Port Citrus comments

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“There’s a lot more information that we need to know, so I am awaiting the outcome of the feasibility study. Having a functioning port is a good idea, sure. But how it can function, I don’t know.” -- Jim Farley, Crystal River mayor.

“I’m not very excited about it. I would give priority to the airport and the business park in Inverness, which has been talked about for 13 years and still hasn’t come to fru­ition. I’m not sure what the port will create in the way of jobs. Let’s just say I don’t get it.” -- Bob Plaisted, Inverness mayor.


“Citrus County is at the northern portion of the Tampa Bay super region. As growth comes in the future, we’ll be able to use — or should use — every asset we have available to better the future for Citrus County.” -- Jimmie T. Smith, state representative, R-Inverness.


“I think we’re chasing a pipedream. I don’t think it will work. I don’t think it worked in Port St. Joe. I don’t think it is working well now and in the other small cities; the barge canal didn’t work. I think it’s a waste of time and money, and giving people false hope.” -- Brad Potts, Crystal River resident.


“I just can’t see where it’s going to compete with Tampa. Maybe there is something I just don’t know. I’ve read in the newspaper those containers are huge jobs. And as I understand it they are unloaded in the gulf and then bring them in on barges. So you’ve got to unload them out there, unload them in here. What’s the sense? I just don’t see it.  I might be wrong. I’ve been there before.” -- Carl T. Hartzell, 70, Sugarmill Woods.

“I think Port Citrus is going to be a good thing. This county does need to grow. We need the business and we need the jobs. I think (it) will put a lot of people back to work. It will put construction workers back to work. I think it’s a good thing. The county needs to be more open to it.” -- Katherine Arena,
39, Hernando.

“I’m really hoping the county will do something so that people can have work. I believe the port will give work here.  I’m tired of seeing everybody without homes, and all the foreclosing and people having to live on the streets. I think it will be an asset to the county.” -- Shirley Atwood, 59, Inverness.


“The port's always been there but it hasn’t been used. It’s almost like a waste. If it was done properly I think it would be worth looking into and I think that’s what they are doing. We need industry as long as they are diversified. Not just one. We don’t want to mess up the environment, be a noise problem or screw up the Nature Coast.” -- Gordon Whitehead, 70, Ozello.

“I think it would be good to bring more stuff to our economy. We need to be a more well rounded economy instead of relying on tourism or construction or something like that. I think it would help defiantly. I think it would be good for the county to pursue. I’m not really sure how many taxpayer dollars should go into it. That is something that would have to be brought up later.” -- Brian Tambasco, 50, Homosassa.


“I’m not sure we are big enough to facilitate or warrant a port, really. I think it depends on how much it would take to get it here. I’m not sure if it’s going to need a lot of dredging. I think it’s going to take some. I am not sure what it will do to our environment.” -- Mike Hedge, 36, Homosassa.