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  • Skin protection offers several health benefits


    Megan Carella

    For the Chronicle

    Sandy Olson knows all too well the importance of wearing sunscreen. Although she’s been diligent about it through her adulthood, the 68-year-old Inverness resident believes the many sunburns she experienced growing up in South Florida led to her recent diagnosis of malignant melanoma. 

  • Mrs. Smith is a 50-year-old white female. She was diagnosed with CLL, or chronic lymphocytic leukemia, about four years ago. She required chemotherapy but is doing very well. Her leukemia is still in remission.

    She had a CT scan of her lungs done and it showed a lung mass. She has severe COPD. Surgery carried a high risk. She is a fighter and agreed to surgery. It turned out that she had three different lesions and the surgeon removed all three. She recovered well from surgery.

  • Dr. Cheryl 




    The loss of ability of the nerves to function properly is termed neuropathy. Extremity pain, numbness and tingling of the hands and/or feet with possible tightness, cramping swelling or pressure are signs of peripheral neuropathy. This can cause weakness in the arms or legs, feelings of walking on pins and needles, electric shock-like feelings or a loss of feeling in hands or feet.

  • Sara Bargiel


    It’s amazing to see the response the community has had to our new YMCA facility opening in Lecanto. Our branch is now serving over 7,200 members, from infants to seniors. 

  • Diane Dobry
    Setting up camp, exploring local trails with friends, enjoying nature, and communing with animals are all ways to spend time in Citrus County parks, forests and greenways.  Add a horse to the mix and you have a special breed of enjoyment.
    From equestrians in the area who have their own horses and stables, to visitors to the county who want to go riding for an hour or more, there are lots of available options and places to go.

  • It’s another big year in the world of burgers for Paige’s Root Beer and Home of the Little Big Burger with a big win in the 2016 battle for a championship title.
    The four-time winning diner that originated on County Road 486 near Citrus Hills in 2012 quickly became a burger destination, and a second Paige’s Root Beer opened last year at 859 U.S. 41 South, Inverness.

  • Gloria Yoder

  • Images of coal miners surround the rooms of Robert Scott’s home in Inverness. 

    Artwork that shines the tiny aspects from carbide headlamps to soot-covered boots brings the past to life in each piece.  


    What: Pine Street Jam Parrothead Party. 

    When: 5-10 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 6.

    Where: Downtown Inverness. 

    Info: www.inverness-fl.gov/30/Festivals-More


    INVERNESS — The city of Inverness is bringing back the highly-acclaimed Pine Street Jam Parrothead Party on Saturday, Aug. 6. 

  • Jim Davis

    Play it by ear


    In the heat of mid-summer, music — artfully performed — can send chills to the warmest hearts.  Here in Citrus you can be cooled by music from the cinema; be energized by a tremendous guitar player; kick back with some Elvis tunes; or enjoy quality music performed by talented young musicians.