• Good fun, close to home

    Amanda Mims


    Nothing beats a good vacation. It’s always fun to play tourist in a new locale, see where the locals hang out and take in the scenery. The only problem with vacations is they don’t happen nearly as often as we’d like.

  • Journal of a Journey

    Editor’s Note: This is the next installment in a continuing series of articles from the travel journals of Peter and Leslye Graulich. After a brief hiatus, they appear weekly in the Chronicle Excursions section.


    Day 23

  • Homeland visit

    Buster Thompson


    On July 16, my parents and I traveled a little over 3,000 miles from the United States to England for our traditional, biennial journey back to my birthplace of Eastbourne in Sussex County.

    For three weeks we would reunite with family, old friends and rediscover the refreshing scenery of Britain’s southeastern countryside.

  • Paddling Away the demons


    Associated Press

    VENICE, La. -- Two tours in Afghanistan took a toll on Joshua Ploetz. The former Marine was injured in a roadside bomb. He lost friends in combat, and later, to suicide.


  • Part Two: Exploring our 'wild west'

    Amanda Mims


    Editor’s note: This is the second in a two-part series on outdoor destinations in Northwest Florida.

    Pristine rivers. White-sand beaches. Protected islands. The Panhandle has all of those things and more — enough to keep an adventurous soul busy for a long, long time. I spent about a month in the Panhandle this

  • Exploring our 'wild west'

    Amanda Mims


    Editor’s note: This is the first in a two-part series on outdoor destinations in Northwest Florida.


    For adventure seekers, the Florida Panhandle is a diverse and oftentimes wild place, from its islands to its rushing tannic rivers and out-of-the-way springs. Here are a few spots to add to your adventure bucket list. 


  • Grownups going group

    Associated Press

    NEW YORK - Group tours sound easy: Choose a destination and the tour company plans your trip, delivering you to hotels, restaurants and attractions. You don’t have to Google or organize a thing. But how do you find the right tour to begin with, one that fits your age, activity levels and preferences for lodging, dining and sightseeing?

    And, so what’s the difference between the $2,000 tour and the $8,000 tour to the same place, the same week?

  • Unexpected re-emergence

    Special to the Chronicle

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) officers were surprised last month when patrolling waters south of Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge, when they encountered a re-emerging sand bar over 4 acres in size within the boundaries where Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) once laid seven years ago.


  • Caves are calling

    Amanda Mims


    Stalactites like icicles point down from the cavern’s ceilings and stalagmites rise up from the floor. These, in

    addition to flowstone, soda straws and other formations, make up its damp interior, coloring it shades of brown, glittering white and orange.


  • A whale of a tale

    By Stacy Dunn, For the Chronicle