• Pope urges revolution to save Earth

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  • Grace Notes: The law fulfilled for us

    Editor’s note: Nancy Kennedy is taking a break from her weekly column this week. This is one of her favorite columns from 2005.


    My friend Mike loves kitschy stuff and he loves God. So, anything that combines kitsch and God is a slice of heaven to him.

  • Grace Notes: Chasing addictions, but not going after God

    The late comedienne Gilda Radner used to say, “It’s always something.” 

    In this life, it’s always something. There’s always something that’s your Achilles’ heel, your kryptonite, your downfall, your master. There’s always something that holds power over you, making you bow down to it, obey it. There’s always something that you start out loving and often end up hating because it eventually crushes you. 

  • Home away from home

    R. Norman Moody

    Florida Today

    CAPE CANAVERAL -- Gil Magtuloy sits at a computer monitor inside Space Coast Seafarers Ministries and

    listens as his 6-year old daughter sings to him from their home, a world away in the Philippines.

  • Singing cyclers, coast to coast

    They’re biking and singing for Jesus.

    Beginning Monday, June 1, the youth choir from Northwoods Baptist Church in Tallahassee — 24 middle and high school students plus nine adults — will start a coast-to-coast bicycle ride from Crystal River to New Smyrna Beach, stopping along the way to sing at nursing homes, churches and other venues.

  • Grace Notes: Trying to ‘trust fall’ with God in trying times

    I have a friend who Trusts. God. With. All. His. Heart!  He talks a lot about faith and giving everything over to God. 

    Frankly, sometimes I want to smack him. 

    The funny thing is, although I’m not laughing, 10 years ago he didn’t have a real soul-transforming faith and he used to come to me, asking about what it means to be a Christian. 

  • Grace Notes: Welcoming a daughter home

    Recently, a friend told me about the nose prints on her front window. 

    “I’ve been pressing my face against the window, watching and waiting for my daughter to come home,” she said. 

    After being away for a number of years, and after the worst possible year of her life thus far, she’s coming home for a time of respite and healing, starting over, starting fresh. 

  • Knocking down excuses

    Sometimes the plan of God takespeople placesthey never thought they’d go.

  • Grace Notes: Miscellaneous musings and random scribbles

    Once again, after going through my column-ideas folder of scribbled notes on church bulletins, saved emails and starts of columns I haven’t finished, I’m turning these random bits of miscellany into today’s column. 

    I hope some of these thoughts will be helpful to someone. 

  • Crossing Citrus County

    Central to the Christian faith is the cross. 

    About two years ago, an elderly couple in Ohio began building crosses and giving them away to people to put in their yards. To date, they’ve given away about 29,000.