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    Associated Press


    Retired Pope Benedict XVI thanked Pope Francis and endorsed his mercy-filled ministry Tuesday during an unprecedented Vatican ceremony featuring the reigning pope honoring the retired one on the 65th anniversary of his ordination as a priest.

  • Nancy Kennedy



    When I first met my husband he drove a brand-new 1973 Mercury Comet GT, white with orange pinstripes along the sides and orange vinyl interior — and a manual transmission.

    As Barry attempted to teach me how to drive it, I proved myself to be a willing student, but not an adept one.

  • Jim Davis



    Some would deny T.S. Eliot’s dictum that “April is the cruelest month…” and say that July in these latitudes would make Satan pause and consider relocation.  Nonetheless the live music scene hereabout remains cool and vital, although ensconced in air-conditioned venues.  


  • Norm Freyer

    Citrus Watercolor


    July is the one month of the year that the Citrus Watercolor Society declares a hiatus, and takes a deep breath in anticipation of the events of the future. But things change, and we have no control over those changes. Such is the recent unexpected death of Ray Jowers, the first vice president-programs of the Citrus Watercolor Society. 

  • Sharon Harris

    Art talk


    “Carousel,” the musical play considered by Richard Rodgers as the favorite of all his musicals and named by Time magazine as the Best Musical of the 20th century, opens July 15 for a three-weekend run at the Art Center Theatre in Citrus Hills.

  • Special to the Chronicle

    The Inverness Cultural Heritage Council will present the Dusty Road Rangers in concert at the Old Courthouse Heritage Museum on Saturday, July 16, at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m.

    Tickets to this summer concert series show are $20 and will include appetizers and a cash bar.

  • As the summer gets hotter, swimming is on the minds of many. 

    So, jump in and cool off at some of the best swimming spots in and around Citrus County. 

    There’s everything from 72-degree natural springs to public pools to lakes and Fort Island Gulf Beach, providing lots of spots for every budget. 

    Enjoy Fort Island

  • Gloria Yoder


    Summertime is in full swing in the Yoder household.  The hot summer sun is producing bountiful supplies of garden goodies such as beans, onions, lettuce and, as always, more cucumbers and zucchini than we are able to eat.

  • Many years ago in a galaxy far, far away (just joking, of course) American wines were known by generic names borrowed from our European cousins across the famous pond. Gentle readers of my generation were used to such terms as chablis, burgundy, sauternes, Rhine, sherry, port and a slew of others referred to as “geographic indications.”  

  • Some say they don’t feel hungry as often in hot weather, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me. The only difference I see is that I crave more odd tastes when it’s sizzling. That said, I have some interesting recipes for you today.

    But first, let me say it was a pleasure to interview Chef Joe Perruccio, for today’s Flair for Food centerpiece story, about his career in some very upscale South Florida restaurants.