• Finding fishes

    Ever wonder where the good places to fish or kayak are? 

    Gary Rankel, a Citrus County resident and former biologist, is passionate about kayak fishing. He recently created a website intended to help Citrus County visitors and residents locate prime areas to kayak fish.

    The website is http://fishingkayaks.us.

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    Megan Carella

    Special to the Chronicle

    Michael Kelly wakes and starts his day. The Spring Hill resident turns on the lights in his bedroom, selects a television program to watch and fires up his computer to answer emails from friends and family. Later, he’ll surf the Internet and make a few phone calls.

  • Career Source: Heating up for hiring

    'By Laura Byrnes


    Well, it has certainly been a very hot summer. And I’m not just talking about the temperature.

    For CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion, activities really heated up between hiring events, job fairs and employability workshops.

  • Nonprofit Briefs: Leaders, groups work together

    Nonnrofit organizations are all about filling unmet community, individual or group needs. As they work to serve their mission and purpose, new opportunities present themselves and a great idea is born!  When the idea transitions into a concept with sound practicality, leadership advances the idea to the next logical step. People from the community get involved and come together to help the idea become a reality. 

  • Welcome to Citrus

     Special to the Chronicle

    The new Citrus County Welcome Center officially opened last week on U.S. 19 near the Crystal River Airport.

    The welcome center is a joint project of the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce, the Tourist Development Council and the Citrus County Economic Development Authority.

  • Smart Money: Unpleasantness may signal time to find new attorney

    By Bruce Williams

    DEAR BRUCE: I am an 82-year-old woman whose husband died recently. I was left as the trustee of an estate that is worth approximately $1 million, which includes real estate, a stock portfolio (that I manage quite well), bonds, CDs and personal items. My son is named executor in my will.
    My lawyer has become unpleasant. At first I thought I would just change attorneys, but as I go about the business of closing my husband’s accounts and making necessary ownership reassignments, vehicle registrations and so forth, I am wondering why I need an attorney at all. —E.B.

  • Experience Matters: Power of ownership

    By Dr. Fred Herzog


  • Identity theft: Stolen information can create social insecurity

    Michael Tringali

    Special to the Chronicle


    As a practicing CPA in my past, I had the opportunity to sign what I conservatively estimate to be at least 10,000 tax returns, a significant number of which reveal my personal Social Security number on the underlying form. 

  • Career Source: Driving for Dollars

    By Laura Byrnes

    How far would you drive for a good job?
    In our heart of hearts, perhaps we’d all like our place of employment to be a stone’s throw from home. My office is exactly 3.6 miles from my front door, though I often do a good bit of traveling for work within our three-county area. My husband commutes to Gainesville three to four times a week, but pretty much stays put once he gets there. I have a friend who became a true Road

  • Smart Money: State insurance departments offer help

    By Bruce Williams


    DEAR BRUCE: My husband purchased life insurance when we were married in 1947. He passed away in 2010. I sent the insurance company his death certificate, which they needed as proof. I haven’t heard anything since.