• Grace Notes 2/13/2016: I (heart) me!

    “Dear Me,

    You are the most awesome-est thing that has ever walked on this earth. Love, Me” — found on the Internet

    Just when you think you’ve heard everything, something new comes along that causes you to shake your head in curious amazement.

    According to a Charisma News report, sologamy is on the rise as the latest marriage trend.

  • Grace Notes 2/7/2016: Lessons in caring

    This week I spent time with some people who are homeless.

    I had met some of them while tagging along at the annual countywide housing count, which is another way to say homeless count.

    Every year, people who care go out and find the people who live in the woods or in their cars or sleep in abandoned buildings and get as much information about them as they can.

  • Silence vs. Satan

    Paul Davenport and Felicia Fonseca

    Associated Press

    PHOENIX — The Phoenix City Council voted Wednesday to  replace a longstanding tradition of prayer before meetings with a moment of silence prayer, preventing an address by a group with “Satan” in its name and averting a lawsuit over constitutional rights.

  • Window into a cult

    Lindsay Whitehurst

    Associated Press

    SALT LAKE CITY — A federal judge began hearing evidence Monday in a child labor case involving a Utah polygamous sect, including testimony from a former member who says she would have been kicked out of the faith if she didn’t work on a pecan harvest.

  • Grace Notes 1/30/2016: Good news about bad news

    When someone says, “I have good news and bad news,” which one do you prefer to hear first?

    Joe went to his doctor, who posed that question to him.

    “Give me the good news first,” Joe said.

    “You have 24 hours to live,” the doctor told him.

    Clutching his chest, Joe said, “If that’s the good news, what’s the bad news?”

  • Grace Notes 1/23/2016: Stepping towards grace

    Since my friend Mike has been sober, he’s taken me to one of his AA meetings every so often.

    I don’t struggle with alcohol, but I have my own compulsions and obsessions.

    It’s my opinion that every one of us is addicted to something and that those somethings can and do change, sometimes daily.

  • Jews fleeing Europe

    Aron Heller

    Associated Press

    JERUSALEM — Jewish immigration to Israel from western Europe has reached an all-time high as a result of a rise in anti-Semitic attacks, a leading nonprofit group said Thursday.

  • Religious rights most vital for US Christians


    Associated Press

    WASHINGTON — Americans place a higher priority on preserving the religious freedom of Christians than for other faith groups, ranking Muslims as the least deserving of the protections, according to a new survey.

  • Grace Notes 12/26/2015: Let's eat grandma

    The last time we visited the church we like in Ybor City, the pastor’s message was titled, “Let’s Eat Grandma — the Importance of Punctuation.”

    My first reaction was, “Hmmm. Punctuation? Really?”

    He spoke about commas.

    I’m a word person and I know a little bit about grammar and punctuation, although not much. And commas always throw me off.

  • War Room

    INVERNESS — Cornerstone Baptist Church will show the film “War Room” twice this month, including on New Year’s Eve. There is no charge to attend the showings at 6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 27, and Thursday, Dec. 31.