• Bayside provides ‘hope’

    From the church’s beginnings, Bayside Church in Crystal River wanted to be a church that meets the needs of people in the community.

    That’s why they go to local laundromats with cookies and drinks and laundry detergent and money to pay for people’s use of the washers and dryers.

  • Passion of Christ is our eternal hope

    This is the time of year when Christians remember the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a season when his followers are focused on how he suffered and died on the cross and after three days, he arose from the grave.

  • ‘Fresh expressions’ of faith

    On a recent chilly Saturday morning, Vader, a little black pug in a red sweater, chased several big dogs around Bark Park of Wildwood.

    Meanwhile, a number of folks from Wildwood United Methodist Church gathered to pray — for their community, for the people they would meet that day at the dog park — and for the dogs.

    The pastor, Michael Beck, shared a brief devotional message as Vader wagged his tiny tail.

  • Easter’s promise of peace

    A few years ago, classical musicians started doing “random acts of culture,” usually in busy shopping malls.

    All of a sudden, someone in the crowd would start singing or playing a violin and then others in the food court or on the escalator would join in until 10 or 20 or more voices and/or instruments would create a moment of cultural beauty while surprised shoppers stopped and listened, pulling out their cellphones to record it to share with their friends on Facebook or YouTube.

  • Living on Purpose 4/8/2017: There is more to being rich than having money

    By Dr. William Holland

    We often hear the term “it’s all about the money,” but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to hope and a sense of spiritual well-being.

  • Grace Notes 4/8/2017: Offering up some random notes on grace

    I hate clutter, although you’d never know it by looking at my desk.

    This morning I had some free time, so I decided to go through the piles of notes and scribbles scattered around, which usually results in a “random notes of grace” column.

    I hope something will be helpful or encouraging to you today:


  • Her mission of healing

    Whether it’s in Montgomery, Alabama, Citrus County, Florida, or the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa, God uses broken people to share his love with other broken people.

    Sarah Holder, a Lecanto High School art student who turns 16 this month, knows what it’s like to be broken.

    Several years ago, she struggled with severe depression to the point of being hospitalized, an experience she described as “horrifying.”

  • Living on Purpose 4/1/2017: Empowered as participants by expressing our faith

    By William Holland

    The idea of faith within any community usually leads to thoughts about various types of churches and this can definitely be a part of it; however, if we step back and observe the larger picture we notice that faith is more of an overall spiritual presence than just the local assemblies themselves.

  • Grace Notes 4/1/2017: Have faith that God’s plan is always ‘Plan A’

    Recently, I met a woman who had moved to the area to stay with family after a painful divorce and some health problems on top of that.

    She had lost everything and was starting over.

    “I’m too old for this,” she said, although she didn’t divulge her age. 

  • Making the decision to place hope in God

    Hope is one of those dynamic words that deserves the title of catalyst when it comes to change. It is a spiritual attribute that God’s people should have on hand at any given moment because it is filled with life, enthusiasm and energy.