• Italian cuisine in the family traditiion

    “We want people to know this is an Italian family restaurant” is the message from Christy D’Amico, new owner of D’Amico’s Pizza Cafe & Deli in Hernando.

    And indeed it is. The eatery, formerly Chef Anthony’s, is now owned and operated by D’Amico and her husband, Gary, along with daughter Maria, who provides artisan cannoli and cupcakes for patrons.

  • Over Easy: Show respect on Memorial Day

    Our annual Memorial Day observance honoring our fallen military veterans evokes so many memories of parades and services back in the day.

    Of course, there is still the long weekend, picnics in the park, display of flags and events in most communities dedicated to those who served our country in the most definitive way.

  • The Amish Cook: Treasure hunt makes visit a real treat

    “Grandpas are coming! Grandpas are coming!”

    Excitement reigned. Waiting can be tough for anyone, but especially so for a 3-year-old who is eagerly anticipating the arrival of out-of-state grandparents.

  • Wines 'N' Such: Be fearless when trying wines

    Do you know how to buy wine?  It’s not a trick question.  

    The average shopper starts with a price point in mind.  He or she knows generally what they like and what to avoid.  Basic stuff is: I don’t care for red wines, they are bitter tasting. Or the reverse: White wines are dull and usually too sweet for my taste. 

  • Seafood & a special salute

    “We have red snapper to die for,” said Pam Finley, describing the menu at Backwater Fins, the Ozello 

    restaurant she owns with her husband, David, and partners Dan and Diane Williams.

  • The Amish Cook: Luscious lemon pie for spring

    Last week, we as a church joined together in preparing an Amish meal that was served at the community hall in the town of Robinson, Illinois.  Several times each year we do this as a fundraiser for our parochial school or to help pay hospital bills.  These suppers are a highlight for all of us.

  • Wines 'N' Such: Let’s take a look back at more recent history of wine

    Anyone interested in a look back about 50 years to see what’s happened lately with the wine business in America, and while we are at it, taking a look at the rest of the wine world? 

    No need for a lot of dull statistics. A few facts will show what’s been going on over the past half century.

  • Southern comfort cuisine

    If enthusiasm and attention to detail are defining factors, Ryan Blakeslee should be on the road to success as owner of the River Ranch Bar & Grille steakhouse on Citrus Avenue in Crystal River.

  • Over Easy: Memories of days gone by

    Sassafras tea and stewed fresh rhubarb were a couple of things my grandmother prescribed for us in the spring. That and other recollections of days gone by emerged this past week as I recuperated from a lengthy attack of viral bronchitis.

    My Grandma Bess, who lived with us most of my life in her own adjoining apartment, was a fervent believer that sassafras tea helped “thin the blood” and readied us for warmer weather. I don’t know that it worked, but it certainly didn’t hurt anything.

  • The Amish Cook: Baked apple pudding, softball signs of spring

    By Gloria Yoder


    Greetings from Flat Rock.

    Saturday was a special day for all of us, a highlight for the entire church. It was the day for our annual end-of-the-year school picnic. In the morning, the schoolchildren presented a program, followed by a delicious lunch and softball games.

    Everyone was anxious to see what the weather would be like. With a 90 percent chance of rain, it looked quite bleak to think of having any decent ballgames.