A local man named Ed will never forget his 76th birthday, Sept. 22. He and his wife, Marno, took a cruise as a birthday celebration. While at sea, Ed started bleeding internally and ended up in the ship’s infirmary, where they gave him blood transfusions. Meanwhile, word got out among the other passengers, many of whom volunteered to donate their own blood.

  • Why do we pray?

    According to a recent LifeWay Research survey, when God answers prayer, he tends to do it in the South.

  • Holiday Bazaar

    Rochelle Kaiser

  • Beasts get blessings

    Special to the Chronicle

  • From ‘limo’ to ‘lightning’

    Editor’s note: Nancy Kennedy is on vacation this week. Her husband requested this column from 2004 about his 1968 Ford Falcon station wagon be rerun. He still misses that car. Nancy doesn’t.

    Although a brand new Ford F-150 “Lightning” pickup truck tops my husband’s list of dream vehicles, his eyes still mist whenever anyone mentions “the limo.”

  • Moms in waiting, still praying

    Years ago, my friend Becky in Texas excitedly announced that her son was “only” smoking pot.

  • Turning: 2014 High Holiday message

    For Jewish people all over the world, the High Holiday season of Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is a time of special introspection and repentance. While sin can be confessed any time of the year, Jews feels especially close to God during this holy time of the year.

  • Bringing lost lambs home

    I  remember the first time one of my children got lost.

    She was maybe 2 and we were in a department store when I blinked or sneezed, and in that nanosecond when my eyes were closed, she disappeared.

    She was only gone for a few minutes, which was long enough for me to imagine the worst. So, I did what all mothers who think their kids are lost do, I panicked.

    But she wasn’t lost. She had ducked underneath a rack of clothes to hide from me.

  • JUDI'S JOURNAL 9/6/2014: A look at Jewish education traditions

    While many of the students in our Southern states have been in school for a few weeks now, across the country, September is “back to school” time. For Jewish parents, sending their children off to school is an important function of being a good parent, and it is a value instilled in Judaism itself. Wherever Jews have lived and wherever they were permitted, Jews always sent their children to local schools. Where this was prohibited, there were Jewish schools to fill the void.

  • GRACE NOTES 9/6/2014: Learning to fling our cares away

    When we moved to Florida from California 23 years ago, we did so with only the things we could fit into two vehicles.

    That meant getting rid of 15 years’ worth of possessions to start over, which was both sad and exciting.