• Special speakeasy style

    Daily items include freshly baked bread, cheeses and fruit, but the vast stock of wines are the real stars at the Wine Shop III and Wine Bar in Crystal River, along with a spacious hideaway reminiscent of a 1920’s speakeasy.

    The Wine Shop, on Citrus Avenue in the city’s historic district, belies its rather ordinary name, and that is instantly apparent as one enters the business designed to attract oenophiles and

  • Over Easy: Show your love with chocolate

    February, appropriately enough, is
    National Chocolate Month. Fits so nicely with Valentine’s Day on
    Sunday, Feb. 14.
    Fancy boxes of chocolate candies are always welcome, but there are other ways to show your love with chocolate, including a couple quick recipes in today’s Over Easy. These desserts will be perfect after-dinner treats either at home or at your favorite restaurant.
    Chocolate Cherry Valentine Heart Bars
    1 box regular brownie mix (no chocolate chips)
    1 (21-ounce) can cherry pie filling
    2 eggs
    1 teaspoon almond extract
    Chocolate sauce (optional garnish)

  • Wines 'N' Such: Slip-ups with everyday glass or two of wine

    Here are some tips to make your daily wine consumption better, from keeping it fresh to drinking it at the right temperature.
    1. Your red wine is far too warm. So how about the rule, chill white wines, drink red wines at room temperature?

  • The Amish Cook: Thoughtful Daniel saves the day for busy Gloria

    By Gloria Yoder

    How about joining us for the day?
    Even though I love schedules, my days are quite unpredictable and don’t always turn out as planned.
    Daniel and I got up at 6 a.m. and had devotions together. We have a devotional booklet we use which includes an article for each day along with a Bible reading plan. It covers many different topics and has been an inspiration to us.

  • Celebrating life

    Teddy Zoumis left Paleros, Greece, at the age of 15  years to sail the seas aboard an oil tanker, but said he jumped ship when it docked in New York harbor in 1971 and then headed south to Florida.

    After stints in restaurants in Paterson, New Jersey, then Key Largo and West Palm Beach, he decided it was time to head back north. He got as far as Homosassa before dropping anchor permanently.

  • Family rules at Anastasia's

    Grandma Eleni Patides rules the kitchen, and she is assisted by children and grandchildren at Anastasia’s Restaurant, this month celebrating three years in business in the Central Ridge area of Citrus County.

  • Bounty from the bay and beyond

    Switzerland to Crystal River via New York State was the journey the original Kofmehl family made to eventually become longtime fishermen and restaurateurs on the Nature Coast.

    The most recent entry into the retail market is Kelly Kofmehl, who was gifted with his first boat at the age of 9 and dove headfirst into a childhood water wonderland while living on King’s Bay.

  • The Amish Cook: Gloria serves up recipe for happy marriage

    By Gloria Yoder

    How about it — Valentine’s Day is right around the corner once more. Stores are loaded with red and pink hearts, sweet chocolates and red roses as gifts to loved ones to show how dear they are to you.

  • Wines 'N' Such: Let’s ban or just replace some overused wine words

    “Banning” in the political world is a hot-button topic these days.
    England is arguing about banning Trump. A wine blog I read occasionally (“Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine” by Charles Olken) uses this theme to illustrate provocative news themes such as banning Christmas, banning guns and so on. The blog author did not mention banning books, which in my teen years signified the city of Boston’s censors who were opposed to any literature that might mention sex. Every year these days, our wonderful, free libraries pointedly feature the awkward subject of banned books. So there!

  • Over Easy: Perfect pastries in your kitchen

    I almost missed National Croissant Day on Jan. 30, but rallied in time to make sure I had my favorite pastries on hand.
    Nothing tastes much better in the morning than a warm flaky croissant, freshly buttered and served with a favorite jam or chocolate dipping sauce. Pure heaven. Thank goodness one can find them most everywhere these days, including supermarket bakeries and coffee shops.
    Jan. 30 is the annual celebration of the Vienna-style pastry in the United States. It must be a really festive occasion in France, Vienna and other pastry capitals.