• Doggy drool dilemma?

    Sue Manning 

    Associated Press 

    LOS ANGELES - Joanna Rein knew there was a way to prevent her rambunctious Labrador-collie mix from tracking in mud, water and drool from the soggy outdoors. 

  • Career Source: Declare independence from unemployment

    By Laura Byrnes


    Next weekend, on the Fourth of July, this nation celebrates its 239th Independence Day. This is not the day when a rag-tag band of British Colonies actually became independent — and the Continental Congress didn’t even christen the new nation the “United States of America” until Sept. 9, 1776 — but the date the united colonies declared their independence.

  • Smart Money: Cremation may be option

    By Bruce Williams


    DEAR BRUCE: My son is terminally ill with stage 4 cancer. We are extremely low on money due to three years of traveling back and forth to doctor visits, etc. 

    Now the doctors said he will die within five months and it’s time to prepare for the funeral expenses, etc. My question is, do you know of any financial help available for casket costs, viewing, etc.? — Reader

  • Heritage Village to be open on Sundays

    Businesses along the north side of Citrus Avenue in Crystal River are now staying open each Sunday afternoon for residents and visitors looking for

  • Nonprofit Briefs: Nonprofit boards, volunteer leadership

    The agenda

    Preparing an agenda for a board or committee meeting is similar to reviewing a road map to make plans before a trip. The agenda process begins with a starting point referred to as the call to order, continues with midpoints along the agenda journey known as new and old business items, and ends with the meeting adjournment.

  • Business first in county certified 'dementia-friendly'

    Special to the Chronicle

    By providing special training for its staff, the Hen House Café, at 206 Tompkins St., Inverness, has become the first business in Citrus County to be certified as a Dementia-Friendly Business. 

    “Our success has always been based on good customer service, but this takes our standard of service to a new level,” café owner Kimberly Speckner said.

  • Experience Matters: Taking care of business

    By Dr. Fred Herzog


    “Taking Care of Business” — The lyrics of the popular song by Bachman-Turner Overdrive offer good advice for small-business people. Listen to the words. “Taking care of business, every day, taking care of business, every way. Taking care of business, it’s all mine. Taking care of business and working overtime ...”


  • Finding freelance freedom

    Joseph Pisani

    AP Business Writer

    NEW YORK - If you want an income, or you’re an employer looking for help, it may be time to scrap the idea of the traditional 9-to-5 arrangement.

  • Smart Money: Earnings impact IRA withdrawal

    By Bruce Williams


    DEAR BRUCE: I am living comfortably at age 66 off of an IRA portfolio by drawing $100,000. This yearly draw represents over 3 percent of my portfolio and puts me in the 25 percent tax bracket. My effective tax rate is only 14 percent, but rises quickly as I withdraw higher amounts. 

  • Career Source: Local training needed for local jobs

    By Laura Byrnes


    It’s an odd fact of life confronting today’s manufacturing industry: Americans overwhelmingly support it — believe the industry is critical to our economic prosperity, standard of living and national security — yet we are wary when it comes to pursuing manufacturing careers. 

    Moreover, only 1 in 3 parents say they’d encourage manufacturing careers for their children.