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  • Fate of MSBU hangs in the balance

    A good year and a half after the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) enacted a controversial fire fee, the fate of the municipal services benefit unit (MSBU) is still in flux.

    The county commissioner who has been a critic of the fee, Scott Adams, is now the chairman of the commission, and it appears he may have the votes to undo the funding mechanism — new commissioners Scott Carnahan and Ron Kitchen have been on record about their opposition to the fee.

  • Q&A: The MSBU and you

    What is the fire services MSBU?

    A municipal services benefit unit (MSBU) is a fee charging certain property owners who will receive an extra benefit from a justified service — in this case, improved fire services.

    An MSBU is not a tax based on a home’s taxable property value. It is an additional fee added onto to that collected tax amount. 

  • Cities seek alternative approach to firefighting

    It’s a tale of not two, but three cities.

    Inverness, Crystal River and Dunnellon have each been affected to some degree by Citrus County’s municipal services benefit unit (MSBU) for fire services. 

    Interestingly enough, property owners inside those municipalities don’t even pay the fire MSBU.

  • Fire chief: ‘We offer a good service’

    Fighting fires is yet another public service provided by the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

    “We supply a service, and we supply a darn good service that has sustained for years: efficient, effective, cost effective, conservative,” Sheriff Jeff Dawsy said.

  • Feeding Alliance provides happy, healthy Thanksgiving

    By Laura Bittner, Staff writer

  • Duke: Help available for energy bills

    Duke Energy’s Energy Neighbor Fund is prepared to assist customers in Florida who may struggle to pay their energy bill this winter. 

    Duke employees, customers and shareholders will provide funds to those in need throughout the year.

  • Local briefs 11/23/14

    ­Citrus County Advisory board members sought

    The Citrus County Commission is seeking applications for two vacant positions on the Citrus Springs Advisory Council. This board provides for regulation of private, for-profit water, bulk water and wastewater utilities within the unincorporated areas of Citrus County.

  • Educators cringe over new state tests

    Current school testing standards have educators and parents longing for the FCAT days.

    And they hated the FCAT days.

    Citrus County and school districts across the state have passed resolutions calling for the governor, the Department of Education and the Legislature to put a halt to this year’s round of standardized tests.

  • New BOCC chairman wants to raise staff productivity

    Newly minted chairman of the county commission Scott Adams shared some of his philosophies about governance and what he expects to accomplish during his tenure at the helm.

    First, he wants to get word out there that he expects 

    productivity, lots of it. And, he is focused on reorganizing some elements of the government such as the legal department to get what he calls more bang for the buck for the taxpayers.

  • Cowboy comes home to Citrus

    Dakota Shipp knows his geography. As a professional team roper, the Texas cowboy competes in 125 to 150 rodeos a year, all over the United States and Canada.

    But one event is special to him — the Citrus Stampede Rodeo.

    Shipp is from Citrus County and learned to ride in Hernando, where he belonged to 4-H.

    He has four sisters, 13 nieces and nephews, his grandmother, an uncle and an aunt living in the area, along with a lot of old-time friends.