Letter to a thief

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I am writing this letter to the thief (who) stole jewelry and coins on Veterans Day weekend in Citrus Springs.

You might have thought you only stole jewelry and coins, but in reality you stole 50 years of memories from my wife.

You took a ring given to her by her son, who now lies in the veterans cemetery in Fero Memorial Gardens. You stole another ring left to her by her now-deceased aunt (who) raised her. You stole other jewelry left to her by her mother and my mother who are no longer with us. You also stole other jewelry that had sentimental value that marked our 20 years together, and the new wedding set I purchased marking our 50th wedding anniversary (and) the gold wedding bands that we were married with more than 50 years ago. These things cannot be replaced.

I moved my wife and family all over the world while I served my country for 33 years in the U.S. Navy and left them behind when I served aboard ship and was deployed for months at a time. When I retired, she wanted to return to Florida, where she was born and felt safe. The day you robbed us, she was at the heart doctor getting a stress test run on her heart due to a heart problem. She is also blind in one eye and slowly losing sight in the other. Well, you took the security away from her also. She no longer feels secure in her own home.

I don’t know who you are, but I bet your mom is real proud of you. I only hope no one will ever do your mom like that when she is in her 80s, while you serve time in jail, which eventually you will.

Anyone having information regarding this robbery, I would appreciate you contacting the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, so maybe I can recover some of my wife’s things, especially the ones that have sentimental value.

DeWayne Kidwell
Citrus Springs