Park funding kerfuffle comes to end

THE ISSUE: Whispering Pines Park funding.

OUR OPINION: Kudos to city council and commission members.

For nearly a decade, the prickly issue of county government helping to fund Whispering Pines Park has caused hard feelings and been a wedge in relations between the city of Inverness and the county.

The issue is prickly no more.


Concerning Cuba, do you agree with President Trump’s partial restoration of restrictions eased under the Obama Administration?

A. Yes. It’s a tempered action that still allows for educational-exchange travel while curtailing support of a brutal dictator.
37% (135 votes)
B. No. The U.S. maintains stronger relations with nations far more corrupt and far less likely to emerge as a friend to America.
27% (101 votes)
C. Yes. It will hasten the demise of the controlling government, then, in turn, open the door for democracy.
11% (41 votes)
D. No. It will cause a great backsliding in progress made in recent years and leave Cuba to rely on support from Russia.
21% (77 votes)
E. Forgive me. The issue is not to be taken lightly, but can’t the U.S. at least import Cuban cigars until things are worked out
4% (14 votes)
Total votes: 368