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  • Is it time to pull out that old acoustic guitar or banjo?

    If you’re looking looking for a group to play with, then look no more. The Acoustic Music Meet-up at Coastal Region Library welcomes anyone who loves to play, sing or simply enjoy acoustic music.

    The club meets at the Crystal River from 2 to 4 p.m. on the first and third Mondays monthly. 

  • An appalling situation develops early in the play that opens next Friday at the Art Center Theatre. A bridegroom wakes up on the morning of his wedding in the bridal suite next to a strange woman, and can’t remember who she is or why she is there. And his bride-to-be is expected to arrive at any moment.

  • nyone who knows me knows that Mexican and Tex-Mex foods rate a No. 11 on my list of 10 favorite foods. So, yes, I will celebrate Cinco de Mayo next week with some of the dishes I crave now and then (not that I need an excuse to make delicious south-of-the-border treats.

    The chile relleno (literally meaning stuffed pepper in Spanish) is a dish of Mexican cuisine that originated in the city of Puebla. It consists of a stuffed, roasted, whole fresh poblano pepper (a mild chili pepper named after its city of origin).

  • There is a taste of Mexico in Dunnellon and at several other south-of-the-border restaurants in the Citrus County area that will once again celebrate Cinco de Mayo the first week of May.

    It’s a special day that means festival time in Mexico, and also throughout the United States, as those who appreciate Hispanic fare gather for heaping plates of enchiladas, chile rellenos, tamals, nachos, sides of guacamole, refried pinto beans and salsa — all washed down with margaritas, mojitos, Dos Equis beer and much more.

  • Cheery spring greetings from our house to yours.  We thoroughly enjoy spring days in the quiet countryside outside Flat Rock, Illinois.  Julia and Austin both relish the opportunity of going outside quite frequently on these sunny days. Soaking up the spring sunshine as I work in the garden or flower bed feels like the best tonic on Earth after the winter months of being indoors most of the time.

  • How do you find a really good bottle of wine for $10 or less; a wine so interesting and full of flavors you are likely to bring it home time and time again? I am not talking about one of those ubiquitous 1.5-liter or 3-liter jugs you see displayed on the lower shelves of supermarkets or on the eye level of wine stores.

  • By Marnie Ward, Special to the Chronicle

  • By Shelby Burd, LHS Panther Prowl

    Each spring, 10 Lecanto High School seniors are chosen to receive the honor of being named Elks Students of the Month. Starting in January, one male and one female are chosen for each month, continuing to May.

  • By Linda A. Johnson, AP business writer

    TRENTON, N.J. — Seven years after U.S. regulators slapped their strictest warning on two popular smoking-cessation medicines citing risks of suicidal behavior, a large international study found no such risk.

  • One of the common questions I face is whether patients should take a baby aspirin a day or not. Some healthy people want to take aspirin to prevent certain cancers or a heart attack or stroke. People feel that baby aspirin is low dose and totally harmless. That is not true. It can cause significant bleeding in some patients, too. The issue is: does the benefit of aspirin outweigh the risk in healthy people?