The progressive left letter-writing cabal

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I am tired of reading from this group. They appear to have a mission to play the tired old progressive left playbook of blame. You all know who you are, some from Homosassa, Inverness, Floral City and other points in Citrus County. No one listens to you. Trump won Citrus County with nearly 68 percent of the votes. You are a speck of a minority and will hopefully stay that way. The vast majority of people in Citrus County are smarter than you think.

They use throwing “granny” over the cliff in some form all the time. Republicans want to gut this or gut that. The progressive left ignores the waste, fraud and abuse that has been allowed to grow for decades. Handing out treats and creating generational dependency, using taxpayer money for votes. They blame Republicans for wanting to cut Social Security, Medicare, food stamps and every other top-down liberal dependency program — programs that were hatched by the liberals on both sides for the sole purpose of gathering votes, using taxpayer money.

These raids on the wealth of this country started in earnest by LBJ. He created the “Great Society,” which has done very little to change poverty.

These programs have spent trillions over the years. He raided the Social Security lockbox, where the funds were to be left separate for workers’ retirement. The list is long. I want to see these progressives give a true accounting of all the changes in using the lockbox that were never intended in the original law. They knew if they tapped the lockbox they could create more votes for themselves and delay the ticking fiscal time bomb to a time they were out of office. They also knew if they created another revenue stream to pay for these changes, it would require a tax increase. So the easy way was to raid the workers’ retirement funds, both employees and employers.

To this day, they still avoid the frank discussion on what the past and present politicians have allowed to go on. Instead, the fiscal time bomb is ticking down. They are in denial of the reality of what they all allowed, instead pointing fingers and blaming the side that wants to make reforms to save the system.

I and most Americans have no problem with helping the truly needy, but not to handout treats to the truly able-bodied and those who think living off the government is some sort of birthright. These programs — disability, Medicaid, food stamps, etc. — have been abused. So when the progressives say the GOP wants to cut food stamps and other programs — yes, from the able-bodied people. This cycle of dependency must end. The truly needy are the ones that will suffer the inaction of reforms.

The liberals do not dare touch them, for they would lose a lot of their base of support. Now when Trump or some Republicans want to rein in the waste, fraud and abuse, the progressives in Congress and this Citrus County cabal of progressives cry like babies accusing the GOP of hate, killing babies, throwing granny over the cliff and every other scare tactic. 

Having our collective heads in the sand is no longer an option. Responsible grownup people need to address these issues and the waste in all areas of the federal government, programs, departments, and employees who are not needed.

Let us hope Trump can get “term limits” in and see a floor vote on who is on the side of this needed change to the way of life in D.C.

Rocco Jerome

Beverly Hills