• Bounty from the bay and beyond

    Switzerland to Crystal River via New York State was the journey the original Kofmehl family made to eventually become longtime fishermen and restaurateurs on the Nature Coast.

    The most recent entry into the retail market is Kelly Kofmehl, who was gifted with his first boat at the age of 9 and dove headfirst into a childhood water wonderland while living on King’s Bay.

  • Over Easy: Mexican surprise, a few holiday appetizers

    We had an amazing vacation a week ago in Lake Chapala, Mexico, visiting daughter Kristine and friends, but it’s so good to be back home.

    Of course, we sampled as many restaurants as possible during the trip in and around Ajijic and Chapala, and ended up with a few surprises.

  • Wines 'N' Such: Widely planted grenache yields nice wines

    I am reasonably sure that while nine out of 10 consumers who prefer red wines are familiar with the grape merlot, few gentle readers who follow these weekly words know little about the far-flung variety “grenache.” I have searched the background of this far-flung variety. Following, in a nutshell, is what I have uncovered.

  • The Amish Cook: Gloria gives thanks, shares recipe for Minister’s Pumpkin Pie

    By Gloria Yoder


    Cheery Thanksgiving greetings to all!

    Thanksgiving is a special season to give thanks, an excellent motivator to get our minds geared into a positive direction.

    November seems like such an ideal time of the year for Thanksgiving with a busy summer behind us. Our canning shelves are loaded to the brim with green beans, squash, homemade pizza sauce and ketchup, to name a few.

  • Masters of meat

    Steve and Sandy Smith are already smokin’ hot and it’s only going to get warmer for the dynamic duo.

    From Florida to New Mexico to the Carolinas, the Smiths are making their mark in the world of barbecue and have big plans for a new restaurant in Inverness.

  • Real Mexican with flair

    The former Boathouse Restaurant in Crystal River underwent a major transition recently, with a segue south of the border that offers a full menu of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine available for those who like the spicier side of dining.

  • Enticing, interesting Rumors

    Seven Rivers Golf and Country Club has a brand new name and that’s not all.

    The venerable landmark is awash in upgrades and expansion of the site including Rumors restaurant and offering public access to all of the facilities.

  • Retro repast

    Old-fashioned diners with plate lunches and dinners and a variety of sides and sandwiches were hallmarks of the 1940s and ’50s, and that tradition is revived at the Suncoast Diner in Homosassa Springs.

  • Wines 'N' Such: Does it really matter where great wine comes from?

    I doubt if many gentle readers give much thought to what the wine world refers to as selected growing areas.
    France boasts more than 400 of these units known as appellation d’origine contrôlée (pronounced ah-pehl-lah-syawn daw-ree-jean kawn-traw-lay), or more simply, sans French accent, an AOC or just AC.
    So what are they and do they exist outside of France? Sure, Italy’s got them, so do Spain, Germany, most other European countries and many are springing up right and left right here in the U.S.

  • The Amish Cook: Deer hunting provides meat to Amish group

    By Gloria Yoder

    Several weeks ago my husband promised our daughter, Julia, age 4, that he’ll take her along bow hunting sometime. She was all excited as I got her ready to go. It was a beautiful fall day, perfect for her to go with Daddy.