• Parents' appetite anxiety

    By Dr. Carlene Wilson

    For the Chronicle


    Many parents worry when a child who ate ravenously as a baby becomes uninterested in food and seems to eat very little. This often happens around the second birthday, when the child’s growth rate slows. Parents are

    concerned that their child is not getting enough nutrition. There may be days when a toddler eats only a few mouthfuls, or insists on eating only certain foods.

  • Katie Lucas: Nature Coast EMS, 10/25/2016

    By Katie Lucas

    For the Chronicle


    Nature Coast Emergency Medical Services is a nonprofit organization established in 2000 to provide emergency medical services to Citrus County and has been recognized as an innovator in clinical treatments providing high-quality advanced life support ambulance service. 

  • Dr. Frank Vascimini: Sound Bites, 10/25/2016

    By Dr. Frank Vascimini


    Q: I just moved down to the area and have just finished settling in. It was time to find a dentist, so I asked a few neighbors who they went to. I went to that dentist who only gave me one idea on what to do to fix my mouth.

  • Dr. Sunil Gandhi: Cancer and Blood Disease, 10/25/2016

    By Dr. Sunil Gandhi


    A 75-year-old gentleman was referred to me. He was feeling weak and tired. His family physician did a complete blood count, or CBC — it is a blood test. It showed that he had too many red blood cells, or RBCs, in his blood. This condition is called polycythemia.

  • Oriental medicine: Nutrition seminar scheduled for Oct. 26 at the YMCA in Lecanto

    Oriental medical nutrition is one of the modalities that make up the field of oriental medicine. It is called medical nutrition because, from an eastern perspective, food is considered to be a form of medicine. 

    In order to help all interested to learn more about medical nutrition, Dr. Joseph Samuels from Citrus Alternative Medicine will give a lecture at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26, at the YMCA’s Healthy Living Center, 4127 W. Norvell Bryant Highway, Lecanto. 

  • Dr. Cheryl Bryant, Better Health, 10/18/16

    The causes of poor balance are varied but one result is certainly predominant. After a hip fracture there is an increased risk of loss of independence of approximately 50 percent and about one-third of people die within a year after the hip fracture. 

    Since poor balance leads to falls and fractures, then better balance should be of utmost importance. Just as there are several possible causes of poor balance, there are also several therapies and exercises that may help to improve it. 

  • Dr. C. Joseph Bennett, Navigating Cancer, 10/18/16

    I am often asked what role a patient’s attitude and their level of support play in how well a person deals with cancer. Studies have shown that expressing their feelings after a diagnosis of breast cancer can help women survive, especially when they also have strong emotional support from family or friends. 

  • Dr. Denis Grillo, Ear, Nose & Throat, 10/18/16

    Tonsils and adenoids are tissue that act as the first line of defense in the immune system. Tonsils are located in the throat area and are two round lumps of tissue in the back of the throat called the palatine tonsil. Adenoids are high up in the throat behind the soft palate and uvula they are not visible but they help protect when infections enter through the nose. 

    You could think of tonsils and adenoids as the point men in a defensive team.

  • Learn how to build healthy relationships

    Special to the Chronicle

    UF/IFAS Extension Citrus County will offer three different educational series to help people improve their relationships. 

    SMART Couples Florida classes are designed to teach you how to communicate needs, listen to the needs of others, successfully resolve conflict, and maintain happy and healthy relationships with everyone in your life.

  • Sound Bites: It’s best to keep your real teeth as long as you can

    I am wearing a full upper denture that I am happy with. I have all of my lower teeth other than the molars. I’ve been told to consider having my teeth out and have implants placed. I have always taken the route of saving my own teeth and was happy to read in the Chronicle that you said there is nothing like your own teeth. I get the feeling that the dentist I went to was only telling me to remove my teeth and have implants placed because it was the easiest thing for him to suggest.