• Straight from the tap

    Imagine a cold glass of your favorite coffee on a steamy summer day, a new brew with an intriguing twist.

    You can get it at Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters in Citrus Hills and, from all reports, it is now a customer favorite, according to shop owner and chef James Cook.

    The method is called Nitro Cold Brew, and it is served straight from the tap and not over ice, which gives the end result a Guinness (beer) effect. 

  • Word origins based in wine legends

    Wine sage Richard Vine (“The Curious World of Wine”) cites a bunch of everyday clichés that owe their origin to old-fashioned oenological legends. Allow me to share some of my favorites.

  • Week of prep for ‘Amish Adoption’ meet

    Cooking, cleaning, planning, organizing — this basically sums up the contents of our week. This week we plan to host the 20th annual “Amish Adoption Meeting” next door, at our parents’ shop. Most of us will be having overnight guests to accommodate the out-of-town visitors. 

  • The ‘DR’ is in — and serving tasty treats

    Salty and sweet is a hot new food sensation and the caramel bacon sundae at the Ice Cream DR in Inverness is a great place to sample the intriguing taste, along with a full menu of barbecue and southwestern-style vittles.

    As temperatures rise during this prelude to summer, screaming for ice cream naturally follows the uptake in heat, and a cool cone, fancy sundae or a thick frosty shake is the perfect remedy.

  • Sauvignon Blanc — the Jamie Lee Curtis of wine

    The Sauvignon Blanc grape is a total contrast when compared with its more widely well-known big sister Chardonnay.  Gentle readers of these pages may not, unless they are regular attendees of wine tastings, be familiar with this grape variety.  In her fine little book “The Wine Bible” Karin MacNeil describes it so well:  “If Chardonnay is Marilyn Monroe, Sauvignon Blanc is Jamie Lee Curtis.”

  • Not sure what to serve? ‘Stack’ it for an all-inclusive meal, stress free

    Gloria Yoder


    Preparing and serving food for guests is a pleasure, yet I find myself questioning whether or not it’ll be what they will like eating. For that reason, I have found “stacks” such as haystacks, hobo delight, breakfast haystacks or even expanded salad bars, to be one of my favorite ways to serve. 

  • Savor the flavors at rustic Island Outpost

    You can fuel your car, truck or boat, buy fishing tackle, T-shirts, and jams and jellies, but most of all at the Island Outpost in Ozello, you can sample some of the tastiest meals in Citrus County.

    First-time residents and visitors might not have a clue about what’s inside this spacious former convenience store overlooking a single gas pump, but those in the know show up regularly in time for breakfast, lunch and supper.

  • Fresh, fruity offerings stimulate the senses
  • Annual Amish Adoption Meeting places many children

    Gloria Yoder



    On Friday afternoon my husband, Daniel, and I — along with our two little ones — walked down to my parents’ shop to join those congregating for the annual Amish Adoption Meeting, which I wrote about last week.

  • Chef Joe knows the way to seniors hearts

    Chef Joe Perruccio rubbed elbows with such elite customers as singer Dionne Warwick, astronaut John Glenn, TV host Oprah Winfrey and designer Bob Mackie during his career, but he now lends his talent and skills to residents at Cedar Creek Assisted Living Residence.

    His expertise has lost nothing in the transition, from feting the rich and famous to preparing delicious meals for retirees at the Crystal River senior home away from home.