Early 20th century painting; are old rock posters valuable?

    Dear John: Enclosed are photographs of a painting that appears to be rather old. It measures 16 inches by 20 inches. I do not recognize the signature. My uncle was knowledgeable of art and old paintings, but he passed away some time ago. If you can shed some light on the painter and painting I would appreciate it. — F.D., Slocomb, Alabama

  • Gardener Gal 4/23/17: Big, slow bees not a problem, unless...

    Dear Gardener Gal: My daughter noticed some large bees visiting the flowers around our yard. They are slow moving and seem to sleep in the flowers overnight. Are these bumblebees? We attached a picture that’s not great, but hopefully you can tell something. We enjoy watching these bees so hope they are garden and people friendly.

    Looking forward to your answer. — Sheehan Family

  • Jane's Garden 4/23/17: April flowers in Florida

    Showy white flowers of native pawpaw shrubs bloom in Central Florida from April and into May. There are eight Asimina species in Florida: Seven are shrubs, while the other reaches tree size. Asimina triloba, the northern pawpaw fruit tree, grows very tall and ranges from Georgia north to Canada. Several native pawpaw species are available from smaller nurseries. Pawpaw leaves and flowers are eaten by caterpillars of the Zebra Swallowtail butterfly. Wildlife and humans eat the tasty fruit pods from late May to June.

  • Arbor Culture 4/23/17: An alien invasion

    I just attended a two-day conference hosted by the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council (FLEPPC). This is an organization consisting of land management professionals such as park managers, biologists, county land management personnel, consultants and others who make their living by managing both public and private lands. The purpose of FLEPPC is to gather and disseminate information to members and the public regarding identifying and controlling the spread of invasive, exotic plants.