• Do even think about it

    The statistics don’t lie. Prostate and testicular cancer are killers, and the sad part is that these deaths can be avoided if men would just take the necessary precautions. 

  • Ag Alliance to host Movember finale party Nov. 30

    For the fifth consecutive year, Citrus County will celebrate Movember in honor of men’s health awareness. This year’s event will be hosted by the Agriculture Alliance of Citrus County and held at Lollygaggers Sports Pub and Grill located in Crystal River. The party will take place from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 30.

  • Dr. Sunil Gandhi, Cancer & Blood Disease, 11/24/15

    Cancer is an extremely dreaded condition. Nobody wants it but, unfortunately, it is very common. Today, I am writing about an inspirational true story.

    One friend of mine never smoked and lived a healthy life. She had some back pain. She had an MRI of her spine and it showed some uncertain abnormality. I ordered some blood tests. That showed that there was monoclonal gammopathy.

  • Dr. C. Joseph Bennett, Navigating Cancer, 11/24/15

    For many decades, we have known about the health risks associated with smoking. More and more data is now available, establishing a link to cancer survivorship and the use of tobacco products. Specifically, a recent study from cancer epidemiologists at the American Cancer Society found that colorectal cancer survivors who smoke have a higher risk of death due to any cause, and, in particular, a risk of death due to their colorectal cancer.

  • Dr. Denis Grillo, Ear, Nose & Throat, 11/24/15

    First, you might ask, what the heck is ICD? ICD is an acronym for international classification of diseases, thus abbreviated ICD-9, the 9 means it’s the 9th version. As of Oct. 1, we are now utilizing ICD-10, which as you can imagine is a new and questionably better update of the system.

  • Dr. Cheryl Bryant, Better Health, 11/24/15

    Wow, the weather is great for tennis and pickle ball athletes must keep in shape in order to play their best on the court and to minimize injuries. The solution is to keep fit with cardiovascular exercise, the more often the better. 

  • Dr. Frank Vascimini, Sound Bites, 11/24/15

    It’s Thanksgiving week. You guessed it — I am gong to write about a few of the things I give thanks for on a regular basis in my professional life.

  • Smoking in public housing

    By John Rogers, Associated Press

  • Dr. Frank Vascimini, Sound Bites, 11/17/15

    I have had a number of questions come in recently that all revolved around being overwhelmed with the decisions and amount of dental work they faced. I decided to write this column to address the concerns mentioned in a way that can benefit all. 

    I hope this helps each of you out. I am sure there are many people faced with similar circumstances and have not written to me.

  • Dr. Denis Grillo, Ear, Nose & Throat, 11/17/15

    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) have been getting a lot of press lately with regard to cardiac issues. There is also some evidence that they could affect the ear and hearing.

    NSAIDs are commonly used for pain and arthritis. They are available over the counter and some are prescription strength. Like all medications, there are potential side effects but, overall, they provide significant relief for patients in a safe manner.