• Lambs grab dream by the handlebars

    Steve and Jewel Lamb owners of Crystal Automotive Group have purchased Harley-Davidson of Crystal River. 

    The move combines their business expertise with their passion for motorcycles.

  • Twenty-five years and still smiling

    By Megan Carella

  • Not on Facebook? Mistake, says marketing pro

    For many businesses, return on investment is the cornerstone of success.

    And for those businesses looking to get the most out of every cent in today’s digital landscape, online marketing is increasingly appealing.

  • Building hope one home, one youth at a time

    By Laura Byrnes

    Braving the chill in her pink Santa hat and oversized Gators sweatshirt, Marilyn Schoefer surveyed the bustle of activity going on around her with a shy, this-is-almost-too-good-to-be-true smile threatening to break into a full-fledged grin.

    That’s because the disabled Navy veteran will have something to celebrate in the New Year: a home to call her own.

  • The lifecycle of a nonprofit: Birth to midlife

    Nonprofits usually begin with great focus, energy and a statement of goals. Mission and purpose are clearly defined. Volunteer enthusiasm becomes the springboard which launches the organization into the public view. During this period, volunteer leaders seek public attention for the new organization. Once the governing body — that is, the board — is established, they begin to recruit additional volunteers to help support the mission. 

  • The future of high-skilled work, right in your backyard

    By Laura Byrnes

    Often, getting a job or changing careers is right for right now. Other times, it may seem that there is nothing out there that’s a good fit — you either can’t get excited about career opportunities or a lack of experience or skills stands in the way. 

    If it’s hard to see the forest of possibility through the trees of uncertainty, it may be time to cut through the thicket of misconceptions and consider a career in manufacturing.

  • Nonprofit charities can access free merchandise

    People who work in the field of nonprofit management quickly learn there is a nonprofit organization to fill just about any need one can imagine. The Internal Revenue Service recognizes around 30 different types of nonprofit entities, each representing or serving a special need. 

  • Annual workshop your chance to land that job

    By Laura Byrnes

    If landing a job topped your list of New Year’s resolutions, you are not alone. More to the point, you are in luck.

  • Business learns how to grow on the Gulf

    River Safaris & Gulf Charters puts out the welcome mat for a variety of customers.

    Located on the water in Old Homosassa, the family-owned business has evolved and become an attraction in itself, with products and services for visitors and residents.

    It has also sought out assistance for improving its overall performance.

  • With SCORE, learn how to nurture a new business

    Several years ago, the worst recession in modern economic times was wreaking havoc on small businesses. SCORE national, wanting to reach out to small-business owners, coined the phrase, “For the Life of Your Business.” The strategy was meant to appeal to those who needed help from SCORE’s corps of certified business mentors.