• Floridians deserve transparency with proposed worker’s comp rate hike

    Florida’s extraordinary tradition of open government is founded on the simple but essential concept: that the people have a right to know how and why the government makes decisions on their behalf. After all, it’s our government.

  • Proposing an animal shelter fix

    That dog don’t hunt is a term used to express how an idea or excuse won’t work and when dealing with the current animal shelter and the way we are dealing with animals, I say it’s time to admit that “That Dog Don’t Hunt.” 

    One of the growing feelings in the community is that our county has and continues to fail in dealing with animals at the shelter, a location that is used to house stray or abandoned animals. 

  • County needs to stop kicking animal shelter can down the road

    I want to go on the record as someone who greatly admires Tobey Phillips, the county’s community service director.

    Ms. Phillips has taken a lot of criticism this week from the public because she has temporarily assumed the responsibility of director of the county animal shelter.

    The county is searching for a new director, but county administrator Randy Oliver asked Ms. Phillips to step in and keeps things running while the process is completed.

  • A diagnosis that changes everything

    Heather Yates: GUEST COLUMN

    Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of guest columns by committee members of Citrus County Dementia Friendly America, an action team designed to bring awareness and facilitate community change for those with dementia in our community.

  • DIVIDED AMERICA: Losing to China, Trump embraced

    Paul Wiseman: AP economics writer

    HANNIBAL, Ohio — Crushed by Chinese competition and feeling betrayed by mainstream politicians, workers in the hills of eastern Ohio are embracing Donald Trump and his tough talk on trade.

    For decades, they and others living across the Ohio River in West Virginia found work in coal mines and at a local aluminum plant — union jobs, with good pay and generous benefits.

  • Lessons learned from puppy owning

    Cortney Stewart

    It is not Mother’s Day. But this is a column about mothers. 

    This past week I got a puppy. I’ve always had a dog growing up, but since I launched out into adulthood, the timing has never been right. That ended last week. I don’t know if it was watching Copper on “The Fox and the Hound” that did me in or what, but I decided it was time. So I found the puppy I wanted and I went and got her. 

  • Opportunities for women to lead, volunteer abound

    Amy Meek: UNITED WAY

  • Seniors vs. Crime 9/25/2016: Closely read contracts before signing

    Well now that fall is officially upon us, hopefully we will start to see some relief from the heat. The upcoming change in seasons causes many of us to have our heating units checked in case they are needed once the cooler days arrive. Please use caution when selecting your service provider and ensure that you closely scrutinize any documents before you sign them. This small step may save you from a lot of trouble later.

  • Sikorski's Attic 9/25/2016: Game trap a product of New York's famed Oneida Community

    Dear John: First of all, let me say I very much enjoy your column in the Sunday Chronicle. It is first thing I read. I have two items I would like to find out the value and or collectability of.

    The first is a small game trap. It measures approximately 5 1/8 inches across the jaws and approximately 3 11/16 inches where they meet to form the hinge. The plunger is 1 3/4 inches in diameter.

  • Jane's Garden 9/25/2016: Coleus brings a splash of color

    Every homeowner and gardener loves Solenostemon. Apartment dwellers and northeners keep these popular shrubby perennial flowering plants as colorful, trouble-free houseplants. About 60 species in the genus all originated in tropical Africa and Asia in cold zones 10-12. They may be killed by frost if left outdoors for winter in temperate Central Florida. With striking variegated leaves, it is well worthwhile to grow Coleus in local gardens.