• God will never forget or forsake you

    William Holland

    Living on purpose


    Have you ever known someone who was even-tempered and composed, even when circumstances seemed to be falling apart all around them? In times of a serious crisis, somehow these individuals remain calm and collected and, in fact, it’s not unusual to see them comforting the very ones who came to help.

  • The choice to move

    Michelle Smith

    Congo diaries


    As a child, I dreamed of being in Africa. As a young adult, I visited the continent twice and was drawn to it. Now, as a middle-aged adult, I find myself living in Goma, a city in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Welcome to the doghouse

    About two years ago, we became caretakers of two cats when our youngest daughter moved back home to rebuild her life.

    Last year, she moved in with a friend who has two dogs — and an allergy to cats. So, we agreed to take care of Target and Mohawk until our daughter lives in a more cat-friendly space. 

    They’re old cats, probably 13 or 14 years old, which is between 63 and 66 in human years.

    They take a lot of naps.

  • Spiritual quest

    Kathy McCormack

    Associated Press

    Pittsburg, New Hampshire Charles Montgomery welcomed the challenge of hiking the steep terrain of the Connecticut River

    headwaters in remote northern New Hampshire, admiring the birds, the plants, the woods. He also loved the opportunity to pray.


  • Living on Purpose 6/17/2017: Bond of love we have with our pets

    By Dr. William Holland

  • Grace Notes 6/17/2017: Why bother with church?

    These days, a lot of people are in recovery, from drug or alcohol addiction, from childhood trauma and abuse — the list goes on.

    It’s good that people are seeking help for the things that hurt them. 

    But church?

    Over the years, I’ve noticed an increasing number of articles and books and blogs written by “recovering” church people, former Christian fundamentalists or evangelicals, former Catholics, former Baptists.

  • Servitude to sainthood?

    Colleen Slevin

    Associated Press

    DENVER - In a step toward possible sainthood, the remains of a former slave have been moved to a Catholic cathedral in Denver, where people lined up Wednesday to honor her and pray for her help.

    Many touched the glass covering of a wooden chest holding the exhumed skull and other bones of Julia Greeley, a domestic worker known for her charity work and evangelism until her death in 1918.

  • Living on Purpose 6/10/2017: Nothing's impossible with God

    By Dr. William Holland

  • Grace Notes 6/10/2017: Anatomy of an apology

    By the time you read this, this will be old news and the nation will most likely have already moved on to the next outrageous thing.

    However, as I’m writing this, Kathy Griffin is making headlines.

    Who is Kathy Griffin (and why should you care)? She’s a 56-year-old comedian and self-identified “D-list celebrity” known for being abrasive, brash, crude and sarcastic.

  • Remembering the high cost of freedom

    William Holland

    Living on purpose


    Every year in early June, we observe Memorial Day and remember the anniversary of the Normandy invasion of World War II commonly called D-day. By the way, the “D” simply stands for whatever day a military assault is planned. For example; D-3 meant three days before a D-Day, while D+7 meant seven days after a D-Day.