• ‘Hidden treasure’ that truly is

    Julianne Munn

  • Headphones, basketball and baked brie

     The Christmas countdown is under way, and I seem to have just two gifts ready for the big occasion. Not unusual for me, but waiting until the 11th hour is certainly a stress creator.

  • Holiday greetings to all!

    Gloria Yoder 

    Can it really be true that Christmas is just around the corner? Is 2014 actually coming to a close in a few weeks?

  • Good food, western lore at Coyote Café

    You can travel the length and breadth of Citrus County seeking a place to dine, but it’s unlikely you’ll find an eatery with a western coyote standing guard and alligators in the back yard.

    The Coyote Cafe in Old Homosassa, across the street from the post office, is operated by Robert Anderson, former executive chef at the Black Diamond Golf resort for eight years, and chef de cuisine and instructor for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for 11 years, traveling to numerous locales world wide.

  • Greetings from the Yoder family!


    Gloria Yoder

    The Amish Cook

    This year we enjoyed being able to spend Thanksgiving Day with my husband’s family in Ohio. The ladies did an excellent job preparing a hearty Thanksgiving meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, salad and, of course, Mom’s pumpkin pie.

  • Spice up the holiday season

    This time of year the idea of having something spicy is very appealing, a total change from the usual winter menu of casseroles, stews and other cool weather fare.

    With that in mind, Lisa Beekley of San Antonio, Texas, drew on her Hispanic Mexican heritage to share a couple of beloved family recipes for Over Easy readers. They are among many favorites of her husband, my cousin Philip Beekley, who has sampled good food world wide during his long Air Force career.

  • Chasing that elusive best bottle ever

    At the end of the classic movie “Casablanca” Bogart tells Bergman, in that unique throaty voice, “We’ll always have Paris.” What he meant was really good memories are never forgotten. Like certain exceptional wines we may have tasted over the years?

  • A symphony of flavors at La Casa di Norma

    La Casa Di Norma is an anomaly in today’s economy, a little treasure of a restaurant in Crystal River that just keeps ticking with a menu that offers fine Italian and Spanish cuisine.

    The reason is simple: A faithful patronage who appreciate genial hosts Norma and Licio Ortiz, who don’t compromise on the quality of ingredients or friendly atmosphere.

  • Over Easy column

    I had an epiphany last week. It was decided, after a very hectic day, that we are going to downsize Thanksgiving in the future. Maybe even do without the fuss.

    Yes, we had a wonderful dinner on Nov. 27, and it was a perfectly beautiful day. But in all honesty, it seemed a bit much, all that food and fervor generated so close to the next big holiday, Christmas!

  • The Amish Cook



    Dorcas Raber (The Amish Cook's mom)

    Greetings of love and cheer to everyone from our home to yours.