• Seven Rivers preschool opens

    Preschool isn’t for little kids.

    In preschool, you perfect the ‘ABC’ song and know if your shirt is yellow, blue, red, green, etc…

    In preschool, you learn to tie your shoes and color with your jumbo crayons within the lines.

    And on the first day of preschool, you get to know your teacher, where the bathroom is and what cubby is yours.

    It’s a hard first day.

  • Private school enrollment soars in Citrus County

    It is yet another record year for area private schools.

    As of Monday, all Citrus County students have returned to school — both public and private. Those attending their private schools are finding record-high attendance and a need for new buildings.

  • Up the educational ladder

    She was only a little thing when she first walked the halls of Floral City Elementary School.

    First-graders were intimidating, learning to tie her shoe was a foreign concept and kissing a boy would only result in cooties. Julie Jones didn’t know if she would make it home alive the first day.

     Fast forward to 2014 — Jones is redoing her first day of school at Floral City Elementary School.

  • Tax-free holiday starts Friday

    It may not be as popular as Black Friday, but the back-to-school tax holiday can offer some parents great savings, too.

    The 2014 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday runs from Friday, Aug. 1, to Sunday, Aug. 3.

    Florida waives sales tax (6 percent) for school-related items; including clothing costing $100 or less per item and up to the first $750 toward personal computers and computer-related accessories.

  • Meet your teacher was success

    Just days before the new 2014-15 school year began for students, Citrus County School District held Meet Your Teacher open houses throughout the county.

    Parents and students eagerly met their new teachers, searched the classroom list for their best friend or maybe even signed up for an after-school extracurricular activity.

    Though this day can be chaotic for both the teachers and parents, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • School starts today

    Dressed in their finest clothes, school supplies tucked into their book bags and new teachers to greet them with a warm smile, today is the first day for Citrus County District Schools’ students.

    Approximately 14,000 students across the county will report to school.

    “I would advise students to get plenty of rest, eat healthy, stay organized and come to school everyday …  and no texting and driving,” recommended Superintendent of Schools Sandra “Sam” Himmel.

  • Exercise disguised


    Angela Maria DeJesus


    The pressure to go to a sterile, big-name gym can be overwhelming, and a person unused

    to the practice of daily exercise might wonder where to begin.

  • Creamy, cool creations


    Carly Zervis


    Ice cream is a traditional staple of summer fun — cold and refreshing after a day on the boat, at the beach or in the pool, and it’s creamy and delicious to boot. But what flavors do people prefer, and why is it so much better in the summer?

    Donna DeHart, co-owner of The Ice Cream Dr. in downtown Inverness, said their most popular flavor is vanilla — “because it goes in sundaes and floats.” But their best-

  • Moo'ving experience

    Some Citrus County kids can tell you how much a cow eats, how often they get milked and how that milk eventually ends up on your table.

    A dip into the world of dairy cows and milk started off their summer.

    They took part in the first M&B Dairy Day Camp, a program designed to mix fun and learning, but with an underlying long-term message. 

  • Tame your mane

    Got limp locks? Frustrating frizz? Green where blonde should be? Welcome to summer in Citrus County, the season that wreaks havoc on hair.

    However, don’t despair. There are a few things you can do to keep your ’do from flopping in the heat of summer — without losing your cool.