• When it comes to reds, don't be yellow

    Today we finish our grape overview and glance at some of the important red wines on shelves. But first, a question: How does red wine gets its color if the crushed juice of every red grape is neutral?* 

    Red wine is all about skin: Show a lot of skin during fermentation and you get red wine, a little bit of skin and you produce rosé; no skin results in white. In fact, most golden-colored Champagne is made from red grapes.

  • As spring emerges, so does a reminder of our purpose

    It is turning out to be a nice, sunny day. The temperature is almost 40. We awoke one morning this week with the ground all covered with snow. It stayed cold for a few days, with the temperature going down to 22 one night.

    My husband Joe and the boys planted 30 to 40 pounds of potatoes on Saturday. Joe tilled all the gardens, but I haven’t had a chance to plant anything. I would like to plant peas, radishes, lettuce and onions. At least a little of each so we have some ready earlier.

  • Taste of Inverness

    The eighth annual Taste of Inverness will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, April 12, at Liberty Park on Lake Henderson. Enjoy food, art and live entertainment with the Blue Stem Prairie Band. 

  • Grow roselle for your mademoiselle

    By Randy Hobson

  • Here’s an excuse to eat some chocolate

    Valentine’s Day is over the hill this year, but chocolate goes on forever. So, big query for wine lovers: Which selections marry best with chocolate? And that’s dark, bittersweet chocolate, mind you. The only liquid to drink with milk chocolate is cold milk, preferably during daylight hours. 

  • Little to no time to stop and enjoy the warmer weather

    The temperature shows 33 degrees on our thermometer. That is 20 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. We had a snow earlier this week, just enough to cover the ground. Once the sun came out, the snow didn’t last too long. With the beginning of April next week, it makes us even more eager to see warmer weather arrive.

  • At Shrimpapalooza, good times and good food

    By Carly Zervis

    Shrimp was the word of the day this past Saturday in Old Homosassa, as the Rotary Club of Homosassa Springs put on the third annual Shrimpapalooza festival.

  • What Italy taught me about la dolce vino

    Across the sundry wine events Bev and I have attended over time, the good folks we run into all love to chat, and the topic most covered is visits to wineries. Lacking an actual scorecard, our mental tabulation says California is No. 1 for wine-seeking travelers, while across the Atlantic and into the Mediterranean Sea Italy follows as a close second.

  • Spring brings cleaning and quilting, syrup and supper

    It is the first day of spring. The temperature is staying around the freezing mark this morning. I am hoping we will see some sun to make it seems more like spring.

  • Wines of the Near East in the distant past

    A story in Commonweal magazine asks: “What did Jesus drink?” 

    No-brainer: Why, wine, of course. 

    Which got me thinking: What was wine like in the Holy Land during earliest days?

    We know for sure there was plenty of the stuff there, because one source, the Bible, mentions it no fewer than