• Beach buddies

    Special to the Chronicle

    A hilarious, yet sometimes touching, play about five very different Southern women opens next Friday at the Art Center Theatre at 2644 N. Annapolis Ave. in Citrus Hills. The women meet for a long weekend at the beach each August, free of husbands, kids and jobs, to renew their friendship and discuss their lives,

  • Herd about the roundup?

    Dorothy Ammerman

  • Brewing up spooky scenarios

    Susan Strawbridge

  • Developing love of singing

    Special to the Chronicle

    Citrus County and Hernando County Barbershop Harmony singers are not satisfied just to sing and enjoy their hobby. They want to help students develop a love of singing they can enjoy all their lives.

  • Remembering joy of Shakespeare

    “All the world’s a stage” — these few memorable words of Shakespeare recall the delightful “Shakespeare in the Hills” productions during the summer back in the ’90s in the Citrus County Art League’s original building.

  • Park all abuzz about butterflies and bees

    By Susan Strawbridge

    For the Chronicle

    Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park will focus on butterflies and bees during the month of June. The park is introducing monthly themes featuring natural and cultural resource opportunities in Florida state parks.

  • Watercolor Club readies to break for summer

    By Norm Freyer

    Each year, the month of June is the last meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Club before the summer break. Regular meeting activities, demonstrations and workshops will resume in August.

    We always leave some of the best for last, and this year is no exception. Our demonstrator for June 13 is Florida watercolor artist Maggie McClellan. 

  • The old man and the embargo: Cuba, Washington make nice for Hemingway film

    Associated Press

    HAVANA — Rebels allied with a young Fidel Castro burst into the street outside Havana’s Government Palace as soldiers loyal to strongman Fulgencio Batista rain gunfire from above. Steps away, Ernest Hemingway and a young journalist friend dive for cover behind a parked car.

  • Review: Lastest teen blockbuster not so divergent

    If you have a kid of a certain age — especially a girl, preteen or thereabouts — then you know the young-adult entertainment message of choice these days: You’re you, and nobody else. Don’t let them define you. Don’t let them put you into one of their neat little slots. You’re unique. And you’re gonna show the world. 

    You go, girl!

  • Review: The Muppets reteam with mixed results

    A strange sense of doom hangs over the rebooted Muppets, and it’s not from the Swedish Chef’s cooking.

    “The Muppets” (2011) may have been an earnest and largely successful relaunch for Jim Henson’s troupe, but it also had a hangdog melancholy, fretting about the obsolescence of Kermit and the gang. Pop-culture insecurity looms in “Muppets Most Wanted,” too, which begins with the same self-conscious tone as the last film in the musical number “We’re Doing a Sequel.”