• Healthy candidates

    By Catherine Lucey, Associated Press

  • Dr. David Raynor, Best Foot Forward, 8/25/15

    Iam often asked by patients what causes their feet and legs to have a light tan to brown discoloration. The discoloration is frequently below the knee and can involve a single discrete area or both extremities symmetrically. 

    Most patients cannot recall an event that caused the discoloration, and they frequently blame sunburns, clothing or medication as their suspected cause. The true responsible party for the discoloration is most likely hemosiderin. 

  • Dr. Udaya Kumar, Urology Today, 8/25/15

    Over the past decade, there has been a lot of debate about the issue of overdiagnosis and overtreatment of prostate cancer. 

    Men who are at risk of prostate cancer are screened using the PSA blood test and a digital prostate examination. Patients with abnormal PSA or a suspicious prostate examination often undergo a prostate biopsy. 

  • Dr. Denis Grillo, Ear, Nose & Throat, 8/25/15

    Independence is part of the American way, but being too independent may not be so healthy for you. 

  • Dr. C. Joseph Bennett, Navigating Cancer, 8/25/15

    Over the past two weeks, I have discussed the risk of exposure to radiation from nuclear weapons testing. This week, I will finish this topic discussing exactly what the biggest long-term health risk associated with radiation fallout and exposure are.

  • Dr. Sunil Gandhi, Cancer & Blood Disease, 8/25/15

    Memory problems and cognitive problems in cancer patients are commonly attributed to chemotherapy. A new study shows this is not true.

    There was an excellent study published online June 22 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The study is the first to describe a relationship between cytokines (some chemicals) and patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer who have not yet received any cancer treatment.

  • Dr. Frank Vascimini, Sound Bites, 8/25/15

    Q: Why would I want to hold onto my two lower canines instead of just taking them out and having a denture made. 

    I am so tired of dealing with my teeth, and my dentist keeps telling me to reconsider my decision to have a denture made. I am so happy with my upper denture, why wouldn’t my lower be the same. Please help. Thanks.

  • Paralyzed Veterans Racing

    By Will Brown, St. Augustine Record

  • Dr. Sunil Gandhi, Cancer & Blood Disease, 8/18/15

    Melanoma accounts for only 2 percent of all skin cancers in the United States. Still, it is the deadliest skin cancer. This is because this cancer can spread to other parts of the body. It can spread almost anywhere, including the lungs, bones, liver, brain, etc. Unfortunately, once it spreads to distal organs, it becomes incurable. Fortunately, with newer, better, immune- modulating drugs, we are seeing more patients doing better even in these difficult cases.

  • Dr. Denis Grillo, Ear, Nose & Throat, 8/18/15

    We all know what the acronym FDA stands for — Food and Drug Administration. I am going to discuss the “D” part — drugs and devices — as the FDA oversees the implementation of medications and medical devices. 

    The agency watches over us and protects us. Drugs and inventions are checked for the science behind it. The FDA is a large mysterious branch of the government, but it does have good intentions, which includes overseeing our safety.