AMBER SIGMAN/For the Chronicle
Leon Akins, 86, a former traveling evangelist, and his wife Katherine, 81, have been married for 66 years, since Katherine was 15 and Leon was 19. The couple has started a transportable food ministry in their front yard in Crystal River, where food items donated by Publix via Jesus Is Ministries of Inglis are gifted to community members in need. “We argue and fight with each other every day ... but we love one another,” Katherine said.
Ministry feeds the soul

To hear Katherine Akins tell it, the Lord made a grave error when he created Crystal River — at least that’s what she thought when she moved there at age 13 from California.

Leon, her husband of nearly 66 years, was born and raised in Crystal River.

When Katherine was 15, Leon sent his cousin to do his bidding and ask her for a date.