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  • Aquarium project still alive

    CRYSTAL RIVER — Plans for an aquarium in this city are still on track, but may be shifting back to a location that was the original site choice — the Crystal River Mall.

    Art Jones, president of the Crystal River Aquarium project, said he is in talks with mall officials for space to house what he dubs an “entertaining and educational” aquarium.

  • A Regal Pose
  • Crimestoppers app now on student iPads

    Elijah Reichle

    Special to the Chronicle

    Students in Citrus County now have a new way to report crimes. 

    The Citrus County School District has uploaded the P3 app on every student’s iPad. 

    The app is a direct link to Crime Stoppers, which is an organization affiliated with local law enforcement that allows users to submit tips anonymously. 

  • Want to ride? Here's what it takes

     A bike, obviously, and a license. Before you get your license, you’ll need to pass a Basic Rider Course. More information can be found at dmvflorida.org/motorcycle-license.shtml.

     Daytime headlights are required.

     Eye protection is required. This requirement is waived for certain low-powered motorcycles.

     Earphones are prohibited. Headsets built into helmets are allowed, as are listening devices that occupy only one ear.

  • How safe is it?

    State and national statistics recently compiled and analyzed by motor club AAA found that Florida is the most dangerous state for motorcyclists to ride in, leading the nation in fatalities in 2015, with 606. That figure was up 30 percent from 2014. That may be because bikers here prefer not to wear a helmet: Only 47 percent of riders, compared to 83 percent nationally.

    Miami-Dade, Hillsborough and Broward counties led the list, with dozens of motorcyclist fatalities each in 2015.

  • When riders descend for Bike Week, expect them ... on Ozello Trail

    When it comes to motorcycling, it doesn’t get much better than Citrus County — or so say the bikers.

    They have plenty of reasons: open spaces, the climate, scant traffic, winding roads and the presence of two big dealerships on the west side.

  • Citrus' bikers, by the numbers

    Out of a population of 141,000, there are 16,150 Citrus County residents who hold motorcycle endorsements. That number has gone up every year since 2005, when 10,154 people held endorsements (a 59 percent increase). The total number of registered motorcycles in Citrus County is 7,562. That figure exceeds registrations in nearby Hernando, Levy and Sumter counties.

    Source: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

  • Life in the wind

    Hell’s Angels, Devil’s Disciples, Sons of Satan, Mongols and Banditos.

    At one time, motorcycles belonged to those who considered themselves — and were considered by polite society — to be rebels and outlaws. Bikers looked tough and acted rough. 

    But today, and here in Citrus County, the typical biker is young and old, a white-collar worker, a blue-collar worker, a retiree — everyday folks who enjoy, as some call it, “being in the wind.”

  • Parading for St. Patrick
  • Impostor scams on the rise


    Lee Alexander

    Seniors vs. Crime

    If you have been watching the news, you have probably seen where impostor scams have surpassed identity theft as the leading cause of loss through fraud.

    Last year, consumers lost more than $744 million to scammers using a wide range of impostor scams. This just shows how doing our due diligence before we spend our money can save us in the long run.