• Small business success

    Elisha Neubauer 

    For the Chronicle

    In a world of disposable habits, seeing a small business last for more than a few years can be unusual. For those in the printing industry, it is even harder thanks to the influx of cheap, quick online printing companies offering inexpensive products virtually overnight. 

  • Home-care options expand

    SPRING HILL — Citrus County residents will soon have yet another company that offers nonmedical help to seniors and others.

    FirstLight Home Care, a national franchise that provides nonmedical home care, is opening an office in Spring Hill that will cater to Citrus and Hernando counties’ residents.

  • Nonprofit Briefs 6/18/2017: Nonprofit partnerships

    By Dr. Fred Herzog

  • Businesses: Be prepared

    Business owners know the benefits of drafting an operations plan to chart sales and productivity.

    But how many put together a plan to protect their companies against the threat of hurricanes? With storm season officially here, it’s not too late to draft such a plan.

  • Gem of a business

    These days, it’s difficult for some brick and mortar stores to compete with online shopping sites and stay in business for any length of time. But Whalen Jewelers in Inverness has found the key to longevity. Owner Joyce Taylor and staff recently threw a 40th anniversary party at the store as a way of thanking the community.

    And the key to her success: good old-fashioned customer service and quality workmanship.

  • Retail roundup

    New stores and restaurants are springing up on the county’s west side, and at least two retailers are looking for employees to staff their establishments. Here’s a look at some of what’s coming:


    A new Save-A-Lot will share space with the recently opened Ollie’s Bargain Outlet in the former Sweetbay grocery

    store in Homosassa Square, at the intersection of U.S. 19 and Yulee Drive.

  • Let's talk Tesla

    By Bev Goethe

    Special to the Chronicle

    Tesla has really been in the news a lot lately, recently surpassing Ford and GM as the “Most Valuable” carmaker in America, with its stock is at record highs. Electric cars are becoming mainstream. This isn’t to say gas-powered vehicles are going anywhere soon, but there is an alternative that makes sense, if you are interested in getting away from fossil fuels and being energy efficient.

  • TESLA TALK: Frequently asked questions


    • How far does it go? 260 miles approximately, depending how you drive, conservative or assertive, just like a gas-powered car.
    • Is it all electric or do you have a gas backup? It is all electric.
  • Anything Goes ... when it comes to shopping

    Elisha Neubauer 

    For the Chronicle

    They say if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. For a group of friends in Crystal River, that statement has never been truer. 

  • Medicare 101: Understand insurance, options, more

    There will be plenty of residents turning 65 this year who will be notified they are now eligible for Medicare.

    But how many really know the ins and outs of the federal program? Especially with the seemingly endless changes that happen annually?

    Sarah Ellis, extension agent with the Citrus County Cooperative Extension Office, invites these new enrollees to attend “Medicare 101,” a free program to be held May 17 at the extension office.