• Orthodox Christians to celebrate Easter

    Easter will be celebrated tomorrow by over 300 million Orthodox Christians throughout the world. This great feast of the Church, known as Holy Pascha, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead following his crucifixion and burial.

  • A day of prayer

    Diane Dobry

    For the Chronicle

    The 65th National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 5, celebrates the theme “Shout it Aloud! Do not hold back! Raise your voice like a trumpet,” based on the Biblical verse from Isaiah 58:1.

  • Grace Notes 4/16/2016: A God I can yell at

    Every Saturday morning I go to the Panera near my house and write my column for the following week.

    I order an egg white and cheese breakfast sandwich and a small coffee and sit at the table that faces the big window so I can watch the traffic go by.

    I spread my stuff out, my notepad and pen and laptop and assorted notes. Most weeks I already know what I’m going to write about, but not always.

  • The Bible — banned?

    Hillel Italie

    Associated Press

    NEW YORK — On the latest list of books most objected to at public schools and libraries, one title has been targeted nationwide, at times for the sex and violence it contains, but mostly for the legal issues it raises.

    The Bible.

  • Love and the law

    Nicole Winfield and Rachel Zoll

    Associated Press

    VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis said Friday that Catholics should look to their own consciences rather than rely exclusively on church rules to negotiate the complexities of sex, marriage and family life, demanding the church shift emphasis from doctrine to mercy in confronting some of the thorniest issues facing the faithful.

  • Grace Notes 4/9/2016: Spring cleaning, random thoughts

    The other day, my husband opened up both of the closet doors in our bedroom and pointed out that my stuff has progressively crept into his closet and that I should do something about it.

    “Like throw your stuff out to make more room for mine?” I asked.

    Um, the answer to that would be no.

  • Decades-old house of worship renewed

    Diane Dobry

    Chronicle correspondent

    It was the 1950s, when a Pentecostal community led by Pastor Katherine Greene grew up in the Inverness community where today’s Freedom Place Worship Center is making its home.  The now-late Rev. Leroy Bellamy, whose outdoor services were popular in the area, organized a revival in 1956 that allowed the community to see its church built. 

  • Grace Notes: Prayers answered: Pay here

    How much would you pay to have your prayers answered?

    For the past four years, until the Seattle-based website with 1.3 million Facebook fans was taken down, people could pay the Christian Prayer Center between $9 and $35 to pray for them.

    From 2011 to 2015, more than 125,000 people forked over more than $7 million for their more than 400,000 transactions/prayer requests.

  • Freedom finds a home

    Diane Dobry

    Chronicle correspondent

    Two years ago, Bishop Jermaine Moore Sr. was packing up equipment after conducting services at the Holiday Inn in Crystal River — a routine he had been doing for two weeks.

  • Grace Notes 3/26/2016: Easter fish story

    I’ve heard it said that a man’s worst difficulties begin when he is able to do as he likes.

    If I could do whatever I like, I’d eat several massive cinnamon rolls every morning for breakfast, spend the day on my couch watching reruns of “Gilmore Girls,” punch a few people I know in the nose, never pay my taxes or dust my house.

    That’s just off the top of my head.