• County potential

    Give a student a firsthand experience with a potential employer, let his or her imagination run wild with options and be prepared to be amazed.

    Two weeks ago, Citrus High School drafting academy teacher Howard Lindsey and Withlacoochee Technical College automation and production technology instructor Laurie Newkirk did just that.

  • Drafting his future

    He is not only one of a kind but a superstar — in the drafting world.

    Scoring a 99 percent on the ADDA (American Designing Drafting Association) Mechanical Apprentice Draftsman Certification exam, Citrus High School junior Trie Wade, 16, is one of three individuals in the history of the nation to score a 99 percent. The other two persons were also CHS drafting students from previous years.

  • Career, tech education changes through years

    By Denise Willis

    Guest Column

    I think it is safe to say that career and technical education has become the focus of attention throughout the nation. A number of bills have been introduced in Washington to increase opportunities for students to prepare for high-skill, high-wage careers.

  • Administrator in training

    What does Superintendent Sandra “Sam” Himmel do all day?

    That’s what Lecanto High School’s Simi Shah wanted to discover Thursday as she followed Himmel around the district.

    “I think it is important for students our age to understand what people put into our school system and how hard the superintendent works to keep everything in order,” Shah said.

    Recently, at a LHS football game, Shah approached Himmel with the request to shadow her for the day.

  • Academics with accountability

    Nestled north of Beverly Hills is a small, but mighty school for parents desiring biblical education for their children.

    St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church & School only has 72 students enrolled; however, they are academically competitive throughout the county.

  • KFC employee earns scholarship

    One nationwide chain restaurant is helping a local employee succeed in life.

    The Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation has selected two-year Inverness team member Kristen Bullock as a recipient of a $2,000 Reach High scholarship.

    The 2003 Dunnellon High School graduate is currently attending College of Central Florida for a degree in business administration and a dream of opening a Popeye’s franchise in Inverness.

  • Swiatek nominated for Technologist of the Year

    When it comes to technology, the Citrus County’s School District’s technology specialist may give national educators a run for their money.

    Jerry Swiatek could soon be the Technologist of the Year at the 2014 annual Bammy Awards.

    Presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences, the Bammy Award is an award recognizing the contributions of educators from across the education fields, according to the Bammy Awards press release.

  • Saint John Paul II reborn

    LECANTO — The slate has been wiped clean and the school is alive.

    Citrus County’s only Catholic school, which survived a permanent shutdown six months ago, has made a 180-degree turn.

  • District sets schedule for FCAT retakes

    The fall administration of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) retakes will be administered Oct. 6 to 10.

    Students needing to take this assessment may make arrangements with any of the high schools to test during regular school hours. If they wish to take the assessment in the evening, they will need to contact Amy Crowell to make an appointment and find out the location.

  • ‘Best Boss 2014’

    Active and passionate supervisors are what differentiate one boss from the next. They are the ones who often find themselves with employees who follow their directions with respect and the hunger to work harder.

    But becoming a “servant leader” just doesn’t happen overnight. It often takes place because a person is involved with the accumulation of years of great mentors.

    That is what Citrus High School Principal and Best Boss Richard Hilgert declares.