• A tale of survival

    Learning through the survival of another seems to bring students a reality about the pain hatred can induce. 

    Through the words of Holocaust survivor Gene Klein, eighth-grade students at Inverness Middle School gained a deeper respect for history from his moving speech on Nov. 13. 

  • Cultivating creativity at CREST

    LECANTO -- CREST students are becoming reporters, writers and editors as they create

    Dolphin Tales, a monthly newsletter in teacher Sky Barz’s class. 

  • Experiences that shaped lives

    Today is Veterans Day, a day for the nation to remember and give thanks to those who served in the armed forces.

    Russell Gibson and Chuck Vessey served in the Army and Marines, respectively. They are two among several local vets who make it a mission to share history, memories and their personal journeys with students every year. 

  • Pouring in to pore over opportunities

    On Monday, high school seniors, juniors and some sophomores from the county’s three public high schools attended the Junior Achievement Career and College Fair at Lecanto High School. 

    The students began pouring through the doors around 8 a.m. to learn about careers and colleges around the county, as well as the state. There were more than 850 students eager to learn about career opportunities. 

  • LMS touts technological talents

    Lecanto Middle School students are teaching adults how to use iPads this year. 

    With budding technical minds and years of learning the iPad, Principal Jason Koon thought of a great way to incorporate students working with information technology (IT). 

  • LHS teens learn defensive driving skills

    Robert Baxter
    Special to the Chronicle
    Teen Driver Challenge (TDC) is a defensive driving program that has proven to save lives and reduce teen accidents.
    A Florida committee found that 25 to 30 percent of teen drivers will have some sort of accident within the first year of driving. In fact, traffic accidents are the No. 1 cause of death for teens.
    To combat those numbers, Florida came up with the TDC and immediately found success. After its pilot program in 2006, the program quickly shot up, and today more than 35 counties have TDC programs in place.

  • Seniors Get REAL

    High school seniors are gaining real-life experience in preparing for the future at Lecanto High School. Jennifer Poyner, the head of the English department, is bringing education to a different level for the young minds in her class. 

  • LHS opens doors to community for ‘showcase’

    Kaitlyn Cable
    Special to the Chronicle
    The students, staff, and administration of Lecanto High School would like to welcome the community to their inaugural showcase, Monday, Nov. 16, from 6 to 8 p.m.
    Performing, fine, and practical arts students will be demonstrating their knowledge and talents while offering a look at what and how they learn in each of their courses.

  • Eat 4-Health

    Special to the Chronicle

    Partnerships are powerful vehicles for empowering young people with engaging experiences that enrich our community.

  • 'Speed' learning

    Teaching through creativity seems exactly what students need to achieve higher learning. 

    Carol Nicolas, world geography teacher at the Academy of Environmental Science, is doing just that. 

    One night after an inspired dream she thought of a unique way to teach her ninth-grade

    geography students about Europe.