• #AllinTogether to help earn 100 GEDs

    Amy Meek and Theressa Foster

  • He will be sorely missed

    No one could have anticipated it. No one could have predicted it. The death of Phil Royal has shocked our community to its core. 

  • A punch in the gut

    A week ago Thursday night Phil Royal pulled into a chamber event at the Key Training Center site in Inverness and called me over to his car.

    We talked about a dumb political issue and then shared a laugh about how absurd some political types in the county could be. It was impossible to realize that it would be the last time we spoke.

    Phil’s tragic death this week has been a punch in the gut to everyone who knew him. And a lot of people knew him.

  • If a ‘bank’ contacts you, contact the real thing directly

    I have to start by asking everyone’s indulgence for a few moments, as I find myself unable to continue without first addressing the great loss this county suffered last week. As most of you know, on July 18 we lost an amazing member of our community with the passing of Phil Royal. Phil dedicated his life to public service and giving to those in need. He was one of those rare individuals whose positive attitude and energy was infectious.

  • North, South Florida vie to be most polluted region

    Robert Knight

    Special to the Chronicle

    South Florida’s guacamole-filled coastal waters are finally receiving the state and national press they deserve given the environmental disaster that has continued to engulf the estuaries and beaches on both sides of the state. Toxic floating algae and rafts of dead fish continue to slime the once-blue waters and white sandy beaches thanks to ongoing releases of nutrient-laden water from Lake Okeechobee.

  • I have a nephew and he’s black

    Cortney Stewart: SEEING BEYOND

    I have a nephew. And he’s black. 

  • META Visits Lowry Park Rehab

    Brandie Wooten: Special to the Chronicle

  • Presidential campaign solutions and the invading snakes

    I promise that this is almost the end of all snake-related stories.

    As regular readers might recall, I was bitten by a water moccasin on the foot while unloading luggage at my son’s house over the Memorial Day weekend. I have recovered nicely from the attack and subsequent three-night ICU visit at the local hospital.

    The folks at the hospital were great.

  • Jane's Garden 7/17/2016: Choosing a canopy tree for your home

    Every garden has room for at least one large shade tree. Hundreds of species of native and exotic canopy trees over 30 feet tall can grow in Florida. Woody, perennial trees typically grow a single erect, straight trunk like a pine tree.

    Trees develop a crown of foliage. As they grow, trees shade out their lower leaves and branches. In time, trees stop growing leaves in their own shade. Lower branches are shed as upper branches spread into a shady canopy. Canopy trees include conifers and evergreen or deciduous broadleaf trees.

  • Sikorski's Attic 7/17/2016: Cup and saucer combo likely made in pre-WWII Japan

    Dear John: I am writing to you on behalf of my father. He has been following your column for some time now and has become quite the fan. I was wondering if you might be able to shed some light on these photos I have sent you? He has a few of these cup and saucer sets with the face in the bottom of these cups. We do not know where they are from or if the face means anything, if they are antiques or their worth. I can also send you the pictures of the other sets too. I hope I have provided enough information. — K.E., Internet