Push for progress at Three Sisters

THE ISSUE: The future of Three Sisters.

OUR OPINION: Time to start the work.

It is time for things to start moving again at Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River.

The 57-acre national wildlife refuge was purchased by the public four years ago and is now open to visitors.


President Trump’s travel ban is winding its way through the courts. What are your thoughts?

A. Thank goodness for checks and balances.
17% (87 votes)
B. Trump’s plan is a step in the right direction but needs tweaking.
36% (182 votes)
C. Trump’s advisors should have known it wouldn’t work.
4% (19 votes)
D. It makes me nervous; it seems like this administration is taking away our freedom.
12% (60 votes)
E. The plan is great. The Supreme Court will overturn those rulings.
29% (148 votes)
F. I hate these choices; I think I will tweet about it.
1% (4 votes)
G. I don’t see a suitable response, I will comment below.
1% (6 votes)
Total votes: 506