• Grace Notes: How far will our love go?

    Years ago, my granddaughter Caroline couldn’t be trusted to not make a run for it in a crowd.

    As a toddler, she was notorious for breaking loose from my daughter’s grasp and taking off running. She was also fearless and overly friendly when it came to approaching strangers and, if given the chance, would follow anyone anywhere, especially if offered candy or a puppy or a sip of Diet Coke.

  • Clarifying connections

    In approaching a clearing where the canopy was thinner, giant stalks of sugarcane swayed in the breeze. Fong spotted the heads of a long line of elephants off in the distance, their giant ears flapping in the wind. And as she looked up at the sky, a family of pterodactyls soared overhead. Fong breathed a deep sigh of satisfaction. — excerpt from “Early Earth: Coming Out of Darkness” by B.A. Norman (WestBow Press) 


  • Grace Notes: Face truth about lying: We’re all guilty

    I don’t know about you, but I hate being lied to.

    A few weeks ago we drove to Tampa, which is about 70 miles from where we live. That same day, we needed to go to Port Charlotte, which is south of Tampa.

    How far south, you ask?

    Well, according to the “distance between two cities” online calculator I used, Port Charlotte is 70 miles south of Tampa.

    Except the calculator lied.

  • The modern family circle

    Nicole Winfield

    Associated Press

  • Grace Notes: The ‘free’ stuff always comes with a cost

    I love free stuff.

    When we lived in California we lived near scads of big- box warehouse stores that always gave away free samples. Sometimes, if you got there on the right day at the right time, you could eat enough free samples and be too full to eat lunch or dinner when you got home.

    I wasn’t thinking of free stuff a few Sundays ago when I stopped at a little Pentecostal church I had never visited before, even though I’ve talked to the pastor many times.

  • Pope urges revolution to save Earth

    Associated Press 

  • Grace Notes: The law fulfilled for us

    Editor’s note: Nancy Kennedy is taking a break from her weekly column this week. This is one of her favorite columns from 2005.


    My friend Mike loves kitschy stuff and he loves God. So, anything that combines kitsch and God is a slice of heaven to him.

  • Grace Notes: Chasing addictions, but not going after God

    The late comedienne Gilda Radner used to say, “It’s always something.” 

    In this life, it’s always something. There’s always something that’s your Achilles’ heel, your kryptonite, your downfall, your master. There’s always something that holds power over you, making you bow down to it, obey it. There’s always something that you start out loving and often end up hating because it eventually crushes you. 

  • Home away from home

    R. Norman Moody

    Florida Today

    CAPE CANAVERAL -- Gil Magtuloy sits at a computer monitor inside Space Coast Seafarers Ministries and

    listens as his 6-year old daughter sings to him from their home, a world away in the Philippines.

  • Singing cyclers, coast to coast

    They’re biking and singing for Jesus.

    Beginning Monday, June 1, the youth choir from Northwoods Baptist Church in Tallahassee — 24 middle and high school students plus nine adults — will start a coast-to-coast bicycle ride from Crystal River to New Smyrna Beach, stopping along the way to sing at nursing homes, churches and other venues.