• Cooking from scratch

    Old-fashioned — but innovative — light, bright decor and meals like mama used to make if mama was a great cook, are signature features at the Green Valley’s Family Restaurant in Hernando.

    Owners of the dining spot are Robert and Delena Dalbow, who previously owned and operated the Green Valley’s Amish Market and Deli in Inverness.

  • Flair for Food: Take a virtual journey to Asia at Lin Garden II

    Julianne Munn

    Chronicle food writer

    The buffet at Lin Garden II in Inverness is truly a feast for all Asian tastes, a lavish spread of everything from peel-and-eat shrimp to a colorful salad bar and dessert table, plus an enormous array of appetizers and entrees.

    Add the fresh sushi and hibachi stations and diners can enjoy a one-stop virtual visit to such faraway destinations as China, Japan and other Far East venues.

  • The Amish Cook: Patience at naptime yields a good rest

    By Gloria Yoder


    “OK, it’s time for an afternoon nap. Let’s all settle down and be as quiet as possible,” I told my little ones.

    “Mom, may we sleep with you today?” they wanted to know.


    So with that, Julia, 5, and Austin, 2,  and I all snuggled into our queen-sized bed.

  • Chocolate utopia opens in Crystal River Mall

    Many treats come to mind   on Valentine’s Day, and anything chocolate is always high on the list of gifts for sweethearts, friends and family.

    Longtime chocolatier Vanessa Edwards can make that happen from her new venue in the Crystal River Mall, where Chocolates by Vanessa opened this week in the former Jeanine’s Coffee Shop.

  • The Amish Cook: Matters of life and death and comforting soup

    By Gloria Yoder


    February brings special memories of Grandpa. A year ago we were savoring our final moments with Dawdy (Grandpa), knowing that his days were rapidly winding to a close. We celebrated his 80th birthday on Feb. 18, and only four days later the following events occurred:

  • The Amish Cook 2/2/2017: Gloria's grounds for loving coffee

    Who likes coffee? I’m not an avid coffee drinker at all, although I might have a cup once in a great while with a cookie or doughnut if there is no tea within reach. But what about trying coffee IN a cookie or doughnut? As you are about to find out, coffee can really add a delicious dimension to so many different dishes.

    My husband’s family from Ohio first introduced me to their frozen mocha desserts a number of years ago. After sampling them several times, I developed a taste for them.

  • Over Easy 2/2/2017: Munn offers potpourri of recipes

    Every so often, I browse through my recipe box and kitchen drawers, where hastily stowed recipes jotted down on scrap paper occasionally beckon, inspiring dishes that I delusionally believe I will one day bring to fruition in my kitchen.

    Admittedly, that seldom happens and they become forlorn mementos buried under kitchen towels and tools and other items disposed of in a similar fashion.

  • A world of flavors

    Worldwide Fusion will debut this week with an eclectic menu including Japanese, Persian, North African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean specialties to complement its existing “Sushi-O” fare in the Timberline Shopping Plaza.

    The restaurant, located just off County Road 486 just east of the intersection of County Roads 486 and 491, opened as Sushi-O about two years ago and has collected a following of sushi and sashimi aficionados.

  • Over Easy 1/19/17: Colonial dining tips for Inauguration Day

    Even the political class has to eat and the traditional congressional luncheon will provide that opportunity Friday, Jan. 20, shortly after Donald J. Trump is officially sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

    Donald Trump’s first meal as president was chosen many months before he was even elected, according to news interviews with Bill Homan, whose company Design Cuisine won the bid to host the lunch.

  • Amish Cook 1/19/17: Comforting comforters to brighten winter

    It’s cold these days. It’s windy and down-right cold.

    I don’t do as well with cold weather as my husband, Daniel, does. His pullover sweatshirt is sufficient for him in all kinds of weather. I like my jackets, sweaters and blankets.

    What’s better than snuggling up with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and reading or watching the birds?