• Slow, savory smokin'

    It’s rustic and unpretentious, but you won’t mind the lack of frills when you taste the slow-smoked barbecue at Bean’s Pillar of Smoke BBQ on U.S. 19 just north of Homosassa.

    You can order carry-out or eat under umbellas at picnic tables in the sun-drenched field, with easy access from the highway and plenty of parking.

  • The Amish Cook 4/27/2017: Yoders and friends enjoy bounty of mushrooms

    Editor’s Note: This column is about wild mushrooms. Wild mushrooms can be very dangerous or fatal to ingest if you don’t know how to identify them properly, so take some time to learn about them or take someone with you who is an experienced mushroom hunter.


    By Gloria Yoder

  • Over Easy 4/20/2017: Cooking no muss, no fuss with new air fryer

    I really tried to resist, realizing that my kitchen is awash with must-have small appliances and gadgets that see the light of day only occasionally. But, I finally succumbed to temptation and ordered my newest favorite food toy.

    Yep, I was browsing TV channels one late night recently and suddenly, there was Mrs. Butter herself, Paula Deen, demonstrating her new air fryer in living color.

  • Bistro on the boulevard

    Good food and friendly service are the keys to longevity for the 3-year-old Boulevard Bistro in Citrus Springs and the business is also emerging as an in-demand catering venue as well.

    Owned and managed by Kathy Weiler and her daughter, Michelle Colbert, the bistro has branched out to provide unique and innovative catering throughout the county for events such as weddings, reunions and birthdays — even a gig at Rock Crusher Canyon.

  • Frosty haven in Homosassa Springs

    “Hello, welcome to heaven on Earth” is how Angel Macys answers the phone at her electic

    boutique in Sunny Days Plaza south of Homosassa Springs.

    But she could also just as easily be referring to the nearby Goodies Ice Cream parlor she operates for Stormy Johnson, her mother and Goodies’ owner.

    When the former owners of the popular Goodies closed last year, the family decided they had to act fast.

  • Doubly delicious dining

    When folks in the Beverly Hills area can’t decide between barbecue and ice cream, they can head to Skeet’s Smokehouse and Grill for plenty of both. Skeet’s, owned by Lanse Fero, is a longtime haven for good food and in the past year or so has added a large ice cream parlor to the restaurant, serving a variety of  tasty frozen treats featuring 32 flavors from the Working Cow company of St. Petersburg.

  • Delights of the diner

    There are many good reasons to dine at Papa J’s in Inverness, but at the top of the list is a French onion soup that is unbelievably tasty.

    How it gets that way is because owners Brad and Patty Gibbs emphasize flavor in their café menu and it is never more obvious than in this special soup.

  • The Amish Cook 4/20/2017: Yoder family enjoys Easter program by youths

    By Gloria Yoder Easter Sunday is one of the most special days of the year to me. It is a special day to celebrate our Lord and Savior.

  • Easter table traditions

    The holiest of days for Christians will be observed Sunday worldwide, with joyful prayer, sunrise church services, family togetherness, a celebration of spring and renewal and of course, bountiful tables during the day.

    It’s also a day for youngsters to once again revel in scouting for decorated eggs at home and at events sponsored by various community groups, as well as the traditional national observance in the nation’s capital.

  • The Amish Cook 4/13/2017: Trifle with a wedding

    By Gloria Yoder

    You may remember last week’s column when I told of our plans to travel to Pennsylvania to attend a wedding where two of my cousins would be marrying two Miller siblings from another family.

    We did have a fantastic trip. Needless to say, after traveling 550 miles in a van, the 14 of us were quite ready to arrive at our destination.