• “Why China?”

    HERNANDO — Arbuth Bumgarner is crazy about China.

    His spacious Hernando home is filled with mementos of his frequent trips to the Asian continent. He has numerous Chinese “story stones,” hand-painted pieces of rock where the viewer can form mind pictures based on what he or she is feeling at the time.

  • Florida Best Blueberries open in Inverness

    Florida Best Blueberries of Inverness is now open seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., for blueberry picking.

    Florida Best Blueberries is a locally owned and operated farm at 11135 E. Nottingham Drive. Owner Tony Russ, his wife, Cindy, and their two children, Anthony and Sawyer, moved to Inverness from Tampa to expand their tree farm and irrigation business.

  • Careers in manufacturing offer local jobs, good pay

    Here’s a puzzler for you: If manufacturing has the public’s overwhelming support and is consistently recognized worldwide as one of the industries that contributes most to the economic prosperity of a nation and its citizens, why then are U.S. manufacturers facing a gap — not only in finding the skills needed, but also in Americans’ interest in pursuing long-term careers in manufacturing?

  • Out of a job?

    People who file for unemployment compensation should be aware of some benefit changes that went into effect Jan. 1.

    A maximum of 12 weeks of state reemployment assistance benefits is now available to new claimants. For new Reemployment Assistance claims filed on or after Jan. 1, 2016, the maximum number of benefit weeks is 12 weeks. The change in benefit weeks is only for new claims filed on or after Jan. 1 and the maximum weekly benefit amount is and will remain $275.

  • Nonprofit Briefs: Protecting integral part of our workforce: volunteers

    By Dr. Fred Herzog


    Volunteerism is an American institution. The benefits of our volunteer movement add immeasurable value to communities.  Americans give of their time, talent and personal assets to support worthy causes. Charitable, business and social needs are advanced most often without costs that normally might translate into increased taxes. In the absence of volunteer efforts, a universe of needs would go wanting.   

  • Colors of the World

    For Melanie Amanda Evans Zachry, it’s not a question of seeing a glass half empty or full. Rather, it’s the glass itself.

    Or, to be precise, what that glass can become with the proper dash of imagination and artistic talent.

    Zachry is the proprietor of Amanda Z Art Gallery in the historic district of Crystal River. Her specialty is fused glass and her aim is to brighten people’s lives.

  • Tourism trade: Getting inside their heads, to get ahead

    This time of year, pollsters are out in force, telling the nation which presidential candidate has the most momentum and the mood of the electorate.

    Candidates use that information as they forge onward with their campaigns.

  • Experience Matters: Best time to start or grow a business

    By Dr. Fred Herzog


    The best time to start or grow a business is a frequently asked question. The answer lies in asking several questions.  What type of business and what market will it serve?

    Asking who will be the customers is essential, but so is the question: how is the economy both from a national and local perspective? This information aids in the decision process to go forward and either start or grow. 

  • Career Source: Sky falling? Sun rising?

    By Laura Byrnes


    Citrus County’s jobless rate remains among the highest in the state. That’s a fact, so one can only conclude that the sky must be falling, right?

  • Online health marketplace

    Too often, people undergo surgical procedures and don’t know beforehand how much they will cost.

    When the bill comes in the mail, they are often surprised to find hidden charges that accompany the procedure.