• Southern smokin' showcase

    Dunnellon is a town by the Citrus County border, brimming with old Florida history showcased at Loafer’s restaurant, where old-fashioned vintage dining is perfected with Southern taste and style.

  • The Amish Cook: Gloria shares memories of learning to cook

    By Gloria Yoder


    As a young girl, there were times I couldn’t help but wonder why and how some people could actually thrive on spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking. After all, when done you simply watch your creation be consumed, then start all over and repeat the whole process again!

  • Wines 'N' Such: Counterfeiting can be profitable, even with wine

    We are all familiar with the word “fraud,” as in:  a guy who wants to sell you oceanfront property in Flagstaff, Arizona, or, as you stroll along Fifth Avenue in the Big Apple, the street vendor with a convenient sales stand insists his display of gold watches fell off a truck last night and you can benefit from his good fortune by obtaining a genuine Rolex for $50.

  • Peachy produce

    Plump, juicy peaches are irresistible to fruit lovers during the summer months who envision fresh peach cobblers, homemade ice cream, dumplings, fritters and many more favorite desserts, salads and entrees.

    Today’s Flair for Food offers recipes that will tempt good cooks to start their ovens and bake up a storm. 

  • Surf or turf?

    Fresh deep water grouper? Coming right up. Colossal shrimp? Ready for the fryer or a peel and eat plate. Hot, creamy New England clam chowder? You bet.

  • Southern staple

    It seems there is no in-between opinion about okra. You either love it or you hate it.

    Those who do love it are quick to extol its versatility and goodness, while the haters complain that the vegetable is slimy and unfit for human consumption.

  • The Amish Cook: Gloria serves up simple, yummy taco pizza

    By Gloria Yoder

    Greetings from Illinois.
    “Thanks so much, I’m looking forward to it,” I said as I hung up the telephone. I had been talking with Mom, warm feelings of love and gratitude toward her filled my heart. Truly she’s one in a million. What would I do without her? Time and again I remind myself that not everyone has been given the gift of a Godly mother living close by and that I may not always live next door to her as well as the rest of my family.
    This time she had called to invite me along with my sisters-in-law to come to their house on Friday.

  • Wines 'N' Such: Beer making has long, interesting history

    An Egyptian inscription dating back to 2200 BC states: “The mouth of a perfectly contented man is filled with beer.” Ergo, almost 5,000 years ago beer was a well-liked and well-known beverage.
    These days the magic term is “craft beer,” but what is this new beer exactly? My answer is, craft beer is similar to what one Supreme Court justice said about pornography being difficult to define: “I know it when I see it.”

  • Over Easy: Recipe rehash, fresh dessert

    It’s been a busy summer for yours truly: a week in Sacramento to visit family and attend a granddaughter’s wedding in June and just a week ago, another trip to Cottonwood, Arizona, for a much-needed reunion with my sister and family.
    As you no doubt can guess, a good amount of time was spent sampling the fare at various dining establishments and one of the best was a night visit to a steakhouse in
    Phoenix, atop a mountain that overlooked the city lights.
    Even after all the good food we all had during our forays around Cottonwood, Sedona and Jerome, sister Judie and husband Faustino

  • The Amish Cook: Little Julia shares a favorite bar cookie recipe

    By Gloria Yoder

    Hello from our home to yours!
    Motherhood: What is more demanding yet fulfilling and rewarding?
    Austin is swiftly growing out of his baby stage and keeps getting sweeter by the day, if there is such a thing. At 9 months old he crawls all over, exploring everything as he goes. His curly brown hair matches his daddy’s. Everyone says he also looks like Daniel, which tickles me.