• Cheesy secret

    One of the secrets to success for Brothers Pizza in the Crystal Springs Shopping Center is the creamy cheese topping, but don’t ask how it’s made — it’s a 

  • ­History, cooking fans get new book

    “From the very first prickly pears harvested by Paleo-Indians more than 12,000 years ago to the Seminole tribe’s staple dish of sofkee, Florida’s culinary history is as diverse as its geography.”

  • Enjoy sweet or tart wines as per your preference

    When patrons in our wine shop in Connecticut asked for a recommendation, the first questions from me (once I knew a price range) were white or red, and bone dry or a tad sweet? And almost 10 to 1, the answer would be: “Oh, dry, very dry. None of that sweet stuff for me!” People were leery of old-fashioned grapey-sugary wine.

  • Delicious homemade pizza uses different sauce

    Gloria Yoder

  • Gourmet game

    Hunting and fishing are lifelong activities that shaped the lives of Toby Benoit and Trisha Mickler, pursuits that led to co-authoring “Carnivore Country; The Meat Eater’s Family Cookbook.”

  • Stone crab claws a dining delight

     Seafood lovers rejoice! Stone crab season opened yesterday and will continue through mid-March. Stone crab is surely a Florida treasure, the Sunshine State’s answer to Maine lobster — even better, some say.

  • Enjoy this quick history of potent potables in the U.S.

     In a humorous and beautifully illustrated little book, titled “Esquire Drinks,” the author David Wondrich takes an irreverent look at drinking in America. As he puts it: “This isn’t about drinking. It’s about drinking liquor.”

  • In appreciation of mother’s love, hard work

    Gloria Yoder

    The Amish Cook 

    This week, I would like to introduce you to someone who means a lot to me, someone who has played one of the most important roles in my life (that is, besides my husband!). I have many friends who are very near and dear to me, but this particular person has probably done more for me than anyone else ever has.

  • The Sweet Life

    Jennifer Schreifels is convinced, she says, “that once people taste my baked goods they will be back for more.”

    Comments from customers in the store recently would indicate she is right on the mark, judging by their rave reviews for her custard-filled éclairs and carrot cakes.

    The entrepreneur and mother of two children opened her Sweet Life Bakery on County Road 581 in Inverness, on May 1 of this year, a venture she describes as a labor of love.

  • Celebrate subs on special day

     So, how do you like your sandwich? The choices are endless, but today, Oct. 9, is National Submarine Day, so you might want to think about that question and act on it.

    Goodness knows there are a plethera of sub shops in Citrus County if you don’t want to create your amazing sandwich. Hot or cold, a good sub sandwich is a sight and taste to behold.