• Career Source: Dishing up employment offerings in area

    By Laura Byrnes


    This Thursday, in homes, restaurants, church halls, shelters and soup kitchens all across the land, you’ll find friends, families and strangers who become friends — if even for just one day or a meal — all gathered around tables groaning with an abundance of good food.

  • Smart Money: Pay off high-interest credit cards, put rest into market

    By Bruce Williams

    DEAR BRUCE: I recently inherited $60,000. My husband and I have three children. We both work full time and have several years left on our mortgage. We also have a few credit cards with balances, no car payments and a small savings.
    What would be the best investment with this money? Should I put $1,000 in CDs for each child? Do I invest in stocks, bonds, CDs or IRAs for my husband and me?
    We want this money to make us money, but aren’t sure how. I have an appointment with a financial adviser, and thought I would seek your opinion, as well. — L.S.

  • Nonprofit Briefs: Getting new volunteers on board

    By Dr. Fred Herzog

    When a new volunteer is accepted into membership of a nonprofit, a period of orientation should begin. An existing member, with longstanding service, is the best choice to mentor and provide the orientation. The goal, during this initial period of service, is to ensure a detailed introduction includes an explanation of the history, mission and operational activities of the organization.

  • Sweet success

    For Nicole House, it all started five years ago when her daughter Brittany wanted a special cake for her

    baby shower.

    House designed and baked a “baby belly” cake and it was such a hit with everyone at the shower that she decided to use what she calls her “God-given” talents to take cake decorating to the next level.

  • Creating for community, charity

    Art is a passion that ignites in one’s soul to give it back to the world, the meaning behind a new

    business, Paint the Town Citrus, opening Oct. 5 in the Crystal River Mall. 

    Their motto is to provide a place for creative people to show their art at a reasonable rate, and a place for people to have fun.

  • Career Source: Giving thanks for champions, beacons

    By Laura Byrnes


    November is fast approaching and soon we’ll turn from thoughts of costumed kiddies and tricks or treats to those of giving thanks for family, friends and colleagues. 

    I’d like to thank two in particular, Herman Raxon and Carol Donaldson, both colleagues at

    CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion. 

  • CareerSource: Get the most out of ‘more’

    By Laura Byrnes


    Searching for a great jobortunity? We may have just what you’re looking for, and you won’t have to go far to find it (unless you want to).

    That’s because CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion is having three job fairs on one day in three counties, including right here at the College of Central Florida’s Citrus Campus.

  • Industrial cathedrals

    By Carolyn Thompson

    Associated Press


    A worn-looking collection of grain silos left over from Buffalo’s heyday as a shipping hub tower like enormous cement pipe organs along the Buffalo River.

  • Experience Matters: SCORE offers October workshops

    By Dr. Frederick Herzog


    SCORE’s Education Committee chair, Kathleen Regan, working with her committee members and select member presenters, is once again offering SCORE’s Fall Business Class program. The workshops are new, with an emphasis on contemporary content. As always, SCORE does not charge for these classes, they are free.  

  • Smart Money: Selling at a loss is only way to get out of condo

    By Bruce Williams


    DEAR BRUCE: My 40-year-old daughter has decided to get out of the rat race and move back home. Presently, she has a good, well-paying job that she would like to keep temporarily by working from home. However, she has an older condo that she owns, and her mortgage is higher than other condos currently listed on the market in her development. What is the best way to get out of this condo without costing her and totally wrecking her credit? She is current on the mortgage and all her other bills. — K.M.