• State of the mall

    CRYSTAL RIVER -- Mark Twain in 1897 famously said reports of his death published in a New York newspaper had been “greatly exaggerated.”

    Given a rash of bad publicity and an exodus of stores during the past year, the same can be said of the Crystal River Mall.

    “Some people don’t think the mall is still open,” said manager Millie Bresnahan.

  • Nonprofit Briefs: Annual nonprofit filings required for benefits

    By Dr. Fred Herzog


    The year 2017 is no different than any other year for nonprofit corporations. They all must file annual documents to both the IRS and the state of of Florida.

  • The jobs outlook

    Citrus County added 368 new jobs to the economy between June 2015 and June 2016, an increase of 1.1 percent, according to the U.S. 

    Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    That is positive news, especially given the high unemployment rate for Citrus, which was 6.7 percent in December 2016 and second worst in the state.

    Here’s how Citrus County compared to four other counties in the region:

  • CMH invests in Inverness

    The Inverness Event & Visitor Bureau welcomes Citrus Memorial Hospital (CMH) as a partner and supporter of the city’s quality-of-life events with a $7,500 investment. This supports the city’s year-round advertising and event programming designed to provide dynamic community activities and draw visitors to the region. In addition to the investment, CMH looks forward to having an expanded presence at city festivals and events with educational information and first aid tents key events.

  • ‘Florida Saves’

    Citrus County in December had the second highest unemployment rate in the state at 6.7 percent.

    Between March 1, 2015, and March 31, 2016, there were 273 residents who filed for bankruptcy. There are 778 homes in Citrus County in foreclosure or at risk of foreclosure.

    “This is a recipe for disaster,” said Sarah Ellis, family and consumer science agent for the University of Florida Citrus County Extension Office, who compiled the statistics.

  • Giving independence back to disabled

    By Elisha Neubauer, For the Chronicle 

  • State of tourism


    All but five of the 67 Florida counties impose what is called a “local option transient rental tax” — better known as a tourist or “bed” tax — on rentals or leases of accommodations in hotels, motels, apartments, rooming houses, mobile home parks, RV parks, condominiums or timeshare resorts for a term of six months or less. 

  • Chamber sets its priorities

    The Citrus County Chamber of Commerce will be Tallahassee- bound this March with a whole new set of priorities to present to legislators.

    And the chamber is inviting all interested to book a seat on the bus.

    Each year, the chamber’s governmental affairs committee releases a set of priorities to champion in the Florida Legislature. These issues have a direct effect on some aspect of the business world, such as tourism, the environment and transportation.

  • Social media in the nonprofit environment

    Users of social media are mostly comprised of homogeneous populations participating in one or another of the various social media platforms. Different platforms tend to appeal to specific audiences. Overall this technology has deeply reached into the world of nonprofit communications.

  • Seeking Stores

    What Citrus County needs is a Target department store.

    And a Chick-fil-A. Or a Bob Evans restaurant. Or how about a new Wawa?

    Requests for these and other retail and restaurant chains come in regularly to the Chronicle from residents who believe there are just not enough shopping or dining alternatives in the area.