Yai Yai, Life N’ Style, 12/11/12

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Tips to look and feel great this holiday season

Hello again and happy holidays!  The weather is changing, the spirit of love is in the air, the decorations are in place and the aroma is spicy. I love the holiday season! I wish that we could bottle it up and release it throughout the year. All seems so wonderful; however, we tend to battle with the stress of deadlines, busy schedules and a lack of time. How do we embrace this season by accomplishing our lists while looking and feeling great? Here are some tips to express style! Shhh! No one will know that you just threw it together. 

What to wear: It’s time to pull out the bling, accessories, hats, scarves and all of the “fun” things that are just waiting to complement your outfit. You can dress up a simple black dress with tights and boots to make a great ensemble. Accessorize that plain black with artsy or rare pieces. Accessories will set off any old outfit! Add a suit blazer to jeans, a sexy cameo with an overcoat, dresses with high belts or skinny jeans with boots — all are very simple to create. When you are in a rush, convert business attire to eveningwear with a simple change of accessories, shoes and a flashy sweater. Remember that comfort is important, so look for the support pads that you insert into your shoes for added cushion. 

Hair: If you have fine hair and it is difficult to style, simply skip a day of shampooing so the natural oils and leftover product will make your hair feel thicker. Use a large-barrel curing iron, flatiron or round brush and blower with a light mist of hairspray to style it into place. Do not overspray to finish; allow it to be “free!” If your hair is super-thick, getting rid of some of it by pulling it back will save time. Sloppy tousled hair is “in” and very sexy. Yes, 

mature women who wear modern style are sexy! Simply twist and tuck the hair back and secure with criss-crossed bobby pins. Finish with a light back comb to hide the pins. Another cool look is the modernized topsy tail on top. It adds height and volume. Remember that hair is an accessory and should complement your outfit. Sleek lines require sleek hair. Do not wear full hair if you have a lot of poof around your neckline or sleeves. It is always a good idea to sneak a peek in the mirror from a distance to see if your outfit and hair appear balanced. Going too heavy on accessories can look tacky; too much hair can, as well. Add a splash of sparkle, but not as much as the tree has. 

Makeup: Mineral is the best, as some lines have a stronger dye load and last all day. Choose matte finish for mature skin and shimmers for highlighting. Choose colors that will complement your wardrobe. Also remember to bring your compact along with you to touch up prior to photos. Mineral makeup will outlast you for sure! 

Etiquette: Remember to always bring the party hostess a gift! If it is your party, give yourself a break by hiring a few helpers to prepare and serve. This will alleviate much stress and allow you to be the hostess. Make sure that you mingle with all of your guests, introducing them to each other. Sometimes nametags are fun, as people can converse easier knowing names. Entertain with great food, drinks, friendship and radiate with your hospitality! 

Remember to enjoy the reason for the season! Try not to get wrapped up in too many details that really do not matter. Enjoy your blessings with Thanksgiving and praise. May God bless your holiday season and all of those in need! 

Yai Yai is an internationally trained hair designer, makeup artist, skin-care specialist, fashion designer and Citrus County business owner. A former model, modeling agency owner and fitness instructor, she can be reached at yaiyaistyle@yaiyai.biz  or 352-795-7625.