Local News

  • Between man and manatee

    Two retired scientists are putting the finishing touches on a study regarding the impacts of human/manatee interactions in the springs’ area of Three Sisters Springs.

    Carl Wolfe and Rae Ellen Syverson will present their findings at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 25, in the Sable Room at the Plantation on Crystal River resort.

    The study was commissioned by the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge.

  • Duke ramps up capital spending

    After a year of low capital expenditures, Duke Energy is anticipating big investments in new projects in 2015 and 2016.

    The Florida share is an estimated $2 billion and includes the natural gas fired plant for Citrus County, purchase of the Osprey Energy Center in Polk County or adding peaking units to the Suwannee plant near Live Oak and the Hines power plant project.

  • Longtime photojournalist Dave Sigler dies

    Former longtime Citrus County Chronicle photographer Dave Sigler died Wednesday morning at his Inverness home, surrounded by family, friends and his beloved cats.

    Sigler, a multi-award-winning career photojournalist, worked at the Chronicle from 1989-2013. He’s remembered for his kind and generous nature and was a devout Christian.

    He had a great appreciation for music, the arts and technology. Photography was his passion. 

  • New business caters to home needs

    Ace Hardware, the company that symbolizes that segment of retailing, has a new location in Beverly Hills. 

    Store owner Cadie Carter brings 33 years of hardware experience to area. It is the eighth location for his family’s Ace Hardware group, with most stores positioned in Lake County.

  • Crime remains static in Inverness

    INVERNESS — Other than a slight increase in residential burglaries in 2014, crime in Inverness remained fairly static from the year before.

    Capt. Justin Ferrara with the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday updated the council on 2014 city crime statistics.

    Some key stats from the report:

    * For the second straight year, there were no homicides in Inverness.

    * Robberies remained static at four.

  • BOCC eyes Citrus Springs for road resurfacing

    INVERNESS — Repaving neighborhood roads, particularly those in Citrus Springs, has vaulted to the top of the county’s priority list.

    Citrus County commissioners learned Tuesday afternoon that $6.4 million is available to resurface county- owned neighborhood roads.

  • State delays release of latest job numbers for annual benchmarking

    Monthly job numbers usually put out by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) will not be released in February while the state follows the federal lead and delays the January data for an annual revision.

    Jennifer Diaz, DEO spokeswoman explained every March, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics and DEO release January employment and unemployment estimates, as well as revised historical data.

  • Mastering the basics

    CRYSTAL RIVER — In their oversized T-shirts and colorful sneakers, ranging in age from just barely 3 to seasoned veterans of 5, the T-ball athletes have come to Bicentennial Park ready to play.

    Twin brothers Tucker and Bryson Keen, age 3 1/2, begin with a little batting practice.

  • Board OKs whittled-down impact fees

    INVERNESS — It won’t matter for at least two years, but impact fees are headed down.

    Citrus County commissioners on Tuesday agreed in concept on a new impact-fee rate schedule that drops fees for new homes, businesses and offices.

    The changes will come back to the board at a future public hearing.

  • Citizens should be at table

    Thank you for the Feb. 9 Chronicle letter by Harry B. Oates regarding the decommissioning plan for the Citrus County Duke CR3 nuclear facility.