AMBER SIGMAN/For the Chronicle
Bucky, a guide dog in training, works Thursday with Lorraine Clark of Suncoast Service Dogs at Tractor Supply in Homosassa. In one month, Bucky will be with its new owner, a young woman who is a sexual assault survivor suffering from PTSD and panic attacks. Some of Bucky’s training includes waking the owner from nightmares, keeping an eye out for panic attacks and finding an immediate exit if needed.
From shelter to service

Every dog has its day.

Bucky, a 2-year-old lab mix, had its day last October.  

It was one of nine dogs labeled aggressive and placed on a list for euthanasia by Citrus County Animal Services staff. 

Pam Janssen of Declan’s Rescue in Homosassa rescued Bucky two days before his euthanasia.