• Modern revival of center for commerce, culture

    Anne D’Innocenzio

    Associated Press


    The re-opening of the World Trade Center mall on Tuesday is expected to help transform downtown Manhattan shopping and illustrate how much progress has been made in rebuilding and revitalizing the area since the 9/11 attacks.

  • Finances: Annuities are really not hard to understand

    Jonathan J. Neal

    Special to the Chronicle

    Over the years I have heard many people say that annuities are just too hard to understand. This has always seemed a little strange to me being that annuities at their core are nothing more than a contractual agreement to pay out a stream of money over a period of time. 

  • Nonprofit Briefs: Change must be team effort

    Dr. Fred Herzog

    Special to the Chronicle


    Successful nonprofit leaders are agents for change. The change agents’ role is best driven by the voluntary president who is the chief executive officer. The need for change to stimulate growth must have the acceptance of the other officers and directors. Collectively, they must strongly believe that change is necessary for success and act on that belief. The vitality of a nonprofit is enhanced by proactive volunteer leaders who seek growth with relevancy.

  • Experience Matters, 8/7/16: The state of customer service in 2016

    Textbooks on business management are filled with reasons why small businesses fail. The Small Business Administration reports high failure rates are due to a common core of either poor management or operating practices. 

  • Tips to bounce back after a foreclosure or short sale

    By Deborah Kearns, NerdWallet

  • Overtime changes coming

    Business owners are gearing up for big changes in employee overtime rules that go into effect in five months.

    Whether it will be a help or hindrance to owners and employees is debatable.

    Currently, the minimum salary amount to qualify for an overtime exemption is $23,660. But starting Dec. 1, the minimum salary to be exempt will increase to $47,476. 

  • The age of aquarium

    Elisha Neubauer
    For the Chronicle
    Paul Backhaus has always loved aquariums.
    As a little boy, say about 8, he eagerly watched as his father inset a simple 20-gallon tank into the wall next to their home’s staircase.
    He was hooked.
    From that day on, Backhaus always had a fish tank brimming with brightly colored, unique fish.
    Career-wise, Backhaus started out as a finish carpenter in New York. After several years of toiling away in the carpentry field, fate stepped in and spun Backhaus on his axis.

  • ‘Tis the season for schooling — why not go back?

    Laura Byrnes


  • Should you save enough to live to 100?

    Liz Weston 

    NerdWallet Columnist

    First, you were supposed to die at 85. Then 90. Now 95 and even 100 are common defaults when financial planners tell people how much to save for retirement.

    Except that’s nuts.

  • Taxing time for businesses

    Michael D. Bates

    Staff Writer

    With only 10 days until local public schools ring in a brand new year, parents and students will be out in force this week looking for last-minute supplies and clothes.

    It can be hectic and costly, but the good news is that the state will once again have its annual back-to-school sales tax holiday. From Friday to Sunday, Aug. 5-7, most businesses will not be tacking on the state’s sales tax on various items.