Registered Yet? Fitness in Citrus: Community-Wide Fitness Challenge 2012

Are you determined to improve your health in 2012?

Get a jump start by joining this year’s Fitness in Citrus: Community-Wide Fitness Challenge. It begins on Monday, February 6 and runs through Sunday, March 18. 

Team up with at least one other person to enter either the “steps” challenge or the “minutes of activity” challenge. Compete with others of a similar fitness level by choosing the appropriate category: “just getting started”; “getting there”; or “jocks”. 

In the ”steps” challenge you earn points for each 500 steps you take [you need to wear a pedometer, widely available for about $10].  In the “minutes” challenge you earn points for each 10 minutes of exercise [from a specified list of activities]. 

Community-Wide Fitness Challenge participants from previous years said they got into it for their health or to lose weight, but ended up saying they enjoyed it most for the fun & camaraderie [though they also said they felt a lot better about themselves, many lost weight, and some even quit smoking]. 

Act now – registration closes January 23. Email fitnesschallenge@tampabay.rr.com to get details & registration forms [in pdf file format].