• St. Timothy Lutheran Church to welcome new pastor

    Special to the Chronicle

    St. Timothy Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Crystal River will welcome its new pastor, the Rev. Joan E. Holden, with her installation at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 30, which will be followed by a reception in St. Timothy Bradford Fellowship Hall.

    The Rev. James Glaeser Jr., the assistant to the bishop of the ELCA Florida-Bahamas Synod, will be the presiding minister for the installation of the Rev. Holden. The Rev. Anna S. Figueiro, dean of the

  • Gravity embraces Journey to form church

    INVERNESS  —  First there was Journey Church in Inverness, a contemporary church aimed at younger people, some who may not have been familiar with church, others who may have been hurt by church in the past.

    Journey Church started in 2007 with the Rev. Kevin Brian as its pastor.

  • Finding serenity, now

    Collin Binkley

    Associated Press

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass.

    Just blocks away from the bustling heart of this city, a community of monks offers a silent escape from it.

  • Grace Notes: More signs of grace

    Recently, two quotes from two very different people landed in my email inbox that have caused me to ponder.

    The first one came as a Christianity Today update about Tullian Tchividjian, the Fort Lauderdale pastor who resigned after admitting to an inappropriate relationship. The update said he has no plans to withdraw from the public eye.

  • Faithful debate

    Karin Laub & Sam McNeil

    Associated Press


    AL-MAGHTAS, Jordan - For years, Christian pilgrims have waded into the Jordan River from both its eastern and western banks to connect with a core event of their faith — the baptism of Jesus. The parallel

  • Grace Notes: Return of shame

    When I was a kid, we used to sing the taunt, “Shame, shame, everybody knows your name!”
    I don’t remember who taught it to us, but we took great delight in singing it to anyone we wanted to shame and humiliate.
    I was a horrible child. I’m still horrible, but I clean up nicely and mostly refrain from pointing out people’s sin to their face in public.
    Still, what is it about us humans that we love to shame others?
    As I write this, the shame target of the current news cycle is Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who killed, skinned and beheaded 13-year-old Cecil, Zimbabwe’s celebrity lion.

  • Open hearts, open worship

    Pancakes, pizza and praise.

    Coffee, croissants and communion.

    Bordeaux and Bible.

    Welcome to church, 2015. 

  • Grace Notes: Run toward grace

    You may not know the name Tullian Tchividjian, but you’ve heard of his grandfather, Billy Graham.

    Tullian is the former pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale. He resigned last month after admitting to an inappropriate relationship with someone other than his wife.

  • Plea to the pontiff

    Rachel Zoll 

    AP Religion Writer

    NEW YORK - Priests, nuns and canon lawyers who advocate for molestation victims urged Pope Francis this week to use the new Vatican tribunal he formed on negligent bishops to investigate the archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, who has long been accused of sheltering abusive priests.

  • Grace Notes: Answers to those questions gargoyles ask

    The other day I got a letter from a Mark Gould of Southampton, New Jersey.
    He had just finished reading my book “Prayers God Always Answers” and he had some questions for me. He said, “I do like to question authors, more kindly now than in the past — once a gargoyle, not always one.”
    That intrigued me, that he described himself as a former gargoyle. (For those unfamiliar with gargoyles, they’re creepy, scary, mythological creatures that you can find on some really old buildings. They’re used to divert water and sometimes water spits out of their mouths.)