Sikorski's Attic 3/2/14: Villeroy & Boch plaque should be of interest to collectors

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Dear John: I have a 17.5-inch Villeroy & Boch plate, pictures attached, that has holes through the bottom rim so it can hang on the wall. I want to know where I can get information on its value. Thanks. — R.R., Internet


Dear R.R.: Villeroy & Boch wall plaques are a specific category of collecting. After deciphering the date code on the back of your plaque, I established it was produced in 1881. It seems to be decorated in a storybook theme.

The overall condition appears to be excellent. Potential dollar value is $100 to $200.

Dear John: Please help me identify the plate in the attached photo. I would really appreciate it. Thank you. — A.B., Internet

Dear A.B.: You have a pretty porcelain plate. I assume there are no marks on the back of the plate. The style is similar to the world-famous Meissen porcelain works and was likely made in Germany.

If the plate is hand-painted, it will have a considerable effect on potential dollar value. Take a hand magnifier and look closely at the decoration. If you see a pattern of dots, it is not hand-painted. That is all I can say.

Replacements Ltd. in Greensboro, N.C., may be able to recognize the pattern and the maker. Their phone number is 1-800-REPLACE (737-5223). replace. Let us know what you discover.

Dear John: An oil-on-canvas painting was given to my wife and I years ago and we are curious about its origins and value.

The painter is Fuentes Salamanca, and the painting is named “Pan Fresca.” We googled Mr. Salamanca and discovered he has become quite famous and now only paints icons for the Vatican, but could get no information about the value of his paintings. It is a still life of bread-baking in an ancient stone oven. It is very beautiful. Thanks so very much for your help. — L.B., Internet

Dear L.B.: There is secondary market interest in Salamanca paintings. Take several good, clear photographs and I will be glad to help.

Dear John: My family has a collection of Roman terra cotta vases, oil lamps, urns, etc., which we collected probably from northern Syria about 40 years ago. I think one or two have been broken, but much of it is still in pristine condition after a couple millennia.

I do not think it is too valuable since there is no artwork. It is simple kitchen stuff. I was just wondering what you might suggest as far as getting an appraisal, or maybe if you had some idea of value. Thank you. — J.S., Internet

Dear J.S.: Perhaps if you had included some photographs I could have offered some information. Faganarms Inc. specializes in antiquities and offers appraisals.

I do not know what they charge. The website is www.faganarms.com and the phone number is 586-465-4637.

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