Local News

  • Monday Conversation: Roger Proffer

    Roger B. Proffer Sr. has never been one to stay in one place.

    At the ages of 14 and 16 in his hometown of Rankin, Michigan, Proffer ran away from his family farm for reasons he has yet to divulge.

    Starting in 1960 he served in the Air Force as an electronics technician, repairing aircraft radios and radar towers in East Asia and Vietnam until 1964.

  • Plane crashes in Homosassa field, no injuries

    Two men flying back home to Indiana from Lakeland, Florida, had to make an emergency landing Sunday afternoon in a Homosassa field when their plane malfunctioned.

    No injuries were reported.

    Citrus County Sheriff’s Office responders were dispatched a little after 12 p.m. Sunday to a field off of West Country Club Drive in Homosassa when reports arrived of a downed plane.

  • Board to consider garbage out, in

    Garbage coming in, garbage going out.

    Both have their place at Tuesday’s county commission meeting.

    County staff will recommend allowing FDS Disposal Inc. to haul garbage from the town of Inglis to the Citrus County landfill for $40 a ton.

    Commissioners also will decide whether Citrus County School District garbage can be hauled to a private landfill in Sumter County, co-owned by Commissioner Scott Adams.

  • School board workshops about OTC medications

    Over-the-counter medications will come front and center Tuesday as Citrus County School Board members hope to find a solution to the hot topic that mandates a doctor’s authorization.

    Board members conduct a workshop concerning over-the-counter medications shortly after 9 a.m. Tuesday, after an administrative meeting and special meeting.

  • CRA to meet today

    More time was allocated in order for Crystal River board members to discuss major projects scheduled for the government meeting tonight.

    Crystal River’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) board will begin discussions for two anticipated development projects at 6 p.m. tonight.

  • Medical marijuana rally

    The Jimmy Sparks band performs Saturday at Rock Crusher Canyon at the “Canna-Crush the Lies ... Survivors of the Drug Wars” hosted by Florida’s Angels of Mercy.

    Organizer Kara Kampmeyer, president of the organization, said the goal of the event was to make people aware of the medical benefits of medical marijuana and to dispel its negative reputation.

  • Community mourns slain family

    Pastor Wendell Corbin of Mount Nebo Baptist Church told the family and mourners at a memorial service for the mother and six children killed in a mass shooting in Bell, “I know you want them back. You wouldn’t want to bring them back. They’re in a much better world.”

    He said it was terrible senseless tragedy, but if they trust in the Lord, “He will lead us where we need to be.”

  • Cent for Citrus workshops scheduled

    Interim County Administrator Jeff Rogers has announced there will be five public workshops in October for the general public regarding the “Cent for Citrus” referendum on the Nov. 4 ballot. 

    The 1 percent sales tax increase, if approved by voters, would provide funding for resurfacing and maintenance of all county-maintained, paved residential roadways. 

  • County briefs 9/22/14

    Dog park to open soon

    The Board of County Commissioners invites the public and dogs to attend the grand opening of the county’s first dog park at Bluebird Springs Park in Homosassa. This event will take place at 9:30 a.m. Thursday at 8950 W. Bluebird Springs Lane in Homosassa.

  • Citrus County Council hosts Tipping Points series

    BEVERLY HILLS — Citrus County Council is hosting Tipping Points, a series of free presentations pertaining to our environment and vanishing water supply. A presentation on Amendment 1: the Water and Land Conservation Amendment, will be followed by a discussion at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 18, at Central Ridge Library in Beverly Hills.