• Seniors vs. Crime 10/23/2016: A look behind the curtain at SVC

    Over the last couple of weeks, I have had the great pleasure of speaking to several groups around the county as well as participating in an edition of the “Chamber Report” with Josh Wooten on WYKE. So keep an eye out for the show, and let me know how many times I said ”uh.”

  • Sikorski's Attic 10/23/2016: Pocketwatches were endlessly customizable in their heyday

    Dear John: I would like your opinion about a man’s pocket watch. It was purchased a few years ago in Ohio at an antiques shop for $50. The dealer said it was the only watch he had ever seen with the engraved eagle and shield that is on the back of the watch.

    On the dial it says Elgin. After opening the back of the case, on the inside of the cover it has Dueber and the word Coin. On the mechanism is “G.M. Wheeler, 17 Jwls, Elgin, Ill.” The serial number is 8263610.

  • Jane's Garden 10/23/2016: Sunshine Mimosa makes a great ground cover

    Groundcover plants are low-growing, perennial spreading vegetation. Frost tender exotic plants like Perennial Peanut are useful in frost-free areas of South and Central Florida. Our tri-county area is in cold zone 9a, with a minimum average winter temperature of 20 to 25 degrees. Citrus, Marion and Levy get frosty mornings and some longer freezes of four or more hours. The difference of 5 degrees between 9a and 8b has shifted north due to climate change, accurate data collection and modern satellite and computer technology.

  • Traffic gurus bring county to standstill

    When a water line broke on County Road 486 a week ago Friday morning, who could have guessed that Citrus County would have been brought to a standstill?

    And who would have thought that before the end of the day I would be driving through a cow pasture without any idea where I was going?

    The Chronicle carried the story the next day that detailed the water line problem. But it did not talk about the mayhem this somewhat minor infrastructure problem caused the county.

  • Water pressure: Public sentiment, dialog and support remain essential to springs restoration

    Springs experts speaking recently at summit in Ocala were unified behind one clear message: Florida’s springs are dying due to excessive development and lax enforcement of environmental laws, and this train wreck can only be stopped by the coordinated efforts of the concerned public and state officials.

  • Alzheimer’s: A stark new reality

    Editor’s note: This is the fifth in a six-part series by Heather Yates.

    Whenever my family and I can give my mom a little break from caring for dad, we do. My mother’s entire life has been turned upside down. She has gone from the devoted spouse to the devoted caregiver — and let me tell you — these are completely different things!

  • I will miss Barack Obama

    This past week, we saw two rather significant “lasts.” We watched the final episode in a three-part presidential debate series that held the same entertainment value as a reality TV show, complete with levels of immaturity making it utterly incongruous with the office the candidates seek. This was also the final of the State dinners for President and First Lady Obama. 

  • Critical incident plan key to surviving disaster

    A recent article on the front page of the Chronicle told the sad story of a business in Crystal River that has closed its doors for good, following the flooding caused by Hurricane Hermine. It truly is a sad story. A business closure impacts not only its owners but also their employees who are now out of a job. Their suppliers and vendors have lost a customer and both Crystal River and Citrus County have lost a valued revenue source. And the truly sad part of the story is that it may not have had to happen.

  • Savvy Aging workshop a valuable resource
  • Despite flaws, I support Trump

    Donald Trump is a rich white guy with a puffy face and bad hair who seems to have learned his social graces in a men’s locker room! He wants to be president of the USA to “make America great again.”