Vandals rain on Christmas spirit

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I truly believe there exists within our society a very sinister element that lacks the necessary social graces afforded by responsible parenting and an educated childhood.

Every year, just after Halloween, a couple who live on Old Floral City Road begins decorating their yard for Christmas. Some may think that’s early; but as one who passes the house on a daily basis, I appreciate their effort and expense to spread holiday cheer. The yard display has grown each year with the addition of lighted figurines, inflatable’s, signs and lights. It is a wonderful display for all to enjoy while the homeowners incur the expense — a very generous effort on their part.

This past weekend they were paid a visit by vandals. Needless to say, the yard decorations, displays and lights were destroyed. The yard display now consists of damaged items they were able to salvage. Among the items displayed is a prominently posted apology advising vandals destroyed the display. These fine people, who did nothing more than try to spread holiday cheer, were put in the position of apologizing for the criminal acts of the vandals. These are humble people of true character.

The apology, however, needs to come from the miscreants, the social misfits, the individuals lacking a proper upbringing (who) took it upon themselves to destroy a part of Christmas for all the rest of us. Unfortunately, as recent events in this country continue to demonstrate, we are experiencing the end result of misguided individuals who were not provided with social standards and who think of nothing more than illicit gain and total destruction of societal standards. Ignorance and intolerance seem to be their watchword and anything that gets in the way of their own sensory gratification becomes fair game and an easy target. The Christmas display is a fair example.

I am one of the passersby who appreciated the display and will miss it. I appreciate the time, energy and personal sacrifice that went into preparation and assembly of the display. As I passed the home this afternoon, the man and his wife were attempting to repair and rebuild the display — that is the true spirit of Christmas.

As for the miscreants responsible for the damages, I would be more than happy to enlighten you as to acceptable behavior in civilized society, look me up.

Thomas Burns