Local News

  • Inverness council approves budget amendment

    INVERNESS — Inverness City Council members unanimously approved a budget amendment totaling $146,543 to cover funding needs for projects not anticipated during the development of the fiscal year 2015 budget.

    The first project involves exterior work needed on the Inverness Government Center. Staff will move $125,000 out of the government center’s sustainability fund to cover the expense.

  • Life continues after fission

    July 1 will be a milestone as Citrus County transitions out of the nuclear age and workforce declines at the Duke Energy plant bottom out.

    The Crystal River Nuclear Plant, known as CR3, is moving into SAFSTOR, the option selected for the decommissioning process. The plant went offline in 2009, and Duke Energy announced it was being retired in February 2013.

  • Man who nearly drowned critical

    A young man who nearly drowned while scalloping Saturday in the Gulf of Mexico is in critical condition, a hospital spokesperson said Monday.

  • Friendly ferret turns up at couple’s house

    PINE RIDGE — Are you missing a ferret?

    That’s the question Pine Ridge residents Walter and Carol Wynn have been asking their friends and neighbors ever since discovering one in their two-story shed on Saturday.

    Walter had gotten up early and opened up the double doors of the shed, flipped on the light and went upstairs to find a hose attachment. When he came back down, he heard a scratching noise by the table saw. 

  • Water levels normal; lake levels drop a bit

    Sue Ellen Friddle’s surefire way to gauge water levels in the Floral City pool of the Tsala-Apopka Chain of Lakes is showing her the water mark is still within the normal range where she sits.

  • Atheists sue county for denying bench

    A local group of atheists that was twice denied permission to place a bench on the Levy County Courthouse forum close to a Ten Commandments monument has made good on its vow the fight is not over. 

  • Sheriff’s office: Man alive after nearly drowning

    A 20-year-old man was hospitalized after almost drowning Saturday near scallop grounds 5 miles off the coast of Crystal River.

    According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, emergency crews were able to resuscitate the man, who was transported to shore and airlifted to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point in Hudson.

  • Monday Conversation: John Plevell

    John Plevell — deputy and detective of 32 years — has helped put some of Citrus County’s worst criminals behind bars.

    Plevell, 55, entered the law enforcement profession back in 1978 at the age of 19, with a few Lake County police departments. After finding out soon-to-be Citrus County Sheriff Charles S. Dean Sr. was looking for some hires, the Citrus County native joined up as a patrol deputy in 1980.

  • City eyes airport plans

    INVERNESS — In was 1999 when Citrus County’s political and business leaders first pointed to the Inverness Airport as the perfect site for an industrial park.

    Now, 16 years later, county officials believe they are closing in on the final stages to make it work.

    “Sixteen years is a long time,” Citrus County Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Josh Wooten said. “These things take time to gel.”

  • Citrus ranks high in living off Social Security

    A new study shows Citrus County as one of the top spots in Florida for stretching your Social Security retirement check.

    The county ranked fourth in the state in the study, which determines where Social Security benefits will cover most of the cost of living after paying taxes.