• Veterans workshops upcoming in spring

    By Laura Byrnes

  • Watch out

    Samsung's first Galaxy Gear smartwatch came out last fall amid much fanfare, but it landed with a thud in the marketplace. Samsung and its smartwatch rivals had failed to persuade many consumers that they need to be able to constantly check messages from their wrists. Wearable devices that succeeded tended to be fitness products such as the Fitbit.

  • Managing your volunteer workforce

    Ripley was known for the, “Believe it or Not” anecdotal tales many of us read and passed along to family and friends. Here’s a “Believe it or Not” Ripley did not write. Nonprofit volunteers need to be managed. This is a statement that is absolutely true — believe it! 

  • Ag census: Number of US farms declines, farmers getting older

    WASHINGTON — The number of U.S. farms is declining even as the value of their crops and livestock has increased over the past five years, a government census of American agriculture released Thursday says.

    The survey, taken every five years, shows there were a total of 2.1 million farms in the United States in 2012, down a little more than 4 percent from 2007. That follows a long-term trend of declining numbers of farms.

  • Olympians turn medals into buzz, money

    SOCHI, Russia — When Jenny Jones won Olympic bronze at the Sochi Games, her following on Twitter exploded. The audience for @jennyjonessnow has grown 10-fold, to 65,000 followers, in the three weeks since the British snowboarder tweeted: “Just found out I officially made the GB winter Olympic team. Whoop!”

  • Super boom? NYC will have to wait and see

    NEW YORK — Will the snowy New York City area really reap an estimated $600 million economic boost from the Super Bowl? 

    Probably not. Despite such lofty predictions, sports economists say the financial impact of the Super Bowl could fall far below expectations, in part because visitors often spend their cash at NFL-sponsored or corporate events rather than at tourist attractions. 

  • Make positivity a priority in the workplace

    By Rhonda Lestinsky

    Do you and your associates dress appropriately for your work environment? A written dress code should be in place for employees to follow. It should include grooming, jewelry, tattoos and body piercing. Then the trick is making sure everyone abides by the code.

  • SCORE seeking volunteer business education chair

    By Fred Herzog

    SCORE is searching for someone with practical business experience interested in organizing and directing seminar/conference programs. In past years SCORE annually staged two separate events: The “R U Ready” seminar, a two-hour overview on business startup considerations, and the 11-week Small Business Institute (SBI). Each of these educational events was designed and lead by certified business mentors and/or practicing professionals in Citrus County. 

  • Cruise lines sailing into new year with new ships

    NEW YORK — A couple of eye-popping new ships, the ever-growing popularity of river cruising, and efforts to restore consumer confidence, are among the headlines in cruise news as 2014 unfolds.

    But don’t expect ships to keep getting bigger. Instead, look for theme park-style attractions and new offerings in dining and entertainment. Here are some details.


  • Odds of finding job are in your favor this year

    I read recently that the average person falls off the New Year’s resolution wagon by Jan. 10. Happily, if you’ve set your sights on a new or better job in 2014, the odds of success are in your favor. 

    Consider that unemployment is trending in the right direction. Citrus County’s jobless rate is 7.1 percent, down 2.1 percent over the year. Overall, Citrus County is at its lowest unemployment rate since May 2008.