Sikorski's Attic 3/16/14: Salvador Dali sculpture could possibly be the real thing

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Dear John: Enclosed are photographs of the bronze “Trojan Horse” by Salvador Dali. It sits on a heavy marble stand. Stamped on the cap below his name is “B25/520.” Can you tell me if this a copy or an original? Is there any value? — V.M., Homosassa


Dear V.M.: I think your Salvador Dali bronze titled “Trojan Horse” is genuine; however, I am not a Salvador Dali expert. There are experts who could authenticate it available, just do a Google search and follow the yellow brick road. If it is genuine, it would likely sell in the $1,000 range. 

Dear John: I recently was given an old-time shoeshine stand. The bottom is about 4 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet with a step in front. Both have black-ribbed rubber covering.

The chair is solid oak and large, with a red leather back and seat. I would say the whole thing including the two cast iron foot stands is in good condition. Do you have any information on the market and value? — W.P., Dunnellon

Dear W.P.: A shoeshine stand is a novelty item without any specific collector interest. After all, how many could one want to have? They are bought and sold in the antiques marketplace with prices based on their eye appeal. If you like, send a couple of good photographs, I will give my opinion of what it might sell for based on the look.

Dear John: My father was an antique collector and left me this cabinet and barometer. The hardware on the lock on the door has a crown-looking shape with a “V R” underneath. My father told me before he died that the cabinet and barometer were valuable, but I did not ever ask how valuable. I have sent some pictures. Any information would be wonderful. — M.S., Internet 

Dear M.S.: Barometers have been a collecting category for decades. The one you have appears to be made of oak. It was likely made during the mid-20th century. Potential dollar value is $75 to $150. 

The cabinet photographs are not very helpful. I think it was manufactured in Europe perhaps close to 100 years ago. Current market interest in the style is very soft. Potential dollar value is below $500.

Dear John: I got your name from a friend of mine in reference to some clocks I have. One is a Palais Royal mantel clock with a shelf and the other is a Howard Miller wall clock that looks like a miniature grandfather clock. I would be able to send a picture of each of them. — J.M., Internet

Dear J.M.: Yes, send good clear photographs. Make sure to include a photo of the front and back of each clock and include any information that is there, including dimensions. Then I will finish the story.


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